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tv   Headline News  RT  July 12, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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a little bit of the freedom to question. i had with snowden is expected to release his first public statement since arriving in moscow right now the whistleblower is meeting human rights activists an apple trans and. also this hour telecom giants exposed by snowden's latest leaks are accused of cashing in on visas data by giving the u.s. government unfettered access. under age of braces for more wild projects building more than a week old data clenches cause by the military backed ousting of the country's president. this is all see coming to you live from moscow hello and welcome to the program.
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and they say whistleblower edward snowden is expected to release his first sponsored statement since arriving at a moscow airport more than two weeks ago right now he's amazing russian and international human rights activists in the transit zone where he's been stuck in limbo. rivaled the activists that snowden reportedly harmed papers or is there already i would say more than one hundred reporters and journalists it's really really creating an interesting situation sure middle of once again just like it was several weeks ago when everybody was thinking that snowden is going to fly to cuba and he didn't but then the chance for a zone off the airport to make his statement we do not know about the details of the statement but he's also going to talk about the about the united states campaign against him basically a manhunt that washington has started after snowden in order to get into the transfer so you have to have a you have to have a ticket or a passenger pass a boarding pass and we know at this point that journalists have been buying tickets
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to all sorts of flights just to get into the chance for a zone hoping to get a glimpse of snowden at this point for example and tickets for kenya of have all been sold out because the all news companies are buying them in order to get their journalists right there but unfortunately did not invite any of the media and as far as we know media will not be allowed inside the meeting we will only hear from those who have met with snowden and if they are after they come out from that meeting we don't know when or how long it's going to or how long it's going to last so really everybody is kind of i would say on the edge of their seats but people are mostly standing walking around running around trying to get inside. and let's not go live to be told on she's an isa now is outside the terminal building nice to see jani says so while you're hearing from that well can we expect from the meeting . all we can do right now is speculate of course but that's what surrounded the snowden saga from the very beginning nineteen days so far in the airport he is
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making a statement presumably hans we speak will try to bring you exactly what he says as soon as we can we are hearing from a prominent russian lawyer someone who was handpicked for calm to come and see him today he believes that snowden will be asking for political asylum in russia however that seems very unlikely because as we remember snowden turned down asylum in according with the terms given to him five president putin which word that he had to stop his work seen as quote a plan falls to russia's u.s. partners to return down to ready russian of course asylum it seems unlikely but a lawyer coming to meet him does think about the possible a possible statement that could be made today other people think he could be announcing where he might be flying to let me remind you of your horses in the transit zone the house and the russian border and russia has made it very clear that they won't be giving anyone up they don't. particularly don't extradite to countries that have the death penalty and last but at least of course snowden
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perhaps wanting to show the world that he is in fact here he still is in moscow there's been lots of speculation that perhaps he's been taken out of the airport that you could be on some other territory so we of course are waiting for the whole world is watching to see what he has to say we should find out very shortly what exactly snowden wants to say to the world our right he's a nice and now at tournaments with international airport where edward snowden is presumably meeting human rights activists and he said thank you very much. snowden's leaks have uncovered not only be governments unwarranted surveillance but also they extend internet and of telecom giants have held them do it they're accused of using the chance to count on tonks pez stomping out of the couch and then check out examines they surveillance price list. if you are a u.s. taxpayer whether or not you agree with the government's wholesale electronic snooping you are paying for it and you will probably never know how much exactly
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because for the covert world of its unaccountable spying activities the government has a black budget but some numbers or available they refer to law enforcement requests so according to last year's disclosures america's telecommunications giants build the government just as they build their clients we have some specifics for each wiretap eighty and eighty for example charges an activation fee of three hundred twenty five dollars plus ten dollars a day to maintain it rise then another telecommunications giant takes seven hundred seventy five dollars for for the first month and five hundred dollars each month after these numbers may not shock you into you learn that the average wiretap cost u.s. taxpayers fifty thousand dollars given the scope of surveillance that could amount to a lot of money but again these figures are based on disclosed data as we learned from a number of whistleblowers and not just edward snowden the u.s.
