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tv   Headline News  RT  June 30, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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protests a rage in egypt reports of at least seven people dead and scores injured as supporters and opponents of the president. calls for morsi to step down. european states are outraged at the u.s. placing a key trade pact in jeopardy after the latest leaks from n.s.a. whistleblower snowden show america has been bugging. you offices. meanwhile snowden is still stranded in a moscow airport with ecuador pointing at russia to decide his fate while the kremlin says the n.s.a. leaker's is not on its agenda at all.
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and live from moscow this is our thomas let's get right to our top story we begin with egypt where the death toll in the overnight protests has risen to seven including two demonstrators killed by gunfire at the muslim brotherhood headquarters in cairo the army estimates that millions have taken to the streets across the country accusing president morsi of failing to deliver on the promises he made a year ago the opposition is demanding the resignation of the islamist leader having set a deadline of tuesday for him to leave parties bill true has details from cairo. millions. protest against president. the first anniversary of his time in office. he said this to be the demonstration seen in the face she said. it's worse than her own. as soon as they descended on the
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free square and the president to promise scenes of risk where on the presidential palace behind me on some make it would largely peaceful however there was episodes of finance towards the muslim brotherhood that had called to see the cars in the streets of the capital about five hundred people were supposedly and came to the building and attacked it with mona talks and ropes security forces for their part and to contain the violence firing tear gas canisters and this is led to reports that the for the president himself may have left to become but at the security reasons his spokesperson spoke on behalf of the presidency places on the evening saying that yes the presidency had made mistakes to be very difficult but called on the opposition to have dialogue this is unlikely to happen as opposition forces and already said in numerous statements that enough is enough they don't want to die and they don't believe that president mohamed morsi is fit to who makes my protest
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mccool food by law streets initiative tomatoes a rebel who said they'd like to twenty two million signatures calling for the instant the president they said that is too many homes in the country is a failing economy worsening fuel and water shortages why is he rich prices as well as human rights abuses and that he needs to resign now and they actually are reportedly giving him a deadline of tuesday five pm they say he must resign by this is really a divided egypt and with two different sides and we're all going to back down meanwhile just a few kilometers away from the presidential palace where mass demonstrations were happening against the president there is in support of president mohamed morsi at that only demonstration it's called by the islamic and millions a coalition of islamist parties in support of the president and his organization the missing but it's they said the president was democratically elected and best pool the only way to remove him from office is through the elections it will be a demonstration legitimacy is a red line and slam the opposition forces. including tomorrow as being drugs and it
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just emits these divisions increasing across the country and finding surprising people that this situation is not going to end anytime soon the worst is yet to come. political activist ahmed naguib who spoke to us from cairo said that morsi is now paying for the numerous promises that he made during the arab spring but hasn't kept. the people the statement is regardless of the political process it's people's would that is outs and bet against anyone who thinks they can hijack this revolution mercy netizens and any of his promises made even his own elections program so that people as you know who do for him is no mean that kind of because he's never been those promises that he came to any good reelections this he came through a revolution and he did not respect that revolution but then there are other thing is that i would like to see very much if you define none fragmented opposition that
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can negotiate with a cutting government a smooth transition and at peace with one it's very clear to him that the muslim brotherhood realize that. not going to go anywhere and that they really need to rethink their strategies and transition smoothly and give up the powers because there is no talk about credibility and legitimacy with almost any time nation out on the streets well we are asking you online and our to dot com how the situation in egypt will develop let's take a look to see what you guys are saying so far numbers have changed a bit through the night but here big portion of blue majority of you say that morsi will continue his rule as a dictator and suppress the opposition in pink thirty one percent say the government will collapse causing catastrophe for the country in gold the twenty one percent that sliver says that there will be a military coup and that's the only way to bring stability and a tiny sliver seven percent in green say that morsi will step down with former
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mubarak officials stepping up to take power you can have your say online and catch up with the live pictures from egypt's tahrir square that are to dot com. what happened to the arab spring dream does egypt's first freely elected president bring any change fear poverty economic failure and violence remain egypt's attempts to escape chaos leaving what are we even deeper. egypt a year in chaos. of the n.s.a. spy scandal continues to grow fueled by fresh leaks from edward snowden revelations of a european union offices being targeted by the u.s. snooping have set alarm bells ringing across the block with its leaders demanding an explanation from washington let's take a look at what they're saying berlin continues to express its anger with the u.s. spy game with germany's justice minister slamming washington for what they call cold war tactics putting bilateral free trade pact in jeopardy the head of the e.u.
