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they make a lot of incriminating voice recordings these people risk their jobs and possibly much more to do what was right and i salute them ratting out evil is no wrong but that's just my opinion. hello and welcome to technology update regardless of who you are and whether you live in moscow or anywhere else in the world we all like the one holiday wish comment we're all hoping for good health to keep us in tip top shape the tech that
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came in i have struck out to find the latest improvements in russian medical science. showing off some of the newest gadgets in research was the russian health care week exhibition the gathering in moscow promoted everything from good health habits to advance my saving treatments but surely the biggest medical breakthrough as of late took place away from the bright lights of the capital's expo center. the box live center for cardiovascular surgery recently announced its doctors had performed the first replacement surgery with a brand new full flow. history with performing such surgeries as proving the technology is not surprising that they were at the heart of any big news on the topic. traditionally speaking. often the best performance there are less than ideal if the patient is relatively young as the delicate tissue tends to tear as a result mechanical. often the way to go and then the latest which is just the most
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recent evolution of these men made. the first mechanical implanted back in one nine hundred fifty two. had definite limitations and drawbacks they proved that synthetic materials could be used for heart valves. improved in the one nine hundred sixty s. with the advent of the so-called caged which could be implanted inside the heart itself unlike with previous models later in the decade disc made their debut. but these still work perfect. for the position of. the ring they create some amount of resistance so the pressure is generally as high as thirty forty or even fifty millimeters of mercury we figured out that it would be impossible to remove this obstacle as long as the
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leaflets were in the middle of the blood so we decided to place them outside the ring. those coming off the lines here. the materials obtained from ordinary natural gas. temperatures up to fifteen hundred degrees. collected. different is that elsewhere. is based on a graphic foundation. that is a result. structure. thing falls apart whenever there's a tiny crack. better protected.
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getting that carbon. can become potentially life saving they must be cut into the right shape. to be implanted inside someone's heart. pinpoint. entirely out of pure carbon. but the leaflets are also made from super strong material to get the shape just right. special equipment and that to be checked and cleaned once again from this point the two main components. put together in an absolutely room over the years the company thousands of their previous models in more than twenty five countries but thanks to their work.
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by creating a. channel through the middle. with a long life and reliability of mechanical. form or shape is the same as that. even. without any of. the functions. we've just started. and then start mass production sales. only a handful of the brand new place in the hands of capable surgeons when they do eventually hit the market will likely be plenty of demand in two thousand and eleven there were some twenty five thousand. and to avoid becoming another of those statistics you should do as i say and. it could lead to any number of health
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problems all the starch and sugar can wreak havoc on your teeth and might just land you under dental surgeon operating but. even that doesn't have to be used to be. optics surgery. feedback and a high power laser. to reduce the time.
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thermal damage to the tissues. this is especially important. partnership that's based on technology pioneered here. some of the city's scientists. and. previously. the temperature
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could and. which they feel is. the competition. that controlled the temperature. depending on the required temperature. different. materials can be used in the tip but depending on how much. the. current cutting edge research takes place in. the company's production. in the united states there's
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a truly international research and development carried out by the. individual companies. are responsible for innovation research development and commercialization of the product in the russian federation. responsible for manufacturing and commercialization in international markets and we think the. very. success of the project because it allows us to. respect. and also leverage. capital resources most efficiently. but the company is currently working on a new. the
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scalpel for a different one in theory that means dental surgeons more have to invest in an entirely separate consul for different purposes. devices produced by a closest competitors in terms of power are much larger and much more complicated than the ones that we made some competitors make similarly sized devices but they're much less powerful than ours so our devices are quite well placed in the market was there compact easy to assemble highly efficient and can accurately control the optical power output. as you can see here the laser scalpel is easily able to pierce a piece of wood with only three pulses it can slice through about fifty millimeters the resulting hole is smaller and more accurate than is possible with other surgical drills in theory such super power could be used for pain this cavity drilling. it was exhibited at the
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show which was held this year all the devices they were produced intended for sale in the russian market were completely sold out over the course of the two days of the show. here in russia the company and its technology is getting recognition and not just from buyers despite having only been set up a few years ago photonics has been a resident of school which is essentially a big tech idea clearing house the status and advantages of joining that club only helped push the company and its lasers into the future.
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choose your language. make up with. some of. the consensus here. to the opinions that you think are great. choose the stories but in. truth the access to.
