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tv   Headline News  RT  June 29, 2013 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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for you. really. fresh revelations from n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden the u.s. has been bugging tapping and cyber monitoring e.u. institutions in brussels washington and new york. riots raging in egypt at least three people are killed as supporters and opponents of president morsy clash with fears growing of more violence still to come. south african riot police crackdown on protesting crowds furious with u.s. policies as president obama tours the continent to boost.
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good evening it's midnight here in the russian capital i'm lucy confident of and of course you're watching our t.v. well and our top story new reports of u.s. surveillance are emerging from a german publication courtesy of edward snowden there spiegel magazine is reporting that they've seen a top secret u.s. document outlining how the country's intelligence bugged you offices spying on the blocks internal computer networks argues peter oliver has more. what's the the the documents that says that they received through edward snowden we're able to see part of says is that the national security agency were well spying on the e.u. just about everywhere they could that they were tapping phones they were hacking their computer networks at the un in washington d.c. also that they were booking premises in brussels and carrying out the same type of
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. phone tapping and computer hacking there as well germany hey mouth is one of the the countries that was most spied on as part of this prism operation by the n.s.a. something that raised a few eyebrows and certainly posed a few questions when chancellor angela merkel met with president barack obama a little while ago now what we're also seeing is that it's the same type of thing as this came out regarding the the booking of then president dmitri medvedev so it seems that no matter who you work wherever you were you were subject to wire taps and computer hacking and having your premises bugged by the n.s.a. now one interesting part of this article says that it quote saying that the e.u. were a target a definite target for this type of surveillance and also says that five years ago
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the e.u. itself had looked into phone calls that had been made to them had traced phone calls apparently back to a n.s.a. office that was based inside the nato compound in brussels so they certainly had suspected that they were under surveillance but it's a very different thing suspecting that somebody is watching you to then finding out through these type of leaked documents that they certainly were watching you and just how closely they're watching you indeed. we asked low to the news he's a former deputy speaker of the belgian parliament why the united states had selected the its close ally as a target my educated guess is that the having to do with economic spying on the e.u. you know that the e.u. is for the moment negotiating a new free trade agreement the us well you have all the interest to know what you all potent issue already discussing internally off strategy that is one of the possibilities but this has been going on apparently for more than five years it
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traces back to bind from nato headquarters well this even goes years decades into a disco called national program from the seventy's the e.u.'s for example is stronger than ever militarily even technology plea i mean the internet is an american invention but on the economic level it is losing ground everywhere see what the brics countries there are doing the e.u. is adding strong which i would rush to after it come in latin america and the u.s. doesn't seem to get its economic. priorities imposed as it used to so what are you serious here is is a big risk for economic spying is weak diplomatic correspondence from the ecuadorian government suggest that julian a son she may have been pulling the strings at the country's london embassy this in order to help edward snowden now they claim that the wiki leaks founder had asked
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the consul there to issue a safe travel pass document for snowden which was not actually authorized by the country's government what is meant in a has been following the story for us. the wall street journal has recently published information containing diplomatic correspondence with the door and government and particularly there was information concerning one ecuadorian diplomat who works at the country's embassy in london now it was the diplomat who issued the controversial travel documents for mr snowden and that's a later sparked a lot of debate now according to the car despondence the diplomat who works closely with the man the silence and that information really provoked a lot of thoughts that mr asuncion could be perceived as running the showing awkward door and he could actually be in the middle of handling the situation now in response to that. are just another terms to really take away the
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turn sion from of the c. rist exposures there were made to boy mr snowden and really the same commons came from ecuador and the president are afraid of colorado said the odds to mr snowden's exposures are serious and very important and that they once again shed some light on the massive us spying out for us. now we're going to have to explain our actions but we're not the one spying on people they said we have provided snowden with garcon for travel with them and now it is a problem for them and not what snowden actually revealed about cyber spying cases do you realize the travel they want to fall into what is really serious is snowden's whistle blowing. there were also reports that door and president carter a out has held talks with the u.s. vice president joe biden however it was revealed that rare has not yet
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made up his mind on snowden's asylum application meanwhile according to the only this media reports former cia contractor edward snowden as a not able to leave russia until he meets with a south american diplomat however the tricky thing is that the missing is not scheduled yet and of the legal status of mr snowden's is yet to be identified now currently it is impossible for mr edward snowden to actually leave the show or much of our international airport which is based here in moscow and the u.s. government has revoked his passport which means that he can get a russian visa to actually leave the airport nor can he is theoretically boy any tickets to have vanno or appledore so however as the story develops. vinous well young president nicolas maduro will arrive in moscow on monday and that
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there are some speculations that his upcoming visit may actually resolve the situation in a way. meanwhile the father of the fugitive whistleblower believes that his son could return to the united states if certain conditions are met now he outlined those terms in a letter sent to the u.s. attorney general eric holder lonnie snowden says that the son should not be detained before trial that's one of the conditions he shouldn't be subjected to a gag order that's basically something that would ban him from publicly speaking out about this and that snowden should be able to choose the location where the court proceedings will actually take place now the elder snowden also admits that he hasn't spoken to his son since april and insists that while the contractor had committed a crime he's not a traitor the thirty year old former n.s.a. whistleblower hasn't been seen since he actually touched down here in russia. has
