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tv   Headline News  RT  June 28, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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relations cool over snowden ecuador quits a trade pact with the u.s. labeling it as washington's instrument of blackmail over the political asylum bit of the n.s.a. whistleblower. a raging divide in egypt supporters and opponents of president morsi clash in street violence reportedly leaving one person dead while the muslim brotherhood headquarters is set. to begin brutal footage from syria appears on the web claiming to show rebel fighters beheading supporters of the assad government the top stories this hour.
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live from the new center here in moscow this is a party with you twenty four hours a day fresh clashes have erupted in egypt when president morsy is backers and his opponents with reports saying that a protester has been shot dead in the city of alexandria seventy people are said to have been injured with police using tear gas against the demonstrators rival groups are staging rallies ahead of a massive opposition protests on sunday marking the egyptian leaders first year in office true reports now from. these are not a street battles that are ranging between the uses to pool surprise and that is against a moment egypt's coastal city of alexandria they started this often named after demonstration by anti government protesters and so descended into not these scenes when they were confronted by there you see support of the president the police for that project and to contain the violence using tear gas however they are unable to
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control the situation and have been fatalities we've also heard reports that protesters have attacked the missing motherhood headquarters in the closest city on exams here have and states this is a worrying trend here in egypt where we're having these very bloody clashes between civilians as the country becomes increasingly to find its time meanwhile here in the capital as you can see behind me hundreds of thousands of people have come out in support of the president right in this city in the nick looming to see as a red line they say they believe in the president's plan and that's what they want their voice to be heights and if the president is serious china should be very pleased to change it should be through the budget books not be forced by the streets it's very different scene just a few kilometers away in the trees when opponents of morsi have gathered already i intend to thousands while i'm largely spearheaded by crosstrees campaign called rebel and they are calling for president morsi to step down and they say that this is a make or break moment it's
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a worrying sign the country's becoming divided increasingly violent in the lead up to the first anniversary of president obama knows these rules but you people worry i'm going to see a lot more fatalities in the future most his first year in office has been mauled by ongoing political unrest middle east expert and author tariq ali believes despite the revolt that brought morsi to power the country is still deeply divided . i see it goes without saying and morsi himself as partially admitted it that he has disappointed people as far as those people who helped to bring mubarak don't know concerned or a sizeable section of them he's changed absolutely nothing since he's come to these protests are to show that at the democratic fig leaf is not enough so what will happen on sunday i think will be quite decisive it's not the case that he is bereft of support it's just the country is very very sharply divided between those who want some meaningful change and the government which is maintaining continue to
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do with the previous regime and in some instances getting worse just ahead and here in r.t. another bloody act of violence in syria graphic footage of the headings appears on the web with rebel fighters blamed for the execution but we question whether the killers are the ones the west may well be trying to. still to come first edward snowden has become the centerpiece of a boiling diplomatic route between ecuador and washington the whistleblower who expose u.s. intelligence operations is meanwhile still believed to be stuck in the transit zone of moscow's sheremetyevo airport cabin of has the details from there. although the ecuadorian officials haven't exactly explain tower and if mr snowden would be able to gain asylum from their country they have certainly responded quite brashly in the sense that they've preemptively renounced a trade agreement which is known as the andean trade preference act that is
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a trade agreement that sort of gave ecuador beneficial preferences in its business relations with the united states preemptively saying that this was in response to quote a blackmail of ecuador over in the former n.s.a. contractor asylum request now. officials us speaking at an early morning press conference also announce that they are offering a twenty three million dollar donation to the united states supposedly to help the united states for human rights training certainly a lot of public public statements public reaction sort of trying to indicate that accord or will not bow to u.s. pressure in regard to the asylum request over mr snowden an ecuadorian official said that they have not yet granted him asylum request in fact in order for him to formally apply he would have to do so an ecuadorian soil what does that mean that would either mean being in a ecuador which he can't do at the moment since he has no passport or any means of
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getting there or that would mean applying at an embassy since embassy is and embassy grounds are essentially considered to be official soil of whatever country is in question again snowden is presumed to be stuck in that transit area so not quite clear how he could get that there has been some speculation that i could or would grant mr snowden special papers that would allow him to leave and perhaps purchase a ticket and apply for asylum but again no confirmation that that's happened so again more questions than answers in regards to the fate of mr snowden so snowden has become the subject of a diplomatic rift between cuba and washington but ecuador isn't the only potential escape destination for let's take a look at where else he could end up where he left for. russia from hong kong the many expected moscow to be only a stopover it was believed the thirty year old would head to cuba and then to ecuador but the whistleblower never turned up on that have on a bound flight well let's just go through all of snowden's potential options one by
