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ecuador's considering the u.s. whistleblower edward snowden's bid for asylum he is currently in transit for the night at a moscow airport after fleeing hong kong. that's with washington in hot pursuit demanding his extradition and revoking his passport as some lawmakers demand the government to the ends of the earth. continues across continents a bush era whistleblower puts the spotlight on barack obama saying the president himself was wiretapped when he ran for the senate.
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on thomas and top stories mainly one top story n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden who is wanted by the u.s. has formally applied for political asylum in ecuador snowden is currently in a moscow airport waiting to board his next flight in the next twenty four hours are reports from a share much of an airport. one of america's most wanted men has kept the world's media guessing on a day of intrigue. the day began with reports that edward snowden had fled hong kong. to moscow turned out to be true he landed here at about five fifteen. five fifteen local time greeted by the ecuadorian. now we are hearing that he's having problems getting a russian visa and that he is stuck in transit in the airport terminal building behind me he was greeted by the ecuadorian ambassador and around three hours after he landed the confirmation came that was indeed the country that he was seeking
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asylum in the countries minister of foreign affairs tweeting that he had applied for political asylum with the country now the suggestion is he's going to fly on to cuba from the airport. to on monday afternoon that would also be a transit eventually and his journey his final destination his target destination of course being ecuador where he is seeking political. belief he is not traveling alone there is a legal representative from wiki leaks we're led to believe traveling with edward snowden on his journey wiki leaks say that they've helped edward snowden throughout the process they helped him have a safe. exit from hong kong they've organized his papers and they are indeed the ones who were negotiating the deal for political asylum in ecuador he's kept everyone guessing the world's press were here there were hundreds of photographers and cameramen and journalists hoping to grab
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a glimpse of the world's most famous. but he has been. in transit and also rather interesting the ecuadorian ambassador as. we were expecting we were hoping that he would make some kind of official statement on this because if only official confirmation that we do have is that tweet from the foreign minister but neither edward snowden nor the ecuadorian on. they certainly bugs one hey edward snowden well it's really funny he's still here on t.v. is set to spend the night i shot a man to the airports before i say really suggest he's involved he will not fly to cuba on the monday afternoon. paul scott reporting for us there now edward snowden's exact whereabouts are currently unknown though he is thought to be still at the airport there is speculation he could be staying at a so-called capsule hotel inside chairman you're seeing footage of at the airport right now from marty's news agency ruptly other reports however suggest he is in a v.i.p.'s zone inside one of the terminals he is believed to be waiting for
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a flight to cuba now the wiki leaks organization which is helping edward snowden seek refuge says he will leave before ecuador via what it calls a safe route artie's say has been following developments from ecuador's embassy in moscow throughout the day she brings us this report. there was a lot of speculation and a lot of speculation and and confirmed reports are running around to the minute that snowden actually left to hong kong on his way to moscow earlier on a four o'clock run around four o'clock moscow time the ecuadorian ambassador and a motorcade left the embassy on route to the airport now of course we haven't heard anything as yet official from the ecuadorian embassy here in moscow as to where the ambassador is or how things are progressing with them but what we do know is that official statement from the a during the embassy or from the open door in a foreign minister rather saying that it is indeed confirmed that snowden has
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launched that application therefore are silent now with the government through the wire the media as well was crowding the embassy here earlier on today is because of the one particular case that we've all been following around of julian asuncion now of course we know that julian assange is been holed up at the ecuadorian embassy in london julian assange of course has been in the background of this extradition. appear pows are with us snowden right now you know it doesn't it doesn't surprise or many experts and many of the people who were out here that we spoke to saying that could be considering having snowden in the teacher we know that they've done that for julian assange so it was only i guess everybody thought the logical step would be for snowden himself to ask the adoring embassy to grant him asylum right now he's still at the airport we don't know how long his paperwork is going to go and if indeed he will be able to leave would only have to wait and see if they're
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going government themselves to give a formal statement saying that if indeed yes they have granted him that asylum so it's still a waiting game for all of us especially here at the boreen embassy in moscow and i'm sure for the rest of the world and everybody who's been following this story the whole day. washington has reportedly urged latin american countries not to offer edward snowden asylum giani but they are told from the free bradley manning support network is confident that ecuador among others would be willing to offer snowden refuge despite u.s. pressure to have very large. numbers of asylum like fifty some odd thousand not necessary political refugees but i think also that has also helped make a safe haven for those that are persecuted politically and i think it's a wonderful watershed moments were that there was a concert after it beyond these countries russia hong kong china venezuela and
