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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  June 20, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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blog tel martin in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. news from china sent global markets tumbling today what's causing that sudden fall in prices and should we be worried about a view financial crisis more on that just a moment also marked maryland governor martin o'malley isn't just leading the way when it comes to passing progressive legislation he's also galvanizing support for a new way to think about how we measure development is it time for us to say goodbye to the g.d.p. and believe it or not the big banks theories are actually right about something for once tell you what that something is in tonight's daily take.
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did you know this worldwide markets fell sharply today with the news that the chinese economy might be starting to contract the three major american stock indexes the dow jones industrial average the s. and p. five hundred the nasdaq all fell significantly from their wednesday closing numbers are concerned europe and asia tumbled as well as latest cloud on the economic horizon comes just one day after a federal reserve chairman ben bernanke announced the fed will soon start to wind down its buying bond buying program more commonly known as quantitative easing bernanke he announced the plan a press conference in washington yesterday if the incoming data are broadly consistent with this forecast the committee currently have to suppose it's that it would be appropriate to moderate the monthly pace of purchases later this year and if the subsequent data remain broadly aligned with our current expectations for the economy we would continue to reduce the pace of purchases in measured steps through
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the first half of next year ending purchases around midyear bernanke he sounded optimistic during his speech yesterday that many economists and investors around the world are concern. that without the fed stimulus the american economy won't be able to keep up its tepid growth situation and china suggests there may be a whole new set of problems there for them to worry about despite years of growth the pace of the world's second largest economy particularly its manufacturing sector is starting to slow down and now china's banks are cutting back on lending in term in turn sending interest rates i make matters worse the country's central bank is as of now refusing to step forward with any sort of stimulus speaking n.b.c. news as patrick j. oh shit. chief strategist of silver cross asset management compared the current situation in china to the fall of two thousand and eight and the onset of the financial crisis because the great recession year he said china's interbank market is basically frozen much like credit markets froze in the united states right after
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lehman failed rates are being quoted but no transactions are taking place so have we just hit a bump in the road to recovery or are we witnessing the start of the next big financial panic to help break all this down i'm joined by mark weiss brought your co-director of the center for economic policy and research mark welcome back to the program good to have you with us first there's a lot going on here you want to just lay this out in simple terms what's going on in china first of all well in china i don't think you the analogy to the lehmann brothers or the financial crisis or the great recession is really appropriate i mean i think china has some problems it's not regulating its banking system enough so the less we were doing back into the use of and but it's nothing comparable i mean we had this is a trillion dollar housing bubble burst as a result you had a huge decline in construction and a huge decline in spending from people who were spending on the basis of their housing wealth nothing like that is going to happen in china. china plowed through
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the asian crisis where its neighbors were devastated who plowed right through the great recession they will change their strategy. they government controls most of the banking systems command a well they will change their strategy is probably this is not the beginning of some crisis or even or anything approaching a recession in china i would then why did the market freak out or would you say that a three point drop is not a free or two percent drop yeah i mean the markets are well there's a lot of a certain amount of uncertainty in the world economy you have europe which is going in the wrong direction and has been for a while and stuck in a recession with so that's one of the largest economies in the world. say with the united united states is not so fragile as europe but it's not in recession it's not headed towards recession but you do have this big drag on the economy caused by the federal government cutting spending and then you have this so it just kind of the
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markets are you know you can't take the markets too seriously as if from day to day as an indicator of what's going to happen the economy in the next three months six months or a year it makes perfect sense brazil you're you're very familiar with the situation in brazil what what's going on down there we're seen you know millions and hundreds of thousands of people showing up in the major cities of that country and protesting and the the some of the spin that i'm hearing is all these people are protesting government corruption and i'm like what about i thought they were protesting a ten cent rise in bus fares well you do have a you know you have a very anti-government media there and it spills over a little bit sometimes into the international press so they're putting their spin on it because they wanted to weaken the government and of course it is against the government and its people with legitimate grievances against the government they don't like the spending tens of billions of dollars on the world cup in the olympics they'd rather see that go into more spending on health care and education so you do have people protesting and the government you know the president reacted
