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tv   Headline News  RT  July 12, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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edward snowden is expected to release his finest public statement since arriving in moscow the whistleblower is meeting human rights activists in an apple transit zone to discuss his predicament. telecom giant exposed by snowden's latest leaks are accused of caution and only uses data by giving the u.s. government unfettered access. also the solid egypt braces for more rival projects following more than a week of deadly clashes caused by the military bank's ousting of the country's president. international news live from moscow this is altie with me your dash apollo thanks
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for joining us. and i say we are with snowden is about to meet a russian and human rights activists have been pulled where he's been stuck in limbo for more than two weeks and he's expected to release his first public statement since arriving at sherman she's going to. joins us now live. to see you so what can we expect from this meeting today i guess you can expect pretty much everything now let me put it this way we've been here for just several hours and there is that already i would say more than one hundred reporters and journalists really really creating an interesting situation sure minutes ago once again just like it was several weeks ago when everybody was thinking that snowden is going to fly to cuba and he didn't we have hundreds of journalists right behind me they're all getting for a man who's going to come out with this sign which says g nine on it as per letter that snowden has sent to the representatives of the human rights organizations as
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well as some very prominent russian lawyers they're all supposed to be here in about half an hour they're all supposed to meet here and then they will be whisked away into an undisclosed location but then the chance for a zone off the airport where stone will make his statement we do not know about the details of the statement but he's also going to talk about the about the united states campaign against him basically a manhunt that washington has started after snowden really at this point it's getting getting kind of very interesting i would say because in order to get into the transfer so you have to have a you have to have a ticket or a passenger pass a boarding pass and we know at this point that journalists have been buying tickets to all sorts of flights just to get into the chance for zone hoping to get a glimpse of snowden at this point for example at tickets for kenya of have all been sold out because the all news companies are buying them in order to get their journalists right there but unfortunately we did not invite any of the media and as far as we know media will not be allowed inside the room seeing we will only hear
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from those who have met with snowden. when they come out from that meeting you don't know when or how long it's going to or how long it's going to last so really everybody is kind of i would say on the edge of their seats but you know people are mostly standing walking around running around trying to get inside nobody has been here in there at the servants or transfers on for almost three weeks at this point and of course the united states has made it absolutely clear you want their hands on that man they have exerted enormous pressure on various countries even on the european authorities on the left american countries because they want they want snowden on their soil in fact consider this incident with the plane off the believe the president was the most go and most grounded in austria because u.s. officials stated. that snowden was indeed on the believe the presidential plane of course he wasn't there but the entire incident. has caused their knowledge to rage among the latin american leaders who said that at this point it does look like
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european governments are. calling these states and they have said that essentially the actions of the united states in relation to snowden are stopping just short of being. it's also important to mention that it is some of the some of those who are going to be some of those who have received the invitation the letter from snowden weren't as excited to do that eating as you would if they were to be for example human rights watch there was kind of ambivalence whether or not they're actually going to attend so it's really it's really all in a matter of time when we see who is going to come here who's going to arrive. to meet it where the former cia agents are really it's really interesting i'm going to once i'm done with this of life here i'm going to go over there and then start running around once again through the transfer zone all the terminals essentially looking for the place where i started the supposed to meet and i think i think at this point i don't know if you want me to do this or not but i couldn't move my
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computer we can maybe get closer a little bit so you know i'm serious. we can get closer to where it's all happening because right behind me where i become you can see how many journalists there are and i think there might be somebody who's already there at this point. i don't know who it is really really hard to say but maybe one of the it's possible at this point i'm looking over things of this stage but yeah you can get you kind of see the situation as it is oh yes it's one of the men one of the men who is going to talk to them just in less than an hour i believe and i guess talking about his expectations for us for this meeting so really i should get going probably so i can try and sneak a peek at what exactly is going to happen it's it's really fascinating story for for me as well we have all sorts of passengers even to keep pictures really interesting so keep watching i'm assuming it's going to get just better once noted actually makes his speech. follow it for us it's really interesting thing.