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national security agency operates under wraps under secret orders nobody knows how much exactly they spent to tap fiber optic cables or to collect data on americans and the rest of the world but we do know that the n.s.a. storage facility alone cost some one point seven billion dollars that the center in utah is capable of storing every e-mail voice mail and social media communication it can get its hands on the government is certainly very reluctant to discuss its snooping activities with the public they just repeat the mantra it's done to keep america safe but as americans learn more about the price they pay for the presumed safety they are becoming increasingly wary in the latest polls we see a significant shift in public opinion you see three years ago twenty five percent of americans thought that the government went too far in restricting civil liberties to. years later we see forty five percent of americans think so we see that with knowledge comes opposition how can you oppose something that you know
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nothing about right so perhaps not surprisingly the government is doing everything it can so that the public knows as little as possible about these programs in washington i'm going to check out. snowden's latest leak particularly highlights microsoft the computer the allegedly installed a bundle access state said this is exclusively for government surveillance if that's the case microsoft's denial that hundred of the data would still be true because the government wouldn't even need to ask and ray mcgovern a retired cia officer says this perfectly highlights the problem what's happened here is the u.s. companies have become joining in a way with the united states government in such a way that you have the cooperation of the government forges the media and the congress and judiciary all pretty much joining in accomplish it attempt
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to circumvent the constitution of the united states there is zero concern on the part of the communications companies to violate the law they know that they'll be protected even if it's as post facto so skype of course is where we're communicating my greetings to the n.s.a. people who are watching us by simulcast i just learned from this latest revelation that not only can they intercept our voice but they share images so hello to all the n.s.a. monitors out there. and of course we always want to know what to say in our online poll where asking you what you think snowden should do next and this is our online poll let's have a look at how you've been voting so far so the majority of you saying that snowden should leave moscow for havana and then try to reach venezuela thirty three percent of you think it's better for the whistleblower to remain in a moscow transport zone of the apple and transit zone or the airport in hope that
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further leaks might help him gain support from the european union fifteen percent say snowden should stay in moscow and accept the kremlin's conditions to stop leaking secret u.s. cables and finally a minority of you believe you should stop fighting as motion to the will capture him sooner or later anyway so to just share your opinion with it is just go online to r.t. dot com and cost you about that you haven't done it already. egypt's embrace from all rival demonstrations with the muslim brotherhood vying to revise the ousting of president morsi and the army and willing to lead them to pressures
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come and made a quantum dot on the islamist movement which has led to bloodshed and arrests but as true pause without an alternative egypt will once again be owned by the military . this is the moment that egypt found the muslim brotherhood president mohamed morsi had been ousted. erupted in the chant of the army and the people of one hand chief of the armed forces defense minister and put r.c.c. became the hero of the moment however after clashes between more. supporters and the army left over fifty people dead just days after a new interim president had been sworn in some began to fear the army would wrestle power from civilians and rule with a heavy hand why is the army in disguise making hartson interfering in politics but they're not really helping civilians on the ground and then you see something like the massacre by the presidential guard club and what happened even if it was muslim brotherhood was started. at the end of the day there is
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a human rights violation which is massive and severe because if you are going to shoot people who are trying to get into a building of that importance you don't actually shoot to kill chips in n.g.o.s maintain the military had a terrible human rights record during their last period of rule after the ouster of hosni mubarak they were involved in killing protesters that was the accountability for any of the military crimes they torture protesters they arrested they also tried to restrict freedom of expression and most of all they really monopolize decision making power i mean they wrote the road up at the time the military for their part promised in a number of televised press conferences that they were not interested in politics or reeling and instead are assisting the country's movement towards a civilian democracy. armed forces have issued more than one statement saying we want a real democracy in the country. the new president doesn't have enough experience with the political situation in egypt so the military is merely supporting him in
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the way the muslim brotherhood attacked the military which was defending itself its offices and the institution. as the chance of those three square behind me indicate people turn to the army in moments of on the rest the military is the real power base here in egypt every one of the country's presidents has hailed from the armed forces except for mohamed morsi was ousted after just one year in office but apart from military money and political clout they also have significant economic interests. owning several business monopolies and factories as one of the only functioning state institutions at the moment and with little civilian alternative to morsi and his music by the head many people fear that the army whether it wants to or not we once again run the country how true aunty. next week u.s. lawmakers has had to hold a vote which could put the one point three billion dollar military aid package that washington sends to cairo a tryst if events in egypt are fish are labeled
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a crude the support would have to stop but a republican representative is trying to use one play to make it more flexible a few times correspondent up ask about says egypt will base of aid they can send about losing any financial help. basically the absolute basic egypt cannot feed itself they have annual deficit of over twenty billion dollars before that we get the emir of qatar. we're going to have saudi arabia and the emirates write the checks if they need plenty of course they do from the i.m.f. is going to be about the three or four billion max which they have negotiating for almost three years it's not enough so interesting is going to explode all over again in three four five six months the muslim brotherhood was the liberal to come out of this new go where he's going to be a liberal as well you have to you know completely we organize the exception the
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system upside down it's impossible for because they cannot feed themselves they cannot earn money from any sink they don't produce anything that the rest of the world wants to buy except sally their serious ass it's very low to his stool egypt specially now after the cool there is not a cool according to obama the decision he says that in. and more news in just a moment including a look at the annual orange order parade in northern ireland and the chances of it turning on and to stay with us for that. interview.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are on the day.
