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today on politicking turmoil in egypt as the united states struggles to define the path forward immigration reform it hangs in the balance. and what to do about leaker edward snowden it's all next on politicking with larry king. joining me on set is michael reagan president of the reagan legacy foundation and conservative commentator also the democratic strategist ten you see work for the two thousand and four kerry edwards campaign we'll get right into it guys the washington post called president obama's response to what's going on in egypt thekla's the new york times said he's reacting with appropriate caution who's right
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. well i will tell you probably the washington post at this point i think that everybody's looking at i travel around the globe quite a bit and the reality of it is the globe looks to washington d.c. for leadership but there seems no leadership coming out of washington d.c. the world goes right now you know egypt is in turmoil you have a president who supported the arab spring supported you know the getting rid of mubarak supported morsi going in free elections and now he's kind of sitting in the middle saying ok there's a military they don't want to call it a coup but it was a coup and now where do i stand he's standing in the middle and i think what people need to make a decision what do you want him to do. i want to lead out you know i want to do it well at this point i don't have all the information but the reality is you can't sit back and do nothing you can't sit back and play goals so you got to sit there and make a decision if he that my going to go am i going to go with the new guys that they want to bring in the mud to support the people that might go to work with the military but the fact is we give over a billion dollars
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a year that military that gives us some home isn't in the neighborhood as long as you made a decision you accept whatever it was i think we made a decision i like to know what that decision would like to be i think that it is a michael's right it is the president's job to lead but i disagree it's not the president's job to leave the people of egypt and i think that it's very important that we do stand on the sidelines a bit i mean look morsi started this fight this started last year when after a democratic election egypt's first he then said he was going to suspend judicial review he said he was going to move forward with presidential legislation without any legislative oversight the egyptian people revolted against that he questioned the peace the peace pact with israel and so really this is a movement that didn't just start with the military this is a movement that was really generated by tens of thousands of egyptian people who were watching their country going through that a lot of everybody everybody let everybody knew you knew i knew you knew tanya
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everybody in the media. knew in fact what was going to happen should someone from the brotherhood be elected to take over egypt knew exactly where it was going to go they knew about shari'a why the white house was caught unaware that morsi would do exactly what he did. i don't think that the white house had you know when you've got fifty two percent of the egyptian electorate which turned out in favor of morsi that's forty eight percent who opposed him and that's a pretty sizable opposition and i don't really think it's the position of the united states government to go in and say we don't like your election results now as it turns out well we don't like your election results but there's no way that we can maintain our standing in the region which is diminishing rapidly by sly telling people by telling people who want to vote for their own leaders and who want self-determination and started aid you know i would not stop the aid i think that the aid at this juncture is critical i mean that's i don't like that's the only thing you got right now the only courage you have to play to try and bring some kind of a symbol and to that there is the world and you know you've got that you've got
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what's going on in syria what's going on in libya and all the other places in the middle east unstable egypt is simply not an option i mean egypt gives our second largest recipient of the aid after israel as michael pointed out they're getting about a billion and a half dollars a year to pull that money away would only put the country in a more turmoil and we can't afford well when they're in turmoil who gets the money and what do they do with it well right now obviously the military is going to get the get get the money i can't suggest i mean i don't have any basis for saying that they're going to do a worse job of it than morsi is government did i mean he was running the country on a billion and a half a month deficit using this was a military coup i think it was a military coup that was enhanced and really made possible by the large public opposition against morsi i really do i think that morsi started this fight well as it gets to start the flight little. the problem i have is if indeed
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it is not some kind of symbol is brought to this do we now take the muslim brotherhood brotherhood and have them combo up with al qaida and the others in the arena to make this world even less safe than it is today just to take issue with michael's point while a lots of folks in the washington post and others are suggesting that the president has been feckless in the state on the sidelines i do not think it helps the process and i don't think it helps our standing in the region if it seems like this is a coup that we support i think it's incredibly important that the egyptian people who oppose morsi who helped give rise to his ouster that they realize that they're in charge of their destiny we're not in charge of it we're not running that country oh my god i love the abyss it's worldwide importance and i turn on american television and the door goes a moment tro. where are the priorities that's where we live and we live in the national enquirer world everybody wants to know the down the dirty about the