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been the subject of intense debates by the world's media investigative journalist dunkel duncan campbell believes that it is taking the focus away from the actual leaks. a lot depends on on russia but i think russian game will be a speech to stand back and use an international territory we can do nothing and wait for other players to act but i do think that the focus is wrong because all of this distraction about snowden and where the years and what he might do next has completely undermined the tremendous gravity of the successive documents and revelations that he's made about the the scope of american and allied spying on the civil and commercial affairs of the world i think that many americans the record nies the true values for which their forefathers fought from the war of independence on words who would see in snowden a real hero but that is never going to be reflected in the demographics when the
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price is so tainted and disgracefully so silent in simply reporting what he's got to say if there was a dissident in russia or china or the middle east speaking out in the way that snowden is doing it would have massive coverage that's not happening not even in the washington post which cover this first story deadly riots between supporters and opponents of president mohamed morsi are heating up in egypt clashes have already killed several people including a u.s. national in the city of alexandria thousands are now rallying in tahrir square in cairo demanding that the islamist leader step down r.t. is true have the latest for us. the worst clashes were in egypt's coastal city of alexandria where we saw two people dead including one u.s. citizen the u.s. embassy for their part have removed all non-essential staff see that this could be a targeted attack in addition president obama came out calling for dialogue between
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opposition forces and the president saying we must have a united stand the marines the u.s. marines reportedly have come up with a contingency plan should the violence continue against u.s. citizens so to me i saw in protests people ripping posters of u.s. buses at the car around five percent saying the mission brotherhood the president tales from is definitely following a u.s. agenda civilian grassroots campaign called commodity which means rebel who collected at least eighteen million signatures calling for the president to step down they say he's incapable of running the country we've seen no change in the last year the islamists for their part those who support the president say that all these opposition protests are in a just a mess as the president was democratically elected as egypt when this is a why something security crisis many citizens are reaching out to private security
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firms to secure their homes and businesses i spoke to who are gearing up for tomorrow's protest who say they expect violence and this is something that they really fear in the shadow of the. building. is preparing for the expected violence between supporters and opponents of the gypsum president on sunday some and says he has already fought to fight is just of cairo's tahrir square with sheets of. we're still got them in my kiosk has been robbed and destroyed a few times in previous clown shoes i'm going to vacate my shop and as i'm afraid of what is going to happen in the violence i don't want to lose everything. with the police taking a back seat those who can afford. a reaching out to private security firms like this one general manager a former high ranking police officer but we are through what he says his company is preparing for the worst as protesters demand the resignation of missing brotherhood president mohamed morsi the man a they went on june thirtieth there may be violence between the opposition forces
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and the islamists so we're sending more people to the places were guarding we're giving our staff and clients special training and information how they can secure their premises and how they deal with clashes. companies like these are plugging the gaps amid a deepening security crisis across the country lynchings are on the rise the latest brutal mob killing happened just a few days ago near the capital civilians are increasingly armed and protests are becoming more violent as citizens bring guns to clashes leaving many to fear for the deaths analysts say the breakdown of security is because citizens no longer fear the police who have been accused of being reluctant to provide security they also blame the government which has failed to confront the interior ministry they are responsible for the bigger they're full of law and order if they don't take the necessary steps to fix it they may want to they may wish to but if they're not actually solving it the buck stops at their door it will find
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a very difficult to get the ministry of interior to reform of the police services to reform. precisely because inside the police force inside the ministry of interior there are so many people that are really quite opposed to the muslim brotherhood instead of promising change president morsi played with fire in his wednesday speech to the nation praising the police and thanking them for their work so with violence on the horizon many will be forced to attend egypt's meath writing private security industry to protect their own homes and businesses true. a group of secular leaning deputies have resigned from egypt's acting parliament in support of the opposition rallies meanwhile dr saeed sadec from the american university in cairo says that another arab spring type of uprising could be imminent because the islamist president hasn't delivered on his promises so far. the president one is not on knowing the objectives it was to salute the
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thing he's only good at the expense of the national interests of the country and also defense that if if they do if they remain silent on them it is for years egypt would become like somalia sudan they were looking for egypt would be there gyptian evolution is going to be hijacked like what happened in the reagan revolution by those islamists who wanted the society to sleep and stay put and do not intervene and lives in what they want the who on up spring is about pouring into account the government and not the future you have to call the account the president because of the one you fail to deliver what people expect of course we've got lots more for you coming up this hour including president obama's african tour which has been marred by protests as a group of people rallied to condemn his foreign policy as well about those details
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for you coming right up. well. this month high tech means could help with the latest laser cutters a lifesaving heart russian innovators are working hard to keep you healthy for some companies it's been a winding road from car simulators to cutting edge training systems for others it's been a lifetime of work along the mysteries of the cell chikatilo one technology we've got the future. please.
