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tv   Headline News  RT  June 24, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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flight to n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden's waiting for a plane to an eventual safe haven having fled from moscow. and his refuge may be granted by that. which says it's mulling over the thirty year old's request for asylum. by the whistle blower group of wiki leaks. and chase him to the ends of the earth to justice and washington. the white house warns the entire western hemisphere against helping the runaway. the full wrath of the espionage act.
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live from moscow and a busy day forward to here. it's a pleasure to have you with us today and i say turn to whistleblower edward snowden now awaiting a flight out of moscow which is thought to be destined for cuba and it's leaving in just a few hours here in the russian capital on sunday having fled hong kong with washington in hot pursuit. reports from. as far as we understand edward snowden does remain here moscow sheremetyevo airport in the terminal building behind me as you say here just after five o'clock on a sunday afternoon on a commercial flight inbound from hong kong he was greeted by the ecuadorian ambassador and three hours after landing the confirmation came that he had sought political asylum in the south american country now or we still believe is mulling
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over whether or not to grant asylum to edward snowden he is expected to just remain in transit here in moscow as you say before flying to in cuba a little bit later on this afternoon but to really put this story and. see what's happened over the last twenty four forty eight hours or so i really over the course of the weekend because it was on friday that the charges against edward snowden were made public for the very first time now the complaint was filed by the u.s. government on june the fourteenth but as i say the charges. charges include theft of government property. communication of national defense information and willful communication of classified intelligence now the final two of those charges both come under the espionage act and carry a maximum of ten years in prison edward snowden now knows what he's up against and knows exactly what he faces if he does indeed return to the united states and on saturday the u.s.
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government began extradition proceedings against edward snowden they were in communication with the hong kong authorities. initially said they were prepared to work with the u.s. government to extradite edward snowden to the united states that they needed guarantees that the charges against him were not politically motivated in the fact that he has been allowed to leave the chinese territory which suggests that those guarantees mets were led to believe he's not traveling alone he does have representatives as you say legal representatives from wiki leaks traveling with him because it's wiki leaks of apparently brokered the entire deal securing his safe passage from hong kong eventually hopefully on his behalf to ecuador moscow and havana and it is also wiki leaks who have attempted to broker the deal that will secure him they hope asylum in ecuador. reporting there from. it's where a snowden apparently spent the night of a hotel located well within the transit zone. going off is inside one of the main.
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the biggest questions for now is where is mr snowden actually inside this transit zone where it's most likely that mr snowden is because since he landed his plane landed and should i mean airport around five pm on sunday he's still not been seen at leading the airports premisses and well there is speculation that he doesn't have a russian visa plus he's passport was not only that it's so you can't walk out of the airport and leave its premises so it's most likely that he's inside this transit zone now there's speculation that he may be staying at this capsule hotel within the zone and also we know that the ecuadorian and that sort of visit at the sheremetyevo airport on sunday and spent a few hours behind closed doors at the launch also here inside the transit
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zone so perhaps he was meeting with mr snowden although he never commented on whether or not never would be officially confirmed that when he left the airport he was accompanied by some people but nobody could really identify whether the former cia agent was one of them now it's also reported that mr snowden may be waiting for a flank here to cuba this is according to speculation in the media which quotes an unnamed source with an aeroflot just to remind you again his passport has been invalidated nevertheless he was still let out of china apparently allowed to enter russia and on one hand this doesn't really fit into international legal practices but on the other hand this is a great area in international war which apparently is not such
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a big obstacle if your passport has been in then you could still answer or leave a country and apparently this is what we're you know in fact this flight leaves at around two pm moscow time. r.t. correspondent you go to prison off right there in our snowden's journey since he set off to expose the extent of washington's spying will mark a whistle blower's odyssey of sorts may twentieth he began his trip by flying from hawaii where he worked as an n.s.a. contractor all the way over to hong kong and over the next month he dominated headlines with revelations about the true scope of u.s. surveillance and encompassing the planet on sunday without warning from hong kong to moscow he went it was just a day after washington demanded his extradition next though he's reportedly set to fly across the atlantic entering american airspace just past new york down the eastern seaboard cuba venezuela and then with thinking the last leg of the journey will be to ecuador on route however as i was saying there