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superman trial and what's going on in hollywood and so on and so forth and these are real issues going on in the rest of the world and why would you say to people egypt is more important than that i actually i think the zimmerman trial is important i think that egypt is not getting the coverage that it should because as americans we remain a bit insulated from the consequences of foreign policy i think too many people don't appreciate egypt's strategic importance both in terms of providing us access air naval access for our assets in the persian gulf gulf in terms of its critical relationship in the arab israeli seemingly never ending conflict and i think that those are narratives that just they don't really resonate with americans i think that we fortunately or unfortunately have been able to conclude ourselves from foreign policy but it's a false cocoon it's a false sense of security i think that to the extent that we don't appreciate how important egypt is how important a stable egypt is and i'd even go so far as they say it's. abel secular egypt you
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know until we just i just don't think that those are narratives that are really being driven home do we get caught up as i said in the national enquirer type of thing we go from trial to. the card. because what they get ratings people tune into why do they watch a car chase they want to see the death at the end of the car chase what they want to see now they're watching superman to see what's going to happen they're turning into a you to a race issue or what have you which one can be all good isn't it so there's a good side because there's a little while feeling of a white boy or a black you know they're the ones that are never be on the news there's the media leave us so we maybe. now to how do we know gets good ratings how do you know you wouldn't get better ratings if you were what you write every day they latch on to something for this what people want to see and they start over and you can't watch everything else we know that doesn't tour de france is more important is the real interest and that's not crazy about karzai now i know that now do we pull out of afghanistan i think that we cannot pull out. unilaterally we can't pull out with
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some safeguards i like i think that this isn't that entire so much of the world is so frightening really dangerous that i think quick unilateral ill thought out short sighted moves are exactly what we don't need any more of we can't simply respond to what cars i did this week or this month or last month or last year or the last several years and i really think that it's important in terms of our foreign policy that we have a long term plan and i think that's one of the things that's been lacking there in the service person afghanistan. in the dr and dirt and other issue for you when george bush was president there was a count going on about every day now you have buckled obama surprise you guys take you don't have that tell people you have zimmerman trial you have all these other things going on but you're not getting overloaded with afghanistan or what's happening in beirut today will get or what i heard of any wars not who's the president you're right or if you're right but going back to cards like when you
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when you deal with people in other parts of the world you know you know if you're not everybody's like americans you know cars i've got to cover is posterity or because he doesn't know if we walk out the door it his you know he's in a lot of trouble he's got to make sure he's the people on the other side of the fence don't kill him so he's going to play both sides of the fence you got to understand that when you're to go shooting in afghanistan or in iraq or in syria or any place else and look what's going on in syria you have a situation where we're now arming the rebels we're trading the rebels in what was it a week ago they beheaded a catholic priest and we're get we're arming the rebels what is our policy. what do you do with what do you do i mean you know you're criticizing would you not at all for what he had but again they did it and they would tell you say it comes down it really comes down. to the united states america. money why do we have a camp david accord why do we have it because carter walked into that room brought
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both sides to the table and said ok here's the deal you're going to get a billion you're going to get a billion don't go to war against each other go home and the treaties lasted and the treaty has lasted that's what we're missing in leadership so whether it's jimmy carter you know with the camp david accords or ronald reagan with mikhail gorbachev he need a leader in the room that gets it understands it brings both sides in and gets the deal done would you respond to that i think that i agree with michael but i think that you know look it's not a video game it's not a simple. is all that and i think that we i think that to some extent that really underestimates the extent to which a lot of the president's domestic opponents are really still connected around this issue of defeating his agenda be it foreign or domestic and i'm going to be against the moment absolutely absolutely i do believe that an
