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tv   Headline News  RT  June 24, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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on the n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden is off the radar with no sign of an all new board the flight bound for cuba he was reportedly booked on after spending a night at a moscow airport. this is footage from our correspondent of the seat snowden is meant to be sitting in soon the flight will enter u.s. airspace where america might have a chance to intercept. the leaks founder julian assange confirmed ecuador has given snowden refugee travel papers keep his exact whereabouts secret. but house insists the whistleblower is still in russia washington's criticize every country he's passed through while demanding his immediate deportation.
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international using common life from a studio center here in moscow this is so a man on the run just where is he it seems that the world's media have turned into plane spotters as they track a transatlantic flight from moscow to cuba which is supposed to be carrying the n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden who is wanted by the u.s. on many charges including espionage and that plane departed moscow this morning packed full of journalists who noticed that the seat where snowden should be sitting in is empty that plane has still departed and it's heading now across the atlantic and very close as i understand at this time of day to american airspace just off the east coast of new york and miami where there is a chance that u.s. authorities could intercept the plane force it to land to check to see whether or not snowden is on board and the final destination being have and where it was
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believed that snowden would then depart from there to quito where he could well get asylum we're following all the development. from moscow sheremetyevo airport is to bang would say and she joins me live now to bring the chase is still on nobody knows where he is any idea as a toll on his whereabouts. well bill if we knew way he was we would be telling you let me give you how the picture went why do we were looking forward to seeing ad was snowed in on that flights to cuba as many of us had known that he had actually checked end to that in a cuban a flight that there was supposed to leave today at five in the afternoon oppose a one of our very own call one of my colleagues say that he is on that plane now and he paints a different picture. so much media on the screen for the last three minutes i'm sure that we do expect which told him to show up there will
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be increased security who are going to do about for the police. the passengers sort of away from the teacher to leave it up to continue west point even. potential some cells understand. that we're not sure whether or not it was entering the plane or not. rides a high security last minute check in so was he there was he not it would seem like he wasn't on that flight then yet said that perhaps the flight had a special underlining up somewhere where he might have perhaps a hidden instead of sitting in the cabin with the rest of the journalists who were on the plane this is how this story has unfolded up until now yesterday sunday edward snowden of the hong kong other officials announced that he had decided that he was going to leave hong kong on his own accord to a third country now i he trying to take to moscow according to our sources and we
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understood is that a diplomat or representative from the country where he was seeking asylum from would. at the airport with the whistle one of the whistle blower representatives pardon me one of the wiki leaks representative who was with him on his journey and then at the ambassador from the apple embassy arrived at the. supposedly meta snowden whether they did in fact to meet we do not have that official information. of course we haven't heard from him whether he did leave the airport it if indeed he did see snowden are not now the story is a every day it's such even it seems almost like a film where today you know something and you know something and everything changes so quickly so the question on everybody's mind and lives today is where is edward snowden with a refugee passage just slips in his pocket should he not have been aboard that flight or is he going to be on the next flight out of moscow still that is still to
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be on said bill thanks very much indeed. should snowden turn out to be the route to havana aviation expert christian believes there are several possible outcomes for the flight including an attempt by washington to force it to land. at the moment the u.s. government seems to be waving a big date and saying this way or any flights carrying this to snowden shouldn't be allowed to pass now what does that mean a could mean that any plane that he's traveling on the nations might well prevent it from entering that space because they don't want to be caught up in this particular spot now the united states government intercepts the aircraft if it were to enter u.s. airspace possibly they could instruct to land somewhere in the united states i would think that would be unlikely. to cause the pilot himself how's the
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ability to divert once an airplane takes off of course it's entirely down to the pilots to choose the best route dependent upon. all of the prevailing operational conditions at the time if the pilots were to choose to fly routes for example just outside u.s.s. space close to it that he be entitled to do that of his own volition provided that it didn't have any impacts upon the safety of the flights and the safety of everybody else on board it ecuador says it is considering a request for asylum from edward snowden a plea reportedly organized by wiki leaks and ecuador's foreign minister currently on a visit to vietnam appeared to be sympathetic to the whistleblowers plight during a news conference on his in the france has more on where ecuador stands in the story. where in the world is edward snowden that is the question on every
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journalist tongue it's the missing piece of this puzzle we all want to put together it's a question that was put to the foreign minister ricardo patino over and over again by journalists at that press conference and those are questions that he successfully evaded now journalists like myself have been staked out here since early morning some even staying overnight just to catch a glimpse of this latest whistle blower on the run from the united states government we've had cars coming in and out of the embassy official embassy vehicles wondering is he in the trunk is he underneath a blanket in the back seat definitely definitely wanting to catch a glimpse the possibility that he could have been taken away from the airport and would have perhaps sought refuge here it's part of what makes this whole sort of detective story so interesting is that he is being given guidance very heavily by wiki leaks whose leader is being sheltered within the walls of the ecuadorian embassy there in london it makes ecuador the obvious choice obviously for seeking
