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top players i mean talk of the summer transpose. and making history how do you laurie becomes the first british man to win wimbledon in seventy seven years beating novak djokovic in straight sets off to marion bartoli takes the ladies' title. but first the twenty seven's well student games got underway with a lavish ceremony in carson on saturday and as richard found poor feet discovered russia's biggest sporting event for thirty three years should benefit the sport man city for many years to come. because iran has come a long way over the last five years in two thousand and eight russia's first biggest sporting sixty seven hundred kilometers east of moscow won the right to host the university eight almost seven billion dollars have been spain's getting everything ready and this money has been put to very good use for sure but we are immensely proud not only for khazan but also that our country managed to put on such an event for the last five years we have done
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a colossal amount of work which will benefit future generations the stadiums that we have built are of the highest international standards even those athletes who have competed at olympic games are in all of what we've managed to do the competition will run until july seventeenth and will see around thirty and a half thousand athletes from over one hundred fifty countries competing in twenty seven different disciplines making it the biggest sporting event that russia's hosted since one thousand nine hundred eighty moscow olympics such a big operation needs plenty of helpers and helpers at hand courtesy of twenty five thousand volunteers have come to sign from all around russia the majority of students and these games will leave a significant legacy for those studying in the city in the future it's. a lot of the complexes that have been build will be handed over to the various universities one of the games they're finished including the athletes village and the aquatic center students are the future of our country and when they see that they have
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modern facilities to train in this will help increase participation in sport within the sydney. university torch has had its own special journey to read a started just under a year ago and pass through fifty one cities around the world covering a distance of one hundred fifty thousand kilometers. this was the torch is final destination because an arena which hosted the lavish opening ceremony a capacity crowd of over fifty thousand descended on the stadium and it was russia's president to officially open the games after meeting the countries are fleets taking parts julia we have made every endeavor so the participants of this sport festival could feel themselves at home so that they could achieve outstanding results so that they could withstand gracefully the great tension and difficulty of competitions the ceremony lasted for just over four hours and was warm received by both to have the pleasure and good fortune to see it everything is well organized
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is good very beautiful and pleasant for those who are in the target with ideas we hope everything will go well and our country makes a good impression on the rest of the world we're so pleased the opening ceremony as he did all our expectations that's everything is just perfect i had no idea that it would be that good i'm proud to live in russia and see these things happen. never spotlight falls on the world's young athletes will be going all out to win one hundred seventeen gold medals on offer but the wait is finally over with a member of opening ceremony getting these games on the way and now the athletes the public and the people of design can look forward to what should be an excellent eleven days of competition richard pombo three don't see because i'm. well has moved on to football and with a new russian and ukrainian top flight season set to kick off this weekend all the talk was about transfer news the spotlight came to two no friendly win over shakhtar donetsk here in moscow because i didn't get up off reports. m g he had
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lines this week by agreeing to pay nineteen million euros for young dilemma strike oiks on that according as well as a resigning defender christopher samba from queens park rangers and other players boys for a move one missing for spartak and shocked are in their press season friendly top scoring armenia midfielder and dortmund target haneke when he died and was out for the visitors while the moscow side were without injured winger aiden mcgeady who is linked with everton but spartak own no land if it wasn't in the mood for bargain. no comments about mcghee the now and if i want to sign some of the tax russian players that have to pay between fifty and sixty million euros. the game itself at their paedo steady i'm turned out to be well worth the b. and one way traffic in the first half of the heavyweight clash spartak kept pressing and finally broke the deadlock three minutes before the interval your love c. sound was pulled in the box and then followed up by placing the ball home from the
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penalty spot and with fifteen minutes to go by oh yeah drafted into the replace my getting double the lead up to intercepting a straight boss and stake his claim to replace they are a lone star by producing a man of the match performance to neil joy for the home fans and food for thought for the visitors. spark that we're keen to win and they deserve it well we just weren't good enough probably theirs because of the hard training camps we've been doing as we continue no preparations for the new season. shocked are high time ukrainian champions winning the last four titles in a row but have recently lost several high profile players with villa and moving to our injury there mandino off to manchester city and he died and set full bar as he adored one making its offer shocked or to clinch if the straight crown while spartak him and won the russian league in thirteen years but their own aims to keep his squad together and live to trophy cigar. we've had our ups and downs during
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this pre-season as we lost a dilemma kiev in a friendly shocked are one in top form tonight it is just a friendly match but it's good we beat them and we should be pleased our aim next term is to win one of the three titles so sparge a big shock to her to kneel in a match that was billed as a friendly but turned out to be a real bracket and thousands of the red and white fans who flocked to the stadium can be optimistic about the mix is it that at bring this idea that one july the sixteenth can say about that of archie moscow. well it started with the beautiful game as more big moves went through last week though it seems manchester united striker wayne rooney could be staying with the english champions the twenty seven year old has been linked with london rivals arsenal and chelsea but new united manager david moyes arrived at the club's carrington training ground for the first time after succeeding sir alex ferguson and said the england star is to remain at old trafford. for the chance to speak to win you know i'm sure it's
