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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  July 3, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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long-term arbonne in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture we live in a country where a children's show host has to worry about being shot by the police in a routine traffic stop seriously we do more on that just a moment also the campaign to end corporate personhood has reached an important milestone to speak with move to a man's david about that milestone later on in the show and the koch brothers have a new plan to destroy our democracy and our planet i'll tell you what their plan isn't that it's daily to. need you know this zimmerman trial has people talking about race and racial
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conflict in american society in a way we haven't seen since the o.j. simpson trial almost twenty years ago that conversation is an important one it's time we did more than analyze news stories it's time to have a serious conversation about the long term legacies of the whole a cost of slavery and its fellow or fellow travelers poverty and racism sad truth is that in modern american society african-americans in particular the young male african-americans like trayvon martin are treated like criminals simply because of the color of their skin here's an example of how bad it has become during an appearance on c.n.n. this week le var burton you know the host of the reading rainbow talked about what it's like to be treated like a criminal by law enforcement and described how he avoids getting shot when being pulled over by the cops for a routine traffic stop. so when i get stopped by the police i take my hat off and my sunglasses off and put them on the passenger side i roll down my window i take
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my hands i stick them outside the window and on the door of the driver's side because i want that for. to be as relaxed as he can be you know when he approaches my vehicle. and and i do that because. i live in america and that's right the host of a children's show fears for his life every time he's pulled over for a routine traffic stop i doubt captain kangaroo or mr rogers ever had to deal with anything like that if that doesn't demonstrate the lasting power of racism in american society i don't know what does the effect of this sort of ingrained racism cuts deep into our public policy you don't need to look any farther the nation's biggest city new york to see evidence of this in two thousand and eleven african-americans made up fifty three percent of all people stopped under the n.y.p.d. stop and frisk program even though they made up only twenty three point four percent of the city's population as a whole white asian and native american new yorkers on the other hand made up only
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thirteen point three percent of stops despite making up forty seven point three percent of the population and if you think that it's because the cities after going to american population is more likely to be a engage in criminal activity when they're out and about then think again according for the center for the center for constitutional rights of the two point three million stops of african-americans from two thousand and four through two thousand and twelve only sixteen thousand of them resulted in the seizure of illicit goods that's a success rate for stop and frisk a little under one first cent this isn't policing its four rassmann last year radio show host joe madison appear on this show and told me what he told his son about how to deal with law enforcement. there's not a day that when my son walks out that door i had to tell my son in our neighborhood be very careful now don't move quickly don't say anything and certainly he's been taught to have respect for the law this is this goes beyond having respect for law
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enforcement officials this goes about you will be profiled be very careful you will be followed let me white people have never had to tell their children that it's not easy to talk about race and certainly not easy to find an easy fix to all the problems racism causes. sunni but that conversation is a necessary one and the time to start that conversation is now we like to think of america as a beacon of democracy but every day american citizens african-americans have to endure the daily insults of a demick races that is just. less rubble. joining presides low liberal rubble our matthew veda senior editor at capital research center and patrick kelly reporter at the daily caller thanks guys for joining us tonight good to be our let's start out the whole zimmerman trial and the murder of
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trayvon martin and just you know the the core issue here it seems to me that a. there's just a simple truth that somebody needs to say that if trayvon martin had been a white kid of the same age he would be dead right doesn't that pretty much say everything well i think the problem is that the narrative was created before we even knew what the facts of the case are and if you want to talk about the racial implications here we can talk about the fact that the bill leave the sanford florida police chief who is a twenty eight year local veteran he knew the community very well he launched an investigation and decided that zimmerman was in compliance with the stand your ground law and he was not going to charge him believe it was fired the governor of florida put in a special prosecutor and put in a new police chief who he flew in from colorado has all been established because you go basically racist law will be you can this is the old stuff you can debate the wall back and forth but it now we're at a point where if the media and the activists start long they're going to say that
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you can go to jail at any hour you're right to say it's a political year and actually trying to say that if trayvon martin had been white he would be dead i don't know the answer to that and i don't think that if you're looking at the forensics of the fight between george zimmerman and trayvon martin what we have to figure out what exactly happened point by point as they were fighting i don't think either of you white guys ever been profiled by the police because of the color it's not even sure what it means to be profiled i've been pulled over by the police because of the color your skin how would i know that well into dolly probably say over the speaker well over a white guy i knew a.c.l.u. study has found that on average a black person is three point seven three times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than a white person even though blacks and whites use marijuana at same rates similar rates check out this graph showing marijuana rest rates by race over a ten year period the first decade of this century the evidence is pretty undeniable and that this is. the war on drugs is racist and ineffective in reflects