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parliament described the situation as a huge scandal pointing out of the necessity of thorough investigation moving on to belgium where the prime minister called for an immediate stop to the n.s.a. surveillance program while a luxembourg little country well their foreign minister said the u.s. should monitor its own spies rather than snoop on its allies his french counterpart said paris wants an answer from washington as soon as possible peter oliver has more on the story. what's the the the documents that says that they received through edward snowden we're able to see part of says is that the national security agency were well spying on the e.u. just about everywhere they could they were tapping phones they were hacking their computer networks at the un in washington d.c. also that they were booking premises in brussels and carrying out the same type of
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. phone tapping and computer hacking there is well germany came out is one of the the countries that was most spied on as part of this prism operation by the n.s.a. something that raised a few eyebrows and certainly posed a few questions when chancellor angela merkel met with president barack obama a little while ago now what we're also seeing is that it's the same type of thing as this came out regarding the the booking of then president dmitri medvedev so it seems that no matter who you were wherever you were you were subject to why it taps and computer hacking and having your premises bugged by the n.s.a. now one interesting part of this article says this quote saying that the e.u. were a target a definite target for this type of surveillance and also says that five years ago
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the e.u. itself. looked into phone calls that had been made to them had traced phone calls apparently back to n.s.a. office that was based inside the nato compound in brussels so they certainly had suspected that they were under surveillance but it's a very different thing suspecting that somebody is watching you then finding out through these type of leaked documents that they certainly were watching you and just how closely they're watching you indeed artie's peter over reporting for us there now germany is washington's main target. in the end according to the latest reports to an even larger extent than previously believed around half a billion phone calls e-mails text messages and chat transcripts are being monitored by the n.s.a. every single day earlier my colleague lucy kavanagh spoke to intelligence expert dr . carter who said that the roots of the snooping conflict are closely tied to money spying between friends between allies it's not absolutely new we have the
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report into science and want to solve it one from the european parliament that we've we'll go over and it came up oh it was to be discussed but then came september eleventh. and that was it your issue from that moment on the intelligence service that we need we need to spying on allies this is just to protect you against terrorism you just mentioned terrorism but i mean these aren't these kind of france can cooperate openly on terrorism they don't have to spy for terrorist purposes exactly you're absolutely right but it's sort of this is spying for economical reasons mainly it is economical espionage because the mind seem to steal national secrets from companies to destroy jobs and to import jobs to their own countries so what the americans like to do is to destroy jobs in countries like germany in concrete select from their to the reality of what we do with the public
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is just to say hello if the chinese to spy for economical reasons it's a russian. south korea or whatever reality of the biggest enemy of the united states is the united kingdom so it's elyse spying against all odds. snowden's leaks pointed to a british surveillance operation even more vaster than the american one and according to the national budget review unveiled this week despite over eleven billion pounds worth of spending cuts u.k. spies are in line for a generous funding boost. as the details. but what's been widely reported as the biggest winner in this in this review of the budget is the intelligence service that comprises of b m i five am i six and we can see you which of course we know have been in the spotlight particularly. after edward snowden to be american who had made revelations on the extent of the kind of spying that crew has been
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doing on the iraqi citizens and beyond what they're going to see is a real term increase of more if there's three percent of the rationale behind it according to osborn is that there is still a continuing threat of terrorism let's get more on this from the intelligence analysts glenmore treanor harvey thank you very much for joining us now first of all in light of edward snowden's revelations it just happened a few days ago we see an increase in the budget of you in particular what does that mean i have to say that i don't think his revelations did have an effect happen at this time because. especially increases take a long time to work out the thing is of course is that the spotlight is on british intelligence as a result of edward snowden so revelations the whole world is concentrating on what
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we are doing so it does seem a little odd to the general public it would not have been surprising if they had just kept the budget as it were that could bring it on standby but three percent in person so first we have the rationale of security this issue is terrorism on the other hand you have the backlash from the revelations of snowden and you have austerity cuts in other sectors which really affect the british people so how how do we view this how was this justified. i am biased in my arms rather having an association with the services yes i think it is i'm surprised that the extent. when you're talking about the g.d.p. of britain increasing by one percent a year to have a thirty percent increase this is quite extraordinary but it would be seen media comments to say that in the light of snowden revelations that this is a british government saying. we're not concerned about that we are going to go
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ahead we're not embarrassed. on the other hand snowden's leaks have also shed some light on the so-called prism program washington used it to collect massive amounts of data from all over the world which it says was used to foil terror plots and improve national security because our reports the real terrorists may actually be out of reach for the snooping software. and there is the pose a quest for preventing terror attacks and increasing security prison only gathers data from the internet big players such as google facebook and so on but most of those who look for jihad or terrorist related information can find it only on the appropriate forums which are hidden deep within the so-called underwear none of these resources in that realm are actually indexed by the major search engines and in fact google how that one point admitted that it indexes a tiny fraction of just one percent of all data that's available on the web if you imagine as an iceberg that you can understand that prism only covers the very top
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the very tip of the iceberg the rest of the information is actually not covered by prism according to dutch intelligence service but pencil terrorists go to these core forums which are highly encrypted and hidden deep within the web so one really needs to know what they're looking for and where to find it a case in point could be this or not have brothers they have turned to one of the war no radical sources sometimes referred to as the vanity fair of al qaida although the websites existence is no secret for some reason u.s. security services failed to track down the brothers activity even after a tip off from russia and thereby they failed to prevent the boston bombings so although the cia and the n.s.a. say their surveillance programs are directed at protecting people it seems like they're too busy reading innocent people's emails well if you are outside the u.s. how do you know if you're online data is going to be gathered and closely examined by prism while gondar to dot com to find out how the u.s.
