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tv   Headline News  RT  July 8, 2013 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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breaking news this hour live rounds are reportedly fired at supporters of the ousted president morsi in cairo it's claimed many people have been killed or wounded as mass protests continue nationwide. fresh revelations from edward snowden he claims the u.s. national security agency had worked closely with germany contradicting chancellor merkel's recent anger at america's pulled cold war tactics. plus the wounds of civil war in mali are yet to seal as a country heads towards his first post conflict election security threats still looming.
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great to have you with us this monday eleven am here in the russian capital i'm lucy catherine elf and you're watching our t.v. well in our top story egypt's muslim brotherhood claims police and the army have used live bullets and tear gas against supporters of the ousted president morsy and the dozens are dead now the military is being quoted as saying that armed terrorist groups are behind the gunfire and that five people have died well live to cairo now for a middle east correspondent paula slayer paula what more do we know a lot of conflicting information here. well yes there is a lot of conflicting information according to the muslim brotherhood some thirty seven people have been killed including children the health ministry on the other side is saying that fifteen people have died while the army is reporting five people killed and one soldier there's also a lot of confusion as to the number of injured with some reports suggesting that as many as five hundred people might have been injured the clashes came at nassau city
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and we're receiving reports now that ambulances are being blocked from reaching the scene of these clashes early this morning what we do know according to the muslim brotherhood is that they happened while they were holding a city in doing dorm praise that is the muslim brotherhood's a version of events they say that they were fired on while people were praying the army however has a different story they say that the clashes happened when a group of protesters tried to storm a military barracks where it is believed that the ousted president mohamed morsy is being held the army also saying that gunmen fired on the protesters so a lot of confusion at this stage as to what in fact happened this morning there is a makeshift hospital. his there who are treating the injured say most of them have gunshot wounds to the hate so a very tense situation here a lot of people concerned that they will not be cause particularly from the muslim
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brotherhood for some kind of revenge attacks and we have heard as you tweeted earlier that the islamist all nor party is withdrawing from political talks to form a new government is there a concern that the situation could escalate whether it's politically or with violence. yes there is a lot of concern that the situation could escalate on sunday night there were huge demonstrations both for and anti the ousted president morsy promo supporters have been on the streets for more than a week already but they are scared that the army will not make good on its promise and will possibly reinstate morsi or step away from the demands and the statements they've been making so they're all to in the streets to make sure that their promises have been fulfilled on the other hand you have these anti morsi protesters and they want to show that they have number they have and again they say they're going nowhere until morsi is reinstated as you say all of this is spiraling downhill we are hearing from the second largest islamised party the new a party
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that in light of what they're calling to a massacre they are now pulling out of negotiations now this is bad news for the country's interim president who's been struggling for days to form a some kind of government to try and announce a new prime minister and it's going to be very difficult for now and hard to see how he's actually going to move forward in light of these recent clashes and deaths and paula certainly the political developments are critical here very important but the problems egypt faces aren't just political are they. know they're not only political i mean at the core of these demonstrations you do have economic concerns people really wanting more jobs people wanting on the table one of the biggest criticisms that morsi has faced is that although he was in office. for years he did precious little to try and turn around an ailing economy in all fairness he did inherit a system that was corrupt from the inside but still his critics say that he should have paid less attention to consolidating his power and more attention to the
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economic woes faced by just about every egyptian that lives in this country the problem is that when you don't address the economy you have the kind of demonstrations that we've been witnessing on the streets of cairo and other cities and this is going to be one of the biggest challenges for this interim government to address the economic concerns that people here have. those who can have long since left trading cairo for quite a short it's lived this real estate broker panicked her job is finding homes for those with cash to pay up front but now she's thinking of closing up shop because business has never been this bad this sort of when you want to launch a new project and really if they everything is put on the whole it stops foreign buyers don't want to come and invest in egypt lack of security lack of parliament lack of in stable government so. we do nothing but disrupt the way
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economists say it's no surprise president morsi was overthrown he spent his first year in office tightening his grip on power rather than trying to rescue the country's floundering economy food prices have rocketed the country cannot pay off its debts to major oil companies and forty percent of egyptians live below the poverty line on less than three dollars a day on top of that major international investors have pulled out and sold their assets the safest decision in a repartee deteriorating environment for the foreseeable future it looks like egypt will have a government that again is unable to as to policy and as a result unable to provide investors with the confidence that they would need to begin to sing it but here in tokyo square protesters are not sorry the western giants on leaving just about. not much i don't want go there i already have a zero on this car leasing business men tells us he's fed up. before morsi was ousted we were begging for the i.m.f.
