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agneepath. and it. whistleblower edward snowden sitting tight in transit at a moscow airport confirms vladimir putin dismissing the conspiracy theories over u.s. officials as. and while the u.s. tries to say face off to snowden's revelations saying it's spying project only targets terrorists on social networks and i phones. that extremists use them in the . bare bones economics of the u.k. chancellor has more news in store for the british public he said to lay out his plans to slash another eleven and a half billion pounds from government budget. well
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good morning to you from moscow where it's now eight am on rory sushi with the global headlines live from the russian capital. russia has all but ruled out any chance of extraditing america's most wanted man he's all holed up in transit at a moscow airport it would snowden's never crossed into russian territory and that's been declared by vladimir putin rendering him to and outside the government's reach across. who's at the airport where snowden is believed to be good morning to you i would imagine i mean it's pretty clear the russian president laid it out in a pretty matter of fact man it wouldn't you say. it's been the biggest mystery of
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the last seventy two hours where is edward snowden after he failed to arrive to a flight from moscow to have on on monday he supposedly even checked in for that flight but never made it there has been. massive speculation about his whereabouts some have been saying that he may have already left the country not the country but specifically the sheremetyevo airport because as we know he has never crossed the russian border never made it possible control the airport some have even been saying that he may actually be extradited by the russian authorities to the united states while both of these allegations both of these claims have been quashed by the russian president who said that in the first place russia and the united states have no extradition extradition agreement on people who committed crimes in any other country so even if russia wanted to extradite mr snowden this would not have happened because from the legal point of view this is plainly wrong also vladimir putin compared snowden to the case of another very famous whistleblower let's
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listen to what the russian president had to say. this but you know so much snowden's case is similar to that. called themselves defenders of human rights and fight for the freedom of information you have to. do such people need to be hunted down and put in prison i personally would like to avoid cases like these it's like sharing a pig lots of shrieking little fun. it's not the first time that the issue of snowden's extradition makes the headlines previously in the united states china to extradite him from hong kong now one of the official reasons if you believe it or not was that when the united states. put in their papers extradition papers to the chinese authorities the claim of the police was denied because in the papers it was not specified what edward j. snowden stood for his middle his father's name was not explained in the papers
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that's why the chinese authorities denied the extradition now this of course caused a fury across the atlantic with some politicians in washington point. figures that beijing and moscow for failing to cooperate with washington some have even been saying that in fact snowden has been providing this secret information he has been carrying to the russian authorities this claim was once again denounced sharply by both the russian foreign minister and the russian president. any accusations against russia and nothing but rubbish simply ravings a special services never interacted with snowden and the not doing so you today. so it is again the mystery of today where is snowden what's his next move some say he may wait for the dust to settle and then take a flight to either have on or anywhere else but supposedly we know he's now in sheremetyevo airport will be of course here and monitoring his movie if he decides
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to make it today indeed the election a chef's good moscow's sheremetyevo airport thank you. well russia may face consequences for as an action to warn senior u.s. officials of foremost among them the secretary of state john kerry and more than that though it's not just moscow that may face washington's ire he is gone h. to can file this report. u.s. secretary of state john kerry hinted at possible consequences that russia may face for its response on snowden saying at times russians have criminals in the us there were looking for and he said the u.s. has cooperated on handing over seven of them and it passed two years although if it were a russian whistleblower who stood up for civil liberties in russia it's kind of hard to imagine the u.s. handing them over very quickly especially the us were not legally obliged to do so and in the case of snowden we heard the russian president say russia had no legal authority to stop him from traveling formally he hasn't crossed the russian border is a transit passenger didn't need
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a washington and he hasn't committed any crimes in russia moscow says russia doesn't want to have anything to do with mr snowden but it's amazing how this story which had absolutely nothing to do with russia is all about russia now much of the media here has turned the whole snowden story into a story about putin they invite lawmakers and experts who focus on russia and putin here's for example senator mccain weighing in on this story. we got to start dealing with the tamir putin in a realistic fashion for what he is he's an old k.g.b. colonel apparatchik that dreams of the days of the russian empire and he continues to stick your stamina for a broad variety of ways this kind of narrative in the media that's focused on russia certainly helps build up negative public opinion on snowden and eventually discredit his revelations the focus is not just on russia but also on china and here u.s. officials blast hong kong for letting small one fly but what about one of these revelations the fact that the u.s. spied on chinese research centers and universities here's the explanation that we
