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tv   Headline News  RT  June 24, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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you. on the run n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden off the radar with no sign of him aboard a flight bound for cuba he was reportedly booking booked in and after spending the night at a moscow airport. this footage from our correspondent on the airplane seat snowden was meant to be occupying a few hours the flight wonder u.s. airspace where the u.s. will have a chance to intercept the aeroflot jet. washington trying to corner snowden criticizing every country he passes through calling for his immediate deportation.
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four pm in moscow i'm at present good to have you with us here on r t our top story the world's media have turned into plane spotters tracking one transatlantic flight as it moves across leaving russian airspace the one that whistleblower edward snowden was supposed to be on let's track his journey the plane left moscow a couple of hours ago artesia is aboard that flight but no sign of edward snowden on the plane now it is due to travel across the atlantic and then it's due to enter u.s. airspace right around here in the northeast of the u.s. around the new york area where it is possible that it could be intercepted possible by u.s. jets now we're not sure about any of this but this is the proposed route it will continue down the east coast of that it states passing florida down to have vanished cuba where it is scheduled to land and it is the presumed it stop. for
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edward snowden again not sure if he is on the plane so far all indications are that he's not and we don't know whether or not he will be taking another plane so all of this is kind of up in the air right now one person who hopefully will have a little more and more information for us artie's paula scott standing by live at sheremetyevo airport with more paul is there anything new that you can fill isn't on. literally up in the air isn't it whatever edward snowden's exact location at the moment one thing is for sure and that is that he is one step ahead of the game not only is he keeping the u.s. government guessing but he's also keeping the world's media guessing as well as he mentioned he was reportedly meant to be booked on that flight that left just under two hours ago heading for in cuba there are apparently empty seats that were booked in his name correspondent. is on board here's what he had to say during takeoff. media on this plane to the last three minutes i'm sure the full plane
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expecting. him to show up there would be increased security. for the police when we moved the passengers sort of away from that. to get to you asked point even. patricia was themselves and the staff of the airplane we're not sure whether or not it was entering the plane or not. well the. networks and blogging websites to question whether indeed edward snowden was indeed even here in the game of. the plane from hong kong reportedly. landed here. at around five pm on sunday despite the presence of the world's media covering almost every corner of the airport there was not one single. man that he was staying in the. in the terminal building but again still not one
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single. reason for the. reported problems that he was having with his paid. visa visa we're told that he was kept. away from. what about today. just as the plane the flight was preparing to. help him away from prying eyes and apparently that this type of plane. the crew of the deck which could be one hiding place for edward snowden we simply. is one step ahead of the game he's keeping everyone guessing from his point of view. the best because he faces charges by the u.s. government two of which come under the. if he does.
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return to the united states if he is tried and he is found guilty. point of view it's probably for the best second guessing. for us from moscow thanks very much. well next ecuador saying it's considering a request for asylum from edward snowden reportedly organized by wiki leaks ortiz lindsey france is that ecuador's embassy with more on the role that the country is playing in this whole drama so lindsay why ecuador. well if you look at wiki leaks history with ecuador it does make perfect sense and this is certainly turning out to be the ultimate detective story for all of the journalists involved as as paul scott had mentioned staking out every corner of the airport at this point it seems like every corner of the city as well to track edward snowden down now ecuador has been sheltering wiki leaks founder julian
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assange within the four walls of its embassy in london for a little over a year now and that is enabled a songe to operate in a professional manner with regard to operating wiki leaks and also to say force from the u.s. government getting their hands on him. other than now ecuador has got a joint extradition treaty with the united states for certain crimes but not crimes that are of a political nature crimes or offenses of a political nature and so that obviously leaves a large loophole there in which ecuador could shelter snowden so obviously with ecuador's experience dealing with julian assange and wiki leaks now that wiki leaks has extended legal advising and it has even got someone traveling with him on this journey on the run from the united states government it just goes to show that ecuador and wiki leaks seem to have very very closely linked so as we sit
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here trying to piece together where in moscow or up in the air. for all intensive purposes he could even be in the embassy behind me we just don't know but we are assuming. at this point ecuador is considering his bid for asylum and it may just be approves so at this point ecuador seems that the most likely choice all right thanks very much r.t. lewsey france morning live for us from outside the ecuadorian embassy in moscow. well aviation expert chris yates is joining us live from manchester now to tell us more about this flight from moscow to havana give us some perspective from the pilot's cockpit about what this all looks like so so far no one's seen snowden aboard the plane do you think it's possible that he could have secretly gotten aboard by another entrance and he's perhaps is there a place you could hide a person on a passenger jet like that well quite frankly probably not you know we call this
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playing stuffed full of journalists and all sorts of other people. who are quite obviously tempted to keep an eye out for mr snowden. it's unlikely that he will be on the plane and given the fact that nobody such was seen him and you knew the fact of the matter is they may well still be in the transit lounge he may be held for some reason in the transit lounge because of the media scrum whatever the case might be but suddenly it appears that he isn't on the flight to the moment so if it turns out that he is on the plane or i've under the circumstances under which he is on an airplane is there a legal way to intercept it should it approach the east coast of the united states . well here's an interesting question isn't it. yesterday the american government put out a warning to all nations in the western hemisphere not to let mr snowden pass
