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tv   Headline News  RT  June 29, 2013 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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long live video for your media project free media gogarty dot com. riots rage in egypt at least three people are killed as supporters and opponents of president morsy clash with fears growing of more violence still to come. what lowers limbo reports say and it's a leaker edward snowden won't be able to leave a moscow airport until he secures the backing of south american diplomats. and the obama administration targets another leaker the u.s. general james cartwright is under fire and they say the subject of a federal probe for divulging information on washington's hacker attack on iran.
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welcome to r t it's six pm and the russian capital now deadly riots between supporters and opponents of president morsi are heating up an edge of clashes have already left at least three people killed including a u.s. national in alexandria are just bell true has the latest from cairo. the worst clashes were in egypt's coastal city of alexandria where we saw two people dead including one u.s. citizen the u.s. embassy for their part have removed all non-essential staff in fear that this could be a targeted attack in addition president obama came out calling for dialogue between opposition forces and the president saying they must have a united stand the marines the u.s. marines reportedly have come up with a contingency plan should the violence continue against u.s. citizens so to me i saw in protests people ripping posters of u.s.
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buses at the car around five percent saying the mission brotherhood the president tales from is definitely following a u.s. agenda civilian grassroots campaign called commodity which means rebel who collected at least eighteen million signatures calling for the president to step down they say he's incapable of running the country we've seen no change in the last year the islamists for their part those who support the president say that all these opposition protests are in a just a mess as the president was democratically elected as egypt when this is a worsening security crisis many citizens are reaching out to private security firms to secure their homes and businesses i spoke to who are gearing up for tomorrow's protest who say they expect violence and this is something that they really fear in the shadow of the wind in the building. is preparing for the expected finance between supporters and opponents of the egyptian president on sunday simon says he has already fortified his small shop just of cairo's tahrir
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square with sheets of. would you say we got them in my kiosk has been robbed and destroyed a few times in previous clown shoes i'm going to be keep my shop as i'm afraid of what is going to happen in the violence i don't want to lose everything. with the police taking a back seat those who can afford it. a reaching out to private security firms like this one general manager a former high ranking police officer but though we add to what hip says his company is preparing for the worst as protesters demand the resignation of missing brotherhood president mohamed morsi. on june thirtieth there may be violence between the opposition forces and the islamists so we're sending more people to the places were guarding we're giving our staff and clients special training and information how they can secure their premises and how they deal with clashes. companies like the are plugging the gaps amid a deepening security crisis across the country lynchings are on the rise the latest
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brutal mob killing happened just a few days ago near the capital civilians are increasingly armed and protests are becoming more violent as citizens bring guns to clashes leaving many to fear for their deaths analysts say the breakdown of security is because citizens no longer fear the police who have been accused of being reluctant to provide security they also blame the government which has failed to confront the interior ministry they are responsible for the bigger they from of law and order if they don't take the necessary steps to fix it they may want to they may wish to but if they're not actually solving it the buck stops at their door they will find a very difficult to get the ministry of interior to reform after the police services to reform. precisely because inside the police force inside the ministry of interior there are so many people that are really quite opposed to the muslim brotherhood instead of promising change president morsi played with fire in his wednesday speech to the nation praising the police and thanking them for their work
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so with violence on the horizon many will be forced to attend egypt's new thriving private security industry to protect their own homes and businesses true. cairo well let's now get more on the situation in egypt from ahmed badawi from the center for conflict analysis thank you so much mr pradelle you for joining us here on r t so when morsi came to power he promised to be a president for all egyptians as he failed. that's very clear but it's been clear on what we mean by fishy. so united egyptians behind a new framework that we're going to ideas the relationship together on the political level they haven't done much as we've gone through to say that it's failed as a president. but he has failed and somebody that many egyptians were looking for somebody who has studied this. that would decide the events the time the
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job and. you know. everybody. if you eat. well as you can see the society in its at this highly polarized and washington supported those. the revolt abroad morsi to power do you think now he's opponents will receive the same support from the united states well. this point because it wasn't exactly that a vote that broke most people thought oh. for the environment in which elections would head and it was these elections the book was to blow up and these elections are about the size the didn't know what would have been a few of the logic of the legitimacy and the logical but evolution he did it and i'm not coming out with flash the big things that washington can do what any other
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they. might not. want let's now take a look at his opposition as we can see they still lack unity and the are against islam is predominantly so how much do you think they will be able to achieve by protesting. that's a very good question everybody's guess what they have managed so far they have kept the pressure up over the muslim brotherhood and only president morsi and the other thing that they have managed. is to keep the mobilization of the people according to them only if you organize really. is the strange what is needed now is to keep him alive and i think. it is of course is