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asylum and then if if mr snowden were to need a place to stay while in russia it would therefore make sense that he would be here but alas we have not been satisfied we are still on the watch for mr snowden to come rain or shine so it's just a very intriguing story that i'm sure will be keeping a very close eye on all the journalists here at the embassy for quite a while now when ecuador gave snowden refugee papers allowing him to travel freely according to julian the songs that we can expand also revealed before. is safe and being taken carol he spoke to the media via phone from ecuador embassy in london. listening in. according to sources in wiki leaks they've just announced that reportedly ecuador has granted asylum to edward snowden now speaking just a little bit before that julian the sirens are saying that they are in contact with edward snowden and the wiki leaks legal representative traveling with him they've
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said that they are both healthy and in good spirits and in a secret location that they can't disclose now they've spoken a lot about the very bullying and what they called the threatening behavior of the u.s. administration in relation to a number of nations through which edward snowden has been reported to be traveling the fact that they've been demanding for his extradition now wiki leaks have said that edward snowden is not a traitor as the u.s. secretary of state was calling him earlier today but he is a hero as we know that wiki leaks have been assisting edward snowden both with his asylum request to ecuador as well as with legal representation so we're going to be following this story as it develops for you from london. well the u.s. has been hitting out of every country snowden paullus through during his border busting bid for safety the moaning is extradition to every stop and the white house still believes he is in moscow and what he's going to check on joins us live now
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from washington clearly of authorities there in washington not at all happy gun a constant stream of criticism and demands coming from the u.s. tell us more about what they're saying. well bill the white house says hong kong officials had received washington's with qwest to rest no then and still made quoted the liberal choice to let him go so washington clearly takes it as a snub from china here's the president's press secretary. we are just not buying that this was a technical decision by a hong kong immigration official this was a deliberate choice by the government to release a fugitive despite a valid arrest warrant and that decision unquestionably has a negative impact on the u.s. china relationship. we were never there in response to the u.s. request to arrest noted in the government of hong kong issued a statement saying that the documents the u.s. provided did not fully comply with the legal requirements on the hong kong law but also in that same statement the government of hong kong said they wanted more
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information from the u.s. government about the hacking of computer systems in hong kong by u.s. government agencies and that was one of edward snowden's revelations snowden gave china a great political counterargument to u.s. constant accusations against china now the u.s. can't accuse china of cyber attacks without being accused of hypocrisy so there is an interesting dynamic behind all this the u.s. one and china where the semi-autonomous government of hong kong to give them the man who had leaked u.s. secrets but one of those secrets is about activities of the u.s. government against china so it's possible that china's dilemma was to either think edward snowden or to arrest that hong kong says they've done everything in accordance with their own laws now as far as russia edward snowden has been in transit in russia. and russian authorities say they have no legal authority to arrest them but u.s. politicians and pundits on television use what seems like a cold war rhetoric to present. enemies that snowden is helping and imagination of
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some german is running. as wild as they joke about how edward snowden is being briefed by the russian president in one form of social also one of the news channels said russia and china are going to use this to embarrass the u.s. one should argue it's known as revelations that embarrass the u.s. not russia or china but that's exactly what's happening now u.s. policymakers are doing everything possible to divert attention away from snowden's revelations and certainly one of the one way of doing this is to present it as a cold war style cat and mouse chase that way you have u.s. media now almost cheering for edward snowden's capture although just a little while ago some of the same journalists were grateful for great for a greater public awareness of the fact that the u.s. government is spying on millions of people who have done nothing wrong and of course has no illusions this what lengths the u.s. government will go to catch him and here's what he said shortly after he broke this story. i could be you know rendered by the cia i could have
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a people come after me or any of their third party partners you know they would they work closely with a number of other nations and that's a fear i'll live under for the rest of my life however long that happens to be you can come forward against the world's most powerful intelligence agencies and be completely free from risk because they're such powerful adversaries the no one can meaningfully oppose them. if they want to get you they'll get you in time. edward snowden also said it's not government persecution that he fears most he said the greatest fear that i have about the outcome of these disclosures is that nothing will change from how it's developing it doesn't look like things will change for americans they need. but for the wall be implications of his revelations could be significant for example the fact that the u.s. now can't accuse china of cyber attacks without being accused of hypocrisy. ana thank you very much indeed he's going to come live in washington well former
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officer ray mcgovern i spoke to a little earlier he and he said that individuals like snowden have shown how america's intelligence machine can be undermined well that's the definition of embarrassment in this case i can understand the embarrassment i can understand people getting on on t.v. as they did yesterday and saying this fellow is a traitor traitor i think is a patriot you see it's a contest between very sophisticated people in wiki leaks and people like snowden and this fast apparatus that has all the money but not as much talent and there's the key because this is a leveling field here this is a leveling field where the united states with all its money and all its defense expenditures is on a level playing field with a very very bright people abroad very very bright people in the ecuadorian embassy in london and very very people in n.s.a. and what i'm saying here is that the u.s.
