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edward snowden remains in moscow for now sitting tight in an airport transit zone after live near putin rejected all u.s. threats and demands for the whistleblower to be extradited. meanwhile washington accuse of trying to shoot the messenger by presenting snowden as a dangerous spy while ignoring fallout from the revelation of its surveillance program. make sure we all. get. to those at the bottom of british society though who are really bearing the burden of the austerity is the chancellor announces billions more in budget cuts.
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seven pm in moscow i'm mad as a good to have you with us here on r t our top story russia says it won't hand over america's most wanted man n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden who remains holed up in transit in a moscow airport for a fourth day russian president vladimir putin said that means snowden never actually crossed into russia and so is beyond the government's reach or he's alexei or a chef he has more from sheremetyevo airport. snowden touched down in moscow on sunday it's been the biggest mystery for the last seventy two hours or so what his next move would be he was supposed to fly to have on a from moscow on monday he even checked in supposedly for that flight but never made it there this blind carried more than a hall full of moscow's international press corps basically they want to a three day holiday to the caribbean ever since it's been speculated that he may have left the country on a different flight he may have left it elsewhere even some have been alleging that
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he may have been detained by the russian authorities to later to be extradited to the united states both of these claims were in fact quashed by the russian president who compared mr snowden to the case of another very famous whistleblower . snowden's case is similar to that of julian assange both called themselves defenders of human rights and fight for the freedom of information you have to ask yourself do such people need to be hunted down and put in prison i personally would like to avoid cases like these is like sharing a pig not so shrieking but little fun while the russians would rather clear in their explanation as to why snowden would not be extradited to the united states the explanation coming from the chinese authorities as to why they didn't deny the extradition do not his face was deemed hilarious and amusing by many online the hong kong authorities said they would not extradite snowden because in the paperwork that the united states provided to the chinese they did not specify what
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the j in the edward j. snowden stood for of course there's been lots of uproar about that coming from across the atlantic with some of the politicians in washington pointing the finger at moscow and beijing for not cooperating with washington have even been alleging that snowden has been working together with the russian and the chinese special services this claim was yet again by both the russian foreign minister and the russian president. any accusations against russia and nothing but rubbish simply. raving's special services never interacted with snowden and they're not doing so you today know it's also speculated what's his next move would be summed up saying that he may wait for the dust to settle down and then move elsewhere some are saying that he may wait for his asylum plea to be satisfied in any case we hear. waiting for the next move over the world's most high profile whistleblower. russia and china remain cop between the u.s. and the whistleblower on the run washington angry that neither is helping to catch
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him but his art he's guy explains some think the u.s. is just using scapegoats to distract attention from the real issue global surveillance programs. u.s. secretary of state john kerry hinted at possible consequences that russia may face for its response on snowden saying at times russians have criminals in the u.s. they're looking for and he said the u.s. has cooperated on handing over seven of them in the past two years although if it were a russian whistleblower who stood up for civil liberties in russia it's kind of hard to imagine the u.s. handing them over very quickly especially if the u.s. were not legally obliged to do so and in the case of snowden we heard the russian president say russia had no legal authority to stop him from traveling formally he hasn't crossed the russian border is a transit passenger didn't need a russian and he hasn't committed any crimes in russia moscow says russia doesn't want to have anything to do with mr stone but it's amazing how this story which had absolutely nothing to do with russia is all about russia much of the media here has
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turned the whole snowden story into a story about putin they invite lawmakers and experts who focus on russia and putin here's for example senator mccain weighing in on the story. we got to start dealing with that amir putin in a realistic fashion for what he is he's an old k.g.b. colonel apparatchik that dreams of the days of the russian empire and he continues to stick your stamina for a broad variety of ways this kind of narrative in the media that's focused on russia certainly helps build up negative public opinion on snowden and eventually discredit his revelations the focus is not just on russia but also on china and you hear u.s. officials blast hong kong for letting small one fly but what about one of these revelations the fact that the u.s. spied on chinese research centers and universities here's the explanation that we heard from secretary kerry our surveillance activities on them it's our surveillance activities anonymously on thousands of chinese and the chinese
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university mostly in order to be able to track terrorism if there is an act of terrorism or some linkage. that is appropriate some indicate on whatever it is could be anywhere in the world whatever it is then you have to go to court and you have to have court approval in order to do anything that is actually name specific person specific so secretary kerry said the u.s. was spying on chinese research centers and universities two point terrorists a lot of people would find that response quite confusing china would probably not buy it so you see the u.s. officials being quite a vase if on what they're actually doing preferring to focus on the messenger instead on edward snowden and here's my colleague going to see a trick in a on how the media here goes along with that narrative some journalists believe the shocking us government spying scandal is the biggest story of our lifetime i sit in
