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e.u. states deny their space for a plane carrying bolivia's president all of a discredited rumors the same jet may have been smuggling whistleblower edward snowden to safety in latin america. egypt's ongoing political crisis leads to more bloodshed on the streets of the capital cairo where the president says he is the legitimate leader in defiance of an ultimatum by the army sparking fears a military coup could be imminent. down the nile youth unemployment reaches another across europe as unions and the economic powerhouse of germany take to the streets in protest of government action.
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thank you so much for joining us here on r t today. live in moscow with your worldwide headlines. but if he is a crying foul after a number of european states refused to let a plane carrying its president their airspace all because of rumors that surveillance whistleblower edward snowden may have been on board a bit earlier in the program i spoke to piss going off for more on this mali. so the president of bolivia evo morales was flying back home after this major gas supplier summit in moscow and when his plane need to be fueling went france denied lending at first they said it was due to technical reasons but then it turned out it was due to more is that edward snowden may have been on board so the aircraft staff asked other countries for assistance including portugal italy and spain and
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they denied landing as well and actually could reached a point when the aircraft began dangerously running out of fuel and they had to make a landing in austria but spain also demanded that the be allowed to check the aircraft for snowden something absolutely unprecedented this approach in dealing with a presidential aircraft at this moment even morale is still stranded in austria waiting for in a spare space corridor or to continue his journey now and this is all happening despite the austrian foreign minister confirming that snowden is not on board that plane the bolivians are absolutely outraged the country's defense minister before is on board of that plane says that the europeans have put the president's a life in danger we've heard from several latin american states including cuba and ecuador they call this an unprecedented massive offensive against not only believe the air but the entire latin america and argentina and you will learn now talking
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about holding a major latin american states a summit to discuss this whole incident now it's interesting that many european officials are reacting to snowden's revelations some have engaged with the u.s. demanding explanations over the latest reports that the n.s.a. has been spying on europe but then on the other hand many are trying to avoid any contact with snowden whatsoever even reaching the point when the denial lending to a presidential aircraft in need of refueling or are demanding. aircraft but one of the reasons why the thought that snowden could. i've been on that plane is because earlier exclusively to our t. even morales said that his country was ready to provide political asylum to edward snowden why not of course the situation is far from ideal his case is constantly discussed on an international level bolivia is ready to give political asylum to the people who expose spying and so to speak. another leader who is
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seems to be sympathetic to snowden and his revelations is the president of venezuela and our team managed to catch up with him as well here's what he said on the whole situation around the former n.s.a. contractor this young man has to be protected by the international community he dead we've dignity to tell the world that there are mechanisms to spy on it even on your own allies if snowden stays alone he will be destroyed by protecting snowden we will protect peace i have to stress though that all of venezuela and bolivia say that they still haven't received an official request for political asylum from mr snowden he did retract his request from russia after hearing the conditions voiced by the president vladimir putin said that snowden could stay if you wanted to but then he would have to stop working against washington the u.s. is still asking for his extradition while moscow's claims that while they're not
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planning to pass and more recently see him as a human rights activist. and they don't see a possible actuating him to the u.s. where they still use the death penalty but well for edward snowden this still means this transit limbo continues for now. if you go to prison for putting there are now in the meantime ecuador has found microphones sprinkled around its london embassy made days after revelations that the us had physically bugged dozens of diplomatic outposts and no but gang a chairman of germany's party of reason he says he's not surprised adding that governments will always use whatever powers they can get their hands on this whole affair just show a little what happens when government spends out of control whenever you give government power point or i mean so much our government will use that power and turn it around and use it against their own people and use it against their their
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allies and there will definitely i think there will definitely be a fallout from this affair what the fallout will be we don't know yet but the question is not why was germany or why was this or the other country a target it just shows that whenever a government has the possibility to do something it will use that possibility what government what the government can do the government will eventually do and that once again shows how important it is to fight and to to go against this use of power now france is at the forefront of the e use a rhetorical offensive against washington surveillance activities officials have even said that a massive trade pact to be negotiated by the atlantic allies could well be in ruins by the spying revelations this report is maria phenomena now. no lice between elyse no privileges for the ones proven false fronts has been so furious of
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america's in couldn't spying that it's almost straightforwardly rejected the e.u. us years long project the world's biggest free trade zone now we have this political and diplomatic debate is it normal that one state united states with the help of the united kingdom takes the ability to spy on every communications all over the world there's a lot of people who tend to think that not normal that's not morally and politically justified according to recent leaks of the us national security agency has carried out covert surveillance on french and e.u. high ranking officials both at home and abroad monitoring millions of emails and calls blogger and internet freedom fighters and mark says paes have always existed but the way the game is played has been transformed what is interesting now it's to figure that the n.s.a. doesn't spy on people only for terrorism to fight terrorism but also for political