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area that moves right into that mary in which your father supported. obama supports george w. bush said that we've got to pass an immigration bill the other day said the immigration system is broken he predicted a comprehensive bill will pass don't you think we need immigration reform i think everybody agrees units immigration reform that is what immigration reform you were in fact are in fact talking about and it here's what well regulated people everybody and say ok here's the immigration package we're here yes we agree for example while reagan would never take children who were brought here by their parents illegally as papers who have gone to the education system in america and we want to go on to college and say to them i'm going to kick your ass out of the united states are you saying that well that would be bad for the tea party is saying you're right but what i'm saying is there are people who use my father's name for their own agenda instead of look at ronald reagan it's agrees or is there but he would bring people and say we're the areas of agreement right that piece of
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legislation and i'll sign that legislation it will deal with the stuff we don't agree with at the next meeting and to your point larry what i think is that today's tea party republicans would tell president reagan. to take his ideas and go somewhere with them that probably can't say on camera i mean i think that the republican party that barack obama with which barack obama has to contend is very different from the republican party what we're trying it with where trial right and have it was yes but get it right you could say the same thing to say more about the democrat party today would have a hard time dealing with a guy named john f. kennedy you'd be too conservative radio to be too liberal for his party lindsey graham goes to you know i grew up a public bodies in a in a demographic death spiral there is the the republican party right now is having their own civil war if you will within the party you're absolutely right something you know that has a never had it but you know you have you have no leadership in the senate how many bills end up at the senate don't go anywhere with harry reid and hit the trolls
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a set of the united states together right off of our politicking pal right after this. well. it's technology innovations all the developments from around russia we've got the future are covered. download the official location. language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch artsy anytime anywhere. is it possible to navigate the economy with all the details of his diction
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misinformation and media hype you up to date by decoding the mainstream status if in your right. let me let me one will let me ask you a question. here on this network as we're having a debate we have our knives out if. the shoe is the slightest spank staying there again we're in a situation where the united way to talk about the surveillance. go forward basis with our outstanding panel is michael reagan and tanya snowden
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here or traitor oh i would say probably a traitor. i wish i could give you a little more disagreement but i would i have to calm a traitor i think that there's a big difference between you know what i think i get the tendency to want to calm a hero nobody likes the government spying on us we knew this was happening we opened this door after nine eleven so a lot of it i think domestically a sensationalist and i think internationally it's really dangerous i think that leaking details of our cyber attack on iran which is not a friend is dangerous and undermines us i think we can details of our interventions our surveillance interventions on the e.u. is dangerous and traitorous and i think that it's really put us in trouble with one of our allies. to protect security duty on my phone to have leaders really want to see people invading you do i don't want to have people invading you but they say
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what stoughton is that somebody has invaded we don't have cites it's the information is given to the countries who work on friendly to the united states of america i don't think anybody surprised that we're doing that but they have somebody come out and give documents and say and do what he's doing that is not really just i think it is absolutely traitorous you know what is he's doing this is you know like you say it's not a video game this is reality and people could die through his reality and i think that you know to be excited when my phone tapped either but the mechanism for changing that is to not allow congress not to give the government these broad powers that we were willing this week that we relinquish to them some of the after nine eleven rick perry is leaving the governorship is he going to run again for the present years love people that hope he would like to run again maybe this time he'll be more ready. i would love for him to run again. just that one eliot spitzer wants to be come true the city of new york now if he's elected wieners elected there is a second back to. get second acts newt gingrich got
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a second act after his affairs and the divorcing by fax i mean this isn't anything new mark sanford just got a second act after his famous i have been able to hike the appalachian pick up some good by wife isn't buying any more no but you get we do that we we have a tendency maybe we need new people in politics. you know instead of the old people the old gang always showing up but you're right we are forgive we may shouldn't for those kind of people but i can't believe they'll ever forgive winter ok who's going to be the democratic nominee for president. no doubt about it i feel however if you have challengers she will likely have challenger you know let's see maybe a test or maybe still brings that want to a strong challenger on the ticket hopefully i want her to run i'm excited for you worried about her from republicans though no worry about her all i think we have a great bench out there i thought we did it last year had a great bench we have some great governors you look at the states of being run by
