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right prison truck all starts to make more sense when you realize what the message was because you see it was a highly visible critique of the too big to fail banks and if there's one thing we've learned by now is that the banks always win and anyone who tries to fight him will always alludes that's exactly what's happening right now to a forty year old man named jeff olson who drew a number of anti mega banks slogans on sidewalks and part of thirteen different bank of america's in san diego and just for illustrating his opinion olson was charged with thirteen counts of vandalism vandalism for drawing in a washer bowl shop you know the stuff kids use so olson will now stand trial facing up to thirteen years in jail and thirteen thousand dollars in fines yet one year of jail and one thousand dollars for every slogan that could have easily been washed away with a little bit of water sounds fair right well guys it gets worse because the judge in the cases ruled that olson will be barred from using freedom of speech in his
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defense state in the first amendment does not excuse vandalism and even to save the activist is well he's outraged he said free speech is protected just because you don't like what it says doesn't mean that you can't do it if i had drawn a little girl's hopscotch square on the street we wouldn't be here today wow what a sad sad truth but as perplexing as all of this is what's even more disturbing is knowing that jeff olsen will probably do jail time for this meanwhile no one at bank of america has or probably ever will go to jail for their crimes you know illegal foreclosures alluding taxpayers to pay out millions in c.e.o. bonuses destabilizing the economy well the list goes on and on so the harmless activist is now the criminal yet actual criminal bank stars run free well i'm glad this government has its priorities straight so if you're absolutely disgusted with this display of in justice join. and let's break the set.
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or she's going to be like. oh. well guys if you thought b.p. couldn't get any more conniving well you couldn't be more wrong see i just learned this week that the corporation has started a massive p.r. campaign to challenge the hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars worth of settlement payouts to people in the gulf yes b.p. is fighting the judum it claims made by gulf residents whose businesses and livelihood suffered from tarred beaches poisons seafood a devastated economy an onslaught of health issues there are likely to persist for years to come as a result of the massive two thousand and ten oil spill how are they trying to sway public opinion on the matter b.p. is now running ads in the four largest newspapers in the country similar to this one right here that says whatever you think about b.p. we can all agree that it's wrong for anyone to take money they don't deserve excuse
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me b.p. what the hell are you talking about you destroyed the gulf of mexico you operate above the law and you continue to get awarded undeserved contracts but yeah yeah way to step it up and account for your mess so the poor people of the gulf. their moves are being made that are profoundly screen over the environment and the people we're here to give us a green update of the week i'm joined now by brad friedman editor of the brad blog what is up brad hey abbi how are you i'm great brad so do you sympathize with b.p. or do you think i'm going to harsh on him. no you haven't been harsh enough frankly nobody has been after i finish i'm going down to the sidewalk and i'm going to write people use it with. brad you might time yeah well bring it the fact of the matter is be peace. settlement agreement dealing with this oil spill and.
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two hundred million gallons into the gulf the worst oil spill in the history of this planet and now they want to go back on the terms of the settlement agreement fine let him try let him take as a court so far the courts have said no you're wrong b.p. of course they can afford to continue challenging that in court the people who can afford to challenge it are the people whose livelihoods you know were killed by this oil spill they can take out you know the guy who runs a shrimp boat can take out an ad in the new york times in the washington post to make their case and that's kind of the problem here that's really the heart of the problem here is that these fossil fuel companies have so much money so much of our money so much taxpayer money that they can put out just propaganda after propaganda on you know in all the major newspapers in the break of every major commercial cable television to put out their lies and these lies are really starting to hurt in enormous ways that we are seeing now across the country across the globe so you
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know the folks down in the gulf saw it first hand the dangers of these fossil fuel companies but i think we're all seeing it across the country now as we begin to wise up to the dangers of these of these companies and the global warming and climate change that they are causing at an alarming pace yeah brad you know louisiana is still suffering from what happened in two thousand and ten i was just there a couple weeks ago it's really devastating and i don't know why they continue to get awarded contracts it's really amazing to me but you know let's talk about climate change because this weekend is going to bring in an all time record high or could i mean it's projected it might be an all time record high across the american southwest i want to quote this chart of the states that are going to be affected here brad you know i have people telling me all the time there is also record cold temperatures being observed there for global warming doesn't exist i mean why is it so difficult for people to see these obvious weather extremes and how it all fits
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together. well actually i think that people are seeing them now and that's why you have a majority of people in this country who want to do something and want the government to do something about climate change the people who are telling you you know when it snows out that high you know fat al gore was wrong you know are they're being played for suckers frankly they're being played for chumps by fox news and by the fossil fuel industry that is paying for this kind of coverage if you pay attention to the science and the scientists thousands of them over decades who are all telling us the same thing who are all running around with their hair on fire trying to say no this is not a joke no this is not a political game then it's very clear what's going on and i think more and more people are beginning to see it now because we're seeing these you know these massive hurricanes. more frequent and more powerful tornadoes droughts floods