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is outmatched so far if snowden think continue to elude this dragnet it will be really a mark for liberty a mark for the rule of law in the international sphere that's why they this way u.s. authorities will do everything possible to get them i also spoke to attorney and historian general holder who told us why the u.s. is likely to fail in attempts to retrieve snowden. while if you listen to the congress persons appearing on sunday check shows the united states mourned with thinks so they're breathing fire threatening measures just short of nuclear war if mr snowden is not speedily dispatched back to new york or washington united states for example routinely excepts on its territories citizens flaying cuba without passports i would also say the united states routinely receives on its
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soil those it deems to be political dissidents who do not have passports if you look at the extradition treaty between united states ecuador there is a provision that says that extradition does not have to be a fair shoot if a so-called political crime is at play and certainly what mr snowden is accused of is in essence a political crime or more updates and live analysis on edward snowden next step in just a few minutes from now here now to stay with us with life in moscow. download
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these continues here in r.t. a plane packed with scoop hunting journalists is heading for cuba without the star of the show it looks like edward snowden's latest evasiveness move to avoid extradition to the u.s. he's wanted there on espionage charges but what exactly has he done to outrage america so much well let's run through the data he has disclosed he's revealed that documents showing the n.s.a. has access to huge streams of internet data including emails chat rooms and videos from large companies such as facebook and google and the u.s. government he says use the secret foreign intelligence surveillance court to gather an extensive range of information from the phone service provider verizon he also revealed how both mainland china and hong kong have been victim of the hundreds of cyber attacks by u.s. hackers and according to his latest leak the u.k. is collecting and storing huge amounts of sensitive personal data from online and telephone traffic sharing it with america now norman solomon i spoke to him he's the author and co-founder of the civil action group roots action he says snowden's
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revelations uncovered the us people's fundamental struggle for civil liberties. well he's really a hero to so many americans but rather than the labels the key point is that he has brought truth to the necessity of the democratic process and there's a curse people in the white house and many in congress are not happy about the illumination of they have been engaged in serving islands which is direct violation of the liberties of the citizens of the united states as well as a violation of the privacy of people around the we're all so naturally the obama administration and the vibe harness and security state fans on capitol hill want to grab. snowden so it is a fundamental conflict between those who are dominating the u.s. government now who want to suppress the bill of rights and resistance not permit
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resistance from many of us who say no way we do not accept the suppression of our rights. not everybody believes that snowden is a hero or that these revelations will bring fundamental change forty seven all to spoke to former cia director general michael hayden and he believes washington's espionage program is not going to be counseled any time soon and you can watch the full interview in our new program on the website dot com here's a quick preview what's happening to the programs like the ones that snowden made public this prison data collecting tool are they being wrapped up right now where is the n.s.a. going to go ahead with it and we need your opinion now i yeah i would see no reason why either the programs that he revealed the metadata program or the prism program why they would be stopped there lawful they're appropriate they're affective. but the effectiveness may be the element that's most harmed by these revelations again
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adversaries now know what we can do and also know what we won't do the boundaries of american law and policy and that gives them a higher probability that they'll be able to protect their communications from united states agencies trying to intercept them. and you can watch the program in full on our web site right now at r.t. don't come so is edward snowden a hero or villain most of discuss that i'm joined by former u.s. state department official and right where do you stand villain or hero. well i think it's all in the good of the country and the world that we know what's going on for the fact that that these programs that edward snowden has made.