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positively to it she said this is what young people should do this is something you know it's a very different. thing well it's a left government is different from the governments that were protests that you know in the arab spring or spain in europe or italy or greece these are all governments that are really punishing people and people are fighting back this government is a left government it's made enormous progress in the decade that it's been in power poverty has been reduced by half unemployment is still near record lows growth has been twice as high as it had in the previous twenty five years and so but people are saying you can do more and then they're right and so the government's getting that message and i think you're going to seven they've already rescinded some of the bus fare increases and i think they'll be responding to they have an election next year too and i think that's the direction it's going to go in the bric economies brazil russia india china starts with brazil i mean maybe it's because it
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makes a cool acronym but brazil is really you had a military junta running the country basically did you know thirty years ago till nine hundred eighty five really and so brazil has gone through a lot of changes and it changed as a country rather dramatically you see a lot of the these people in the streets when you look at the at the film footage they're young people they probably don't remember what eighty five was like and and i'm wondering how much of this might be the old j. curve stuff that revolutions happen not when conditions get bad because you know people in zimbabwe are not revolting revolutions happen when people's expectations diverge from their experience of reality but i think that's right there is rising expect there are rising expectations and with good reason i mean it is a progressive government and they have every reason to expect more you know it's different i mean you have south americas almost all left governments now and some of the other ones are blue via ecuador venezuela even argentina have had taken
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a more confrontational approach to the established elites and they've had of this some of them paid a price for it it's been very hard they've struck but they've they've. one in brazil took a more gradual suppose but nonetheless as i said they made substantial progress but one downside of that is you don't have this ideological struggle you don't have everybody realizing or your whole base realizing how different this government is than the previous governments like you have in some of the other left governments so i think that's part of it but again i don't know i mean this is a you know the movement is a mixture of people the media is maybe putting its right wing spin on it but i would say that it's mainly progressive people with or at least people with progressive demands my best friend's wife is brazilian and she's a professor they would part time in brazil and part time in new york and. most of her kids have advanced degrees they have no student debt you know it's going to
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college in brazil if you're if you're competent and she's not from a wealthy family. is is something that you can do and i mean they've got a good solid social say well it's not as good as it could be i mean most of the day after last year yeah well you know and then they the government has improved it i mean that's why you've seen the you know forty five percent reduction in poverty most of that has come from gains in employment and gains in wages that increase the minimum wage by ninety five percent in real terms as adjusted for inflation so that they have always double in our in their way they have made some progress i wouldn't say they have that big of a social safety net though as compared to even argentina for example and you don't have as much access to universe you do have free public education but it's still very limited and people are demanding that the government spend more on education health care and again i think one rallying point was the tens of billions of dollars that they're spending on the world cup building these stadiums and then the
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two thousand and sixteen olympics and they're saying no we would rather have a they're trying to push the government's priorities in a different era. but the government is committed to the world cup and they alone yeah so what's going to happen well they can still do more there's a lot room you know brazil you know for a developing country the big constraint is really foreign exchange you know they really can't go too far down as they control their currency at least it's really not a starter at spain and that's right with some of that so there's more room for there to respond and again you know dilma the president and before they had to fight again they have a financial sector that's more powerful politically in that country than wall street is here if you going to be able to you know fairly powerful that's why they had such slow growth for such high unemployment and didn't make progress until the workers' party came in there because that sector was very very powerful it's still powerful but again the government has gradually taken some of their power and
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change their macro economic policy and that's why so many poor people's lives have improved their rights so where do you how do you expect this to play out in brazil i mean if you've got a left government and you've got largely leftist people in the streets these are not right wingers who are being agitated by right wing press who are saying we want more of what you're doing last. how does that play out do you think the governor will just provide yeah i think they will try to accommodate and i think you'll see some some more improvements you'll see probably some more social spending more of the things that people want and i think that's the direction it's going to go or sold more in the direction of that as well argentina. yeah i mean you know every each of these countries has different problems and different politics and different history and everything else and. but i do think that you are going to see the government taking this into account and i think you also get probably the another
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positive thing will be you know you'll have more people mobilized like you do in these other countries you have a lot more mobile is a. ecuador and bolivia. in venice were. both sides in so many countries but still more people actively involved in politics and i think that will come out of this as well you know all that that would be a good thing i mean you know having an active politically involved populace particularly young people coming up you know get involved that is it seems like a good thing anyway mario thanks so much for me we sure appreciate you. coming up good by jean-pierre how all g p. how is one state doing away with g.d.p. and formulating a new way to market economic and social well being. technology
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innovation. developments for the round russia. the future coverage. he. says.
