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coming up on r t in a surprise move the defense in the bradley manning trial rested late this afternoon or she's been covering this trial from the beginning and we were out for me today for the courtroom drama. egypt remains in a state of chaos while pro morsi protesters fill the streets arrest warrants were issued for muslim brotherhood leaders more on these developments and what's next for the country in turmoil ahead and some prison inmates in california are on a hunger strike a look at how many inmates are taking part and what their demands are internet show .
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it's wednesday july tenth eight pm in washington d.c. i'm sam sax and you're watching our two and we begin with major news in the bradley manning trial the defense has rested its case the private first class is facing twenty one charges including aiding the enemy for his role in providing wiki leaks with internal state department and military documents and one day after attempting to have some of the most serious charges against bradley manning dismissed in only three days into their arguments the defense has now rested i spoke with our correspondent lizzie wall earlier from fort meade maryland with the latest on the trails new development i asked her first today's move by the defense came as a surprise that they had come as a surprise to have a happened at about two point five this afternoon after some of the most compelling testimony we have heard yet in this trial after that bradley manning the terror in
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a cold car that was resting his case that in fact is resting his case this is after just the third day of testimony and the defense phase of this case just had witnesses testified and that if that spray isn't. it's less than half of what we were expecting so a lot of big developments in this case family moving along much quicker than we thought what it would what is this compelling testimony that you just spoke about that preceded the defense of decision to rest the case. yeah this guy he's being described as the star witness in this case. as a harvard professor by the name of a joke bankroller here shaping up to be a key witness and to tell you a little bit about him he is a harvard law school professor peter cook teaches communication law intellectual law has done extensive research on the wiki leaks organization the history of the wiki leaks organization and really spoke about what this organization is all about
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because you've got to remember that the prosecution is alleging that manning aided the enemy this most serious charge of aiding the enemy and the way he did that was handing over information classified information hundreds of thousands of documents to the whistleblower whistleblower web site wiki leaks the prosecution is saying when manning did that he knowingly aided the enemy by putting the information on the internet for the enemy to see now what this witness did today was kind of talk about the credibility of wiki leaks he said that before this document dump before bradley manning released these war logs wiki leaks was considered a legitimate organization they partnered with the traditional outlets like the new york times like the guardian but after these leaks you saw that the perception of wiki leaks changed dramatically and really interesting what this professor said was that this was due in large part to the rhetoric the rhetoric of the government associating wiki leaks as
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a terrorist organization or as being linked to a terrorist organization and after that is when we heard this evolution of wiki leaks being considered legitimate to being. linked to terrorists or. it is a shame so he was able this fast it was able to kind of debug this claim and talk about how with the leaks is actually a legitimate part of a media as it is today so less about what wiki leaks was actually doing and more about how the united states government perceived what wiki leaks is doing. the defense has rested now three days in after ten witnesses you said what happens next in this case. what happens next in this case we are there and the defense announce that they are arresting its case and the prosecution said that they do intend they did announce their intent for a rebuttal case so what's going to happen is we are going to return here in for me
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and on monday they're going to discuss the possibility of this robot post they're also going to discuss these four motions that fence filed for motions to dismiss some of the charges that manning face says one of those charges that the defense is trying to dismiss is this charge of aiding the enemy this most serious charge so that is going to be discussed on monday if in fact there is going to be a rebuttal case that is going to continue on thursday so that all of this trial if not sad we could hear closing statements as soon as tuesday in that case wrapping up a lot sooner than we predicted and we'll stay on top of it thanks for the update our team correspondent was well. known to egypt where the military strong hold on the muslim brotherhood continues to tighten today prosecutors issued arrest warrants against muslim brotherhood leader mohamed badie it as well as several other officials within the party the individuals who are charged with inciting violent
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clashes outside the republican guard headquarters that left more than fifty people dead on monday and hundreds more injured meanwhile the united states continues to weigh its options in egypt as one point five billion dollars in foreign aid hangs in limbo depending on whether the u.s. government. officially declares what happened last week in egypt was a military coup but if egypt loses out on this usa there's there are other partners in the middle east willing to pick up the slack on tuesday saudi arabia and the united arab emirates two of the wealthiest monarchies on the gulf as well as kuwait pledged billions of dollars in cash and loans to egypt's new interim government so just what sort of influence might all this outside cash have on the continuing revolution in egypt is the united states which has routinely found itself on the wrong side of the egyptian people close to being shut out of the country altogether well earlier i spoke with both r.t. arabic correspondent rima day and then egypt our team middle east bureau chief
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paula slow year started by asking paula just how volatile the country was today. the situation here is incredibly volatile the focal point at the moment is on these pro morsi supporters who are gathering in the hundreds of thousands in front of the baba i doubt we have a mosque as i speak to you are we hearing word of a planned demonstration tonight they plan to march from there to the presidential palace and you remember back on monday that's way more than fifty one people were killed in what the muslim brotherhood is calling and that is a lot of the aggravate particularly in light of at least one simply issue today. for the lido of the muslim brotherhood his deputy and two of the party leaders some nine top muslim brotherhood officials there are currently investigations into some six hundred and fifty muslim brotherhood supporters now most of them have been released four hundred fifty of them that there are some two hundred that are still
