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the week's top stories here. despite a rather chilly start talk. show of solidarity officials. for syria there is skepticism that all of them will be able to. consequences. edward snowden who exposed washington's massive surveillance. camera crews getting hit with the water. as the government protests rage on we report from the cradle of. pleading for unity britain's
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foreign minister goes to edinburgh. to reject independence for the sake of their economy but the. future of scott. just in time for the weekly on our team with me rule received thank you for sharing some of your sunday with us today. the war in syria may be a painful stumbling block splitting the international community but as the latest g eight summit in northern ireland showed there's always enough room for consensus. focused on peace efforts for the embattled state never mentioning any issue of enforced regime change but this unity looked highly unlikely from the outset as correspondent reports. eight world leaders about roger press and
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an army of police watching that this northern irish g eight went smoothly but inside the fortified resort where the talks are being held a split over syria i don't think we should we should. we this is g seven plus one in the run up to the conference the u.s. had claimed that the syrian government had used chemical weapons and pledged to provide the opposition with arms i think it's right that the americans have said what they said and i wanted to back that up with the information in the involvement that we've heard in that the system and assessment of russian side said didn't find convincing. on the eve of the g eight putin said that peace talks could be the only way to solve the crisis and cautioned leaders considering arming the rebels. as regards who has the blood of the children and peaceful citizens of syria i believe you will not deny that the blood is on the hands of both parties i believe you will
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agree one hardly should support those who kill their enemies and it's their organs for the public and media to see during the talks and or quite meeting between the leaders of russia and the u.s. that produced no breakthroughs but we do have different perspectives on the problem but we share an interest in reducing the violence. the leaders couldn't even agree on how to wave in their family photo it looked like seven plus one was ringing true but then a turnaround after an informal dinner between all the participants that sources said when better than expected a joint statement on syria was issued it called for an independent investigation of chemical weapons use in syria something the russian side has been insisting on. and it turned out that not all the leaders are convinced by u.s. claims that the syrian government used nerve gas and we had a pretty good idea i'm sure my colleagues will confirm this it was
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a discussion somebody would agree some day would argue about certain issues but it was never a case that russia was alone defending its position on syria. the focal point of the statement a peaceful resolution to the syrian crisis but it didn't mention what chemical weapons cache our side stepping down or military support to the opposition the journalist used to david cameron's and sad rhetoric was stumped why was it so vital in your view to keep president putin of russia on board and why were you prepared to pay the price of abandoning a declaration that syria's president has said should go i don't believe any price has been quite the opposite i think we have a very strong statement about what needs to happen in syria one thing that everyone agrees on is that the only way to solve the syrian crisis is through diplomacy and peace talks and that's exactly what this has been talks about more talks more than
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a date for geneva two pencilled into the calendar leaders might well be leaving a lot hern wondering what it is exactly they've achieved twenty boyko r t northern ireland. and foreign ministers from a syrian opposition group that includes the us as well as its european and arab allies they've signaled arms shipments to rebels will increase of the gulf states already thought to be funneling weapons straight to the opposition with fighters now saying they've just received a fresh batch of ammunition r t contributor afshin rattansi believes this backing may come with some dire consequences. the rebel ranks were in istanbul recently could make no. type of agreement between themselves and now they're actually killing each other so there is that power struggle it's been going on for months and months and presumably president obama and major powers are saying yeah we'll give it to the free syrian army well if the front murdering members of the free
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syrian army brazil a take some of those arms and they're destroyed they're probably using. disunity in the rebel ranks is a fever pitch the dangers or the blowback may be currying even when they have some of these militants returning to their home countries in europe and perhaps to the united states to fight their jihad on european american soil. the g. eight in the u.k. was overshadowed by revelations that british and american intelligence spied on world leaders and officials at a broader meeting in london the place four years ago some g twenty heads of state including then president dmitri medvedev apparently had computers monitored phone calls intercepted the evidence which came from n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden suggests fake internet cafe's were also set up to gather the data richard norton taylor writes on defense and security for the
