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tv   Headline News  RT  June 25, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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i know me very early. this opus is that. one edward snowden goes underground and off the radar after sending moscow's international press corps to the sunny caribbean shores of havana. basco declares snowden has not crossed the russian border and demands washington back off with threats and intimidation it tended to secure extradition. taliban fighters launch a heavy assault on afghanistan's presidential palace a week after the country's security forces took full control and the u.s. announced plans for peace talks with the terror.
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three pm in moscow i matras a good to have you with us here on r t our top story the world's leading intelligence agencies have found themselves chasing their tails after edward snowden again slipped through the global surveillance net that he exposed more than that it's been confirmed that he quote never crossed the border into russia let's speak now from artie's paul scott who's standing by at moscow's sheremetyevo airport with more on all of these latest revelations paul. yes well russia's a foreign minister sergei lavrov has been speaking a softer noon at a press conference with the counterparts from algeria on the question of edward snowden and his whereabouts inevitably came up it was posed by an correspondent said that snowden has had no official contact with the russian government and denied any suggestion that the russian authorities are helping to facilitate a safe passage to political asylum and as you say. he even went as far to say that
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edward snowden has not stepped foot into russian territory and also had some strong words about america's response to the continuing situation. of the u.s. says edward snowden is in russia can you confirm this and give more detailed information considering his whereabouts and tell us how moscow will react to the u.s. demands to extradite him. we have absolutely nothing to do with mr snowden nor his journeys around the world we only found out about his travel plans from the media he never crossed the russian border and we consider it totally unacceptable the unsubstantiated attempts to blame russia for violating u.s. law especially considering these threats a borderline conspiracy theories but with q. . as. well as the comments really leave us with two conclusions one of which is that edward snowden did not inform. on sunday from hong kong as was widely
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reported but the second more likely option is that he did and has since that point remained in transit remained as it were and therefore not officially entered russia but really makes any talk in america side of a possible extradition deal between the two countries at this stage. and academic now that also rumors circulating that edward snowden could face detention by the russian authorities if he does cross into the russian border the suggestion being that the russian authorities have some questions that they need answers to most notably over edward snowden's revokes passport now it is still believed that he is seeking political asylum in ecuador still that is his end goal his target destination both wiki leaks involved some people are questioning whether the whole thing has been an elaborate decoys and elaborate decoys so elaborate in nature that they've sent for the world's press to say edward snowden was expected to be all mouthful. it's twenty four hours ago toward savannah it looks like he wasn't the
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question obviously on everyone's lips is way but reading between the lines from love rove's comments the suggestion certainly is that he has been shown to much of the airports in transit and could well still be there all right thanks very much for that latest update all scott life for us at sheremetyevo airport. well washington has a locked out of the countries that edward snowden has been using as stepping stones in his quest to asylum its war in china the consequences of allowing the thirty year old to flee to russia while hinting that both moscow and beijing are far from being bastions of free speech themselves or he's got any cheek jaan has more from the u.s. . the white house says hong kong officials had received washington's request to arrest no then and still made quote a deliberate choice to let him go so washington clearly takes it as a snub from china here's the president's press secretary we are just not buying that this was a technical decision by a hong kong immigration official this was
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a deliberate choice by the government to release a fugitive despite a valid arrest warrant and that decision unquestionably has a negative impact on the u.s. china relationship we were never there in response to the u.s. request to arrest noted in the government of hong kong issued a statement saying that the documents the u.s. provided did not fully comply with the legal requirements on the hong kong law but also in that same statement the government of hong kong said they wanted more information from the u.s. government about the hacking of computer systems in hong kong by u.s. government agencies and that was one of edward snowden's revelations snowden gave china a great political counterargument to u.s. constant accusations against china now the u.s. can't accuse china of cyber attacks without being accused of hypocrisy so there is an interesting dynamic behind all this the u.s. one and china where the semi-autonomous government of hong kong to give them the man who had leaked u.s. secrets but one of those secrets is about activities of the u.s. government against china so it's possible that china's dilemma was to either think
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edward snowden or to arrest him hong kong says they've done everything in accordance with their own laws now as far as russia edward snowden has been in transit in russia and russian authorities say they have no legal authority to arrest him but u.s. politicians and pundits on television use what seems like a cold war rhetoric to present washington as the enemies that snowden is helping and the imagination of some german is running. as wild as they joke about how edward snowden is being briefed by the russian president in one form of social also on one of the news channels said russia and china are going to use this to embarrass the u.s. one should argue it's known as revelation. that embarrass the u.s. not russia or china but that's exactly what's happening now u.s. policymakers are doing everything possible to divert attention away from snowden's revelations and certainly one of the one way of doing this is to present it as a cold war style cat and mouse chase that way you have us media now almost cheering
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for edward snowden's capture although just a little while ago some of the same journalists were grateful for great for a greater public awareness of the fact that the u.s. government is spying on millions of people who have done nothing wrong and of course has no illusions as to what lengths the u.s. government will go to catch him edward snowden also said it's not government persecution that he fears most he said the greatest fear that i have about the outcome of these disclosures is that nothing will change from how it's developing it doesn't look like things will change for americans anytime soon but for the war will be occasions of his revelations could be significant for example the fact that the u.s. now can't accuse china of cyber attacks without being accused of hypocrisy. amnesty international says the u.s. shouldn't hunt down edward snowden and other whistleblowers would disclose human rights violations michael haneke director of law and policy at the group is now joining me live with more on this so why do you say or does your group think if it were it would still wouldn't shouldn't be prosecuted by the u.s.