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instrumented international airport where snowden is a person is expected to meet human rights activists in less than an hour actually and snowden's leaks have uncovered not only the u.s. government and warrantless surveillance but also the extend internet to telecom giants have held them do it and they are accused of using the chance to cash in on time is who was stumping up the couch she's going to check on examines the surveillance priceless. if you are a u.s. taxpayer whether or not you agree with the government's wholesale electronic snooping you are paying for it and you will probably never know how much exactly because for the covert world of its unaccountable spying activities the government has a black budget but some numbers or available they refer to law enforcement requests so according to last year's disclosures america's telecommunications giants bill the government just as they build their clients we have some specifics for each
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wiretap eighty and eighty for example charges an activation fee of three hundred twenty five dollars plus ten dollars a day to maintain it rise then another telecommunications giant takes seven hundred seventy five dollars for for the first month and five hundred dollars each month after these numbers may not shock you into you learned that the average wiretap cost u.s. taxpayers fifty thousand dollars given the scope of surveillance that could amount to a lot of money but again these figures are based on disclosed data as we learned from a number of whistleblowers and not just edward snowden the u.s. national security agency operates under wraps under secret orders nobody knows how much exactly they spent to tap fiber optic cables or to collect data on americans and the rest of the world but we do know that the n.s.a. storage facility alone cost some one point seven billion dollars that the center in
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utah is capable of storing every e-mail voice mail and social media communication it can get its hands on the government is certainly very reluctant to discuss its snooping activities with the public they just repeat the mantra it's done to keep america safe but as americans learn more about the price they pay for the presumed safety they are becoming increasingly wary in the latest polls we see a significant shift in public opinion you see three years ago twenty five percent of americans thought that the government went too far in restricting civil liberties to. three years later we see forty five percent of americans think so we see that with knowledge comes opposition how can you oppose something that you know nothing about right so perhaps not surprisingly the government is doing everything it can so that the public knows as little as possible about these programs in washington i'm going to check them. out and snowden's latest leak particularly highlights microsoft the computer found the allegedly installed
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a bundle access to services exclusively for government surveillance if that's the case microsoft's denial that hundred of the data would still be true because the government wouldn't even need to ask and that right mcgovern a retired cia officer says this perfectly highlights the problem. what's happened here is the u.s. companies have become joining in a way with the united states government in such a way that you have the cooperation of the government or just the media and the congress and judiciary all pretty much joining in a complicit attempt to circumvent the constitution of the united states there is zero concern on the part of the communications companies to violate the law up they know that they'll be protected even if it's as post facto so skype of course is where we're communicating my greetings to the n.s.a. people who are watching us by simulcast i just learned from this latest revelation
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that not only can they intercept our voice but they share images so hello to all the n.s.a. monitors out there. and in our online poll where asking what you think snowden should do next and let's not have a look at how you've been voting so far so the majority of you believe snowden should leave moscow for have done and reach trying to reach even as well or almost forty percent thirty eight percent of you think it's better for the whistleblower to remain in a moscow apple transit zone in hope that further leaks may help him gain support from the european union around seven percent of you think that snowden should stay in moscow and accept the kremlin's conditions to stop leaking secret u.s. cables and finally about a forty percent of you believe he should stop hiding as washington will capture him sooner or later anyway so just to get involved and cost you about at r.t.
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dot com. egypt braced for more rival demonstrations with the muslim brotherhood by vying to revise the ousting of president morsi and the army willing to let them their precious come amid a crime down on the islamist movement which has led to bloodshed and arrests but as true reports without an alternative egypt will once again be owned by the military . this is the moment that egypt found the muslim brotherhood president mohamed morsi had been ousted. her square erupted in the chant of the army and the people
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of one hand chief of the armed forces defense minister c.c. became the hero of the moment however after clashes between morsi supporters and the army left over fifty people dead just days after a new interim president had been sworn in some began to fear the army would wrestle power from civilians and rule with a heavy hand why is the army in disguise making a hard stand interfering in politics but they're not really helping civilians on the ground and then you see something like the massacre by the presidential guard club and what happened even if it was a muslim brotherhood was started the this at the end of the day there is a human rights violation which is massive and severe because if you are going to shoot people who are trying to get into a building of that importance you don't actually shoot to kill egyptian n.g.o.s maintain the military had a terrible human rights record during the last period of rule after the ouster of hosni mubarak they were involved in killing protesters that was the accountability
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for any of the military crimes they torture protesters there rested they also tried to restrict freedom of expression and most of all they really monopolize decision making power i mean they wrote the road up at the time the military for their part promised in a number of televised press conferences that they were not interested in politics or reeling and instead of assisting the country's movement towards a civilian democracy the. armed forces have issued more than once to. saying we want a real democracy in the country. the new president doesn't have enough experience with the political situation in egypt so the military is merely supporting him in the way the muslim brotherhood attacked the military which was defending itself its offices and the institution. as the chance of those on three square behind me indicates people turn to the army in moments of on rest the military is the real power base here in egypt every one of the country's presidents has hailed from the
