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tv   News Weekly  RT  July 14, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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the syrian army allegedly discovered a lab used by rebels to produce and store toxic chemical substances those reports coming from state television. fugitive n.s.a. leaker edward snowden ask russia for saddam as he struggles to put an end to his legal limbo in a moscow airport transit zone sparking american outrage towards the kremlin. and a criminal probe for an ex-president egypt's former leader is investigated for allegedly spying killing and wrecking the economy even as his backers continue to protest for his return.
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with a look back at the past seven days top stories and the latest developments this is the weekly on. syrian state t.v. says the military has found a chemical laboratory which produces poisonous materials in the town on the outskirts of damascus sources claim the rebels were planning to stuff shells with the chemicals and use them to attack the capital a middle east correspondent paula slit has the details. the syrian army has found chemical materials in the town of jobar which is on the outskirts of the capital city of damascus initial reports say that the syrian army seized a factory that was occupied by a group of foreign backed militants and that chemical materials were found inside that factory now we do see canisters we do see white packages that they have uncovered and it does seem as if they were producing chemicals in this bar treat it
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says poison chemical substances made in saudi arabia so we do see that a cell the factories are also involved with also some receiving reports of the rebels were planning to stop artillery shells with the chemical weapons that they were producing and use them to attack damascus this comes on the same day as heavy clashes are being reported near the capital on sunday let me remind you that on the seventh of july armed rebels found were found in position of some two hundred eighty barrels of chemical substances at the time of the syrian ambassador to the united nations said that the quantity found was enough to destroy all sixteen if not the entire country we use of chemical weapons has always been a red line for washington and its allies they have always been constant according to fingers and this interim government and accused of using chemical weapons saying that if you believe it was me. this would be the red line that they would not tolerate but back in march there was an attack in the second largest city in
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damascus and it was later found that the did the seventh nerve gas had been used in that attack moscow conducted its own investigation and concluded that the syrian rebels were actually to blame for the use of the gas and russia gave samples and documents relating to this to the united nations last week russia's united nations ambassador said that wisdom claims appear to be aimed at undermining investigations into the chemical attack he said this when he explained the findings the results of the analysis clearly indicate that the ordinance used in commerce so was not industrial manufacturing and was filled with certain. of the site and technical specifications prove that it was not industrially manufactured either the project al involved is not a standard one for chemical use therefore there is evidence you seem to believe that it was the armed opposition fighters who used the chemical weapons in. it's
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very important to make the point that the united states claims that regina is using chemical weapons that these planes are without any kind of proof and of course the whole argument over the use of chemical weapons were means a hot potato but without that kind of the u.s. and its western allies are going to have a hard time hoovering anything that they can. well syria's ambassador to the ends said that the alleged rebel store of toxic substances was enough to devastate an entire city and defense consultant moeen rove says it's now crucial to find out where the rebels a getting the chemicals from. to make it a point to the military that it's good really very good. but they should not do it alone. then we will walk your route but when we got your order. or iraq you look at need. like oh.
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not really but and they're going. oh well you know like iraq and all libya going up to one man and going to be like i'll still be a meter reader. security will not react. to write it but when the iraq. i'm sure we want you know bar that. meanwhile anonymous u.s. officials claim israel carried out an air strike on syria's port city of latakia about nine days ago the strike allegedly targeted a russian made anti ship missile battery which syria received two years ago israel's prime minister has refused to confirm or deny tel aviv's in volved while saying he will not allow weapons to reach has been our militants in lebanon israel's defensive agenda of not. syria
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but when a terrorist organization such as possible our tries to get its hands on such a sophisticated missiles we have no current confirmation of direct hezbollah involvement we also know that these russian weapons were actually sold to syria more than two years ago now if indeed israel is involved in these airstrikes what's turvy the motivation here israel does not go out and preempt syrian missiles and it does so only when syria seems to be on the verge of transporting transferring those missiles to hezbollah so rather than wait until these missiles reach the root or side of israel probably decided to preempt and hit the suburbs more than three weeks after arriving the world finally got side of n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden this week when he surface from his hideout in a moscow airport transit zone he met human rights activists that shout of terror and asked for their help in requesting temporary political asylum in russia. has
