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tv   Headline News  RT  June 21, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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you're watching r t tonight weapons in the wrong hands president putin slams the u.s. for plans to supply arms to the syrian opposition but no terrorist groups of fighting with. a. wide flock brazil more than a million protesters vent their anger at the government in major cities across the country with the second fatality now being reported the government holding a crisis meeting over the worst protest the country's seen in twenty years. and the french are getting increasingly frustrated with the european union with recent polls revealing over sixty percent believe the block is going in the wrong direction.
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hello there thanks. for your news it's kevin over here in moscow tonight just after nine pm now and first then president putin's criticize the u.s. for planning to send weapons to the syrian opposition warning that arms are ending up in the wrong hands it's one of many crucial statements coming out of the annual economic economic international forum there in st petersburg. is there for us. the main sentiment coming from the russian president this time is that they're not the syrian people fighting the regime of bashar al assad but the rebels and the opposition and obviously he's been very critical and very vocal about the recent developments in surrounding the syrian conflict namely the calls across the atlantic to arm the syrian rebels to provide them with military training something discussed by washington over the past several months or so but it would have said that it's not only plainly wrong to talk about
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a possible conference which would have the members of the opposition and the government at the same tribal happening at the same time or the talks to arm the syrian rebels is not only wrong but dangerous that it could have very grave consequences for europe as well as the russian president was quick to remind us of one of the latest incidents which happened in the u.k. it has no direct relation to syria but he believes it may have serious and grave consequences for the european security in general who are you going to supply weapons to we all remember the terrible tragedy when the u.k. soldier was killed in london that's just terrible people right those who murdered him in france you know son that's what concerns us. another fresh concern we've heard from the russian president is that the arms which hypothetically may be supplied to the syrian opposition might eventually be found in europe and even in russia it is an established fact according to the russian president that around six hundred mercenaries from russia and europe are fighting
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on the side of the syrian opposition and as long as there is no composition to the to the opposition movement in syria it's unclear where the weapons will eventually end up at the same time but even if we can spoke about the recent g eight summit and said that there is no single position among the g eight countries on arming the syrian rebels not all countries agree that this measure should be implemented at the same time all countries of the g eight agree that a peace conference in geneva to have both the members of the syrian opposition and the. syrian government talking about a possible peace solution is something that needed urgently despite that we haven't moved anywhere closer to a real date of this as an evil conference but it wasn't only about geopolitics warfare and economics here at st petersburg forum there are also some things to laugh about journalists decided to bring up a scandal of around eight years ago when u.s. billionaire robert kraft accused the russian president of stealing his super bowl ring he back then said that he wanted to show this this ring to the russian president vladimir putin allegedly put it in his pocket and walked away with it
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said he knew nothing about that incident and in fact his reply caused a full roar of laughter at the press whole. i don't remember mr kraft or the ring. i do remember some souvenirs were given if it's of such great value to mr kraft under steam i would ask our factories to make a very good and expensive one for him out of the first missile and with a good stone. thanks well there were some also other big economic announcements by by president putin too as he addressed the business elite at the forum with russia signing off and president to do with china his business correspondent kitty pilgrim got less on that later in the program indeed. the second fatality case is now being reported in clashes rocklin brazil an
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eighteen year old demonstrated died in the state of south park when a car crash through a barricade what started as a rally over transport fares is no snowballed into a one million strong protest more engulfing more than one hundred cities across the country present day most of scam sort of her trip to japan now to hold an emergency meeting with the country's key ministers following the most recent night of violence and over eight thousand police officers have been deployed in rio de janeiro ahead of a football match there when activists attempted to advance the two they were met with tear gas and rubber bullets leaving dozens injured crowds who gathered in the capital brasilia receive the same response from authorities. reports. hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets all over brazil in an unprecedented public protest the hottest fourth of the rest remain sao paolo where tear gas has been fired protesters who tried to take over the local government building in the capital brasilia clashes have erupted when riot police faced off with protesters trying to break through towards the congress in rio de janeiro local police
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resorted to tear gas to disperse crowds marching towards city hall police say some three hundred thousand people have rallied but organizers claim it's twice as many there are reports that around thirty people have been injured earlier around eight thousand security officers have been deployed near the city stadium ahead of time for the ration scottish football match between the spanish and eighty football teams such rallies are believed to be the most violent in a decade the protesters say they're angry at the government's excessive spending for the two thousand and fourteen world cup another point of discontent is the increase of public transport fees in several brazilian cities the country's health authorities later reversed their decision to increase the first but this doesn't seem to have a peace demonstrators they say they are also angry over the underfunded has occurred and education systems the unrest come six months ahead of elections in
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brasil and as we can see there are plenty of complaints to worst president dilma rousseff government the protesters say they will remain until they see change and promise a fresh wave of rallies to take place for the next days journalist and blogger misha severus aide told me that the brazilian economy is making huge leaps unlike many european countries and the route to the protests is not about money here. i would compare very much to the situation in chile a few years ago in chile as we're protesting against the high prices for education that chile has a massive middle class which brazil has just gotten after fifty years of successful achievement of big achievements for brazil a draggy forty million people out of poverty and other things i would say that this is the first revolt of the middle class of a classic middle class in a certain way for decades and people are wondering if they could get better services and they could get better education better and better health it is not exactly above the economy because brazil's pretty much living through full
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employment and it's not doing that terribly compared to comparing to countries i would say the protests in brazil they cook for very long but then when they happen lots of issues and this is the biggest one in all of time in a long long time so most of the issues brought about now are basically discontent with how government works. i'll teach you tube channels called in focus some of the images of the brazilian protests we invite you to head now to see the pictures for yourself from cities in the grip of unrest. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images of the world on the streets of canada. operations rule the day.