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i would rather i asked questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why i can find my fellow larry king now right here on r.t. question more.
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about as the rest of the news maryland is taking the lead with a reimagining of how we measure development currently most states and countries for that matter used gross domestic product or g.d.p. as their primary way of analyzing the standard of living of their residents there are many different ways of measuring g.d.p. but for the most part it's simply the total value of all goods services and spending in one given area like the state of maryland for example. there is g.d.p. measures economic output but because it's alternately just an economic measurement g.d.p. only tells af the story they govern as as governor o'malley told his audience at a development conference in baltimore last week g.d.p.
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is an important measure but it cannot be the only measure it's a decent test of our country countries cholesterol yes we still need to know about our blood pressure blood sugar heart rate and so forth that's why under his leadership marilyn has started to use a different method of recording development the genuine progress indicator or g.p.i. like g.d.p. takes into account economic indicators such as an investment but it adds to these measurements and places them in a context of a much broader spectrum of social and environmental factors affect g.p.i. uses twenty six unique positive and negative measures to record development here's how it works first you gather together the economic indicators in place. of the place that you're trying to measure these are things like personal consumption. income in. income inequality services of consumer durables the cost of concern would of consumer durables cost of under employment and finally net capital
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investment then you add to the formula nine separate environmental costs these are and you take these out as negatives minus the cost of water pollution minus the cost of air pollution minus the cost of noise pollution minus the cost of net whelan's change the cost of net farmlands change the cost of debt forest cover change the cost of climate change and minus the cost of ozone depletion and then the cost of nonrenewable energy you minus that out and resource depletion and finally after plugging in your state or county countries environmental indicators you add in its social indicators these are plus the value of housework minus the cost of family change minus the cost of crime minus the cost of personal pollution abatement plus the value of volunteer work minus the cost of lost leisure time plus the value of higher education plus services and highways and streets minus
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commuting minus motor vehicle crashes if you compile dollars data you had these three sets indicators together and voila you get your genuine progress indicator. the differences between g.d.p. and g.p.i. are really quite shocking for example take a look at this graph put together by maryland's g.p.i. authorities comparing the g.d.p. in g.p.i. of the united states over the forty four year period from one nine hundred sixty to two thousand and four. the explanation for the divergence is pretty simple the same activities that can boost your g.d.p. a freewheeling financial sector a booming coal industry can drag down the environmental economic and social factors really what you're looking at here is the consequences of reaganomics climate change pollution and income inequality all ignored by traditional measurements like g.d.p. or all drags on development and even economic growth all for that matter similarly
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part of genuine progress is raising wages as you can see they've been pretty much flat this is from one nine hundred forty seven to two thousand and eight since the era of reaganomics began is like all these other indicators although productivity is the red line this is wages productivity has gone up along with corporate pay and or corporate profits and c.e.o. pay and that's what makes maryland's plan so important and remarkable it allows state officials to assess the full impact of their policies and tweak different variables as they see fit so it's not time for us to break the mold and start using g.p.i. to measure our national development let's ask david see what kind of conservative commentator and tax attorney they would welcome. thanks for having me back it's been a long absence it's great to see it david you heard my intro why not why
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why should we measure an economy you know robert kennedy gave a famous speech about this in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven where he said you know we're measuring specs rifle and whitman's guns and. you know we're measuring the things that are really not important to us shouldn't we be measuring things that actually have something to do with quality of life sure you know you make a very good point and it's a very ambitious program that the governor is trying to pull over the eyes of his you know all over the i will add here that date you know and i'll tell you why if i didn't know anything about accounting or numbers or keeping books i would say this sounds good but it seems like they're deliberately trying to muddy the waters i had and i don't want to offend anyone in maryland but the misfortune of being in baltimore recently and i got to tell you. it looked large tracks of it like downtown baghdad after george bush got done pounding it into the stone age and i
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spoke to a couple of people and they told me it's been like this for time immemorial it is a tremendous filthy stinking ghetto and instead of helping these people raising them up that same governor who's trying to bamboozle the good folks with this c.p.i. mumbojumbo what did he do in two thousand and eleven he paved the way for illegal aliens to go the state schools in maryland at the expense of a lot of you know you don't go out and raise there is that fair does that help the quality of life nine. i think that you know expanding the state schools making education available to everybody would be a fine idea and you know i'm with you we have large sectionally so much real are those are us rooms are large sections of america have been dead. as stated by thirty two years of reaganomics large so it's more than not it's by the those days the why are the legal who are taking the seats you know you have a lot of young men and women who grow up in these urban areas and they really want