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my desk certainly have the authorities to to wiretap anyone from you or your accountant to a federal judge to even the president if i had a personal e-mail but big brother shamelessly watching millions of people in secret seems to be turning into little more than a cat and mouse chase by the american mainstream media snowden snowed snowden's in my mind the only thing that's very really important. is it's really how the government is cracking down on. your mole over the place but that's far from most of the media's focus instead snowden is the source not the substance of the n.s.a. scandal is all the rage there's an old technique called change the subject when you don't like what the subject is about how you change it you personalize it or you try to see what the problems are with the people who are delivering the message and ovoid actually explaining the message itself in this case a massive spy scandal has been turned into a possible case of treason as an alice in wonderland first comes the verdict then
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the trial with pundits eager to shoot the messenger from questioning whether the reporter who broke the scandal with. oldness his source should be punished along with the whistleblower why shouldn't you mr greenwald be charged with a crime to news reports focused on snowden's girlfriend what's curious she also packed everything up and left for the mainland to pointing fingers at any other government but their own whether china or russia has been able to sort of suck out that knowledge from those computers while he's been in their countries of voiding the issue at hand seems to be a priority it doesn't surprise me that it should be this focused on the snowden private issue so it's a private affairs or his whereabouts and travel instead on the credibly important revelations that he has given us the answer to the question why is simple because they've failed to do their job to actually expose all this so now they're blaming
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somebody who has exposed it and it makes them look bad ditto for the government the media coverage of the n.s.a. scandal oh litmus test for journalism that most are failing instead of cleaning up their act and dwindling ratings networks are busy looking for bad guys elsewhere instead of looking the real villain in the face when you consider that as recently as one thousand seven richard nixon was forced to resign in large part because he thought well. this is a huge change in our perception while the media war breaks out over supporting or hating edward snowden as little airtime as possible is actually dedicated to the spying on unsuspecting citizens itself the biggest privacy leak in recent u.s. history has shown the media to have little ability to deal with complex issues instead indulging themselves in a manhunt yet again but then again the shouldn't be too shocking when the finger
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pointing every now and then is paused it's stories like this that fill air time. or the sound of your holiday your holiday weight. i'm sure going to new york. u.s. is large scale spy program is there to target only terrorists but experts suggest those planning terror don't exactly spend their time googling scraping or updating their facebook pages or arena glue should go explains what exactly part of cyberspace they do talk about and there's the pose a quest for preventing terror attacks and increasing security prism only gathers data from the internet big players such as google facebook and so on but most of those who look forward to harvest or terrorist related information can find it only on the appropriate forums which are hidden deep within the so-called under web none of these resources in that realm are actually indexed by the major search engines and in fact google how that one point admitted that it indexes
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a tiny fraction of just one percent of all data that's available on the web if you imagine it as an iceberg that you can understand that prism only covers the very top the very tip of the iceberg the rest of the information is actually not covered by prism according to dutch intelligence service but pencil terrorists go to these core forums which are highly encrypted and hidden deep within the web so one really needs to know what they're looking for and where to find it a case in point could be this or not have brothers they have turned to one of the more no radical sources sometimes referred to as the vanity fair of al qaida though the web sites existence is no secret for some reason u.s. security services failed to track down the brothers' activity even after it took off from russia and thereby they failed to prevent the boston bombings so although the cia and the n.s.a. say their surveillance programs are directed at protecting people it seems like they're too busy reading innocent people's e-mails eric draitser a new york based political analyst thinks the government and media are colluding to
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wage a concentrated smear campaign against snowden. in the united states we see a concerted propaganda campaign designed to demonize and to destroy the image if not the total character of snowden and we see this happening from the right wing and also from the left wing those who are attacking glenn greenwald for his revelations and snowden themselves this is now becoming a real story in the united states the way in which the controlled media is attacking snowden and serving the interests of the surveillance state and the partisanship behind president obama the united states we certainly will not give up we've seen cases of extraordinary rendition from all over the globe carried out by the united states and it wasn't just in the context of so-called terrorists if i were snowden i would be working under the assumption that there really is no place anywhere on earth that will be one hundred percent safe but i think that the strategy that he has taken incorporating china incorporating russia using the
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infrastructure built up by wiki leaks is absolutely critical to ensuring his safety . was snowden's motive for leaking data and what should he do now is some of the questions being housed over and crosstalk in the next hour here's a preview. all these people who are saying well snowden released information that was harmful to the united states because he revealed that for example that the united states was spying on russia for spying on china or hacking into universities and places like that well you know they already knew that everybody knows that let me ask you this question mark if if edward snowden is really standing on principle and i don't know his motivations i don't think any of us really know his motivations but nevertheless if he's really standing on principle and what he cares about is really exposing the truth why should he come back to the united states go on trial and really stand up for what he's done if public opinion is so behind him why would that be a good thing for him to do you're arguing you know you should do you don't do the