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the e.u. is heading in the wrong direction that more europeans are feeling according to recent polls and it's fronts the blogs founding member and traditional driving force where disenchantment with the united europe is apparently rising fast this really two thirds of french people questioned by gallup this month said they were happy with the e.u. and the way it's taking over there they're concerned they say about the rise of germany as a political force and they say that they feel that brussels is mishandled europe's financial crisis soaring unemployment to a big problem that's fueling french skepticism comes as french president francois alarm's approval rating plummeted almost two fold since he took the job last year french far political leader marine le pen told us france needs an open debate on its relations with the e.u. now. but the boat. first of all you need to understand that the french do not really talk about this both e.u. and the euro a common currency virtually imposed on us i religiously defended here in other
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words there is no diversity of opinion anything you say against the euro it will be equal to blasphemy what i'm asking for is a referendum polls are a good thing but i do remember the polls promised that when asked about the european constitution france would vote for it at the end of the day fifty five percent of french citizens said no to the constitution that's why we need a wide public debate a referendum to ask the people what they think about foodborne of transparency with the strength of the country and about this currency that killed our economy this is what we need to ask them how come the e.u. guidelines are more important than our own constitution which in shrines the will of a sovereign nation these essential topics are yet to become subject to public debate in france and i'm sure if they were discussed today the french would opt for
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freedom. well without smoking over the direction the used taking will be elephant in the room is the upcoming european parliamentary elections in less than a year europeans will have to decide on the future of the blocs policy matters results these tests are still as before they go through or a well written for billy or with you politics. this is brussels the capital of europe and whole to the european institutions that make laws of decisions that affect the lives of five hundred million citizens the question is how much do these citizens really know about europe do you know what the european flag stands for. oh i remember. who is the president of the european council your town council. is into the. room how many countries in the e.u. and the federal grants eleven and who is a twenty eighth country. were given half of that and i. don't know what does the flag of the stars on the flag mean what do they mean.
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i don't know i know it's i know it's an appalling emblem has nothing in the middle of it. what do the stars on the flag mean on the european union flag. those are the member states now here and for the european parliament there's this exhibit which showcases some of the key moments in the history of the european union will certainly some of these will be more familiar to citizens of the country where it actually took place when it comes to institutions how they function how they work service and showed that most europeans know very little about what actually goes on that would want to survey by your barometer it shows that the knowledge of that europeans have with us is just three point four points out of ten this survey also shows that a majority of e.u. citizens think that the e.u. is a good thing however a majority of them also think that their voices do not count fifty four percent in fact now in this report it also says that only twenty five percent of europeans
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know that there's even an upcoming election in two thousand and fourteen to elect their members of the european parliament right behind me there is no democracy in the u.k. nor in germany or in brussels we need more. developments for stronger involvement of citizen well there are officials a very you see institutions calling for a more democratic europe in order to do so they will need to get people more involved and interested in the first place if they are to achieve this reporting from brussels i'm tests are still you. will than twenty people have been arrested in turkey on suspicion of being linked to violence and anti-government rallies after three weeks of street battles authorities in the country now say they are prepared to allow one form of peaceful resistance the silent standing protest the recently started in texas. this is police once again down on demonstrators. in the thick of it. i've just taken off my gas mask for
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a minute the air is heavy with the smell of tear gas these two police water cannon shots into the center of this street your non corrupt dispersing bronwyn has. been examining mind of police response heavy handed police response in the eyes of protesters that protesters have been so i'm going about in the past weeks past saying the. prime minister over once government is to authoritarian and the police that are all supporting the government always well and they will do nothing to try and ease back concerns will this affect the politics in turkey upcoming local elections is very much yet to be seen though anger on the street is very much continuing on a day to day basis to speak to this particular crossroads has become a scene for nightly confrontations between the police and protesters. however
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earlier in the week protests went on until a small out of the morning without incident yesterday and today. the police response very different with these vehicles charging in and chasing protesters down side streets liberal use of the kind of which is street the bomb puppetry and left deborah over the streets. really not the kind of response people were hoping to see from a police force that has really come in for a lot of criticism from a lot of corners of turkish society in the last two weeks. so i had fear cash in the trash the u.s. army starts to joining a large such a costly hardware military hardware and they in afghanistan with billions in taxpayers money ending up on the scrap heap a good report i'm not coming up very soon.