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loan of about four point seven billion dollars a year and now we don't want it when all is businessmen collectively decided to support the egyptian economy and one day we collected over fifteen billion dollars in donations were a large economy we can rely on ourselves but the facts tell a different story for each day these demonstrations continue the egyptian economy is forced to cough up another one billion dollars the ripple effect is more insecurity in an already unstable region if there's anyone benefiting from these revolutions it's people right here in tahrir square you can pick up whatever souvenirs ok mix you want from flags to posters to key rings and even a coin code. maggie mohamed used to work as a sales agent but his company was forced to shut down after mubarak was all stood for two years this has been his office the same spot on to his square business isn't brilliant but at least he can put food on the table. i couldn't find
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a job but after the revolution i came here so i could make a living i have children and i just want to move. the egyptian flag is waved to both the pro and yes it's about the only thing common between the two camps threatening to take egypt apart but if things don't improve soon the financial lifeblood of the country will be completely drained and whichever flag waving group eventually prevails may find very mishal to celebrate policy r t cairo. art is well true is also in cairo went out to find out exactly what is motivating morsi supporters to stand up to the army. a lot of people are saying that it was a popular whale the first time and most you know out of place what is your reaction to not actually. first of all i want to say that i am one of the people who went out and just read and generate going to google through my daughter and we believe
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that. what is happening now is to get moved out of again and. i often split it in five elections among the last thirty months and we want to proceed with the democratic way of ruling. and now we are being. a military the military court is throwing flies live a big portion of the egyptian population they don't want to hear our voice they are closing t.v. the t.v. stations and they are arresting people without anything we don't have one for fusion that most of the people has approved only six months ago. of course we'll be following the developments as they on sold in egypt built on a r n r t and on our web site r t dot com. well fugitive whistleblower edward snowden has struck again this time claiming that the n.s.a. is in bed with germany as well as a number of other countries when it comes to global surveillance now the former cia
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employees and the partnership of set up is such a way that it can protect top level politicians from any backlash this if the details of their collaboration become public the revelations undermine berlin's recent fear collins about the extent of america's global spy operation with chancellor merkel accusing the us of cold war tactics snowden's previous revelations involved extensive spying programs run by france as well as britain journalist manuel oakes and writer says that german politicians are furious but about being exposed not by being spied on. they are angry that it came to public that not all the facts are that the citizens can see what was going on because i wouldn't believe and you heard right now all government politician by the way also often oppositional politician the drum column and when we listen very well to. the mainstream politicians in germany we are right now. on this let us say
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cooperation how they call it they say it's for our security they say that this is a partnership that this is a friendship but of course it's pure spying and we have to watch a little bit bank and the pasta we had in the one thousand nike's that. it was also it was. in europe especially in germany and this was especially for economy and spew a nonissue german companies the drone economy was. prior to the u.s. secret service so what we see here is that germany has behaved the moralists like well let me say like a state fully on the profile of the u.s. without any independence and the scandalous not just that you are doing that the real scandal is that the german politics are not doing something against them and.
