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tv   [untitled]    June 27, 2013 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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american whistleblower edward snowden remains stuck in the transit zone of moscow airport as russian human rights activists urge president putin to help the fugitive . and despite the blow to british intelligence from snowden's leaks the u.k. finance chief announces a funding boost for the country spying agencies while slashing welfare spending. and deadly scenes on the rest shock yet again as the opposition gears up to mark the first anniversary of the president's inauguration with a nationwide protest. as
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to pm and mosque a watching r.t.i. marina joshie welcome to the program. america's most wanted man hour snowden remains stuck in the transit zone of moscow's sheremetyevo airport is believed to have been there since sunday the national security agency has asked for political asylum from ecuador but the south american country says it could take months to process the requests are his lucy confident joins us live now from outside the airport hi there lucy so what do we know about snowden's whereabouts what's the latest. well not much as you mentioned he is still presumed to be stuck in the transfer area of the airports the reason that he came here through moscow's he had originally booked a flight to havana since there's no direct flights to ecuador going through cuba would really be his only option he didn't on board the flight that he was originally scheduled to go on and therefore remain stuck in this transit zone now there was a flight leaving from moscow today on thursday at two pm to have bene our reporters
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confirm he was not booked on that flight and in fact the airline that operates that air flow does confirm that he is not booked on any of the flights to come so it's still quite a mystery as to how long he'll be stuck here at sheremetyevo and where he will go afterwards add there's an added wrinkle of course to to mr snowden's problems in the fact that the united states has revoked his passport so even if he were to try to book a ticket to have managed to get to ecuador it's quite questionable as to how he'd be able to do that there was some speculation that perhaps i could or could grant him refugee status papers but again that might take some quite some time and again unclear whether he'd be able to plug take gets on that so a lot more questions than answers our correspondents have not been able to track a glimpse any sighting of edward snowden in the transfer area and so we're still waiting to try to figure out exactly where he would go and what his next moves will be and of course the big question is whether this would be
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a julian assange type of situation of course that wiki leaks founder has been stuck in the ecuador embassy in london. to this date and whether snowden or not will love will be in a similar situation is the big question that everyone's asking right now maria absolutely on this point as you said there are more questions than answers and obviously the u.s. is doing its best to get us to get its hands on him but you said that the country revoked its his passport what else the u.s. is doing to get him back in. the u.s. is trying to get snowden through various diplomatic channels of course they've been in talks with russia to try to get him back president vladimir putin the centrally said that look he hasn't tried fishley crossed russian territory he's in the transit zone so there's not much that the russians could theoretically do at this point out there have been exchanges i mean we do have to keep in mind for example united states can't ask russia to extradite mr snowden because there's no official extradition treaty they can however ask of russia to expel him something that mr
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putin declined to do there have been swaps of people of interest between the united states and russia in the past but there's no indication at this point that this is something that would happen and the u.s. has softened his tone somewhat in its relations with russia with secretary of state john kerry saying that we're not looking for quote a confrontation at this point of course much more of a heated response back in washington from the lawmakers on capitol hill who have not been happy with the obama and obama administration's reactions to this earth least one lawmaker have called on president obama to play hardball another lawmaker has just at the perhaps a trade relations between the united states and ecuador should be targeted but again no official confirmation from the u.s. the white house administration that that would be a course that they would be willing to take marina all right lisa thanks very much indeed for this of date on snowden's whereabouts and what we could expect in the near future. now russian human rights activists have lashed out again washington's
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aggressive pursuit of the thirty year old whistleblower and. cold on president putin to step in and help snowden with some insisting the former cia employee should remain in russia are his legs here shifty reports. while the world decides where the edward snowden is hero or villain russia's human rights activists have clearly made their minds up it's not too often they see eye to eye with russia's president but they welcome to putin's decision not to extradite the former ana say employee still outraged by washington st mint of the whistleblower the ask more school to take more than just a neutral stand. such as she says supports it also in the current situation russia has to do everything in its power to aid snowden he cites for those exact principles that the u.s. doubts that in fact transgressions yet the more i hear and i think russia should now act according to the law to not let the man be led like a lamb to slaughter. the head of russia's anti-corruption committee went even