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been closely watching the snowden saga. russian immigration officials say they have not received an official request from edward snowden regarding his political asylum in russia but that request has been filed on friday evening so perhaps due to the fact that it's the weekend in russia right now the paperwork simply hasn't hasn't been properly process just yet russia's conditions were that snowden has to stop his anti american. something which snowden promised he will no longer do three latin american countries said they're willing to take him on now he does not have any people want to travel with his american passport has been the knowledge he doesn't have any other people work he cannot even buy a ticket and he does need some something in order for him to move to another country so that is safe passage could be provided in that he's relying on russia snowden himself has explained the situation that he was living in during the meeting with human rights activists a little over one month ago
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a. family home in paradise and i lived in great comfort. i also had the capability without any warrant of law just search for see and read your communications anyone's communications at any time there is the power to change people's trades it is also a serious violation of the war so finding himself in such circumstances it seems that what he was doing came into conflict with snowden's own personal beliefs and he has explained that in an interview to the guardian newspaper the interview that started it all with the second part of which came out just very recently i increasingly was exposed to true information that had not been propagandized in the media. that we were actually involved in misleading the public and i was actually a victim that i grew up with the understanding that the world i lived in was one where people enjoyed a sort of freedom to communicate with them talk to each other and privacy without
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of being under threat of being measure analyzed or or or sort of judged by these shadowy figures or systems so really the ball is in russia's court at this point and it's all up to moscow to decide whether or not to grant edward snowden a status of an asylum and for how long they're willing to do that. at least one internet provider is honestly safeguarding users data giving n.s.a. snoops the runaround the small company x. mission has been resisting pressure from the u.s. government for the past fifteen years our colleague kevin owen spoke to its owner pete ashdown. we have had situations where people inside the attorney general's office of slandered my business and said that we're supporting criminals we absolutely do not support criminals we just ask for a proper warrant and that seems to be too much to ask most of the time or the other issue is that we saw with the n.s.a. . exposure that google and microsoft and apple and others were supposedly
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cooperating that's they're probably charging for that privilege so they're making a financial decision to open their networks for inspection by the n.s.a. and it's not worth it to me to do that i don't want to live in a surveillance society and i'd rather stick by what our constitution says that we're protected by we surely i guess the begins and johnson got less to lose that big business is they've got less to favor of night yeah absolutely and but it's funny because i've got more to lose i mean i couldn't fight a protracted court battle but i'm willing to do it i'm willing to go to jail to protect my customers from being wholesale the monitor i find it surprising that a company with the resources of google. isn't more circumspect about the information they're giving away and what they're selling it begs the question how long this has been going all and this is the course a lot of may be familiar with that i think it's just come out now with snowden and
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his revelations is that what you think of him i think he's a hero and i think he's doing the right thing i think it's shameful that he's being treated like a criminal for standing up and reporting what i believe are illegal acts by our government people shouldn't be treated under the espionage act as is the obama administration has done so many times to people standing up and believing that what is going on is wrong otherwise we have no recourse to turn our government around. well all of that leaked information from edward snowden is building up a picture of how america's global surveillance operations are structured let's have a look at what we know so far well first off there's the futuristically named nucleon system it listens to your phone calls whoever they are to and it's thought of suspicious keywords or flagged up then you're subjected to further scrutiny then there's the cryptically titled pin system that trawls for suspicious activity and online videos whether on live skype calls to friends or family or an uploaded you
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choose video up next who you phoned and when and where you call from is all stored by what's known as the main way now this is to me is reportedly cable a building a facebook like friends list just from your calling habits and last sleep we now know of marina well she records your online life this is set to catch and store your sent emails before they even reach the recipient so these are just four of those systems that make up america's surveillance network and by the way just the ones we know about where u.s. officials defended the n.s.a. sweeping surveillance activities claiming it's an important tool in the war against terrorism but investigative journalist dave lindorff says snooping actually has nothing to do with national security. and ministration once all the federal employees seen all the agencies of the federal government to be become spies reporting on the people who work next to them in the next cubicle of the man it's
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not about national security it's about preventing. people from telling the truth about problems with government about corruption about failed policies and so on and it what it really is is the i mean ministration has gone even beyond the nixon administration from the seventy's in its fear of leaks and its effort to control the story it's trying to prevent the press from getting access to to people inside the government who will tell them truth about what's going on so that all they get is public relations scanned outs from the government and it's trying to prevent the government from being embarrassed you know we basically have moved away completely from a democratic system into a. down. benevolent me to some extent dictatorship. check out the timeline of these snowden saga at all t.
