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tv   Headline News  RT  June 23, 2013 4:00am-4:47am EDT

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the day. the russian. officials. will be able to stick. with. the. protests. in the.
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future of. the week thank you for joining us today. breaking news for you the chinese sources have alleged that. edward snowden is on route. hong kong. would have departed after washington the chinese city state with. exposed washington's colossal spy network revealed himself.
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america is split on edward snowden traitor hero mix in between but regardless of what anyone thinks about snowden his revelations have shed unprecedented light on the u.s. government's massive spying program even if you're not doing anything wrong you're being watched and recorded a former n.s.a. employee william binney was prosecuted as a traitor when he blew the whistle on the government's sweeping collection of data and communications it's setting up a tele tarion state. when the government has that much information they can do those things they can use the i.r.s. to intimidate people or anything else they can send the f.b.i. people what they did to me and some others bradley manning to is being prosecuted as a traitor although it's still his war logs that the public learned about the. collateral murder it was committed in iraq the obama administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers under the espionage act than all previous administrations combined but it was
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a lower say it's not government persecution that they fear the greatest fear that i have regarding the outcome. for america of these disclosures is that nothing will change the administration is not trying to convince the american people that government secret programs are a trade off they have to make in the name of national security they always have the same stories about all of them you know science manning's known you know psychological stories what is wrong with these people cause them to do this i mean the real question is what is wrong with everyone else from who doesn't see what they can see but it was a lowers are not the only targets there is an obligation both moral but also legal i believe against a reporter that was the chairman of the house committee on cutting teligent and terrorism peter king calling to punish the journalist who exposed the government surveillance programs in its hunt for meeks the obama administration has already targeted its it's trying to set the precedent for the communicating with the media
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is the same as communicating with the enemy and it's a death penalty offense the administration doesn't have to go after each for each certainly it's enough to create an environment of fear but will that fear stop information from coming out here that we're snowden's answer to that by. kone in response is simply build better whistleblower he said in washington i'm going to stick around. and in the latest leak it would snowden revealed not only u.s. telecom giants were targeted but chinese ones as well charlie mcgrath the founder of current affairs website wide awake news he believes it's just time now to take action. they're worried about more information is coming out more information coming out so i've absolutely no doubt that there could be more leaks but what else do we need you know what else do we as a people of planet need you know we have our government collecting fold data collecting electronic data on its citizens all in the name of prosecuting a war on terror that has been going on for over
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a decade at you know will more information come out absolutely because we are it marching steadily towards a tyrannical police state do we need any more information to come out to be outraged i say absolutely not we should all be furious at what we know already. and this week also marked a grim anniversary for america's other whistleblowing nemesis we grew julian assad has now spent an entire year stuck inside the ecuadorian embassy in london he's been given asylum there over concerns that sexual assault allegations against him a trumped up an affront for an american which. questions and giving interviews a songe appeared upbeat although he said he didn't expect to leave the embassy any time soon vaughan smith gave us a refuge in his mansion after he was released on bail in late two thousand and ten he thinks washington's actively looking to make an example out of prominent whistleblowers. mr sponge you know hasn't be as i'm seeing a ray of sunshine in the. most prisoners will see sunshine most days so he might as
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well be in a prison he's also been there for a year and the you know unfortunately it were he sent to sweden. for some reason and proof of guilt he ok is only alleged to have done something but you know if that materializes allegations materialize he would be very likely receive the imprisonment and bodies in effect had i believe there is a real risk of extradition i think america wants to make an example of people like a songe. and in other revelations presented by n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden it has apparently turned out that british and american intelligence spied on world leaders that a g twenty summit in london it was not four years ago that some heads of state including the then president dmitri medvedev apparently had their computers monitored and phone calls intercepted the evidence also suggests fake internet
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cafes were set up to gather the high profile data and this however was not surprised glenn ford a political analyst and former m.e.p. at the end of the one nine hundred ninety s. he raised the issue of a secret u.s. project targeting e.u. citizens called echelon and he believes the u.k. has long been america's tool for harvesting information. certainly in the past week we've learnt that. military friendships can more easily arash would serve to be irish peace process and some of these spots throughout britain with france or by britain's position of new york and union absolutely to be expected there and what they're going to be monitoring with the g. twenty is a g. eight events to succumb to such operation and why the stunning news that g c h q sometimes doesn't even get to see what it downloads for the americans some of the some of the material downloaded from satellites i actually just fed directly to fort meade in the united states and we get sort of bits of it back so we're all