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a larger where he says of our society i think the war on drugs is stupid but i wouldn't say drugs is racist and why necessary. already the people who are busted are black even though the majority really is i truly white i'm very suspicious of all these studies issued by sociologists where they seem to want to come out of they would seem to want to arrive at a pre-determined result so i would have to read that report i'm very suspicious of that. are you are you you know i guess a variation of the question i asked patrick are you asserting that there's that racism isn't driving arrests in the united states that racism are you saying that i'm sure in some cases it does but it greenwood john roberts and. and the i agree with john roberts in the voting rights act we're in mass racism in america we are largely past it i don't think it is a systemic problem i don't think it is of why the rich show has to worry about being shot every time his car is lavar burton you're talking about that example i
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know a lot of people i do it when i pulled over by the police used to have a fondness for speeding so i would put my hands up on the top of the wheel so that because the state trooper doesn't know what you're about when he's when he's coming up he doesn't know if you're going to pull out a weapon and blow me away he says you know you it's about because you have a fondness for speeding because you're black in a white neighborhood well i have done this for many things and that the police would like to know why i think we should get rid of the war in drugs but this isn't about the war on drugs this is about a situation where you know instead of looking at our inner city schools and stead of having the gun violence debate which i think we should have done on many different fronts and inner cities we're going after a specific case and saying well you know this seems to fit a narrative this seems to you know get a lot of play on m s n b c n l sharpton has an opportunity to go down there and lead rallies and so we're going at a specific case that might not necessarily cohere to a narrative but we all have to you know just put the law aside and look at this
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through the narrative that has been established and i think that's not fair because of establishes a president where you can go to jail in this country for anything. so long as the washington post this time is an unarmed person i thought killing an unarmed person was like you know not something you're supposed to do according and if you do you're not supposed to what evidence is there that racism had anything to do with george zimmerman shooting trayvon martin the fact that george zimmerman repeatedly called the police every time there was an african-american in his neighborhood that when he got out of the car he was saying these blankety blank so he's get away with this i mean he was he was making categorical statements category statements not individuals statements i don't think the category of trayvon martin was young black men i just i don't believe that race was a factor in that i think that and i've also i don't understand why it. has been painted as a white person because typically in american culture you consider someone of latino and sister to be in a separate category latino or hispanic and suddenly the media started character
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well here's a question if his name wasn't george zimmerman would this have gone the same way if his name was had he had a latino name as opposed to george zimmerman would the idea have voted on that if if george zimmerman had been african-american and trayvon martin would have been a white george zimmerman would have found his ass in jail so fast he would have blurred everyone's vision. i mean the act the matter is when black people commit crimes against white people they go to prison and they get on death row a lot and when white people commit crimes against black people not so much the police didn't think there was enough evidence to proceed with any charges based on too much on this rise of racist laws have been pushed through by the american legislative exchange council the koch brothers which racist law favorite charity the stand your ground law i don't think the stand you stand it's the stand your ground law i don't think had anything to do with this well that was his initial defense any let's move on to egypt mohamed morsy is out as egypt's president in a statement right around nine pm local time the egyptian armed forces announced
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that the military had suspended the constitution which by the way had been fiddled with by mr morsi to begin with and they tapped the head of the supreme court the constitutional court. because of our supreme court adly mansour to serve as the president and leader of a caretaker government so is this a coup is this not a coup is there a partisan aspect of this that you guys it's always the hardest but. it's a coup for sure but it's but it's an awesome coup yeah it's seems to me you know well ok here to make this partisan the by the way we're we're playing live video from cairo right now it looks like many years in cairo yeah it you know people are really pleased. the muslim brotherhood was very conservative they were they wanted they were actually actively reducing the rights of women they were you know . to be outspoken in saying that this is a muslim nation a secular nation it sounds to me like they're just kind of
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a muslim version of the republican party way what do you know even if you're misusing the word conservative no because it wasn't a lie obama and obama doesn't support the authoritarian they're hierarchical they're patriarchal that's i think this is another key piece and then i'm not trying to make the comparison between egypt and syria but as we look at syria and figure out what our policy there is to this is another case of a longtime dictator in a country that sprang up in the sixty's and seventy's a pan arab dictator being taken out and then the us supported government coming in and failing after one year and so as we said but then as we all know was the u.s. supported the dictator while that's true till they all were at one time or another during the cold war but as we now arm the islamists in syria against bashar al assad we have to understand well maybe the muslim brotherhood maybe in that country even al-qaeda will come to power and. really is what syria and but you know more of the way it's long liberal rhomboid.
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i would rather as questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for life you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charming welcome to the big picture.
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here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a dollar i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares an awful lot about my country you sir are a fool you know what kind of my theory sounds corny but i don't want to see us able to feature a sufi on the lips all the christian point used. to secure the beliefs of others because the. you know the support you need distracts us from what you and i should care about because there are profit driven industry that sells us sensationalistic garbage because that breaking news i'm having martin and we're going to break that . please.
