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be taken during the g eight g twenty meeting i invited my colleagues to force a taste of june two thousand and fourteen and the meeting of the g eight will the summit of to you at the g eight will take place in sochi friends we have about twenty minutes for questions and answers and so you please but that much you do ask your questions. or your. first market was going to lead similar to matter which a lot of attention has been given to your discussions and meetings with president obama we waited for this for a long time could you please let us know after exchange of a communique so as the issue of m d missile defense been very stable and has there been any more a movement forward yes we did we spoke a lot about the. about disarmament of. about possible.
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operation in this field and we do have some. issues that we haven't agreed upon but we also spoke about what we can do you know and that is becoming more transparent. and the president of the us he is prepared as far as i understood why going to scope of this discussion and this will be continued when he next comes to russia in the e.u. for over a g twenty and this meeting will take place in moscow and then the actual g twenty meeting will be held in st petersburg and we spoke a lot about it and there are some positive movements in this. regard. but it weighs about where and what was the decision. but what was the discussion
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the essence of discussion with them about my. respect and respect over syria and the light of chemical weapons use this peace conference i can be held when can it be held and if you will communicate can all say be used as. maybe there will be no need in the conference if you agree on everything yes we did discuss syria a lot but in fact it wasn't based on the ballot troll with the us president it was a very important meeting i agree but however said that the discussion with the g eight member was extremely useful. clearly in russia and the us today particularly responsible and should be held responsible and is decided that the minister of foreign affairs of the russian federation as well as the state secretary of the us will be in charge of preparing the underlying principles.
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of this this settlement and the syrian crisis the bloodshed has to be stopped as quickly as possible this is what we discussed as well and that peace. because every conciliation it has to be reinstated within the framework of this work. rights of all ethnic and religious groups have to be. more claimed and reinstated. whatever one says about the chemical weapons use we all agreed unanimously that it should not be used in any circumstances any w m d's it wherever it the threat comes from and whoever uses agent and this is not acceptable at all and we are absolutely sure that the conclusions our main conclusion. could be a lead drawn on the basis of
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a very careful. test . and investigation carried out we don't have this information known to. members take the view that the chemical weapons were in fact used. by the syrian army and some actually agree with us that there is no proof. having said that the government of syria approached the un asking to investigate the use of use of chemical weapons of the opposition we know that there are some incidents of. opposition leaders be or members of the opposition being held and had on them a chemical weapons in iraq there was a tree really. producing
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a chemical weapons so for the opposition so all these fans all this information has to be studied very carefully and the result of this investigation will be presented to the u.n. security council where russia is a permanent member of the u.n. security council and clearly will be very active in. assessing the situation this is. very satisfactory to us. more skill come some more lots of. victoria pretty hard to please my name during the summit. we heard some statements will say read that and the media reports and we had a feeling you were one against seven or seven plus one but not at all eight at least in syria is that the way you fold were you lonely there no not at
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all probably someone wanted this to be presented in this way but it wasn't a tool the case and i take full responsibility and my colleagues will reiterate that we had a very good descriptor discussion we had to disagreements that is true but i never felt lonely on russia and never. was on its own. in. making a statement again and again. in regards to syria clearly someone to have more details others less but. it was a joint discussion with great interest demonstrated people who wanted to find a very effective a joint and common solution to the syrian problem. and the fact that. people cyprus.