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guardian the u.k. newspaper which published the leaked documents he says london and washington were aiming to get a competitive edge over their foreign partners and. there are two kinds of information there the british and america that we need setting a call in the latest leaks which the first is under the guise of anti terrorism if you like and getting information about individual communications that's one thing a separate power thing or the same machine the same computers the same agencies you know the n.s.a. in america and the g.c.'s go in britain are doing are intercepting and targeting a different kind of information intelligence which ready have very little to do with terrorism but it's quite clear from these leaked documents that a lot of the information is to try and get information on one's competitors in international before international meetings for example turkey a nato ally and as i was buying that russia would be south africa's also target come a couple of country for example for reasons of. finding out what their negotiating
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positions are on economic or diplomatic international talks and that of course is nothing to do terrorism and the united states is now threatening serious repercussions if hong kong doesn't rest and extradite n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden the man that exposed washington's colossal spy network is believed to be holed up in that city and as the hunt for him gets underway in earnest some question what it is that he's actually done wrong guy nature can reports america split on edward snowden traitor hero mix in between but we guard less of what anyone thinks about snowden his revelations have shed unprecedented light on the u.s. government's massive spying program even if you're not doing anything wrong you're being watched and recorded former n.s.a. employee william binney was prosecuted as a traitor when he blew the whistle on the government's sweeping collection of data and communications it's setting up
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a tele tarion state. when the government has that much information they can do those things they can use the i.r.s. to intimidate people or anything else they can send the f.b.i. . what they did to me and some others bradley manning to is being prosecuted as a traitor although it's still his war logs that the public learned about the. collateral murder was committed in iraq the obama administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers under the espionage act than all previous administrations combined but it was a lower say it's not government persecution that they fear the greatest fear that i have regarding the outcome. for america of these disclosures is that nothing will change the administration is not trying to convince the american people that government secrets programs are a trade off they have to make in the name of national security they always have the same stories about you know science manning is known you know psychological stories what is wrong with these people cause them to do this i mean the real question is
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what is wrong with everyone else from who doesn't see what they can see but whistleblowers are not the only targets there is an obligation both moral but also legal i believe against a reporter that was the chairman of the house committee on cutting teligent and terrorism peter king calling to punish the journalist who exposed the government surveillance programs in its hunt for meek steal bomb administration has already targeted its it's trying to set the precedent for the communicating with the media is the same as communicating with the enemy and that's a death penalty offense the administration doesn't have to go after each other or he certainly isn't up to create an environment of fear but will that fear stop information from coming out here that we're snowden to answer that by. kone in response is simply build a better whistleblower. in washington i'm going to take on. he's are reacting rather cool lead to us warnings saying they were. hand snowden over if
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they deem his prosecution to be politically motivated meanwhile the so to your old americans revealed not only us telecom giants were targeted by washington but chinese ones as well department of justice was a blow it just landed right back believe that it should be a citizens right no matter what so we expose issues of wrongdoing. in the u.s. so far the power for whistle blowing has been pretty dim because president obama has led a war on whistleblowers prosecuting them under an antiquated world war one called the espionage act and i'm hoping maybe with mr students revelations we are at a tipping point and it might change how people feel about it we have a huge problem in the u.s. with overclassification people who are public servants who work for the government have a right to blow the whistle on the government when it's in illegal activity
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or for odd ways to abuse and dangerous to public health and safety we need whistleblowers to blow the whistle and people who are not on the inside otherwise have no idea what's happening within a government agency in the u.s. and the spy scandal followed barack obama to germany this week that's where his declarations on cutting nuclear weapons and closing guantanamo bay made little impact on protesters angry at american intrusions into their private lives but it's still ahead for you in the program here on r.t. . and one of our very own camera crews in turkey feeling the full force of police this week for became the talkative over water cannon and government unrest has been plaguing the country's biggest cities as police on least non-lethal and all to quell the public anger these top bottom reports from the streets of the
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capital of. smell of gas is thick in the and you can see the water cannon busily working surrounded by youth belting them with stones trying to clear barricades on the central ankara streets thank you paul. this convert danger really exploded just shortly ago when the police charged in trying to clear this barricade the protesters ranged against the police who they say a brutal brutal police and the government for their part say these are no longer but protesters that were there and gave the park in istanbul these are hooligans however along the street no shop windows have been broken a lot of the local people throwing out mattresses and helping the people to build barricades to then set fire to try and stop the police positions on both sides in french and the result is unfortunately a lot of violence across turkey as you can see in my report resistance that's the