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and also economical reasons because we know that they are using this spying system to help american companies stefan used to work as a journalist in the soviet union at the time of the cold war he says he has an impression that nothing has changed since then or role most nothing. at least it was clear at that time there were two sides two lines today is not certain who is friend and who is rival yes good question if there are friends at all true friends or not sure. france america's nato partner has been supporting its most controversial initiatives over the last decade sharing risks and expenses cost in both money and human lives. we're asking for confirmation or if i'm asian of it so as not to prejudge it but there is already a sufficient amount of elements for us to ask for an explanation what will be the
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consequence and sort of course first for it to end as soon as possible i would see mediately but some doubt that france will go beyond wars in the circus ations believing that perry's who continue to dance to america's tune. we think alone should stop only goshi ations over the free trade zone but we sure he's not going to do this because his key logic is to keep good relations with the usa and this is a big problem for europe even humiliated and violated by america we still want to have special relations with this country. france has demanded a clarification from the us but has so far been denied an answer this is one of thousands of cameras that we can see around paris and it can see us one the government is using for security reasons france may not be a world leader on the list of big brothers but even these has sparked a tense discussion here over freedom and privacy violation of un ordinary citizens
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the reaction has been more vocal when politicians and diplomats found themselves in the spotlight and of a way bigger surveillance system it's too early to say whether paris and washington will ever be able to small they spoken of contention and move on or they'll always look bad. from paris. pakistan the nation focuses on building relations with china as the u.s. turns from. the wake of a wave of unaccountable deadly drone strikes. now at least sixteen people have been killed and more than two hundred wounded overnight in fierce clashes between pro-government protesters and riot police in the egyptian capital eyewitnesses reported gunshots university gas being fired to disperse the angry crowds clashes flared up ahead of president mohamed morsi
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televised debate where he rejected any threats to his rule claiming that he is the legitimate leader. of the details and true. we've had clashes between supporters and opponents of the president and here in the capital very violent civilian and civilian crashes this escalated now with protesters fighting the police said take out is being used birdshot bullets a handmade guns and weapons so we're already seeing escalating violence and tensions across the country this is the background of the violence the leader this has been leading up to these nationwide protests people are fearing that we're going to see further violence on the rise and particularly on this speech which really hasn't offered anything fuel for the opposition forces the president was resolute he is not resigning he's staying friends he said he was democratically elected and hold a legitimate president to carry peace in this word to dismiss a he said he would call that interesting to see with his life and anything was he said his will is the will of the people another sticking point that he mentions
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which will cause conflict between him and the opposition forces and also the army is under the constitution he said we must stick by the constitution is already drafted into question ministries rosemount egypt these leaks to the press in that were not complete created a new threat a new constitution so with the president saying they will stick with the old woman expect to see conflict between him and the the army as well as the opposition forces here waiting for reaction from the army because this is directly conflicting with that to see how a deadline make a claim to respect the demands of the people and otherwise they will intervene to be seeing really the presidency and the army at nova heads directly right now. cairo now we had a chance to speak to middle east analyst call shero he says it's easy to understand why people are protesting against the morsi government but he believes that the existing opposition in egypt is no better. do you think tonight was
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a mason the new one is this puppet and i'm going to miss it i meant the princes and i think that's how i'm doing this year a lot of sectarianism and i think that's kind of negative language from the government that it's had president morsi the same time this tie their shoes on last night i find outside almost on the popular demonstrations not on it that's not on the table to express its the minds and if you want to deny this i'm able to propose real political platform to move forward for egypt so it's just simply trying to be some of the to get to the major sites to confront. but ultimately the process it would call me names in the army taking over and simply giving ultimatums to right and left to officials this is an incomplete variation it's a store shelf democracy and so i think that's not something the senate agreed and i think there's a danger in this kind of becoming and all the fun trolls here good night ends up somehow being distorted and some undermining elected officials. and all public
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outrage against the islamist president explodes his supporters have vowed to fight to the end for that neda audience paula so they went to meet them to find out exactly what their motives are all about. egyptian president mohamed morsy supporters are gathering had enough off of the presidential palace you have ever lived mustered and obviously missed groupings here you have the muslim brotherhood you have the salafist and you also have ordinary egyptians that really supports the hummock morsi you know who i'm here to support business mostly because they have owned the rights to be you know to this day for egypt and other people trying to destroy our country but by by strike and by the political fight by and by fiat so i come here to support that is the more to all of us just one person no manners go see i've been very good but it isn't to be easy if they try to be plan upon their democracy. and they won't because they want us to come back to firstly
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mubarak the time until is most he's made on every way man with helmets and sticks preparing for a showdown why are you here with the helmets and the best timbs ok ok how the question on the heart of the. wearing the helmet suit or the entrances to the square the body search if we will in the end to this and secure the area sometimes the thugs hired by the national democratic party used to attack us with rocks and shotguns and we need to protect ourselves. you have to be very very careful and very deep for any. bad situations the message from people here was that president morsi is had just missed and they are ready to defend him policy our team. and i many more of the walls top headlines for you after the break here on alt.