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has demonstrated a pretty good problem with offshore as you discussed of shores to fight off shore jurisdictions that you spoke about in the presidential address is there any progress in offshore was here but other world i was particularly pleased. fighting against offshore was is not only a problem for russia it is a problem for the world economy we do. i didn't realize that but the british presidency did take the initiative it was a lead a heart because he has become a leader. and i was particularly pleased about this and it was particularly pleasing the british and jurisdiction it is the one that brings together many of sure areas and prime minister cameron said that he was going to make
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everything possible to make it is open as possible as transparent as possible because. bringing funds into offshore on is but is really bad for our economies. and some investors don't want to bring in serious investment in russia because they don't make quite what who they are dealing with there are problems it is a joint problem for all of us and i would like to reiterate what russia has not yet covered the route that others countries have succeeded to achieve in fighting off shore and at the moment we are in the process opening i think in the final the end when if you got beneficiary. ownership you're saying the federation can so that this will go through all the
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motions it will be ratified and then of course i will sign it there's no doubt about it and it has to be very reasonable we're not going to. go against any principles or norms that are enacted no and another innovative approach is the changes in the tax. code the tax legislation where will world provide necessary information from the. requests by other tax authorities other countries. is. it that are so provoking me how the trophies my name your economic could see your what do you think. you might not. go for you and you started negotiations on the free trade agreement how do you see it whether it is positive or negative and how is it going to affect russia modern economy it.
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intertwined they're intertwined if something happens in one then the other will be affected the volumes of trade have dropped down and clearly russia felt it straightaway particular russian economy and. growth rate has dropped down with major trade partners with some countries is still quite good in japan for example whatever the weather but other countries there is a sudden drop so we're but to clearly interested to eliminate any bottlenecks any problems any breaks have to be lifted and i very much hope that this will open a new future for a new trade relations. where we stand for further integration in
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the post savior space and establishing the common economic space for much so you get area where it is particularly pleasing to me that my colleagues in the g eight. approve of the integration process in the post so you get area including at the. customs union i'm very very happy about it. but it is yours through from my year. which are which. is for you june july don't come in july for the g eight summit it'll be all over in july ill being june third and fourth of june is where is it going to happen are you building something new or using the premise is that are being prepared for the olympics and the british presidency you are going to follow on but
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are you going to particularly russian topics. is second question i can really cover because the agenda. for the g eight summit we are going to. finalize a deal after the british presidency is over we will take over from the british friends and colleagues on the first of january two thousand and fourteen we are the president we are now the president in the g twenty and in january first of january will become the president of. eight and then we'll start working on the agenda clearly there's no doubt about it and i told my colleagues about it we will follow on and there's no doubt about it and that is the security safety food. companies citizens other topics will be discussed as well but i think it is premature to discuss the actual agenda of the next summit because this has to come
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up in the course of negotiations or with my colleagues in the g eight and we're not going to discuss something which is not acceptable and will not agree upon but actually fewer and fewer topics of this nature we're going to work in the spirit of cooperation because that's the only way for working together in the g eight format the first question of. well we don't know what to do and have no intention at all to spend more money this is exactly why we. we are inviting everyone to searching three months after the olympics. because for it with your dreams our raters russia regularly i'm not blaming was on . russia to the syrian opposition as a you have already years said in london
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a particularly brutal and violent nevertheless russia. since ohms to the i said government and thousands of people are dying on a daily basis on the basis of un i can see and what is going to be done are you going to have a new contract strawman and what kind of weapons to use and. the most important thing of first and foremost. is about all the different. legal codes are very is a different issue because if we fulfill ego contract this is the legal government of syria and this of the government of a saudi there is no other legal government in syria so far and we are fulfilling our legal contracts in new york in the un and there was
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a couple. proposal to sign a treaty treaty with the preamble that a non governmental organization is units should not be armed. in. one thousand nine hundred one the european union stated. weapons should not be to send to non-governmental organizations in particularly in the hot. zone of a war conflicts. no. the possible possible shipments from weapons by the european partners. arming the opposition we're in the u.k. right now recently the british people suffered huge loss it was a tragedy i'm next to his barracks in the streets of london violently
