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tv   Headline News  RT  June 29, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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i run over. egypt descends into deadly political strife with street battles between pro and anti regime orbs leaving three people dead including a u.s. national. as washington's hunt for whistleblower edward snowden goes on a four star u.s. general is under investigation for allegedly disclosing a cyber attack against iran's nuclear program. and the german state t.v. channel stokes controlled by allegedly paying guests to criticize russia over the case of the notorious punk protest group pussy riot.
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fans watching r.t. coming she lived from moscow. deadly riots are engulfing egypt a year on from president mohamed morsi is inauguration rival rallies by his supporters and opponents have been escalating into all out street violence over the past week three people were killed on friday including a u.s. national in alexandria washington has reacted by allowing its nonessential staff to leave the troubled country until conditions improve are true has this report. tension is rising across the country in the lead up to the anniversary of president mohamed morsi s inauguration on sunday fierce clashes raging between supporters and opponents of president morsi in the coastal city of alexandria where u.s. citizen legislators stomped to death we don't know yet whether this was a targeted attack on the us it is in the gyptian also succumbed to his injuries from bird shots in these brutal civilian on civilian clashes the latest death we
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had is from the point so i eat it during an explosion meanwhile the islamists the supporters of the president and saying that he was legitimately democratically elected and that therefore he should only be removed from office in the form of an elections they have mass protest in cairo and as an opposition forces gathered on the hariri mr brotherhood to really sing a lot of dissent recently there's been a number of their offices who've been torched and fire bombed by protesters who are really angry at the group egypt is witnessing a security vacuum and an increase in violent clashes on the streets particularly during protests many citizens are reaching out to private security firms to secure their homes i spoke to some of those people affected by the ongoing violence in the shadow of the bricks in the building then decide is preparing for the expected violence between supporters and opponents of the egyptian president on sunday some
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a says he has already fortified his small shop just of cairo is to his square with sheets of. willis to work at them and my kiosk has been robbed and destroyed a few times in previous clashes i'm going to vacate my shop as i'm afraid of what is going to happen in the violence i don't want to lose everything. with the police taking a back seat those who can afford it are reaching out to private security firms like this one general manager a former high ranking police officer but we do what he says his come. he is preparing for the worst as protesters demand the resignation of missing brotherhood president mohamed morsi. that went on june thirtieth there may be violence between the opposition forces and the islamists so we're sending more people to the places were guarding them we're giving our staff and clients special training and information how they can secure their premises and how they deal with clashes. companies like these are plugging the gaps amid
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a deepening security crisis across the country lynchings are on the rice the latest brutal mob killing happened just a few days ago near the capital civilians are increasingly armed and protests are becoming more violent as citizens bring guns to clashes leaving many to fear for their deaths analysts say the breakdown of security is because citizens no longer fear the police who have been accused of being reluctant to provide security they also blame the government which has failed to confront the interior ministry they are responsible for the bigger they're full of law and order if they don't take the necessary steps to fix it they may want to they may wish to but if they're not actually solving it the buck stops at their door they will find a very difficult to get the ministry of interior to reform from the police services to reform. precisely because inside the police force inside the ministry of interior there are so many people that are really quite opposed to the muslim brotherhood instead of promising change president morsi played with fire in his
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wednesday speech to the nation praising the police and functioning for their work with violence on the horizon many will be forced to attend egypt's me thriving private security industry to protect their own homes and businesses true to our kind. while president morsi enjoys strong support from the united states and has no intention of giving in to the opposition that is according to political analyst and author william and. this is like a festering boil that's that's been boiling as long as morsi has shown that he's done nothing to improve the fundamentals of the economy and the economy has he generated the youth unemployment bulges explosion and that i think is a lot of the tender box that you seen on the streets right now he's trying to ram a sharia constitution down down the throats of the egyptian people and that goes against egyptian cultural tradition ninety or eighty percent of the population are sunni muslim the other thing is the military hasn't yet we didn't as to whether