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further to you come on of says he's ready to write a letter to putin urging him to keep snowden in russia. despite the fact that he has no passport let him go to those countries that are willing to accept him we cannot act like a weak country that understands exactly what's going on but at the same time says no stay away from this. edward snowden has never asked for political asylum in russia but with heavy support coming from the human rights camp you couldn't rule out a positive response from the kremlin if you did his active asylum pleas are still pending a decision from ecuador and venezuela snowden himself was still presumably sitting tight inside most schools airport which leaves a lot of space for more twists and turns to this saga former officers of security services describe the man as snowden as a gift to the intelligence they usually use for an exchange between countries but with such strong reaction coming from russia's human rights activists many agree
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that extraditing snowden now would be like shooting oneself in the foot. reporting from moscow now u.s. officials are seeking to prosecute snowden for what they call a serious breach of national security affairs landay publisher of the transdermal thinks that snowden's revelations only confirm what manti had suspected for years. he has the proof for a lot of people speculated and what the whistleblowers talked about so now they can't hide from the truth anymore so what they do is there's a leading into it is they try to change the narrative what did this guy tell us snowden that we already know that they're building a two billion dollar facility in bluffdale you or the giant city sized national security agency facility in fort meade maryland it's a business the business of america used to be business but now it's cyber war and
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war now berlin officials have warned of drastic ramifications if it's confirmed that the british intelligence agency g c h q has been snooping on germany among other countries now this comes after ad word snowden exposed the u.k. surveillance activities along with those of the u.s. meanwhile peace activist bush from paying movement and berlin says intrusive data gathering by governments threatens more than just privacy i think the larger concern is keeping. some political control over germany because the united states has very important military assets in germany the bases here are the most important in all of europe for the u.s. efforts in formerly in iraq or in presently to some degree in afghanistan africa africa calm it is in stuttgart and. i think that's the reason
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that germany is more heavily monitored than any other european country that's what the report say and of course that goes back to the fact that during the entire occupation really up till the early ninety's in any case u.s. military intelligence felt that they had a right to spy on him and the german especially in berlin. now meanwhile the u.k. spy agencies are set to get a major financial boost that's according to britain's latest budget review which also unveiled over eleven billion pounds worth of spending cuts are these tests are silly as the details. but what's been widely reported as the biggest winner in this in this review of the budget is the intelligence service that comprises of prizes and b m i five yes my six. course we know have been in the spotlight particularly. after as we know they will be american who had made revelations on the extent of
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the year kind of spying that crews have been doing on that ricky citizens and ya know what they're going to see is a real term increase of more of a three percent and the rationale behind it is going to always be one is that there is still a continuing threat of terrorism let's get more on this from the intelligence analysts glenmore treanor harvey thank you very much for joining us now first of all in light of edward snowden's revelations it just happened a few days ago and we see an increase in the budget of the in particular what does that mean i have to say that i don't think his revelations did have an effect is it just so happens at this time because constraints and especially increases take a long time to work out the thing is of course the spotlight is on british as a result of edward snowden so revelations the whole world is concentrating on what
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we are doing so it does seem a little off to the general public. it would not have been surprised if they had to cut the budget as it were that could be on standby to be present in person so first we have the rationale of security this issue with terrorism on the other hand you have the backlash from the revelations of snowden and you have austerity cuts in other sectors which really affected the british people so how how do we view this how was this justified. i am biased in my arms rather having an association with your services. yes i think it is i'm surprised that the extent when you're talking about the g.d.p. of britain increasing by one percent a year to have a three percent increase this is quite extraordinary but it will be seen on shore media comment to say that in the might of snowden is a revelation that this is
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a british government saying we're not concerned about that we are going to go ahead we're not embarrassed. i do contributor and she returns he says the government is trying to make up excuses for this latest funding boost that's presumably why the british government is spinning it and saying look if we don't do all of this you'll see more british soldiers a british barracks up and down the country being beheaded and for that matter for after the snowden allegations do we think that the united states is telling britain to beef up their way. the g.c. h.q. budgets because as snowden has revealed britain is basically a spying outpost for the united states and yet the poorest in society have paid for this well mr obama may be telling those board and david cameron to do just this before the security services. also how this our help with strings attached. we investigate whether u.s. ally guitars multi-million dollar handouts to gaza supposedly for rebuilding
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efforts have an ulterior motive. plus america's lackluster support for africa and washington's military overreach overshadow barack obama's visit to his father's native continent that more stories shortly here in r.t. . they were ready to do anything for their country to lead is to love the country more than yourself if you join the military for any other reason that you're probably not going to have a good day they were in the hands of the state now they live remembering the past which is impossible to get rid of. the war. but i'll ever good people get hurt. but i've heard good people. silent.