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this is the welcome back more than six hundred police officers from across the u.k. have been trotted into northern ireland for the annual orange order parade the traditional route has been shortens this year to stop a passing through a sectarian flashpoint that's outraged unionists leaders so father husband peaceful . isn't belfast with. well over that delay this morning the main parade here about must now. be well under way the big day this great loathing of the most inclusive of the meanest or include a smoking season to do so is the most controversial of the taking place all across northern ireland today both in the build up to the parade we've seen some control the state surrounding the great commission to say no to allow this to be the freight costs that is if a feria to go back home the same rate doubt that decision it is closely. along
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the unionist community they pull some of those protests that's why hard to predict that came out today is today the play out every was very much a big hit it was all piece today because joe biden back to last yes and to the beginning of this when we know they see the budget the losing the fall both with the lawyer that's right that the riots is contesting that union flag that they did no one wants to see those scenes repeated kids today there's going to be some big moments today i love the variables as well not least of course the police operation that you're on i was speaking to the key posts to both know that all those police service not baggage and he told me that thousands of police officers have been deployed throughout the brightest lucite hundreds little would be. drop today from
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the close the u.k. to provide that additional code keyed to today i got a very cool hot plate in levy a take over by you can see the funny side of the phrase it is one club and take a. hike. the release of days inside the cult was cool head. and discuss the tensions around the parade with all she's news editor i have a cross here let's listen. if you look at the orange order in particular in the last forty years during what they call the troubles in northern ireland since perhaps one hundred sixty nine hundred seventy the orange order became integral to what many saw during the seventy's and eighty's in northern ireland as an apartheid state a state in which catholics were systematically discriminated against by a protestant majority under present elites they had very close connections to the security forces the order itself is a very very controversial part of peace process northern irish society
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its controversial nature derives from that element that people see it as part of a lease a society that discriminated against catholics and that's explains why we're seeing so much tension around the marches today particularly the march in belfast was being seen as a flashpoint or a potential flashpoint because the loyalist community has felt particularly aggrieved by a couple of things that have happened this year one was the restrictions placed on flying the union jack over belfast city hall that sparked riots that we reported on earlier on in the year and secondly the parades commission which decides which roads the orange order is allowed march and which it's not was seen to have place or reason be restrictive order on the orange order about this morning's march and people expected there to be a lot of tension but the good news is. that the march has passed over reasonably peacefully although there's two elements that need to be considered here one is the
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sunshine it's unbearable hot in northern ireland the irish don't like the heat terribly much it's about thirty degrees there today it's roasting and there's going to be quite a lot of alcohol consumed during the day so. it's expected that despite the festivities that will take place during the day and hopefully they'll be no more violence at the marches it is expected that street clashes may take place later on in the evening i have to say north northern irish society is a very unusual place in which to operate there is it's a place where where near of peace has been has been placed upon the society and there is it's very very hard to tell what's beneath the surface and what might happen later on today. and at our website dot com right now a close call for a farmer who risked it all would go amazing footage of a man plowing just metres from a scorching blaze to save his cornfield going up in smoke i don't lie and for luke
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. under german also gets in trouble for projecting a message on to american embassy which links u.s. surveillance matters to the infamous germany during the cold war find what's in store for him at r.t. dot com. it's. the. divisions between islam is in syria and the rest of the opposition have reached a critical level a key free syrian army commander has been killed by al qaeda linked militants and the group responsible also threatened all of the commandos
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a western bank forces the situation in the war torn country house for some nations to rethink supplying the rebels with weapons even the u.s. has put the plan on hold concerned they will end up in the wrong hands they have to say has been trying to distance itself from radical groups feuding dissent within the opposition and you cannot talk about this with the guardian columnist correspondent and also johnson steele who's joins us now live mr steele welcome to all see nice to see you so what do you think sparks the infighting between the f.s.a. and jihad so probably best the opposition's attempts to distance itself from radicals . well well there's been growing tensions over the last few months and this is not the first clash there's been just a week ago the rebels killed another commander beheaded him and his brother and they've even filmed him so executing the rebel leaders to just him as a warning to everybody so there's a lot of tension and it's not entirely surprising because the spoils are quite