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being held in custody and all of that is being perceived by the muslim brotherhood in the pro morsi supporters as a crackdown on the brotherhood and it's evoking a lot of anger. although the newly appointed prime minister said that he wants to bring in muslim brotherhood party members into the cabinet how the muslim brotherhood reacts to this sort of offer and. you know the muslim brotherhood has rejected this outright they say that the whole process is to try and form some kind of interim cabinet an interim government is ego and we hear the same kind of rhetoric coming from the muslim brotherhood that we've heard from the beginning and that is that they have nothing to do with the interim president and any kind of negotiations to try and push forward some kind of political roadmap what we are hearing from and so is that he wants to within the next fifteen days amend the constitution he says they will there be some kind of referendum to ratify it within the next four months. at the beginning of next year
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and a presidential poll following that it's also important to note it's not only the muslim brotherhood that's rejected it's the alex salafist a new a party which is the second largest islamic party here has also withdrawn from the following monday's killings in which as i say fifty people were killed we're hearing also a lot of criticism from the thirty five groups that belong to the national salvation front and to mohamed el baradei they say that they were not consulted and they say that they have real problems with some of the articles in the decree so you have a lot of political make working going on behind the scenes but a lot of anger and a lot of questions being asked as to whether or not this new government can be safe with the timetable we have been given that they hope to do it within the next four days i want to bring you into. the muslim brotherhood is part of the military in egypt is playing a dangerous game and shooting a democratically elected government while at the same time trying to pave the way
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to new elections and also not. having the muslim brotherhood incite violence and start a civil war basically how does the military walk this tightrope. very very very carefully i would say i don't know if they managed to walk it through all the way through yet we've seen signs of them not being able to completely convince all the parties to actually go ahead and listen to the new interim president and just the fact that some of the organizations and some of the people on the ground people who were the leaders of the doing thirtieth revolution are now saying that we do not want this constitutional declaration we do not agree to the new government this starts maybe and you division and the egyptian society and i would say and a lot of egyptians that i duck into are saying that maybe the most dangerous of all
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of what's happening right now is the fact that the egyptian society is becoming more and more polarized. given that this kind of happened through two thousand and eleven the military got rid of mubarak pave the way for elections which led to the muslim brotherhood winning those elections here we are now with the military deposing the muslim brotherhood and paving the way to elections do people on the ground rima believe that the military is going to hand over civilian authority in the next few months like they promised. different feelings i would say first of all let's remember that in twenty eleven the egyptian military actually did give away the power to the elected government they actually paved the way for the elections so and they made it very strong there made their case very strong that they do not want to take part in the political life in egypt however just the fact and this is a lot of the a lot of the. people are saying just the fact that they are the ones who actually took the decision to also mohamed morsi from his palace tells you that who is
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actually running the political life in egypt it's the army they they took one side of the people who are out on the street we member on june thirtieth we had millions and millions of people who are anti morsi but we also had. hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people who are in support or protesting supporting mohamed morsi and they took one side of that equation and that tells you who is really running the show in egypt and maybe they're not going to stay quiet in the political life but they are the ones who will be making the major decisions according to many people poll or just thirty seconds that we have left one point five billion dollars in u.s. aid hangs in the balance other gulf states are pledging billions to help this new government what influence is this outside money having on this on all of the power right now in egypt. well as you can well
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imagine the state has to count coming in from saudi arabia the united at the same moment and kuwait has been greeted with a lot of anger and by the muslim brotherhood in the promo she supported they believe that it's giving it to them as she said government that really this should not have any kind of it determines the penalty that made me just say that i've been trying to gauge a lot of reaction among your posts and she mostly supported the seventy the united states and you can see it's a lot of anger and that's because across the spectrum people. feeding that u.s. backed ammo see they've been backed haven't made them what they particularly want to united states to make a statement in terms of what is happening now they feel that very much washington is remaining on the fanes and obviously you want these morsi supporters to say to have washington call it a military coup on the other hand one thing to say that it's not so this might be play just of support there's also a lot of anger and that the united states and had seven countries are not actually making any kind of statements and remaining on the fence. those are here because it's fun and. the nature of our team middle east bureau chief polish later thank
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you both. moving on to capitol hill pressure continues to build on republicans in the house of representatives to take up immigration reform to boost the chances of passage those most affected by reform our undocumented immigrants in particular those young people we call dreamers are taking to the streets to make sure that their interests are represented they may not have as much a lobbying cash as the border security and private prison industry but they do have a voice and they are using it r t correspondent megan lopez reports on their efforts. on capitol hill lawmakers are back from vacation and on to immigration house speaker john boehner and republicans met to discuss the immigration bill today on the other side of pennsylvania avenue president obama and democrats spoke with members of the has spanish caucus to come up with a plan of their own and standing in the path between these two meetings where iraq
