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thank. you. because. there were three. so all. with no head.
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and with no legs all i could see.
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substantial increases just. inclement the competition among funeral home spoke has increased. well we're looking to get around that cools the fall in prices it. was so that we could compete with each other on that idea of. growth for. a. moment when it is pretty common that i think. you're going up the.
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hill. real. real. real real real real. real. like the fumes from the real deal.
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one of the often like a lot of museums with movie star little discoveries. just. thinking look through all the credits in the middle east for you and me on the little. things that are causing way to get in the.
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old east through the opening scene of the. supply. and bills mafias but then you see all neither. of them what they got of them is a new street. has been kicked out of the bus a. sauna. war the good one i really wasn't your you look at the young the most developed since. the killing. and. he has been in
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a good movie at. all applause. see the last post. which i love it woman got. it the mom not a mother long. we have all you could tell us a little bit then it was. good i think or. something to those around them but i swear by them but if you look at. its most basic i don't mean here you are but only those on the bottom of. the lettuce. i don't know. is the place that when i'm with you on the bottom end but he would give you one of the before the of. this incident did in the subject they want to kill me look at his
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circle. of support the instant we was over here schemes and think that they don't use what is now we see. the cold war this i think it is the did not sleep but only. this supposed member. of. the. way.
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if something will never said get. in the same place as that momentous that's the teachers started to play with the children with cards puzzles to distract their attention was that any of that reality was different. was i who must know some didn't grasp what was going on all day long others were saying that there were shootings which was by last names most of them as we were telling them these are not shootings but fireworks dump boy these.
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yes we evacuated the building gave us artists came and told us to evacuate the building the kind of stone that it was going to make way. around if. the.
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tijuana is home of the ariano felix. de ariana felix or a large family that settled in seal on a in the second half of the 1980's. is known for it's a family with nine brothers and sisters it's a very basic family women and men. siblings form a criminal organization with benjamin is the mastermind. who is responsible for the executions. and edina arianna the taken up money laundering
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she was the accountant and francisco havea arianna the youngest brother begins to accompany ramon in the killings. they were living well nobody bothered them the men who would walk around and let it go that would listen in the eighty's you would see them at the discos with the food and in different parts of town recruiting young people asked us if they. are getting them until the narco jr screw became famous your son was part of the narco juniors seek yes you see they were young men that grew up together since go
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to. their own families well known here in tijuana the line. but we parents never realized anything. everyone talked about. a man who had just got here took care of his family. in which he may have had money and always bought them all the drinks. and found them the best table in the joint. and ethel fell and everything. to speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about six of the p.r.p.
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into the intriguing story are you. trying. to find out more visit our big. dog called. the interview. appeal to. choose your language. with. some of.
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the consent. choose the opinions that invigorating to. choose the stories that impact your life choose the access to your office. to you want a strategic position in the us mexico border make the ariano felix one of the most powerful cartels in the world. the massive wall of the border which reaches the sea was unable to stop the. tunnel systems were excavated beneath the border. and in the mountains
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illegal runways were constructed for light aircraft. but he made the first one to go down is that i'm on bass you know he goes to say not a lot to execute and as a drug dealer one little slip but when the police catch him and kill him. you know by now she was stopped by a police officer they had an argument and then one day ya know shoots the police officer who falls down and barely shoot or i'm on a ya know. he also falls dead isn't this happened in february two thousand and ten. just one month later march two thousand and two after investigation the mexican
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army arrests benjamin a jano in pueblo and. in two thousand and six counts agree or falls into the hands of the u.s. after strang into international waters whose whilst he was fishing with his friends on his private yacht. the cost all stays in the hands of entertainer and of the most educated of all the suplex eduardo ariano felix is a doctor and known to everyone by the nickname. the
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mexican authorities discovered him in two thousand and eight in this house in two on a. case determined not to surrender. by his side is his eleven year old daughter. and doctor only stop. shooting when he runs out of bullets. the gas. the bond the cartel fools into the hands of entertainer he passes it over to us on financial sanchez arianna nicknamed ellen hugh narrow. however his leadership is questioned by the head of a hard core of his men. garcia's cements how for scientists here
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or the three letters there are women that are norse lost but we don't know what it was this allowed us to get out of this on the winning side and as their best go at it they kill each other but i said it should be blunt and realistic the deaths are convenient to us. who does this from a police point of view. better from a social point of view sociality from the point of view of a city's prestige they are harmful. grocery. bill coming and i was going to see on this what has been some impulse my walking working on cars and you guys. are some really serious damage on the thunder in the creators. meaning rules. and to put more annoying is.
