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humanitarian asylum to edward snowden praising him. for taking on what he called a villainous. supporters of the ousted egyptian president. people killed. in the capital of russia's republic of.
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have you with us today let's get straight to the world's top headlines right now the n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden finally has a place to go with venezuela offering him asylum and then escape from legal limbo snowden of course want to america on charges for leaking details about its global spy program let's get details now from. outside the moscow airport where he's been stranded since last month the really good to see you what exactly did the venezuelan leader have to say. basically a lot in terms of the united states. he actually chose a very opportune moment. helping hand to edward snowden he did it during a televised address during a. two. day and i believe. the venezuelan
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leader had to say. on have decided to offer humanitarian asylum to the young american edward snowden in the homeland of solomon believe. and snowden can come and live away from the persecution of american imperialism. now this statement came hot on the heels of another offer for edward snowden for an asylum which came from the nicaraguan head of state however the nicaraguan president did say did make a mention of the situation or conditions permitting edward snowden to take refuge in nicaragua so at this point it does look like venezuela could possibly be the next stop on the something the next stop that. the former cia agent could call possibly home for quite an extended period of time at this point. going to go also about a possibly nicaragua as well but the question is i mean he is really the question here that anyone who flies out of moscow or even europe for that matter who is
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trying to get to central south america they have to fly westward over the atlantic to the north american seaboard coming down the east coast of america which at that point is american to space as we all know you followed american airspace you could be grounded. absolutely because this was the situation that actually happened to they believe in president who left moscow on july second and actually was forced to make a stop at the austrian airport in vienna because he wasn't allowed to fly over airspace of countries like france or spain or portugal or italy all of whom actually caved in to pressure from a u.s. diplomats who have said with certainty that edward snowden is hiding on board off the believe in president's plane so the plane was grounded the president of bolivia had to undergo excruciating hours of sitting at the airport while his plane was thoroughly searched by austrian security forces he was outraged that the heads of states of other let an american countries were also out. raised as well and they
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actually had a meeting just a couple of days ago i was sort of an emergency meeting of the heads of state of latin american countries in which they have condemned the actions of european leaders and they have called them colonies all of the u.s. and of course they also condemn the united states for exerting so much pressure on other countries and really not taking into consideration heads of states of third countries basically that was the situation in regards to edward snowden it's quite impressive though and i'm sort of jumping it's you bring up such a good point because it's quite impressive that with washington's global surveillance program although it's upset european leaders these european leaders have now told washington ok it's ok we still bodies would still like you but what it has done it's actually united all of central and south america against washington d.c. so here we have venezuela possibly opening the door to edward snowden who stuck somewhere in the vicinity of where you are. here at moscow does it seem no the things are looking up perhaps for edward snowden. it could very well be the case of
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course like you said we have to wait and see you exactly how he's going to get to venezuela i'm assuming there will have to be some paperwork done before he actually heads out of moscow to caracas and how exactly he's going to get there is another question because like you said he will have to fly over foreign countries air spaces and if that is going to since much of the flight that he will be taking if he's going to go from moscow to want to get to caracas much of that flight is actually going to be over the u.s. airspace and we all know how the u.s. treats airplanes flying anywhere near their vicinity they could very well ask for the plane to be grounded because they do they do have that in their authority so again things are looking up for snow that he may have a place to go but how he's going to get there is a whole another question that is the big one indeed on to the ridiculous go just go to court thank you. the founder of water weight news charlie mcgrath says it's rather puzzling how the european countries who voiced outrage at washington spying tactics fail to offer their help to the one person who revealed all the issues. the
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laundry list of nations that snowden has applied to for asylum include scores of these european nations that are just all giving the same excuses that he's got to either show up on their soil or in their embassy you know the information that's been released has shown that our allies in europe were the one the in a lot of cases the ones being spied on so for them just to play the well we don't want to we don't want to upset the americans so we're going to give the standard answer no you know no comment or he's got to show up at the embassy it's very much a pressure rating for people like me that want to see the truth come out but when even when you expose the truth even when you give it this truth to the people who are being spied on they won't step up and support truth so yeah it is a bit frustrating to to see these european nations just kind of ignore this outright spying that's happening. well the latest allegations suggest that europe