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a moment ago his plane might well have to enter american airspace again coming across the atlantic westwards up to the northeastern tip of northern america and then crossing down just adjacent to new york as well of course and washington is trying to get his hands on him we'll have to see if any attempts are made at that point though of course the bare brunt of it all ecuador saying that it is considering edward snowden's request for asylum a plea reportedly organized by wiki leaks lindsey france who's at the ecuadorian embassy in moscow reports. as we have reported earlier this morning the foreign minister did confirm via twitter that edward snowden has officially sought asylum with that country that case is still in process right now now it's no secret that ecuador does shelter whistleblowers julian assad has been sheltered within the four walls of the ecuadorian embassy in london for the past year so it's no surprise there that as noted is being assisted by wiki leaks that ecuador would be
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a target for his final destination now the united states has made no secret that it has warned western hemisphere governments likely to host but in that that they should not shelter him that they should engage in no way allow him to travel even over their borders unless it is to return him to the united states and also the united states and ecuador do have a joint extradition treaty although it does not apply to crimes in offenses of a political character the justice department though does say that will not prevent it from seeking snowden wherever hate he may be including ecuador it's been reported by wiki leaks that sarah harrison a very close advisor to julian assange himself and a staff member for the last two years with wiki leaks is accompanying edward snowden on his trip wiki leaks it says has offered legal counsel and getting him
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safely out of hong kong into russia and then on to his his next destination so that's it that is one reason why a wiki leaks says it has brought to someone being sarah harrison along with snowden and wiki leaks has really flexed a lot of muscle in this situation its leader julian assange has been holed up within the ecuadorian embassy in london for the past year it's had funding blocked members prosecuted but it's asserted itself in this. to ation and it has really drawn a very close relationship with edward snowden and made itself very very known in this situation which is not characteristic of it in the recent past so it's really showing what an agile organization this really is and what the u.s. government is going to end up having to deal with when it comes to getting its hands on snowden if indeed ecuador is his final destination. reporter lindsey
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france right there and while the american whistleblower is awaiting his asylum verdict the army but from the free bradley manning support network explain why ecuador has now become such a popular destination for those being politically prosecuted. very large. numbers of asylum by fifty some odd thousand not necessary political refugees but i think also that the genius honors also helped make a safe haven for those that are persecuted politically and i think it's a wonderful watershed moment were that there was a big concert effort to protect edward snowden i think it's a very good initiative is a great deal an irony of this whole story normally during the cold war they would be traveling to the u.s. and not via russia to countries like cuba and venezuela but this might perhaps set a couple things into motion and inspire ecuador to become more of a safe haven for press freedoms i just don't think that you're going to silence this generation these these people are from the internet they're born there they do
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digital natives and i think that this is a very very interesting trend very courageous young people stepping up and speaking truth to power and i think that they're just not going be able to plug the leaks you know. now the u.s. is doing all it can to derail snowden's quest for freedom as washington makes its moves on the global chessboard american officials confirmed the whistleblowers passport was revoked before he left hong kong all of this perhaps an attempt to thwart his travel plans artie's guy major can reports on the steps america is willing to take to sink its talons into mr snowden. u.s. officials confirm that they have in fact revoked edward snowden's passport to stop him from traveling it didn't stop him from flying out of hong kong as we know not clear whether it was because hong kong officials did not receive the notification in time or because they made a decision to overlook it we know that the u. was has put a lot of pressure on hong kong to arrest snowden and not to let him leave the
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country but in a statement the government of hong kong says u.s. documentation did not fully comply with the legal requirements on the hong kong law but also in the same statement the government of hong kong that they want more information about the hacking of computer systems in hong kong by u.s. government agencies something that was part of snowden's revelations so in this official statement we see how hong kong shifts the focus from the messenger edward snowden back to the message to the revelations that he has made demanding an explanation from the u.s. because these revelations show that the it was a lie that it has been doing the same as what it accuses china of doing policymakers here in the u.s. are doing everything to shift the attention away from snowden's revelations by focusing on snowden himself or even by attacking other countries like russia the freedom trail is not exactly china russia cuba venezuela so i hope we'll chase him to the ends of the earth bring him to justice and let the russians know there will be consequences if they harbor this guy then i was listening to
