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tv   Headline News  RT  July 1, 2013 11:00am-11:29am EDT

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the leaders demand an explanation from washington after the latest revelations by edward snowden pointed to rampant u.s. spying on european institutions. meanwhile washington remains tight lipped was the only reaction stating that every country is committed to protecting its national security. and protesters in egypt ransacked the headwaters of the ruling muslim brotherhood and after millions turn out to demand president morsi renounce power by tuesday. doesn't go to civil war without. fears of an all out bloody conflict are banned by the muslim brotherhood's vows to react after the sea the opposition crossed a red line of violence. and
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a genetically modified diet for you or a briton urges the e.u. to ease restrictions on g.m. products despite concerns that the government is treating people as guinea pigs. seven pm in moscow you're watching r t with me marina joshie welcome to the program now in the fallout from the latest least by edward snowden germany has summoned the u.s. ambassador for explanations on the leaks published and the german media the revelation suggesting the n.s.a. spied on the internal computer networks has sparked a wave of outrage in berlin newsroom chief of artie's video agency ruptly name is a film reports from the german capital. there has so far been no comment from the us in response to this latest round of revelations that have
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been published over the weekend by spiegel which revealed that. half a billion communications including phone calls text messages and e-mails monitored under the n.s.a. program each month and as in germany alone now the german just. livid she has described and i say is similar to the tactics used in the cold war the german chancellor angela merkel has said that she feels alienated which you know is obviously very curious as to why germany has been targeted by the n.s.a. program the n.s.a. have stated that there is a very few countries which have been excluded from that program including the united kingdom new zealand australia and kind of the so questions are being asked the why germany has been specified as a target and some official in germany commented that of course the us is known for costing
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a wide net you know target whoever they want under the war on terror so our german citizens now also being treated as terrorists and that this and i say programs of course it's not just germany that is reeling from these latest revelations there's been an outrage across europe so it's not just the u.s. and german relations but indeed the entire trends that line think relationship between europe and the united states that is under threat. meanwhile the e.u. leaders demands for an explanation from washington have gone unanswered so far was now more on this from marina portnoy who's joining us live so marina what is the u.s. government saying. well so far washington is offering no apologies for spying on its allies u.s. secretary of state john kerry briefly address the situation saying that it's not unusual for lots of nations to spy on one another kerry refused to comment any further until he said he had all the facts and finds out precisely what the
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situation is but if anything kerry's comments are being interpreted as by some as something of a justification for america's global spying behavior now according to reports the u.s. is planning to respond to these allegations through revelent diplomatic channels but first clearly top officials in the united states need to figure out how to spin this story because no matter which way you look at it it does not look good for america. while washington seems to have gotten self into an unusual predicament hasn't it. absolutely actually in light of the spying allegations the president of the european commission jose manuel barroso has ordered a comprehensive ad hoc security sweep of commission offices spokesperson described the spying allegations as disturbing news obviously the united states has huge diplomatic problem on its hands america's trust and credibility has been globally
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compromised there's no denying that and the fallout from these new revelations are only beginning to follow it is only beginning now that america's european allies as well as other friendly nations including japan mexico south korea india and turkey all know that america has been spying on them experts say that relations with washington with washington will chill at the least as a result of this news but in the grand scheme of things if you step back and look at the circumstance it's americans american citizens that first found out that the u.s. government was spying on them now u.s. allies finding out that the u.s. government is spying on them at this point america's credibility i should underscore is clearly being compromised at the end of the day who knows if there will be anyone left or any country left that will be able to trust the united states after this shocking news continues being you know revealed in light of the way in which the national security agency spies on its own citizens and and
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foreigners around the world or a marina thanks very much for bringing us this reporting there while meanwhile president wouldn't stand that added word snowden could stay in any country he chooses and he addresses your ring against for a moscow for more on this we're now joined by. igor so tell us why are important today. well president putin said that edward snowden is a free man who could basically stay in any country he wants including russia but then he would have to quote stop his work aimed at harming our american partners the russian president also added that russian security services never worked with snowden and are not working with him now and he also added that russia never extradited anyone and is not planning to change this policy now as well and he also commented on how he sees the work of american security services following snowden's