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word demonstrators are using in turkey as protests continue three weeks after they started resistance to a government and police force widely accused of war for a tarion ism and brutality ersin is still recovering from the early days of those protests we went with him to the very spot in central ankara where as the crowds fell back to what he describes as a reign of gas canisters he found himself trapped with only a flimsy wooden board to protect him. it was not twenty or thirty meters distance you know. they fired the tear gas capsule on a barricade and explored. pays. doctors had to operate to remove splinters from his eye and fix his broken nose he spent days waiting for the swelling to recede but sin was lucky compared to etem side a civil killed in a protest in the same square a preliminary autopsy found a metal fragment likely
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a police bullet lodged in his head at a memorial gathering we spoke to at thames grieving brother we are sure we can find no meaning in all of this this feeling of burning inside but what hurts the most is that nineteen days. to his death the authorities still have not even tried to arrest my brother's murderers there has been international condemnation of the police crackdown on the protests that initially started as an attempt to save istanbul's kizzy park here in the capital ankara parliament is only a short distance from the more raw politics of the street the chip tired urge of one's governing a.k. party is keen to defend its actions if you attack police forces but with stones that are not a multiple cocktails course you will get a response there have been incidents of excess by some protesters the government condemns vandals adik stream ists dozens of buses burnt shops smashed and police officers injured but i as a reporter wasn't doing any of that turkish police decided to turn on my camera and
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me to come the police to break up another night of protest here in ankara and here's the water cannon just coming in as well it's not known whether these protests it's not know whether these protests are off the government also says the situation is now calm not what we witnessed as we tried once more to record our report water cannon and gas vehicles have just charged into this square if we look down at my legs now not even the media safe i just got nearly knocked off my feet by the water cannon but just moved on there it's not known how long this kind of to and fro between protesters and the police is going to go on in ankara in turkey in general or whether it will change the political situation here but it's one thing's for certain it's souring the mood around his party on barton r.t. ankara turkey. now we're coming to you live from moscow as crowds of protesters keep venting their fury to water authority in brazil's major cities later this hour
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here on the program to report on how the rally against corruption forced a million people to the streets although the end of the day of the demonstrations did.
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speak your language. news programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you. a little turn to. stories. that the spanish. visit. thank you for sharing some of your sunday with us here on r.t. today the u.k. government is doing all that to get people in scotland on side in the lead up to its historic referendum on independence william hague has given a speech in edinburgh warning even the famous whisky industry that could take a hit if it splits britain. reports the foreign secretary has only added fuel to
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the explosive debate. sounding the battle cry of the twenty people seen scottish independence creep seven era politicians and campaign is a like a cranking up the volume on the debate this is your message to google founders on thursday and it was the turn of british foreign secretary william hague foreign secretary william hague in edinburgh today to give his speech outlining why in foreign policy terms the u.k. is that it's nothing mistake that afternoon for i think. the talk was given to an audience of around a hundred and fifty people it's the foreign secretary said that he was not in scotland to issue diet predictions and dark warnings and he laid out the clear reasons why he felt scotland should vote to remain in the union they were saved by
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the audience high unemployment and tough economic times but not that many in scotland are becoming more receptive to the message from independence campaign is that being that westminster is maintaining a stranglehold on scottish resources and the scots would benefit from taking back control before against its independent. chinos or my party you may expect me to be. rich you would say yeah i don't like this thing. you pay me go there unionist parties and i think the freeing of ignored scotland for a long time. and on the way now when they're scared they're going to break up the dream they're actually worried in which go despite the fact that those calling for independence the polling significantly lower right now the s.n.p. and yes campaign is say as far as we can see in people you'd be better off on that
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in the pendant. in scotland not just the oriel in the west. so wealthy country as we can see as long as not well she had even way more evenly disloyal and working class people the majority in scotland just as we are and i am one of the determination of the probably independence campaign is the great uncertainty about exactly what an independent scotland would mean when it comes to valuable resources like north sea oil have left some in westminster perhaps feeling a little uneasy that the country that's been part of the united kingdom for more than three hundred years could seem to be down to a very different scene. and the state of social services are just one of the issues that have got many in scotland riled up a campaign of independence jonathan shafi and feel social services are being run