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right caves are going to suck contractors' teaming up with us and of course it will give the green light to the rest of the world to do the same thing why one should try you know or or anybody else be inserted next time neighbor has complained that maybe some was been acting under the information for him or it's again on the positive industrial scale where the chinese are actually it is crawford is the best there are members. of this news broke just ahead of the latest g eight summit ironically hosted by the u.k. the issue however wasn't addressed there with syria instead taking center stage the civil war there may be a painful stumbling block splitting the international community but as the latest gathering showed there's always an offering for consensus despite some visible hurdles to his party boy reports from. eight world leaders about press and an army of police watching that this northern irish g eight went smoothly but inside the fortified resort where the talks are being held
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a split over syria i don't think we should we should. we this is g seven plus one in the run up to the conference the u.s. had claimed that the syrian government had used chemical weapons and pledged to provide the opposition with arms i think it's right that the americans are civil they have said and i wanted to back that up with the information in the involvement that we've heard in that the system and assessment the russian side said didn't find convincing on the eve of the g eight putin said that peace talks could be the only way to solve the crisis and cautioned leaders considering arming the rebels as regards who has the blood of the children and peaceful citizens of syria i believe you will not deny that the blood is on the hands of both parties i believe you will agree one hardly should support those who kill their enemies and it's not all good for the public and the media to see during the talks and all quick meeting between
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the leaders of russia and the u.s. that produced no breakthroughs but we do have different perspectives on the problem but we share an interest in reducing the violence. the leaders couldn't even agree on how to wave in their family photo it looked like seven plus one was ringing true but then a turnaround after an informal dinner between all the participants that sources said went better than expected a joint statement on syria was issued it called for an independent investigation of chemical weapons use in syria something the russian side had been insisting on. and it turned out that not all the leaders are convinced by u.s. claims that the syrian government used nerve gas when we did you know i'm sure my colleagues will confirm this it was a discussion somebody would agree some day would argue about certain issues but it was never a case that russia was alone defending its position on syria. the focal point of
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the statement a peaceful resolution to the syrian crisis but it didn't mention what chemical weapons cache our side stepping down or military support to the opposition the journalist used to david cameron's rhetoric was stumped why was it so vital in your view to keep president putin of russia on board and why were you prepared to pay the price of abandoning a declaration that syria's president has said should go i don't believe any price has been quite the opposite i think we have a very strong statement about what needs to happen in syria one thing that everyone agrees on is that the only way to solve the syrian crisis is through diplomacy and peace talks and that's exactly what this has been talks about more talks more than a date for geneva two pencilled into the calendar leaders might well be leaving a lot hern wondering what it is exactly they've achieved twenty boyko r t northern
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ireland and foreign ministers from a syrian opposition group that includes the us as well as its european and arab allies where they've signaled that arms shipments to rebels will increase the gulf states are thought to be funneling weapons directly to the opposition fighters now saying they've just received a fresh batch of ammunition the leader of the far right british national party nick griffin who sees a clear case of double standards. when cameron in the american psyche that we should on the rebels what is saying is that a lot of people are being killed in a war so the solution is to send more guns like it's madness unfortunately the americans the british the french and especially the saudis playing this with a strike but their interest isn't in sorting out the syrian problem it's overthrowing the assad regime which is rid of the last secular regime in the whole of the middle east and replacing it with one hobby extremism the vast majority of rebels liberal democrats that respect america once the value of their jihadists the
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first invasion of syria by foreign forces is the fact that at least forty thousand of the so-called syrian rebels are in fact jihadist terrorists from north africa central asia and even western europe there's an estimated six hundred western european born jollity is fighting against the syrian government right now. and still to come here and see the u.s. president calls for russia's help in cutting down the global stocks of nuclear weapons on camera at least to his charm offensive seems to have worked with this kind of. script skepticism is running high among the german public. for now oxys own crew in turkey felt the full force of the police this week after it became the target of a water cannon and government unrest has been plaguing the country's biggest cities as police on least that non-lethal loss and all to quell the anger. and reports
