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live. live live. live .
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hello welcome to the r t sports show with me kate barr to age twenty six minutes of sporting news in action and here's just a flavor. staying put fabio capello remains as russia head coach despite being heavily linked with ph d. after a long blown becomes the french champions new manager. while rage against the machine she stuck want to kick defends his w.b.c. cruiserweight title by knocking down russian of the aqim the machine czechia. print server and belgian couple van dorn wins moscow's first world series race to go top of the red nose three point five championship after claiming last year's second tier title. refers to football and the speculation seems to be
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over that fabio capello could leave his post as coach of the russian national side the italians potential move to french champions perry's sanjay mathilde last week's back pages but it seems the sixty seven year old will be staying put despite tasting his first defeat at the helm of russia after that one nil world cup qualifying loss in portugal this month p.s.g. have named former france coach laura long as their new manager clearing the way for col until tea to take over at rail madrid who were left manager list three weeks ago following jos a merinos league winners chelsea. will meanwhile on the managerial merry go round another former england coach spend your next and won his first match in the chinese super league after his new side go i'm sure you are in death the shanghai shenzhen to military on the sixty five year old is also set to face former italy boss marcelo licky indelibly matches as the world cup winning coach now manages to do. reigning champions of
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a ground. war. while back in europe but details was presented as the new coach of last season syria runners up naturally the fifty three year old former liverpool and into milan boss returns to italy after leading chelsea to their europa league triumph as interim manager and the spaniard has his hands full with tackling the future of striker edinson cavani after manchester city refused to fork out eighty three million dollars for the year ago i started. from coaches to players and former russia captain and our shaaban is about to complete his returns as in it's a petersburg on a two year deal after his contract ended with arsenal what is a need will gain almost twenty million dollars after selling midfield captain igor denise off to coast city. last year the twenty nine year old was sent to the needs used team for staging a page strike after record deals to bring in brazil strike aholic and belgium midfielder. now to
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a big night of boxing action where russian cruiserweight have failed to dethrone w.b.c. champion while the chick with the pole fully justifying the event slow good no retreat no surrender robot on yan reports. one of russia's biggest boxing hopes are him shifty of nicknamed the machine but still a man turning out for his most important fight to date. in two thousand and eight he reached the pinnacle of amateur boxing when he won olympic gold in beijing. five years later and the floes record of sixteen wins as a pool lead the thirty year old to the next level a title belt against reigning w.b.c. cruiserweight champion. their cheek in there in a was full of passionate supporters willing the local hero on and as the rumble began their cheap face a perfect storm the russian machine produced flurries of punches but the chant down
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to good ole and stayed on his feet despite into a kilt that opened up over his right eye. to get he his target over and over again and finally failed what their cheek in the third round but the bell it was far from which of course. he's very tough and has a great chin my hands even go bruised very hard not to kruk also with great cardio i should give a lot of credit to my opponent he showed the spirit of a true champion. the spirit and experience of a man who had over fifty professional belts under his belt and lost only twice second from time in round six darts acquired back with a short but davis stating left hook which sanchez gave to the canvas. he is left who is one of the best in the game either and it's left who is the favorite.
