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and swee stephen to bill to help deal with the added demands of a champions league campaign and the club that's been playing between moscow's heem arenas for away decade might soon return to their own ground. with one big family together with the fans i wouldn't lie about that so from now on stop asking me about the new stadium as i promised by the end of twenty fourteen or the start of the following year we will be playing at our own stadium. three time former champions eat i think to clinch a third title in four years record signings holton that's a lead said have no adapted to russia's top flight while travel to my shock returns after five years with a buy in munich along with former captain andre out shaven though this in petersburg side couldn't use more recent skipper you get a senior the midfielder has moved to anji along with ginormous try kylix on the dow corning one need feel the aleksey one off and returning defend the christopher somber following in tory's six months at the relegated q.p.r.
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to help in the push to turn angie's third place finish into a maiden title while the country's most successful clubs bartók haven't won the championship since two thousand and one and finished fourth last term though have signed stabilising russian midfielder denise can chuckle from a committee has grown will be home to sports act this campaign while they wait the completion of their new stadium and last season's join top scorer a year in which he sounded thinks the red in words will be battling for the title i will try to score as many goals as possible to help help the team as much as possible and the most important thing is that our team gets the wins and we get the results and it doesn't matter who scores the goals as long as we get there when i get some trophies and that's all counts the complaint has already started and with at least four teams in the dog fight to win the russian crown this championship promises to be one of the most exciting in premier league history consented but out of archie. staying with football where a hasty. new signings have hit the headlines as europe's top clubs prepare for the
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new season on tuesday a prolific columbia strike at random out falcao became the latest high profile player to be unveiled at promoted monaco the twenty seven year old joins on a five year deal for a french record of almost seventy million dollars from applied to go to madrid you finished third in the league last season with falcao scoring twenty eight goals monaco won the second division lost under coach cloud around the area and are funded by russian billionaire owner dimitri who will love you. well prior to that spanish champions vassallo there reached an agreement to sell spain strike at david via two atletico madrid the deal could cost up to six point five million dollars with the spanish champions receiving fifty percent of any future transfer fee the thirty one year old joined basso from theory in two thousand and ten but struggled to hold on a first team place last season barcelona have since signed a brazil star forward neymar bolstering an attack which includes lennon messi
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federal rodriguez and alexis sunshine. for me while arch rivals rail madrid splashed out fifty million dollars to sign midfielder eleven mandate from rail fia dad the twenty three year old is part of the spanish squad which won the european under twenty one tournament in israel last month and becomes rail's most expensive spanish acquisition after joining the capital club on a six year deal. while english premier league side swanzy signed strikeout wilfried bony from vitesse arnhem on a four year deal for a top record eighteen million dollars the twenty four year old scored a thirty seven goals in thirty six games for the dutch side. while a london club full of welcomed their new ownership he'd can at their home ground craven cottage the pakistani born american billionaire takes over from egyptian tycoon and former howard's own mohamed al fired who bought the club sixteen years ago mistah she owed can also owns n.f.l. side the jacksonville jaguars in america and plans to take full into the next level
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after the cottagers finished twelfth last season. while david moyes got his manchester united reign off to a stuttering start after the english champions fell to a shock one will defeat at the hands of the all star eleven in thailand in the opening match of their pre-season tour former everton manager moyes has some big boots to fill after succeeding england's most successful coach there alex ferguson at the helm of the country's most decorated club. well former united striker and you're a guy star diego for long put in a none of the match performance to help ease into nasional side when three two it flew in n.z. in a brazilian league match in rio midway through the first half the thirty four year old set up the visitors open at four capitalizing on a defensive mix up to last second after thirty four minutes but the pick of the fall on show was yet to come as the best player of the last twelve cup called in right from the corner still in the first half.