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please. please. so good to have you with us i'm lucy campanella and of course here turn tuned in to our. well there is no open arms from south africans for president obama on his crucial tour to the continent with protesters staging rallies to vent their anger at the american leader south african riot police have fired stun grenades to disperse angry crowds near johannesburg i had of obama's visit to the city hundreds had also gathered for demonstrations against u.s. foreign policy in pretoria and cape town as well africans had high hopes when obama
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became u.s. president but many feel those have since been dashed american aid to africa has been severely cut a washington has stepped up military operations in the region u.s. officials say obama's tour is supposed to promote u.s. investment and to strengthen africa's democratic institutions but some have a different take on the matter here sally polya from the south african communist party. we feel that the experts at our programs courts need for instance this the basement of the offical months. it's an indication of where u.s. interest on the kind of good clinton and we want him to stop that and post. military bases all over the way that the u.s. has scored in order that you can have. well it's kind of diplomatic relations as well as trade missions we're not the sort of those who opposed to a system where the government getting engaged with the usa on trade relations what we're saying they must be cautious about this because this is this huge imbalance
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between which as in the us a just noting that the u.s. has more than ten times the g.d.p. of the entire african continent so these. are. rights to a democratic dispensation on that continent into the tropical development that many african governments may seek to choose for themselves. an act of brutal violence allegedly carried out by a group of syrian rebel fighters has stirred outrage unverified video posted on the internet shows the beheading of three men now i should warn you that you might find the following images disturbing the footage purports to show supporters of president bashar al assad being decapitated with a knife that's the video that you're watching right there now spectator taters at the execution include women and children all this comes just days after american media citing unnamed officials confirmed that the cia has started to arm the syrian
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rebels are. have looked at the possible ramifications. of bloody conflict raging on for over two years violence to get the syrian president to step down versus more violence from a leader refusing to do so at least ninety thousand lives taken and counting from the get go washington supported the opposition the u.s. is making a terrible mistake in giving this undifferentiated very. over simplified black and white picture of that the rebel opposition really good guys and assad is the bad guy it's a very very dangerous mistake. dangerous because the opposition is not even close to being a unified political force in reality made up of an array of groups. the free syrian army is a network of thousands of militias and maybe they come up to about eighty thousand people what's scary is how many of these people want you know an extremist
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government and i think it's more you know it's at least half horrific videos such as this one have shown that in the uprising the enemy can not only be killed but. there's ten thousand fighters with al nusra front which is al qaeda in iraq reconstituted in syria they might as well call themselves al qaeda in syria but you know they want to rebrand while the west and russia remain at odds on where u.s. support of the opposition could lead. washington has its mind set on providing vetted groups of rebels with small arms and ammunition they're deluding themselves they think that they can cherry pick which factions of the opposition to support but somehow or other we can control the flow of weapons because we give them only to select people. many experts indicate that american politicians are kidding themselves if they think the arms flow can ever be managed and this question of how to give arms to one group but keep them out of the hands of another can likely
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never be answered i don't know if i've even heard a clear and unambiguous answer. to the obama administration or any foreign policy on about where those weapons are going and how we can actually secure in the fact that they're going into the right hands but you know who are the right hand be that russia which has been sending arms to the assad government under a contract that began before the violence says that the united states arming the diversified opposition would kill not only more people but any hope for a peace settlement potentially turning the syrian crisis into never ending chaos like again a step even if assad is pushed out after years of bloodshed there are no assurances that his departure will bring peace moreover of the us goes ahead with any shape or form of involvement in syria which the opposition would embrace the tide could turn much quicker than american officials may desire loyalties are temporary and guns and weapons like diamonds are forever so today they may be your friend and tomorrow