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puncher of all american boxers you know. makes learns it better than most of them if not all of them round seven so the founding champ own lish his favorite weapon once again another big left knocking to give down. in around eight the to keep trading punches but the russian lost his base and explosiveness out and what they're shoot for their job with guess what a left hook to defend his title for the thief's time out yet it's more than just skill that makes this man so hard to beat. when i'm used to fighting abroad against local idols and this time was no different at all i knew the crowd would be against me and i like it it gives me extra motivation and strength but i also knew i could not let the fi go to decisions that i needed a knockout because. we can hope ever
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a huge huge give has every chance to prove this defeat it will only make him stronger as within the next six months the two may face each other in the rematch yeah i learned a lot in this fight and there might be a different game plan next time i need to be a bit more cautious and patient but still it might be just a different outcome next time around robert for unknown r.t. moscow. well that's what the ring for the cage another dramatic fight night of mixed martial arts in moscow where an old rivalry was resumed among the men on ladies' night michael crouch anchor reports. on the. alien versus predator the build up to the battle between shall meals a vote of yes to be in the motto the main matchup of the twelve fights knights battle for moscow was intense. the two had previously met twice in twenty eleven and had both walked away with
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a win apiece but if russians i would have hoped the home crowd would give them extra impetus in the third encounter it was in a mall to lapped up the cheers even if they weren't meant for him. in round one both fighters were cagey and gave little opportunity to each other as they sussed out potential weaknesses in a motto whose mother is swiss and father peruvian japanese seem content to bide his time worst form and one world champions of would have never seen that he's scattering punches and kicks in the direction of his opponent to little effect in round two and a modest stepped up the pace and began taking advantage of the nervous mistakes several of us making resulting in a near knock down to what the end of the round but that would have held on for number three and at one stage looked half found a second wind. but it was in a modest calm but dangerous jabs that eventually drew blood from his a vote of hands of the judges votes at the end i was really happy with the five i
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want to end the fight but i didn't want to take too much risks i think i clipped him about in the first second and third round but i was i was a little bit took a shot but i think i could could do the stuff i was training in my bike and i think i could do this really well in the five i know i sometimes are going to be toast paunches were waiting but still when when action boss i think it was have been dating for the people. one of the evenings other highlights was the match up between rushes we have been to see clover and poland's you want to hear jay chick the only female bout of the event the copes were also on basic over to make good use of home advantage and extend her winning streak to seven. but the relatively unknown you j.g. the champion in both world and european war time made her competitive experience count when it mattered. how you could see her something like fifty fifty because we were. number one for
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such a special for me. i'm coming to fight them with their best on the road so another night of action packed m.m.a. fighting has come to a close here in moscow so focus will now turn to the surface of them but when the fight night battle for most go thirteen will take place and there russia's mother made of will be meeting none other than usa sylvia which will prove to be one hell of a fight. most. well from all that punchy action to action that packs a punch has the best of the rest from this week's world of sport. oh thursday le bron james led the miami heat to their second straight n.b.a. title beating the san antonio spurs on home court in the deciding seventh game of the finals series the visitors lead for most of the first quarter better and shane battier helped miami go ahead in the second sink in three straight three pointers
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to the team's traded the lead throughout the third mario chalmers finishing it with a buzzer beater but miami one point in front and the hate didn't let go their advantage winning ninety five to eighty eight to retain their title james closing with thirty seven points and his second straight finals m.v.p. trophy. on saturday french open doubles champion your line of as me not beat american jamie hunton six two six one to win the east one singles final to claim her second title of the year and the second in her career the twenty six year old wrapped up victory in one hour and sixty minutes and in four russian opens her wimbledon campaign against czech world number ninety five and. also on saturday russian. made it two wins from two as he triumphed in the second round of the cliff diving world series in copenhagen but divers had to leap from
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a twenty eight metre platform on the roof of the opera house and the twenty nine year old produced a spectacular back arm stand with two and a half somersaults and two and a half twists to earn for perfect ten scores and won nine and a half britain's gary hunt for second colombian blunder due kate. starting in the water and the russian swimming team has been dealt a blow as defending fifty meter backstroke champion anastasio is over has pulled out of next month's world championships in barcelona but richard on poor feet went to the recent national championships to take a look at the next generation. the glory days of russian swimming along gone since the atlanta olympics in one thousand nine hundred six the country has won just eleven medals with only one being gold won by let me set you in the ten kilometer american the emphasis is on finding a new generation to try and return russian swimming to its former glory days
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russians winning is going through a period of transition that's always the case off to any of the big games but plenty of young and talented swim is coming through however the question is for those boys spearing sapp least of a really want to put themselves for and about grueling free years of training sessions to try to qualify for the two thousand and sixteen olympics in rio de janeiro. one man has not yet decided whether he wants to continue his career has been london two thousand and twelve four by one hundred relay bronze medalist andrey good teaching. for the first two months after the olympics i just relaxed and didn't go anywhere near a swimming pool i also had a few back problems so i decided to take it easy with. the main casualty from russia's poor showing in london was head coach under a vote on solve whose contract was in renewed after they won just two silvers and two bronzes anatoly was getting the task of trying to move russian swimming forward and he's got the backing of one experienced campaigner only i would think this
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person and i didn't really get on with the last head coach and driver and soft so i think the change is only a good thing for me personally drive loftus a good coach and he's doing well at the moment they're one of the youngest swimmers competing was twelve year old money on a patrol in the yellow cap she wasn't able to make much of an impact in the women's eight hundred meters but her appearance represents a changing of personalities specially on the women's side with the more established names such as london two thousand and twelve olympic medalists you leave fema and us this season we have missing the competition. with the shoes and you know the middle have known as the season that there are a lot of new swimmers coming through from the juniors but they're still not able to take over from us older sports the juniors are trying really hard and i would say this is happening more on the women's side however on the men's side a sportsman like myself or ten years older than our rivals are still the leaders in our disciplines with. the next big test of a country swimmers will be on july nineteenth when the world championships get
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underway in barcelona there won't be as much pressure on the athletes with the rio games so far away nevertheless results from spain second city will give a good indication of what the russian swimmers are going in the right direction richard i'm told me dancy moscow. and that's a football on but stay tuned for some high octane action after the break.