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that if they feed the. left and for the most improbable that you can get big. and were you expecting from sunday's rallies. all right and that was political analyst ahmad badawi talking to us about the situation in egypt thank you very much. u.s. intelligence whistleblower edward snowden won't be able to leave russia until he meets diplomats from south america and that's according to the latest reports with a whistleblower still stranded without a travel documents at moscow's sheremetyevo airport artie's medina cautioned i was there for the details on how that diplomatic encounter could unfold. the tricky thing here is that such a meeting has not been scheduled yet and the legal status off mr snowden is yet to be defined so it is indeed impossible for him now to leave this year matter what international airport based here in moscow where he has basically been stuck in
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a transit zone since last weekend now the u.s. government has revoked his passport which means that he neither can gather a russian visa to leave the airport nor can he theoretically a boy take its own till next flight supernatural or have mana however there are reports that mr snowden has made a no at times to amy take us on to this destinations now os the story develops as well and the president nicolas maduro will arrive in moscow this monday and so we'll believe a album or ralitsa now of both of them this well i am now where they were said that they will consider asylum for adverse noton there are several difficulties in reviewing his asylum application and now he has to be on the country's diplomatic promises which means that he has to be either with them the country where he is
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seeking asylum or with the nets see here in moscow now meanwhile out with the worse as that while of the u.s. demands to snowden's absolute dition the u.s. authorities have only new myrto patients refused to the door and authorities on their demands to their own citizens there are some speculations even as well and president's upcoming visit may actually in the way resolve this ongoing saga and this this. within a caution reporting there an incoming u.s. national security advisor susan rice meanwhile says snowden's revelations haven't weaken the presidency or damage the country's foreign policy while the father of the fugitive whistleblower believes that he would return to the u.s. if certain conditions are met while he's outlined the terms in a letter to the u.s. attorney general so low he snowden says he's son should not be detained before
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trial subjected to a gag order and should be allowed to choose where the core proceedings will take place yeah there's no to the bits that he hasn't spoken to add words since april and insists that while the x. cia employee we committed a crime is not a traitor the thirty year old anas a whistleblower has been seen since he touched down and russia and while snowden's future has been the subject of intense debate by the world's media investigative journalist duncan campbell believes it's taking the focus away from what he actually revealed. a lot depends on russia but i think the russian game will bespeak to stand back and say is an international territory we can do nothing and wait for other players to act but i do think that the focus is wrong because all of this distraction about snowden and where the years and what he might do next has completely undermined the tremendous gravity of the successive documents and
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revelations that he's made about the the scope of american and allied spying on the civil and commercial affairs of the world i think that many americans record in the eyes the true values for which their forefathers fought from the war of independence on woods who would see in snowden a real hero but that is never going to be reflected in the demographics when the price is so tainted and disgracefully so silent in simply reporting what he's got to say if there was a dissident in russia or china or the middle east speaking out in the way that snowden is doing it would have massive coverage that's not happening not even in the washington post which covered his first story well he was once known as obama's favorite general but now james cartwright could be charged for exposing a u.s. cyber attack on iran the retired marine is being investigated for allegedly revealing the stuxnet virus which disabled nearly
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a thousand centrifuges at an iranian nuclear plant three years ago artie's got into account has the details. in two thousand and ten when the u.s. carried out this cyber attack against iran general cartwright was vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and he was reported to be one of the crucial players in this cyber attack he resigned in two thousand and eleven and he is now apparently being investigated as the niekerk of that story as you remember the niek about the obama administration having carried out this cyber attack against iran came before the election last year and the timing raise a lot of questions by a claim because president obama all but bragged about that operation as he ran for reelection as you remember everybody kind of assumed that it was one of those authorized leaks because the administration seemed formation all the time to further its own goals but the timing of this particular about the general being investigated is also very interesting he hasn't been charged with any crimes and yet again from an unnamed source that he's being investigated and this is happening
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at a time when the hunt for edward snowden is in full swing is the administration trying to make a point here trying to sort of say that they are targeting even the sources of those leaks that they liked it really is not clear at this point not clear whether it's their way of trying to fight the perception that the administration deeks all it wants and targets only those whose leaks embarrass the government. and war stories and for you to cling no warm welcome in africa. u.s. president obama's african tour marred with protests how some locals rallied to give damn his foreign policies. that is just ahead stay with us. and a german actress says she was paid by a broadcaster to lash out at russian officials over the pussy riot trial more details of that coming up shortly.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for likely you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard look at the big picture.