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but would prefer not to be sometimes i feel like. i should have died over there are. those. i saw some people who are tired. is cheaper than terrifying. on our. welcome back you're watching aren't you live from moscow at least two people have been. hundreds injured in fierce clashes between supporters and opponents of egypt's president mohamed morsi rioting broke out in the northern city of mn sora as a leader it was preparing for
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a national address marking his first year in power amid a wave of fresh calls for him to step down his bill true brings us the latest bond story is a nile delta city this a few hours drive from the capital to have been put on the street battles between the things in support of the president and those the against the president said egypt and police are desperately trying to contain the violence using tear gas that have been reports of bird shot but it is related weapons and fire bombs and base class it's just the no support since all the missing brotherhood group which the president hails from decided to have a protest off the afternoon press i witnessed things a sight you could fix reports said that to either look cool residents attacked said the most of a good group or thugs who are against the islamist group the president mohamed morsi in his speech did little to assuage fees he did admit that the year has been very tough for the presidency and that he himself had made mistakes but he failed to go into the details of these mistakes he also controversy once again praised the
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police in his speech at the police of the touristy brutal here in egypt we've seen an increase in amount of violence from the security forces over the course of the last year resulting in many deaths people here in the presidency praising the security forces is not something the very pleased with what people have really worried is that if they buy into stuff if this is going to be that it will only get worse in the in the lead up to the anniversary protests and continue with the deaths on the horizon. e.u. leaders are meeting in brussels in an effort to tackle the ever growing problem of youth unemployment almost a quarter of young people are out of work across the twenty seven nation walk with the numbers hitting on president the highs in the most indebted countries greece and spain details are now from artie's katie pilgrim. the last generation that is how everyone is referring to the five point six million unemployed young people in europe and overall use jobless rate of twenty three percent in greece and spain the
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situation is even worse with youth unemployment over fifty percent of all these numbers sound pretty bad the consequences are even worse young people who have studied hard to achieve the best grades and yet don't get to reap the benefits of such dedication unless feeling resentful towards their cultures which can also result in social unrest especially as energetic young people are not so afraid of tear gas and stun grenades that they will not voice their discontent on the streets also the employment gap on a resume is also seen as a negative by employers added to this the fact that the citizens are more able to contribution to the growth of their economies puts pressure on the whole financial system so what is being done to avoid total mayhem on the streets and the shuttering of young people. well the e.u. leaders are planning to splash out six billion euros to tackle the escalating problem writes we can all relax e.u. is on to us but while the european financial crisis is still in full swing the
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question is where exactly is this cash coming from will you leaders agree back in february that they would set aside the money from the twenty fourteen twenty twenty budget for the youth guarantee project but this is yet to be approved by the european parliament so good intentions but no policy in place yet to do with the situation and even if this money is finally found it may not be enough since it has recently turned out that south european states are not alone in their misery while overall unemployment may be lower in scandinavia young people make up the bulk of the unemployment rate so the more time mrs tate to come up with the cash to solve the problem more problems will be caused by the shattered dreams of the restless young. following the chinese investment boom in africa america is having to play catch up barack obama has begun a tour of three countries there in a bid to strengthen ties obama was once hailed
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a hero by manny africans but he's seen that popularity slide over u.s. aid cuts and controversial military operations or he's gone and check out the reports right now. in the center of america's so-called war on terror we hear about new drone bases popping up. countries whose governments we see aid from the us in one form or another we hear about the us army in training security forces in a number of states in africa then we learn how some of those forces commit most horrible atrocities and get the us doesn't stop to take a second look at who they empower just a few most recent examples say you when we poor found us train troops in congo guilty of mass rape and other atrocities human rights watch released a report documenting the abuse rape and torture of at least one thousand somali refugees by u.s. backed kenyan police forces this follows a report by the open society justice initiative that connected u.s.
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counterterrorism and influence to systematic human rights abuses in kenya and uganda then you have secretary of state john kerry himself expressing quote deep concern around human rights abuses committed by the nigerian military a major u.s. counterterror partner his statement says gross human rights violations committed by nigerian security forces only escalate the violence and fuel extremism in washington sees what's going on but does it really change their calculations i spoke with the editor of pan african newswire by you know me as they may say that they are there to enhance the african states national security capacity but we know from the history of the united states that they do nothing i regard their foreign policy if there's no real strategic interest for the united states. or maintaining a relationship with different states at the same time to edge out the people's
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republic of china which is pretty considerable amount. in africa just over the last. few years that china has become the number one trading partner of the african union africa is an extremely rich continent the chase for terrorists may not be the only. reason the u.s. wants to have as much presence as possible there take a listen to what mr as it was said about that many of the countries in west africa a large or produce for example nigeria which is the largest u.s. importer. of oil into the united states from africa in east africa they have been a huge finding of all of natural gas all along the eastern coast of africa from somalia all the way down to tanzania so this in my opinion explains why we have this escalation of u.s.
