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when i'm done your bush will the white house confirmed about war crimes prosecution coming up lawyers filed for an iraq obama's arrest. world stop war crimes tourney says he will get george w. bush and huge secret war if you're paying for it you don't even know about. washington's putting in tens and put system pressure to over tumble crime sentences of other countries c'mon this reveals. the hate shows frederick hall hopes that the white house is getting extremely nervous about his own crimes. the court said commanders where responsible for a war crimes their subordinates committed by the chamber suddenly backtrack the us
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felt they were getting too close to their own commander the malaysian cool to already phone killed w. bush and his deputies guilty of cool shot and will crimes trial know how to mohamed malaysia six premier who's from victims and witnesses and was blunt. these are basically murder and they kill on a large scale. convicted for killing jews newsweek reported she advised bush the whole villages can believe could be quote must the could be in a few little school pools jay bybee infamous school to memo the most to rudy of legal opinion he has ever read the national lawyers guild the complaints over william payne his recommendations the so-called stress positions. against prisoners newsweek knows richard cheney's lawyer david addington penned a key member run to the geneva convention doesn't apply to them alberto gonzales broke the rules and. and torture
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a quote obsolete and quaint the senate armed services committee reports donald rumsfeld approved a quote aggressive take meat. black flies around the world richard cheney told the washington times he quote. on the so-called in interrogations i don't care what the international lawyers say we're going to kick bush knows counterterrorism head richard clogg the world's leading war crimes lawyer was on the prosecution team front as both and president milosevic to the hague in two thousand and one he was the first to bring an israeli general to court for atrocities against palestinians now with little food around the world against bush a cornering him stopping him from trouble first of all thanks a lot for joining us when you get bush and co even if they stay at home bush and the rest of them have been advised by their attorneys not to be traveling around the world where we're going to get them here to stay till about one point five
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million iraqis as for u.s. service personnel bush and the rest of the murdered about five thousand are so if that's what i think it's going to take longer because the often says. were so great and so extreme compared to my losses it was people's reaction to you closing in on him i think they'll be rejoicing in the streets when when they're brought to justice here and there are and perhaps in other places in the world certainly iraq for what what they did in iraq there's no question about that i'm sure they'll be courageous over there in iraq when bush and cheney are brought to justice. george w. bush at the council his first trip following the admission in a will to bug free decision points that he did waterboarding showed away from switzerland off the swiss m.p.'s. worked on
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a warrant for his the wrist was new york's and so for constitutional rights to seal senior attorney custer and gallagher joins us thanks a lot for coming on now the code responses oh bushnell's context no one can touch him for you what with lawmakers roman globe was you know cautious of probably anywhere close to just the bench against torture so most of the globe is that location to invest it in and punish george bush actually the obama team reached out to switzerland and some assurances that george bush when he prosecuted and that to swiss response was we have an independent prosecutor an independent judiciary we can't make that promise you can't be a republic the six ways the bush going has defied the law list two hundred pages over one health crimes rules over the book is former head of the national lawyers guild moultrie cohen thanks very much for joining us one of the six ways the bush going to forward the law ok daniel and i just want to say first of all that there are many more than six ways but i had to limit it so that's why i only chose six or
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the book would be as long as an encyclopedia the first and i think in some ways the most serious. is the illegal wars in iraq and afghanistan this is a crime of aggression crime of aggression at nuremberg was going to be the supreme international crime so then the second violation of the law is the torture regime that was set up by bush officials and their legal mercenaries john yoo jay bybee and other lawyers third violation is war crimes that and torture is considered a war crime as well but the killing of civilians the targeting of civilians two of the most notorious instances of war crimes they had to eat a massacre where u.s. marines basically executed about twenty four men women and children in cold blood it was just horrific. at the end the falutin massacre which
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was done in retaliation for the killing of four blackwater mercenaries. was a civilians who were targeted u.s. soldiers went house to house and took him out and shot them they shot families crossing the river helicopters and snipers shot people there were no numbers hundreds of people were killed in collusion. then the force. of the law is the prison camp at the united states maintains at one time tomorrow and the fifth example of lawbreaking by the bush administration was the illegal spying program surveillance program spying on americans conversations and then a data mining program very much like we've heard about lately from edward snowden and then finally the refusal to fulfill the law when congress would pass