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major university is a variable treasure trove of knowledge in the form of both respected professors and millions upon millions of books however there is just not enough time in the day all our lives to get through them all but thanks to the labor of one tireless academic here that could all be changing comes to science and technology it's hard to find as prolific of an institution as moscow state university stalking the hollowed halls here have been some of the globe's greatest thinkers and it was here
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back in the late one nine hundred sixty s. that. teamed up with if you move lieberman to prove the existence of the electric potential difference across mitochondrial membranes that was a confirmation needed to help earn a british scientist the nobel prize perhaps more importantly that discovery could unlock the fountain of youth for us all. to understand we have to look inside each individual cell among the various organelles the most important for our purposes is the mitochondria as these power plants pump out energy for the cell reactive oxygen species are also generated the build up of these so called in mitochondria can damage already named d.n.a. and protein which is thought to be largely responsible for the physiological effects of aging. and his team hypothesized that this could be cut down by accident with the possibly. doing so allows mitochondria negatively charged interior to attract the. compound that combination also helps. that membrane
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which would otherwise absorb the fat soluble antioxidants in total more chemicals get to where they're needed most in the wake of dr postulation and research such positive ion delivery vehicles were nicknamed. since that time the topic. family affair. getting involved although the underlying idea originated back in the seventy's it wasn't put into practice until the one nine hundred ninety s. . we were in the. principal. fact it was michael. cohen. occident i immediately told him that it wasn't a very good choice in terms of the anti-oxidant but by then he already made a lot of progress with. just threw his hands up and told me that his investors wouldn't forgive him if he changed the substance halfway through and said they were going to give it
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a shot. a lot of. however. researchers have been hard at work coming up with. a custom to dealing with the. oxygen. oxygen their own must be up to the task.
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the resulting compound. is reported to be hundreds of times more effective than. previously. programmed. to slowly but surely.
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change. needed reform. and decided to take it step by step how much. they can use this to make. it typically. a much easier path to the market. or to commercialize the technology a company called. the potential adverse side effects are much smaller. than human clinical trials had to be passed. from russian health regulators earlier in two thousand and twelve and at the moment they're working on having it approved by western health agencies. targeted. to
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increasingly impaired vision. of these russian made able to do much more. how many have died as a result of. the. different picture when used extensively they greatly decrease the number of tissue sections. as the first guinea pig even before he got the russian regular. in my opinion the results pretty much speak for themselves. i'm very short sighted i started suffering from cataracts. for years. as a result of using the eye drops the cataract disappeared my myopia dropped from
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minus seven down. but surely getting there. already sold twenty five thousand. innovators this is just the first step.
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the difference is. thanks to the video. it also shows the mistakes. impact. very. receiving feedback. all of this enables the student. complex is home to the inspiration behind the. president company get
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tax breaks and other business. projects. for the. company. and more precisely. even. a few tricky.
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but military and truck drivers aren't the only ones. to practice. however for the. next logical step. to make training. the other aspects of.
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training. different. health care system. more. time comes to put. production designers are constantly. structures. production. program.
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programmers simulated. every one of them. for a concrete. specific section or the whole body all together. engineers can replicate the various systems and. possible to real life. are used to mimic breathing. fluids for cardiovascular. systems. for joy. to the doctor's actions. programmers to recreate just about any problem imaginable. in the world there are four major companies in the business of making medical simulators. naturally. does their best to stand out. about this kind of competition because we believe
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that it benefits the. competing companies there are. the better it is. a few that are devices are better than four in. the first specifically for the russian healthcare system. we have introduced a new concept. with a number of ports which is unique to our company. with. an operating room together with a robot this is something our foreign competitors to emulate. but i don't think there they recently got big backing for a project to build one of the largest medical complex. paper but they soon hope to break ground on a center that would bring many of the globe's leading institutions to. day we hope that your next visit to the doctor and this.
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technology will see you next time enjoy the right. live. live. live live. live
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. what happened to the arab spring dream does egypt's first freely elected president bring any change fear poverty economic failure and filings remain to egypt's attempts to escape chaos leave it wallowing even deeper. egypt year in chaos. and they were ready to do anything for their country to me is to love the country more than yourself if you join the military for any other reason that you're probably not to have a good day and they were tools in the hands of the state now they live remembering
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the past which is impossible to get rid of. the war. but our ever good people together. and i have heard good people empty silent. a lot. but would prefer not to be sometimes i feel like. i should have died over there because i. i saw some people who died and. there is cheaper than therapy. on our. player missions. couldn't take three months for charges free. agency three. three stooges freeze. the old sleeve blood
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just plug in video for your media projects a free medio gondar t.v. dot com. player page of the sands into deadly political strife with street battles between pro and anti regime mobs leaving three people dead including u.s. nationals. as washington's hunt for a whistleblower edward snowden goes on a four star u.s. general is under investigation for allegedly disclosing a cyber attack against iran's nuclear program. and the german state t.v. channel stows conversely by allegedly paying guests to criticize russia over the case of the story is protest group pussy riot and. this is r.t. coming to life from the russian.


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