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a former director of the cia saying over russia and china are going to use this meaning snowden to embarrass the us and what would argue it's his revelations that embarrass the u.s. not china or russia the u.s. government is clearly afraid of more revelations from snowden i want to get him caught and brought back for trial and i think we need to know exactly what he has. he could have a lot lot more the debate in the u.s. media has shifted to this chase mode to this captain. mouth game it's not all about how we're going to catch him so right now the media is unsympathetic to edward snowden although just a week ago some of the same journalists who are almost cheerleading for his capture now were grateful for snowden's revelations which were indeed eye opening for all of us as far as the prospect of being caught here's what edward snowden himself
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said i could be you know rendered by the cia i could have a people come after me or any of their third party partners you know they would they work closely with a number of other nations and that's that's a fear i'll live under for the rest of my life however long that happens to be you can come forward against the world's most powerful intelligence agencies and be completely free from risk because they're such powerful adversaries the no one can meaningfully oppose them. if they want to get you they'll get you in time edward snowden also said it's not government persecution that he fears he said the greatest fear that i have about the outcome of these disclosures is that nothing will change from washington artie's guy nature can now we had a mum to speak to attorney and historian gerald holden and explained why he believes us attempts to put a spoke in the wheels of the whistleblower will most likely prove unsuccessful. well listen to the congress persons appearing on sunday church to do united states
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more with think so they're breathing fire threatening measures just short of nuclear war if mr snowden is not speedily dispatched back to new york or washington united states for example routinely excepts on its territories citizens fleeing cuba without passports i would also say the united states routinely receives on its soil those deemed to be political dissidents who do not have passports so i don't feel that moscow is hands are tied with regard to mr snowden not having a passport. u.s. attempts to get his hands on edward snowden are actually turning against washington and helping to boost support for the dissidents that's according to medea benjamin a co-founder of the pacifist group code pink the way the government has reacted to
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this is making snow is a hero here out there are countries around the world they're making a huge deal out of this and they're giving him a platform to in turn you to expose what is supposed to be this great open free society has really turned into something very different so the government reaction is actually feeding what i hope will be the growth of the movement to pressure the u.s. government to. kind of activity. thank you for joining us here on r t today we come to you live from moscow just a moment we'll look at what edward snowden did to deserve such attention from u.s. prosecutors and also learn about the whistleblowers predecessor as whose lives have just been shattered by the espionage act all that and more in just a moment. download
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from moscow it's auntie edward snowden's reportedly awaiting a flight to cuba from moscow the n.s.a. leaker is now on the move trying to avoid extradition to america where he is wanted for espionage charges ecuador now expected to become his final destination the country is considering whether or not to grant him asylum but what exactly has he done to ignite america's outrage just have a quick look here at odyssey and see where it all began mr snowden disclosed documents showing the n.s.a. has access to she's streams of internet data including e-mails chat rooms and videos from large companies like facebook and google also on. the u.s. government used the secret foreign intelligence surveillance court to gather an extensive range of information from other phone service provider arisan snowden
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also revealed how both mainland china and hong kong have been the victim of hundreds of cyber attacks by u.s. hackers and the latest now the u.k. is collecting and storing huge amounts of personal data from online and telephone traffic then shuttling it straight to capitol hill and a british human rights activist peter tatchell he believes it's the u.s. government and not mr snowden who should be punished but she will deny the states will be doubling its efforts to try and intercept him and to get an extradition from whatever country they can i think the context of this is that the united states spies on its own citizens it also spies almost a distance of millions of other countries i mean millions of people in other countries and this is done without the permission of those countries it is technically illegal and what is extraordinary is that what snowden was employed by
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the united states as a spy yet now they are seeking to arrest him for spying it seems completely not your pocket see when the united states is spying on its own citizens and citizens around the world on a massive scale without governmental into strict oversight that within the united states or other countries around the world. now mr snowden's revelations of earn him seventh place on the list of whistleblowers the obama administration has had in its crosshairs but who are the rest let's have a look here on r.t. and see exactly who we dealing with here because well mr snowden is not the only one by any stretch of the imagination bradley manning the case that shook the world he's on trial now over parsing a trove of classified documents to wiki leaks exposing america's controversial war tactics and torture tactics thomas drake as well thomas drake another one another prominent whistleblower a former n.s.a. employee revealing sensitive information about data gathering techniques as well as