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republicans who are all doing very well so i think that our next nominee needs to come from those ranks either a former governor like rick perry or a sitting governor we have now who's actually turned their state around created jobs that is in a personality nation hillary is a personality figure you agree well she's a personality figure but she still has been gaza and a few other things you need to worry about and remember what's going on egypt what's going on in syria what's going on in libya you know ultimately could tied to her coattail which may end up the he would be her undoing something that hillary has going for her and this is really the way the republicans oppose her i mean i can't resist the opportunity since i'm sitting here with michel you know the fact that they're making this whole age argument you know she's going to be too old to run i mean we all know that president reagan i think but i have both part both parties do this i mean cuts for four years or eight years we're bashing george bush now we're bashing hillary or or bashing barack obama this is what twenty four hour
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news cycle has done to the system that we have today a political system it's a system of bash bash bash bash bash and we never find a good anymore while the regular look at his gravesite find the good in people that's why ronald reagan was beloved by so many today there is nobody trying to find the good in everybody already and doesn't get rained on a reagan had a low popularity rating when he left office his numbers were way down at that oh boy he's not working at nineteen. i thought he was you don't have at least you want i want to if you say that are already there feel like there's going to. but my dad knew that nobody's perfect what have you but look what he was able to accomplish even alec baldwin said to me walk out twenty four hour fitness about two years ago i miss your father i said you disagree with everything he ever stood for alec why you say that he said because i want you to tell me it's in your family this i miss your father because your father is a good soul and what this world is missing today is that soul that he had to be a but he. had you guys thanks to our guests michael reagan and you'll be seeing
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lots of them on politicking and in the months and years ahead let's turn now to social media and how it's covering and talking about what's happening in the political world joining me here is or a team these david begg now host of news breaker and our social media expert social media was a driving force in the first revolution this time around it's leading to chaos and confusion in the times in egypt what's going on here's what's interesting the muslim brotherhood of course which has been forced out of power with morsi larry for the most part they are using twitter to get their information out they've lost all control of state t.v. right so watch this the twitter page we have up right now is the spokesman for the muslim brotherhood he has turned to twitter and what he's done in order to prove what they believe is that are trusted by the egyptian army is he has been over the last several days tweeting out pictures of what he says are atrocities so you take this one for example of someone on the ground they literally have been tweeting photos of dead bodies main individuals who are coming into the hospital there was
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reportedly an attack outside the republican national headquarters in egypt the republican guard where the brotherhood says people were killed and they could they considered a crime so they turn to twitter and they're tweeting out intensely graphic photos like this using the term bloodbath but again the point is they've lost control of state t.v. they've now turned to social media to share their message with the world so it was always a source absolutely turning to snowden a russian all my good tweet is something about edward snowden going to south america confusion followed. what do we know exactly this is kind of interesting so within the last forty eight hours you know venezuela offered snowden asylum and they said it's up to you to decide so then this week there was a russian lawmaker who sent out a tweet essentially saying he's accepted it's official that's the tweet come to find out he heard it from a local television station he didn't know it for sure so what happened was it was
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incredible news traveled around the world from the west coast you know to the west of america to south america everybody thought it was official snowden excepted and come to find out it was just hearsay he heard it he tweeted it so this is the downside of it is neither of it is the downside because so many important people such as yourself celebrities politicians are on twitter and so when they're verified we take the information from them and we say it's true this politician was quoted as being an official one of the thing spitzer i know when he announced he was running for controller in new york city he went on twitter immediately right away what's well this is going to get a certain amount of signal as well so watch this so he he tells the new york times in an interview that he's running and then he sets up this page spitzer for n.y.c. but people initially think well it's got to be fake so they start reporting it to twitter as a fake account twitter suspends it come to find out it was legit so he was using twitter as a means i mean think about this you've got a former attorney general former governor disgraced turning to twitter suddenly as