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violent assassination violent killing i would rather very brutal killing of a british servicemen and clearly the opposition is not composed of all of this but many of them i guess sadly the same as the ones who perpetrated the killing in london so if we equip these people if we armed them what is going to control and very far i who is going to have these weapons including europe as well so we called all the partners. before making this. dangerous step think about it very carefully and and the final question ria novosti him agency. that. recently in recent elections in iran just before the summit of the g eight have you discussed the nuclear program of iran could you say
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a few words. the position of iran may change. in the light of the new president and said no i can't see. it depends on the position of the iranian leadership the new president that has been elected just now he is a very experienced person he knows the nuclear problematic six stream really well inside out he is a modernizer at least this is what is expected of him but everything will depend on the concrete steps undertaken by the new arena and government even though we closely connected many centuries of. relationship with iran it's a caspian country. we share. the caspian sea with iran and hopefully we will continue discussions with
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a new leadership. former. president might be in the. summit when might discuss this further as far as the future is concerned it is. obvious to the new iranian government thank you very much indeed. for you are listening there to of light emitted putin who's just finished here's a news conference at the g eight summit in north korean island commenting on other results of the gathering and its most pressing issues the syrian conflict now the russian president said all leaders of backed the idea of peace talks being held as soon as possible he stressed that the bloodshed that can only be ended by diplomatic means adding that any decision to do to arm the rebels is said to further destabilize the situation in the war torn country the russian president also said again that russia's only surprise to syria where to that
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legitimate government according to legitimate deals in all accordance with the un charters and other international laws now president putin also expressed their skepticism over america's announcement that the assad regime used chemical weapons in their g eight countries share his opinion to stress that russia does not possess any evidence suggesting that chemical weapons were used by the syrian government and that a u.n. investigation was faller. by all the g eight make that statement on the syrian conflict of violence on the ground keeps escalating at sixty government troops have been killed me aleppo and a car bomb attack allegedly carried out by al qaida affiliated rebels the blasts occurred shortly after another car bomb went off near a military checkpoint in the capital damascus leaving ten soldiers dead this latest
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string of attacks comes against a backdrop of us led forces making significant advances in recent weeks and rebels are pushing their foreign backers on the plies meanwhile it emerged saudi arabia has been supplying syrian militants with empty aircraft and missiles for two months now nick griffin from the british national party was a member of the european fact finding delegation that just returned from damascus and he told us that to any third party involvement only aggravates the conflict. camera in the american psyche that we should on the rebels what they're saying is that a lot of people are being killed in a war so the solution is to send more guns like it's madness unfortunately the americans the british the french and especially the saudis are playing this with a strike but their interest isn't in sorting out the syrian problem it's overthrowing the assad regime which is rid of the last secular intolerant regime in
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the whole of the middle east and replacing it with will be extremism the vast majority of the rebels are liberal democrats who respect america the west the value of their jihadists you know the first invasion of syria by foreign forces is the fact that at least forty thousand of the so-called syrian rebels are in fact jihadist terrorists from north africa central asia and even western europe there's an estimated six hundred western european born jihadi is fighting against the syrian government right now. on the summer's sidelines zero grabs a new u.s. officials lay the foundations for mega flies free trade zone a little later we are at war and how the plan has hit european jews against each other and why what stock agencies are ringing the alarm bell. the g. eight summit is taking place just as the n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden drops another information bombshell you can documents that prove that the u.s. and the u.k. were spying on the delegates of the g.
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twenty summit in london back in twenty or so tim has promised even more revelations unpredicted more whistleblowers will follow his example during an internet q. and a session archies marina part of the online chat. snowden referred to washington's war on whistleblowers as a draft pony in a campaign he believes will ultimately escalate the scale scope and skill involved in future government leaks in short snowden believes that u.s. president barack obama is actually building better whistleblowers by targeting and punishing all those that aim to expose government wrongdoing as for the website that served as a strong platform for whistleblowers snowden referred to wiki leaks as a legitimate journalistic outlet on the topic of obama snowden accuse the president of entering the white house and slamming the door on many campaign promises such as in vesta gating systemic violations of law instead snowden says the u.s.
