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tv   Breaking the Set  RT  July 9, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cons a report. today on larry king now larry flynt the porn publisher and free speech activist politics even when it comes to a president that if you apply to wars and balance a budget at the same time you should be able to sleep who you want to and of course sex. has had its hand our crotch for over two thousand years plus to play a game of if you only knew you remember the first person you had kissed i remember our name was. george oh. that's all ahead on larry king now. welcome to larry king now today's guest is larry flynt president and founder of
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larry flynt publications author publisher free speech activist the subject of one of the great motion pictures of a made in the great lawsuit in which he prevailed in the supreme court by a vote of nineteen nothing larry's new book is one nation under sects great title how the private lives of presidents first ladies and their lovers changed the course of american history written along with david eyes and bought first what are your thoughts on the election i was a surprise. for boy it made it a very big area and stuck with it all the way you know and he would write all fifty states so i know you're a gambler you ought to go with him to vegas give you predictions on cards. i came believe that the. republicans had it so wrong because. kerry i could almost delusional that one when they started calling ohio and in
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saying that florida to go on for obama they just they just couldn't believe it you know obama was going to win yeah because because of all the internal polls. and you know axelrod and puff we're all very confident you know i know a lot of the insider to which i go well more concerned at all so you're not worried though action day alone no way to get obama in any way in his first term disappoint you oh yes. and he disappointed and i don't think he's going to do it there you know. is he not going to have much of a legacy. he's. a great communicator good. guy well you know the republican play hardball you know you got to have a spine but you offered first what do you think of mitt romney the person.
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boy i i always say. that romney because i didn't see any sincerity there in the thing that amazed me more than anything else was. his wife and brain nice lady there and all my years. watching all actions and first lady they interacted with you know candidates i have never ever saying almost wanted to be first lady as bad as she did. was almost like. i want to be co-president that sort of thing you know usually what it was jacqueline kennedy or even hillary and again they were always more reserved or more in the background laura bush two you know laura bush as well but. i think.
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and i only took defeat interesting observation that as you offered a million dollars for information on mitt romney's full tax returns did you ever get any we've got a lot of information but one thing there are guys and this is going to surprise you is because. i got for making out because i do business internationally and i'm through i was a good if you don't bring the money back guarantee you know you don't have to pay taxes on it. there's only two raises that you would have for making can either to defer taxes or to high gas it. and so i couldn't understand what romney was hiding because all the pundits felt that he didn't want to american to say that he was paying a much less percentage of tax than they were but that's a given not horrible pattern and i knew that anyway so i very good contact in
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switzerland bob what did you learn what we learned that what he wanted to keep from the american people he was a multibillion there and here we decided early on you know to become a man. they can you can say they can relate to a millionaire but a billionaire they came but you are maggie had to do something wrong here discussion about how you get to be ok so there is hannah really felt that for him to be labeled as a billionaire that was out the so-called quote by the election would not sit well with the american people and that that was what they were hiding revealing what was in the assets that we already know yes in order to hide.
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you know in order to defer taxes but if they ever. if they have or we do the tax code or they were allowed to. actually come back again and forgive a certain amount of taxes on it fine but otherwise why should you worry a bag if you don't have paid actors are because it's money you make in foreign country anyway are you a billionaire. i close my halfway. you changed you've changed a lot in this country the thinking of this country do you think the public has come more to the larry flynt concept of sort of openness about sex about i mean you have for us certainly here larry you know the greatest right there in the nation kind of forty people is the right to be left alone and that's been my argument from when i first came on the scene almost forty years ago.
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americans whether you're a liberal conservative whether you're in the center and they really. want to be left alone and they won a sense of fairness from their government and i think the hot button social issues . are no longer as hot button as they used to be. who are thought we progress toward gay right. marijuana is and same sex marriage and the abortion issue to give the more each an issue is falling apart mainly because the country divided on it's no longer majority position where public guess is larry flynt the book one nation under sex lots of things to talk about with this incredibly interesting human being larry flint who was shot many years ago are you still bitter about that or not now all of us who
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are a member of the what you know in the mentality of a party want to shoot someone because they. have a disagreement what happened to that guy he still on death row. now before unrelated to this shooting in lawrenceville georgia georgia ok the david petraeus scandal under your concept of leave me alone david petraeus was not an elected official and appointed official did he do anything wrong i don't think so i was always felt that even when it comes to show the president that if you are two wars and balance a budget at the same time you should be able to sleep who you want to and i would actually perpetrate actually right in that category and it what you're saying what trey s's. zipper gate all over again zipper gate yeah.