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heat waves and this is affecting now really everybody across the country so the people are getting it the trick is how do you get it to the people in washington and how do you get it to the people in the mainstream media who right now you know make a huge amount of money from the ads that they run if you watch you know many of the political news outlets between every single segment it's exxon mobil it's shell it's b.p. lying to you yes and that has an effect millions of contributions to this political establishment. politicians like the keystone x.l. pipeline and i just attended the nation's largest climate rally and d.c. i mean it was basically an obama fest on the same day that tens of thousands of people were marching at the white house obama was golfing with two giant oil executives that would benefit greatly from the project i mean it just seems like so many climate activists are obama apologists why i mean what do you think do you think that's ok sometimes i'm going to go through well you know what i i don't see
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them actually as obama. ologist they've been holding his feet to the fire on keystone they've been pretty tough i think now remember he had this huge landmark climate speech earlier this week which kind of got lost understandably in this case because it was a nother news week from hell but it was a really important speech he was not going to talk about keystone at all in this speech and at the last minute he added it and a lot of environmentalists are talking that up to the pressure that is being put on the white house to nix the keystone x.l. pipeline so you know i don't think these environmentalist have actually been huge obama bots they've been holding his feet to the fire but i haven't heard obama talk talk talk no action and i wasn't the end of that speech he kind of alluded to the fact that the keystone pipeline is not really going to hurt the carbon emissions it's going to add jobs i mean i guess love to see on the rhetoric rabbit i want to move on really quickly i think a huge problem with the entire debate is that the burden of responsibility is put
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on the people to calculate our carbon footprints meanwhile giant corporations the meat industry the oil industry causing the majority these admissions how can we bridge the obvious disconnect here. well it you know it goes back to everything that we cover brad blog dot com which is getting money the hell out of politics that's the only way you do it that's the only way the people can reclaim their government that we can have self governance again so that we can have oversight so that we can have transparency so that the people can really run this government right now as long as we've got these kind of moneyed interests it's going to be a continuous fight and but you know what you said it's up to the people to make noise yet it is up to the people to make noise we've got to make noise we've got to hold these politicians accountable we've got a call out these liars and these climate deniers these stooges of the fossil fuel industry we've got to do it loudly and unapologetically frankly abby absolutely brad i couldn't agree with you more let's call them all told their feet to the fire
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never stop brad. friedman of the brad blog always a pleasure having you on write it on chalk on the sidewalk a hole it all up there at the counter with all those friends thanks. wilson's n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden flood hong kong all eyes have been on moscow where the loved one has been holed up in the airport's international transit zone meanwhile snowden has applied for asylum in multiple countries including ecuador and while he waits in limbo calculating his next move just today quote it is administration declared that it would back out of a preferential trade pact with the u.s. that it claims is being used to blackmail the country so give us an update on snowden ecuador russia and beyond i am joined now by our tuesday kasnoff catherine of who's in front of moscow's transit center now. the high abbey the diplomatic
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spat between the united states and ecuador has certainly intensified now as you recall there have been some threats from u.s. lawmakers namely robert menendez who chairs the senate foreign relations committee to end ecuador's preferential trade pacts with the united states at the south american nation were to grant snowden asylum that didn't exactly sit well with ecuador president rafael correa government had announced they were preemptively read down saying the andean trade preference apps that's the deal in response to u.s. pressure which they called blackmail it should be noted however that deal was soon to expire anyway but in another sort of rather cheeky move ecuador also offered the u.s. a twenty three million dollars donation for human rights training this was of course in reaction to critical statements made by u.s. officials about ecuador's own human rights record now these moves along with ecuador is decision to shelter wiki leaks founder julian assange told of korea's reputation as a leader who's willing to defy western countries like the united states somewhat
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similar to the role played by the late venezuelan president hugo chavez. at the same time there are also divisions within ecuador over the issue namely between the left just sort of embraced snowden as an anti-imperialist symbol and others in the in the government who don't want diplomatic or economic repercussions it should also be said while generally appearing to support snowden the government has not yet given him asylum indicating that this could be a tedious and long process and of course as we've reported earlier several officials had said that in order for snowden to apply he would physically have to do so on ecuadorian soil that could be in ecuador at an it or at an embassy it will several big problems with that snowden's american passport of course as we all know has been revoked so there's no way for him to physically leave the transit area where he's currently stuck at in the russian airport he could theoretically perhaps get certain documents from ecuadorian officials or from russian officials that would allow him to get out of that area but zero indication at this point that this what happened so he's effectively stuck in transit and also sort of fueling the
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speculation and the mystery around this whole issue is the fact that snowden himself and his travel companion haven't been seen over the past few days so perhaps they're holed up there unclear exactly what the next few steps will be but will certainly keep you up to date on the situation abbi back to you. coming up right after the break it's been four years since a military coup ousted hundreds president so how is the country doing today they're trying to find out. will you. please technology innovation called in news developments from around russia we. heard. mission is. going to take three. three. three.
