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tv   Headline News  RT  June 24, 2013 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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they're an n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden off the radar with no sign of him aboard the flight bound for cuba that he was reportedly booked in on after spending a night at a moscow airport. this footage from our correspondent of the airplane seat of where snowden was meant to be sitting a few hours flight will enter u.s. airspace where the u.s. could have a chance to intercept the air afloat jet. washington trying to corner snowed in criticizing countries that he passes through and demanding his immediate deportation.
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six pm in moscow i'm good to have you with us here on our t.v. entire day today we've been tracking the movements or trying to track the movements of edward snowden he was supposed to be leaving moscow sheremetyevo airport bound on a flight for havana cuba but of course it appears like he's given everybody the slip because according to our correspondent who's on the plane he's not there but here is the likely route that he would take leaving moscow on that era flow jet bound for have any cuba it flies over the top of europe then across the atlantic then goes down the east coast of the united states where potentially it could enter u.s. airspace in the new england area or in the south of the u.s. east coast near florida before reaching here that have both places where u.s. planes could intercept him or be requested to land except that it is only a minor issue for a pilot we are told to go around those areas and get to have an a without crossing
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into u.s. airspace so where is edward snowden now and what's going on at sherman to the airport for more on this artes to say is live at the airport with mortality give us what the latest. well indeed imagine the whereabouts of edward snowden i know where to be found this is what we know yesterday on sunday he literally took out the media into a frenzy making us up sort of a play around with him catch him if you can we went as far as even getting journalistic i take it you go on to that cuban plane at that he was a supposedly clown to be on added to oath live at this afternoon here in moscow but then again we do have an inside story was he on the plane home was he not you got peace cannot give us an insight. there's so much media on this plane for the last three minutes i'm sure that plane.
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which told him to show up there will be increased security. for the police when we move the passengers sort of away from the teacher to be that of. even the reporter to show them selves and the staff of the airplane that we're not sure whether or not it was entering the plane or not. right at us so many speculation as to whether he was in another compartment or within of the airline itself but the aeroflot of people and we're not going to disclose any of that information about this that was we don't know either right let's take you back to how this all. sunday hong kong releases a statement saying that indeed edward snowden had decided to leave hong kong on his own accord and they let him go see that all his paperwork was on the right track despite the fact that the u.s.
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wanted to come in and lock his actual mission up by saying that his passport was no longer valid he that now is supposedly going to arrive in moscow on up the flight a bond to moscow which he would then that transit to another country and then make claims. make way to the third country which will be his the last stop right so that's what we knew at that point that the story change and even better. arrives at the airport to make everybody happy is final destination is of course ecuador always goes ahead with the announces that they have all received the application for asylum from edward snowden himself and they were looking into it says nothing no one knows whether he had left or whether he did see snowden cell knows that meant i had been released from the airport journalists alike like myself we've been camping just sitting around trying to figure out how do you have lived all right well we're also. a magician. could he
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be somewhere else that is the big question we're all here to answer that back to you matt all right thanks very much to you for that update from airport well should snowden turn out to be on the route of an aviation expert chris yates things there are several possible outcomes for the flight including an attempt by washington to force the plane to land. at the moment the u.s. government seems to be waving a big date and saying this way or any flights carrying this to snowden shouldn't be allowed to pause now what does that mean a could mean that any plane that he's traveling on other nations might well prevent it from entering that space because they don't want to be caught up in this particular spat now but the united states government intercepts the aircraft if it were to enter u.s.s. space possibly they could instruct it to land somewhere in the united states i
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would think that would be unlikely. and of course the pilot himself has the ability to divert once an airplane takes off of course it's untimely down to the pilots to choose the best route dependent upon. all of the prevailing operational conditions at the time if the pilots were to choose to fly routes for example just outside u.s.s. space close to it that he be entitled to do that of his own volition provided that it didn't have any impacts upon the safety of the flights and the safety of everybody else on board it. ecuador says it's consider a quest for asylum from edward snowden a plea reportedly organized by wiki leaks ecuador's foreign minister currently on a visit to vietnam appeared to be sympathetic to the whistleblowers plight during a news conference r.t. his losing friends is at ecuador's embassy in moscow with more on that country's
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involvement in this entire matter so lindsey give us the latest. well where in the world is edward snowden that is the question on the tip of every journalist tongue it's the missing piece of this puzzle we all want to put together it's a question that was put to the floor and minister ricardo patino over and over again by journalists at that press conference and those are questions that he successfully very successfully in fact evaded no answer was given so we do not have confirmation on whether or not that asylum was granted or or where the local the location of mr snowden is at that point at this point now journalists like myself have been staked out here since early morning and some even staying overnight just to catch a glimpse of this latest whistleblower on the run to the united states government we've had cars coming in and out of the embassy official embassy vehicles wondering