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heard from secretary kerry our surveillance activities on them it's our surveillance activities anonymously on thousands of chinese and the chinese university anonymously in order to be able to track terrorism if there is an act of terrorism or some linkage. that is appropriate some indian get on whatever it is could be anywhere in the world whatever it is then you have to go to court and you have to have court approval in order to do anything that is actually name specific person specific so secretary kerry said the u.s. was spying on chinese research centers and universities to find terrorists a lot of people would find that response quite confusing china would probably not buy it so you see u.s. officials being quite of a sieve on what they're actually doing preferring to focus on the messenger instead
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on edward snowden and here's my colleague going to see a trick in a on how the media here goes along with that narrative some journalists believe the shocking us government spying scandal is the biggest story of our lifetime i sit in my desk certainly had the authorities to to wiretap anyone from you or your accountant to a federal judge to even the president if i had a personal e-mail but big brother shamelessly watching millions of people in secret seems to be turning into little more than a cat and mouse chase by the american mainstream media snowden snoad snowden my mind the only thing that's very really important. is it's really how the government is cracking down on. your mole over the place but that's far from most of the media's focus instead snowden is the source not the substance of the n.s.a. scandal is all the rage the trainer countries kind of a fashion statement what to me the national security cam car dash and all technique all change the subject when you don't like what the subject is about how you change
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you personalize it or you try to see what the problems are with the people who are delivering the message and ovoid actually explaining the message itself in this case a massive spy scandal has been turned into a possible case of treason as an alice in wonderland first comes the verdict then the trial with pundits. eager to shoot the messenger we need to get very very serious about treason and old by the way for treason as in the case of bradley manning or edward snowden you bring back the death penalty from questioning whether the reporter who broke the scandal with snowden as his source should be punished along with the whistleblower why shouldn't you mr greenwald be charged with a crime to news reports focused on snowden's girlfriend what's curious she also packed everything up and left for the mainland to pointing fingers at any other government but their own whether china or russia has been able to sort of suck out that knowledge from those computers while he's been in their countries avoiding the
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issue at hand seems to be a priority it doesn't surprise me that there should be this focus on the. snowden private issue so please is it private affairs or his whereabouts and travel instead on the credibly important revelations that he has given us the answer to the question why is simple because they failed to do their job to actually expose all this so now they're blaming somebody who has exposed it and it makes them look bad ditto for the government the media coverage of the n.s.a. scandal a litmus test for journalism that most are failing instead of cleaning up their act and dwindling ratings networks are busy looking for bad guys elsewhere instead of looking the real villain in the face when you consider that as recently as the one nine hundred seventy s. richard nixon was forced to resign in large part because he thought well.
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this is a huge change in our perception while a media war breaks out over supporting or hating edward snowden as little airtime as possible is actually dedicated to the spying on unsuspecting citizens itself the biggest privacy leak in recent u.s. history has shown the media to have little ability to deal with complex issues instead indulging themselves in a manhunt you. again but then again this shouldn't be too shocking when the finger pointing every now and then is paused it's stories like this that fill air time allegorical of the hour and the sound of your holiday you honey hey wait. a minute artsy new york i'm eric draitser a new york based geo political analyst he believes the government and media are in cahoots waging a cost trying to smear campaign against. in the united states we see a concerted propaganda campaign designed to demonize and to destroy the image if
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not the total character of snowden and we see this happening from the right wing and also from the left wing those who are attacking glenn greenwald for his revelations and snowden themselves this is now becoming a real story in the united states the way in which the controlled media is attacking snowden and serving the interests of the surveillance state and the partisanship behind president obama the united states certainly will not give up we've seen cases of extraordinary rendition from all over the globe carried out by the united states and it wasn't just in the context of so-called terrorists if i were snowden i would be working under the assumption that there really is no place anywhere on earth that will be one hundred percent safe but i think that the strategy that he has taken incorporating china incorporating russia using the infrastructure built up by wiki leaks is absolutely critical to ensuring his safety . and while washington maintains the large scale surveillance project exposed by