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to know what you would you like to add and they get pushed out to the pushed out it is generally because there isn't a legal taking their place and taking their jobs show whether we've done for their well you know what we should do obviously is put put employers in jail we don't have an illegal immigrant problem we have an illegal employer problem but that's a high degree of their oath debate ok ok but but are you suggesting that if we're going to measure the quality of life that in addition to measuring things like you know the list that i just went through we should add to that the the average wage of people that big or or some sort of a number of the measures the number of people available to the labor market versus the demand in the labor market because what you're saying basically is by having more workers in the market than the market needs it depresses wages well in part the other issue that i take to the c.p.i. is you know that they weigh in a factor of the last leisure time think of all these unemployed americans right now who would love to lose a lot of their leisure time but for the fact that
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a lot of these great projects can't get off the ground you know you have this governor he is such an idealist wait a minute you know once you've got people in my gosh on a lot of justices and they're not going to be able to grow and hire people you've got this now with the red white and with story non was there what they're saying is if you've got somebody who's working two or three jobs their work in twelve fourteen sixteen eighteen hours a day that that's actually a net negative to them and to society and the end it should be measured as such so the people can say you know so the policy planners can say wait a minute we've got a problem here we should do something about this instead of just you know you know it's you know most people don't work eighteen hours a day do the people who do or dies like yourself most you work an eighteen hour day but you're successful you're at the top the people at the bottom don't there's a whole system in place to protect actually what you know. you know these these policies have done more harm than they would and i would submit to you that there are probably a lot more people in the under thirty thousand dollars a year category who are right who are working two and three jobs who are working
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ten twelve hour days that lousy part time jobs because my disappoint this damn obamacare has made it prohibitive hire more than fifty people and yet you're you know they i know but i'll go reaganomics and now you've got good people in your viewing audience right now they would love to go out they love to be a part of something really i'm always like that and i also would rag and was a rat and they're not you know but we're talking about what's happened now the fact of the matter is this administration i think that all the markets up and that's happened the last eight years old to the five growth ok a lot of these ideas sound good on their face but when you restrict businesses from opening from growing for any number of well intended consequences you put americans out of their restrictions david is really really simple people don't have enough money in their pockets raise the minimum wage and they will have a little more money in their pockets straight out of that's off these onerous taxes and regulation and i agree well i would say the poor people are just by and large
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are not paying those taxes other than payroll taxes and we could talk about you know dialing that back just take the cap off social security for example so that the leaders pay the same percentage into it that you would you know that everybody else does actually aren't you supposed to say but that's another night or another up ok but that's another topic so just just to wrap this up you're of the opinion c.p.i. monkey business it's not real accounting. to the generally accepted. generally accepted accounting principles and let's care about americans people who were born and raised in this country why i think that we can should walk and chew gum at the same time we can care about americans and people who were born and raised in this country and people who want to come to this country both of us our ancestors were those people at one point in time you know that really only don't really have a big game here. but there were there are there are genuinely americans and you know for us to be anyhow david david still a great surrogate thank you thank you alfredo saying.
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thank. you. crazy alert simon park city council member for whitby in the united kingdom is interested in space but not the way you might think he sleeps with aliens or at least he says he does it's hard to parse this out of world bedroom experience happens at least four times a year and apparently is quite serious he claims to have fathered rely on. children but at least one extra terrestrial creature known as look at queen you know it's probably better to let mr parks explain the situation as it. is you know your children young so that i'm going to learn to be also the plus have a well yeah but the. funny. thing is the law and it's in law
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and it's the same one that i told you all this is public to the so you sort of cold truth you just been going for films he was ok and you know where they kept folk from they said to me said to me. orion. one group went to visit so i wrestle serious serious serious money global interest whatever you say. is help you and your extraterrestrial brood had a wonderful father to last. the phone lines are now open for our your take my take live segment so if you want the chance to ask me a question live here on the big picture give us a call at two zero two nine zero four twenty one thirty four i'll be talking with you after the break.