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they're a prominent in our psyche now that our governments are looking into every aspect of our lives and i think it's important that we know that but you're right you cannot just also you are also a retired army colonel how do you feel about how many see him as betraying your country's secrets and compromising its national security. well i think i think the real betrayal of our country and what it stands for is when our own country starts spying on. their own citizens. as well as going after non security related aspects of international communications i think the united states has gone overboard way overboard on what it's doing i think particularly for american citizens that we now know that virtually every aspect of our life is being tracked tracked by or.
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tracked by everything i think that is is a real danger to our own country it doesn't enhance our national security in my opinion when you're just sneaking a peek and looking into every single aspect of people's lives i think it really doesn't do. for and it dangers it endangers the integrity of our country as does seem to route the world well so when i was kewl viewpoint from the start of a former diplomat john kerry has warned any country that has helped snowden get away of grave consequences what sort of culture quinces is he talking about. well i'm sure that these saying that we're going to the united states will. either lessen or totally cut off military aid economic a there are a lot of ways that the united states can signal to a country that they are in the doghouse so to speak. if i've just come back from
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the country of yemen i've been doing a lot of traveling yet lately and i've been in china in the last couple of months i've been in europe and the reputation of the united states is not very good. as every revelation keeps coming out first starting with the with wiki leaks revelations and then the bradley manning revel that revelations and now edward stone and. the people of the world are going what has happened to america there's no sense of privacy anywhere now even spying on their own their own country people . the moral integrity of the united states is has been deeply deeply eroded by these programs that successive administrations for some reason have felt it was necessary that they've sneak and peek and spy on on americans over and above what is necessary in my opinion for any sort of look into
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what they are calling terrorist activities despite that negative international reputation you are talking about the states having at the moment this sort of thing that could happen to any country in the world where it's she curates you could be compromised on you know it surprised the u.s. isn't getting more sympathy over this. no i'm not at all i mean if you if you had traveled around the world right after wiki leaks started doing publishing all of the things that bradley manning put out and you saw the people of the world were going all my god look at what our country our our government has been cooking up with the united states look at what they were doing behind our backs and we don't like it when the revelations of what was happening and people being outraged citizens around the world being outraged about the deals that were they were cutting with the united states and other countries it's kind of you know the state department talks about open diplomacy transparency well here you have it and now you see the reaction that that people citizens of the world don't
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like what's going on and governments of the world sometimes are very embarrassed about what they've gotten themselves into with united states and with other governments as now revealed by these documents when u.s. state fishel and right good to talk to you thanks so much for your thoughts. you'll based lawyer chase medora spoke to him he told us that snowden is still full from safety where he is now heading. his options are very limited he could go to aqua go and get go to venezuela and he could go to cuba not one of those three latin american countries is a long term place that he can count harbor and him in cuba fidel castro is not going to live forever in venezuela it's six years from now a center right government easily be elected that's easy to imagine and it's easy to imagine a center right government making
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a present of edward snowden to washington and in ecuador again and even though korea was reelected by a very comfortable margin in very clean elections the next election cycle could be different but he can only go to one of these places there and wait it out maybe things will cool down in the united states other options will become available to turn twenty seven in its path i'll be back with a news team right off to break with some unique analysis from a very. well with a slogan than takes about any financial implications that's next after the break. wealthy british style it's time to retire let's go. to the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy is
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a report on. clothing welcoming props for all things to consider about what is the state of the global economy and where is it going and why are economists using the term the new normal . we speak your language. news programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you. but we'll turn to angles stories. that spanish. visit.