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agency decides when to use their digital magnifying glass abroad. i could or as president meanwhile says snowden's fate is out of his hands and the whistleblowers next move really depends on what russia does u.s. vice president joe biden urged to ecuador not to grant asylum to snowden but they can't do it anyway really because well he's not on ecuadorian territory moscow though insists that they will not be discussing what to do with the thirty year old anytime soon teased by most say as more of the whistleblowers journey so far. when and snowden i'm twenty nine years old as soon as edward snowden revealed himself as the with a woman he set off a catch me if you can hunt by the u.s. government want to get him caught and away is he now guessing game for the media after a tip off that snowden was on board a flight from hong kong to moscow the media started speculating as to his next move edward snowden flew from hong kong to moscow say that he will be able to have on
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a flight the situation descended into a fog when a crowd of journalists boarded a flight from moscow to havana only to find that the whistle blower was not on board a presumed to be stuck in an airport transit say so we took off without it so we committed to a twelve hour plus flight that was essentially a waste of time the global public city had turned one of america's most wanted men into a hero for some to others it is a traitor i think he has. committed crimes and in fact by violating agreements given the position he had. several countries have been tangled up in this case a with a veiled threats from washington and bag and forth rhetoric we've registered our strong jepson objections to the authorities in hong kong as well as to the chinese government through diplomatic channels and we know that such behavior is the detrimental to us hong kong and us china bilateral relations. as for the possibility of extradition we do not have any such treaty signed with the united
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states but for ecuador a potential asylum destination because snowden things have moved beyond mere rhetoric the country's move to scrap a trade agreement with the us risking economic losses standing its ground in the face of america's pressure added his government is also said to be divided the safe passage document dated twenty second of june obtained by weekly leaks was snowden from the ecuadorian embassy in london was not authorized meanwhile the mystery comes. the news as to snowden's the next to me is that he's now waiting at present korea to make a decision on the asylum application without a pressure from the us all seeing him not to want to go in president also said that the media attention surrounding snowden has actually diverted from the real story that the n.s.a. surveillance documents but by snowden's own admission this was never going to be a story with
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a fairy tale and you can't come forward against the world's most powerful intelligence agencies and be completely free from risk. r.t. moscow but later in the program we report on the ongoing instability in afghanistan and the shadow it has cast from us taliban negotiations. to find out how far away the sides are for reaching a compromise. u.s. president barack obama has pledged seven billion dollars to combat frequent power blackouts in sub-saharan africa this comes as the american leader is on the second leg of his three nation tour to the african continent to boost trade ties however obama's trip has been marred by protests in south africa. riot police fired rubber bullets and stun grenades into angry crowds near johannesburg ahead of this saturday's visit to the city there were more demonstrations against american
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foreign policy in other cities across the country as well american aid to africa has been cut severely while washington has built up its military presence on the continent mbu you send me and losing your guys or of the protests across africa says america's only approach to resolving conflict is through violence. you know to speak to your friend as long as you don't hold that contributed to a switch in the increasing the debt makes you crazy to see that continue. as i'm concerned government is supposed to be opposed to that and we ourselves it doesn't assist in terms of the very deep. that must conclude that african countries must be able to be independent in the war on terror if he has to learn from. that conflict resolution in the world has to follow through a negotiated process and that's the biggest lesson of the countries intraday obama and his administration and many of his successors bhushan the rest of them.