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brushing the dodgy surveillance aside europe and the u.s. have some big money to talk about they're about to discuss joining up to create the world's biggest free trade region ahead we ask whether they'll get what they're bargaining for plus. might seem a top seed toby wold when in tough economic times and beef could be applied for ten thousand pound pay rise that's enough to make british taxpayers head spin their politicians are in line for have to pay rise the details on that story coming right up. i'm used to the tundra to freedom my dear. in second grade i ran away from the boarding school to my friends around to the tundra. of the
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tundra is just miskito that practically i don't know how people can live there to get in there no t.v.'s in the tents how can i send my child to boarding school that i won't be able to sleep at night after that. they enter a life without knowledge of how to do basic thing as though they don't get that in school. welcome back and lucy catherine of mali is gearing up for a presidential election later this month that's the country's first ballots and
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civil war broke out nearly two years ago the state of emergency which had been in place since january had been lifted ahead of the poll now un peacekeepers aided by the outgoing french intervention forces will help arrives security during the election as a local officials say that mali will still be hard pressed to hold a credible vote hundreds of thousands of people remain displaced by the country's north where the radical islamists were recently driven out from is said to be seeing a very fragile peace reopen otieno reports from the volatile country. and these people from a small village to the west of mali's capital may be muslim. but they also have their very own traditional beliefs stretching back generations using nuts to help predict the future and influence the weather now look at. the even tell me i should sacrifice a goat to make my time in mali more profitable identical wasn't it it's people like
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these who helped form africa's unique and diverse cultures but it's exactly these times who would have been a trieste of an isolation had the militants who took control of mali's north in the name of radical islam also swept aside authorities here got out of the world a lot bar they say they are not muslims i don't like these people and other spiritual groups they think the same way if they find us they'll kill us. french troops intervened in northern mali in january as the insurgency made a push towards the capital two months later paris proclaimed the north from the berated but for some followers of traditional islam that was already too late. twenty three year old silly man from the gal region claims al qaeda linked fighters chopped off his right hand and left food after he a father of three and a muslim who prays several times a day refused to join their ranks and they figure they brought the kid to
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a squirrel in the center of the gower they tied me up they gave me an injection and put a band-aid here brought a knife like this and cut it. however some people from silly man's village claim has a speech which the radicals punish him for one to sharia law they imposed or do will say we're against their opinion that they don't consider the muslim they have their own interests going to the world what that traveling to was the north we make no one who sympathizes with the insurgents and their regions religious themes and that's even goes for the next generation you want to fight against and why are they bad bad all of them lot of ellen yes they are bad bad for our country. but when those ringers of shari'a law to call to the north a significant number of mali ends either join them or help them. some suggest by they while it's militants have capitalized on widespread poverty while others have
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been joining by they slogans. now many people who joined the radicals understood they were mistaken and they've joined the side of the mali an army to fight against those people are going to be i you guys affray that these people will come back. you know they will not come back. ok on why they will never come back here. because mali and france now years. that's france is drawing much of its military and the very people paris claims to have driven out still and p. to be very much around. the same groups that his nose claimed responsibility for a terror attack on a french strong uranium facility in neighboring new share while the very factors that allowed to their rise in the north with a feeling of injustice and general frustration very much evident.
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it makes them. anguished. research it and. no one can restart. it is the missing link to fate. now from mali. with indignation over market surveillance and those claims of collusion it all cast a pall over the talks to create the world's largest free trade zone between the u.s. and the e.u. which are set to open a washington and reform are now looks at the ambitious plans as well as our possible consequences. so on the face of it this trade deal sounds like a win win situation for the u.s. and the e.u. it would simplify trade regulations between the two and doing business across the atlantic would become easier and some experts predict their economies would each
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enjoy a one hundred billion dollars boost every year as a result so it sounds like a no brainer but it would also create loses within the e.u. economists warn trade between e.u. countries would shrink as american products gain a foothold in the u.k. and germany would benefit overall according to the ifo institute a think tank based in munich france wouldn't gain much luxemburg would actually lose out more winners and losers would also emerge on the global stage chile and mexico rely heavily on the u.s. market but could be edged out by european competition other countries which might suffer a similar fate of canada australia and japan while west african nations supplying europe could find themselves unable to compete with american products creating the world's biggest trade bloc will reap economic benefits overall for the u.s. and e.u. but it will also redraw the economic map on an international level and that won't
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help everyone however there is still a long way to go before it becomes a reality hammering out a deal will not be straight forward with many differences on hundreds of issues to be settled on either side of the atlantic agriculture is one such hurdle the u.s. and e.u. have had epic trade battles over all my own treaty the fifty genetically modified organisms reaching an agreement what can and can't be sold will be difficult is the same case for the car industry america and europe have different safety regulations and the question is can they find enough common ground so there are complicated issues to resolve although it is hoped some form of agreement can be reached by the end of twenty forty. economic expert patrick young believes that in the current current climate the u.s. and europe simply can't afford to stall the free trade talks and the longer u.k. in particular of put a great deal of store into the idea of creating a free trade agreement across the atlantic the united states of america under the