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dot com to follow or his revelations attempts to escape u.s. prosecution and the international attention cools by his lead. of the moment one god in general it says the information snowden still has can do more damage to america than anyone ever has before we don't about it at all to call. off the life care mosca you're watching the weekly still ahead for you this how violent breaks out in belfast shortly report on the latest trouble there on the northern mountains capital which has seen a second night of sectarian violence in iraq. this journey is. not about seeing the world. it's a mission that i could to myself the project succeeds if i stay in the same place
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all the time. i've been travelling around the world for twenty days so far in all the time i haven't spent any money at all the main idea of the project is that the artist paints people's portraits in return for some kids. that yes we have to get used to each other i think is a little disappointed about the bus a thing because we're still spending a lot of money i mean if i spend it he shouldn't worry about that right now i don't think so goes a great artist but i don't think he's a con man and if you don't like the painting that you just don't give anything. world. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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he's continues here in our former neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman has been found not guilty of murdering black teenager trayvon martin a verdict which has cause fury across the u.s. . they said it we live in a place called the united states of america would always grammar rise it was not a place to cut not by african-americans because we've been slaughtered we've been workable since we've been here we'd never get justice we're always killing that dog we don't know the color kill. demonstrators outside the florida courthouse chanted justice for trayvon and call for a nationwide protest over what they considered to be racial injustice some of the protests took place in other u.s. cities in kenya right chicago and los angeles tomorrow face life in prison efficiency seventeen year old martin in february last year something he claims was
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in self-defense and even though it turned out the teenager was unarmed the moment was still not charged over two months a case to become cause for a fierce debate about racism. all over the country and that's going to generate as george map explains why. so many people try to skirt around the issue of race absolutely in my opinion was a racial case i think there is actually no doubt i think if george zimmerman would be black and he killed trayvon martin would have been white i actually positively think that he would you know george zimmerman would've been arrested right away and he would have been found guilty of actually i don't think anybody can know what it is like to be black american less experienced it once you've been you know pulled over d.w.b. tried it's happened to me it's happened to most black males unfortunately you know they have to stop and frisk in america you know george zimmerman like i said he's worked around free but the guy that killed trayvon martin and the thing is that this was a man that should have stayed in this well as according to the police he was you
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know he you know disregarded what the police told him to do and he went and follows trayvon martin and now that you know that unarmed teenager is dead in trayvon you know him george zimmerman is free with the gun that he killed him with you know it only is definitely you know not just. so a case which divided the united states has reached a controversial conclusion and here is the view verdict of some of you who've already logged on to our website on online poll on our home page at r.t. dot com and we can see at this point thirty seven percent say that they see no problem with the decision since zimmerman is entitled to self defense that the majority but just about the majority could because thirty six percent say nearly well they think that the neighborhood watch man racially profiled the teenager before the deadly fight and we can see there that the smallest amount of those who vote really to shore as there really isn't enough evidence and we can see that
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twenty percent simply don't care and didn't actually follow the case log on to r.t. dot com right now have your say because to hear from me. but egyptian prosecutors are investigating the country's ousted president mohamed morsy for allegedly spying killing protesters and ruining the economy the president was deposed by the military early last week and the assets of fourteen members of his muslim brotherhood group have now been frozen or his opponents have been celebrating on the streets of cairo but he's also got plenty of supporters they promised to keep protesting until morsy is released and return to power meanwhile the interim government is taking shape with former u.n. nuclear chief mohamed el baradei sworn in as vice president u.s. has now sent a senior state department envoy to egypt to meet some of those new leaders at least broader culture shero believes the egyptian people should be allowed to decide their future in a more democratic fashion. let's remember what their interest of the military here
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is it's not that continuation of a democratic revolution and the manager stepping in and effectively carrying out this school is to stop this threat of a genuine popular uprising and that end of the day the muslim brotherhood was elected with people who not only would they where not only they won the presidential elections with the help of course from other political affiliations but they also want to parliamentary election people tend to forget out those out of which were cast in the parliament was also a nod and disbanded egypt should have given the chance to the resignation towards a more democratic future and carry out the process and for the muslim brotherhood to be kind of kicked out of office by resorting to the democratic process not military means egypt's interim leader has promised new elections early next year to get the country back on track but the constant on rest means the nation known for its pyramids and other tourist attractions is seeing fewer and fewer visitors come
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its way on his car a correspondent bill trued looks at what's happening to the country's vital tourism industry. behind me is the egyptian museum one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of the country is the first port of call for many tourists coming off the plane here in downtown cairo however it isn't empty this is a scene that's been seen across the country in all the most popular tourist destinations following a week of political turmoil after the ouster of mohamed morsi egypt's tourists and history which makes up i haven't percent of the country's economy has taken a massive beating since the tiny way to define revolution particularly as terrorists are becoming increasingly scarce in the last week we've seen massive nationwide demonstrations funded by clashes between rival groups on sunday fifty people were killed in clashes between security forces and supporters of the deposed president leaving many to face the terrorists won't come to egypt in the future that been travel warnings are being issued by embassies including the u.s. embassy actually sent by spend on a measure to stop time after and u.s.