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crime if you don't want to do the time well great but that's not the time he's going to do he's not going to be tried we already know that he's being charged under the espionage act which carries a potential life imprisonment ok he didn't do anything like that so yeah he has every reason in the world not to want to spend the rest of his life in jail for something he didn't do he'd be stupid to come back here. at least. russia's fleet eagerly awaiting a new member of the family. local shipbuilders and sell what they've produced as part of a rush so french project that includes construction of two high tech missile class helicopter carriers still to come after a short break. of
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it would. snowden is a whistle blowing hero to millions around the world washington calls him a very dangerous security liability and to threaten whatever is faith one thing appears to be clear still he justifies his actions in the name of transparency and the need to have a public debate on the surveillance state in that regard has he succeeded. choose your language. of holy week over though if. someone. chooses to use the consensus you can. choose to give the great. choose the stories that impact your life choose the access to. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
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else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. sixteen minutes past the hour now britain's chancellor george osborne announcing billions more in government spending cuts starting measures already biting for many across the u.k. our fourth reports the effect could be devastating for some of the most vulnerable . a place of sanctuary now a patent symbol of austerity person a small garden with west stephanie bottrell often sought refuge from her financial worries it was a she'd raised a family but when her son moved out she was caught by the new government scheme the
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bedroom tax days in social housing with spare rooms must face a cuts to the housing benefits all moved to somewhere smaller less than a month ago and the fifty three year old grandmother of one killed herself by stepping in front of the meeting lori she left the suicide note behind for her devastated family about god with her world she loved about god. and so maybe. she'd know. small tight knit communities like this one live in might be a long way from westminster many of the people who live here and in communities like that have been among some of the hardest hit by the government. many people. having to pay. just. to have
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cut back. but this problem was caused by the banks this problem was caused by. the government insists that the cuts are necessary and that the current changes to the benefit system will eventually improve the lives of some of the poorest family but part of the wealth of a whole taking place right now angela murray had essential say she slashed from twenty hours a day to just three earlier this week she delivered a petition signed by forty five thousand people calling on the chancellor to invest in social care if you think you know i haven't committed any crime. in a situation. and you've suddenly been restricted to. prison. but how would you. fifty years but.
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i'm sure. there are. some of. the. experts in situations like stephanie's are avoidable and point to iceland as an example the country saw a collapse of its banking system a few years back but protected spending cheesing stimulus. the banking crisis writes and enjoy three percent in two thousand and twelve compared to just point two percent in the k. but with the government seemingly committed to there will start to worry is that these cuts will for many more people across the way like stephanie friends and family have effects irreversible so. for more on the u.k.
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budget cuts and their effect i'm joined live from london by ian dunn editor of politics start coding u.k. thanks very much for joining us here on our team so the chancellor claimed the burden will fall with those quote with the broadest shoulders do you think that statement rings true now he's been saying that for some time now at least since two thousand and ten really from a couple of years before then when he was predicting what he was going to do it is not the case remains and it isn't the case the headline measure that he came up with today a beige jobseekers allowance people who struggle to be able to speak english who are trying to pick up welfare payments these are actually the most vulnerable people in our society who is attacking there were no measures today which would have a serious effect on the rich so what effect do you think the changes will have in the welfare of those who are sort of at the bottom rung of the ladder so-to speak. so they try to cut little bits here and that it's basically a trimming operation so for instance you're not allowed to claim jobseeker's
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allowance the week off do you know you need to be looking for weapons for ukraine the allowance is a quite small measures and i'm expected to bring in very much there are some alterations to winter fuel payment which will affect ex-pat brits living abroad really very small measures most of the money of course comes from government departments many of them losing up to ten percent of their spending the effect that has is almost it's very difficult to quantify i mean if you take the legal aid which is relied on by poor people who are facing out of the criminal justice system that is absolutely being stripped bad the effects of that we will see over the next few decades so if there is running on a deficit now and there's no money in the till how can the government keep providing welfare for people at all or that certain amount of income coming in i mean the country is not completely bankrupt just yet but of course it does seem that when we go past twenty six we are going to start needing to look at tax rises and the most sensible way to proceed in that respect is to start taxing the rich.