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with hand. mary did and country and the wars. to the people be shocked that somebody might commit adultery but you know in the moment that idea my nation under sad form we when we look at the empanelled is the place where their way of presidencies we we never once found an active libido in any way. interfered with the president's ability to govern or to run the country for president i think if they've had a sexual life outside of their marriage or whatever it is not in your opinion affected how they run the country absolutely not no evidence whatsoever who will know whether it was john kennedy and. conversely if some for that matter you know how would he have fared today a father had six children with
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a slave girl sally hemings will never do that to all ninety nine eight. did and i mean what is it about powerful people and sex harry casey that once said it and i don't agree with much but i do. he says power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. i thought i could understand that well. and that of a friend that used to be a media consultant would you go forward when. he took over the presidency after nixon and he was standing alone in the oval office with ford one they had you know only been around for a few days and he said. their spirits know what surprises you most about this. he said that every woman comes through that door much to sleep with me.
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and you know. i buy that hemp and this is just the way it is and. you know you also have the conquest and you know you know they need to feel just inflated ego and it's. just a vicious merry go round but i think it's really harmless other than to possibly sell motional scalia may do to some of the partners i'm bob but we're not going to be able to stop it larry so that we love digging up information i think the thing you're most angry at is is hypocrisy right you know we've i get accused of it falling people sex life whether it was bob livingston monica gate or david better in louisiana or. everything. we
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explode but it was never their sex life it was always the pot gracey and you know there was a complaint with and washington d.c. that. if there is a scandal. sex symbol of it's. a democrat money it's who a public actually it's a complete opposite. money with the democrats had sex with them without a ha we're going to throw out a larry flynt's legacy how views on such some change over the years in america lots of other things with this extraordinary guy don't go away.
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that was a new alert animation scripts scare me a little. there is breaking news tonight and they are continuing to follow the breaking news. the alexander family cry tears of joy at a great thing rather that had. headed for a wall around. there's a story made for a movie is playing out in real life. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so poorly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear sees some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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is it possible to navigate the economy with all the details and to stick to misinformation and media hype keep you up to date by decoding the mainstream headlines stated if in your right. here's mitt romney trying to figure out of that thing that americans call. i don't know. i'm sorry i missed the guy who cares and what. are
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you know that is my self you. want to feature me on limbaugh the christian. can secure the. you know the corporate media distract us from what you and i should care about because there are profit driven industry that sells us sensationalistic garbage because of breaking news i'm abby martin and we're going to break that. he.
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will back with larry flynt you will publish what sixteen different magazines i gave him but print is on the way out right away or published in twice as many five years ago so your principal business now is what broadcast television gaming casino operations retail internet. and i think broadcaster and then that horrible you know the real future is in magazines what's going to happen and then one more people are getting their information from
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the internet so i think. made today the last couple years gone out of business so there's a lot of magazine that attrition is going to continue. they're going to always be people that like. coffee table magazine in there and so maybe in some kind of limited form. i'm a legs just as for the mass circulation it's over. do you you've gotten criticism over the years do you regard yourself as a pornographer. i certainly do and i think i do it better than anyone where you know there's a mess no more. we know most of the old masters. very strong pension or painting newt
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so for centuries. pornography has. existed. and the eighteenth century you know there. they had their leather bound editions of pornography thank you so and then. suddenly it came. to the masses and. a sort as they seen it as being something or been made it a little bit more difficult to control people lay people. down through history of always been control information you can't limited really have extra words fit for children or you'll have not left out of wonderland and little red riding so.