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if you.
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welcome back to politics of the sports show and where is you at the race track belgian stoffel van dorn made a clean sweep at the russian stage of the for me not red i was three point five championship this weekend to go three points overall michael crouch anchor reports . going into the weekend knowing two wins might take him to the top of the championship belgian stoffel van dorn made no mistake in race one on saturday putting pressure on overall diva kevin magnussen and to make matters worse for the dane his qualification time for race two meant he starts in third on the grid with van dorn on pole the forty four minute race started without much incident with both drivers escaping any early knocks magnussen did manage to pass second place britain will stevens the position he held until the finish line on borneo félix the course
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the blues chance to cut the gap between his third overall spot and the two championship leaders despite coming second in race one and eventually retired from race to. dawn who became the first driver to register four wins the season to take the full twenty five points and the slender overall lead with four races to go i was expecting a lot from this weekend because i was very quick here last year and former no two metres. but i did manage to win the race as i had both full position but a finish to time second. but i was i was expecting a lot that we can start it's a bit difficult for us but i think that was also or advantage because we restarted thinking about how to improve and how to extract the maximum out of the car and yet the team build a great car for me. we work together very well and then we manage to be quickest on track and win both races so i can really hope for greater this weekend for my f one star david coulthard cameo appearance was
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a bonus for those fans that made it to the moscow raceway and the scot believes that series such as the renault three point five and the advent of formula one races at the black sea resort of sochi could help produce a russian world best driver driving that form of the one needs the feeder formulas . to get the next russian driver to come home or one so having races like this being the point five here having you know a thought chain next year all of this helps stimulate. i think interested more teresa here in russia and for sure there's someone within the country that's potentially world champion of course it's a great deal that the formula renault three point five is in russia for the first time but of course with that there were four russian drivers that were in the race today and yesterday and of course none of them and mr lawson who got fifth place in the second race mr larsen tell me what is it was like to race for the whole road. was unbelievable because for so many people who came to support me or for support
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the russian drivers. for that was a great feeling to score so when your boys so the whole roam free it was the first result for me of this year's saw for sure very good day for me of well it's hope there will be plenty more days for mr lotion and of course all the russian drivers in the championship a mark of genco reporting for r.t. from the moscow region. well from fast days to a few quick words as recent retired football superstar david bakken pushed a speedy recovery to those injured in a stampede during his visit to china at least seven people were hurt in the crush as hundreds of fans gathered to see the former england skipper at a university in shanghai the commotion prevented the thirty eight year old from kicking a ball around with local students as beckoned toward china in his role as ambassador for the country's football. unfortunately i was unable to get out onto the field to train with some of the young students but. hopefully next time also i heard.