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from the streets of the capital ankara. the smell of gas is thick in the air and you can see the water cannon busily working surrounded by youths pelting them with stones trying to clear barricades on the central ankara streets but part of. this confrontation really exploded just shortly ago and the police charged in trying to clear this barricade the protesters ranged against the police who they say a brutal brutal police and the government for their part saying these are no longer a protesters that were there in the park in istanbul these are hooligans however along the street no shop windows have been broken a lot of the local people throwing out mattresses and helping the people to build barricades to then set fire to try and stop the police the positions on both sides in french and the result is unfortunately a lot of violence across turkey as we can see in march more resistance that's the
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word demonstrators are using in turkey as protests continue three weeks after they started resistance to a government and police force widely accused of war for a tarion ism and brutality person is still recovering from the early days of those protests we went with him to the very spot in central ankara where as the crowds fell back into what he describes as a reign of gas canisters he found himself trapped with only a flimsy wooden board to protect him. it was not twenty or thirty meters distance you know. they fired the tear gas caps. barricade and explore on my face. doctors had to operate to remove splinters from his eye and fix his broken nose he spent days waiting for the swelling to recede but sin was lucky compared to etem side a civil killed in
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a protest in the same square a preliminary autopsy found a metal fragment likely a police bullet lodged in his head at a memorial gathering we spoke to a thames greeting brother we are sure that we can find no meaning in all of this this feeling of burning inside but what hurts the most is that nineteen days after his death the authorities still have not even tried to arrest my brother's murderers there has been international condemnation of the police crackdown on the protests that initially started as an attempt to save istanbul's gezi park here in the capital ankara parliament is only a short distance from the more raw politics of the street project tired urge of one's governing a.k. party is keen to defend its actions if you attack police forces but with stones. and out of malt of cocktails course you will get a response there have been incidents of excess by some protesters the government condemns vandals of extremists dozens of buses burnt shops smashed and police
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officers injured but i as a reporter wasn't doing any of that and the turkish police decided to turn on my camera and me to come the police to break up another night of protest here in ankara and here's the water cannon just coming in as well it's not known whether these protests it's not know whether these protests are up the government also says the situation is now calm not what we witnessed as we tried once more to record our report water cannon and gas vehicles have just charged into this square if we look down at my legs now not even the media safe i just got nearly knocked off my feet by the water cannon but just moved on there it's not known how long this kind of to and fro between protesters and the police is going to go on in ankara and in turkey in general or whether it will change the political situation here but it's one thing's for certain it's souring the mood around his party on barton r.t. ankara turkey. bola is one of the protesters in gezi park in istanbul where the
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demonstrations first started she says at one certain point the police just ignited the violence by themselves i've seen a lot of violence i've seen police being brutal in terms of arresting people in terms of tear gassing people and in terms of using water cannons on them and there's been no kind of softening on their stance until gezi park was actually taken by the people by the protesters or police actually retreated from gezi park ever about ten days it was quiet it was it was almost like a festive atmosphere and gezi park and it was nice not to have the police and not to have tear gas even though everybody was hearing that oh it's a net win this little bit of tear gas maybe tomorrow we'll have some more but eventually one when the violence broke out again on tuesday and then erupted again on saturday and sunday it was it was it was certainly a one sided show of force because police was obviously they were outnumbering the protesters. and. researcher in turkish politics that security forces have no
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other way but they had to resort to extreme measures in order to contain the protesters at the initial stage the protests were mainly were mainly peaceful and were focused for environmental issues over at that stage that the excessive use of force by the pleas has turned. and the us has been criticized and recognize. the turkish turkish political establishment as well but. after a while we also have to recognize that the whole process has not been a peaceful so you've seen all the confrontation which has been violent. that that's the intervention by police. in order to you know make sure that the public. still to come here and crowds of protesters keep venting their fury towards your authority it's in brazil in major cities. here on the. programs were
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report on how a rally against corruption forced over a million people onto the streets or those demonstrations at the end of the day. wealthy british style it's time to rise. the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cause a report on. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew. i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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good to have you have you with us. in moscow where the u.k. government is doing all that it can to get people in scotland on. this in the lead up to its historic referendum on independence william hague has given a speech in edinburgh warning the famous whisky industry could take a hit if scotland splits from britain. reports the foreign secretary has only added fuel to the explosive debate over that of scottish independence.