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a question on your lips and you probably couldn't wait to get a. fight them out as no wins not for sale he's a monstrous united player will remain a month yes united player. also starting go to israel madrid forward christiane are now though the twenty eight year old says he's loving life in spain so far and played down rumors he could soon be returning to england the former manchester united winger showed off his skills at a school in singapore before dressing up for a glamorous goal in monte carlo and also hopes to leave russia's group rivals portugal to their full straight world cup finals in brazil next year. i mean joy of course the play their players play their inspiring full for years so i want to continue there. for four national team so that every week i'm qualified for world cup will be a big old saws so we are waiting for those on the boards to be in
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a walk up to. me while lino messi put on a show in chicago scoring four goals to lead his all star messi and friends team to a nine six victory over a rest of the world side the exhibition match was part of a charity tool in aid of the leo messi foundation for sick and at risk children in his native argentina all the fans cheered loudly every time the striker touched the ball and the world player of the year responded by scoring twice the gend before being substituted in the sixty ninth minute. for me one in spain midfield star is goal was officially unveiled as a real madrid play at the burn a bath the spanish giants paid over thirty four and a half million dollars for the twenty one year old on a five year deal is going to help malaga reach the champions league quarter finals last season and has won one cd account he also recently scored three goals spain won the european under twenty one championship in israel and was named in a team of the tournament. iranian than brazil midfielder palin you know
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passed a medical before finalizing his twenty three point five million dollars deal with top know the twenty four year old scored thirty four goals in one hundred sixty seven games for corinthians and played in his. countries three no when i was sprayed in the confederations cup final the sao paolo native also featured in corinthians club world cup final victory over chelsea in december. and over in germany midfield at mario get it so it was officially presented as a new player for treble winners by in munich the twenty one year old moved from pot rather proceed dortmund on a four year deal for forty eight million dollars making the twenty two cap youngster the most expensive german player were to sleep a history. however i guess that isn't rushing his return from the torn hamstring which kept him sidelined for dortmund in the champions league final he also missed by and training camp in northern italy as a new coach but want out of the rest of the star studded squad through their paces
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ahead of the new season kicking off in a month's time while also stretching a founds eleven by thirteen goals to nil and they were all that much sided friendly . and a week after signing cost of us are manchester city italian champions event has unveiled another new striker fernando yet and they the twenty eight year old spaniard joins on a four year deal as a free agent after leaving spanish side athletic bilbao where he scored four goals and was maybe a substitute last season as his side finished twelfth in love league or. well we'll stay with football as the russian women's team successfully continued their preparations for this month's european championship by wrapping up a six no win over wales under nineteen side here in moscow president but apple has more. russia finished second in their qualifying pool for this summer's european tournament in sweden and now seated in group c. the group of death alongside france england and spain and in one of their last
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friendlies ahead of the euros. team wasted no time in threshing wales under nineteen side six neil would feel forced how goals while wales senior team played france in the qualifiers and the welsh coach thinks russia are good enough to beat the french in their championship opener this friday seeing russia play particularly in the first half i think there's every chance for the rest of us as a very good team play good football and they also have experience i think i think that it's everything to go for in france came russia's biggest success in women's football came in two thousand and five when they lifted the european and in one thousand nine hundred feet up to beating france in their penalty shoot out the goal keeping herring that day daughter is currently injured but will be fit to play at these heroes tournament and is optimistic about russia's chances would having us for our standard of football is probably lower than our opponents however we expect
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our strength of character to help us no one expected us to win in two thousand and five as we lost for neil to france in our opener but we beat them in the final and that's what matters holders germany are regarded as this summer's red hot favorites up to clinching the last five straight titles and seven from ten events overall only oh russia regular qualifiers for europe's top can be addition getting through to the knockout stage will be a tough challenge with a do or die battle expected in every match i get of course the much other top sides are this year us like we might win every game and hope to get to the next stage hopefully luck will be on our side that's in us but god forbid there's still a before a tournament kicks off every favor it is only a favorite on papers i tell our players that psychological stability is kate we we know. in play well we just have to show it on the pitch. frons finished with a perfect record in their qualifying group but russia refused to call themselves
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underdogs in the group of death and they're ready to press europe as they begin their campaign against the french on july the twelfth on sunday by r t. and all that swiftly brings us to the end of paul won but stay tuned because we have all the top action for wimbledon and it's monte carlo bust for a russian boxing champion is preparing to put his two belts on the line and go a. science technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got a huge area covered.