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that obviously brings in more money but more importantly the rich tend to save that money when you give tax cuts to the poor they have to spend it and they tend to spend it within that community you increase the fluidity of capital going around local communities that would be the most intelligent way of proceeding it is not necessarily the way that the government will proceed one of the things of the chancellor pledge was an increase in spending on infrastructure new things that'll help make a difference. yeah i would be a little bit cautious about the money that he's suggesting is going to go on infrastructure he's talking in groups rather than that there is no government that does that over a period of many many years we did in that because of course there will be a deterioration in your infrastructure there's a very clear reason that we do that in fact so that was a little bit of a deception with the chancellor pulled today to suggest that there was an increase in infrastructure spending it looks like it's going to be broadly mutual in twenty fifteen twenty six the i'm going to shift gears on you
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a little bit here british intelligence services including g c h q which spied on g. twenty delegates according to edward snowden's recent revelations that's getting a budget increase what do you make of that yeah that's an interesting move these stories are not connected it is strange timing that they should be getting a budget increase right now there's also a protection a ring fencing for comes terrorism from the police. for any government anything that you can do that can prevent a terrorist attack is obviously an option you're going to take the political damage you would take from a successful terrorist attack is rather more severe than the one you would take by not being stringent enough in your cuts are right in done editor of politics dot co dot u.k. thanks very much for your time turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe at least eight people killed by police during a shoot out in the rio de janeiro security forces hunting for the killer of a police officer when they clash with locals meanwhile anti-government protests
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continue sweeping across the country with people calling for better social services this despite a recent proposal by the brazilian president for a referendum on widespread political reforms. up to seven people killed by a roadside bomb attached to a motorbike that detonated in pakistan the southern city of karachi a senior judge thought to be the target of the attack he was seriously wounded after the suicide bomber rabbit to his vehicle no one's claimed responsibility for the blast but the judge had reportedly been getting death threats. the first part of a long awaited addition to russia's sea fleet power has been unveiled in st petersburg the stern of the mistral ship will now be sent to france to be fully assembled or to marry if an ocean it takes a look at what the deal means for moscow in paris. this strongly is the name of a strong and usually cold wind in the grounds but it might also be a wind of change when it comes to places. and.
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you. know it. was a very fine run according to the deal signed two years ago this shipyard in st petersburg will play a vital role in the fabrication of vessels the section built here will soon had to france for completion before making the return journey to enter the service in russia's navy although there's no champagne available to celebrate here today because a bottle of it was just smashed on the new ship or rather on this section of a new ship it's still a big day for a big ship as high as a fifteen story building and around two hundred meters long and the mistral class war ships have enough capacity to carry sixteen helicopters up to forty tanks or armored vehicles and around six hundred troops and a range of around forty thousand kilometers the equivalent of a single trip around the entire globe and what's even maybe more important it is
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a multipurpose vessel if. this ship is like a swiss knife it can be used both for military and civilian purposes it's a hospital it's a command point it's an assault ship and it's a headquarters it would be great for each of our four sleeps to have the ship however the purchase of the two ships is not without its critics some of russia's own ship builders complain the fronts put a huge order to sort of the mastic shipyards they also say the deal has more political than economic benefits it's just recently emerged that the. sumus truck lost warships will not be able to operate in russia's bison winters without special lubricants that means more expense for the navy and a dependence on a foreign supply chain others argue it's a win win situation for both countries france gets an order worth over a billion euro which will keep many of its ship builders in business more important now than ever because of the ongoing euro zone crisis while russia gets a warship that'll considerably boost its military capacity and also gains access to
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a very latest naval technology the first ship is expected to join russia's navy by the end of next year with another want and as to whether this one deal will lead to close to toss with perry's mosco will simply have to wait to see which way the wind blows. st petersburg. pub next to possible flight the fate of whistleblower edward snowden and crosstalk stay with us here on r.t. . wealthy british style. is no time to present the battle for. haifa. market why not. find out what's
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really happening to the global economy kinds of reports on our t.v. . we'll talk about languages. react to situations i have read to reports for them like pollution you know i will leave that to the state department to comment on your letter to say to mr kerry every car is on your dog's . nose i. think you know more weasel. when you say you know direct question are you prepared for a change when you when you should be ready for a. critical stage a little down to to freedom. c . c. c c. c.
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b c one. is a. glowing welcome across all things are considered i'm peter lavelle the saga of edward snowden a whistle blower.


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