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continues here in n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden is on the run and the white house is desperate to get hold of and i'm joined by next the inevitable host of these cars report which looks into the side of the world of finance not shorting or even you could make any connection between the snowden saga and the state of the u.s. economy why any financial implication in general. well the american economy runs on confidence confidence that the world accept the u.s. dollar as world reserve currency confident the u.s. bond market will remain the global standard and what we've seen is a sell off in the bond market and a sell off in the stock market because confidence in the u.s. and its ability to maintain its global empire through interest rates and central bank policy is crumbling before the world's very eyes what's interesting bell is that edward snowden worked for booz allen now booz allen allegedly along with a few other companies are the masterminds behind live war and market rigging energy market rigging forex market rigging and this is really the fuel that keeps the american military empire going because the american economy itself cannot support
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its military ambitions so they've resorted to market manipulation and the kind of intelligence that edward snowden is able to aggregate is key to manipulating markets in ways that make booz allen allegedly the channel for billions and billions of dollars and soon america's military campaigns and this is really about money markets and manipulations it's not about security it's not about anything having to do with anything the white house says that's a smokescreen remember the white house is a puppet of wall street booz allen the hedge funds and the financial interest of the corrupt banks all right max can you also give us an idea of how some of those big companies like google and facebook or whatever could actually benefit from this surveillance program by prison it is their financial gain from then. absolutely because all of the manipulation involves rigging the indexes and the indexes are all data sensitive so you can manipulate the data therefore you manipulate the end axis any manipulate the markets and if you have advance knowledge of that and
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a side information you can make billions of dollars off front running high frequency trading algorithmic trading and of course all the banks on wall street are in on this and all the banks in the u.k. look it's very telling that the foreign minister of of ecuador said that look what you're talking about also about extraditing edward snowden what about bringing back the those bankers we asked you to bring back to ecuador who we caught rigging in terrorizing our market what about the icelandic bankers that have been asked by the government of vice iceland to be extradited back to iceland that are being held in the u.k. what about these other instances where banking terrorists are being sheltered in the u.s. and the u.k. and they're not responding to extradition agreements so this is all about financial legerdemain bill and unfortunately the fat slob twinkie eating bozos in america don't have enough money to fight the wars anymore so they have to resort to snooping data gathering and market manipulation max what about the diplomatic
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fallout of course we've seen now tensions between china and washington but that of course leads to economic tensions could that be perhaps an impact their own trade between the two i hope russia china ecuador are stand up to the financial terrorists in america and britain stay the course don't give in don't appease the financial terrorists on wall street but not because it will cause a lot of good or going to small country well it could all really stand up against a big jaw like america where there is indeed trade between the two what edward snowden has proved is that if you live a principled life and stayed true to your convictions you can change the world. and all we got to see then a massive financial fallout then perhaps between china and us well china's got a fantastic card to play one trillion us dollars that they can dump on the market anytime and jack interest rates in america up by five or six points which would
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throw that real estate market back into collapse china is pulling the strings there china's got all the cards to play america is the biggest debtor nation in the world so i think and look at the bond market today bill it's selling off pretty spectacularly all all over the world because confidence in the american whole a gram of finance is collapsing they flip the switch they see that the emperor has no clothes there's no underlying economic activity support the military occupations and financial occupations that are emanating from the u.s. game over bill it's game over good to talk to you max it's great to talk to a person looking for your next show as always thank you very much indeed mexico is alive in london now china's talking about just that is one of the major victims of washington spying program but the u.s. still felt it could demand snowden's arrest in hong kong the most in jail he's the author of when china rules the world total t. america is trying to get away with being the world's biggest brother. the united
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states presumes that it can be the global spying without any kind of accountability to the world whatever the chinese are be doing the united states have been doing it on my far far far greater scale so i think i am i expect ation in this is that the united states will go quiet in relationship to china on these questions and you know the europeans are very unhappy about it because european countries because they are the american americans have been sparring with any kind of commission on. major european institutions and of course many many individuals and no one will believe that they've stopped doing it i mean how do they know you know how where did they go from here in any case they're justified i mean they've been saying well it's legitimate for us to do this and so on so you know it used to be if you remember that the united states was the global policeman now it's the global spying. well snowden's revelations have earned him