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ecuador to protect edward snowden i think it's a very good initiative i think that all these countries know that the americans are not going to let up lightly and are going to start a great amount of political pressure to have him extradited but i do hope in this new age of south american consciousness and new freedoms and so forth that they will step up to the plate and provide protection for edward snowden washington has revoked edward snowden's passport and said that he should be prevented from traveling any further as officials demanded that he be returned to the jurisdiction of the united states some lawmakers are urging washington to spare no effort to put him on trial in the u.s. even going so far as to threaten russia over its involvement or he's going to church can is following the story. u.s. officials confirm that they have in fact revoked edward snowden's passport to stop him from traveling it didn't stop him from flying out of hong kong as we know not clear whether it was because hong kong officials did not receive the notification
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in time or because they made a decision to overlook it we know that the u. was has put a lot of pressure on hong kong to arrest in those days and not to let him leave the country but in a statement the government of hong kong says u.s. documentation did not fully comply with the legal requirements on the hong kong law but also in the same statement the government of hong kong that they want more information about the hacking of computer systems in hong kong by u.s. government agencies something that was part of snowden's revelations so in this official statement we see how hong kong shifts the focus from the messenger edward snowden back to the message to the revelations that he has made demanding an explanation from the uighurs because these revelations show that the u.s. ally that it has been doing the same as what he to accuse is china of doing policymakers here in the u.s. are doing everything to shift the attention away from snowden's revelations by focusing on snowden himself or even by attacking other countries like russia
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senator chuck schumer was on one of the news shows this morning saying president putin. always seems almost eager to put a finger in the eye of the u.s. and i was listening to former director of the cia saying over russia and china are going to use this meeting snowden to embarrass the u. once and what would argue it's his revelations that embarrass the u.s. not china or russia the u.s. government is clearly afraid of more revelations from snowden the debate in the u.s. media has shifted to this chase moche to this captain mouse game it's not all about how we're going to catch him so right now the media is unsympathetic to edward snowden although just a week ago some of the same journalists who are almost cheerleading for his capture now were grateful for. snowden's revelations which were indeed eye opening for all of us as far as the prospect of being caught here's what edward snowden himself said i could be you know rendered by the cia i could have people come after me or
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any of their third party partners you know they would they work closely with a number of other nations and that's that's a fear i'll live under for the rest of my life however long that happens to be you can come forward against the world's most powerful intelligence agencies and be completely free from risk because they're such powerful adversaries the no one can meaningfully oppose them. if they want to get you they'll get you in time edward snowden also said it's not government persecution that he fears he said the greatest fear that i have about the outcome of these disclosures is that nothing will change more on that in my report america's split on edward snowden traitor or hero mixed in between but regardless of what anyone thinks about snowden his revelations have shed unprecedented light on the u.s. government's massive spying program even if you know doing anything wrong you're being watched and recorded for me to say employ you william binney was prosecuted
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as a traitor when he blew the whistle on the government sweeping collection of data and communications it's setting up a tele terry in state. when the government has that much information they can do those things they can use the i.r.s. to intimidate people or anything else they can send the f.b.i. people what they did to me and some others bradley manning too is being prosecuted as a traitor although it's still his war logs that the public learned about the. collateral murder was committed in iraq the obama administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers under the espionage act than all previous administrations combined but it was a lower say it's not government persecution that they fear the greatest fear that i have regarding the outcome. for america of these disclosures is that nothing will change the administration is not trying to convince the american people that government secrets programs are a trade off they have to make in the name of national security they always have the same stories about you know manning's known you know psychological stories what is
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wrong with these people cause them to do this i mean the real question is what is wrong with everyone else from who doesn't see what they can see but whistleblowers are not the only targets there is an obligation both moral but also legal i believe against a reporter that was the chairman of the house committee on cutting teligent and terrorism peter king calling to punish the journalist who exposed the government surveillance programs in its hunt for meeks the obama administration has already targeted journalists it's trying to set the president communicating with the media is the same as communicating with the enemy and it's a death penalty offense the administration doesn't have to go after her or he certainly it's enough to create an environment of fear but fear itself information from coming out here is that we're snowden's answer that by. kone in response is simply build