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welcome back joining me for tonight's lone liberal rabble are matthew of a dem and patrick how are you guys let's get to it north carolina has become ground zero for republican extremism speaking of the muslim brotherhood in addition to working on a new restrictive voter id laws the g.o.p. controlled state legislature is now trying to push through h.b. six nine five a bill the ban shari'a law for me and used in family courts yes real law although they've tacked out of that a package of the package of anti-abortion measures and basically answer woman measures that include many of the trap laws regulations that have popped up in other anti choice anti-woman bills proposed by g.o.p. state legislatures and there's a whole long list of these things but if these guys are going to ban shari'a law from family courts isn't this sort of like the muslim brotherhood banning christian
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law i mean why why and why don't they ban catholic law from family courts or orthodox jewish law. i think they're not used they certainly are in what sense family courts can consider the religion of the people who come before them they have tremendous latitude. well i guess to run it is it not this is to show it to you doesn't this isn't this the statutes were created by legislatures here not by. or by by islamic laws that sounds like you've got a mole of who thinks he's a legislator. or maybe you are more history it's hard to say because a lot of mosques in the united states are coordinating with groups in the middle east and you have shady connections and you have some radical connections that came out in the daily caller about the survey of brothers mosque in boston after the bombing so i think it's right i mean we're looking at all these five at once and for political groups using the i.r.s. to do that i think we should look at religious organizations not just mosques but
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all over the place that have foreign ties and understand who there are underage i started on those can over there have been bank yeah or republic priest or. this is the but by the way is this what the republican party has become i mean now you've got north carolina stopping early voting and early voter registration and weekend voting and same day registration it's like if you can't win an election clean you know stop people from voting like never really understood this weekend voting in this you know the whole concept of early voting i mean there we have an election got everybody can get off work on to i mean can you imagine if you gypped if in this election they had a bunch of early voting and we can vote in there would be no way to keep track of any of the i don't know if you go up on election day you should typically these elections are over so that i don't think it's a good idea to have an election month the way or election months the way the they have right now because this is the only civic act that people do together and it used to be something people would get get together for they'd have little
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you know like state fairs and they'd have celebrations. all day picnics and parties so election day and it was a way that americans came together similar in matter to in that context in their communities one of the traditions in african-american communities is is going to church on sunday and then going to the polls on sunday afternoon and you know north carolina i want to say not going to do that anymore sorry to states to decide how they want to do it i can see you know if you want early voting a little bit before the allowed a little bit before the election but they right now we've gotten into a situation where the voting period the window gets bigger and bigger and bigger and you have a lot more people to vote do you want people to vote before they know what they're talking about before they before they've seen the presidential debates what it would be would it would if they you know what if we tune in at a certain point during the presidential debates and then everything goes the other way by the by the week or two before the last presidential election anybody in america who didn't know exactly were all of those candidates that was brain dead
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well then much of the american public is brain dead because a very large percentage can't identify the sitting vice president which isn't. lost in a very large percentage can identify iraq on a map either i mean that's a mess and that's a whole other sort of i don't think he's very memorable are a growing number of employers including major chains like mcdonald's and wal-mart of began to pay their workers in the form of prepaid debit cards and then they charge fees because after all prepaid debit cards are not regulated the way credit cards are prepaid debit cards are not regulated the way checking accounts are so the banks have found you know like a way around frank you've got eric schneiderman the new york is starting to look into this but isn't there something just fundamentally wrong with having to pay to get your credit to get your paycheck and when i was in the retail industry i was part of a program that where i had to pay fees for this and i did not care for it so i don't know what the political ramifications are but i did not care for this but
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starts me as very strange people just people when they work want to be want to be paid the normal way whether it's used to be in the old days in cash or in some places factories or with piecemeal word of a period and goal for it but i you know to be sated in chicken frozen chicken but what's you know what's happening here is that the banks have figured out that they can if they charge you know if they charge you fifty cents every time you look at your account if they charge you a buck for every withdrawal or whatever if they put a whole bunch of fees on here that they can make enough money that they can offer payroll services to companies for free i think this is one of the rare occasions where i'm going to have to go along with your conspiracy and i think you're right i think this is just adding another layer and it's totally unnecessary and don't ask me why they decided to do it perhaps they could perhaps the bank bought off the whole legislature like for example in virginia where they're doing that they're doing it with a story with tax refund you know they're getting ahead of myself while the tax refunds they're giving debit cards and that strikes me as very interesting this is
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where i think it's going to bite them in the butt because when you're talking about tax refunds you talk to you know most of the tax refunds at least not not that. people but in dollars going to some fairly wealthy individuals and they're going to be saying what's this damn curd go pay a fee and you know it's i don't think that's going to you just makes it unnecessarily complicated corporate taxes according to a report from the g.a.o. the government accountability office america's largest and most profitable corporations on average paid only a third of the thirty five percent corporate tax that you know republicans love the whine about the g.a.o. said the largest profitable corporations in this known number was not influenced or moved by by calculating non-profitable corporations they only looked at corporations that showed a profit and said what i want you know what percentage of tax are the pain that the average rate is twelve point six percent around what mitt romney pays what most billionaires pay but it's way higher than the average working person the average median income. tax rate so shouldn't companies making billions of dollars be at