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sounding the battle cry of the twenty. dependent seven era politicians and campaign is a like a cranking up the volume on the debate this is your name if you think you can carry on thursday and it was the turn of british foreign secretary william hague foreign secretary william hague in edinburgh today to give his speech outlining why in foreign policy. the talk was given to an audience of around one hundred fifty people it's the foreign secretary said that he was not in scotland to die of predictions and warnings and he laid out the clear reasons why he felt scotland should vote to remain in the union they were saved by the audience high unemployment and tough
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economic times many in scotland are becoming more receptive to the message from independence campaign is that being that westminster is maintaining a stranglehold on scottish resources and the scots would benefit from taking back control but you forget that it's independent. you would say yeah. and i just think. the unionist party trainer ignored scotland for a long time. and. when they're scared they're going to break up the green in they're actually worried. despite the fact that these calling the independents the polling significantly lower right now the s.n.p. and yes campaign is say as we have can see can people be better off on that
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independence in scotland. so wealthy country. as long as the evenly and more evenly just no and working class people who have a majority in scotland just as we are and i am one of the determination if the president dependence campaign is and the great uncertainty about exactly what an independent scotland would mean when it comes to valuable resources like oil have lost some in westminster perhaps feeling a little uneasy that the country that's been part of the united kingdom for more than three hundred years could seem. to have a very different. sort of social service is just one of the issues that have got many in scotland riled up campaigning for independence jonathan shafi feel social services are being run into the ground by government without a. it says
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a measurably have to take the tories intervene into the debate i mean there's a reason that there's only one elected to the m.p. what we have just knows we have a cabinet of millionaires who are unleashing the most brutal package of est ety that this country's ever seen so our public services are being decimated and services are being privatized and there's a democratic question is will i mean no one has given the mandate to basements to to do this and to school when no one's given the tories the mandate to count the sorts of measures the accounting and scotland and we want to put forward a progressive agenda which actually puts people at the center of that to be rather than the million years in the tories and the people who've been running our society into the going for too long. are still to come here with. supporters on president mohamed morsi making their presence to be felt in egypt massing in the center of cairo with a sea of flags and was a marginal call to shield the revolution from those they say trying to undermine it
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see the photos online right now. and its brutal fighting continues in syria weapons flight into the conflict from a nother country has seen its own fair share of military are people out of libya full details on the website right now. for the meantime here on r.t. police have used tear gas and rubber bullets on crowds of anticorruption protesters and to brazilian cities that are hosting events to mark next year's fifo world cup the clashes come against a backdrop of nationwide demonstrations against the expense of the football showcase and the country's economic policies in general and the government's pledge to carry out reforms has done little to win anyone over. has more on how a simple transport fee protest in sao paolo snowballed into a nationwide event. the week of protest in brasil saw its biggest rally seen
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a day k. . ending up in two dead swans started us protests over transport first has seen more than a million take out to the streets across the country the government later reverse its decision to increase public transport first but the u.-turn seem to have come too late to appease demonstrators protests how fast and into cow think straight bottles those sins were injured two people died in the unrest one of the big to nine hundred eighteen year old man has died in the state of south paolo after a car crashed through a barricade people vent their anger at the government for high spending and hosting next year's football world cup why health care and education remain civilly and they're funded. by we are fighting for a country that is more dignified more honest less corrupt a country with better hospitals and decent public schools for security and safety. we have been inspired by the new york market by was true movement by wall street
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rio so hugh marches against corruption and excessive spending on the world cup police used tear gas and rubber bullets to quell the unrest some of the demonstrators torch cars and threw rocks at police use harsh response also in brasilia when demonstrators tried to torture the building a foreign ministry president dilma rousseff broke a week of me or silence on friday and billing as serious of reforms in an attempt to end and to government protests she promised to drive to blunt to benefit public transport and that all oil royalties will be used in education however protesters say it's not enough promising more rallies to show how angry is brasil political analyst adrian subu chain he says that brazil's leadership should take the protests seriously and he believes there's a high chance they could be hijacked by outside influences seeking to weaken the latin american state. brazil has very serious problems social problems it has to
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cope with poverty it has to cope with the government corruption even though president dilma rousseff has done a relatively good job in the sense that as soon as she came into power she threw out her. labor minister she threw out her sports minister her defense minister. others because of corruption just as we saw arab spring quote unquote which is the wave of the global power elites have of engineering social strife and even civil war as they did in libya and in syria over the past two or three years they have learned they are now i think bringing in latin american spring which will have more localized tropical ised characteristics which which seeks to to achieve the same goal to weaken powerful states especially powerful like brazil might go their own way against the world government projections of the global power elite.