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military intervention on the african continent so backlash in the form of extremism on the one end of the scale and tangible benefits on the other that could be the dilemma that the u.s. is weighing in africa now but as we've seen reports about gross human rights violations haven't stopped us from partnering up with you said governments in washington i'm going to check up. now israel has given the go i have for the construction of sixty nine new housing units in east jerusalem c. authorities claim it's just part of a strategy to ease overcrowding in the area. by the move could derail washington's efforts to revive peace negotiations between israelis and palestinians u.s. secretary of state john kerry is meeting with leaders from both sides later today to try to clinch an agreement to renew the talks which broke down three years ago and more than half a million israelis now live on land that palestinians consider their own young going settlement construction is deemed illegal under international law.
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while life may be tough for palestinians in gaza they are starting to get a helping hand guitarist for the millions of dollars into rebuilding the territory while encouraging the ruling hamas group to emerge from international isolation suppose the year investigates what exactly such warm ties are based on israel destroys and could tom rebuilds that's the message in gaza where streets damaged by israeli tanks are now being repaved with khatami money. could cost up to twenty one projects at the same time so there are a lot of new jobs. it's simple mathematics give people food homes and cash and they'll support you no matter what. israel is worried by the growing relationship between cantarell and hamas israel is concerned because it is strengthening hamas and hamas is getting more military and political power projects like this are part
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of the four hundred million dollars pledged by the emir of qatar last october it was the biggest injection of reconstruction aid for gaza after parts of it were devastated during the last wars with israel for years the tiny arabian gulf nation has supported the palestinians but observers took note when she hunted been highly felt tiny chose to visit gaza and not the palestinian leadership in the west bank he was also the first head of state to visit the strip since hamas branded terrorists by israel took over six years ago the manning mostly to support the population in order to gain back their only i would say to quantify serving meals so from their backyards input israel lawyers in this is radio civil rights organization devote their time to going off to states they came to sponsor terrorism qatar is right up there five years ago after the last israel lebanon war they bought a civil lawsuit against the qatari funded al jazeera channel what the deuce there
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was doing is they're broadcasting live from the places where the risk they were falling and that they were aiming the hizbollah so more accurately points out their missile for them x. they called the marketeers freedom fighters so there was no doubt no question that that as there was identified with the cause or has been for such a small country qatar yield significant financial and political global count it was qatari reels that financed and promoted to the islamist opposition forces that overthrew moamar gaddafi in libya. the muslim brotherhood in egypt and is now a banquet in the free syrian army in syria. we see that catalogers trying to control the region we saw this in libya and egypt and of course in syria cats are his goals qatar is part of a plan that wants to change the arab world but not towards democracy in the air
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profits because cats are itself is not a democracy and people there have no freedom. and from the sidelines the u.s. commie watch is keeping mum because of its basted interest in khatam that day to military base oil and defense cooperation it's not that the israelis i'm aware of what is happening across the border they know full well khatami's financing and israel activities white under the noses but with the us keeping quiet prime minister netanyahu doesn't really have anyone to complain to point to see on t.v. tel aviv's. pop next on our t.v. the soldier is pushed to alcohol by the horrors of war.
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i love life but there is a lot of sick stuff going on on this planet for example according to bloomberg a hospital in chicago has been accused by the f.b.i. of cutting the throats of patients for big bags of cash a tracheotomy is a procedure to get air directly into the windpipe of someone who can't breathe by cutting a hole into it an f.b.i. affidavit based on tape recording says that the hospital knowingly and purposely sedated patients to the point that they couldn't breathe properly and would need tracheotomy and as you know in the u.s. health care system nothing comes cheap trick out of his own days cost about one hundred sixty thousand dollars a pop this alleged conspiracy between doctors and management is not the first of its kind at this hospital and administrator and five doctors have already been charged for medicare fraud for giving and receiving kickbacks not only is having a hole punched in your neck for money disgusting but it may also be lethal because
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patients at that hospital in chicago are three times more likely to die than patients at other hospitals from tricky out. throughout the state now how did the f.b.i. find out about this well three employees ratted out the hospital and worked with the f.b.i. to make a lot of incriminating voice recordings these people risk their jobs and possibly much more to do what was right and i salute them were reading out evil is no wrong deed but that's just my opinion. feel.
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so it's all about you come back to this all night. it's far far worse if you do. i were going to pass that you know. and i'm about to actually go to afghanistan here and. i got i got not very much time to have fun. that's why we try to do it they want to go drag. him into ploy before yes man tire is pretty good nothing bad happened when you lose anybody so it was a good good time hopefully this year is the same day things are starting to calm down here not so much to this day but i'm really happy i know exactly every thing is now it's still got some work to be done but i have to make. so that's what i get
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paid for so i get to have their own table for the wife and a kid in. our. three weeks. yes only four to your dad now i'll be able to pass my truck down as well so if you have to do it cause. screw. it. we've got about fifteen or.


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