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welcome back you're watching our team no open arms from africans for president obama on his crucial to word to the continent with protesters staging rallies to vand their anger at the u.s. leader south african riot police fired stun grenades to disperse angry crowds near johannesburg ahead of these visits to the city in pretoria and in cape town hundreds gathered for demonstrations against u.s. foreign policy africans had high hopes want to bomb a became u.s. president bought a man he feels those have since dashed american aid to africa has been severely cut while washington has stepped up military operations in the region also more on the
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issue less now talk to sell you a pilot from the south african communist party. thank you so much for joining us are here to discuss obama's visit to africa so why do you think has obama's visit triggered so much anger there. where obviously is visit to present the expansion of the agenda of the united states government and the subjugation of the african continent some of cause the way. as you know that the u.s. government in international relations is begun to militarily stick a need to have any forms of dialogue so in this instance for instance we feel that they express that in our programs on the african continent for instance they meant of the africa command in duboce. it's an indication of for us interest on that front of going clinton and we want him to stop that and also. the military
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bases all over the way that the u.s. has got in order that you can have. well it's kind of diplomatic relations as well as trade to the nations we're not decidable to opposed to a system where the government getting a gauge through the usa on trade relations by the u.s. saying they must be cautious about this because this is a huge imbalance between which as in the us a. noting that the us has more than ten times the g.d.p. of the entire african continent so there's no interest or. right to a democratic dispensation on the continent and development that many african government may seek to choose for themselves while mr bollen while we speak as we speak in fact we were seeing up pictures of a bomb of the are live pictures of his visit and addressing africans on his tour i just wanted to ask you the question here i mean we're hearing that they're having trouble is there and police have been quite tough on protesters and so wait outside
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johannesburg. should we expect any reaction from the bomb us to those protests and a crackdown by the police to africa what i'm for me to myself i've been here what otherwise anything. action from you but from our side want to condemn the action of the produce particularly. in which they ended the protest us. because we believe that it was to rule their own fears of the u.s. government because they're not used to describe a protest in our country we have that eye to democratic leaders express ourselves and our people when they do so they should be allowed and if framework will follow and i think you just gave the police used excessive force while speaking of democracy u.s. officials say that this visit this store is supposed to push the u.s. investment and strengthen africa's democratic institutions what do you think of the
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timing why now. where does the does that issue why now because firstly they knew as you would know that after all what they call a political mind was brazen jim in the last few years they did it to the african continent and a cut in plea trying to buy peace of mind to different of the can countries in order to set up military bases for this old people is that. doesn't want the radical told that we should be removed. with their program or threat it didn't change they have done that in cooperation with. countries like france on the continent and i vote of course to leave and so forth without taking into account that we have needs of the people of those countries actually bringing in discord in these different countries so this image an interest on the continent and its democratic instrument it's something that you are right about for them the understanding of democratic east remained is what they will control but we want
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africans to do to mind the path of their own development and establish their own democratic institutions to compromise in their own social conditions and political systems and live by that while it's going to be under way so they don't rightly know where the shooting at the u.s. government unfortunately we are running out of time i just want to ask you one more question very briefly the u.s. military presence in africa is low key so far so with around five thousand personnel on the ground do you think we could expect a boost here. you know of course there's a world in tension over over you know about the u.s. is more than the media. it's brought us what are they doing outside its borders when they should be in america. and missions so there's an expression that a program on the continent which we reject and we want to condemn that and we think that they should also close other military bases including in guantanamo bay in cuba and in the about parts of the world including the korean peninsula that would continue to flare up tensions in that region all right that was
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a mile from the south african communist party thank you so much for being with us here in the program. and we've got plenty other stories on our web site here's a peek of what is waiting for you their. childish sounding grind with a very grown up punishment a man whose square of old and banking slogans shot on the streets of america now faces a decade in jail so i had to r.t. dot com to find out why u.s. authorities are keeping him gagged. and click away online see chines the f.b.i. may have your picture on its face no recognition database and u.s. government agency is now being sued for collecting the photographs fingerprints and iris scans for millions of americans. for the full story. now is take a look at some of the stories from around the world and we begin with thailand were eight soldiers have been killed in