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now let's move on to the world student games in cars out in the wet with just two days of competition remaining the host country has passed one hundred gold medals many of them thanks to a star studded squad containing eighteen olympic and a host of world champions and which of our poor feet takes a closer look at some of them. it will be an understatement to say russia taking these games seriously the home nation of pulling out all the stops to make a triumphant statement i'm pleased the local crowd which is eagerly supported by. olympic medal winning swimmers yulia femur and us to see is all we have even miss for national championships to prepare for. the world heptathlon champion tatyana chernova easily won her events. that occurred in the month the first of all i feel great and just before the world championships two i really needed that as with the secondly i had to i'm a strong a man of faith wants going into that tournament and of course it's a very nice training session for me in one of my favorite stadiums with the support
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of great fans however gold doesn't always guarantee success just ask of who was so impressive in london last year winning behind jum yet he missed out on the medals aid to gether here coming home fifth gymnasts started as expected was successful in khazan the limpy come even boss champion his father hails from the host region to star is delighted to be competing especially given her roots and she took gold in the bars and the women's individual round events. basketball player so good kind of show of might not be an olympic champion but the nineteen year old shooting guard has a very bright future ahead of him after being drafted in the first round by the cleveland cavaliers to become the fourth russian currently playing in the n.b.a. they're picking a team. i like. i'm going to go with getting me like a player. boxing has long been a russian strength and always earns
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a country some medals come any olympics yet with no champions competing here i gave a new generation a chance to shine something gold medalists michael made a motto of and you've given need to show a both looking to do i this tournament has been a stunning success for the russian squad who smashed the previous record of seventy five golds set by china at their home games and change in two years ago and with a couple of days to go russia will be aiming for even more medals to make the twenty seventh university eight a sporting triumph to remember. richard from portly tarty. and one of russia's big stars shining in cars and was javelin thrower maria arbuckle of the it is now looking to defend her title at the world that letter championships here in moscow next month and she spoke with constantine but after of. with this german throw in twenty eleven unself career maria about kumo made history by becoming the
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first they were russian to win the world championships and sitting in the national record in the process however she didn't just come out of the blue she had been building for this triumph for some time especially after missing out on the olympic gold in beijing losing to her rival by borish but back to work this physical a gifted athlete is multi-talented and had numerous chances of succeeding in other sports but i tried many sports once a boxing coach saw me training and persuaded me to try boxing since then every time i come to my need to cd he asks me when. i will finally give up throwing the general in and switch to boxing and when coaches learn about my weight lifting results they tell me i need to take up this sport but i'm glad i took up the javelin as it's a sport i'm really suited to last year a buck or headed to one in top form as one of the favorites for olympic gold but suffered a massive blow finishing tale of the twenty seven year old says she's fully recovered and the world championships in moscow are certainly keeping her focused i was
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really depressed after the london games but they deal of competing in moscow at the world championships help me a lot for every effort it's pivotal to compete on home soil i can share my emotions with my relatives and fans but i'm not only about myself i can make some people happy i felt this after the last will championships when people came up to me and thanked me about gore had a chance to test the track at the luzhniki stereo at the moscow challenge in june and she's not afraid of the extra pressure that comes with competition at home and her family are giving her the backing that you need. you just need to relax a little bit my mom says you need to find a mental comfort zone for yourself while my granny's my personal hero she's eighty one and practices yoga she gives me a lot of positive emotions and lots of advice she's such a kind person and i have learnt a lot from her must go well hold russia's made in world championships and while the
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two time olympic champion misses the can petition because she is pregnant the reigning world champion about cool has everything in her right shoulder to add another goal to her telly at the luzhniki staring i'm constantly on by the above. well meanwhile the showpiece event at the moscow tournament the men's one hundred meters has been dealt a heavy blow after american tyson gay and jamaica's assaf of power both fell respective drug tests thirty year old gay is the joint second fastest man in the one hundred metres and also recently clocked nine point seven five seconds the best time of the season so far while power held the world record before fellow jamaican new same bolt burst on to the scene in two thousand and eight. and that's a football on but stay tuned for part two where will be four thousand meters above moscow with some record breaking skydivers c.c. .
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or remember those old wacky communist countries who constantly boost their numbers to make themselves feel better oh who cares if stores aren't the end this piece of paper i have one hundred thousand tons of potatoes that is good enough for me well now we are in a new age of technology but the same lying to make yourself feel good is still going strong it just moved over to the capitals world the u.s. state department's bureau of international information programs has spent six hundred thirty thousand dollars on facebook advertising campaigns to get fans a sense of the government is out there to buy likes oh what a fantastic use of tax dollars but wait maybe i'm being too pessimistic perhaps it worked and really helped spread the message of the us state department effectively when the specter general's report says that since the advertising campaign started twenty eleven there has been a dramatic increase in users liking state department sites but the problem is that
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only two percent of them actually use the sites so you get what you pay for a big bag of likes but if you hard core fans probably the most shocking example is a vision of america group in farsi made for a rainy and which has gotten over four hundred twenty thousand members but only one percent of them is actually in iran where facebook advertising doesn't even exist that's effective getting lots of likes doesn't mean you are actually reaching people instead of paying for them why not you know get them naturally bar by providing interesting honest content on a regular basis oh wait that takes effort and honesty yeah you know what just keep wasting our tax dollars but that's just my opinion. right see. first free. and i think you're.
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our reporters were very. instrumental.