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and. close. good leverage or. was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which fortunately. found anything tim's mission
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to teach the creation why it should care about humans in the world this is why you should care only on the. language. that. the concerns get to. choose to opinions that invigorating to. choose the stories that in life choose access to often. welcome back to the sports show as we get part two underway with tennis and two new winners names were engraved on both trophies at wimbledon after a second week of stunning results of the grass court grand slam on monday germany's
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sabine lisicki cause the biggest upset in the women's draw by knocking out defending champion serena williams the twenty third seed broke williams twice to take the first set six to watch the five time champion blitz the second six one i'm broke at the start of the third for three love lead yet the twenty three year old fought back wrapping up his first career win over serena three times third straight we were going there to fight. on wednesday in the men's draw twenty four c.d.'s a nano bitch faced mukesh bhatt in the first ever grand slam meeting between two polish men you know which took the first set seven five and they retained the upper hand over his davis cup team mate to win three sets going to the last four. and on thursday the city again triumphed in a gripping lady semifinal before overcoming false lead and last year's beaten finalist but i danced six four two six nine seven in a thrilling third set is it to be recovered from three love down to lead five four
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and so for the match but was broken leading to six more games before the german finally did win its to reach her first grand slam final. however despite all her earlier heroics lisicki was powerless to stop frenchwoman marion bartoli from dominating the ladies' final the fifteenth seed had been runner up to venus williams in two thousand and seven but made few mistakes against the german producing and periods display wrapping up a six one six four victory with a nice to win her first grand slam title he recorded longest forty seventh attempt . doing everything in world i was moving well i was returning well i mean the. i really played a wonderful match so it's really amazing to win wimbledon and also playing well as well you just. just a motive melissy. while the men showpiece was a thrilling battle between the world's top two was andy murray became britain's
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first male champion since nine hundred thirty six with a hard fought three set victory over number one novak djokovic after three hours and ten minutes in searing heat the twenty six year old scott converted his fourth championship point in a dramatic final game to win six four seven five six for his second major title after also beating joke of it in the u.s. open final last year. but i worked so hard not low skill it was the hardest the hardest few points about the player my life. and i knew it was it was a different different match the us open and no one in wimbledon is. i just can't believe my head round. can leave it. now from an unbelievable much to a tasty match up after a mixed martial arts star alexander yonkers lived up to his nickname of the grim reaper stopping brazilian jersey odigo gallacher in the first round of his first ever cage fight the much anticipated bat between the russian and his twenty seven
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year old opponent lasted just four minutes and eight seconds you know yanick has only other fight this year saw him stop american pops up with a t.k.o. victory and again he made light work of the brazilian who was at class from the first bell a flurry of powerful blows opened up cuts over his nose and a referee had seen enough while thirty one year old evil young code could also return to the ring after during his only boxing match so far four years ago. if i get any offers from boxing promoter i'll consider them but as of now my animation is really busy i don't even have time to rest after this fight i've got to just one day to relax before going back to training and even next year is already planned out. and let's move to boxing as russian fighter video is set to put his w.p.a. and i.b.o. light welterweight titles on the line when he faces local veteran suliman mowbray
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in wanna go on july the thirteenth probably not on ian has this preview. eighteen professional belts eighteen wins with eight of them claimed by way of nokia out the boxing record of russia's top light welterweight very easy of use just flawless the drug is stunning hoke also known as king have bieber has already proved he's proud nickname in style claiming the i.b.o. crown in june twentieth in moscow and them and you know previously unbeaten on little tyson guzman in miami for the w.b. a belt in november that year but the mission is still far from complete my goal was to become the world champion and i did you know i won even more to beat all the top guys in this way class and win the w.b.c. title it's the most important build for me so far it's been done in r.c.s. hands however he's got some serious business to contend with on the way out there
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on july the thirteenth the thirty year old will put both of these titles on the line in monte carlo against french veteran and former w.b. a super lightweight jam band suliman my ear what was first up i don't care if i'm the underdog or the favorite for the fight it's there or thinking of it all all i need to know it's my opponent is strong and weak points is a technical fighter who has great skills good counterpunching i'm sure this is how he will try to catch me. age and speed will definitely be on the russian side. eighty years younger and much more explosive and his coach john david jackson is sure the hawk will be there to shine i think in this fight here. i think you can stop can. you know. i don't think the power to keep. people really shy shows from talent from the public