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through except on the route to the united states now want to stop me a could mean that any plane that he's traveling of the nations might well prevent it from entering that space because they don't want to be caught up in this particular spot it's unlikely that would happen you know the the the boss of mine in the a.b. actual world is that if a flight is operating legally the proper flight plans and all the rest. but it is appropriate measures. that playing should be given free and unfettered access straight across what is a bit of that space that's blowing through now but the united states government intercepts the aircraft if it were to and u.s.s. place possibly they could instruct it to land somewhere in the united states i would think that would be unlikely. to cause the pilot himself as the ability
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to divert so he doesn't actually need to and to us that space touch we fly down to two to have ana and that will be another possibility that well then who actually makes that decision to divert the flight and who exactly does the pilot answer to in that case is it does he have to respond to the legal authority that he hears over the radio or is it an order that comes down from his corporate superiors . well once an airplane takes off of course it's untimely down to the pilots to choose the best routes dependence upon. all of the prevailing operational conditions at the time and that could be whether it could be a whole variety of other things as well. so if the pilots would choose to fly route for example just outside u.s.s. space close to it that he be entitled to do that of his own volition
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provided that it didn't have any impacts upon the safety of the flights from the safety of her body else on board and. now is speaking of safety we're talking about an air bus three thirty here do you know if that jet happens to have enough fuel should it be diverted. you know yes is the short answer to that question all flights operating throughout the world are required to carry enough fuel in case of a diversion whatever that diversion might be. the bottom line here is that yes the airplane will be carrying enough fuel if it were required to die hood for whatever reason that might be. you know it would seem that. the moment the u.s. government seems to be waving. this way or any flights carrying mr snowden should be allowed to pass. but on the other hand they're pretty powerless to do anything
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provided that the airplane does and to us a space in which case they could actually do it to and finally report say that stone his passport was a revoked like the united states if so under what legal auspices is he moving about the world via plane. well you know i've had personal experience of having lost a passport for example there are methods mechanisms employed it's. for people to be able to travel back to for example home country. without a passport a legal document usually produced by some official authority the police for example in my case issued a documents that let me travel where across europe to get back to the u.k. so the. avenue of course. you know the
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facts that the u.s. government has revoked his passport doesn't necessarily mean that he can't actually get on the flights that he is pre-booked for and particularly if you zoom the transit lounge in should all have ports because effect would be he's in no man's land. he's used illegal sports it would seem to me that his point of departure and while his insurance that. it would seem that you know it doesn't really matter whether he's got that possible to his hand and it's a legal document time all right chris yates aviation expert thanks very much for your expertise a washington has been heading out at other countries that snowden is passing through during his border busting bid for safety secretary of state john kerry saying he would be deeply troubled if you found out that china and russia were aware of the whistleblowers travel plans or he's got a chick yarn is more looking at the odds of the u.s. actually getting him in their custody. u.s.
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officials confirm that they have in fact revoked edward snowden's passport to stop him from traveling it didn't stop him from flying out of hong kong as we know not clear whether it was because hong kong officials did not receive the notification in time or because they made a decision to overlook it we know that the u. was has put a lot of pressure on hong kong to arrest in the days and not to let him leave the country but in a statement the government of hong kong says u.s. documentation did not fully comply with the legal requirements on the hong kong law but also in the same statement the government of hong kong that they want more information about the hacking of computer systems in hong kong by u.s. government agencies something that was part of snowden's revelations so in this official statement we see how hong kong shifts the focus from the messenger edward snowden back to the message to the revelations that he has made demanding an explanation from the uighurs. these revelations show that the u.s. ally that it has been doing the same as what it excuses china of doing policymakers
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here in the u.s. are doing everything to shift the attention away from snowden's revelations by focusing on snowden himself or even by attacking other countries like russia the freedom trail is not exactly china russia cuba venezuela so i hope we'll chase him to the ends of the earth bring him to justice and let the russians know there will be consequences if they harbor this guy then i was listening to former director of the cia saying over russia and china are going to use this meeting snowden to embarrass the u.s. and one would argue. the u.s. not china or russia the u.s. government is clearly afraid of more revelations from snowden i want to get him caught and brought back for trial and i think we need to know exactly what he has. he could have a lot lot more the debate in the u.s. media has shifted to this chase mode to this captain mouth game it's not
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all about how we're going to catch him so right now the media is unsympathetic to edward snowden although just a week ago some of the same journalists who are almost cheerleading for his capture now were grateful for snowden's revelations which were indeed eye opening for all of us as far as the prospect of being caught here's what edward snowden himself said i could be you know rendered by the cia i could have a people come after me or any of their third party partner you know they would they work closely with a number of other nations and that's that's a fear i'll live under for the rest of my life however long that happens to be you can come forward against the world's most powerful intelligence agencies and be completely free from risk because they're such powerful adversaries the no one can meaningfully oppose them. if they want to get you they'll get you in time edward snowden also said it's not government persecution that he fears he said the
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greatest fear that i have about the outcome of these disclosures is that nothing will change so the departure from hong kong to moscow despite the u.s. bid to have him extradited has increased diplomatic tensions between washington and beijing still to come live analysis on how the standoff may develop stay with us here on our team after this short break.