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latest revelations claiming that the n.s.a. spied basically against european union officials urging the government that the. financial. services of the united states are global be able to lead us and they're working globally when you they have their interests the use of. motion as executive excesses oh you're struck somebody do your job. but when you shot somebody to keep the eavesdropping with them so please let me keep our colleagues to judge who is right who's wrong because they can butt out. now the president was also asked the question whether he knows edward snowden meal leave russia accompanied by a delegation from this particularly gas forum though it's just it's just taking place in moscow perhaps meaning the venezuelan. earlier the president of
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venezuela said to himself that there's a great chance that mr snowden could get political asylum in his country if he officially asked for it in the meantime the former n.s.a. contractor has already asked ecuador for political asylum and they're reviewing this request now however there is speculation that the question is still far from having been decided and it's causing a lot of debate since ecuador has already granted political asylum to julian assange wanted by the u.s. and while it seems that this case around snowden is now creating even more problems for ecuador's relations with washington according to wiki leaks the n.s.a. may have started intercepting ecuador's of government telecommunications so perhaps the country is now under a lot of pressure and it seems that the chances of snowden getting political asylum in venezuela are much higher than receiving it in ecuador and in the meantime the
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former n.s.a. contractor arrived to the transit zone of airport in moscow a week ago from hong kong with an invalid american passport and would be you were asking for his extradition. brain or thanks very much indeed for bringing us this he wore of his skin off reporting. well let's get some further analysis from dr. surveillance studies expert and professor at the university of hamburg i think it's so much for joining us here on r.t. to discuss this well presumably secret services are spying all around the world in the more sophisticated technology the deeper the snooping so why is it causing so much outrage. it can only surmise others because of the size of the shift scope of wear pink well they were after fake they hacked into and cable see cable lines which is the backbone of the global telecommunications infrastructure i
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think in germany and europe. was outraged because we were we were always thought of the americans as our big friends our well big brother as it wouldn't sound so ironic these days so the outrage is about how could they how could they do this we were expecting this from from from other nations and i think it's the shias go and also be. the revelation if you you know we always thought. that secret service were doing things like that but now we know they are doing things like that and they don't even deny they were doing things like that so that is kind of the outrage will never from this point on currently be sure because now we know for sure they don't any it seems like you as an e.u. have always had a close relationship so why does the us need to spine europeans in your opinion i think they always i mean i'm a cold war the fight on the russians on the chinese but they say they also say it's
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fine the french and the germans the allies maybe because they were suspicious or they were never really you know they couldn't trust secret service is simply don't trust anyone so there are lots of stories where you know insights and films inside secret services where they sign each other so i don't think it's a surprise. that i for one they spied on germans not the german secret service by germans for various reasons because you know just because you're german doesn't mean to the u.s. you know threats all right let's move on from this and take a look at what what are the possible implications of this right specifically the u.s. and e.u. trade agreement how will that be affected given the scale of. these revelations i don't know how they will deal with because i'm not into you know i'm not into politics and that point i think it will maybe it will be lame maybe there will be more discussions about this but i'm pretty sure it will it will go away the
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discussion will see on the secret service because for one the european nations will . profit from from those kind of data from the from the snooping for another you know when time passes you know trade agreement is a different thing they maybe some. some paragraph about you know a slew snooping and spying but on the whole they're still allies. they will do trade because they trade love together if they stop the house what do they have so it will not have. the trade agreement and just put them put it in our. poll it made a human up with the right doctors around say that's all we have the time for but thank you so much for talking to us here on r t that was from elan studies expert and professor at the university of hamburg. well nicolas maduro will be joining the leaders of some of the world's top gas producing nations in moscow on monday looking at ways to keep global angie supply stable supply and demand is key at the
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summit at a time when the controversial practice of fracking is upsetting markets and the environment argues katie pilbeam why have more on that after a short break. mission
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free cretaceous free in-store charge of free. range month free. three stooges free. food free blog videos for your media projects a free radio don carty dot com. welcome back you're watching our day coming to you live from the russian capital congress to hear your square is flooded to with a sea of answer go. protesters for a second day and row comes after the headquarters of egypt's ruling muslim brotherhood was left in tatters by an angry mob at least sixteen people died on
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sunday in clashes as millions turned out across the nation to demand that president morsi step down by tuesday or face a mass rebellion meanwhile egypt's military is giving both sides forty eight hours to find a solution saying army will provide its own road map otherwise. joins us live on the phone from cairo with the details so bad how did the attack on the muslim brotherhood headquarters affect the situation. absolutely. centered around the muslim brotherhood. leaving several people dead after a nationwide. people called saying that. he must. have said. the.