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a better whistleblower. in washington i'm going to. attorney and historian gerald horne says despite america frequently welcoming dissidents from other countries it adopts a harsh stance against those who highlight abuses of power at home well if you listen to the congress persons appearing on sunday chat shows that the united states they're breathing fire threatening measures just short of nuclear war if mr snowden is not speedily dispatched back to new york or washington united states for example routinely excepts on its territories citizens fling cuba without passports i would also say the united states routinely receives on its soil those it deems to be political dissidents who do not have passports so i don't feel that moscow is hands are tied with regard to mr snowden not having
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matters to you. use a little tentative angle stories. to . find out more visit. and you're watching our team good to have you back with us let's get back with our top story now one of america's most wanted men and it's a whistleblower edward snowden is believed to be staying in a moscow airport reportedly waiting to board a flight to cuba within the next twenty four hours his final destination is believed to be ecuador where he is seeking political asylum after fleeing hong kong due to the looming threat of extradition meanwhile washington is reportedly ramping up the pressure on latin america urging all south american states to deny him
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refuge snowden is the seventh person the obama administration has sought to punish for leaking classified data let's get a recap of some of the. major revelations that sparked washington's fieri in the first place now he disclosed documents showing that the n.s.a. has access to huge streams of internet data including emails chat rooms and videos from large companies such as facebook and google and that the u.s. government used the secret foreign intelligence service court to gather in extensive a range of information from the phone service provider verizon he also revealed how both mainland china and hong kong have been the victims of hundreds of cyber attacks by u.s. hackers and according to the latest leak the u.k. is collecting and storing huge amounts of sensitive personal data from online and a telephone traffic and sharing it with america in another twist whistleblower
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russell tice who released his secret secrets during the george w. bush era says former cia head general petraeus and even barack obama were once targets for n.s.a. snooping he also confirmed that the data is indeed being stored james corbett a japan based independent journalist believes tice's revelations did not get the attention that they deserved. while the snowden drama unfolds something that's being swept under the rug are these new revelations from n.s.a. whistleblower russell tice who is in fact one of the people who is one of the sources for the original two thousand and five new york times story on the n.s.a. wiretapping scandal at that time but now russell tice to step forward with more information into explosive interviews from the last few days he talked about how the n.s.a. is in fact storing not just the metadata which has been a talking point in the newsroom so far but the content of all electronic communications that are going across the u.s. servers from e-mails to faxes to phone calls all of it being stored now at the new
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data center and in utah he also went on record to name names of some of the specific targets of n.s.a. spying with the implication that this information was being used for blackmail and purposes on including senator then senator barack obama including general david petraeus and others who he mentioned by name including supreme court justices and top ranking military and republican congressional officials so this is being specifically avoided right now and the implication is that the news outlets are as we've seen with the snowden story and other stories collaborating with the intelligence agencies behind the scenes to repress this information but this is this is absolutely explosive and again coming from a key n.s.a. whistleblower who is right now being ignored with these allegations. and as whistleblowers such as snowden reveal government's appetite for personal data we're interested in how you feel about your private information being collected by security agencies on our website we've asked for your opinions and this is how it
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has been tracking so far let's take a look at big majority here seventy four percent saying that spying on people and collecting their private data without warning is absolutely unacceptable and pink sixteen percent really have no opinion as they say that the government tracks their answers anyway and they don't really want to put answer online because it could easily be tracked by security agencies now seven percent in yellow say that this is justifiable if they're looking for terrorists or an actual legitimate cases of spying without mass tracking of everybody and then finally this small green sliver three percent say well there's really nothing wrong about it and people shouldn't be worried about the government getting access to their personal information so get involved to cast your vote you had to r t dot com well the unwavering support of many u.s. companies for the government's surveillance program including the one snowden worked for has sparked some awkward questions artie's
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a loose accountant off looks at what might be in it for the firms themselves. we know now that thousands of companies have been sharing sensitive information with the u.s. government in exchange for various benefits now this raises concerns about the extent of the private sector collaboration with the u.s. government not to mention questions about what exactly those benefits were now the details may be murky at this point but let's go over exactly what information we have companies who did hand over data to the government got a big thank you that's according to michael hayden who used to head the cia as well as the national security agency which runs of course the prism program and mr hayden told bloomberg this if i were the director and had a relationship with a company who was doing things that were not just directed by law but were also valuable to the defense of the republic i would go out of my way to thank them and give them a sense as to why this is necessary and useful well what kind of thank you exactly are we talking about here well again not