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they church has had its hand our crotch for over two thousand years and exceedingly moves in that direction. and then government those that you know. if they can control. your sex life they can control you that's why. not just the government but the church keep debra by me on the guilt. of that sex. more than any i was designed in a world need jerk attitude towards and for it's a perfectly healthy normal yeah but there has to be some damaging things to pornography don't you think. and then you come of purest form of art now. that is isn't fantasy but. people often get confused on pornography an obscenity pornography obscenity
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is a legal term used to them by. wired learned how you feel have become to make it obscene so just as well now douglas was once asked you know. always the difference he said wall. he said obscenity is like the concept of sand the five definition want might be the war on not to another and i think it's best left in the minds of man well said well he was pretty bright. and you know ford tried to impeach him for that british statement. yeah i remember that any regrets in life with any regrets yeah i wish i were both prove they are so i want to try out of the oil spill georgia. what was it like to be shot we've been tamed for i thought it was curtain time you did. the bass
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a lot of you know when my back stomach that i'm back when i watched a lot of blood run away unfortunately very close to last but away got me then was able to get its own transfusions and stabilized but i was. always a long time recovering. very very. and how do you approach you knowing that you'd be in a wheelchair for life there i thought it would be difficult land people still ask me that question today. just like you if you had to write it up i would never thought about it because i never spend time dwelling on something like a do it thing about what my going to do feel sorry for myself because of my world here and i make the best out of my life. i go out to dinner with friends i travel i. don't want to enjoy life. well you got your own plane you can
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enjoy it even though we have some social media questions for you on you joy tweeting i am larry flynt is your twitter moniker. only if i've got something out important to say i don't know a couple of your questions shannon nugent wants on facebook wants to know who inspires you i pod. my two heroes who want to sing churchill and john f. kennedy and i grew up with that camel. and i think i got more inspiration from mad than anything else you have bell on twitter asked does he ever go back to his hometown in kentucky and what kind of reception do you get. well namely straight after it. but you know the one you know living guards who did it several poverty and i nine
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hundred sixty nine they can i am from kentucky so i went down and got the lakes and this was the poorest county york county we didn't have to food stamps are a big get it was. the county was so hilly that you could name ground but a guard now most of the people who live off the land how they did it i don't know we have a segment we call if you only knew so we'll say so about you what makes you laugh dirty jokes most embarrassing moment you ever buy you were never embarrassed i don't bank i won't i don't think you ever wore best advice you ever received we had a problem from other people's mistakes because you can't live alone after my gum all yourself. favorite place to be if you have a favorite place in the world. i absolutely love. because
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the weather no humanity and shortly. here around is that where your body would be house and live would he lives over there so little e-mails or in wilson and i. go over hang out with them play poker do you like the way woody portrayed you would you play me better i. really get you remember the first person you other kids just. think whose name i don't remember name was the hook. you didn't even know your name. what was your biggest failure i did a lot of things are going to necessarily turn out well never again and i never gave up and i turned them around and refocused them you know you so explored my go my life always accomplished everything i wanted to do i'd say a my biggest failure
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probably was my marriage. and i got some in common here we do biggest success. your success is without. the take off right away you know when i decided to start. playboy and penthouse i the market cornered and i was hoping i could just get by percent in the market and less in two years i had a third. horse that was so wild that a playboy and penthouse roommate playboy and penthouse looked like disney not on my so i. know who my competitor was i said well if i have what is public gynecology monthly. and is that anything. we don't know about you i don't think i'm generous and not in an overall way and a very private way i see that. in privileged kids who don't i want opportunity
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they get a college education. that's a pub with thing i'm most proud of i've been told by others who know you better than me that you are the most generous person they know. most can take away the. ancillary. my thanks to larry flynt good running mate the book is one nation under section you can tweet me about this interview or anything else on your mind find me on twitter or things things c.n.n. dot.
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com or. anything.
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if you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because it is. no how fabulous bad luck i got so many i mean ten pounds i know that i'm still a little really messed up. and we're all very so personally. and. the worst you're going to. fly down to the radio guy and for a minute. that i want. to do good you've never seen anything like this i'm telling. ramadan. i'm not a martin walker break in the set and this you didn't know today is the first day of the muslim.


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