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least in the same income tax rate as you and me. it seems like it would make sense i haven't looked at the at the study you're you're looking at some i think they play they pay plant plenty of taxes. you know i've never been against them paying taxes and i was never necessarily against the buffett rule what i am against is something like dodd frank which applies all these onerous regulations and sets up a lot of people don't realize that the stimulus was actually created a lot of government agencies it's instead of giving money to businesses which is what i thought it was supposed to be doing it actually said to set up a lot of regulatory agencies that oversee businesses those dodd frank is about banking and it's because the banks crashed or i was always in favor of compromising from the republican side on the buffett rule and saying all right you have raised one trillion dollars now what we do about the other fifteen trillion and then make a new plan but i was never against the buffett unnecessary. corporate taxes in america are seemingly high they are if not the highest in the world the second
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highest in the world is the highest bidder you could like warnings you and always c.d.c. study so i am not surprising to you. so you see we are second from the bottom in terms of tax collections of the thirty most developed nations over thirty for most developed nations we have an obscenely high rate and god bless many things god bless those corporations for lawfully reducing so you and i have to pay for it instead factor is a gradual you're literally at it like as some game well it is here's a graph that shows the blue line here across the top is the amount of tax this is percentage of federal revenue total total total revenue total federal revenue the blue line is you and me the yellow line is corporations they were paying forty percent of the load the cost of government back in the forty's they were paying thirty twenty five percent up through the sixty's and you know came along and it went down to ten percent and it's it's a lot tom you're treating corporations you know and through classically marxist frame here you treating them as an adult is an adversary corporations are owned by
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people by individual people i thought core brave know the axis i think all the words were independent and that is when he said that these are all there what he meant when he should have said the word comprised corporations are comprised of people because that's what he meant leslie was being a lawyer only a name meant they were persons in the sense of at artificial persons ration as yours is natural is that he was responding to a sort of the united question and you saw he said corporations are people my friend and of corporations are people and they are using our educated workforce that we all pay for in their use in our public roads and they're using our fire department are using our police department why should they pay for that at the same rate that you and i are everybody's already paying taxes at every step along the way you know you could if you go with the elizabeth warren line from that video clip where she is saying that because they were able to use the roads in the fire department that's how they made all of their profit and i think that's a very skewed way of looking at the business climate in the country also because how many fires do you have how many times do you need the fire department all of a corporation success is due to the fact that a fire didn't break out well no but
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a lot of it is is is due to the to the judiciary as they can pick our court system more than fifty percent of our court system is used to adjudicate contracts it's used by business and. those contracts no business in america could run i mean there's basically no business in america that doesn't require a robust court system and a strong set of was that back that up we the people create the rules of the football game or the bass the baseball game or whatever you want whatever metaphor you want to use of business and so shouldn't we the people say we're creating the field we're creating the stadium we're creating the rules you guys want to play in the stadium pay yeah they should pay taxes g.e. pays no taxes why is that these these companies are paying negative tax rates while it's in might in my opinion is in part because just because or you know just because g.e. . sucks up to obama and they're there they're part of his. supporters palma i don't disagree and it's not just obama it's republicans democrats well i think it's because the supreme court has said money is speech and
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corporations are people and these are the doctrines of your money is speech it's not it's money is money it's in my pocket it's not talking it's just something that all my money talks i don't know about yours you and you and what's his name the names are going to be yes walks around with mitch mcconnell by the way just a quick one here the jim de mint who runs the the heritage foundation also runs the senate conservatives fund which is a super pac and he told the washington post yesterday mitch mcconnell just got a an opponent for his race to be the secretary of state in kentucky alison grimes grimm's is going to run against him and he told he told the newspaper mcconnell said a long successful political career but this time should this could be a time to pass the torch they're basically saying he should hang up his boots and retire in the minute we have left your thoughts on mitch mcconnell retiring i think you know it's the same as a snowball's chance in hell that he's it is only good on the one issue which is the one issue you hate campaign finance apart from that he's a season where you know the issue of doing anything is right up obama from look at
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me i was in favor of him having a tea party challenger which didn't come to fruition but you like to see mitch mcconnell primary yeah rand paul put an end to that by supporting mcconnell but i. i would have liked to see and primary upsets that's very interesting because think that there's not is not. the media portrays him as very conservative but he's not no he's no he's an obstruction so do you think that the republicans in tennessee are just going to i wish you were more of them say you know obstructionists which they would defund obamacare do i think anything will happen in kentucky i don't know and i don't know enough about kentucky politics it would be nice if a challenger were to were to fight him for the nomination. so we'll see if those any amount you patrick thank you for being with us thank you coming up our phone lines are now open for your take my take a live segment so if you want to chance to ask a question why have on the big picture give us a call at two zero two nine zero four twenty one thirty four if you are talking i'll be talking with you after the break.