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. lot of your take my take a live the phone lines are now open so if you want to share an opinion make a comment ask a question live on the air give us a call at two o two now i know for twenty one thirty four at a one before the number for our international viewers but let's first go to our first video question of the night cabin from potomac maryland. longtime viewer tom we have a quick question. what responsibility does democrats have for the incredibly low approval ratings of congress thanks. none whatsoever no it's all the republicans fault but seriously i would like to see a lot more airy troma taking names and kicking ass coming out of the democratic party we need to maybe resurrect some of the old harry truman and f.d.r. d.n.a.
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and inject them into the water our next video is a parody song on citizens united that was sent to us by libyan paul in seattle check it out. this is not it sounded pretty early but with the white. but you got all the we've all heard. of the word really. the only answer to both of these kinds relieve the full freedom thus. the goal of motivations that never answer. really and in for ali thank you ok now time for our first caller of the ny richard in bellflower california a richer and you want to talk about tax havens. yeah hi john thank you for taking my call tom i read not in the l.a. times that. the prime minister of england cameron. is going to try
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and expose all the tax havens and then they find out that most of them are under the british wing and we're talking about trillions of dollars and then he had all the major players there sign a paper saying they they were trying to do something about it but i mean is this just all b.s. because these people are powerful yes and the only guys. i'm with richard i i would be i mean people have been talking about rich people stashing their money offshore and avoiding their taxes since the beginning of taxes and. teddy roosevelt talked about the stuff of the franklin roosevelt one after the actually in the thirty's. but i don't i don't think we're going to see a lot done i think what you're going to see is tinkering around the edges and you're probably going to see some sort of tax amnesty bring your money back into the united states and we won't send you to jail even though you broke the law that kind of thing because you know we have to criminal justice systems in the united
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states one for people who steal things from seven eleven they go to prison and the other who steal things from all of us and take them by the millions and you know they get a hundred dollars for a thousand dollar fine or some. german fairfax virginia german. camarda god thank you for taking my call. basically. i'm concerned about the senate and a lot of the people in congress i feel like you know they they just been there far too long they're too out of touch with the american people you know it's like a king lear situation there you know you usually tell me about a lot of stuff i don't know do you know of anything that i can support anything to discuss that would talk about. tom limits for them i might add a senator be in and finish for over twenty years i mean that that's just ridiculous you know well it's a good question and there are people who think that term limits are going to solve
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the problem in term of it's actually make the problem worse and the reason that they make the problem worse is because there has to be an institutional memory to any kind of political institution and so when when young senators come in or when young members of the house come in or any of any legislative body the first thing they do is find somebody who's been around for ten or twenty years and say how does this place work and they get introduced to the you know how to use the levers of power if you term limit everybody out where is the institutional memory who tells those new legislators how to do their job the lobbyists the lobbyists never go away they become the institutional memory and that's not a good thing so what we've seen around the country is in those cases where there have been term limits they tend to work poorly rather than well now that said we do have term limits they're called elections every six years every senator stands for
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election every four years the president stands for election every two years every single member of the house of representatives stands for election and we have an election coming up in a year and a half. a year to have november twenty fourth and it's time to start getting ready and start participating so sherry in trenton new jersey a cherry sherry you want to talk about snow i have a job for a yes but i have a quote i do not inquire do you think at edward snowden if the chinese are not used them going to damage. i learned information sure i'm going to protect oh yeah sure that's going to be really interesting to watch how this plays out i mean right now it's it's. i'd say from the chinese point of view if you like to do it yeah yeah i do sherry thanks for the call i think from the point of view of the chinese this is worked out well because it is making hong kong look like a paragon of virtue you know a place where free speech is is you know just wild and the rules in hong kong are
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slightly different than mainland china but all that said i don't think that snowden is trying to play chinese spy or spy for china against the united states or anything like that he made it very clear that he was not about that and you know i take him at his word i think that i valerie plame i believe it was today valerie plame who was outed you know who worked for the cia and was outed by dick cheney when he blew her cover and took down a whole cia operation just for political purposes she said words to the effect of you know not that he was a hero or or a traitor that she kind of laughed a dick cheney calling him a traitor but said that we owe him a debt of gratitude for initiating this conversation my paraphrasing of her comments i agree with that so not that i'm well aware that kim in palomar new jersey can you want to talk about term limits.