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they're pointing to the stinger at you a recent pew poll that showed that as many as seventy percent of americans want us to stay away from syria let. them out after a decade of warfare in the middle east some while all summer rain pouring oil into the fire from left to right it might be high time you want to rethink it. that's the tricky part. well to get a brief check on the news making headlines around the world right now. british prime minister david cameron has made an unannounced trip to of ghana stand to visit u.k. troops there he travel to the britain's britain's largest military break base in the country where he pledged a permanent memorial to the hundreds of british service personnel who have lost their lives in the conflict camp bastion was recently revealed to be holding almost one hundred afghan soldiers often without charge although we should note that those
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those detainees have began to be released earlier this week now his trip comes amid faltering efforts to negotiate with the taliban and just days after the militant group attacked buildings near the presidential palace for kabul mr catherine cameron is now is in this drama bod in pakistan. thousands have gathered in taksim square in istanbul demanding justice for a protester shot by police during rallies that swept turkey people also vented their anger over the release of a policeman from custody pending trial for the killing of an activist in the capital of ankara many have adopted the standing man protest form of defiance that have become popular after a police crackdown there turkey has witnessed almost a month of on rest after a sit in against the government redevelopment plan for give the park in istanbul was broken up by police. as seventeen year old boy has been
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sentenced to a year in jail in bahrain this for insulting the king of the gulf state the punishment comes after comments show fall made on a social media website now the boy denies any links to the twitter account from where the posts were allegedly made this isn't the first time before any authorities have cracked down on critics of the monarchy human rights activists in the bill job is serving a three year sentence for supposedly inciting protests through online tweets. dozens of people have been sickened to due to a nitrogen leak at a manufacturing plant operated by the intel corporation in the american state of arizona folks there reportedly suffered breathing difficulties as well as all. and at least eleven people have been taking to a local hospital now according to an intel spokesperson there is no ongoing danger in the area. several hundred trade unionists in athens have staged
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a peaceful demonstration against severe austerity measures and planned job cuts they're angry over a government plan to close some state agencies and to fire employees greece has received financial bailouts from the e.u. which have so far at least failed to help the country out of its crisis. meanwhile around sixty people have been arrested in st petersburg as authorities move to subdue a confrontation between nationalist protesters and gay rights activists police in russia's northern capital separated the two rival groups to prevent caches officials said they had been contacted by locals to stop the gay rights rally they complained that it violated the russian law on what legislators described as a promotion of quote nontraditional sexual relations with gay rights and nationalist activist who refused to leave or arrested. coming up technology update discovers the latest innovation in russian medical science and i promise you it's more exciting than it sounds stay with us.
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or you will lose the u.s. knows what the are russia does not play around one honest or dishonest mistake could get you in a lot of trouble. even a longtime friend of mine got his entire life savings destroyed due to some simple honest error you think that workers in an organization that could punish you for your financial failings would be very sharp with their own money but that's sadly not the case according to an audit report from the treasury inspector general for tax administration at the very least one thousand iris employees have abused the charge cards they were issued to cover their official travel expenses some of these people are very high on the ladder including an executive level official a criminal investigator and multiple ploys with security clearances much of the
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abuses related to place writing checks for big purchases which later bounced due to accounts being empty yeah the people who could ruin your life for one little financial folly seem to have no problem over drawing while they are living it up on taxpayer funded travel to keep things in perspective the iris is a huge organization so one thousand abusers is a minority but in the spirit of fairness i think these card abusers should be punished just as harshly as normal people who run afoul of the i.r.s. fascist my opinion. oh and welcome to technology update regardless of who you are and whether you live
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in moscow or anywhere else in the world we all like that one holiday wish common we're all hoping for good health to keep us in tip top shape the tech team and i have struck out to find the latest improvements in russian medical science. showing off some of the newest gadgets in research was the russian health care we six edition together in moscow promoted everything through good health habits to advance life saving treatments push really the biggest medical breakthrough as of late took place away from the bright lights of the.


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