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hour is. filled with demands of the people are the right things. for the future which basically means they will intervene this is something that people have been discussing a lot with some people on one side the military contract in the coming. new clashes across all the government a government which had seen several people. on the other side people experience that the military taking. charge of egypt after hosni mubarak stepped down. during. the human rights violations number of attacks on the military people were very unhappy. that we had them going to collections it's broken it's a good government really what we're seeing in the environment is the crime to the president. at the moment because the people. resigned. the minute she will take i really can't really see how there's any other
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option for him because he's expecting a speech this afternoon or this. press conference a presidential contest to see what his reaction is. well thanks very much indeed for brain. beltre reporting from cairo. now the outrage at egypt islam is the government being backed by washington comes in the wake of president obama's tour of africa in crosstalk coming up in just over an hour paedophiles guest debate of a focus of the obama administration matches the true needs of the troubled continent. what kind of future that this man but into the world we don't want his money we want a world where the very views that are going to be able to we be able to have a a world which is peaceful we are going to be able to have
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a world where we can have with children being safe now to morrow obama one of things what you can do is send it don't kill him and kill everybody or only him it's been a strategy that hasn't focused on addressing the really serious and tough issues across the region but look even leaders has a what he calls a young african leadership. is focused think has been misplaced. now the u.k. is calling on the e.u. to embrace genetically modified food and is the tide regulations on it britain's environment secretary claims that g.m. farming is actually safer than many of the alternatives and beneficial for consumers as well as farmers but health organizations and activists are voicing strong objections well gee our products and golf a wide range of foods from corn and rise to chocolate m e m l well sandy are an
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american multinational corporation owns around ninety percent of all modified seeds causing global conversely over its domination of the market it's accused of crushing small businesses and farming out of prizes even driving some farmers to suicide well that's as anti g.m. activists warn the modified food may be deadly allergies liver an immune system problems and these are just a few of the reported side effects well to discuss the issue. where we have a report from our correspondent point boyo. it's controversial but britain's environment secretary says that the public should embrace genetically modified food is a hard sell the campaign is say it's dangerous to human health whereas the scientific community supports the technology and if it is as safe as they and the government to shore it is and the argument for g.m. food is quite compelling it would allow families to grow crops in tough conditions
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and thus help to feed hungry mouths around the world the u.s. and brazil already must it produces of the stuff the british government says the u.k. shouldn't be getting left behind let's talk more about this i'm joined by dr robert he's the founder of the alliance for natural health which campaigns against g.m. foods talked of attack there are a billion hungry mouths in the world and lead being told that this technology is safe shouldn't we embrace it in that case well if you look at all the real developments in raising eels it hasn't actually occurred through g.m. it's because for conventional breeding practices some of the greatest success stories even in the last five years have been related to traditional propagation techniques we've got to remember that the safety issues divided between both health effects and environmental effects and we know that the european authorities have probably one of the most comprehensive evaluation systems compared with other parts of the world but only two crops have actually got through the net for cultivation over fifty have been approved for consumption but of course the majority of it is
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given to animals and not to humans what are the risks in this case how is it dangerous to human health people use the fact that there's been a lot of g.m. produced of course a large amount of it going to animals but the u.s. population has been eating a lot of g.m. corner a lot of g.m. soy and they say well we can't see the effect we believe looking at humans as guinea pigs is not a great way of doing it because technically given the fact that we're only looking at really one or two generations of exposure why is the government so keen to develop this technology in that case and who would be bent. saying from it if they did well of course there are about a half a dozen companies that are the key players in this areas of which monsanto is the biggest and they've been putting huge pressure on governments and of course if you look at the concerns that for example the four hundred scientists involved in the big un study i started was recent two thousand and eight that said g.m. has no role to play in feeding the levy age and poverty in the developing world