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commander in chief is deepening and expanding several abusive programs that began under the bush administration the former booz allen hamilton employees says the u.s. government destroyed his possibility for a fair trial at home by openly declaring him guilty of treason and his acts as criminal unconstitutional and unforgivable snowden now reportedly hiding out in hong kong claims he did not reveal any u.s. operations against legitimate military targets he says his leaks pointed out where the n.s.a. has hacked civilian infrastructure such as hospitals universities and private businesses covert operations that snowden claims is aggressively criminal and dangerous now even if the u.s. government ultimately catches and in prison sam snowden believes that it will not prevent more people like him from coming forward reporting from new york. r.t.
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. we're closely watching the developments on this story log on to a website at our c dot com full of the full timeline of events expert analysis and the latest updates. and the world's largest free trade zone may soon spend the atlantic compassing the population of the u.s. and the european union lobbyist bureaucrats and executives are hard at work preparing the ground but critics point out the insurmountable problems with the whole idea of business presenter katie pilgrim has the details. france is expected to oppose the deal because they are demanding that their industries get certain protections and continued subsidize asian a point that's not sitting well with other e.u. nations plus our whole bunch of consumer watchdogs and food safety organizations are concerned that washington is caving in to pressure from u.s. farm and food industries who want strict food standards rules removes
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a why example of this is greenpeace which is already concerned that standards will slip as a result of the deal if this trade agreement does go through it's not your will have to relax its attitude towards genetically modified crops too the first thing that comes to mind is the monsanto a highly controversial company and i just recently we saw global protests erupt against a company with thousands expressing anger towards it and its practices of the european consumers organization also expressed serious concerns fearing that this would this deal would water down the consumer protection rules they have already been fighting to protect the years now the trade with a mugging a quantum is the breaks the countries the brazil russia india china and south africa is predicted to declined sharply by thirty percent america has already raised europe's hackles over breaching standards especially when it comes to data of course there's the world publicized u.s.
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surveillance scandal which could come into conflict with the reputation of the strict data protection standards and they fall out before over america demanding europeans private financial and banking transaction data in twenty ten or though washington adventure they got its way on this one. and one of america's controversial commentators gets the every mountain treatment in a few minutes and one of the north korean people really think of western as breaking the set is that next. you know what's worse than a crop bureaucrat who sucks at being corrupt a scumbag bureaucrat in veronese russia just couldn't help himself and put some
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very hefty charges for services contracts for road repair and construction in just three years hughes able to take enough of a percentage off of these contracts though investigators raided his house he had the equivalent of over three million dollars in russian money all over his home news not mail dot ru claims he had entire laundry hampers and twenty five kilogram sugar sex filled to the brim with box first off when someone is this flagrant that means that he felt rather comfortable and not getting caught so there are plenty more of these guys out there but second this is an absolute slap in the face to russia taxpayers who are hungry for new roads i think for instance it's a flagrant in your face obvious crush corruption russia might need to reconsider that moratorium on the death penalty but that's just happy. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous and lucky. i mean.
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i know that i'm still really messed up. very sore. worst year for the. white house or for the. radio guy and four minutes for a big stick. what. if you've never seen anything like this. hey guys i'm out in martin and this is breaking this so i don't know if you guys have heard the news that broke on friday but it turns out that after months of speculation syria's finally crossed that red line yet white house officials claim that they found a broad range of evidence that assad forces have used sarin gas against the rebels no matter that other u.n. report the plane that the rebels have also use gas right over the fact that
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a regime once using chemical and biological weapons is exactly what the establishment used to do this country into the last immoral illegal war where u.n. secretary general ban ki moon has even weighed in saying that there's no certainty of chemical weapon use has gone on to say that increasing arms on either side wouldn't be helpful not to mention the question remains about who the rebels are who would be receiving these arms considering how some factions have been linked to al qaeda that regardless of all that team obama has announced that they are planning to arm the rebels in light of the revelation but here's the biggest weapon of mass destruction of all us is already arming the rebels through proxy states like saudi arabia and they've been doing it for months so let's not act like this is anything new just because it has an official stamp of approval all right let's go time to break this thread. you guys.


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