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one cuba now appears to be out of the picture a u.s. government report claims the caribbean nation won't accept american fugitives he had previously said that iceland is a country which shares his values and we he leads affiliates now await word from the interior ministry there venezuela has been willing to open its doors to the thirty year old nicolas maduro the president there has been praising snowden for what he's done and another south american destination we've been talking a lot about he is ecuador it looks likely but cannot yet grant him asylum like they did to julian assange that's because snowden is not on ecuador in territory or their embassy where michael ratner he's an attorney for joining us our john we can lease believes more countries should follow teeters lead him stand lead in standing up to washington. after i hand it to ecuador the small country of nine million people breaking it straight preferences saying this is not the old latin america
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they used to have racist beat us up with a big stick we don't care about your trade preferences so it gives me more hope that ed snowden may be able to make it to ecuador i know that it's time for every country to speak up if this is not just about american citizens and our email being looked at in all our phone calls but the us combined with the u.k. which is getting into all the fiber optics and that's really a particularly what i think germany was concerned by going after all of they had and germany to its credit has spoken up of course germany had the stasi operating in east germany and i think it's very very concerned that ten percent of their population was under heavy surveillance from the stasi now it's one hundred percent on perhaps that is one of the reasons that has made germany so sensitive on this issue or not so sensitive having the sensitivity that all countries ought to have x general james cartwright someone who was once america's second highest ranking military official is being investigated for allegedly leaking secret information
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about a u.s. cyber attack on iran's nuclear facilities the u.s. army's meanwhile responded to the backlash over announcing security revelations by limiting internet access for its personnel but he's got to has the details. two thousand and ten when the u.s. carried out this cyber attack against iran general cartwright was vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and he was reported to be one of the crucial players in this cyber attack he resigned in two thousand and eleven and he is now apparently being investigated as the leaker of that story as you remember at the niek about the obama administration having carried out this cyber attack against iraq came before the election last year and the timing raise a lot of questions because president obama all but bragged about that operation as he ran for reelection as you remember everybody kind of assumed that it was one of those authorized leaks because the administration information all the time to further its own goals but the timing of this particular about the general being investigated is also very interesting he hasn't been charged with any crimes and
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yet again from an unnamed source that he's being investigated and this is happening at a time when the hunt for edward snowden is in full swing is the administration trying to make a point here trying to sort of say that they're targeting even the sources of those leaks that they like it really is not clear at this point not clear whether it's their way of trying to fight the perception that the administration deeks all it wants and targets only those who's the bears the government now as far as the government's reaction to the leaks we just learned that the guardian's recent stories about n.s.a. surveillance have been blocked across the entire u.s. army one of the papers here talks to an army spokesman who confirmed that the guardian's website had been blocked since the stories first emerged the spokesman said the army was weeding out quote some access to press coverage and online content about the n.s.a.
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leaks so that employees would not be able to see any classified information from or in the story make sure you know going to don't call my website and all the time we've got the latest snowden and we're tracking the reaction his situation is causing social media at the moment that's all just a click away. download the official publication. stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television or it just doesn't matter now with
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he continues here naughty another act to brutal violence reportedly by syrian rebels has appeared on the web verified video shows the beheading of three supposed government supporters the title of the footage suggest some orthodox christian bishop was among the victims although other claims say he had been shot dead in the sultana ministry report contains graphic images. most disturbing and brutal footage has appeared online and what you see is a group of men with what looks to be a kitchen knife in their hands decapitating one by one three min on the ground it's all happening on a small hill than in the distance there is a group of women and children looking on all of this is happening to the cries of akbar god is great the three men purported to be supporters of the syrian president bashar assad now at the same time the video appears under the heading of free syrian army cannibals decapitate an orthodox christian bishop it's not clear
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whether or not the bishop is one of the three men but what we do know is that a syrian bishop was killed while trying to protect religious sisters in their franciscan monastery in the north of syria this video appears some six weeks after similar brutal footage was also captured online and at that time there was the leader of a syrian rebel group known as the fabric brigade showed biting into the heart of a did syrian soldier all of this highlights the brutality of the syrian opposition and the extremist elements inside it it comes off to meetings of the friends of syria in which the united states pledged support to say and of weapons to this opposition the u.k. and france indicating that they will model over this although indicating they support for such measures all of this is a very warring scenario and that is why countries like russia have indicated their outrage of weapons being sent to syria saying that it only perpetuates the conflict and benefits at the hands of extremist elements there. or he will learn