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how is the new alert and. scaring me a little. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears and so i. think. that. at the core of war for our own lives is a story in many movies playing out in real life. i
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think a little worse if you're going to. the white house to give it to a radio guy and for a minute they click. away what we're about to give you've never seen anything like this i'm told. is it possible to navigate the economy with all the details and specifics and misinformation and media hype will keep you up to date by decoding the mainstream have stated if in your mind.
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part of your take my take a live our phone lines are now open so if you want to share an opinion make a comma ask a question a live on the air give us a call it to a two nine zero four twenty one thirty four ad zero one before the number for our international viewers as first go to our video question of the night michael washington d.c. . i talk big fan of the show following the conversations with great minds the if you couldn't have dinner with three historical figures dead or alive who would they be and why. it's a good question i would be fascinated to spend time with ben franklin i think he was one of the most well rounded. multifaceted people as was thomas
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jefferson. it would be really interesting to meet with. also to have dinner with lincoln now obviously these are the because this is what everybody would say you know so i. don't really need any. thanks michael for the call or a in chicago a ray corp it would be a long time watchers thank you guys want to comment a little bit on you were talking about the people being quote i'm sorry corporations not being people actually people are corporations still your name with a capital police your corporation. in their eyes that in the government's eyes anyway all this is i want to see another theory that we've got a shadow government and we're actually incorporated and we are incorporated when we have a capital name capital letter and read what. i've heard about it ray thank you for the call tony in point pleasant west virginia and tell me what's up yeah. you're on the air tony. thank you. you need to lose your telephone number to ok go ahead.
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but why aren't there giving it a day and a dollar a day there can't be. i'd like to have you about billions of dollars and a warning and three when we need. when we need that aid here. tony thank you for the call when you call by the way you need to listen to your telephone not your t.v. because there is a time delay between the time the signal gets out here and it's to you just turn the volume down on your t.v. and most of the phone tony we're given billions of dollars in aid to other countries because it's generally i mean the theory anyway is that it's in our best interest our foreign aid budget is a very very tiny fraction of our federal budget when you consider that about half of our federal budget is military expenditures and less than one percent of our federal budget i believe i would certainly less than two percent is foreign aid. i
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think a more important question is why do we have seven hundred plus military bases all around the world why are you know why are we why are we spending all this money spying on ourselves when if we simply took that money and put it into improving our schools improving our infrastructure building our nation back providing everybody in this country with a good national health care program which could be done by the way for half of what we're spending on health care right now simply by going with the single payer system if we did that i think you'd have a that much of a need to spy on people you'd have basically a happy populace that's like you know and a hundred economy that works america would look more like canada or finland or denmark or norway or sweden or switzerland or germany or france and you know things work out fairly well when you do lynn in southfield california haviland what's up. we've been here all the time but i have a question for you sure why are you in the liberal. to the right wing and
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conservative when in fact fear action and it came from a friend of mine ok lynn thanks for the call. i don't like to use the word fascist so much to describe them because most people most americans are not particularly well educated about political language the fact of the matter is that fascism was a word that was invented in the early one nine hundred thirty s. by by mussolini and actually followed by the name of giovanni gentile probably invented the word he wrote the italian encyclopedias entry about it over mosul in his name and he described fascism as the merger of corporations and the state the merger of corporate state interests and you know that's historically been the definition of fascism the problem is that when you say fascist most americans think you're saying nazi because they think hitler was a fascist hitler wasn't
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a fascist he was a cult leader he you know he was he was bizarre the real mussolini was a fascist franco was a fascist they brought the corporations i mean mussolini dissolved parliament and had businesses send their representatives and that made up the new parliament that's fascism and frankly that's where we're at right now you've got so many of our elected representatives who are not representing you and me they're representing the corporations that are paying their campaign fees and so i think that you could say that this is fascism if you want to get the take of a previous vice president on this go to the doctor go dot com machine or google machine or whatever your favorite search engine is and type in henry wallace fascism new york times back in the one nine hundred forty s. vice president henry wallace he was the vice president or f.d.r. was asked by the new york times who are the american fashions and he wrote at some length about this you'll be shocked when you read with the vice pres the united states embassy judy in upper darby del. where would you be walking the far back hi
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i'm a sixty nine year old white grandmother and i was stopped by the plea for thirty five forty five minutes i had a new truck i had all the paperwork i had insurance and everything else the police woman came is over to me and told me that she could take my vehicle so i said sure do you know i'm handicapped and she said yes i said are you telling me you can take my vehicle and i'm handicapped and she said died on it she's doing me a favor what i want to say we have a problem matthew telework county with the police i feel the policeman should have an n.t.i. testing i think that you know they should be able to keep free tested to see if they're biased if they're ignorant or whatever because they are really becoming a threat i'll hear me ok you make
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a great point and one of the things that i've been saying for years and years and years is that our present and our future. our present being the quality of the police departments that we have in our future being the quality of teachers that we have are both being horribly ignored by the society we need to be paying our teachers and our police officers a lot more and make them really serious professions that people go into you know just full bore and really commit to really work in those countries that do pay their police better and do pay their teachers better their quality life is better and their kids learn paul in san francisco hey paul you want to talk about the post office yes. i've been trying to follow the. republican bankrupting of the postal service and pretty funny pretty pretty close attention. but i haven't heard of anything going on since stern the senators and.