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in the. welcome back to pot to you and we raise you the sports show in cousin warehouse russia all the runaway leaders at the world student games but as richard found poor discovered it's some of the less celebrated disciplines that are attracting the headlines and the fans. twenty seven sports one hundred seventeen golds in offer and some famous athletes as well the twenty seventh anniversary aid has captured the imagination of the local population have turned out in force to watch the biggest sporting event ever held in the city of carson. while the likes of some of us to see a story of oh. who are household names among sports fans in russia the same can be
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said of all the athletes competing here and however the beauty of this of ends as it gives the locals the opportunity to become better acquainted with sports for a bit don't know too much of violence. take field hockey for example it's field of bravo's the much played winter variations of only sulky and bandy but further down the popularity stakes from both i precious climate doesn't help with most of the country under a blanket of snow for run four to five months a year and to employ a water based astra page would cost more than a million dollars however the sport is gaining a small following. with a majority of fans still learning the tricks of the trade. what a great game team game the same as food budget but really. it's fifty percent fifty. combined and very interesting. for russia can claim much success in field hockey the opposite can be said of wrestling the country is one of a powerhouse of
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a sports with greco-roman in freestyle the most popular disciplines it's a furred lesser known variety is making its debut in khazan belt wrestling for the movement of the main feature of belle the wrestling is that the competitors have to use their opponent's belt to try and throw them to the floor it's not like other wrestling disciplines where you can use your arms or legs or pretty much any part of the body to try and get a takedown here in followed by using your belt. rush head coach lynn was a very accomplished belt wrestler in his own rights the house from top to stun the region hosting the games live a sports enjoys wide popularity wrestling is facing a struggle to keep its olympic status after being provision exult for the twenty twenty games and while pfizer will in hopes bell dressing may one day become an olympic events he admits changes would have to be made first. of course there's a possibility that this could happen as you can never rule anything out but would
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need to do a lot of work if this is ever going to happen we have to make sure the rules are universally followed around the world and also try and make it more spectator friendly we need investment and to try and make this. globally popular field hockey is not enjoying belt wrestling and enjoying the greatest popularity in russia and. the locals were the best cities for true sports capital of the country and this year's universiade is hoping to prove their points as far as the plans flocked to the arenas to watch a broad range of events. on the global speeching map which from the dharti. on to motor sport now and it's been a weekend of spectacular crashes for the top motor g.p. riders at the german grand prix before fast rising might look at one of the race to take the overall lead reigning champion jorge lorenzo fell during friday's practice and had his left collarbone operated on for the second time in a fortnight and the spine is set to miss at least one more race. also crashed but
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regained his composure before eventually finishing second behind marquette while teammate and then standing lead and dani pedrosa lost control of his honda on friday so with both producer and lorenzo out marcus took full advantage to win from pole go two points clear at the top. while closer to home a two time for my dad can champion. one the silk way rally the french veteran came second in the seventh and final stage to russia's equivalent of the world's most grueling rally that he may have a serious finished runner up overall as fellow russian anton she my love prevailed in the trucks category. well it stay on the track us for we know one fever is set to hit russia next year after the sochi grand prix was added to the circuit for the first time and with the world's top drivers coming to moscow this week we asked the winner of thirteen races david coulthard about the formula for success in the
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fast lane my god has more. the need for speed is growing in russia like no where else motor sports have been flourishing here with the brand new moscow raceway hosting for international serious this year. and next season a top tier event will arrive in the olympic city of sochi with the black sea resort embracing the country's first ever formula one race something former star david coulthard says was a great move was going to be really interesting and i saw it she is the fact that it is going to be around the olympic park and i think this is a really clever idea actually. many people maybe thought formula one would come here to moscow but actually being. on the black sea. this really will be interesting for the teams and hopefully good for the russian market. yet it seems unlikely russian fans will have a home here to cheer on as the country has yet to produce the second f one driver after vitale patrol failed to secure
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a seat for the ongoing season the twenty eight year old to manage just one podium finish during his three years behind the wheel through a no and k two m. but coulthard believes more speed of talent could be on the way it takes time to really build the culture of motor racing in any country there are radio are exceptional drivers in russia that it's not a question whether it's in other forms of motor sport it was it was clearly very good as well. the problem he had was that he was never in the top team but formula one is quite hard you know you have to get your opportunity whatever it comes and then really show that you have something which. the top teams must have so that's what they're looking for they're looking for that russian driver who has got this this you know the exceptional speed of an alarm thought of it all or hamilton something like this still there's plenty of russian interest in formula one with the most a team looking to post this first of the points well petrov's former agent oksana
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because such an can now works as the. and both teams plan to join fear i remark i've been in lotus for the most to see teresa show later this week former champions jenson button and kim reich and will had learned of two spectacle and a school that says neither of them could have wanted to low. i mentioned before along to hamilton reichen and. webber you know all these guys are good guys but you need the car you need the team so if you could better. cater him he would know when he may be performing better than the current drivers i don't know but for sure you must have a good car you must have a good team but the good teams in the good cars find the good drivers and the whole thing moves forward together there are many ifs and buts in sport but the combination of sebastian fattal and red who has worked wonders so far and with half the season gone the german is pretty much on course for his fourth street title.