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to move up the stories and pictures for you just ahead of the war they've got there at the moment. iran marks the international day against drug abuse by burning around one hundred tons of narcotics officials and gas watched but didn't inhale at the ceremony in tehran the video is available to watch you tube channel right now. also another click away online for you want your future child to be a whiz kid despite your own lack of skills and talents while the u.k. is considering whether to allow the creation of babies using d.n.a. from three people and. the consequences of the designer baby markets. the growing threat of terrorism is appearing at the top of the agenda of
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the u.k. government as the intelligence agencies and armed forces come out as winners in the spending review it comes just over a month since the brutal machete murder of a british soldier in london which the killers said was revenge for the u.k.'s military campaigns. has been finding out there a mounting delts over whether the war on terror is actually making the british safe . they're accused of hacking a soldier to death on the streets of london and now preparing to stand trial until the debris not sets back so we can see the problems and describe the site the chilling message and indication of what drove the attack but the politicians say it's nonsense it's people need to read the speech in the region it is a pretty easy save for the. twenty to eighty leap between this media age thirty four you will see all the actions you will be sure philistines who are risking their lives in
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a good for the sake of freedom but there are those who took part in those military campaigns fast hand who disagree jerry says he was disillusioned by the reality of what fighting for freedom in the name of britain safety and fall ved compared to some of the excesses in afghanistan and iraq. which is a very serious called quote of george the lie but it's absolutely true and we're very lucky that there are to be so few attacks why they said one of the banners we went to afghanistan on there was peace peacekeeping and in our peacekeeping operation we ran out of explosive artillery ammunition that gulf between how the war is presented and the bleak reality is all too evident for many in britain's boston muslim community in contact with our friends friends and family or back home where we know what exactly is going on over there while we see. some of the media reports from the u.k. or do people additions there are speeches in parliament is not reflecting the realities of going to stand
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a war and yet there's been almost no public political discussion about the western wars betraying the attacking when it is because they obviously want to prosecute the wars the wars in afghanistan or iraq in the project and have a look at the projects in the middle east is very longstanding it provides not a level to me there are public policy documents which side that told me because they want to keep. doing these things there are plans for syria iran is on the news on the horizon as well they need to keep growing up this kind of audiological barrier and continue to attempt to dealing with the killing killings like this from the real world our mission in afghanistan does remain vital to our national security was to prevent that country from being a safe haven to al qaeda from where they might plan attacks only u.k. allies and i think you have to be particularly stupid as a prime minister. if you invade other people's countries and you're like do you care about the list of terror plots for oiled by m i five on u.k.
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soil makes for frightening reading since the religion attack a number of people who believe that a clash of the civilizations between white britons and muslims is inevitable has gone out to almost two thirds of the population far right movements such as the english defense league. to fan the flames and islamophobia in the u.k. creating tensions that make it harder for ordinary british muslims to speak out about u.k. foreign policy many muslims are afraid or four on the. floor calling them a to extremist or terrorist but to what if you speak to most of them they're sympathetic to the message of the attacker but not. his actions because they are against any kind of terrorism any kind of terrorist. or in any other country including afghanistan iraq or anywhere else the war on terror has always been sold as keeping britain safe but to those who object to the u.k.'s involvement overseas
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the savage attack and well it merely serves as an example that it may be doing the exact opposite of. london. now some other news making headlines around the world in a world update in brazil there's no wenden side to the continuing antigovernment protests thousands of people staged a demonstration in the center of rio de janeiro and get about corruption amid a heavy tax burden in nearly ninety people were arrested after police clash with reuters outside the stadium where the italy spain cup match was about to kick off mass outrage erupted more than two weeks ago of a high spending on the next year's football world cup while social services and health care remain severely underfunded. the report in lebanon after the army moved in to break up a protest outside a mosque in the southern port of seed on streets being flooded by crowds of protesters who staged a demonstration in support of a son
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a hardline cleric here the man is one of the harshest critics of the ship militant group hezbollah which is now fighting in the ranks of the assad army in neighboring syria rested a seat on. the. islamist militants and seized control of the area was one of the dead this outbreaks of violence for some time and killed dozens on both sides. less than a decade is left for germany to keep its promise to say a permanent goodbye to nuclear energy but the ambitious shift towards renewables but a deep hole in taxpayers' pockets. of a report in the weeds germans may find along the path to a green future. a wind of change is sweeping through german energy production the cost of that change is ruffling more than a few feathers. it's an acceptable to give energy producers taxpayer handouts the government has decided that renewables will get this money all driven by climate change hysteria. the german government is set the and vicious target of producing