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is he in the trunk is he underneath a blanket in the back seat definitely definitely wanting to catch a glimpse the possibility that he could have been taken away from the airport and would have perhaps sought refuge here at this embassy which it's what it's part of what makes this whole sort of detective story so interesting is that he is being given guidance very heavily by wiki leaks who is whose leader is being julian assange is being sheltered within the walls of the ecuadorian embassy there in london it makes ecuador the obvious choice obviously for seeking asylum and then if if mr snowden were to need a place to stay while in russia obviously with the ambassador's president's presence at the airports and. with and with snowden himself seeking asylum in that country it would therefore make sense for you to be here but alas we have not been satisfied we are still on the watch for mr snowden come rain or shine so it's just a very intriguing story that i'm sure will be keeping
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a very close eye on all the journalists here at the embassy for quite a while now all right artie's lindsey friends live for us outside moscow's ecuadorian embassy with that update well we also spoke with the story attorney and historian gerald horne who tells us why the u.s. is likely to fail in its attempts to retrieve snowden. will listen to the congress persons appearing on sunday church shows the united states mourns with thinks so they're breathing fine threatening measures just short of nuclear war mr snowden is not speedily dispatched back to new york or washington united states for example routinely excepts on its territories citizens fleeing cuba without passports i would also say the united states routinely receives on its soil those deemed to be political dissidents do not have passports
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if you look at the extradition treaty between united states ecuador there is a provision that says that extradition does not have to be a cure she would give a so-called political crime is that ploy and certainly what mr snowden is accused of is in essence a political crime washington officials have hit out at countries that snowden has been passing through during his border busting bid for safety formal requests from china and russia to arrest the whistleblower were accompanied by some criticism from lawmakers artie's guidance to be on joins us live from washington with more on the u.s. reaction to all this guy and. hello met so tell us please what you know about washington do you know it's slipping away. thank you of course snowden is slipping away and u.s. officials express their frustration by verbal e. attacking the countries that do not hurry to put him in handcuffs and send him to the u.s. so russia says it has no legal authority to arrest him secretary of state john
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kerry said it's deeply troubling take a listen it would be deeply troubling obviously if they have adequate notice notwithstanding that they make a decision willfully and if that was that it would no and so there would be. without any question. on the relationship and consequences. the u.s. state department has also sent out warnings to the states that may accept snowden such as cuba venezuela ecuador asking them not to do that and to turn him over to the u.s. well on route to his destination snowden is of course choosing countries that would not be easily pressured by washington u.s. politicians and pundits on television use what seems like a cold war read remote on a comment on the story resenting barshay and china as the enemies that snowden is helping one former official said russia and china are going to use this to embarrass the west and one should argue it's notas revelations that it is not
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russia or china but that's exactly what's happening now u.s. policymakers are doing everything possible to ensure away from snowden gravelly unfortunately guy starting that is to present it as a cold war so sorry to interrupt you we've got some late breaking developments in a phone conference wiki leaks has been assisting snowden is get away they're holding a phone conference that we're going to listen in on the snowden. asylum application. to three. countries. the korean foreign minister. the asylum application is being carefully considered. mr snowden requests to wiki leaks use its legal expertise and experience to you to cure his safety. the current status of mr stein. and ms harrison
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both. healthy and safe. there. yes but i thought it was healthy and safe. and. they are in. contact with their. legal team. and so i try to give for the information as to their lives where abouts or printings circumstances other than to say that matter is in hand so. today we had seen. a range of extreme the look of the state. the u.s.
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administration. attempting to believe. russia and other nations. from facilitating mr snowden's asylum. every person has the right to seek and received so far as right. in trying to fight an agent freeman. of which the united states is a party and so it is. counterproductive and acceptable. for the obama administration. to try and we thought is right. it reflects poorly on the u.s. administration. and you know you self respecting country would submit to such interfere and saw such
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a lean by the u.s. in its battles. and so. this morning. the u.s. secretary of state told it would threaten. trade. a parent had so many friends morning the u.s. secretary of state called a traitor. edward snowden. is not a traitor. is not a spy. he is a whistleblower he was told the public an important truth. the u.s. secretary of state. is wrong in the mall. anymore
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. a. traitor not here to the u.s. enemies and there is also a requirement. that the doc. and. congressional aide approve four times neither of these changes you. the u.s. administration was not given. a mandate. but the bomb administration was not given a mandate. by the people that the united states. to be. back and i mean i wold say break u.s. constitution. and a little is about the nation for that matter that it had some allocated
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to you. violate international law and all i called for the rendition of anybody i didn't. go to demonstrate. it breaks down a little. why the nation which sadly becomes to merely a concert maybe. but i thought forgets that today while it would start a new feature phylum. the. young soldier bradley manning. is on trial. probably telling us the truth. it would start in the bradley manning unfortunately i'm not anomalies. and the prosecutor is part of
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a pattern of misconduct. part of it and our ministrations fall on the whistle blows. the use of the nine hundred seventeen it's been object against journalistic sources. by the obama administration must be condemned the obama administration. has now to eat eight. journalistic forces eating the espionage act. that is more than twice of all previous presidents combined during back to nineteen feet and from. your brother minister a few posts to erect. a new interpretation. that will. a new interpretation of will. which will which the foreign.