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a place in an exclusive club a group of people have upset washington by leaking some of its most sensitive information you know stands shoulder to shoulder with us private bradley manning who's facing life in prison on charges of aiding the enemy by exposing america's controversial war tactics to weaken leaks snowden is charged with espionage she may face a similar fate thomas drake he's another prominent whistleblower he managed to escape jail time after his case collapsed in court unlike john he's a former cia agent who's currently serving thirty months in jail after pleading guilty to leaking details of u.s. torture techniques but he entered a plea bargain which got him a relatively small sentence not sure if that would ever be an option with snowden and others include nuclear proliferation expert steven jin we kim now he is currently awaiting trial after allegedly telling a journalist about north korea's intention to test a nuclear bomb now there are other names on the list making snowden the seventh man
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charged with violating the espionage act under obama well with governments and corporations using all means at their disposal to spy on the public the demand for data encryption services is skyrocketing what is more important i looked at how citizens are trying to shield their personal information from the leering eyes of big brother in a post prism world some are losing and others are gaining google for eyes in facebook apple and other u.s. technology companies have lost credibility and the trust of their customers encrypted communications services on the other hand are seeing their businesses boom oh it's going crazy. you know a lot of people suspected these. the government u.s. government was spying on americans but now we have this confirmation and so everybody is contacting us now when we've had
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a huge surge in orders phil zimmerman is the co-founder and c.e.o. of silent circle a global encrypted mobile service that protects users' privacy from the u.s. national security agency and big data companies we have created an architecture that doesn't share the key cryptographic keys with the servers and servers that we control we don't keep logs of the of the connections between people so a court order can make us give them something we don't have however privacy doesn't come free and annual membership to silent circle cost one hundred twenty dollars the newest kid on the block is secret the mobile app encrypts voice calls and text messages the south african company has clients in two hundred countries with skyrocketing demands recently coming from the u.s. and u.k. the application as sensually allows you to create a new identity with a secure phone number. needs to be every day and.
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going forward not just in. other countries. as you call it easy and you are the day meanwhile daily traffic at the search engine start page has doubled in less than a month jumping to nearly four million queries the netherlands based company doesn't store ip addresses and it's not subject to u.s. jurisdiction we strip out anything that would identify you and then we submit the search for you to google on your behalf and then we get the results back from google we strip out any kind of tracking cookies or anything that might be included with that we serve the results to you privately and then we delete all. the records of your visit so we delete your ip address we delete your search terms and at the end of the day we have no record of anyone even having that on our website while the global push for privacy is accelerating experts say encryption alone won't be
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enough the n.s.a. surveillance is worse than worse and i think we also have to try to push. public policy debates in the us and get the laws to change the exposure of america's global electronic surveillance program has also revealed alternatives to all those who want to secure their privacy however in most cases people will have to pay to protect their communication from a government that's been accessing and story data for years from new york. so the state of play at the moment is that we don't know whether it would snowden is on that plane to cuba or not is pretty likely that he isn't but we're asking you know on our website what you think about his chances of getting to ecuador ultimately to well we're also on top of the moment on our online poll these the results so far most of you just
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a small majority think yes he will get but it doesn't necessarily mean that he won't be out of reach of washington and then we can see that just below that twenty seven percent think that he'd be better off staying in russia and also we can see that twenty five percent think that he could well get there but he should. be getting in a bit of a muddle here because of all the colors of just change running twenty five percent in the blue say yes he will get twenty eight percent saying he's better off staying in moscow twenty seven percent saying that well if he doesn't get there. there may be a chance that he could be intercepted in u.s. airspace and finally you can see that he could get that as long as he doesn't remain in hiding to go up there eventually did. those are the responses on our website at r.t. dot com good to hear from you well now to stay with us next as our t. talks with trailblazing whistleblower william binney about just how far u.s.
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intelligence reaches into private life and also the consequences for the general public that's coming your way after a short break and i'll be back with a news team with more news for you in about twenty minutes. i would rather ask questions of people in positions of power instead of speak on
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their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. interview . good.