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running when you could have some. good scary. it's easier to pull. good for missile good just got a. bump this has been noise it's done. a lot of that i think better. feelings from the foot in the studio it go as you know. what that's. because of. her son's just on what and not just from going to see. on the set up it will. people with guns. sort of and suddenly you get up and get a fusillade. as you're going. you know i was watching through those windows and.
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i thought they were going to shoot me as well. as the lady. they killed. a gentleman ended up in a wheelchair. and the child. three or four years old. passed through his lungs don't know what happened. in the morning a gentleman came by my house and told me it's a shame because it's probably a mistake. i told him sorry for the mistake they should be more careful. but it was a mistake and i might be in danger. is
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a traditional mexican soup with meat. but from the moment the authorities arrested this man the sales of the suit dropped dramatically. as age forty five. i'm a contractor. was indeed a contractor but different the most. was found in his car. he was working for the notorious tailor and his job was to make the bodies they brought to him disappear. it is all of them in a caustic soup. in these tanks that he used to fill with powerful industrial acids
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. he made six hundred dollars a week. here in maine known as puzzle leora get us a but i put them in barrels with acid and dissolved them into going back into gave you this stuff. but i bought it myself. for the bodies to dissolve in roughly twenty four hours but that it would do if not how long have you been doing this it is a nine to ten years and in that time how many bodies of your melted almost three hundred. horses committed in that he sure. you know. was. sent on. to see and.
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move. on his soon. to the moon from. his death in the end to florida. a reality we never knew what went on that it's a house like gold the others. they worked and then left normally like in any other job that was even them to a construction worker something of the sort why do you they finished their shift and headed home. never noticed anything bad.
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and we didn't know what really went on. from the songs because he was sitting in. the middle on this clear to his on air. before . the cave. of. people. we. can see is. he strong and true there's a part of. us and he's doesn't one hundred. with us to show mercy to appear to be a surplus in. months
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after the discovery the investigation continued. the authorities were desperately trying to find remains of human bodies to put the case together. we don't have anything but his testimony and the cooperation of the authorities so that the necessary investigation takes place because the sort of course will be at this. this is two thousand and six when the mexican president felipe calderon declared war on the seven cartels operating in the country he sent forty thousand soldiers into the cities. it was
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a controversial. decision. in just two years' time the war had taken the lives of ten thousand two hundred people. to sink in but this isn't a rat what's going on in sudan though at the marriage and family because they didn't stop at the roadblocks and cows is the chaos is getting bigger every day therefore it is not certain that the measures work. is put that on the day wage war and while there are other factors such as dirty money laundering that while we need a case which is the organizations main source of funding. or are going to say don't
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attack rats. it's obvious that the state does not apply the appropriate measures. and let me.
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am. a is the perfect material it's a lie you make just a small change and you get a totally different result and what a pretty top knot you have. this is a little complicated. it's like geometry we start by marking out the incision lines as a guide. it's very intricate work. my life has changed one hundred percent. of the field operating table here more than just a very small table but not as long as i had a flashlight and
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a working battery and i had a good enough environment to work it. was among them along with some other terrorist leaders. too as if he's reminiscing about the past he's looking at you but at the same time he's somewhere else. when i watch this. and doesn't feel like me at all and. it's someone totally different not someone i don't know. i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why i can find myself larry king now right here on r.t.
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question more. fall for. this. little. thing. in the good.
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edward snowden is considering u.s. whistleblower the u.s. is considering edward snowden's bid for asylum that's ecuador or rather he's currently in transit for a night at a moscow airport after fleeing hong kong. that's with washington in hot pursuit demanding his extradition and revoking his passport as some lawmakers demand the government hunt him to the ends of the earth. and as the hunt for snowden continues across continents a bush era whistleblower puts the spotlight on barack obama saying the president was wiretapped when he ran for the u.s. senate.


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