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snowden targets only terrorism it apparently turns out that skype being googling and tracing the likes on facebook something potential terrorists usually do he's really going to go here to tell us what part of cyber cyber space they occupy instead of good morning to you is it true do radical elements really prefer to stay away from popular networking services we're going to various reports not a list they're incredibly stupid that you have to understand the fact that when we when we're talking about prism of really serving the internet we're talking about them looking at the major computer companies that were major internet networks and microsoft google yes it's all out there and that's what prism is taking care of but the terrorist is a matter of fact there aren't really concerned with the information that that is that is stored on these large widely accessible websites and resources most of them according to a report filed by the dutch intelligence service most of them actually interact in
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the depths of the so-called under net and that is something that is all the information that is stored within the specter of the web in fact even google has admitted that most of most of the information that they indexed in their searches is is hardly even one percent of all the information that is available out there and therefore the if you're if for example a terrorist or a radical minded person wants to go and find something about let's say jihad or how to make a bomb they have to know where to look for it they have to go to specific forums which are contained within the core internet and those are really hard to find and they're exactly the resources that the cia and n.s.a. do not cover or fail to cover for some reason in their prism program he's in point for example being brothers they too have been perusing the internet learning how to make a bomb and getting radical ideas from. some of the web for the some of the sources which are actually rather well known from for example an internet resource called
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the vanity fair of al qaida and now the us authorities knew about this research but did nothing to stop the boston bombings and that is just one of the cases in point so again we're looking at this giant program which says spending billions of dollars of taxpayers' money to monitor the interaction of innocent americans in their private daily lives and at the same time fails to stop the terrorists which it claims it is supposed to do so this big prison project is ultimately the end of the day just spying on the average everyday citizen instead of going after the big time of terrorists and exactly. more revelations here on our to really go to go thank you well for the meantime a human rights activist peter tatchell he believes the u.s. is trying to play with the snowden case and what it classes as shameful revelations in order to cleanse its soul well of course the united states government will try and spin it whatever way it can to discredit edward snowden and to put its own
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policies in the best possible light but the fact is instead of going for the messenger public focus and government focus should be on the message he's given which is that millions of people worldwide who are entirely innocent have been subjected to mass surveillance by the u.s. administration without the approval of congress congress never voted to put this system in place nor have the governments of any other country this is rogue spying by a rogue state i mean if it was it would snowden had been an iranian whistleblower who exposed global snooping by the terror own regime he would have been hailed by the united states as a horowitz whistleblower or he would have been lauded and. and today's edition of crosstalk also focuses on snowden's actions and what could ultimately await him in the future you can tune in for the intense debate at seven thirty g.m.t.
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for now though a quick preview for you. it's pretty clear that the longer he goes out on the lam so to speak and particularly the places he's going or purported to going china russia cuba these are not places that are known for internet freedom so to speak either so i don't hear that it was i always hear that i mean internet freedom is not really interrupted here in russia but it's said all the time over and over again so and there's no evidence that he's there and he's going to be saying listen to me today that he's there is no evidence that he's met with russian officials he's not even entered the country so we'll see what that means all right you want to reply that you know just a little matter if just to correct on ecuador you know ecuador has vastly i think they've had one of the fastest rates of growth of internet anywhere in the hemisphere in the last since korea has been in office and there's absolutely no
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monitor there's no censorship of internet and no evidence that the government is doing any kind of monitoring so you can definitely leave ecuador out of any list of countries that you think is not a pioneer of internet freedom. they were ready to do anything for their country to the future is to love the country more than yourself if you join the military for any other reason that you're probably not going to have a good day there were tools in the state now they live remembering the past which is impossible to get rid of. the war. but ever good people get hurt. hurt good people to be silent.
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but would prefer not to be sometimes i feel like. i should have died over there. because i. i saw some people who are tired and. there is cheaper than tariffs. on our wealthy british style sun it's time to. free. markets why not scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports.