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morning news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are on the day . i'm sitting here with mr william benny he's a thirty two year veteran of the n.s.a. who helped design a top secret program he says broadly changed americans personal data and he actually helped crack those codes and enter into this he is now a whistleblower mr benny thank you so much for joining me so first of all let's talk about the latest information that has come out from this n.s.a. spying on americans well first of all the the pfizer warrant that was issued
2:44 pm
to the f.b.i. to get data from verizon. that's that's been going on according to the paper anyway since not two thousand and seven and this is like being renewed every three months so if you look at the top corner top right corner of that order it's thirteen dash eighty that means it's the eightieth order since in this year of two thousand and thirteen so when you search say well what are the other seventy nine orders you can figure other companies in and this is like the second order of two thousand and thirteen for each company so you that maximum you would divide eighty by two and you'd maximum number of companies that could be involved in this kind of order would be forty. so but i'm sure that there are other other things that they have other orders that they're issuing other than just this kind for the service providers or the telecoms so let's talk about the nine internet companies that said
2:45 pm
that they are part of this this prison program should americans really be surprised at this but i'm not that's for sure. but i would point out that. the n.s.a. had deployed naris devices and it's in court documents submitted by mark klein documenting the n.s.a. room in the file in the san francisco eighteen team building where they had naris devices in a splitter that basically duplicated the fiber optic lines and would send him down to pass all the information went down two directions one of them went to the nearest devices in the n.s.a. room and so those nervous devices could take everything off that fiber optic line. which meant they could get one nearest insite device can do ten gigabits a second which meant it could reassemble a quarter and a million and a half and a quarter one thousand character e-mails a second and that's the kind of input they would get from one device now i'm sure they have multiple devices at multiple sites in the country as well as other places
2:46 pm
in the world so that's an awful lot of data to try to manage and so they need to do things like build bluffdale to plan for the future so they have lots of storage for all this data coming in so how far down the rabbit hole are we are we really just that tep of the iceberg in terms of their spying with this prison program coming out in the horizon records tim clemente who is an ex f.b.i. agent came on c.n.n. a week or two ago and he said that any digital data wasn't wasn't safe and that the intelligence community f.b.i. had ways of getting back to it and he was specifically talking about that phone call between one of the tomorrow of brothers and his wife and that if his wife didn't tell the f.b.i. what they talked about in that phone call that they had ways of getting back to that and transcribing and getting that information so that's telling you what they've got recorded then the extent of and the digital data means. all kinds of e-mail all kinds of twitter kind of things and the thing going across the fiber
2:47 pm
optic lines as well as the public switched telephone network so we're not talking billions of pieces of information here are we are talking truly talking to my phone calls and e-mails jointly would be on the order of twenty trillion for the last twelve years how can we even manage that sort of thing they're saying with this present program for instance they have one lawmaker after another supporting it saying that it helps ward at least one terrorism attack how would trillions of emails and twirly ins of bits of data help find one terrorist attack my personal view is that the intelligence community is bamboozling congress and the administration they are telling them that we have to do this in order to find the bad guys in the networks and i just absolutely false you don't have to do that there were ways and means to do that and i left that ability and capability with them and they just threw it away so instead they opted to collect every but everything they could about everybody in this country and one of the reasons is
2:48 pm
that that they would want to do that the only one i could think of is they wanted to be able to leverage anybody in this country for example. we could take the case of the i.r.s. and the and the tea party and the harassing they're doing there one of the one of the people who is being harassed was giving testimony in front of congress and they said. which i thought was quite revealing that they had a question from the i.r.s. that said what is your relationship with this other person and they gave the name well how would they know that unless they knew this the the community the communications community of that person so that means you're getting back to this program where they're pulling all the records of phone call and emails and everything together and seeing who that person worked with in an on top of that it gave them the ability to pull together the entire tea party. so you would know everybody that's involved in the tea party perfectly or centrally now this new
2:49 pm
president program says that the agents who are and employing it is have a fifty one percent confidence that it's a foreign agent a foreign per cent can you talk about that accuracy how can we even guarantee it is fifty one percent really enough well that's another joke ok. these are all jokes i mean they expect people to believe this i mean there are two parts one is the public telephone the public switch the p.s.t.n. public switch telephone network and then the other is the internet or the world wide web. on the one side you have phone numbers now these phone numbers whether they're whether they're your landline phone or your mobile phone or your satellite phone all connect into this public switch telephone network and those numbers are unique in the world and you're talking about switches that are routing these communications from one point the earth to another and they have to know exactly where to send it so you know exactly where it went and exactly where it's coming
2:50 pm