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a few people got injured one officer which i want to send my love to help you get well soon speedy recovery and hope disease thank you again. i mean while football's governing body pfieffer says it has no plans to cancel the ongoing confederations cup in brazil despite anti-government protests sweeping through the country with less than a year to go before the world cup the protesters are demanding more spending on. social needs rather than big sporting events. we are in constant contact with the local authorities and i have full trust in the security arrangements in place we will continue to monitor the situation. at no stage and i repeat at the no stage has fee for the local organizing committee nor the federal government discussed or considered to cancel the future confederations cup. russia's number one tennis
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player maria sharapova dressed up for the traditional pre wimbledon party looking forward to this season's two remaining grand slams despite losing to serena williams in the french open final and a few rory over their recent war of the words. great achievement getting to the final obviously really tough to lose in a grand slam final no doubt about it but looking to looking ahead in the season i'm really excited about what's to come obviously it will go just a few days away and then going to the u.s. hard court series and in the u.s. a funny scientist chris froome says he's not comfortable being the favorite to win the tour de france after finishing last year has run off teammates and title holders so bradley wiggins is out injured but the britain is still wary of controversial former champion alberto contador. i think contador is shaping up to be my biggest rival at this point he's he's won multiple grunter was already and he he certainly the knows what to do to to be ready for those races now in less than
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two weeks the russian city of cazan will welcome the world's best student athletes for the twenty thirteen university aid and richard looks what we can expect when the games finally get underway on july the sixth. over the last five years b. ancient city of cazan has been transformed into one of the most modern in russia and for good reason with the city winning the right to host this summer's going to see andy we live in day tournament will see over thirteen thousand students aged between sixteen to twenty seven taking part in twenty seven different sports to make it the biggest ever world student games and this will be big gateway into seven hundred twenty kilometers east of moscow a brand new state of the art airports which will soon welcome fans and some visitors but they're doing this because the thinking is there will be separatists open for the officials and sportsman to make their lives easier when they fly in and out of her city we have a number of volunteers on hand to provide assistance to try and make life as
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comfortable as possible for our guests. while this is the athletes' village which will be home in toronto thirteen and a half hours in sports when one of the games eventually get underway well it took around four years to construct spoke this is why no means any one telephone whatsoever as this complex will be put to very good use once again as i mentioned finish. that's because these housing blocks will become student accommodation something this big university city desperately needs the facilities of basic but all the athletes needs will be catered for and it will be a great opportunity to meet future friends from different backgrounds because iran is located in the region of time to start one of the most diverse in russia and there are a prayer rooms for the incoming athletes no muscle wants of a religion for this very interesting experience because. we can. know more each other because they were in there every hour waiting
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communication. ask each other about our problems we can pray together it's very important when looking around the city is clear the local government is taking great pride in this event the city looks in my kill it's as does the newly built cousin arena it seats just over fifty five thousand of rehearsals currently taking place for view putting ceremony on come july the sixth expect a stunning spectacle as a city of finally plays host to its biggest ever sporting events richard d'arcy. and finally over two thousand run as lit up the summer evening here in the capital as a ten kilometer a night race took place on the banks of the moscow river it was just one of five warm up events as the city prepares to host its first ever marathon in september muscovites have taken quite a liking to running over the past few years with many jogging clubs popping up in
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the city's parks. and that's it from the sports team i have. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought. i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. wealthy british style. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cons a report on. the news a secret laboratory to mccurdy was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which fortunately doesn't give a dorn about anything tunes mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only dog. they were ready to do anything for their country tony is to love the country more than yourself if you join the military for any other reason that you're probably not to have a good day they were tools in the hands of the state now they live remembering the past which is impossible to get rid of. the war. but however
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good people do get hurt. and i've heard good people empty silent. but would prefer not to be sometimes i feel like. i should have died over there. because. i saw some people who died. there is cheaper than terrifying. on our.
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world with. this month high tech means could help with the latest laser cutters a life saving heart russian innovators are working hard to keep you healthy for some companies it's been a winding road from car simulators to cutting edge streaming systems for others it's been a lifetime of work along the mysteries of the cell chikatilo on technology we've got the future.
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on the rom the n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden is off the radar with no sign of an old the flight bound for cuba he was reportedly booked on after spending a night at a moscow airport. and this is footage from our correspondent of the seat snowden is meant to be sitting in suing the flight will enter u.s. airspace where america might have a chance to intercept. the leaks founder julian assange has confirmed ecuador has given snowden refugee travel papers to keep his exact whereabouts secret. but house insists the whistleblower is still in russia washington's criticize every country he's paused demanding his immediate deportation.


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