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a lot of details but anonymous sources did tell bloomberg that leaders of the companies who handed over data to the government were showered with attention and information by government agencies in fact in some instances that meant quick warnings about the threats that could affect their bottom line for example serious internet attacks and who's behind them of course this exchange of information is supposed to be voluntary and while at this point we don't exactly have evidence that this is not the case but while most of the companies seem to have participated simply because the government asked them for help one former c.e.o. paints a slightly different picture in two thousand and one when some telecom giants allegedly were asked to participate in an n.s.a. information sharing program one company qwest initially refused to play ball and according to court documents filed by its then c.e.o. joseph nacho as a result of that decision the company was denied lucrative n.s.a. contracts he believed to be worth fifty to one hundred million dollars retaliation
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he says for refusing to partake in the government's spy program. so to sum it up companies that share data current government goodwill information about threats possible classified information and of course there's concern that those who did not play along could could have been left out of lucrative government contracts course we don't have more information on this but that's person i see the point the lack of transparency about this data swap is a major concern now it's done in the name of security but at what cost and to whom this account for reporting for our team in moscow with snowden's revelations are showing internet users being spied on globally people are increasingly turning to alternative private data artie's most important i reports on the boom in the use of encrypted communications services. in a post prism world some are losing and others are gaining google for eyes in
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facebook apple and other u.s. technology companies have lost credibility and the trust of their customers encrypted communications services on the other hand are seeing their businesses boom oh it's going crazy. you know a lot of people suspected these. the government u.s. government was spying on americans but now we have this confirmation and so everybody is contacting us now when we've had a huge surge in orders hill zimmerman is the co-founder and c.e.o. of silent circle a global encrypted mobile service that protects users' privacy from the u.s. national security agency and big data companies we have created an architecture that doesn't share the key cryptographic keys with the servers and servers that we control. so. if the government tries to persuade us to hand over something that
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we might have on our servers we can't give them the keys and we can't give them the decrypted messages we don't keep logs of the of the connections between people so a court order can make us give them something we don't have however privacy doesn't come free and annual membership to silent circle cost one hundred twenty dollars the newest kid on the block is secret the mobile app encrypts voice calls and text messages the south african company has clients in two hundred countries with skyrocketing demands recently coming from the u.s. and u.k. is just coming and it's not growing every day percentage of. growth. the application as sensually allows you to create a new identity with a secure phone number. need to be every day and. going forward not just. of the. other countries.
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as you call it easy as you were the day meanwhile daily traffic at the search engine start page has doubled in less than a month jumping to nearly four million queries the netherlands based company doesn't store ip addresses search history or use tracking codes and it's not subject to us jurisdiction we strip out anything that would identify you and then we submit the search for you to google on your behalf and then we get the results back from google we strip out any kind of tracking cookies or anything that might be included with that we serve the results to your private. all records of your visit so we delete your ip address we delete your search terms and at the end of the day we have no record of anyone even having but on our website while the global push for privacy is accelerating experts say encryption alone won't be enough the n.s.a. surveillance has is worse than my worst of my thoughts and. i
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think that the technology we provide is only part of the solution i think we also have to try to push back. with public policy debates in the us and get the laws to change the exposure of america's global electronic surveillance program has also revealed alternatives to all those who want to secure their privacy however in most cases people will have to pay to protect their communication from a government that's been accessing and story data for years reporting from new york marina heartache. and i'll have the latest on snowden in about thirty minutes time but before that with the dead numbering in the tens of thousands are to travel to one of the most dangerous cities on earth to report on mexico's war against the drug cartels.
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in the city good leverage sure tim curry was able to build a nice most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tunes mission to teach music creation and why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only on the dog. i would rather ask questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question more. here
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