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and the case in point is libya the no bombing campaign in. many progressive organizations is opposed to precisely the ways in which the united states thinks of . letting these military presence has to do with precisely that. well not only on air but online as well here is just a taste of what we have for you on our website despite attempts to hold peace talks tensions between the two koreas remain high the north has begun upgrading its artillery on front line military units on the border with the south you can head to our t. dot com for the full story. also online a sarcastic comment or a terror plot violent threats over a computer game could land a teenager in jail for eight years even though he did say he was joking. dot com for all the details. this week british prime minister david cameron
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visited kabul following a recent policy shift towards the taliban afghan president hamid karzai said that a recent taliban attack on the presidential palace would not prevent the negotiation process from going ahead washington is preparing for a troop drawdown in two thousand and fourteen amid ongoing instability in the nation that many believe was caused by the us itself are two spoke to one man who has had personal experience in dealing with a taliban journalist jane vandyke who was kidnapped by the insurgent group and held captive for forty eight days while reporting in afghanistan in two thousand and eight he believes the militant organization will not compromise. originally we went into afghanistan solely to destroy to dismantle to destroy if you will the taliban government and to destroy the al qaeda. this war has morphed into has evolved into a war against the taliban the taliban as the military will tell you are on the ascendancy they are not losing they're willing to they're willing to continue to go
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forward to all been announced proclaiming to the world that they are a sovereign nation by calling themselves islamic emirate of afghanistan that they will not negotiate as long as any troops are left any foreign troops are left in afghanistan so how do you say you're going to win if you're going to leave and you haven't won the war so you have two governments you know the government of afghanistan and in the eyes of the world this is a separate government of the taliban the president of afghanistan and the people do not want this. and there now let's take a look at some other international news briefing for you this hour in the u.s. state of arizona at least one thousand firefighters have been confirmed dead while battling a wildfire that broke out on friday the fire has damaged almost half the houses in the town of yarn nell the cause of the fire is under investigation. in saudi arabia seven cyber activists have been sentenced to between five and ten years in prison they were arrested in a year and
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a half ago for allegedly urging protests and other social media although several of them personally didn't participate in the revealed some of the defendants claim that they were even tortured to make them sign false confessions while in pretrial custody. two people have been killed and as gunmen attacked a prison in the southern nigerian town of a core and used explosives to free one hundred seventy five inmates islamist sect boko haram and al qaeda linked group have been behind several prison raids in recent years but it is not clear whether they were behind this jailbreak or whether they had any members being held there. demonstrators clashed with police near maracana stadium in rio de janeiro during the final game of the confederations cup in brazil protesters hurled rocks at authorities who responded with tear gas and stun grenades people are angry about the billions of dollars the brazilian government is spending on hosting global sports events while social problems
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plaguing the country including a high crime rate high taxes and increasing transportation fares. has joined the european union after a decade of negotiations and at a time of financial crisis for the bloc thousands of people joined celebrations across the country but some residents say that they are uncertain what benefits membership will bring prices are almost the same as in france germany and italy but the average coalition income is nowhere near what people take home in those countries economy needs a huge injection of funds to kick started sailing industries including agriculture shipping and construction. this week saw the first piece of russia's revamped navy take to the seas the stern of a mistral class helicopter carrier built in russia's st petersburg shipyards is now waiting is trip to france where the entire vessel will be fully assembled. was at the milestone launch by moscow and paris. if
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you think. this is. a very fine film round according to the deal signed two years ago this shipyard in st petersburg will play a vital role in the fabrication of vessels the section built here will soon had to france for completion before making the return journey to enter the service in russia's navy although there's no champagne available to celebrate here today because a bottle of it was just smashed on the new ship or rather on this section of a new ship it's still a big day for a big ship as long as the mistral class warships have enough capacity to carry sixteen helicopters up to forty tanks or armored vehicles and around six hundred troops and a range of around forty thousand kilometers the equivalent of a single trip around the entire globe and what's even maybe more important if it is a multipurpose vessel if. this ship is like
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a swiss knife it can be used both for military and civilian purposes it's a hospital it's a command point it's an assault ship and it's a headquarters it would be great for each of our four fleets to have the ship however the purchase of the two ships is not without its critics some of russia's own ship builders complain the fronds put a huge order to sort of the mastic shipyards they also say the deal has more political than economic benefits it's just recently emerged that the two mistrial quasi warships will not be able to operate in russia's bison winters without special lubricants that means more expense for the navy and dependence on a foreign supply chain others argue it's a win win situation for both countries france gets an order worth over a billion euro which will keep many of its ship builders in business more important now than ever because of the ongoing eurozone debt crisis while russia gets a warship that will consider. oddly boost its military capacity and also gains
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access to a very latest naval technology the first ship is expected to join russia's navy by the end of next year with another want to follow and has to weather this one deal will lead to closer ties with perry's mosco will simply have to wait to see which way the wind blows. in st petersburg coming up its cost talk with host peter lavelle and his guests that's after a short break here on our trip.
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i would rather as questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my go larry king now right here on r.t. question more. move.


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