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into the ground by a government without any serious mandate. says a measurably have to take that the tories intervene into the debate i mean there's a reason there's only one elected to what we have just knows we have. the most brutal package of a state that this country's ever seen so our public services are being decimated. overseas are being privatized and there's a democratic question is well i mean no one has given the. minister to do this. is given the tories the mandate to counter the sorts of measures the. scotland we want to put forward a progressive agenda which actually puts people at the center of the to be rather than the million heroes in the tories and the people who've been running our society into the going for too long. thanks for joining us here on r.t. and supporters of president mohamed morsi have made their presence felt in egypt massing in the center of cairo with the flags was an emotional call to shield the
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revolution from those they say trying to undermine it loads of pictures for you right now online at r.t. dot com. and as brutal fighting continues in syria weapons flood into the conflict from another country seen its own fair share of military are people that have libya that full story on the web site right now. and for the meantime police have used tear gas and rubber bullets on crowds of anticorruption protesters into brazilian cities hosting events to mark next year's world cup and the clashes come against a backdrop of nationwide demonstrations against the expense of the football showcase and the country's economic policies in general and the government's pledge to carry out reforms has done little to win over the people artie's ignacio has more on how a simple transport free protest in sao paolo snowballed into a nationwide movement. the week of protest in brasil saw its biggest rallies in
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a day kate ending up in two dead started just protests over transport first has seen more than a million take out to the streets across the country the government later reverse its decision to increase public transport first but the u. turn seemed to have come too late to appease demonstrators protests have turned into street battles those whose were injured and two people died in the breast one of the big concern eighteen year old man has died in the state of south powder after a car crashed through a barricade people vent their anger at the government for high spending and hosting next year's football world cup while health care and education remain civilly and they're funded. by we're fighting for a country that is more dignified more honest list. upped the country was better hospitals and decent public schools for security and safety has. been inspired by the new york are people who are struggling by wall street rio so
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hugh marches against corruption and excessive spending on the world cup police used tear gas and rubber bullets to quell the unrest some of the demonstrators torched cars and threw rocks at police use harsh response also in brasilia when demonstrators tried to torture the building a foreign ministry president dilma rousseff broke a week of near silence on friday and billing as serious of reforms in an attempt to end and to government protests she promised to drive to blunt to benefit public transport and that all the royalties will be used in education however protesters say it's not enough promising more rallies to show how angry is brasil. and u.s. president barack obama made a concerted attempt to strengthen ties with europe's industrial powerhouse germany this week in a joint address with the chancellor angela merkel in berlin sought to calm fears america is willing to invest much more time and money in asia than europe. did that
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he was doing only kind of shut down guantanamo bay a claim not yet backed by concrete actions and called for help from russia to scrap a third of nuclear weapons worldwide a german journalist and well option writer he says obama could take a few simple steps right now to prove he's serious about reducing nuclear. we heard a lot of nice words but we didn't see any actions just to mention that until today on sherman soil u.s. american nuclear weapons this is still since the end of the cold war i have to remember that the russians the soviet union was withdrawing their weapons and the army in one thousand nine hundred one they finished with the withdraw until today we had for us american troops in germany germany is a sort of us american air carrier in the center of europe and of course we have until to the u.s. american nuclear weapons and sherman soyuz so if he wants to show action it would
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be quite easy for him when he fly specked today to united states to take the u.s. american nuclear weapons with them or at least to give the order to do this. well thank you for sharing some of your sunday with us here on the today up next with the dead numbering in tens of thousands i hear about say i would travel one to two scuse me to one of the most dangerous cities on earth to report on mexico's ongoing war against the cartels this is a scene. you know what's worse than a crop bureaucrat a crook bureaucrat who sucks at being corrupt a scumbag bureaucrat in veronese russia just couldn't help himself and put some very hefty charges for services contracts for road repair and construction in just three years he was able to take enough of
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a percentage off of these contracts though investigators raided his house he had the equivalent of over three million dollars in russian money all over his home news not mail dot ru claims he had entire laundry hampers and twenty five kilogram sugar sex filled to the brim with box first off when someone is this flagrant that means that he thought rather comfortable and not getting caught so there are plenty more of these guys out there but second this is an absolute slap in the face to russia taxpayers who are hungry for new roads i think for instance it's a flagrant in your face obvious crush corruption russia might need to reconsider that moratorium on the death penalty but that's just.
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true. and. one estimate this vehicle was picked because usually all policemen undergo control there are police officers that are connected to illegal activities. you know are. there.


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