7:38 pm
representatives for its last congress do you know what's happening now if there's any legislation coming or just yes because anything can happen everywhere to anything but a budget even just to bring our viewers up to up to speed on this back in two thousand and six and thank you for that for the call and that paul back in two thousand and six the largest unionized employer in the united states was and still is the post office and the post office was doing really well they were actually showing a profit they were talking about taking their car fleet because they're the largest single owner car fleet in the united states maybe the world they're taking it on the taking their car fleet and electrifying a lease half of which would've been a huge jumpstart for the electric car industry and i mean they're just doing great and so the republicans passed a a they stuck this thing in conference committee the congress didn't realize what they were voting on it was a christmas eve vote this reform of the post office that said that the post office over a ten year period had to put into a trust fund an amount of money that would pay for the health benefits of all
7:39 pm
postal retirees for the next seventy five years so the post office today has to set aside money to pay for the health retirement. benefits of people who have not yet been born this is never been done to any government agency or any company in the history of the world it was a way of breaking the post office and that bill by the way was and billion dollars a year post office couldn't come up with ten billion dollars a year and now they're having all these problems and so this was in two thousand and six so we're like eight years into this now and you know eighty billion dollars into it the postal retirement fund now is so well funded i mean it's going to be you know forever but the republicans will not take it back because they wanted to destroy the largest unionized employer in the united states and they're doing it and fed ex and u.p.s. would like to get rid of a competitor and they're doing it and pay all those plans to jumpstart the electric car industry their debt so last year congressman peter de fazio in the house of representatives senator bernie sanders in the senate proposed legislation say enough already the post office doesn't have to pay the fee anymore which would
7:40 pm
overnight make them viable again republicans filibustered it in the senate democrats republicans refused to bring it to the floor of the house even out of committee in the house of representatives so i'm not holding my breath it's going to take the elections of two thousand and fourteen to get the kick out the republicans in the house of representatives and get a majority in the senate or anything like that that's it for your take my take live thanks for all your calls if we didn't get to your call tonight try is back next week and keep the video questions coming it's easy just grab your phone record your question or comment and e-mail it to us at your take my take at g.-mail dot com. for tonight's all inaugural politically corrected i bring you conservative pundit less consulting in a monday column for world net daily titled i'm with scalia not those who feel the x. can solve in asks which of thirty sexual orientations will demand marriage next little hyperbole according to him the supreme court's decision to strike down the defense of marriage act will you guessed it lead to the legalization of how do you feel i
7:41 pm
don't feel the act necrophiliac and zoom feel the act marriages and there is now a gay couples can get the same tax spent. that's a straight couples get ready for your cousin to marry his dog in solving rights consider the great joy of members of the north american man-boy love association which was allowed to marge men responsible lovers and gay parades in both new york and san francisco didn't so much happen that way it was in fact i thought i had a policy of not even reading that paragraph but here he went on to say that among the many other alternate sexual orientations that may well be counted upon to cite the supreme court decision are incestuous necrophiliacs providing a properly and healthfully preferred to preserve the corpses and zoophilia acts who perform that practice beastie ality providing this form of sexual expression is applied only to freely consenting beasts here's the problem with us now the children nor animals nor dead people can sign contracts in the united states so you
7:42 pm
can kiss the possibility of beast and boy marriages goodbye you think somebody like was somebody who's supposedly an authority on these sorts of things would be smart enough to understand that but apparently not as can solve and you've been politically correct. move over grover koch brothers are the latest to get republicans nationwide to sign up lad what's that pledge all about and how could it signal the end of the world i'll explain in tonight's daily.