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has also been carrying out its fair share of spying a french newspaper exposes the scope of his country's intelligence program and its collection of online telephone data both domestically and abroad we've got those details for you in just a few minutes here on the. but for now egypt's new interim president expected to name a prime minister and a cabinet later on saturday after violence and death marked with the supporters of ousted president morsi called friday of rage thirty people killed two hundred injured in clashes and i only spoke to our correspondent bill true who is following the whole situation in cairo streets are now car sort of reeling from the violence of last night there was only chaotic in downtown cairo in the capital as there were fierce clashes between supporters and opponents of the former president mohamed morsy i was actually in the street battles myself my source of billions with guns them on the tops of rocks people were breaking up bits of the pavement to throw at
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each other to stretch across three of the major bridges between on either side of the nile between these rival protest groups the security forces got involved for a while but they couldn't contain the violence but what's been done to ensure egypt does actually find some sort of political stability at this point we have heard that the interim president has moved the presidential palace and is expected to announce his cabinet this is hopefully going to put down some of the state institutions so that we can try and sort out the situation in the country which is becoming impossible in addition there have been rumors of talks begin between the muslim brotherhood group which is the islamist party that the deposed president hails from and the military and people are looking to the minute to right now to control the situation as they are the only institution that really is organized enough or has this sort of power enough to be able to sort this out we saw quite a little amount of soldiers in the clashes last night people were actually criticizing the military for that saying you know where are the police. where are the military the capitol is on fire probably playing quite
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a capital game at the moment as the tensions are very high many people here expect a curfew to be imposed as was imposed during we don't know if i really should i'm following and i'm following the revolution we expect that to be imposed in addition we expect as i said the military to possibly be having to exceed the missing brotherhood greet to try and rein in their support says i've come to some kind of political compromise to bring this country out of this chaos and political stalemate and you can always find out much more information on the situation in egypt from bell trues twitter account and also there was a very clear also watching the developments now the muslim brotherhood insists that the national leaders who announced a new government on wednesday do not represent the follow was dr mohammed abdul aziz the leader of the sacramento islamic center in america he believes that undermining the power of the ballot box will only lead to catastrophe in egypt what happened in egypt is obviously mubarak's military going back in order to take the
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country back to the old mubarak man. as opposed to the revolution to the revolutionaries people who are cheering in the streets right now will be the first to cry tomorrow when we set the precedence that it's ok for people to go to the streets and for the military to oust an elected president what happens next so the country elects the other guy who happens to be a liberal or or a socialist or whatever and then the islamists the supporters of morsi millions of them will take to the street and then we oust the next guy and then we keep going this i mean that's not a democracy anymore that's that's the rule of the jungle and the global trends forecast. he says in a poor country any leader can reach the top via mobile rule but that won't end up making any difference. well it would the foundation of why the revolution began in the first place it wasn't an arab spring it was a lot of poor people you had most of the people living on ten dollars
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a day and that was the genesis behind the foundation behind the move barack overthrow people want to live a higher standard of life the vast corruption all the money of the top of the pyramid and the rest of the people having nothing and then when morsi came in he made it worse it wasn't that he was in islamised so much it could have been mickey mouse so mom and morsi would have made no difference if the people had a standard of living that was going up rather than crashing as it was you know about the long a gasoline lines tourism dollars virtually and the country went into deeper poverty and that's really the genesis behind all of these many of these uprisings around not only egypt but around the world. still to come. running on empty the u.k. government's accused of being in denial as the number of people using food banks
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increases dramatically amid falling wages on sweeping welfare. and the rest of it world's top headlines in just a moment. he
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. has reportedly been running a surveillance network against its own people comparable to america's in for most prism program now reports about broke just days off the president. of the us for spying on european. details to wati is more if. these building behind me in the eastern part of paris or rather three story bunker underneath that is the epicenter
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of a fresh spy scandal they have schools as the country's security services and it's from . france's big brother snoots which people money touring millions of phone calls text messages faxes and emails same way if you. think that's what you'll find to look. intelligent you also break. the french public essentially know very much you they've been receiving conflicting messages from their leadership. first here we have to relation this over america's espionage president along to present to stop strategic retreat so the country later on that you members gave it a green light and you wrong the dollar starts next month alone to also condemned america say it's fine it's not what fucking us do now it's been revealed france is