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well for the. science technology innovation called the least developed from around russia we've got the future covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought. i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. download the official. to your cell phone choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television or it just doesn't go out
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with your mobile device so you can watch on t.v. any time anyway. good to have you with us here on r.t. on rover sushi a new figures are showing that youth unemployment in europe has reached a new record high more than twenty three percent of all people have no job and the german president angular merkel has labelled it as the e.u.'s most pressing problem warning europe could find itself nursing a so-called lost generation and twenty e.u. leaders will be meeting in berlin to thrash out ways to combat the issue of german trade unions think not enough is being done to get young people to get back to work other nations though are being much worse off at the moment. this report from italy i come tree with a glorious past and
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a very uncertain future the word crisis has been used so often in recent years with an e.u. nations that it may have lost only but recent elections in italy have shown a total collapse of might in one steerage the measures which were supposed to yank the country out of the economic hole yet didn't achieve much other than create division and uncertainty right there for every everybody understand that we have been there in a deep crisis and no. proposition from the side of the power they have no proposition ok now you have to make sacrifice look at this cycle for it's a very serious we have now seven eight million families not going to go. for the moment with. you. with two trillion euro that's the amount of italy's national debt threatening
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to force entire cities to declare bankruptcy tax hikes pay cuts sporadic corruption scandals and youth unemployment at over thirty percent these are the top of the list of reasons italians say they have lost faith in country's politicians and that is largely why february's elections were described as a victory for better agree loz five-star party a movement which positions itself against everything italian politicians have done or said in the last two decades and you for in italy. god for instance this will influence him to leave the european politics that means the equilibrium. political life is very important not only for italy but for or you italy is european union's third strongest economy thus any small storm in the country may pretend a tempest for europe putting the future of the euro at stake some analysts say the
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e.u. states may share common currency and enjoy open borders their attitude towards one another is infused with discord for the moment it has been yes. well we could do a much much more you know by agreeing among countries on the financial. with disparagingly called pigs. it's not pigs it's its financial attack and it's a private attack this is the reality of this called euro crisis italians headed to the polling stations desperate for a leader who could bring back stability and prosperity the nation once enjoyed but the results seemed to show unity only in the resoundingly no to the measures put in place by mario monti begging the question just what kind of future is in store for the euro zone. in rome even. and we come to you live from moscow as the mists tighten the screws in a war torn syria
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a muslim women in the nation's biggest city could now get in trouble for the way they dress the prospect of sure we are a law rears its head and those details right now with our two dot com. as well as the ups and downs of space travel you can check out this footage right here by the russian rocket crashing to earth literally seconds after launch the investigation under way find out what may have caused the accident on our web site. it is not a surprise to me that we have. during a time of budget cuts. a hundred and fifty million dollars each year to imprison hundred sixty six people did most become a symbol around the world for america. so nearly time for the finale the latest u.s. drone strike has killed at least sixteen suspected militants in northwestern
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pakistan the use of unmanned killing machines as long as outrage in a country where civilians are often the victims of the strikes have led to a rapid deterioration in relations between former allies islamabad and washington now stepping into the void now though is china which is winning the hearts and minds of pakistanis. looks at the blossoming friendship. god. mandarin chinese it may be one of the hardest languages to learn but it's the most popular course at this school in islamabad teachers here say in rome and in chinese classes has more than tripled in the past three years some of the students are hoping for a job with a chinese company in pakistan others hope to go to china to further their education university courses there cost a few thousand dollars compared to the tens of thousands charged by american and british colleges forget harvard or can bridge for some of these young pakistanis