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oh what a dear physically. favorite to win the belt but what also matters is whether he'll be able to pull off a great show as this is the only way to keep up to the standards of some of the sports greats for your money and duran this is tenacity but the fact that the press oppression is going to keep the pressure on him he never stops you know the punches are coming from everywhere the desire to be to very very hard and be running around our robots verdun artsy moscow. now with the world athletics championships here in moscow just a month away founds could be in for a mouthwatering spring jewel as you say in bold and tyson gay dominated their respective diamond league meetings last week after making another from boy intentions in paris six times olympic champion bolt blew away the field and his favorite events the two hundred meters as the world record holder ran the fastest time with the nineteen point seven three seconds hold off fellow jamaican warren
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with bolt shaved one hundredth of a second off the previous best set by guy at the american trials last month and says he still has room for improvement. i think i could have done better i wanted to have done better but it's just one those things you never get what you wish for sometimes but a positive thing is that i know i need to work on a few things i need to work on i have a lot more time to work on it so i saw the positives. but before that gary lay down the marker in the one hundred meters as the former world champion at pace jamaican a soft power in the sun gave posted nine point seven nine seconds for the second best time of the season after also notching up the fastest result of nine point seven five last month. well staying with speed and formula one champion sebastian vettel remains on course for his fourth straight title as the red bull driver won his home grand prix in germany for the first time you'll be on his mercy
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a car spectacularly caught fire early on but that'll help a former champion kimi reichen and after the third overtook his latest teammate roman groeschel under orders with five laps to go at the no they're going so half way through the season vettel leads binondo alonso by thirty four points at the top of the standings what i can in seven points at the back. if you want that you carry well that survived. the unbelievable risk to me was pushing very very hard in the end and obviously they tried to do something different with different combo the tires i think we had a very solid very controlled race but i was pushing i think every single up except the loves behind the safety car very happy with the result and incredible to to finally win in germany. and let's finish with major sport with running take our trucks champion edward nicholai of leading the line up russia's most grueling rally
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the silk way got underway on friday a some of the world's best off road races set off from red square the guy charles reports. and here we are at the opening of the fifth annual silk waverley where the drivers will start here in the hearts of moscow at the red square and will end up in the us three hundred in the south of russia covering over four thousand kilometers in just over a week the first silk waverley was in two thousand and nine starting in seven hundred kilometers east of moscow and finishing in ash in the central asian country of turkmenistan the following year it was race with russia and has been ever since its popularity curse every year with ninety nine teams now taking part. a seventy five cause and twenty four trucks drove down the ceremonial starting ramp at russia's most famous landmark brace to navigate terrain is varied as rolling plains and desert sand dunes. apart and
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a host of rallies in argentina and other countries in latin america my track record includes for the car rally so i know it by heart and that's why this time we decided to move to a different continent i don't know the route of the rally very well but i hope to have a good time here i came here to have fun. the rally consists of seven stages heading for most go toward central russia and then turn south east towards the last steps of the volga areas and on to the imposing sand mountains of the volgograd and us the regions. i don't get all that you got that it's a much longer rally than any other like for example the russian rally championships it's a real marathon also there's a lot of sound which isn't typical here this is a one of a kind rally for this country it's like in the arab emirates but located in russia that's the only difference it's a game that was provided by. the second stage of the root causes through this city
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now known as volgograd historically significant as the she is the seventieth anniversary of the battle of stalingrad opponents events to all of the thousands of soldiers who died fighting against questions in and the final stage will need to drive us towards the podium in the city of pasto hundred four thousand one hundred kilometers from all square where there were five hundred or the thirteenth. grueling but hopefully rewarding days nicolo chose. moscow and that's even this posting.
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deadly divisions in egypt fifty one people are killed in cairo at a muslim brotherhood rally where the army denying it fired shots at blaming terrorists sparking fears that the country could slide into violence and chaos. and that with the german's n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden claims american intelligence has been working hand in glove with berlin and its secret surveillance program. and mali gears up for its post-war presidential election amid concerns that the fragile security situation could collapse back into chaos we report from inside the west african nation struggling to return to normality.


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