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gentle there's there's been a lot of looting going on of in towns that the rebels have seized and so it's not just about ideology or politics it's also about money and control of assets sure but do you think b. of a say will split with the ironical militants eventually well i think they're pretty well have split already i mean there are now two outsider groups one is the job on the street which has been talked about a lot in others this new one that's linked to iraq called the islamic state of iraq . and they are more radical than jump out on this trip so they want to take the fight to iraq as well as syria and have two fronts there in terms of what local people face he needs to say and he's very conservative groups that are trying to impose sharia law in the cities and villages and towns they conquered. very tough on women's rights and women's to dress code and all the rest of it. as the opposition lost control of its own ranks then can we see three sides fighting in
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syria now well i don't think they ever had control i think it's always been a series of local commanders in different parts of the country as a team of saw that at least a hundred different fighting groups and there's no central control there's no hierarchy there's no discipline and so it's sort of you know each commander for themselves and they try and gain more credit or support by capturing more territory not just from the government but from other rebel commanders so it's completely thread mentee chaotic situation. meanwhile britain's parliament has overwhelmingly box a motion requiring the prime minister to seek consent before handing weapons to syria's rebels does that mean they shouldn't be expecting u.k. arms anytime soon i don't think the british government can now do it because they've been forced into making this promise of getting a vote in parliament before they send any arms and from yesterday's debate which
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saw people from all three parties from the governing party of conservatives from the lib dems are part of the coalition and from labor it's quite clear that i think cameron could not get a majority for that so the policy is now dead in the water it was a very devout hundred fourteen to one only one person opposed emotions and of course these were all backbenchers they weren't ministers or anything but there were a lot of the ministers in the tube so i think it's disaster for the british government and it's something similar of course is happening in washington where the congress both houses of congress have expressed greater. skepticism about the obama administration's plan drawn the records so are there any signs than the u.k. as well as the u.s. changing their stance towards the opposition probably. well i think there's a british government very disappointed i mean i knew this week. the syrian national coalition resigned. and he's now been replaced by somebody else who's much closer
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to saudi arabia so there's complete just already in the opposition may be able to point to prime minister but they don't. and they seem to be unable to form a company in any. other country they don't have much funding inside syria all right jonathan steele gone and also thank you very much indeed for your insights. and breaking news on aussie edward snowden house reporter they asked for political asylum in russia that's according to a human rights watch representative one of the participants of the meeting with the n.s.a. whistleblower that's taking place in the transit zone of moscow's sheremetyevo airport and n.s.a. whistleblower has been stung that in limbo for more than two weeks since arriving in russia and an isa now is at the airport and joins us now live on you so what's the latest what can you tell us about say what's going on there what's happening there right now. well the latest that we're hearing from inside the transit zone
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and i want to underline that this is still unconfirmed it's just reports that edward snowden is for political asylum in russia when we spoke earlier i had said that one of the people that he invited to this impromptu meeting with human rights activists was a prominent russian lawyer who predicted and told r.t. that he thought that this might be the case how he knew who knows but it looks like we could have we could have edward snowden asking for political asylum in russia why is this strange why is this an unexpected turn of events because just a couple of weeks ago edward snowden turned down asylum in russia when the president putin basically gave him the terms that if he was going to stay in brussels he would have to. stop quote harming our u.s. partners he then withdrew his official asylum application and now we're hearing that perhaps he's asking for political asylum here in russia just to bring you up to date on the latest were etc matters concerning to the airport where edward
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snowden is speaking to human rights activists and prominent lawyers in russia we're waiting to hear and be able to confirm for you whether or not this is true that snowden is in fact officially going to apply for political asylum you're in russia he wasn't possible border he still is in the transit zone. and made it very clear earlier when this saga began that russia doesn't give anyone up russia does not extradite and it certainly doesn't extradite to countries that have the death penalty so this is not but the thought of the snowden saga continues here at sheremetyevo airport we'll keep you updated with this breaking news that snowden possibly could be asking for political asylum here in the russian federation of course any so well waiting to hear more from you but by the way do you think of this latest threat and probably can change the relations between russia and the u.s. somehow affect. certainly it can it already seems like
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like both the u.s. and russia are trying to avoid any kind of diplomatic row over this we've seen a lot since this saga has began we've seen planes detained we've seen international law broken the one thing that russia most certainly is going to push and make sure they make very clear is that international laws have to be followed here this is probably why there are russian lawyers here certainly if this is the case and he is asking for political asylum he's going to keep in close contact with those russian lawyers the one thing certainly we're going to hear coming out of the kremlin by the way kremlin spokesman spokespeople have confronted there's been no kind of contact or interaction with snowden so this might come as a surprise to them as well but certainly they'll be it will be hearing very often that they're going to stick to it all the u.s. certainly is not going to like this but russia is not latin america i think will hear experts saying they're not going to be pushed around by the united states yannis i'm just reading some of the latest quote.


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