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let's go back to our top story here on r t n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden may already be over russian air space after reportedly boarding a moscow bound flight from hong kong but it's not speak to our teams are going to go for more on these developments here hello to you good to see you today can you give us the latest what do you know about mr snowden all of this point we all everything that we're getting is reported one of the main news outlets in hong kong that the south china morning post has posted the breaking news story just just about an hour ago saying that snowden is on route to. air a flawed flight or expecting him to land in the russian capital airport in about four four and a half hours of course it's a rather long flight at this point we do know that the chinese government the government authorities at this point have said that they know that snowden has left more than a third country they're not disclosing which country that is where he is going. nothing is known to. his whereabouts and when we asked the administration of the
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russian president he spokesperson said that they know nothing about where snowden is at the moment we do know however is that again according to the south china morning morning post that snowden may be on route to mosco but it will be a stopover on his flight elsewhere it could be ecuador or it could be iceland at this point it's all up in the air and really this is still open to speculation now of course all of this comes just a day after united states has filed for an official request for extradition and arrest off. of the whistleblower which was refused by the chinese the thirty's on the grounds of you know let me let me quote this of the. of the request not fully compiling not fully complying with the requirement basically they're saying that the paperwork was not filed properly of course this is the man in question is one of the biggest if not the biggest whistleblower in
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anastase history he's a former cia employee who's been wanted by the united states essentially for the past for the past two months you can say after he started to releasing information concerning concerning snooping by the u.s. authorities by the cia and n.s.a. on citizens in the united in the united states but also now we're getting reports that but also now. to the latest information that was leaked by snowden of the united states officials have reportedly also been snooping on chinese citizens by reading text messages from various tiny cell phone companies still this is of course a developing story so i will be keeping a close eye on how it develops from here on after all reynoso with the latest there on the n.s.a. whistleblower former cia employee tony below of the last we knew he was in hong kong and now we're hearing alleged reports that he's flown out of home called me somewhere over russian space or the latest on the top story here. thank you very
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much. all right and a much more news to come here on so you do hope you can stay with us on this. download the official publication. stream quality and
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enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television just. now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. anytime anywhere. thank you for joining us here on. sushi in moscow president obama made a diplomatic surprise wrapping up the g eight summit this week saying that he's preparing to work out a peace deal with the taliban this comes after a decade long war against them which has left afghanistan and peace is. now reports on obama's change of heart. president barack obama has described the prospect of talks with the taliban as an important first step towards reconciliation now that
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is in contrast to this statement in two thousand and nine when the president declared it's impossible for us over pakistan to have impunity with folks who kill women and children over sixteen thousand civilians are estimated to have lost their lives in a five year period from two thousand and seven to two thousand and twelve now despite this figure and the thousands of nato troops who have also been killed it appears the objective of the invasion to rid the country of the taliban has not been met and that raises the question whether the lives lost have been in vain now this quote from obama last year highlights a shift in thinking we're pursuing a negotiated peace in coordination with the afghan government and with the taliban we made it clear they can be a part of this future but it's not just president obama who has had a change of heart over dealings with the taliban four years ago then secretary of state hillary clinton said the taliban poses a mortal threat to the security of our country i'm of the world however before leaving office she also decided that talking to the taliban was the way forward we
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committed to afghan reconciliation our only goal is to open the door for the afghans to sit down with the other afghans so that they can work out the future for their country the taliban have their own choice to make but the united states is prepared to work with all afghans so what sort of country will nato be leaving behind while at the moment it's an extremely poor one over forty percent of the population are thought to be living below the poverty line and with such a high rate of poverty the illicit production and sale of opium has become a major problem afghanistan sells more of the stuff than any other country in the world it pumps out three hundred and seventy five tons of heroin every year now that is ninety percent of the world's entire supply the booming black market leads to accusations of vast corruption estimates suggest afghans pay play to. five billion dollars in bribes last year that's the equivalent of almost one quarter of the country's entire economy the question now for america is whether the six
4:37 am
hundred thirty five billion dollars that it spent on the afghan war so far and the thousands of lives lost of all been worth it and the american president barack obama called for a mass reduction in nuclear weapons stocks in berlin this week during meetings with his german counterpart i'm glad merkel on the podium in front of four thousand hand picked listeners in the center of the capital and also repeatedly is doing all he can discharge down guantanamo bay a claim not yet backed up by any concrete actions is out he's proud of all of our reports. one of the major points though that was made by the u.s. president this keynote speech in front of the historic brandenburg gate was that he wants to see a third that one third would duction u.s. nuclear weapons now he said he would be contacting the leaders leaders in russia to try and coordinate some for the plan and there he did praise the the work that's being done with the new start treaty saying that that would limit the amount of