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itself doing exactly what it just very vocally denounced and p.r. girl away from the paris west university false he says government spy blatantly also billions are using national security as an excuse. the key issue is not terrorism any longer if you want to be effective in the fight against terrorism first you should not provoke it by actions abroad like drones in the case of the united states second you should have a kind of police operation and in the united states you know did not stop the boston marathon attack but then every citizen is checked in his or her personal life all the time we live in a total surveillance state leaders used acknowledge it to the pool and they claim it's stupid taken trees against terrorism but terrorism is mostly an excuse it's good to have you with us here on our team today russia's city of cousin has put on his best face as the twenty seventh world university games are set to kick off in
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a splendid opening ceremony that will be presided over by vladimir putin as organizers apply the finishing touches we dispatched artie's paul scott to go and have a stroll around the venue. over the course of the next fortnight more than thirteen thousand athletes from one hundred seventy different countries are to descend on the majority of them staying here this is the university village a purpose built brand new university complex in the city center despite the fact that the authorities say the finishing touches are still being applied to some of the venues the message is clear. is ready. every time you. have an extremely excited. that everything is going to go well that you don't have any trash. whether. you are. even if sometimes a venue is where with
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a little bit too late we go they will be will be ready on time. some of the things this is. quite confident hosting an event like this doesn't come cheaply official estimates say these games have cost up to five billion u.s. dollars. a complete overhaul of its infrastructure with the development of new hotels and a new transport network installed. around half of the sixty four sporting venues built from scratch and this is the jewel in the crown of the car. forty five thousand. will be packed to the rafters is hoped to be a spectacular opening ceremony and don't worry about its legacy because as of next season russian premier league side. is also set to be a venue. football world cup but of course it's not just on dry land where the
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medals are going to be decided here the aquatics palace swimming synchronized swimming and diving goals are all up for grabs in fact of the three hundred fifty one golds available in total fifty eight are going to be decided here. despite the hefty cost involved in hosting these games organizers a keen to point to the legacy it will provide in order to get the games. to begin procedures and begin procedures a big part is a big part of the points are attributed to. and i think this is very important to the public project that everything that you are building would not be. a project. to the public afterwards although the opening ceremony isn't until saturday evening some competition has already started causing a stir in the athletes' village their survey said it is simply happy it's different yeah it's exciting it's nice that. that's
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a very good. these include the likes of rowing and rugby sevens all five sports. including boxing itself off to the university that would be a great increase in boys and girls willing to learn books in such a great atmosphere. that. if inspiring the next generation of sporting greats is the objective of hosting events like this then russia will get. over the next few years the world athletics championships winter olympics world swimming championships and the world cup all coming to the sure by two thousand and eighteen the organizers therefore hoping that these games will show that russia is ready to welcome the sporting world. our soaring number of britons are resorting to food banks to get enough to eat but the work and pensions minister claims just because more than half
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a million people need help to fill their bellies it doesn't mean the government spending cuts at the blame. falls on those who are struggling. might be a word that's until not long ago was rarely used now they it's on everyone's lips in real terms as a stereotype bites feed poverty's rising half a million people are now dependent on feed banks according to figures in a recent joint report compiled by charities church action poverty and which many see as a direct result of mounting social spending cuts and the burden of care is often falling to charitable organizations such as this one so this is where all starts the distribution in the kitchen with the warring gradients. and this is a six week operation so it all gets kicked kicking thoughts nice and early and then once is the sense of and turned the cold bit accepted by your good. then
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just invite. some new people. and have you seen lots of new people. you know what types of people. on board people young people live in squats. most of them are in. the people. low income and benefits and. they the number and dependence on feed banks have been steadily increasing something governments are playing down the connection with policy. rice today. replies i didn't say out how the charity operate. six days a week the big operation in one thousand. government funding. to force of the council to cut the funding for all the day centers so now we're on
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the wrong foot luckily we got a couple supermarkets interested in. inverting the food from. this is normally all the strawberries bananas examining would normally end up and. so you're saving the environment and recycling back into the community and obviously helping people who are going hungry when there's a lot of people nowadays going home but we've seen a huge number of people using this service today and services like this to become even more pivotal in the future the government might just of announced another round of paying for the stories he wishes but the truth is the u.k. can stay on this deficit reduction policy while many in government know it's looking forward to the future past the next election is that there could be much much worse to come sarah. lunde. now as a further global economic rivalry between washington and beijing wasn't enough chinese investors and are preparing