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was a very good rider how founders of men women and children using the power of numbers to force a little muscle to flex. right. now union station it is seen as a transition chordal a hub for everybody that comes in and out of washington d.c. but these immigration protestors are using it as a political transition to make their message known that they want a pathway to legal citizenship for months members of congress have been crafting scratching and redrafting an immigration reform bill now protesters say the burden falls on the shoulders of house republicans we are not going to stand by the side of the people to keep attacking our community and announced their way and the democrats agree if it is taking so long john boehner and the tea party that's what's taken so long they don't believe in a path to citizenship there's something america has always done well is immigration we need to fix our broken immigration system it's been the economic engine of our
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country and every single study shows that this is good for america while lawmakers play politics it's the people marching rose livelihoods are really on the line like kelly who's tenth birthday is today instead of spending it with friends opening gifts and eating cake she's marching with her father who will be deported back to el salvador at the end of the month job ingle. went on but i've said i'm here to well raise my voice so that congress and president obama can hear us that there are families there many of us here to fight for our children who doesn't want the best for their children. and also so that my voice and my daughter's voice is heard so that if we cannot stay that at least the reform is approved so that other people can benefit if we can't benefit from immigration reform but there's another for shifting the tide in this battle and this one is not red or blue but lots and lots of green coming from special interest groups who have a stake in that bill an amendment to the senate version of the immigration bill
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mandate some thirty eight billion dollars be spent on bolstering security on the southern border in fact numerous pages of the bill are spent listing exactly what that money will buy things like night vision goggles infrared and seismic ground sensors helicopters fencing and nineteen thousand extra border patrol agents however even these protesters agree that this spending is inevitable the bill that came out of congress is going to double the number of border agents is going to invest a lot of money on. security for the border you know if that's what it takes to get this bill through fine but then republicans in the house want to add even more pork there's one number that speaks louder than thirty eight billion dollars though eleven million illegal immigrants who are still searching for a path to citizenship and are willing to stick it out until that day finally comes to play that yes we can and that is the chance that these immigration advocates used back in two thousand and eight in order to elect barack obama and the
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democrats it is the same chance that they are using here on capitol hill on the republicans find today to tell house republicans these that play yes we can get the reform that they want for the eleven million undocumented immigrants currently living in this country in washington meghan lopez r.t. now to the latest from the hunger strike in guantanamo bay where one hundred six prisoners are now starving themselves with forty five being force fed just as the month long fast for ramadan begins this week during a senate judiciary committee hearing on tuesday the nominee to head up the f.b.i. james komi was asked what he would do about the ongoing hunger strike he danced around the question. if i were f.b.i. director i i don't think it's an area that would be within my. job scope but i i i don't know more about what you're describing them what are you to say it's within all of our job scopes to care about how the united states of america acts.
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now earlier this week u.s. district judge gladys kessler punted on issuing an injunction against force feeding demo detainees ruling that only the president united states has the authority to stop the practice when asked in april why demoed prisoners are being force fed president obama responded by saying simply he doesn't want these individuals to die meanwhile several groups including the world medical association and the u.n. high commissioner for human rights have referred to guantanamo for speeding as inhumane the hunger strike i get mo has now lasted more than five months. but the hunger strike i go on tunnel isn't the only one taking place on u.s. soil this week tens of thousands of prisoners in california began their own hunger strike protesting prison conditions in this state in particular isolation units housing thousands of inmates at the pelican bay facility of the one hundred thirty three thousand inmates currently in the california state prison system nearly
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thirty thousand refused to eat for the second day in a row this protest is occurring at two thirds of the state's thirty three prisons as well as at each of the four private prisons currently holding california inmates in other states although prison officials refused to recognize a hunger strike until an inmate refuses nine consecutive meals and this is just the latest problem for the california prison system in two thousand and eleven the supreme court ruled that the state's overcrowded prisons were a violation of the constitution's protection against cruel and unusual punishment and just last month they've handled a federal judge's order the state to immediately begin releasing prisoners to combat overcrowding. so what might this hunger strike do to alleviate some of these prison conditions that according to our own courts amount to cruel and unusual punishment i was joined earlier by carol strick me staff attorney at legal services
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with prisoners with children she is actively involved in mediating this hunger strike and i first asked her what exactly the prisoners are protesting against with their strike the main issue is long term santeria confinement that california has in which can keep someone in solitary confinement for their life the rest of their life and that's the primary. reason for the hunger strike and then there's related issues having to do with how you get into solitary confinement and when when you're there how does this latest issue of solitary confinement as you as you say fit in with a lot of the larger problems facing the california prison system that a lot of the courts have pointed out well some people have said that because of the severe crowding that we had. in years past that that contributed to a big agang issue which. which was dealt with wrongly by putting people in solitary