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they're also saying that the biggest problem is concentrating the agricultural resource and particularly seed supply in the hands of a few companies and these companies have a lot of sway with the major governments in the world including the u.k. government divakar many thanks for your comments was one environmental group said the british government's attempt to get g.m. food back on the menu is like flogging a dead horse and despite any of the scientific arguments for it one thing that you can't argue with is that g.m. food just doesn't have a good reputation a survey last month showed that only twenty one percent of the u.k. population supports the technology. r.t. london. well we were turning now to our breaking news and president putin has said to our snowden could stay to any country he chooses he's addressed during a gas form in moscow or here's our teasing or piss going off it was more on this
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before so what else did the president say. well president putin also said that russian security services never worked with edward snowden or not working with him now he also commented on him possibly being passed over to the u.s. since washington is asking for his extradition and we're going to watch him says that russia never extradited anyone and is not planning to change this policy now and he also added that snowden is a free man and could stay wherever he wants including russia but then he would have to stop harming the united states. and. mr snowden he's not a russian agent should us on the new doesn't call drage with us so he's mild take my word for it actually she does not cooperate with us and we do it well he believes she's a human rights activist i should but i was a she so that means he's a free man. but this is your own ship so if you want to fly somewhere and someone
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accept seems of that which it's we we will if you want to say here in russia there's one condition which though he needs to stop please we're. going to teach. demining. american partners strange as it may sounds to me you can skip but do it just on the place which is me. the president also said he didn't know whether or not snowden could leave russia along with a delegation taking part in this major gas suppliers summit in moscow since earlier the president of venezuela said that there are great chances that he could get political asylum in his country if mr snowden asked for it in the meantime the former n.s.a. contractor is waiting for ecuador to decide whether or not he could get political asylum there he's already officially asked for it and while he arrives to the transit zone instead of me to our airport in moscow around a week ago from hong kong his passport has been. an old by the united states where
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he's wanted and well just to remind you that we're snowden is the former n.s.a. contractor who made several controversial. reports to the media about controversies related to spying by american security services on both american citizens european citizens and officials of different levels both in europe and in other global countries heidi or thanks very much indeed for this and of course we'll continue to monitor the situation around snowden i will bring you more updates as we get it coming up after the break r.t. invites you to an unconventional form of theater stay with us. south carolina is playing around with the idea of using shame plates which are
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license plates that can display special messages the department of motor vehicles would have complete access to all these plates and be able to display text on them like suspended uninsured amber alert or stolen you know i actually don't mind the idea of using shame as a punishment i guess it could be a real deterrent to have drunken loser written over the license plate of someone who drinks and drives in fact drugged driving plates have been in place in some states for a while but the problem is that more often than not shame penalties aren't the punishment for a crime but just a bonus one in my native ohio you can go to jail for three to thirty days and have your license suspended for one or three years for driving which is a brutal punishment in a country where everyone drives to work you see people are already punished for drunk driving and in america when you pay your debt to society i.e. you get out of jail you're supposed to have a clean slate but the bonus license plate suspension and possible punishment plates make this a triple sentence ignoring the fact that the government will be able to practically
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display words on your person like a brand on cattle is bad enough but multiple punishments for the same crime seems like a bit of a she thing to me but that's just my opinion. the business of the play is called to arrows on is about a tribe that lives somewhere separately someone in. a national
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school just like us they love and struggle for power zone was. the this is a graduation play put on by fourth year students at the state special institute of arts. it's all the students are either hearing impaired or completely deaf.
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to the sponsors and it's a special institute of arts where hearing impaired people study and get a higher education. unfortunately quite often the students can't find a job after graduating and. this is why our institute rector gave us an opportunity to start theater where our graduates can perform. just drove one spot let's do a run through gently from start to finish let's check everything repeated smoothly and with gusto. she's asked to repeat the dance again that's.


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