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what he's disclosed essentially are things that never should have been secret in the first place we're talking of course about a collection without warrants. amounts of data from telephone records we've got. the u.s. government to. get into servers. google and of all of these other large computer you know these large nearly everybody uses. a lot of this we had suspected before and we have confirmation of this now and these are not only human rights violations violations of the right to privacy act and violations of some of the recent rights too. you know if a government is going to conduct investigations and it should be doing so with regard to so there's simply cases on the basis of specific evidence with a warrant with all of the formalities that that's required instead of course what he's disclosed is a wholesale. shopping expedition on part of the u.s.
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and the fact is that you should just never have. a secret in the first place so do you think it will make it harder for governments to keep secret information locked up with more and more people trying to get at their data. well i think what the lesson for governments around the world is that when you you're getting persistent questions about the extent to which you you you intend to invade the privacy of your own citizens and of citizens of other countries without any probable cause without any suspicions just to in order to get information that you think might be useful some day and some in some sense that there will be questions asked and those questions will be will be person enough that sooner or later the chickens will come home to roost as they say in the u.s. so what do you think snowden could expect if he is extradited to the states where we've raised a lot of concerns about the crimes for which he's being sought and then the treatment that he might receive on a. surrender to the u.s.
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with respect to the treatment we know from from other cases that that for example in the case of bradley manning that the individuals have been subjected to what not just we but also u.n. officials have called cruel inhuman and degrading treatment and that's that's yet another potential violation of human rights law to which somebody shouldn't be subjected it's a reason not to extradite with regard to the crimes we've noted that because he's being charged among other things under the espionage act under nineteen seventeen law in the united states there's no possibility of appears to say look the reason that i did this is because the information is in the public interest my disclosure may have been unauthorized but the public interest outweighs that at this stage interest of keeping that information secret all right and one more question i want to get a me here do you think that the obama administration is on the record now as having
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prosecuted more whistleblowers in any other administration in the u.s. do you think that that is something particular to an aspect of this administration or do you think it's just a matter of now we're seeing more information come out than ever before now we're seeing the rise of the internet there is a global information network out there and it's just whoever was in the white house at this point would have to deal with this issue at some point and now is the time i mean one in one sense. so the administration the government governments around the world are fighting a losing battle it is true that it is now possible to get information from a variety of sources but the demands for information are such that eventually. the dirty laundry will come come out and that and the governments that try to keep this thing secret just just are going to be able to do it so i think one of the reasons is just the way the world works now and the way that information flows now and that's that's also good as far as we're concerned second of all you know i don't
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think there's anything problematic with governments keeping keeping your national security information secret in particularly keeping secret information that could hurt other people if you were disclosed but that's not what this administration has been trying to do you and that's not what the bush administration is trying to do so what we're really seeing now is a continuation and augment taishan of the policies that began with we president bush really to to extend government power to the utmost and then beyond and also to use all of the tools at their disposal to to enforce a sort of a vision of the world in a sense of the projection of u.s. power that too often is disregarding a very fortunate were or are running out of time i have to interrupt you there but thanks very much for giving us your perspective like a budget director a lot of policy at amnesty international well we spoke with daniel ellsberg another
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prominent u.s. whistleblower who exposed the pentagon papers and one hundred seventy one day telling washington's controversial decision making during the vietnam war and he thinks very few people measure up to the sacrifice that snowden made. i think he would be in much the same cell as bradley manning if not in the same cell that comical any could be under the national defense authorization act he could be in military detention but even if not he would be in a jail cell somewhere as incommunicado as bradley manning is for the last three years so i think he was very wise to make his disposers outside of this country and i think that we should be listening to what he has to say because what so far i've heard him say is there i look let me put in shows much better judgment than those of his colleagues who went along it's clearly unconstitutional but they were all purchased and i would say the charm carries calling him a traitor is just trusting and he's no more a traitor than i am and i am not