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obama presidency you have been seen to be pretty much anti business and anti free trade also one could say that the obama presidency on a broader basis is ultimately headed towards failure so you've got two prime ministers presidents heads of state who reach him buckled and they want to create a win win situation it is an incredible opportunity for the frankly currently all full european union predicament canonically to manage to fight back the emerging nations of the world they're the benchmarks and hard to do exports right now if they're going to continue to grow whether this recreate agreement happens or not but ultimately the president of the united states of america and the european union can alter ford in the current economic circumstance where their lunch is being eaten by the emerging east not to come up with a do time for a check on the headlines and we begin in the united states where u.s. officials say the boeing seven seventy seven flight which crashed in san francisco
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airport before it was flying too slowly down they also said the crew had tried to abort the landing just seconds before it slammed into the runway two and two of the passengers on the airlines claims the pilot had little experience of flying the jet now remarkably more than three hundred people on board the plane survived the crash . canadian officials now say five people were killed by the freight train explosion in quebec dozens more are still missing after the blast which caused devastation in a small town in the runaway train loaded with fuel to rails and blew up over the cause of the disaster still remains unclear. jordan has charged radical muslim cleric abu qatada with terrorism who's pleaded not guilty now caetano was handed over to prosecutors immediately upon landing in amman on sunday after he was extradited from the u.k. have fought a costly ten year legal battle to get him out of the country he's known as
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a key feature figure in al qaeda linked activities and was long viewed by the u.k. as a national security threat well ask anyone in britain who they think deserves a pay raise right now and few are likely to say that it's members of parliament a while just everyone else seems to be freezing their salary or cutting back lawmakers it looks like are in for a bumper salary rise from london here's our era for. my theme a topsy turvy world when in tough economic times and peace can be in line for ten thousand pound pay rise in the body the first salaries really think that who are you sure but as with so many things like this inflation here until there's more to this story. it's never that simple of course nothing simple it's easy for the general public the general public has a pay free employees are paid more already they will have a field day they will terrorism if we have
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a huge increase when they get in nothing that was politicians from the prime minister down make bluster and prick claim that the over thirty years any pay rise it's not actually a choice the decision is down to independent body he decide how pay should be set and it is chairman has criticised the party leaders for voicing their opposition prior to an m.p. set their own pay and well we all know how that ended up as members of parliament with. you know they want them different independent body. as well that m.p.'s salaries are already now far more than double the average so what do the british public have to say about it will their responses when quite what you might think think anyone should be and i should pay for. it stops are kind of things where they can you know. anything. from
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a job. to go to the money comes the expense of the. expenses. you know extracurricular activities were some make a lot of money. in the current climate. but yeah. going on. british history was. quite understandably even then mention of a pay rise that politicians has provoked anger and confusion amongst many in the public but in the wake of members expenses scandals this pay rise could also be linked to an end to outside earnings the m.p. which many say will be a chance for real reform and as this debate hots up even in the coming days but so certainly going to be something to reflect upon surf city london.
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and of course for those of you just tuning in let's recap the developments that have been playing out in egypt reports of the deadly violence outside the headquarters of the republican guards in cairo the muslim brotherhood claims the police and army had used live bullets and tear gas against supporters of the ousted president morsi this during a peaceful sit in apparently killing thirty seven people including children unconfirmed reports egypt's health ministry reports a similar number of deaths but an army spokesperson blames the gunfire on so-called terrorists and that five people have died in the shooting and the footage that you're watching right now is from the muslim brotherhood it claims to show some of the victims five hundred people are reportedly said to have been wounded in monday morning's violence of course do stay with us here in our team for the latest on egypt as the details emerge. next we continue our look at the struggle of children who have adapted to life in russia's arctic tundra.
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remember how all of a sudden an armed guard protest group became world famous and then were completely forgotten. next month yeah i'm talking about the feminist punk rock group pussy riot that performed a vulgar anti prayer and one of moscow's most famous orthodox cathedrals one possible reason for their explosive popularity in the media's eyes was revealed recently by a german actress on a book the actress claims a german t.v. channels e.d.f. paid her a large undisclosed amount of money to come out on behalf of the activist band show said on a t.v. discussion that she doesn't even remember what she said except for wishing them well with dealing with their incarceration it would be very odd for an actress to just make up a bribery scandal especially one she was complicit in but it makes you wonder just how many other people may have been given all extra motivation to cry travesty
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overall i think that most important of what her public revelation is that she said that you know what it's a bit dumb when actors talk about politics and i couldn't agree with her more but that's just my opinion. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you say. i'm tougher is a big check. a
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child born in the tundra is always memetic by nature as an early age she knows that life is perpetual motion. for nine months every year children are taken from their homes in the tundra to special boarding schools and each time. to go home again as soon as they can. some can't wait for the holidays and head for the tundra . represents the third generation of a new net breeding family he too went to a boarding school before graduating as a vet. back home in the tundra he found a wife and now has three children he's taking his eldest son daniel and his nephew from the boarding school to visit the.


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