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no kim ok jose in evanston wyoming is a great how are you. pretty good my question. gratian. my situation. under the category. and i was just wondering. how do you think it's going to play. one of the dreamer kids basically. lost. on immigration. thanks for the call. over the long term like over the next decade or two decades the stuff is going to get worked out over the short term it's radioactive politically and in large part
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because the tea party in the hard right and their hysteria over the changing demographic in the republican party really wants to be the party of white men and they're just hanging on for dear life and. if you have any way of hedging your bets covering your butt i would. do it because i don't think i really don't think what's going to come out of conference. when they put the house bill in the senate bill together what's going to come out of conference is necessarily going to be. the dream act the dream act has already been filibustered by republican michael imperial beach california hey michael what's up. never called you really on your take my cake but adam from florida called yesterday florida has passed a law that if you have a. new third degree felony. ok
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the state collect taxes on that are they complicit in the crime and that's a good question thanks thanks michael for that. what what what the call was yes to this is on my radio show on the caller called in and said. florida was passing a law was in the process of passing a law or a just passed a law that made possession of drug paraphernalia the second offense a third degree felony as i recall and i can't i haven't validated that or verified that so that was just what a caller said although he was a caller from florida who seem to know he was talking about and. seemed to be of the opinion that this was rick scott of the republicans in florida trying to crank up more fodder for the private prison industry and that makes perfect sense to me. so you know bill in seattle hey bill what's on your mind tonight well you know i think we're funny way too much or not spending way too much but not funny.
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too big a military. for creative work projects here because this country really run no what we have no no w.p.a. bill the last time we had anything close to that was when jimmy carter i have a lot of i know that but i say we. i five for just one night yep yep i'm totally with you bill thank you for the call you raise a really important point you know when reagan came into office he basically said ok that's it government can't do anything good so governments are going to do anything and we stop building things we stop repairing things we stop replacing things and so we've got thirty two years worth of infrastructure in this country that hasn't been upgraded meanwhile other countries around the world have been have been booming their their infrastructure you know germany with their electric system china with their dust rail infrastructure we're just we're in the tank david and pitched new jersey david you had some thoughts on term limits david.
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ok let's try levi in lake. how do you say that wisconsin. levi. hey you're on the air i mean you are on the air yes stop with your t.v. listen your telephone because of the. talk about. fact turn down your t.v. very quickly please. yes thank you. direct democracy like to talk about that ok we got a minute go for it. ok. please right now. talk to me on your telephone. lou i am sorry we just have thirty second round is going to have a lot of this it's like. its. director mark received specifically having
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a real director mark received go back to the old greek democracy the polis. it was basically done like. jury duty everybody eventually had to show up six thousand and one people had to show up before awoken to be taken but then in the united states our forms of director democracy take the form more of things like ballot initiatives things like that they can be problematic because because our supreme court is so that money is speech and therefore you've got right wingers driving these ballot initiatives to mess with states tax laws and things so it's a tough one that's it for your take my take alive thanks for all your calls we didn't get to your call tonight try is back next week and keep the video questions coming it's easy just grab your phone record your question or comment and e-mail it to us your take my take a genius dot com. coming up the banks are freaking out it's not because of today's massive stock market plunge so what has global bank spanx toure's in a panic now i'll tell you in tonight's daily take.
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technology innovation called developments around russia. the future covered. i would rather as questions put people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question more.
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here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a dog and. i'm sorry i missed the guy who cares an awful lot about my country music star our food you know what kind of my son in ukraine right now wants u.s. aid to feature a snuffy on limbaugh the christian religions can secure beliefs about it's. going to fall for you to distract us from what you and i should care about because they're profit driven industry that sells us sensationalistic garbage because of breaking news i'm having martin and we're going to break that.