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a little that word was used above me by the president and vice president both of whom by the way to lost their office for criminality nixon and new i think he is in the tradition of me can hail the first american to be convicted of tried in fact for giving secrets to americans he said i regret that i have but one life to give for my country because his country was america and he was hanged by the british he was a spy for george washington i think that edward snowden has shown a willingness to give his life for this country and there's no american i believe more deserves to be honored at this moment. r.t. syrup is going up was also on the have added bound flight that it was stowed in was due to take he has the view for us from the cabin. i just got off the plane we just landed in the hall on a coming from moscow to thirteen hour long flight and while walking i see back and
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shooting me to up to the very last point everyone was still expecting edward snowden to show up to board that wing even when we were sitting there the whole plane was packed even when the a lot of the doors that it was taxiing the way to take off still everyone was waiting for him at least to find him on the plane and when we were allowed to get up from our seats went to the seats. where they were supposed to be sitting and saw that they were empty some journalists were actually looking for them inside the airplane checking bathrooms checking places where mr snowden could have been hiding since the very beginning it seemed almost one hundred percent that he was going to take this flight increased security in the airport crowds of journalists were additional factors boosting these expectations. the vanishing act and the fact that he managed to send a jet full of journals to cuba without him has some people shaking their heads but others are fleshing out their own conspiracy theories stemming from all this let's
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take a look at those now some of them talking a planted firmly in cheek including this one from the new york times where they disseminated reports that russian news agencies had an exuberant deception that this was a plan by the f.s.b. the successor to the k.g.b. and the k.g.b. before describing it as a special russian operation. somewhere in moscow someone was laughing well that's from the new york times let's take a look at how a blog for the washington post took a look at that they are saying that the only explanation first odes absence was that he never existed in the first place and that the information was leaking anyway and so the government needed a distraction of some tide. but the snowden story would be over and that's not the plan so that's from the washington post blog there and finally a quote from naomi wolf a bestselling author and women's activists she says that the n.s.a. leaker is not who you purports to be that snowden's emphasis seems to serve an intelligence or police state objective saying that he's even an asian of the
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government and that the police state's interest is a let everyone know that everything you write or say is being surveyed suggesting that it was even a part of a government plot that put snowden out there in the first place just another let everybody know that they are being watched well meanwhile ecuador is reportedly given snowden refugee papers well it considers his asylum request but its foreign minister has declined to reveal where the whistleblower is no dence trek to the country being organized by wiki leaks according to its julian assange polly boy has more on that julian the signs are saying that they are in contact with adults an agent and the wiki leaks leak regret sense of traveling with him they said that they are both healthy and in good spirits and in a secret location that they can't disclose now they've spoken a lot about the very bullying and what they called the threatening behavior of the u.s. administration in relation to a number of nations three which at that snowden has been reported to be traveling
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the fact that they've been demanding for his extradition now wiki leaks have said that edward snowden is nor situation as the u.s. secretary of state was pulling him out yet but he's a hero as we know that wiki leaks have been assisting added snowden both with his asylum request to ecuador as well as with legal representation so we're going to be following this story as it develops for you from london stay with us for more after this short break.
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speak your language. programs in documentaries in arabic in school here. reporting from the will talks of the ip interview intriguing story to tell you. the arabic to find out more visit arabic t.v. . thanks for staying with us the presidential palace in kabul has come under attack from militants while reporters were awaiting a press conference with president karzai the assault allegedly pitched heavily armed taliban fighters against bodyguards and u.s.