from so there's no question that he shouldn't have fairly ninety nine point nine nine nine percent accuracy on identifying that something happens and they have electronic blip and they used to lose part of the information and the other thing is on the on the on the world wide web here again they have attributes that are part of the worldwide system that identifies those people uniquely in the world like the i p v four i p v six you know addresses that are assigned by the n a and the five regions of the world and that kind of clearly tells you if you don't have that then every system every device whether it's a switch a server or a computer has a mac number that's a machine access code which identifies you uniquely in the world. and the same would be true in using username and service provider combinations like william binney at comcast dot net something like that those kind of attributes identify
2:51 pm
where you are and where you're coming from so let's talk about the companies the nine internet companies that are allegedly involved in this they are involved in this. how do they say that they didn't know that this was toss a bully happening under their watch first of all is that even possible that they didn't know certainly it's possible that some of the people in those companies didn't know but i find it hard to believe that that wasn't already agreed to that they that the company somewhere in the company the c.e.o. or c.e.o.'s knew that and agreed to this kind of access because it's hard to believe that they could not not notice that they're being drained of information. that's pretty difficult so what can we really do to protect ourselves is there anything we can do to protect ourselves here there's not really anything you can do i mean except to. fire everybody in congress and the administration and elect new people in that will that will do a constitutionally acceptable job and speaking of congress how much did they know
2:52 pm
how could they be ok with it how did so much of this just start coming out with the verizon leaks with this prism how are we just finding out about this and ministration that tells transparency well it's because not transparent i mean that they have secret interpretations of laws and they're doing this in secret and not telling anybody i mean senator wyden and udall have been complaining about this for several years now. so they were on the intelligence committee so those of committee said an idea what was going on but rest of congress didn't have the foggiest idea what does the patriot act mean to american freedoms it means we don't have any it's setting up a tele tarion state. when the government has that much information they can do those things they can use the i.r.s. to intimidate people or anything else they can send the f.b.i. people what they did to me and some others you know so that's the power that government has they have that they have the power of the gun and the force and if
2:53 pm
they have the knowledge about you then they can start to use that against you especially if you don't agree with the policies that they're setting up so let's go back to the foreign intelligence surveillance act as a lot of us know it's the we're going to the first sort of that act is foreign and that was built back in the seventy's that it applied to foreign enemies then but in the thirty year sense for your sense we seem to apply to americans more times than not well we see the same thing happen with prism yes absolutely that's what's going on that's what's been going on for seven years with the prism program but even before that back to two thousand and three the naris devices were collecting that data so what that meant was they didn't have enough naris devices to collect everything so they had missing missing bits of it like they might get eighty percent of the emails sent you know and not all of them so in order to get them all they have to go to the service provider who stores all of them for a certain period of time and then have a warrant to request to get them so that will fill in the gaps that they're missing
2:54 pm
when you were working for the n.s.a. talking about you had helped create a program as i understand it that's similar to prism for our foreign enemies did you know about president you know i mean prism didn't i left n.s.a. in two thousand and one and at the end of october and the prism program according to the paper anyway was started in two thousand and seven so i didn't i didn't know about that but i was you know that data was very simply. filtered out using techniques that if this was a u.s. citizen you'd throw that data away if this was a foreigner that wasn't within two zones or two degrees of separation in close proximity to a bad guy doing bad things we wouldn't even look at them. ok we've throw it all away and that meant that we didn't we reduce the problem of all the massive amounts of data down to a manageable amount so we wouldn't need to build bluffdale or any other large storage sites we could easily manage the storage as well and if you collect all
2:55 pm
that that means wherever you collected it then you have to transport it from there to your storage so that we eliminated that communications cost too so now instead of throwing that america's data out there keeping it so is it is simple as just getting rid of that algorithm that helped them brought out and sort through it that algorithm would of course be able to eliminate that data yeah if they adopt it and finally just working for the n.s.a. and the past do you regret that or do they give you the knowledge of what the n.s.a. has done so you can do it in a report to people in the future no it was i don't regret anything i was doing because i they were real issues real threats and real potential threats that we had to try to discover to see if we you know you you could diplomatically or whatever avoid them so so i mean that was a very positive effort against the real potential threats so it had nothing to do
2:56 pm
with collecting data or information about innocent people around the world so i mean it didn't i didn't regret doing any of that but the problem was they turned that against everybody and that's where i have a problem well the named as a thirty two year veteran of the n.s.a. and turned whistleblower thank you so much for joining us we appreciate your time sir thank you. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden is off the radar with no sign of the flight bound for cuba he was reportedly booked on spending a night at a moscow airport. this is footage from our correspondent at the scene snowden is meant to be sitting in right now soon the flight will enter u.s. airspace where america might have a chance to intercept. we can. confirm ecuador has given snowden refugee travel papers exact whereabouts secret. lighthouse insists the whistleblower is still in russia washington has criticized every country he's passed through. his immediate deportation.


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