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citizen was stopped last week in these bloody clashes made to international tour operators that are becoming can also come so better as to my oldest and september during the first bush term i will continue to do through this this is a free like but the work place has most kids however local tour operators on souvenir shops and we don't have international backing spare to plug the gaps the poor woman moans. we need to be supermom the budget the mail list on five percent and then we see it to be that somebody place goes and you feed it as it should lose you know most world if you see the steep people thank you very much saki. so people are fearing ments as those supporters of the previous leader mohamed morsy remain in their city and and refuse to go home in various parts of the country and we're going to see further clashes with those like chokey
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working in the tourist industry and they feed this means tourists are going to continue to be scared from coming to egypt and actually the future of egypt's tourism is going to. even. you can stay up to date with all our stories on air and online as well here's a quick look at what's waiting for you on our web site at the moment a new report on u.k. immigration dispels all beliefs that newcomers are mostly low educated workers reveals foreigners often have better degrees and better jobs the native britons check out the statistics at r.t. dot com. and another click away online are in motion page will take you to spain's bloody bull run festival in which dozens were trampled in a stampede. there's another videos lined up at r.t. dot com. a second night of violence has hit the capital of northern ireland with british loyalists once again clashing with police it's prompted the deployment of hundreds of additional officers the trouble flared
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as protestant marchers who hold parades every summer to show their loyalty to the united kingdom found their traditional route shortened to keep it from passing through a sectarian flashpoint. reports from belfast. a tinderbox of tensions once again ignited police on the front line feeling the heat the belfast most recent riots or the thousand police officers from across the u.k. drafted in to assist northern ireland's police force and a surrounding the july twelfth parades spilling over into a second night rice at the scene of the disturbance once again they kissed here in the loyalist would fail wait more than a stone's throw from the republican are doing district police hadn't forced a controversial ruling from the parades commission but the much could not pass the arduin shops on its return rate sparking the latest on rest but was the first light
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riot to wait to take part in the parade these rioters were younger and smaller in number seems like these the flare up over the decision to restrict the flying of the union flag winter but then protests occurred almost daily and the cost of policing those riots estimated to run into the tens of millions of pounds these riots taking place in a loyalist street rioters waging this. steps i mean having children if you want to see happen for younger people yeah i want all the stuff. i don't want. that's on the street but it's not. any round of both the party to seem to be held in belfast led by american diplomat richard haass the questions many will want to see addressed they surrounding cultural expression the flags grades still marks some of the most inflammatory
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issues between northern ireland's pasta mnt and catholic communities scratch below the surface of all the island's peace palace player to think that the sectarian divisions were. the big question. the giving me about everything they. make me a big. headed by that is that they. think the more crease still there . now to some other news from around the world in brief in turkey there be more clashes in istanbul as protest as a chance to march on gezi park the symbolic top of last month's anti government protests police used tear gas and water cannons against protesters as fighting broke out the shopkeepers take to five. police crackdown over the past month has already left five dead and fountains and. dozens of protests rocked bahrain as anger continues over the country's treatment of political prisoners iraq's broke
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out after leading female activist accused gods of physical and psychological torture one in prison the oil rich state has been struggling to quell unrest since two thousand and eleven the protest movement has not been put off by the severe crackdown and activists which is seen hundreds in prison. bomb attacks on two sunny mosques it claimed at least twenty one lives in the iraqi capital baghdad worshippers taking part in ramadan prayers but the target seven were killed when a car rammed a mosque in the west of the capital sixty more died in a suicide bomber detonated his device in the southern district to do it. i'll be back with a team with more news when just over half an hour from now in the meantime we follow a man who's traveling around the world without spending any money that's after the break stay with us for that if you can.
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remember how all of a sudden an afghan guard protest group. became world famous and in were completely forgotten by next month yeah i'm talking about the feminist punk rock group pussy riot that performed a vulgar anti prayer and one of moscow's most famous orthodox cathedrals one possible reason for their explosive popularity in the media's eyes was revealed recently by german actress on a book the actress claims a german t.v. channels e.d.f. paid her a large undisclosed amount of money to come out on behalf of the activist band show said on a t.v. discussion that she doesn't even remember what she said except for wishing them well with dealing with their incarceration it would be very odd for an actress to just make up a bribery scandal especially one she was complicit in but it makes you wonder just how many other people's e.d.f. may have been given all extra motivation to cry travesty overall i think that most important of what said her public revelation is that she said that you know what
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it's a bit dumb when actors talk about politics and i couldn't agree with her more but that's just my opinion. everything was fine until the moment i came to sim for opal. just the local journalists rode better tramp artist and painted the minister of culture. with. which to devour only as media reacted immediately. saying bad ukrainian papers had dared to call a famous painter from boeing is a tramp.


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