7:43 pm
talking about the same story doesn't make it news. no puff pieces to me tough question thank you. for. coming in. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charming welcome to the big picture.
7:44 pm
i would rather as questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.g.p. question more. looking for every doc in the field that they won't find it here. you're looking for relevant stories unique perspective from tom my scans.
7:45 pm
and the rest of the rest of that is the fight to undo the disastrous citizens united supreme court decision and to remove the corrupting influence of money from politics has reached a new milestone five hundred resolutions have been passed across america that have attacked the notion that corporations are people with constitutionally protected rights or that money is somehow magically speech or both but despite the way of a support across this nation to overturn citizens united and all the promises upon which it is based there is still a great deal of work that needs to be done in order to achieve that goal joining me more to talk about the battle lies ahead is david cobb national spokesperson for move to amend david welcome back. thank you tom it's always a pleasure to be with you on this program thanks for joining us let's begin by
7:46 pm
stipulating that the problem isn't just rolling back citizens united. well timed you know it i know it and most importantly viewers of the tom hartman program and a big picture know it because corporations aren't just exercising power through money in elections they're using our legal system and our economic system to literally dictate policy in the united states and the idea that corporations have constitutional rights and that money is speech to illegitimate court created doctrines that we we do people must abolish due constitutional amendment to create a fully functioning democratic republic you know so citizens united is really just one of many basically flags of symbols of that rather than the the core rot the core rot is the stuff these two these two doctrines that were never legislated by any legislature anywhere in the united states and never supported by any president or governor you know i suppose mitt romney tried to support them but he didn't win
7:47 pm
in the history of this country. well that's right tom and again the courts have been a place where the death of the american people's right to self government is being legalized and that's what corporate constitutional rights and money is speech do it legalizes the that of we the people and our sacred right to self government which is why the grassroots level you're seeing a broad and deep movement taking place that's multiracial it's multi-ethnic it cuts across political ideologies it's something that i don't think that we've seen since the populist uprising which is we the people actually addressing both economic as well as politics in a democratic fashion so that's why we moved to mentor so excited to get the opportunity to talk to viewers of the big picture to invite to engage them to join this movement right and you can do that it moved to amend or as i frequently rant about here. constitutional conventions i'm sorry yes go ahead bill i was just going
7:48 pm
to say i do know this every time myself or caitlin or any of the colleagues at move to mentor on your program we get a big spike in for to the patient so we know that your rants work for us so keep it up please while it's because you're doing god's work i mean you're doing good stuff and you're telling the truth and you're not you know you're not trying to build an empire something you're just trying to fix this country i so impressed by what moved two men does david let's talk about article five constitutional convention's most people think that the way to get this done is to get their member of congress to introduce a resolution to and the doctrine the corporations are people and money is speech but the lot of those resolutions have been pretty watered down or certain namby pamby or they can to leave to some groups intact that happen to be campaign contributors. is it possible for individual states to drive a constitutional amendment it certainly is remember that article five does provide two mechanisms one through congress and we are certainly willing and pushing that
7:49 pm
we have people in it. introduced by representative rick nolan is the we say gold standard for that to abolish corporate constitutional rights of all types and money is speech. and there is the second provision which allows for state legislatures to call for a constitutional convention or a constitutional amendment process it is our belief and many constitutional scholars agree with us that if you call for a constitutional convention on narrow grounds that you can have a convention that is there only for the purpose of ratifying the amendment as proposed and so that's what we are doing in minnesota where we are proposing to we to people legislative approach that calls for a constitutional convention only for the purpose of dealing with the week to people and then at that is a way to trigger a constitutional convention as well of course you can also trigger a constitutional convention that would be wide open which article five would allow
7:50 pm
as well yeah and that latter would be kind of dangerous giving given that we've got a bought and paid for house and senate. well i would tell you this that in less and intil we do a broad movement where we're actually doing political education anything tempering with a constitute tampering with the constitution is is potentially dangerous but that's also why i moved to and it is dedicated to doing that political education work in our local communities and we will again and david we're out of time i'm sorry but you're doing an absolutely great job and i encourage everybody to get over to move to amend dot org thank you david. thanks tom. crazy alert if you thought dancing bears only existed in fairy tales or disney
7:51 pm
movies well think again to meet team up the fabulous russian bear who can do anything to juggle to play the trumpet hula hoop and apparently the macarena check it out. my. goodness there's this. guy. that. trained by pablo yacc and native of samara russia has taken the internet by storm out over the past few weeks while in audiences from around the world with their wide catalog of trips and talents according to the akon the russian brown bear isn't just a circus oddity she's a professional actor in her on the right and although this video is probably the first time american audiences have seen team a strong striker stuff she's been performing at russian football matches for years and has even appeared on a few commercials in her home country you know i have to say i'm quite impressed closest thing i've ever seen to a circus animal breaking down was karl rove over the radio and television