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they continue to back morsi as they have done under washington enormous washington pressure so i think this is to make and break situation the obama administration continues to back the muslim brotherhood which is a very unfortunate thing but that's part of a larger geopolitical agenda that washington and the state department have built up with morsi has already indicated he's going to take a year to one kind of brute force state power reaction to try to terrorize the the opposition and do the disbanding but that's not going to work at this point and it's more demonstrations and walk as our nags for the upcoming days in egypt always all of that to bring you the latest developments on that and of course online at. what happened to the arab spring dream does egypt's first freely elected president bring any change fear poverty economic failure and violence remain due to egypt's
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attempts to escape chaos leaving wallowing even deeper. egypt a year in chaos. now the american government is reportedly targeting a retired army general accused of spilling classified information about a covert cyber attack james cartwright was once the second highest ranking officer in the u.s. military he's now suspected the revealing details on the stuxnet virus that temporarily shut down iran's nuclear sites three years ago. as the details. in two thousand and ten when the u.s. carried out this cyber attack against iran general cartwright was vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and he was reported to be one of the crucial players in this cyber attack he resigned in two thousand and eleven and he is now apparently being investigated as the niekerk of that story as you remember at the niek about the obama administration having carried out this cyber attack against iran came before the election last year and the timing raise
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a lot of questions back then because president obama all but bragged about that operation as he ran for reelection as you remember everybody kind of assumed that it was one of those authorized leaks because the administration information all the time to further its own goals but the timing of this particular about the general being investigated is also very interesting he hasn't been charged with any crimes and yet again from an unnamed source that he's being investigated and this is happening at a time when the hunt for edward snowden is in full swing is the administration trying to make a point here trying to sort of say that they're targeting even the sources of those leaks that they liked it really is not clear at this point not clear whether it's their way of trying to fight the perception that the administration deeks all it wants and targets only those whose leaks embarrass the government and so you caught up with a pentagon official michael maloof to get his view on the stuxnet probe and he
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thinks that the case has become a source of embarrassment for washington. i don't buy into the argument that it was a planned leak by the administration to lead us to let the world know that we had stocks in it i think from the us perspective it probably was a very serious it was very serious damage although it was almost an open secret that stuxnet came from the israelis in the united states but having someone actually had it in a high position may. confirm that i think just reinforces the fact that the united states itself is engaged in cyber warfare. and it really has very little room to complain about other countries that are engaged in cyber warfare the united states was caught involved in in cyber warfare at a time when it too is a gate when it's when it's complained about others hacking into into u.s. systems. meanwhile the father of the fugitive whistleblower edward snowden has set out the terms under which he thinks his son would voluntarily come back to the us
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firstly he says he should not be detained or imprisoned before trial secondly he should not be subject to a gagging order and should be tried in a location of his choosing that's according to a letter from snowden sr released to the media all of this comes as the thirty year old ex cia employee remains stuck in diplomatic limbo in the transit zone of moscow's sheremetyevo airport let's take a closer look at where snowden could potentially be heading next cuba appears to be a tricky option at the moment the u.s. state department said back in two thousand and six that have van or had promised to stop accepting u.s. fugitives iceland has held informal talks on whether to grant snowden asylum and wiki leaks affiliates are now awaiting comment from the interior ministry there and as well it says it would be likely to grant the whistleblower refuge with president nicolas maduro applauding the man's bravery and another south american destination
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ecuador looks promising but that country cannot yet grant him asylum because he's not on ecuadorian soil the whistleblower his plight has obviously captivated the global media but investigative journalist duncan campbell says the real story is being sidelined. a lot depends on on russia but i think through russian game will be a speech to stand back and use an international territory we can do nothing and wait for other players to act but i do think that before is wrong because all of this distraction about snowden and where the years and what he might do next i was completely undermined the tremendous gravity of the successive documents and revelations that he's made about the scope of american and allied spying on the civil and commercial affairs of the world i think many americans recognize the true values for which their forefathers fought from the war of independence on which would see snowden we'll hear what part is never going to be reflected in.