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troops and left plumes of smoke across the city skyline journalist courtly body has more. the scene lasted just over an hour and well no civilian casualties have been reported and the afghan forces did manage to get the attack under control relatively quickly the fact that it did happen at the presidential palace they used id cards and vehicle id cards that are what the nato and i saw forces use reportedly and the fact that they were even able to breach that gate what i saw from the outside of the gate and it's more of a blast wall around the green zone area as they were dry and holes in the concrete walls and in the entire gate was destroyed apparently one vehicle was able to get inside and then one was stopped at the gate and then that's when the attack began the damage actually remarkably was minimal obviously it could have been a lot worse there actually schools and offices just outside of the gate into the
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presidential palace area and where the cia is. and the fact that there were no civilian deaths there and injuries reported is remarkable it would seem as especially considering this attack happened right when the peace talks are being negotiated in doha with the taliban and the attack happened on the presidential palace it would not seem possible that the afghan side could continue forward with the peace talks when they're being attacked not even just on their own soil but right in there in their presidential palace. well to go on a list and a former afghan m.p. daoud sultanzoy agrees the assault on the presidential palace shortly after afghan security forces took over control of the country is highly symbolic. this was probably one of the most strategic penetration to send a signal to the afghan government that while they're opening an office in qatar
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they are also continuing their military assault on very important targets it's a very very confusing for this government too while the government is interested in talking to the college one of the taliban are answering back with the with guns and explosives that this is the result of. water fatigue by the foreign forces they have already made a decision that they will continue on peace talks because they're tired of this war and they've already in fact send a signal to the taliban that we will not be fighting this war with you and we want to talk talk to you in fact mr obama a while ago mentioned that we are not our enemy this morning's assault in kabul wasn't the only violence that shook the country another attack this time a roadside bomb wiped out a family of eleven in the southern provinces even soon as a professor of international studies at the university of san francisco things no matter how strong the local military is it won't win because the afghan people are
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opposed to its government. problem is that even if they're very well trained even if they have the very best equipment. a strength of the afghan government relative to the taliban and other forms of resistance doesn't have credibility with the afghan people and while the vast majority and not subscribe to child and extremist ideology many are very frustrated with corruption and an arbitrariness of the government including ongoing acts of repression central of the foreign presence to prop up this government and this this kind of environment leads to the rise of the extreme so it's not the security question. a lack of water could literally be a reason why it's so hard to dampen fiery relations between israel and palestine taps in the homes of arab villagers in the west bank run dry most of the time as they complain israel doesn't satisfy even their minimum water requirements or his policy or has. the taps in hamad mohammed's home are there more as
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a sign of hope there's been no water through them for five long months. the municipality does not give us water as these should water it comes through our pipes twice a year. in an hour's drive north and oh did he start another day in the office the mayor of the effect settlement has lots on his mind but not a lack of water we have one big water tank with supplies water also to both the arab villages which are on the other side of the security fence where basically they get their water supply from the water tank of the front more than three hundred thousand palestinians across the west bank are not connected to water network according to palestinian human rights groups israeli officials say the number is less than half that since the one nine hundred sixty seven occupation or water resources are exclusively in his radio hands better joint group established back in one nine hundred eighty three to ensure supplies has left the palestinians
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short changed israel has repeatedly made as a condition for its approval of palestinian projects that the palestinian authority approve new wells and pipelines for israeli settlements the palestinian authority mainly because it's desperate for water for its population has approved virtually every one of the israeli settlement projects the palestinians weren't left behind. their opinion community wanted to invest their money that the palestinian authority will have such systems like we have in a fraud like we have in the whole of israel unfortunately what happened their money was taken all misused and basically found itself in private bank accounts by the leaders of the palestinian authority despite repeated requests these radio water authority declined to talk to r.t. its website says israel has not only fulfilled its obligations to provide water to
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palestinians but exceeded them it accuses palestinians of breaching the agreement by drilling and authorized wells failing to create a sewerage and of not developing any new resources. the fact of the matter is that a shortage of water is not a problem for israelis whereas it's a daily struggle for tens of thousands of palestinians something that's a little difficult to swallow. especially for the hundred thousand people living here in the west bank's biggest palestinian city who rely on this man it's his job to direct what little water there is to a different neighborhood each day we see baby two thousand cubic me that have been a day. that means that we we need seven thousand to give be able to reach seventy eight the police have been giving them and twenty people
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might come in and his wife have the water pipes to the home opened the rest of the time they use a well bringing up but it's a water they can do and i'm clean to wash drink and survive politically on t.v. in the west bank. and if you mean it's the latest edition of breaking the set with abby martin as she speaks with artie's new larry king it with. anyone of lives in the u.s. knows that the i.r.s. does not play around one honest or dishonest mistake could get you in a lot of trouble even a long time friend of mine got his entire life savings destroyed due to some simple honest error you think that workers in an organization that could punish you for
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your financial failings would be very sharp with their own money but that's sadly not the case according to an audit report from the treasury inspector general for tax administration at the very least one thousand iris employees have abused the charge cards they were issued to cover their official travel expenses some of these people are very high on the ladder including an executive level official a criminal investigator and multiple ploys with security clearances much of the abuses related to employees writing checks for big purchases which later bounced due to a cop. being empty yeah the people who could ruin your life for one little financial folly seem to have no problem over drawing while they are living it up on taxpayer funded travel to keep things in perspective the i.r.s. is a huge organization so one thousand abusers is a minority but in the spirit of fairness i think these card abusers should be punished just as harshly as normal people who run afoul of the i.r.s. fascist my opinion.
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look. look. look. look. you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how bad the less and less. i mean . i know that i'm still really messed up. in the very so closely. the second. worst superglued. white house of a. radio guy in minutes from a quick fix on what. to do because you never seen anything like this until six. six .


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