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armed forces except for mohamed morsi was ousted after just one year in office but apart from military money and political clout they also have significant economic interests owning several business monopolies and factories as one of the only functioning state institutions at the moment and with little civilian alternative to morsi and his music brotherhood many people fear that the army whether it wants to or not once again run the country so true r.t. . next week u.s. lawmakers are set to hold a vote on which could put the one point three billion dollars aid package that washington sends to cairo a trip if events in egypt are fishy labeled a coup the support would have to stop but a republican representative is trying to use what play to make it more flexible times correspondent and asia times correspondent i should say pepe escobar says egypt will be severely concerned about losing any financial help. basically the
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absolute reason egypt cannot feed itself they have annual deficit of over twenty billion dollars before that we had the emir of qatar writing the checks now we're going to have saudi arabia and the emirates writes the checks if they need but he of course they do from the i.m.f. is going to be about the three or four billion max which they had negotiated for almost thirty years it's not enough so interesting it's going to explode all over again in three four five six months the muslim brotherhood was little bit of a come out of this new go where he's going to be a liberal as well you have to you know completely we're organized into gyptian the system upside down and it's impossible because they cannot see themselves they cannot earn money from any sink they don't produce any saying that the rest of the world wants to buy except sally their dearest assets their little tumors foully
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back egypt specially now off there the cool bed is not a cool according to obama the decision so it says that in. news of course in just a moment including a look at being annual orange order parade in northern ireland and the chances of it turning violent as stated. what is the future of democracy in the arab middle east in the wake of the coup d'etat in egypt because this region condemned to a vicious cycle uprisings and brutal suppression what about the claim islam and democracy are incompatible and does the west really have an interest in seeing the people of the middle east free to decide their own destinies. when the grates a spade blind to what is happening in their country. the american dream is disappearing. the houses with gardens are laid out the poor are left
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hopeless the streets are full of angry crowns better fighting against. heise who stole the american dream. sigrid laboratory to mccurry was able to build a new its most sophisticated robot which will unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and world this is why you should care what you're only on the dog call . if you're watching all say it's good to have you with us let's move on now more than six hundred officers from across the u.k. have been drafted into northern ireland for the annual orange order parade in the country the traditional route has been shortened they say yes to still the route
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passing through a six terran flashpoint. unions unionists leaders so father they much has been peaceful. fast with well well up to that delayed this morning the main parade here about must now. be well underway as a big day this parade marking the most inclusive and old the. you know just or enjoy those marching season the most controversial of the taking place all across northern ireland today it is both up in the build up to the phrase he seems to think of the city surrounding the great commission. not to allow this to be the great cause sudden to face area to go back home the same break out that this is it is close up. among the unionist community and they've told some of protests out what it was to predict exactly how the day the play out because
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everyone was very much a pig that it was all peacefully the puzzle but back to last until the beginning of this yet but we still think the fun of it will be about both with the lawyer that's right that the riot is contesting that you know the fact that they did know they will move the seat that you see repeated kids today that's going to be the big labor day had a lot of variables as well not least of course the police operation was speaking to keep the boat and know that i do believe that it's not that he told me that thousands of police officers have been deployed throughout the greatest. hundreds moving. from across the u.k. to avoid that officials told the kids he'd keep to get a cab back. home in leave taking over but. you can see the father's side of the fray didn't want to put in place
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a. tight time there are really sick days it's hard because i cool head. and discuss the tensions around the parade with all she's news as to i have a crush. particularly this year there's a there's a lot of anger. in this community. there. at least they feel themselves to be under siege key symbols relate to their political. identity or be are being rolled back for example. the flying of the flag over belfast city hall on the restrictions that were placed on the playing of the union jack over belfast city hall should i say. has proven a very controversial issue and sparked a lot of riots earlier in belfast and secondly the parades commission which was set up under the under the peace process started to restrict groups the orange order would have claimed a legitimate queen's highways which they could've done which they could march now
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there's a couple of extra dimensions to this year's marching season as well is not the city of derry londonderry let's say the united kingdom city of culture this year and as part of that celebration they will host a march of five thousand orangeman members of this protestant lodge to celebrate. protestant identity in northern ireland and journalists to report on northern ireland are expecting a lot of tension a lot of trouble really not marching in particular situation it seems to me quite complicated that the definition of the division between the groups i'm talking about loyalists and republicans it's not quite entrenched so can you tell us what's going on just what there is going to be and what's going on there by looking at the clashes if we just take a look at the troubles of the peace process very quickly i mean if you go back about forty years i think many i think it's fair to say that northern ireland was
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something close to an apartheid state in that there were two dominant religions one certainly enjoyed a great position of superiority over the other there was a lease isn't there and there's also a disempowerment of local working class communities both on the other side and on the republican side deeply disempowered communities wrecked by violence. and that still carries. right now into what we're seeing today but you've got to look at how those communities were somewhat hammered into a peace process that was contrived that was created by tony blair. at the time was also hammered into a peace process that was not essentially of its own making by the blair p.r. machine and we all know how powerful the tony blair p.r. machine is that this was a peace process that was celebrated on the island nobel prizes were given out as a result of it. but during that time gerry adams the former. counselor and people thought he was a member. always used to say you know they haven't gone away you know despite all