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another one john kiriakou he's a former cia agent currently serving a prison sentence for leaking details about u.s. torture techniques and nuclear proliferation expert in state department contractor steven kim currently awaiting trial after allegedly telling a journalist about north korea's plans to test a nuclear bomb well moving further along it's now a sham my liebowitz hero former f.b.i. hebrew translator he received a prison sentence for sharing u.s. israeli conversations with a blogger and then formally finally i should say a former cia officer jeffrey sterling faced here over leaking data about u.s. efforts to sabotage iranian nuclear wrists so certainly a good number of people there coming up on the radar before that of mr edward snowden now as governments use all powers of their disposal to pry into the lives of ordinary citizens around the world people are trying to protect themselves by
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seeking out services that shield their personal information this believe it or not is lead to a veritable boom of digital encrypt ssion marina porter shed some light on a murky subject. in a post prism world some are losing and others are gaining google of arisan facebook apple and other u.s. technology companies have lost credibility and the trust of their customers encrypted communications services on the other hand are seeing their businesses boom oh it's going crazy. you know a lot of people suspected these. the government u.s. government was spying on americans but now we have this confirmation and so everybody is contacting us now when we've had a huge surge in orders phil zimmerman is the co-founder and c.e.o. of silent circle of global encrypted mobile service that protects users' privacy
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from the u.s. national security agency and big data companies we have created an architecture that doesn't share the key cryptographic keys with the servers and servers that we control so. if the government tries to persuade us to hand over something that we might have on our servers. we can't give them the keys and we can't give them the decrypted messages we don't keep logs of the of the connections between people so a court order can make us give them something we don't have however privacy doesn't come free and annual membership to silent circle cost one hundred twenty dollars the newest kid on the block is secret the mobile app encrypts voice calls and text messages the south african company has clients in two hundred countries with skyrocketing demands recently coming from the u.s. and u.k. it's just i mean it's not growing every day percentage of. growth in most
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application as sensually allows you to create a new identity with a secure phone number or need to be every day and travel. going forward not just. of this. country. as you call it easy as you were the day meanwhile daily traffic at the search engine start page has doubled in less than a month jumping to nearly four million queries the netherlands based company doesn't store ip addresses search history or use tracking codes and it's not subject to us jurisdiction we strip out anything that would identify you and then we submit the search for you to google on your behalf and then we get the results back from google we strip out any kind of tracking cookies or anything that might be included with that we serve the results to you privately and then we delete all
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records of your visit so we delete your ip address we delete your search terms and at the end of the day we have no record of anyone even having bet on our website while the global push for privacy is accelerating experts say encryption alone won't be enough the n.s.a. surveillance has is worse than mine were somebody thought and. i think that the technology we provide is only part of the solution and i think we also have to try to push back. with public policy debates in the u.s. and get the laws to change the exposure of america's global electronic surveillance program has also revealed alternatives to all those who want to secure their privacy however in most cases people will have to pay to protect their communication from a government that's been accessing and story data for years reporting from new york marina. and. he believes there would have to be
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a major overhaul in washington before anything changed and it abandons its spying to take. well we should look back to the church hearings back in the seventy's when all kinds of illegal activity by the cia and the f.b.i. came to the white there were hearings there was legislation and then after that of course they continued to do with it upgraded their capacity to do so so unless there's a fundamental change in actual power in the united states and unless there's a press that develops in the united states that's critical and interested in investigating what goes on we're going to know about it but it's going to continue . news for you is the snowden leaks are now showing that governments around the world have a well an insatiable appetite to get their hands on your personal and private information and then do whatever they will with it is that ok with you that's probably not let's see how is voting at all tito to come for this hour right now i'll timidly is it ok for worldwide governments to be secretly amassing your
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private data it's not because the vast majority seventy four percent from ati dot com saying spying on people is absolutely unacceptable down to a sixteen percent saying i'm not even going to cost my opinion because if i do then maybe i'll be tracked as well and end up being on the run and on the move like edward snowden to three percent of the bare minimum saying you know what that's nothing to worry about it's ok if they're looking for stuff about you because well if you've got nothing to hide and you should have nothing to worry about what so ever so aleksey dot com is where you can get to continue to get involved with our online global poll is it ok for governments around the world to be spying on you and storing your personal data we're still taking your pulse but for now after a very short break here on t.v. it's going to be the latest sporting news with kate do stay with us if you're.
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