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three. three. three blog video. you. see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you. are welcome to the big picture.
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guys two weeks ago was the g eight summit heads of the world's most powerful countries convene every year this year took place in northern ireland on this i talked about how the g. it's nothing more than a club of self and. world leaders keen on celebrating their own power i also mentioned how the town it was hosted in was severely strapped financially yet
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instead of showing the stark reality of the downtrodden economy the government decided to use one point three million dollars of taxpayer money to paint fake fronts of prosperous businesses on more than one hundred story buildings but apparently members of ireland's parliament sought the sod as well folks meet claire daly representative of the united left party in ireland and my new hero here she is on the floor of parliament on the heels of the g eight. think it's important to take this opportunity to bring a bit of balance into the discussions around the food service of the u.s. president on his wife given the almost on precision antics slobbering over them that the nation has been exposed to over the snow more of jason it's really hard to know which is worse whether it's the outpourings of the us themselves or the sycophantic fawning over them by sections of the media and the political establishment. sicko frantic radio is fine overall
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a girl you are speaking my language if you think that's refreshing just wait because you ain't seen nothing yet like what you had to say about the audacity of obama preaching peace to kids in ireland. the biggest star in the us all the prophets stations of obama himself in his speech to children in northern ireland peace is this person going for the hypocrites of the century award because we have to call paying spoil their right names and the reality is that by any serious examination this man is a war criminal. hypocrite of the century in deed could have said it better myself and i'll say more one thing doing another is probably obama's greatest skill and war criminal you betcha up in drones by two hundred percent killing thousands of innocent men women and children you know you think it couldn't get any better but
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it does here goes on to rail against ireland for being a quote lapdog for us and period of them calling out the politicians for exploiting themselves in the country to do so take a look. you are the one who's turned up the law enjoy these activities you've talked about to change being an opportunity to showcase our image but is it not your reality that you have showcased so the nation of paybacks prostituting ourselves in return for us. to be honest which you know you. are saying this morning but you're welcome to check the. electric check or race it would appear to start on strike still mark object humiliation dear. oh my goodness it does not get any better than that and of course after the speech was over claire got a lot of heat not only from our colleagues but also from irish media that accused her of insulting americans and respond she wrote an op ed to one of those
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publications the irish examiner in which she called that assertion ludicrous said quote the government lackeys are not doing any favors for american people by offering obama unquestionable adoration we would serve them better by highlighting the tax havens which ireland has kindly provided for big us corporations if you want to pare proper tribute to the ideals of america maybe we should open our doors to bradley manning and edward snowden word even though i just learned about this woman and she's been working as a tireless activist in ireland for years as a former member of the socialist party she actually went to jail for a month of protests in the government's tax policies and the it is really. to say claire daly is a total bad ass so for calling out your government's grovelling and my government's apocryphally and war crimes you claire daily are my hero today.
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today dozens of activists gathered outside the world bank in d.c. in a demonstration to mark the fourth anniversary of the military coup that ousted honduras president. the coup unfolded like a scene out of an action movie and military police stormed the home of the president kidnapped them boarded him on a plane and effectively overthrew the country's democratically elected government and since then the country has fallen into a spiral of violence political instability repression against social movements the targeting of journalists and a wave of crime stemming from rampant gangs drugs and even the police all of which act without their impunity in other words total chaos and fact the situation has become so volatile that multiple international human rights organizations are constantly monitoring the country and sadly the small central american nation was just on board of the all but coveted title of the world's murder capital even now as i report this a search is ongoing for
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a beloved journalist. who was kidnapped earlier this week many fear he may already be dead which makes him the twenty ninth journalist killed in just the last three years it has producer man who grew up on honduras has been following everything honduras was at the rally today and for the world bank what's going on man of rally was actually just kind of one of many that's going on this one specifically here the united states going on along with others that are happening in hundreds to mark the fourth anniversary of the coup but what's interesting about this rally is that you know we're for four years since the coup and we're wondering what is the world bank what is the world they got to do with hunger and that's exactly what i asked adrian pyne who's a friend of our. it was a friend of the show she's been on here to help us discuss this issue in the past and actually got a chance to talk to her i was hoping we could maybe play a clip of what you had to say. the world bank is an institution that's been financing the worst abusers that human rights and hundred and today we're here focusing on. who's been responsible for personally responsible for countless. at
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least over one hundred synthetic to. a region where he has been engaging in a land grab campus senos the peasant farmers who are there so the protests there were also about his u.s. policies that exacerbated the violence what exactly are those policies with the protests today it's the world bank right it's the fact at the world bank in the united states this is funding essentially funding human rights violations in honduras and that's just one of many when that in itself is just a symptom of all of the larger problem that larger problem is actually a multitude of problems that stem from what happened in two thousand and nine from the very get go as soon as the government was ousted the united states immediately recognized the coup government after that you have just a plethora of problems gangs narco trafficking express kidnappings it's become the most dangerous country in the world to be a journalist i mean it's an exacerbation of problems and