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demographics when the process is so tainted and disgraceful and so silent in simply reporting what he's got to say if there was a dissident in russia or china or the middle east speaking out in the way that snowden is doing it would have massive coverage that's not happening and in another development to this story the u.s. army has restricted access to the guardian newspapers website for thousands of defense personnel across the country the move against the british daily comes after its revelations of the n.s.a. spying activities r.t. sarah for reports. this is a nation is regarding reports in the us media that the us military is seen for the message to them that they have been filtering content regarding government surveillance programs and this came on the back of reports about complaints from a us base and found francisco that
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a star that won't table to access any of the u.k. guardian website only partial access to the us guardian website they said it seems that this is to do with something called network hygiene now this is preserving. their system from any threat externally or internally and i spoke to the energy press office here in the u.k. and i asked them if anything similar was of course being done with the british military and they told me that this wasn't happening what was being done in the us right now what isn't happening here although they did say that in relation to their computer systems in the military there is some information that is sometimes restricted for security purposes it is raising questions about that suppression of information and to talk more about that i'm joined by chris lamb of god they take this thanks very much for joining us i think the first question to ask is these classified documents that have been released by whistleblower and of course in
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a very similar way to what we saw with wiki leaks although there's been a public release the still classified documents say i mean the u.s. military justified in you know preserving the system in this way it's nothing to do with network hygiene it is straight attempts to suppress and to control what is being read and understood by in this case the soldiers the other side of the coin is the american government and the british government are looking at all the internet or the mobile appliances or the landline telephones or view me american citizens british and citizens and every single person watching this program so it's a little side ridiculous side because those soldiers could actually get hold of that information because they have moved on phones and computer access elsewhere and the problem of but it's part of an overall increasing encroachment on the free speech and access to information the department of defense actually said in their response that they're not going to block websites from the american public in
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general and that would violate they said the hired help principle of holding in the funding the consultations they've made it clear this is just not in the us system the lying when they talk about democracy they are. in the head choppers when they talk about free speech they are shutting down as many things as they do you have no reason to believe one single thing that the american government says the bottom line of all this to control the information and they normally do it by omission in the american channels not smart slayed why they just don't tell the truth or we're going to take a quick break now but to the still plenty more on the program including. i. am going footage surfaces on the web believed to show the syrian rebels decapitating supporters of president assad fish just days after the u.s. reportedly started insurgency.
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enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. any time anyway. that again the german state t.v. channel is facing some questions at the moment after it emerged that it might have paid guests huge psalmist or try russia in a bad light one of five celebrities that took part in a talk show about the trial of the notorious punk band pussy riot admitted to receiving a substantial fame as the details more than a year after their trial and conviction pussy riot saw still making headlines the local actress on a tile black suggested she was chased by a state broadcaster to talk about the trial i have received money from ted f. to give opinion on the program aspect they pay money for this i cannot tell you how
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much money a lot of money is talbot who is one of five celebrities who took part in a discussion show about the trial of the punk collective who were jailed for hooliganism motivated by religious hatred in response to questions for a month well oxon right of the worst magazine the i.d.f. issued this statement for our distressed this was not the case and her expression was of a satirical nature for all talbot is extremely sorry that her satirical remarks were misunderstood and she asks forgiveness for causing the situation they give the impression all those five if the impression that russia is a harsh dictatorship or punishing. girls for a little artistic this was the right coverage was not re presenting at all of the opinion in the german people the i.d.f. is among a group of media outlets that receives their funding from the german license fee with each household expected to contribute around eighteen months the fact that the
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german state t.v. shows five celebrities sharing the same opinion on the pussy riot trial and on the pussy riot case is giving a very wrong impression outside. also about me because this gives the impression that we all are thinking the same if. a group like pussy riot would try to do the same thing somewhere in the catholic church and germany i think they could be happy to be caught by the police and not to be caught by the audience in the church the main cathedral in cologne saw its own pussy riot demonstration the judge eventually issued stiff fines to two of the german participants all the hearing of the third is be respond all without. resorting to moscow incident did you. did your mom despite denials of any wrongdoing from the. questions being raised over the objectivity of german state media feature all of
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a party girl and. we are covering all of these stories online at the moment at r.t. dot com and also there right now when it comes to the palestinian territories mcdonald's is not loving it the fast food giant has refused to build an act that in the west bank you can find out why online plus the final frontier nasa's boy just spacecraft enters an unexplored zone and side system follow that. dot com. please speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talk sports v.o.i.p. interviews intriguing story are you. trying. to find out more visit our big. dog called. a new video of a beheading allegedly carried out by syrian rebel fighters the rage on the internet