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download the official publication. choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. anytime anywhere. thanks for staying with us here on r t eighteen minutes past the hour now a plane packed with scoop hunting journalists is trying to locate the whereabouts of edward snowden he was supposedly aboard a flight from moscow to havana but we have a reporter on that flight and so far no sign of the whistleblower but how do we get
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to this point let's take a look at the timeline now edward snowden arrived in hong kong and we're supposed to have some dates on the board here see if we can maybe shrink this down while in any case as it's going on here rived in hong kong then he goes public with his wish whistleblowing revelations and he talked about the. prism program the prism program is one that the u.s. is using in order to snoop on the e-mails the data the phone calls of people around the world and then the u.s. espionage orders and in order to get a hold of snowden be from hong kong where he has been holed up g c h q accessing of the world's phone calls via leakage was a british organization with which the united states was working in order to get edward snowden sorry do you see h.q. was working according to edward snowden with the united states in order to.
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we have some breaking news that we are going to give you here so stick with us here on r t we have some live information coming up. we have ecuador's foreign minister ricardo patino he's in vietnam he is speaking on edward snowden's asylum plea let's take a listen to that right now. what. is. important is. to get the. government. record or. some aspect. of apollo along. where the. international will do that. for matters way. more.
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than. we have. already and i strongly started. to have. the opportunity to see the. edward snowden's asylum play work hard over to you know foreign minister of ecuador speaking about edward snowden's asylum plea let's listen in president ho to mean. who was buried in that mausoleum. cory's glad. to announce that our relationship. is advancing and will advance. towards economic towards important results. in the second part. i would like to present.
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some information about the international community has been demanding. and that we would like to present in an organized way through this press conference. thank you to all the journalists for being here for days the creation. firstly. mr edward snowden. has sent to the government requests for asylum. which contains the following text. it's sent to the president of the republic of ecuador. edward snowden a citizen of the united states i'm writing. to ask you to ask the republic of recorder to asylum. because of the prosecution of the united states and
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its agents. because of the revelations made about. the espionage. and the violations of the fourth and fifth amendment and several treaties of the united nations. i continue reading. just because of my political opinions. my use of freedom of speech. is that. i have said that if the government of the united states it's intercepting the majority. of the communications in the world even in the pond and they have opened a criminal investigation against me. important figures of the congress of the united states and the media have accused me of a traitor. and have asked me to be incarcerated or even killed.
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and some of the charges. by the united by the department of justice against me are here are based on the act of one thousand nine hundred seventeen. it is. the district in which the investigation is carried out it's seventeen miles from washington and. in the middle. and it will be the investigation with. members of the cia the n.s.a. and contractors of. the intelligence services political. quarter gave asylum to the founder of wiki leaks see julian assange. my case is very similar. to the one of bradley manning. who published
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governmental information through we collected and then announcing crimes. that was . bradley manning has. been treated in an inhuman way. is something that was determined by a special envoy of the united nations one man that's regarded torture. you would see it was true that in a cruel inhuman way. it that in this. the trial bradley manning is. some chords and some sekret with this and document that had been shown. getting it and. i think that because of the circumstances. but i don't think it is likely that i would be treated in a fair. way. and that is why i am requesting asylum.
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this is the end of the communication by edward snow us who would like to point out some things about this topic it in washington firstly. about some questions that. made by journalists in the last few hours the. government of a court or. when it's manifest that. like in other locations the government ever going to act it's according to the principle of rooting in their constitution of the images that come from the universal declaration of human rights. and international law regarding human rights and. human the sharing international law. it will be. the government of a quote or scene in that is put. of the interests
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of the principals. simples. a lot of the universal universal declaration of human rights. above. any other interest always get sick you know or even above other pressures. and secondly. then. i would like to speak of the accuser and the see that is persecuted by the accuser. this affects the fundamental rights of. every human being and someone who denounces this is being prosecuted. prosecuted by someone who should be given an explanation who should be explaining. about
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these informations that have been revealed but paradoxically. the person that denounced this is prosecuted by. the government of the us. see. also would like to. would like to point out the word treason has been mentioned who would like to speak about this. and it should be noted should be asked who has betrayed who'll. are not our some citizens not loyal to there are two other citizens by. unveiling. these cases who affect everyone. and also another question. i denounce. the
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secret about a plan secretary secret and execute the plan. of espionage that not only affects american citizens not only european citizens but every citizen in the world. that he. and that would be. violating the rights of every citizen in the world. is this betraying the citizens of the world or betraying some elites that are in power in a certain country. what is the concept of treason. we wonder. that just that it maybe would have been better in order to avoid c. so much suffering for. what him. he says.


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