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confinement instead of decreasing their crowding and offering educational in their program medical services which is what we think is the direction the department of corrections and rehabilitation ought to be going this isn't the first time california prisoners have gone on a hunger strike thousands went on strike in late two thousand and eleven but this particular story corresponds with the hunger strike on a boat guantanamo bay that's getting a lot of attention was that a motivation at all in the prisoner's decision to go on strike. no i don't think so actually the the prisoner hunger strike currently is a follow up from the one from two years ago and they announced this date of july eighth back in january they gave the department of corrections a lot of notice that unless certain changes were made they would go on hunger strike then so i think the some of coincidental the timing is worked out the sleigh
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based on the interactions you've had with prisoners how committed are they to this how long might this go we're now we've we've heard about thirty thousand or twenty nine thousand people have participated in it for these first few days how many of those tens of thousands of people are likely to see this for the long haul. well i certainly don't think the majority would see it for the long haul we did have a large number begin two years ago and then it did die down but i do think that for those prisoners who are most deeply affected by the issues there's a strong motivation to see it today yet how do prison officials deal with these hunger strikers or if this continues going for days and weeks or we're going to see the same sort of force feeding that we're seeing again coincidentally at the same time going on in guantanamo bay right now. it's possible we we don't know exactly
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what c.d.c. or its plants are and what they do have they do have protocols that would allow for speeding and it could be that we we see that here in california does does this have anything also to do with i guess the larger drug war in just prison overcrowding in general in the united states becoming the sort of prison state what what what kind of influence might this hunger strike have on this larger perception of america as this place that incarcerates more people than anywhere else in the world. well we do incarcerate more people than anywhere else in the world and a higher percentage of our population than any other country does and i think anything that draws attention to that fact. is is good because we really want to be changing the out of this hunger strike is just one other way in which our prisons are not shows one of the way in which our prisons are are not being run the
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way that they really ought to be in might now in california we're seeing not only the hunger strike because of long term solitary confinement we're seeing. crowding as you've mentioned we're seeing valley fever which is killing prisoners in certain prisons and a court order that they have to be moved or report recently on for sterilization of women prisoners so there's there's a lot of we're albums going on here we're going to have their culture agreement turning for legal services for prisoners with children but it's so much. now in recognition of the great deeds whether they be humanitarian artistic even corporate a person may receive a distinguished award usually there's the hope that these awards are well learned and given a public boost to someone's image but controversy such as the e.u. or president obama winning nobel peace prize during a time of austerity and violent rioting and war the reasoning for an award can be called into question for more examples of author award picks the residence lori
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harvest. you know the dinner business man got in the ward and you think to yourself wow impressive they must have done something important to get that well tonight i'd like to point out what a load of crap many of these awards are case in point the university of denver as annual improving human condition award they just announced this year's recipient george w. bush when students and some faculty heard about that chad and they immediately
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protested because come up i met george bush a humanitarian the dean got wind of the protest in an e-mail he said he would just rename the award instead of finding a new with the it why because the dinner where they present the award is the university's biggest fundraising event getting bush to come to the dinner would translate to big money donations. the ease with which the dean is ready to change the name of the a. and you will award just proves what utter crap the award is. institutions making up awards is nothing new like the world food prize which is sort of the nobel prize for agriculture is supposed to be given a company whose work emphasizes the importance of a nutritious and sustainable food supply for all people this year the award was given to monsanto a company dedicated to monopolizing the world's food supply through to
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a moat how did visit the trial that happened because one sent out is the sponsor of the award and is in desperate need of some good t.r. jeb bush is set to present hillary clinton the liberty medal in september which is hilarious to think about a bush and a clinton patting each other on the back and who can forget the biggest cham award in recent times president obama getting the nobel peace prize even though he's engaged in world wars that we can count. politicians corporations and those that suck up to them all just love to make up stupid awards to give to each other as a publicity stunt so they can look good to the public and also make big money of grote suck ups are called dressed up as something good and important and i for one
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and sick of it and they also know it which is why i like to take this opportunity to bestow upon all of them this very coveted is not with your stupid crap fly involved award tonight let's talk about that by following me on twitter at the residence. and that does it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r t america or check out our web site r t dot com slash usa and you can follow me on twitter at sam sachs and please don't forget to tune in at nine pm for larry king now with special guest all over stone the world renowned filmmaker talks about his life and the production of his most recent film savages trust me you don't want to miss it until then take it easy.
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