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it's thursday let's get geeky on birds the singers of the sky it's hard not to listen to the sounds of birds chirping away and singing their little bird songs like this little chestnut sided warbler bird. three. and in this age of technology people have
10:46 pm
tried to capture the sound of birds via mobile phone apps birdsong apps like spine east chirp app for i phones capture the sounds and songs of a variety of species of birds but now it turns out that these recorded bird songs may be harmful to real live births and one nature reserve has told visitors to stop using bird sewn apps to attract birds because the apps made disrupt normal bird behaviors according to officials of the brown sea island nature reserve in the u.k. use of the birds song apps is not suitable for nature reserves and can be potentially harmful to sensitive species birds use their songs to do a variety of things including establishing territory attracting mates and sounding warning calls calls that could be used to tell other birds that aid is good food over here or watch out there's a predator by. since spring is the breeding season for a wide variety of birds during the spring many birds are hyper aware of the songs
10:47 pm
of other birds birds can hear the recorded bird songs coming from your phone app and easily get distracted from important activities like mating or gathering food almost birdsong absence of civically designed to attract birds it does seem to be an unintended consequence of using the brownlee reserve has now posted signs warning visitors not to use birdsong apps to attract birds so i guess we now know what high all those birds are so angry all the time. it's the good the bad of the very very interesting idea really ugly the good ship lay the burrito chain recently started labeling all genetically modified
10:48 pm
ingredients on its website with a big red jeep to indicate g.m.o. status mazie only half of the twenty four ingredients listed on chipotle is website which you can see here contain g.m.o. demonstrating more than anything the difficulty of obtaining natural foods in today's marketplace olay is the first major fast food chain to institute any sort of g.m.o. labeling system and they should be can make amends for making a business decision is a huge business risk and maven turn away some customers good work to pull the bad tea party supporters according to a new study published in the journal race and social problems supporters of the anti obama anti-tax anti-government movement are significantly affected by racial attitudes to african americans the study pulled together the responses of over three thousand americans to statements like it blacks are going to try hard they're going to do just as well. offers whites and found that older white conservatives
10:49 pm
who identified as tea party sympathizers were more likely than not to agree with such statements although the study's authors determined that there isn't enough evidence to conclude that the tea party is a purely racial group they did find that there was a strong association between supporters racial views and their attitudes towards our current president regardless of any indirect or direct relationship between the tea party and racism which reflects pretty poorly on the movement. and the very very ugly paula deen the celebrity chef better known for her passionate defense of all things but hurry now finds herself in boiled in a racial controversy to a lawsuit filed against deen by lisa jackson former employee of one of the restaurants the food network star one said that her dream wedding would be a plantation. she reportedly mar remarked well what i would really like is a bunch of little and words to wear long sleeve white sure it's black shorts and
10:50 pm
black bow ties you know in the shirley temple days they used to tap dance around now that would be a true southern southern way wouldn't. there in a deposition from the ongoing lawsuit deen tried to explain herself admitting that she had said she wanted a plantation wedding she denied using the n. word defended her other comments as just remarks praising a restaurant that had an all black wait staff and represented a certain era in america but her way to try to spin the comments are just there. we all know that banks toure's only care about the bottom line so only the threat of losing massive year end bonuses could make a brig out right and therefore they shouldn't care about climate change because
10:51 pm
that has nothing to do with banking right. wrong banks toure's are now freaking out about climate change because it's going to hit their bottom line and hard climate change has the potential to devastate economies and if that happens banks will be devastated too on wednesday jim yong kim the president of the world bank said that the warroad should stop arguing about whether humans are the cause of climate change argument pretty much that only takes place the states by the way and instead start taking action to curb climate change is devastating effects at thomson reuters newsmaker event in london yesterday world bank president jim yong kim said that there was a ninety seven and ninety eight percent agreement in the scientific community of global warming and climate change are real and that they are caused by human
10:52 pm
activity he went on to say that if you disagree with the science of human caused climate change you are not disagreeing that there is anthropogenic climate change what you are disagreeing with is science itself governments across the globe of already taken some actions to combat climate change many have agreed to limit global temperature rises to a low two degrees celsius it's about three point six degrees fahrenheit but the banks at the world bank are saying that isn't enough and they're right jim yong kim noted in his speech that as extreme weather events continue to get worse and more prevalent public opinion about climate change is going to start to change referring to the united states kim said that as extreme weather events occurs such as the midwest in the midwest and hurricane sandy cetera other legislators will come around. kim then went on to talk about how china the world's second largest economy