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this p.r. and all this smoothing over they haven't gone away you know and he was absolutely right what we're seeing is. the fact that the peace process is far from fiction. and at our website right now a close call for a follower who risks as all hell would go to amazing footage of a man plowing just means it's from a scorching blaze to save the school failed going up in smoke had a line for a loop. on the german else's gets a troubling troubled full projecting a message on to mark an embassy which links u.s. surveillance methods to the infamous east germany during the cold war find faults in store for him as. divisions between islam is in syria and the rest of the opposition have reached a critical level a key free syrian army commander has been killed by al-qaeda linked militants and the group responsible also threatened all other commandos western backed forces the
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situation the war torn country has forced some nations to rethink supplying the rebels with weapons even the u.s. has put the plan on hold concerned they will end up in the wrong hands they have to say has been trying to distance itself from radical groups puting dissent within the assad opposition but political writer john white believes that even the groups are now at the lower heads there's still a little difference between them and this this opposition as a whole legal bunch of groups most of them out here the affiliates we know that there's an arm for the third and fourth and you have this of the country who are in pain and coming syria into a killing field as the of the entire region so this is no longer about trying to support forces who are looking through the democracy. in syria is trying to resist. are you doing all that and they're not cutting look at the chess or did syrian soldiers and removing the hearts and lungs of the head of the catholic priests or kill a fourteen year old boy for the remote blast the media lives were on the ground
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obviously to be much trouble between the jihadists who are increasingly are we under accords in the conflict foresee such as they see who is who or are homegrown . forces but it seems that we store front the i mean if you have this card in the country is your cue single for you there are many of the atheists here but that's not forget it was an air commando he got open a chest over it's there you saw a couple of months ago cities with the idea that there's are more going to opposition in syria is increasingly is untenable. now for some international news and brave this hour in brazil watchers have broken out between forces into police in a number of regions following a one day nationwide general strike the action was called to come to lies on a wave of mass demonstrations last month's of the poverty levels and working conditions the size of that protest forced the government to announce a referendum on political reforms. in indonesia at least five prisoners have been
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killed in a mass jailbreak in which two hundred inmates escaped a huge police manhunt is underway officials say the riot might have been triggered by another anger at poor conditions which include power blackouts and water shortages fires were started and fifteen prison guards taken hostage during the violence. and it was a confrontation but turned the tide in world war two and was one of the largest tongue battles in history about fifteen hundred russian and german vehicles clashed from dawn till dusk dost eventually holding did not assault on the soviet union seventy years on commemorations are underway at the scene of the epic engagement with memorial events planned throughout the day on tuesday on button looks now back at history and how it's being remembered. seventy years ago this area and hundreds of kilometers around it would have been full of sites like this it was some one thousand nine hundred forty three the site of hitler's last great offensive on the east front of. millions of men and thousands of tanks and guns turned this whole
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area into a giant military camp as these reactors were trying to show attacking from the north and south the germans wanted to trap soviet forces and destroy them they breached to the red army three main defensive belts but met with for russia's resistance after a week of fighting many of the german forces when exhaustion it was at that point that perhaps the battles most iconic moment came here on the fields around the village of profit off a german tank formation and the soviet one ran headlong into each other the ensuing battle raged for hours amid the chaos tanks rammed each other firing at point blank range and men screamed as they burned alive inside their vehicles thousands died on that day but it was perhaps the last attempt of the germans to assault the soviet positions even today bullets shells and metal debris from the battle of being found in the surrounding fields and woods the numbers of those directly involved in the
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battle is dwindling but only they like ninety year old abrams can remember the true horror of it all. there were moments when times were simply ahram each other one and top of another everything was burning nothing like this is ever happened when the history of mankind. shortly after that the germans called off their attack and began to lose territory the red army had finally beaten the germans at their own game in a large summer offensive there would be no more great german attacks on the eastern front up next crosstalk as he weighs in on h.m. . many in latin america are furious with the forced grounding of bolivia's president
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evo morales is playing in austria and even twelve nations in latin america are coming together to discuss the consequences of the event the plane was forced to the ground while flying over the e.u. because it was believed that that sneaky snowden was hiding on board trying to get to asylum in bolivia and beyond some might say that this is no big deal so president of some contras since he had a delayed flight for a few hours things happen man plus you've got to get that still guy at all costs right well one is delayed flight is another man's imperial skyjacking you see the countries of latin america have a common history as being on the bad end of brutal western european imperialism and when the president of a former colony could just be abducted at the will of the you would have his plane searched it sure makes you feel like you're still under the lash of foreign control doesn't it to any of you think for a moment that any e.u. officials who are so willing to groan morales would dare to do the same thing air force one i don't think so morose clearly was treated like some sort of second class president and despite this since.


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