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speak your language or not at the. news programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you. a little too much of angles stories.
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here. spanish find out more visit. again thousands of business bosses and policymakers from around the globe a brain is still going on how to boost economic growth and reform the world's finances the annual international forum and some papers but it's also the stage was a big economic announcement president putin says that russia signed off a massive deal with china as a ball with two hundred seventy billion dollars of his. the two hundred seventy billion dollars deal has been struggling really supposed all expectations here in st petersburg between ross staffs and china and that equates to three hundred thousand barrels a day that's on top of the three hundred thousand that is already delivered to china about three hundred sixteen tons that's a huge deal and it's a huge deal for
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a number of reasons we know that the eurozone at the moment is dealing with a sovereign debt crisis the demand has gone down from there and europe has made no secret of the fact that they want to diversify. their demand as to where they get that oil from so this has to play into this as well but as far as china is concerned it is a popular move i've been turning to the business elite here and they say it's all about russia moving from now on and you've only got to look at a map to see that it makes sense for these two countries to be dealing with each other to be striking up these multi billion dollar deals also for rough stuff that as a company it was great on the balance sheet we know that they acquired to be paid as a costly. and they are still paying the bills for that but i've got to tell you it's not all about china ross nafta been drumming up her legacy of deals here today they've been speaking to any exxon and also that's all as well so it will set in the head of the company has been a busy mt. i want to talk about shale gas because putin approached this topic in
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his hand when he was a bit defiant towards the fact that many people are saying that russia slept through the. resolution revolution i should say so he said the main reasons why it's not in the energy well is simply because it's costly it's more costly to produce the natural gas and as well as that is also environmental concerns as well to do with the fracking process that is needed to get the shale gas and the fact that it can contaminate the water so as far as producing was concerned he was defiant towards the so-called gas boom. or online team work in no twenty four seven should provide you with very best stories and pictures a quick taste of was lined up hewitt r t dot com right now you're an expert reveal the ugly truth of israeli army tactics including using palestinian children as
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human shields disturbing story we've got the details online for you tonight also another click away as well singapore could take you to choke in huge amounts of smaug there with levels of air pollution said to be in danger of the health of thousands so it's going to go on for a long time to more pictures more videos of that haze is scaring the city stay at home. now for your spins breaking news just coming into the new center fresh revelations from n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden now he's claiming that britain collects stores and shares data from monitoring global e-mail and social networks with u.s. security agencies it's another twist in the tale year artie's got it should she comes across this developing story tonight as i say another twist another turn go any. exactly kevin another bombshell from edward snowden british spy agency collects and stores vast quantities of global e-mail messages facebook posts
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internet histories and calls and shares it all with the largest u.s. spy agency the n.s.a. they titled the two principal components of the program mastering the internet and global telecoms exploitation the titles kind of give you an idea of the scale and the scope of this program so based on snowden's revelations the guardian is writing that both the british spy agency g c h q and the n.s.a. or able to access and process best quantities of communications between. entirely innocent people their writing as well as targeted suspects this includes recordings of phone calls the content of e-mail messages entries on facebook and the history of any internet users access to websites apparently britain's technical capacity to tap into the cables that carry the world's communications has made g.c. h.q. an intelligence superpower snowden says he wanted to reveal that quote it's not.