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a massive deployment right in america's backyard the construction of a canal connecting the atlantic and pacific oceans through nicaragua is due to begin next year it's all being sponsored by a massive chinese from the business host kitty pilgrim has the scoop on the idea of a canal terry nichols has been kicking around for over one hundred fifty years and now the chinese businessman has dumped up forty billion dollars from global investors it could become a reality now the owner of home call base and degrade his funding to start building the canal in twenty forty which they claim will be ready for action by twenty twenty eight so let's have a look at the it will be able to see that the plan is to build one hundred seventy eight mile walks way connecting the caribbean and the pacific and it would be three times longer than the panama canal which took a decade to complete now the group faces wide criticism over its
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plans and i spoke to asia expert david q who dismissed event as a joke. i'm hoping it's a joke i'm just hoping that it may be some some time to do things on the norm now don't have a billionaire too much time around because i just think about it i mean if there wasn't already a can now. the west only needs you wouldn't really sort of think about putting one in the even bigger around you were anyway it was already a perfectly good one the reason why management was chosen was because it was the shortest distance between the atlantic and pacific so why on earth anybody want to be a neutral you know that it's actually going from the news to the west coast it just doesn't make any sense to me. but the investors behind the project insist that world trade needs a new race and that the panama canal is not enough to handle the trade already conducted between the east and west so those who are laughing at the project right
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now might just have to change their tune if this game changing projects succeeds. ok coping right now into the answer you want up there we go straight to iraq where nine hundred worshippers have been killed thirty eight injured in a suicide bombing right on the doorstep of a shia mosque in northern baghdad the accident came several hours after a separate blast claimed seven lives in a predominantly sunni town in iraq according to us at this thinks more than seven hundred people were killed last month in the country as officials struggle to contain sectarian violence. the deeply divided syrian opposition has failed to elect a new leader at a meeting in turkey the post for the presidency has effectively been empty since february but the coalition aims to prove itself a viable force to secure more weapons from the west for the assad government backed by hezbollah is standing its ground and most recently they've been battling rebel strongholds in the strategic city of homs that's been held by the opposition for
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over a year. or up next you're not see us the unemployment figures gloomy or old glossed up prime interest coming your way shortly. as a person who lives in russia i get asked very often why i meet a console for yet well are americans actually fat or is this just a myth from some hater countries the centers for disease control have declared obesity to be a disease as if twenty point nine percent of adult americans are obese and that is an all time high people blame the sedentary lifestyle as the cause yes if you were out all day at work and then all evening after driving home sure doesn't help your
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waistline but problems can have multiple causes and the authors of the book rich food poor food believe it could be tied to eat foods that are allowed in america by . are banned in many other countries across the globe some of these chemicals and techniques and foods that are banned by some other countries are a less strong which is in many snack products which lowers calories but kills your body's ability to absorb minerals brought native flour which saves tons of time for the baker but beats up your internal organs and of course our good old friend synthetic growth hormones which are in livestock which have been linked to cancer big problems really have simple solutions you can run around and exercise as much as you like but if you're being pumped full of these chemicals that are illegal in much of the world well your chances of fitting into that bathing suit are ironically slim but that's just my opinion.
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good afternoon welcome to prime interest i'm bob english in washington d.c. here's the story we're telling today the monthly jobs numbers came out this morning and the media outlets must be channeling prose dickens because it was hugh the best records or the worst of reports according to the bureau of labor statistics we gained one hundred ninety five thousand jobs in june beating expectations but isidro hedge notes most of the gains were from low quality part time jobs so what about full time jobs us two hundred forty thousand of them were lost vaporized and there's one more number in the report and this one is even more important because that's the one the fed is using to judge when it will wind down its money printing quantitative easing program and this statistic of the unemployment rate remain the same at seven point six percent the fed wants to see it head down to six point five percent of angele and that's why the markets are so schizo frantic lately because they're addicted to uncle benny's eighty five million dollars eighty five billion
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dollars monthly liquidity injections we're going to talk about all of this with austin peterson in the bed and also dig into the fine print of fed audits with perry and boring meanwhile. in europe are two central bankers there mario draghi at the e.c.b. and the newly installed mark carney at the bank of england they're distancing themselves from bernanke eight because when ben sneezes the entire world convulses not only has a cost of borrowing in the us exploded over the last month but european rates have actually screamed higher at a faster rate and china one of the most important commodity markets in the world and they're in quite the pickle just today the state council announced a major shift in policy after over a decade of building not only potemkin villages but entire potemkin industries they recognize their goose is cooked so that ten percent magical g.d.p. at any cost it's unsustainable think general motors dealer channel stuffing writ large oh and by the way i'll be talking tesla with justin underhill on today's daily duel so we're going to.


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