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nuclear weapons in the world to two nine hundred fifty s. levels however he said he wanted to make that go further and wanted to try and push it on a little bit more by one third and he's speaking to the russian leadership about that now fred thank you very much for talking to us just what type of reaction has . received from people here in berlin i think people were disappointed as you already mentioned five years ago there were two hundred thousand people listening to obama on this time they were like four thousand people most likely to be american that's just like two percent of what he could gather as a senator people are disappointed with obama being a president a lot of people from the left because obama will clean up the mess the true presidencies of george bush two when you're. bringing in more transparency into government and actually the opposite happened if we were consumed with the n.s.a. prism scandal is probably one of the biggest intrusions of people's privacy not
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only in the u.s. but also in europe demonstrators here on the streets of berlin claiming that the n.s.a. are two point zero i mean feelings pretty strong isn't it oh it's very strong especially in berlin it's the come it's the fiftieth anniversary of j.f.k. speech back then divided balloon and it's just now a company by this scandal actually freaking out that the n.s.a. is much more effective from spying than the starving stasi could ever dream to frederick road from european students to liberty thanks very much for talking to me that's all we've got time for. well for moscow it's artsy and wrapping up to the tune of three hundred billion dollars this year's gathering of the world's financial elite in st petersburg now it's come to an end though energy dominated the event with a plethora of details and agreements signed over the course of three days kitty pilgrim has the latest. it's been a jam tads three days it's not just been the temperatures that have been blistering
4:40 am
but also whole topics on the agenda really the boston economy has been full of focus right now we've been talking about how to really improve the investment climate market volatility infrastructure as well as the russian ruble is it the newest coins joining the so-called currency wars to pounce to have it depreciated all of those topics of interest often also international ones as well we've had some big names here we've had the onery guessing treating the so loved germany. it wasn't about europe it was all about east we had a multi billion dollar bill two hundred seventy billion dollars that's how modest the gross stepped in china deal is what that equates to three hundred sixty eight million metric tons that's going to be delivered over a twenty five year contract that was what the deals were all about we also got some science coming into it too we had two very happy man going home with over two
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million dollars he's the chief scientist that won the global energy award for their work with rechargeable batteries as well as a thermal dynamics cases include the i suppose that had a nice shiny metal to economics and science pretty right now it's time for the attendees and the protests but your own oxen enjoy this goal just city that is the pace is. going to stay with us if you come here on our t. just a moment on a chart with a trail blazing whistle blower william binney on just how far the tendrils of u.s. intelligence are this is a hot. movie . the way.
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the propaganda machine is extremely powerful but the question is about others you are sometimes aiding in yourself the most devastating loss in the surrounding countries especially leave from the likes of qatar and saudi arabia. well. this month high tech means good help whether it be the latest laser cutters
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on lifesaving heart rushing innovators are working hard to keep you healthy for some companies it's been a winding road from car simulators to cutting edge training systems for others it's been a lifetime of work of walking the mysteries of the skull check it all on technology we've got the future. is you. with me i have professor you who differ in the end of the political science
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department of byron one university she's an expert on libya and the middle east region professor thank you very much for joining us here on ati my pleasure i'm looking at libya today which is your field of expertise is in libya a failed state it's approaching this death was libya a two day post a message libya is. all on the violence state. political stability. to into almost security for its people always took and a security in its border could it have been different if we rewind to just off to gadhafi is of a throwing who knows nobody can say yes or no course. about the think of the the western intervention in libya was not necessary i think of that if gadhafi
4:45 am
was still there under the circumstances of the arab spring libya could reach quite different conditionals why what was that about international intervention that was so wrong the fact that it happened or the fact that it left a vacuum in its place i think it was premature to intervene in the libyan internal conflict. this internal catholic should have been. shaped by its own people without any foreign intervention particularly not such a military our tech that eradicated the few regime with out having the time to act for preparing alternatives for his regime to live in society. is absent
4:46 am
are of any civil societies there is no organized communication system there is no military now in libya there is no police now in libya it didn't bring. the results the western countries saw east on the contrary it brought a lot of damage professor i was in that way at the time and i remember when those first nato planes bombed the argument that was being presented was that they felt that the people of benghazi were under a real threat of being completely annihilated so was that not a good enough argument and that was the argument at the time that they were coming to the rescue of people who were loyal to risk your people is always a sacred mission no doubt about it so this logic should have acted also in the syrian case which is much much it is.


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