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it's not just the u.k. it is not just a u.s. problem the u.k. has a huge dog in this fight he is saying the documents reveal that by last year g c h q was handling six hundred million telephone events each day it tapped it had tapped. into more than two hundred fiber optic cables now the u.s. says. all these revelations contradict the statements of the officials there. that they don't tap into they don't listen in on the communications they don't look at the content of those phone calls of those messages. blood. these revelations say that they they don't look at the content they they do sport the content interesting to say big news and we're going to get more this throughout the night of course
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from washington now the guy who can thanks ever so much bring us up to speed. what made tommy lawmakers want to create legislation blocking the u.s. from accessing the data of his citizens without legal permission but ross anderson who's a security engineering professor at university of cambridge told us the bail could be blocked by washington. the really interesting political tussle is going to be over the european union's debt to protection regulation which is currently going through the parliament america persuaded the european commission that they should leave a loophole for intelligent intelligence and law enforcement surveillance of communications . because the convince the european union and it was too arcane an issue that few people cared about and they wouldn't win but now that the issue has become public there's a real chance that the european commission will revisit this and will modify the regulations to try and make it stronger but if they do that there is a risk that pro u.s. government such as our governments and the czech republic and so on called them
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going up in the european council and will prevent the regulation from being passed so expect a lot of politicking to happen between no undergoes at sauber in november in brussels. couple will do stories in brief to bring it to speed with a suspected suicide attack on a package of morse in the pakistan city of push hours killed at least forty explosion also injured dozens of worshippers many of whom are in critical condition no groups claim sponsibility but have often been the target of sectarian attacks by sunni muslims in chile riot police have suppressed a rally by students demanding educational reform those clashes reportedly broke out in the capital when some of the protesters tried to march beyond an authorized route stones were thrown at police who responded with water cannon and battens chiles continue to experience a wave of education protests over solar costs and affordable loans and poorly trained teachers. as the u.s. army rushes to complete its pullout from afghanistan parts of the country already
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turning into huge junkyards the pentagon is now destroying u.s. vehicles and other military equipment there despite the war really having cost american taxpayers more than six hundred thirty billion dollars author actors david swanson told me this massive disposal of arms in afghanistan will not raise an eyebrow in washington. that's the you know the small coin in terms of the corruption of the u.s. military which is just beyond measure remember while they're destroying seven billion dollars worth of vehicles and so forth the united states congress has just dumped another over eighty billion dollars into the ongoing occupation of afghanistan for the next year virtually the same amount as last year and as we talk about it winding down and dean and rushing to a close we're talking about at least another year and a half which is longer than most wars in world history have taken from beginning to end and this one's been going for over twelve years military budget in the bill just passed by congress is increasing from last year and increasing in violation of
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the famous sequester limitation that is being used to eliminate money for food and health and housing and all things good and decent in the united states military budgets seems immune it just continues to climb and of course it is easier to buy more equipment when you destroy the old equipment you know that the private car dealers would just love it if we all destroyed our cars and when i knew once. well talking of how it all adds up for now we're talking all things finance next prime interest only of washington d.c. after the break. i know they track approval ratings of the presidents of various countries by did
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though they still research the approval ratings of former presidents twice like gallup poll that says that george w. bush has been slowly growing in his approval numbers since leaving office in fact his numbers have increased by seventeen percent amongst independents and even his in three rival democratic voters have given him fourteen percentage points of popularity i think this may be due to the fact that obama's magic has worn off and people are getting fed up with things belonging for the bush days is insane if you are one of the people who has recently decided that bush is awesome and please tell me how he differs from obama true obama can pronounce ninety nine percent of the words on a teleprompter in front of him but both presidents have let expensive wars with questionable objectives bush gave us the patriot act and obama continued it with the n.d.a. both of them seem to like their drones and massive government spending and expansion i don't know i don't think that just because obama's was flawed that somehow makes bush's brain into some sort of triumph but that's just my opinion.
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good afternoon welcome to prime interest i'm bob english in washington d.c. area and has a. aof so here are the stories we're tracking today now the markets are showing no love for bernanke in the thread after him to yesterday that said might wind down quantitative easing in the u.s. responded sold off during the day and again overnight and again during today s. and p. five hundred open below a key technical support this morning and the money is not flowing into bonds as it's had been in the past instead somewhat reminiscent of two thousand and eight money is flowing into cash namely the u.s. dollar and in another twist money is also flowing out of emerging markets at the
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fastest pace since two thousand and eleven we'll talk about the markets and the fed with will neil ferguson and a floor trader ben well as in a little bit and just when you thought the treasury department would simply keep its meddling to monetary matters secretary jack lew made a full court press for internet censorship excuse me cyber security channeling george while the former revolving door exact of citigroup said the growing cyber threat is larger than anything that corporations can solve on their own and this is after several congressmen became quite vocal this is a few days after the trans-pacific partnership called nafta on steroids by some and that secretly negotiated treaty would quote hand over u.s. sovereignty to corporate interests and that's according to congressman alan grayson so here's what's in your prime interest.


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