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is made mouthpiece to the world that is the one way he can control the information but here's the best part chick called the d.c. the manhattan madam she tweeted as soon as eliot spitzer announced the manhattan madam announce she was running for controller and she tweeted happy birthday to me what a great present a chance to confront eliot spitzer in the debate davis for control or not is this is the gal who says that she supplied call girls to spitzer it hasn't been proven but that's what she claims but nonetheless can you imagine a former governor an attorney general facing off against a madam and look spitzer and. it's been interesting on social media to watch as he went to new york city the day after he announced people were yelling at him where's your hooker be that the world you cover is going to listen your rock star on twitter who knew watch it thank you david yes or you can follow him on twitter a david begnaud and news breaker and now each week on the show we show you a unique side of washington this week our old friend cnn's chief white house
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reporter jessica yellin takes is on an inside tour of the white house press room to see where the reporters who cover the white house work take a look i larry welcome to the white house press room. so this is the press briefing room you've seen it on t.v. a million times you see them personally it's probably a little less glamorous than you expect this is the front row obviously this is the box i stand on when i have to do live shots because it's a whole another. to get a little bit of height if you want to be jay carney or the white house press secretary for a moment what it looks like to be him so this is our access to the white house right here. you'll notice the doors closed there's one more level where we can walk up after that no access this is built on the swimming pool i think the story is this is harry truman swimming pool and so there's really not a lot of office space so when people come in here for the day they don't have
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a lot of room to hang out so they just hang out the chairs this is where the people who make the magic sit monitor the magic back in the day people who run with tape and run the tape right up to this deck and scream to everybody we've got the president in his play it would play out to all the networks at once or one of these days now everything's digital this is where the print journalists work and a lot of t.v. journalists but this is the associated press nedra pickler with us they had a larry king oh what an honor and you can see our very spacious digs here we have five people that work here in the size of a walk in closet this is the reuters booth when i say hi to larry king hi larry we have a little bit of daylight. but it's better than the basement we had a big leak in the basement. for a while this is where the. photographers you want to make friends with her first because they have the pictures of all of our experience this is our cappuccino
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machine which is famously a gift from tom hanks and he apparently came to the white house one time and was horrified he didn't have a coffee maker and sent this i don't really use starbucks this is look at your white house press corps i don't think the first lady is aware of most of these things are they're sold out or don't work it's just sometimes a little comical because you have the entire white house press corps that things are capable of pressing the white president for change but we're incapable of updating our snack machines or getting ones that work come on down now take you downstairs where i work in the basement knock. knock. when we come in this is the c.n.n. the this is the workspace of a white house correspondent that can get a little noisy. and it can get a little cramped i embarrass the down side is much much much cleaner and always good because you always keep it clean but this is
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a good mix shayna follow up. well this is the basement this is filled with some of the best journalists we have the ones who are not necessarily in the front row but ask the questions in a very interesting way and well yes because they've asked on the front row like the same question. so back up to the light here we all have to support one another given that sometimes it's kind of hard to. get that much information from the white house it's a tough beat to cover it's a lot of pressure but i think everybody who works in this room considers it an honor and an obligation to ask questions on behalf of the american people we all take a lot of heat because we're never doing the right job for somebody somebody is going to criticize how we do it or the way we're asking the questions but it's a working newsroom when you take up one of these seats your asking questions on behalf of the american people that's not just a job it's also an honor and a responsibility and i think i'm very lucky to have this job and have that honor
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sponsibility good to see you larry that's all for this week's politicking banks all my guests join us again next week. mission. critical free. storage free. range month free. free. free. download free blogging videos for your media project a free media don carty dot com. goal. posts.
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such. as. coming out.
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good afternoon welcome to prime interest i'm bob english in washington d.c. here are the stories we're telling today well so much for the summer doldrums after the markets closed yesterday then talked the markets up again even gold he said the easy money spigot will remain open wax on wax off well talk we'll talk market manipulation with the gadget next and there is a chill blowing through tech land that's because after apple's gamble to go to trial well the judge came down hard she ruled the antitrust suit that apple was guilty of price fixing e-books now the tech giant will likely be regulated by the feds finally an eighty year old ban that was a pillar of the securities industry is about to be lifted it will be easier for small businesses to raise money the flip side.


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