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journalist explores what is spies. and that is not acceptable. if such a precedent and used to meet it. it will result in. the complete destruction of national security journalism in the united states. and the already. serious national security journalists. speaking about how their. government forces to skates to reveal. government misconduct in their national security. stream is a serious matter. the same time as. the national security sector of united states is increasing. its share
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of the u.s. . tax burden. and at the same time where precedented levels of criminality and use are being uncovered. it takes to weaken the british. and the city which is the only effective mechanism . of bringing it to account. in the. obama administration's attempts to crush the young and whistleblowers with espionage charges. the us government. is taking on a generation. young generation people who find the. mass violations of the rights of
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privacy. and open process on acceptable. and taking on a generation the obama administration and i only lose. a few ing edward snowden and disappearing bradley manning is not the way. to fix the weaknesses. of law and partisan united states. the only way to expect these to change policy. it's not spying on the world. to eradicate more. and see indefinite detention without trial. to stop. the obama administration's assassination program. it's called invading other countries and sending young americans to kill and be killed.
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it is a huge problems which is stimulating national security whistleblowers to come forward . the obama administration. doesn't want. government forces to speak to the press. it should still engage in conduct which is so outrageous. it calls them to come forth. the charge in all of. it would frighten. is intended to. not. let me begin again the charging of a good solution is not. a matter of justice. it is an attempt to intimidate. any country that might be considering that ending up for its right to go it's all the truth. such behavior must not be tolerated and will not be tolerated. by.
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mention by the launch. if you want to. get forward. for me. much to the secrets to make it on the call. it's not a term you create i'd like to turn it to you kristen. we've been listening in to a conference call hosted by wiki leaks julian assange talking about the situation regarding edward snowden edward snowden and his asylum plea being considered now by the ecuadorian government well a plane packed with scoop hunting journalist heading for a q but without the star of the show though apparently it looks like snowden evaded
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this latest move in next in his move bid to avoid extradition to the u.s. there he is wanted on charges of espionage but what exactly has he done to outrage the united states let's run through the data that he disclosed now snowden revealed documents showing the n.s.a. had access to huge streams of internet data including e-mails chat room logs and videos from large companies including facebook and google u.s. government use secret foreign intelligence surveillance court to gather an extension of our extensive range of information from the phone service provider of arise and he also revealed how both mainland china and hong kong have been victim of hundreds of cyber attacks by u.s. hackers and according to the latest leak the u.k. is collecting and storing vast amounts of sensitive personal data from online and phone traffic and sharing it with the u.s. norman solomon author and co-founder of the civil action group roots action systems revelation uncovers the u.s. the people's fundamental struggle for civil liberties. well he's really
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a hero to so many americans but rather than the labels the cheap crime is that he has brought truth to the necessity of a democratic process and is a curse people in the white house and many in congress are not happy about the illumination of they have been engaged in surveillance which is direct violation of civil liberties of the citizens of the united states as well as a violation of the privacy of people around the we're all so naturally the obama administration and the vibe harness and security state fans on capitol hill want to grab edward snowden so it is a fundamental conflict between those who are dominating the us government now who want to suppress the bill of rights and resistance not about resistance from many of us who say no way we do not accept the suppression of our rights that everybody
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though believes snowden is a hero or that his revelations will bring fundamental change of next r.t. sophie shevardnadze spoke with former cia director general michael hayden and he thinks watching his espionage programs not going to be canceled anytime soon the full interview in our new show sophie co still to come. well i think that programs like the ones that snowden made public this prison data collecting tool are they being wrapped up right now where is the n.s.a. going to go ahead with it and when in your opinion now i would see no reason why either the programs that he revealed the metadata program or the prism program why they would be stopped there lawful they're appropriate they're affective but the effectiveness may be the element that's most harmed by these revelations again adversaries now know what we can do and also know what we won't do the boundaries of american law and policy and that gives them a higher probability that they'll be able to protect their communications from
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united states agencies trying to intercept them. snowden's revelations have earned him a place in an exclusive clue club a group of people who have upset washington by leaking the names of some of his most sensitive information here is the name now that stands clear u.s. private bradley manning facing life in prison as he's charged with aiding the enemy after exposing the u.s. controversial war tactics to wiki leaks if snowden is charged with a violation of espionage he may face a similar fate thomas drake another prominent whistleblower managed to escape jail time after his case collapsed in court unlike that of john kiriakou a former cia agent currently serving thirty months in jail after pleading guilty about leaking details over u.s. torture techniques but he entered a plea deal that got him a smaller sentence we're not sure if that would be an option though for snowden
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others including nuclear proliferation expert stephen g. move kim currently awaiting trial after allegedly telling a journalist about north korea's intention to test a nuclear bomb other names on the list making snowden a seventh band charged over violation of espionage act during the obama administration. well you can hear more details on the global u.s. spy program and its consequences up next in our interview show with sophie shevardnadze stay with us. good luck. to build a new most sophisticated. fortunately doesn't sound anything. to teach me the creation why it should care about humans. this is why you should care only.
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react to situations i have read the reports. and no i will leave that to the state department to comment on your point please say. no. thank you no more weasel words. when you question and be prepared for a chase when you punish the ready for a. pretty speeches. about the freedom to.


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