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a roadside blast in the gol province no groups have a have claimed responsibility for the bombing at least five thousand people have been killed in a muslim insurgency that's plagued thailand's south since two thousand and four. british prime minister david cameron has made in a now unannounced visit to case troops in afghanistan can bastiaan in the helmand province cameron pledged a permanent memorial to the four hundred forty four british service personnel who have lost their lives in the conflict his trip comes amid faltering efforts to negotiate with the taliban and also follows claims of a british commander of the talks with the taliban should have been attempted a decade ago. several hundred trade unionists and afghans have staged a peaceful demonstration against severest dirty measures and planned job cuts angry over a government plan to close some state agencies and sack employees crisis plagued
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greece has received financial bailouts from the e.u. which have failed to help the country out of its spiraling crisis. dozens of people have been arrested in st petersburg as authorities move to subdue nationalist protesters who have gathered ahead of a gay pride march police and russians around the capital separated the two rival groups to prevent clashes official said they have been contacted by locals to stop the gay rally which they complain violate of the russian law against the propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations both gay rights and nationalist activists who refused to leave were arrested. one of germany's made broadcasters has found itself in quiet an embarrassing situation it's being accused of paying its guests to criticize russia celebrity supporter of protest group was the riot who slammed their trial as absurd error admitted she was paid to do so the channel now claims it was all
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a joke or disappear all over investigates. after their trial and conviction pussy riot still making headlines the local actress on a title black suggested she was chased by a state broadcaster to talk about the trial and have received money from ted to give opinion on the program aspect they pay money for this i can't tell you how much money a lot of money is talbot who is one of five celebrities who took part in a discussion show about the trial of the punk collective jailed for hooliganism motivated by religious hatred in response to questions from manuel oxon rights magazine the i.d.f. shoot the statement. has stressed this was not the case and her expression was of a satirical nature for all is extremely sorry that her satirical remarks were misunderstood and she asks forgiveness for causing the situation they gave the impression all those five if the impression that it's a harsh the cape the ship punishing. girls for
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a little artistic this was the right coverage was not repressed scenting at all of the opinion in the german people the i.d.f. is among a group of media outlets that receives their funding from the german license fee with each household expected to contribute around eighteen months the fact that the german state t.v. shows five celebrities sharing the same opinion on the pussy riot trial and on the pussy riot case is giving a very wrong impression outside also about germany because this gives the impression that we all are thinking the same if. a group like pussy riot would try to do the same thing somewhere in the catholic church itself germany i think they could be happy to be caught by the police and not to be caught by the audience in the church the main cathedral in cologne saw its own pussy riot demonstration the judge eventually issued stiff fines to two of the german participants all the hearing of the third is being despond all without the media rory we saw in.
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incident despite denials of any wrongdoing from the c.d.f. and it seems questions all being raised over the objectivity of german state media peter all of a r.t. . and up next technology update discovers the latest innovation in russian medical science don't go away. all. you need is sigrid laboratory to mccurry was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tunes mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans in the world this is why you should care only on the.
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wealthy british style. right on. target. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report. more news today violence is once again flared up. saying these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are today.
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hello and welcome to technology update regardless of who you are and whether you live in moscow or anywhere else in the world we all like their one holiday wish economy we're all hoping for good health to keep us in tip top shape the tech i came in i have struck out to find the latest improvements in russian medical science. showing off some of the newest gadgets and research was the russian health care week exhibition the gathering in moscow promoted everything from good health habits to advance my saving treatments push really the biggest medical breakthrough as a place to place away from the bright lights of the capital's expo center. the box live center for cardiovascular.


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