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i would rather as questions for people in positions of power instead of speak on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question more. live from moscow this is alex he just a moment on abby martin and breaking the set a finale though chancellor george osborne is set to announce even more sweeping national cuts in his upcoming spending review is already set almost twelve billion pounds need to be shaved from government budgets and he's going to tell the british people just who's going to suffer the most but it's also reports cutting crucial suffer says back to the bad buns that have a devastating effect on the lives of the most fun. once a place of sanctuary now
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a patent symbol of austerity burson a small garden with west stephanie bottrell often sought refuge from her financial worries it was here she'd raised a family but when her son moved out she was caught by the new government scheme the bedroom tax days in social housing with spare rooms let's face it cuts to the housing benefits all moved to somewhere smaller about god with her world she loved about god. she. was quite a big impact let's in a month ago and the fifty three year old grandmother of one killed herself by stepping in front of a meeting lori she left this suicide note behind for her devastated family. the government insists that the cuts are necessary and that the current changes to the benefit system will eventually improve the lives of some of the poorest families
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but as part of the wealth of a whole taking place right now angela murray had essential say she slashed from twenty hours a day to just three earlier this week she delivered a petition signed by forty five thousand people calling on the chancellor to invest in. if you think you know you haven't committed any crime in a situation. and you've suddenly been restricted to something like this. how would you. face another fifty years of. many people. having to pay. just. to have cut back. but this problem was caused. this problem was not proper regulation of the.
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small tight knit communities like this one lived in might be a long way from westminster it is many of the people who live in communities like that have been among some of the hardest hit by the government. i'm sure i wouldn't . be. there. some of. them. because. somebody of your community don't. expect situations like stephany's are avoidable and point to iceland as an example.
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country saw a collapse of its banking system a few years back to protect it say should spending cheesing stimulus save or stare at the banking crisis soon right through and into a three percent growth in two thousand and twelve compared to just point two percent in the k. but with the government seemingly committed there will sterrett. the worry is that these cuts will for many more people across the like stephanie friends and family have effects this is irreversible third. burning in and straight into the antiwar dot there we go starting with the e.u.'s decision to postpone further talks on turkey's membership of the blog for at least four months ultimately bowing to pressure from germany and other capitals of criticized for cracking down on antigovernment protests at least twenty people were arrested in the city on tuesday for their alleged role in attacks on the police during unrest. in the u.s.
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president barack obama and his afghan counterpart how many karzai have agreed to open talks with the taliban just one day after a brazen assault on the presidential palace in kabul by that militant group of the two leaders also supported the recent opening of a taliban office in qatar a future negotiations can take place before extremists and three security guards died in choose days attack after militants used fake id cards to get into the high security zone right in the center of the afghan capital. for now the dominance of america's big three credit ratings agencies under a serious threat a new hong kong based international agency has entered the arena of the s. and p. moody's and fitch were all accused of being financial and political enforcement arms of america. kitty pilgrim has more. the big three have had their own
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way for over one hundred years but were ridiculed for not just failing to see the financial crash coming but making the situation worse by dishing out optimistic ratings for toxic mortgage backed investments and giving investors the confidence to pile it until now i kiss asians i knew exactly what they were doing which is that accusations but now it appears there might be some proof that the agencies were deliberately fooling investors rolling stone magazine has published details from a san diego base law appeared to show the mood is an s. and p. have been exchanging high ratings for cash now according to the article e-mails have been found from s. and p. alice with with comments like this has to be the stupidest place i've watched it out as you know i had difficulties explaining how we got those numbers since there is no science behind it these allegations are quite frightening considering the rating agencies put their rubber stamp on multi billion dollar deals and are still
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seen by many in the financial world as the backbone of the credit. i'll turn it into these agencies is not before time so kid universal credit rating group says it intends to reform the current regime the company based in hong kong will be made up of china's dugong u.s. agency jones and russia's reason writing on the head of research says it's all about balance an agency that is based in hong kong it is so that we can provide to the investment world. views that can be used to balance the investment views from the united states so the dominating days of the big three could be over and it may now be their turn to get downgraded. just a moment here on out c it's about to be abby martin yanking the top of the bottled water market in america with some rather concerning revelations of breaking the set
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just a few minutes. hold it. hold it. i hope.
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that the speed. of. which i. will be the missile and good. will. come out of it and. i can almost run i'm a better little. least be cool language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on the t.v. reporting from the world's hot spots to be ip interviews intriguing story.


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