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let's turn to some fighting talk now as undefeated tyson fury says he's doing full boxing champion david haye a favor after the two british heavyweights announce they'll face each other in manchester in september let's not get things confused david i'm talking you of only your the dog and i'm talking you at home because before the tyson fieri fight where was he going to go did you have to fight nobody giving you a chance so you can claim all the acclaim of fame to try and be here is not we have a way around. well meanwhile promoters and trainers have big plans for chinese star jassi making as the two time olympic champion prepares for his second pro fight after winning on his professional debut in april the thirty two year old flyweight is jude to face a lesson on mexican tazers ortega in macau later this month. it's the premier fighting in china users for the early part of the world everyone who
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goes battles is very talented we believe we believe them through a title and these are major drug charges the we believe we can make a better traction here in the united states and in the meantime ice hockey star is all set to return to the k h l after announcing his retirement tony n.h.l. the thirty year old had twelve years left on his one hundred million dollars deal with the new jersey devils but says he wants to go back home and could be rejoining sconce in petersburg the sign he played for during the n.h.l. lockout last season. while in the n.b.a. center superman how it was formerly introduced as rocket man after moving to houston on a four year contract the twenty seven year old free agent rejected the chance to stay with the lakers after a year and now joins a team which reached the playoffs last season and retired houston legend a key all a jew on and young meeting with there to celebrate howard's line. now
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a daring world record has been smashed in america as a local sports writer skates on hurt after catching a baseball that was dropped from a helicopter somehow paul is an avid baseball collector and has called almost seven thousand balls in the stands at major league stadiums but his latest was the special one as it was dropped from a record high to three hundred sixty six meters or over a thousand feet was traveling around one hundred fifty three kilometers per hour before hampel got hold of it on the ground. and let's finish in the air as the russian women skydiving team has broken the national record with the formation of one hundred one people five and a half kilometers up in the skies above moscow and our intrepid reporter michael craft dropped in with this report. in two thousand and twelve the sky perl's russian women skydiving team was on top of the world setting a national record with
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a formation jump of eighty people however their late captain eating this needs and i believe the team to do even better daring to imagine a one hundred and two way jump tragically snit's and i died last year leaving the dream hanging in the balance but the team's leader knew they had to attempted in honor of their captain swenson some well there's no such thing as impossible but training for any job even a two way jump is difficult the men's record is a four hundred way and the women's record is a one hundred eighty way on skydivers from all around the world got together in two thousand and ten for that monumental job ours is no less daunting and we're looking at a one hundred two way jump and all of them are russians. the team had to go through formation training on the ground first before taking to the skies for a series of attempts to try and break the previous record jumping from five and a half kilometers and reaching speeds of up to two hundred kilometers per hour the
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concentration and safety precautions were paramount if they were to succeed something the group were keen to stress that it is a great responsibility for all of us because it's down to each and every one of us whether or not it was said this new record but words team and we all get along well with each other we've been training all week so there is little doubt who can achieve the old girl the weather conditions were near perfect throughout their initial attempts but with the last potential jump day looming tensions began to rise of the still not managing the feat but you can also it's an amazing feeling but we're going to have to work harder to make it happen it's only the first he attempts but this is our task this is why we're here so we'll get it done. making mistakes and it's frustrating but we'll continue plugging away. but lady luck was on their side and on the final day for the record attempt the sky pearls made it happen creating a perfect flower formation in the skies just outside of moscow setting
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a new national mark of one hundred one and probably one they'll want to break yet again and to find out just how daunting a jump like this could be i signed up myself a decision i kept debating well into are sent before i reached the point of no return. well. ok i say i'm certainly not a polar sky like the ladies but with this jump i managed to match my own record of jumping from four thousand meters. reporting for r.t. in the moscow region. and that's all from this was doing for another week. oh. music is our job the army our destiny
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these soldiers don't know what real arms look like but it didn't take them a single shots to conquer the world. china and korea try to imitate them america and europe cry bravo absolutely amazing amazing. meanwhile back in russia military artists are losing their grip on the audience. of young people especially soldiers they seem to me to differently from. the russian musical army has been fighting for eighty five years now with staying tuned with the times and win over the younger audience is up to date or has the time come to give up the fight and defeat. find out on archie.
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sources tell me that israel used a turkish base to carry out a recent attack on syria and denies the allegations of collaboration. says edward snowden will leave russia as soon as he's able accusing the u.s. of blocking the whistleblower in by intimidating countries who might offer asylum. and clashes and arrests as protests rage across the u.s. triggered by the acquittal of a neighborhood watch guard who shot dead a black teenager.


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