10:53 pm
and how even though they're the biggest emitter of c o two in the world if they are still and are still continuing to build dirty coal and coal power plants that they're already taking the issues of global warming and climate change very seriously by investing millions of dollars in solar and wind power more than any other country in the world china's efforts to rely more on renewable and cleaner energy should be a positive sign that a global agreement on climate change can be reached according to kim gordon the world bank china's working hard to develop its own national carbon market and this week that country china launched its first emissions trading scheme cap and trade in the highly industrialized city of shen zone. kim said if we get china the u.s. and the e.u. to agree on a price for c o two we will have a market mechanism to fight climate change i hope a practical solution will happen before two thousand and twenty well while the
10:54 pm
european union has had a carbon market in place since two thousand and five and china is working feverish leader establish carbon emissions trading schemes the same really can't be said so much for the united states as world renowned environmental writer bill mckibben pointed out in a rolling stone article last summer the fossil fuel industry is the only industry in the united states that doesn't pay to have its waste disposed of think about it if you're a restaurant owner you pay to have somebody come by to pick up your leftovers if you're an office manager you pay to have somebody recycle all your used paper if you're a construction company owner you pay to have somebody haul away all the waste materials from your construction site with the good all fossil fuel industry you and i are left to pay the costs for their waste and those costs come in the form of higher food prices thanks to climate change driven droughts and massive cleanup efforts thanks to climate change driven super storms like hurricane sandy. we don't pay for restaurants to dispose of their trash so why should we have to pay for big oil to
10:55 pm
dispose of there's yesterday a senior white house official said that president obama is preparing regulations that would limit c o two emissions from existing power plants according to the new york times if those regulations go through they would mark quote the most consequential climate policy step he could take and quote if that's not enough america needs a carbon tax and it needs it now some way of accounting for the real cost of carbon is desperately needed if we want to have any hope of combating the greatest threat that this planet has ever faced during a speech in berlin germany yesterday president obama addressed the dire issue of climate change take a look at the effort to slow climate change requires bold action and on this germany and europe have led. in the united states we have recently doubled our renewable energy from clean sources like wind and solar power we're doubling fuel
10:56 pm
efficiency on our cars are dangerous carbon emissions have come down but we know we have to do more. and we will do more with the global middle class consuming more energy every day this must now be an effort of all nations not just some. for the glim alternative affects all nations more severe storms more famine and floods. new waves of refugees coast lines that benefit oceans that rise this is the future we must avert. this is the global threat of our time for the sake of future generations our generation must move toward a global compact to confront a changing climate before it is too late that is our job that is our task we have to get to what president obama is right. you could start by canceling the x.l. keystone x.l. pipeline it's time for us to start taking the bold actions needed to save our
10:57 pm
planet and all that starts right now for once let's put the interests of big oil aside keast trans canada and put a price on carbon waste carbon dioxide to help preserve the future of the only planet that we can call home. and that's the way it is tonight thursday june twentieth two thousand and thirteen get the video questions comments and musical performances for your take life take segment common just grab your phone or get on your computer hit record and e-mail your video question to your take my take g.-mail dot com. that's your take my take g.-mail dot com for more information check out our website. free speech dot org r t dot com and who dot com slash picture and don't forget democracy begins when you get out there get active tag or it.
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eleven. wealthy british scientists are. trying to play with.
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markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cancer for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on r g. that's cool.
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politics the conflict in syria and what it means for the president of the united states and the world former ambassador to morocco marc ginsberg weighs in plus our politics panel tackles the latest news you need to know that's next on politics with larry king. politicking i'm larry king we'll bomb administration's decision to start arming some syrian opposition group says we're folks sharply mixed reactions here to discuss that now a lot of other international issues is ambassador marc ginsberg he served as u.s. ambassador to morocco in the clinton administration also served as jimmy with jimmy carter is deputy senior adviser to the president.


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