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eighty percent of the country's power from renewable sources over the next forty years heavily subsidizing wind and solar environment minister peter says that's going to cost germany around one trillion euro despite the vast amounts of cash being spent in subsidies to keep things like this spending consumers say the benefits are big passed on to them i mean to a single mother living in berlin struggling to make ends meet she's been left shocks after huge rises in energy prices bill after bill after bill happened on my . one day i saw it almost doubled it wasn't possible for me to be we don't watch much t.v. and then use washing machine once in a while so i can understand why this deal can be so expensive for two people. she's clear who she blames for the price rises and the effect it's had on her life so in
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some. responsibility for these lies with the government and the power companies they are why it is so expensive i would love to take a trip with my son not playing off anywhere just somewhere nearby to the countryside but i just can't afford it so. germany received huge praise from environmentalists went down to the country would stop using nuclear power by twenty twenty two however that decision has seen new coal fired power plants having to be built to take up the slack be honest answers gravely are really if you will just cannot support the majority of the need for reliable energy in the world it's too expensive and most of it is intermittent that is we don't know what to do with the subject the chinese weren't as well or there's also a case that economic interests outweigh the environmental right now germany saw slow growth in the first quarter of twenty thirty according to the cologne
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institute for economic research its energy costs for industry forty percent higher than those in neighbors france the netherlands. are industries suffering aluminum production the car industry are losing competitiveness the big companies may decide that is just too expensive and look to relocate. with elections in the autumn rising power prices could become an issue as chancellor merkel refuses to let the sun go down on her renewable revolution whatever the cost peter all over germany. the u.s. president may be enjoying a warm welcome from officials on his african tour but there's been more criticism of the open arms from locals trade unions and civil society activists were rallying outside parliament in cape town ahead of the u.s. president's arrival demonstrators came out to blast the whole range of the a bomb. administration's politics from crackdowns on whistle blowers to drone warfare
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millions of africans feel let down by washington's policies u.s. aid to the continent has been slashed since obama took office while america's military activities also stoked discontent and one of the bombers promise to do more to help the african people some believe washington is driven only by geo political interest. the american economy is not working pro growth and they need cash that it really has a strong materials africa house an important supplier of that but they're also concerned about the influence the long term effects the last few years they have been through in the last ten years it's been very much a part of chinese who have taken. total control of the consonance again the nations of india and china and the chinese and the russians are like how we make life easy for me and the americans are also feeling the strain strain because africa has been able to choose among its series of investors i would be a change suppliers and investors all at the same time the expense of humor i'm
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afraid obama's trip is very much a signal of concern by the americans that they're. losing influence on the outcome but i suppose we can leave that for you not. that's it for the moment i'll be back with the news team in just a whole phenomenon the meantime a look into citigroup's new financial adventure in iraq that is in prime interest from our washington studios off to a short break in. i love life but there is a lot of sick stuff going on on this planet for example according to bloomberg a hospital in chicago has been accused by the f.b.i. of cutting the throats of patients for big bags of cash a tracheotomy is
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a procedure to get air directly into the windpipe of someone who can't breathe by cutting a hole into it an f.b.i. affidavit based on tape recording says that the hospital knowingly and purposely sedated patients to the point that they couldn't breathe properly and would need tracheotomy and as you know in the u.s. health care system nothing comes cheap trick out of his own days cost about one hundred sixty thousand dollars a pop this alleged conspiracy between doctors and management is not the first of its kind at this hospital an administrator and five doctors have already been charged for medicare fraud for giving and receiving kickbacks not only is having a hole punched in your neck for money disgusting but it may also be lethal because patients at that hospital in chicago are three times more likely to die than patients at other hospitals from tracheotomies throughout the state now how did the f.b.i. find out about this well three employees ratted out the hospital and worked with
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the f.b.i. to make a lot of incriminating voice recordings these people risk their jobs and possibly much more to do what was right and i salute them reading out evil is no wrong deed but that's just my opinion. good afternoon and welcome to prime interests imperium boring broadcasting live in washington d.c. and let's get to our prime headlines of the day. citi group is heading to iraq after ten years of war and one point seven it really in dollars spent by the u.s. the too big to fail bank is going to take advantage of an estimated one trillion
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dollars and infrastructure spending this will be a first adventure into a new country and this year and according to a city executive with business in iraq will come from rebuilding roads with telecommunication networks electricity and water infrastructure but the violence continues to escalate well over one thousand civilians and security forces killed last month alone it should be a good year for you rock to be broken when the fallacy notwithstanding. and one of the front runner or bernanke used replacement of the film of the fad janet yellen is being called into question by a bloomberg news organization notes that a fed of vice chairman which is the title go and hold has a never become the actual chairman never mind that there has never been a woman other front runners include timothy geitner who has publicly.


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