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a law for a quick large w. bush would sign a law and then attach what we call a signing statement saying yes i'm signing this law but i am only going to follow the parts of it that i agree with and the president cannot make the law under the u.s. constitution that's up to congress. more when obama loans than sell stuff rico lawyers will flow for his the risk for genocide the country the went through a poll so it's a tough groups close those inferior charges the obama administration is not doing the exact same thing indiscriminate conformance of muslims with oh i'm told to drone attacks so muslim civilian populations around the globe we're told was the pope's words and phone calls to jews and genocide was an association brought the claim to prosecutors with attorney you should toby joins us it's good to have you on obama no expanding the war on. they're off to
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a war room with applause and using drones over us soil you know as with apartheid discrimination is spiraling out of control it's a history that people know and so it's something we can identify with and that is particularly put in and do the show this week and community because it is you know three ninety four we had extensive detention without trial in this country and the competitive to the south african public is you didn't condone it then why must you allow it to happen on an international basis now and so this is a genocide. of the campaign against people of the one of the judges you know about the stunning high court judgement they will complaint has declined to drone attacks to be illegal in his ask the un to investigate he seems to want to joke about the don't know if he's acquitted as having shifted one of these bowls held in the us that if any persons hit the zines
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on his daughters he's got to go but boys don't get any ideas. i have two words for you predator drones i you will never see it coming i. think i'm joking. last week in oil and then few clear corporate media should stop pretending of almost anything both a war criminal by any serious examination this man is a war criminal he has just announced his decision to supply arms to the syrian opposition including that she had this feeling that tea stabilization of class region and continuing to undermine secularism and not back conditions for women to hair with the title since more clearly loom starlight's are the tens of thousands more who won't be just place as this war goes on this is the man who has facilitated a two hundred percent increase in the use of her. which is kill time since people
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including hundreds of children transparency and the rule of law will be the touched arms of this president this administration the washington post has in fact been the most. closely following two million documents a year that's even more than bush. recalled is investigating those two schools american people always. funding and. thanks a lot for joining us tell us about those rules why have they been. what people don't realize is that there's been a war for four years they fought a war down through sudan and ethiopia and into somalia and then they tell us in the news that there's been a terrible drought and two hundred fifty thousand people have died when in fact what happened is that all the food supply and all the water supply was basically wiped out and so they're left to die in the desert because now they're going in developing the oil fields in this new country created south sudan and and then when it comes to to war crimes using weapons of mass destruction i mean the depleted
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uranium lined hellfire missiles and this is a fact they're fired from predator and reaper drones and they deliver at least ten kilograms of depleted uranium which permanently contaminated the target areas so when you go back in there you're guaranteed if you spend too much time to get some form of of of horrific cancer that will kill you between ten and fifteen years that's how poisonous this stuff is and we've got a lot of our soldiers around that they're dying but they don't talk a lot about it's like they it's like it's like our generation's agent orange i call my bottom of the odious and you've also got the secret killis by obama you've got the illegal wars in libya elsewhere you've got the start of the covert war in the name and basically deposed another leader in that country you've got an enormous mercenary presence in iraq.
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bush and his officials are effectively prisoners in their own country fearful of the risk if they travel up ruled for the victims of the crimes there's no punishment this is the truth be.
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told in my language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports so please let me know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your play. to secure a cause are you talking no. thank you no more weasel words. when you made a direct question be prepared for a change when you run you should be ready for a. pretty tough speech. down to to freedom. the new super secret laboratory to mukherjee was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which will unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything turns mission to teach me the creation why it should care about humans and we're going this is why you should care only on the dot com.
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choose the fumes the concerns you can. choose the opinions that invigorating to. choose the stories that impact the life choose the access to. what happened to the arab spring dream the. first freely elected president bring any change fear poverty economic failure and violence remain due to egypt's attempts to escape chaos leaves blowing a deeper. egypt. mission free cretaceous three sons for charges free. range month free. three stooges free.
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phone free blogs clothing videos for your media projects free media. relations cool over snowden at my door quits the trade pact with the u.s. labeling it as washington's instrument of blackmail over the political asylum bit of the annus a whistleblower. out of fear if there is more to the u. case phone online snooping that snowden has been telling us it turns out a special police unit has been secretly scanning social networks. and draw and divide deepens in agent supporters and opponents of president morsi are gearing up for a massive rallies fueling fears of street violence as the country's leader is preparing to mark his first year in office.


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