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a lot of it is due to the fact that the united states for example in the in the grand tradition of coups in latin america that the united states tends to back the majority of cases if not every case the commanders the soldiers the generals that leave these crews are all trained at the school of the americas in fort benning georgia it's a notorious school that breeds dictators we've covered that before here in the past and the two thousand and nine coup that ousted honduran president was no different to every single soldier involved was a graduate of that school or at least a former student i know that susan rice was one of the ambassadors to recognize that who is valid i guess in the world the current police chief in the country's been willing to to actually. murders disappearances of people journalist i mean what is happening there with the police force and why is the u.s. funding then yeah that's a really interesting question and it's actually kind of complex because in honduras crime is such i mean you mentioned this in the introduction a second ago and it's very sad and very personal for me because i grew up there
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that's that's where i was born and raised before i moved to the united states and what's going on with the police force people are becoming really really desperate with the fact that you're getting you know over twenty murders a day violent murders of just innocent people occurring every day i mean i've shown you photographs i show you on a daily basis of how horrible things are but the police force to some extent people kind of do support these rogue kind of mafia style police unicycle and and commit these these violent crimes without impunity i mean we're talking about a country that arrives under an umbrella of impunity that's you know it's getting out of hand and this is going on despite the leahy law here in the united states with the u.s. government congress is giving thirty million dollars a year to fund these death squads in honduras and now the state department says ok we're not going to describe what we're. finding does go on to these guys that's not true there's no vetting going on every police officer in the country response to one man which is the police chief and the police chief something self has been has
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connections to disappearances and murders in the country as well it still doesn't make any sense because even if they were death squads why in the hell are taxpayers here funding the hundred police i mean why and i wish i had a better answer for you but everything that the united states does when it when it wouldn't specially in central america honduras specifically is done under the guise that the united states is fighting a drug war that and they want to maintain that you know i don't have a clear cut answer for you but i can speculate there's a growing leftist movement the united states the u.s. has its largest military base outside the united states in the western hemisphere isn't it was a hunter is the capital so they want to maintain that military presence they want to maintain that good relationship they may have when i went in the status. whoa and the government to keep a better business relationship with the country than allow the democratic principles of the of the country to actually flourish well i think you just hit it on the head right there man in speculation needed talk about the latest journalist who was tragically kidnapped earlier this week why and why is hundreds such a dangerous place for journalists this is this is very very sad he's
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a very beloved journalist he's fifty eight years old his name this is a photograph of his barrow popular descent hundred fifty eight years old this week went missing he was kidnapped along with his family they released this family but he still missing i was checking up on this not long ago before coming on the show and they had reportedly found a body thinking that it might have been him because there is a search going on turned out to not just another body just another body is showing up every day exactly and what happens it is a climate of impunity what happens is that you get this chilling effect you go after the first journalists who speaks out about government corruption he goes missing you go after another journalist who speaks maybe name some names related to organized crime name some names related to gangs and what ends up happening is that it creates a chilling effect and that chilling effect is gone on for the last three years and what we're seeing that is if anybody turns out dead then god forbid that that's the case but if you shows up dead he'll be the twenty ninth journalist dead unless
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three here can you imagine in this country were same kind of calls for prosecution of journalists whistleblowers being prosecuted can you imagine of journalism or just being kidnapped disappeared i mean it's really unbelievable thank you so much man for keeping us up to date on this really tragic situation situation as i think . now that our show tonight guys have a great weekend and we'll see you back here on monday to break this thing all week over again. glenn.
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british style. that's not on the tightly. guarded amount of. hot. markets finance scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on our let me let me i want i wouldn't let me ask you a question. here on this network as we're having a debate we have our knives out. but if you feel the fight that's a bad thing never again you're in
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a situation where being i'd like to talk about your mailing me. would. be a. well
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i'm john marvin in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture with no deal in sight federal student loan rates are set to double starting monday that of endless wrangling congress would be better to just provide free public education for all like we used to before reagan we'll talk about that and more in tonight's big picture rumble and well the supreme court handed seven same sex marriage supporters to huge victories this week equality for all americans regardless of sexual orientation is still in the works so what's next for the gay rights movement i asked congressman mark ok and in tonight's conversations with great minds. you need.


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