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you might find the images we're back to show you distressing in the footage three supposed supporters of president bashar assad are being decapitated with a small knife in front of a group of spectators including women and children. this comes just days after american media cited unnamed officials confirming the cia has started to syria's rebel forces and to see it takes a look at the possible ramifications. of bloody conflict raging on for over two years violence to get the syrian president to step down versus more violence from a leader refusing to do so at least ninety thousand lives taken and counting from the get go washington supported the opposition the u.s. is making a terrible mistake in giving this undifferentiated very. over simplified black and white picture that the rebel opposition really good guys and assad is the
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bad guy it's a very very dangerous mistake. dangerous because the opposition is not even close to being a unified political force in reality made up of an array of groups you find fundamentalist groups factions of various sectarian armies many of them affiliated either with al-qaeda broadly or with the ideas the jihadi ideas that they espouse the free syrian army is a network of thousands of militias and maybe they they come up to about eighty thousand people what's scary is how many of these people want you know an extremist government and i think it's more you know it's at least half horrific videos such as this one have shown that in the uprising the enemy can not only be killed but eaten too. there's ten thousand fighters with the else or if al nusra front which is al qaeda in iraq reconstituted in syria they might as well call themselves you
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know al qaeda in syria but you know they want to rebrand while the west and russia remain at odds on where u.s. support of the opposition could lead. washington has its mind set on providing vetted routes of rebels with small arms and ammunition there deluding themselves they think that they can cherry pick which factions of the opposition to support they think that there's a quote clean free syrian army apparatus that somehow or other we can control the flow of weapons because we give them only to select people. that would indicate that american politicians are kidding themselves if they think the arms flow can ever be managed by aligning the united states with forces that have been conspicuous in terms of their own human rights abuses including the use of chemical weapons according to a u.n. investigator. you asking for trouble and that's what we are going to get and this
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question of how to give arms to one group to keep them out of the hands of another can likely never be answered i don't know if i've even heard a clear and unambiguous answer. the obama administration or any foreign policy about where those weapons are going and how we can actually secure the fact that they're going into the right hands but you know who are the right hand me that russia which has been sending arms to the government under a contract that began before the violence says that the united states arming the diversified opposition would kill not only more people but any hope for a peace settlement potentially turning the syrian crisis into never ending chaos like of galveston i don't think americans ever have a clear understanding of foreign policy there's a lot of catching up to do to even understand the social fabric that's in place and the political. the political history of what has come to be in syria even if assad is pushed out after years of bloodshed there are no assurances that his departure
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will bring peace moreover of the us goes ahead with any shape or form of involvement in syria which the opposition would embrace the tide could turn much quicker than american officials may desire loyalties are temporary and guns and weapons like diamonds are forever so today they may be your friend and tomorrow there are points the finger at you risk showing that as many as seventy percent of americans like us to stay away from syria. to keep their mouths after a decade of warfare in the middle east so while some are free from foreign oil and the fire coming from left right it might be high time for the last to rethink its. citric and might see. a quick look now at other news making headlines this hour barack obama is in south africa of his visit to three countries on the continent seeking to boost the. his relations and trade ties there but he's not being welcomed by everyone hundreds gathered for street demonstrations against u.s.
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foreign policy africans had high hopes when obama became u.s. president but those have since been dashed american aid to africa has been cut severely while washington has stepped up military operations in the region. iraq is facing a new escalation of sectarian violence at least forty people have been killed over the past two days in bomb attacks targeting several cities and in clashes between shia and sunni militant groups the last few months have been the deadliest the war torn nation has seen in over five years with over two thousand lives lost. the brazilian president has met the leaders of twenty five youth organizations in a big to find a way absent the popular unrest raging in the country meanwhile small demonstrations are continuing in several cities masonite rage erupted more than two weeks ago over high spending on the next year's football will cup while social services and health care remain severely underfunded. and in southern thailand eight soldiers have been
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killed in a roadside blast in the yard of province groups of get playing to sponsibility for the bombing at least five thousand people have been killed in the muslim insurgency that's been plaguing thailand side since two thousand and four. coming up next it's the latest installment of technology update. i love life but there is a lot of sick stuff going on on this planet for example according to bloomberg a hospital in chicago has been accused by the f.b.i. of cutting the throats of patients for big bags of cash a tracheotomy is
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a procedure to get air directly into the windpipe of someone who can't breathe by cutting a hole into it and f.b.i. affidavit based on tape recording says that the hospital knowingly and purposely sedated patients to the point that they couldn't breathe properly and would need tracheotomy and as you know in the u.s. health care system nothing comes cheap trick out of his own days cost about one hundred sixty thousand dollars a pop this alleged conspiracy between doctors and management is not the first of its kind at this hospital and administrator and five doctors have already been charged for medicare fraud for giving and receiving kicked. max not only is having a hole punched in your neck for money disgusting but it may also be lethal because patients at that hospital in chicago are three times more likely to die than patients at other hospitals from tracheotomies throughout the state now how did the f.b.i. find out about this well three employees ratted out the hospital and worked with the f.b.i. to make
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a lot of incriminating voice recordings these people risk their jobs and possibly much more to do what was right and i salute them reading out evil is no wrong deed but that's just my opinion. oh and welcome to technology update regardless of who you are and whether you live in moscow or anywhere else in the world like the one holiday which you call.


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