7:52 pm
correspondents dinner a few years ago. you would. be. born into a report released today by the united nations the world suffered through on precedented climate extremes between two thousand and two thousand and ten. from hurricanes katrina and sandy here in the us to epic heat waves in europe and devastating floods in australia in the middle east virtually every part of the globe was affected by global warming induced extreme weather report published by the un's world meteorological organization noted that every year of the decade the
7:53 pm
first decade of the century except two thousand and eight was among the ten warmest since record keeping began in the eighteenth fifty's the report also says that between two thousand and two thousand and ten three hundred seventy thousand human beings died worldwide as a result of extreme weather events up twenty percent from the decade before the one nine hundred ninety s. fortunately many nations across the globe are doing their part right now to fight the biggest threat that our nation and our planet as ever faced countries like germany are leading the way when it comes to producing clean renewable sources of energy green energy while china america's biggest competitor has already rolled out a cap and trade emissions program and shuns then one of the nation's largest cities as a test for the entire nation unfortunately we can't say the same thing here in the united states that's because politicians in washington are doing absolutely nothing
7:54 pm
to stop climate change or to prevent future devastating super storms and extreme weather events in fact all of the recently elected republicans in the house of representatives say that they doubt humans are even causing global climate change despite mountains of research and studies that prove that that's the case and if you don't believe me just as freshman republican congressman jim britton steen or stein of oklahoma on the house floor last month the freshman congressman demanded the president obama apologize to all oklahomans for allocating federal funding to climate change research. here's what we absolutely know we know that oklahoma will have tornadoes when the cold jet stream meets the warm gulf air and we also know that this president spends thirty times as much money on global warming research as he does on weather forecasting and warning for this gross misallocation the people
7:55 pm
of oklahoma are ready to accept the president's apology and i intend to submit legislation to fix this broken stein is proof that if you're a big oil company or a shill for the fossil fuel industry buying a republican lawmaker is the best investment you can make as the website open secrets or points out britain's style and has received thousands in campaign donations from some not so climate change friendly groups in the two thousand and twelve campaign cycle britain signed receive money from exxon mobil drilling p.x. energy chesapeake energy devon energy and surprise koch industries all of his top twenty donors in fact all of those were included in the top twenty donors but for some big oil bankrollers simply buying off washington politics and politicians isn't enough that's where the koch brothers two of the fossil fuel industries biggest friends come in through their americans for prosperity front group the koch brothers succeeded in getting politicians from congress to state offices to sign on
7:56 pm
to a grover norquist like pledge but instead of pledging not to raise taxes these lawmakers have pledged to block any legislation that might lead to cap and trade or a carbon tax unless it's accompanied by an equivalent amount of spending cuts something that ain't going to happen the pledge known officially as the no climate tax pledge has created it was created by the same man whose very own companies admitted over twenty four million tonnes of carbon dioxide in two thousand and eleven according to the e.p.a. so it should come as no surprise that the koch brothers would want to protect their perceived right to pollute our environment and do irreversible damage to our planet more than four hundred republican lawmakers in washington and across the country have seen. signed their pledge promising to oppose any legislation relating to climate change that includes a net increase in government revenue a number includes seventy six republican freshman in congress the entire g.o.p. house leadership and just about every republican lawmaker in the state of wisconsin
7:57 pm
including governor scott walker nearly a quarter of u.s. senators have also signed on to the koch brothers play which once again millionaires and billionaires are corrupting our american democracy buying off our politicians and putting money and greed ahead of the well being of the american people and in this case the entire world we can't continue to let billionaires like the koch brothers buy off politicians left and right while everyone else is left to suffer some issues are bigger than politics and the fate of the only planet we can call home is certainly one of them it's time once and for all to get money out of politics because if we don't the end of the world and of life as we know it may be just down the road go to move to amend dot org to reclaim your voice in our american democracy and thus help to save our planet. and that's the way it is tonight wednesday july third two thousand and thirteen more information check out our website to tom harkin dot com for speech dot org or to dot com dot com slash the big picture and don't forget democracy begins when you get out there get active tell your.
7:58 pm
agent to.
7:59 pm
wealthy british soil it's time to. go. market why not. why no one should really happening to the global economy
8:00 pm
with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to conjure reports . coming up on our team breaking news out of egypt where a military coup is underway president mohamed morsy is reportedly out of office we'll take you to terrorists where for the very latest it's being described as an act of aggression and a violation of international law the libyan government is outraged after a plane carrying its country's president is forced to land in austria and search for n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden details on that story just ahead. with revelations still coming out about the n.s.a. as massive surveillance program there's new concern over the u.s. government's facts on the free press more on that in tonight's show.


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