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china is replacing the west around eight thousand pakistani students are already studying in china and this group is planning to join them some years before. people who. want to go to america and another country. or study as it were trying to do right now. because the broader reach. making in. infrastructure work. the water port in baluchistan province is one of beijing's many large scale infrastructure projects it gives china access to the arabian sea commercially and if need be militarily china builds two nuclear power plants here and is contracted to build two more. beijing is pakistan's main arms supplier and the two countries are jointly developing this fighter jet but for most
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pakistanis china's influence is felt in more practical ways in their wallets and at the local markets and while pakistan's main trading partner is still the european union trade between china and pakistan surpassed twelve billion dollars for the first time last year and thanks for a free trade agreement signed in two thousand and six chinese consumer products have flooded pakistan and they're impossible to miss almost everything sold at this shopping center is made in china. the cheap imports have been blamed for hurting some local industries but many of the shopkeepers we met were happy with the way business was going. through people. who returned through. a few very very big. for. your friend over. and when it comes to pakistan's other friend and superpower the united states is. what is true and that's a common view here according to
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a recent pew research survey nine in ten pakistanis describe china as a partner while seventy four percent said they see the u.s. as an enemy pakistanis are by and large to china by and large because the feeling like. china has never been. a constant. feeling that you know the u.s. is just there. things up without the guard for the consequences but most of these students aren't motivated by politics rather still hope for better opportunities they may not know exactly what changes the coming years will bring the being that china will play a key role in shaping their future. bardsley. starting with canadian police arrested two people of suspecting of plotting an attack and british columbia during the day the man and woman were allegedly planning to adopt the tactics of
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a brothers believed to be behind the boston marathon blasts police say there appears to be no support or involvement of any known terror groups on the plot was apparently an assisted. and to libya where an on the group has forced the closure of the interior ministry demanding the resignation of the minister they say they want the army and police to be in charge of the country's security not the militias and this comes after a series of similar incidents in april gunmen surrounded the foreign ministry demanding a ban on khadafi era officials from government jobs before that in january at the head of the country's parliament survived an assassination attempt. artist on any time for private interest here on our t.v. live from moscow thank you for joining us.
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wealthy british style sun. times. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my next concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report. this is not a surprise to me that we've got problems and during a time of budget cuts we spend one hundred fifty million dollars each year to imprison one hundred sixty six people did most become a symbol around the world for an america that while the evil. mission free cretaceous free. for charge is free. range from
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three. three three. three. one mediocre four year media project free media gondar t. dot com. good afternoon welcome to prime interest i'm bob english here in washington d.c. and here is a story worth telling today is it two thousand and eight redux that is the question on everybody's mind are we in store for another financial crisis but handicapping the ultimate that tail risk which would be well the end of us dollar hegemony has been the death knell of many trend forecasters over the last few years so let's look at the evidence keeping in mind that clever line from mark twain about history rhyming not necessarily repeating now when the fed stops buying bonds and instead sold them in the summer of two thousand eight hundred markets seized up there was a mad dash for cash which precipitated the lehman disaster now we have talk of
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tapering another wind down of bond buying but so far it's just talk the fed announced it's requiring banks to hold more capital and reduce leverage all part of basel banking regulations and the word from our fred chairman above is that banks need to lower leverage later period and boring will break down hypothecation and explain where all this leverage comes from now we know the banks are borrowing on the cheap and so is uncle sam banks to them so what happens when the thirty year downtrend in interest rate reverses we'll be talking to karl denninger about this in just a bit heading east we see chinese short term money markets are under incredible stress there yield curve is flashing recession if not depression just in underhill will dig into the nuts and bolts of this two thousand and eight ish development finally we'd be remiss here of prime interest if we didn't mention the winklevoss there is a winkle by twins but they're creating a bit quaint for us so that yes it means a bit coins i.p.o. .


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