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what's a lower on the run at work snowden finally submits a request for temporary asylum in russia and is expected to and his transit limbo at a moscow airport in a matter of days. campaigning against scottish sovereignty the british government paints a grim picture of how independence would damage scotland with repercussions ranging from currency problems to roaming charges. and as the world student games come to a man and his on will look at a far reaching legacy the university it is leaving behind in the russian city.
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it is ten am in the russian capital you're watching r t with me marina joshie welcome to the program now fugitive whistleblower average snowden could soon be able to leave the confinement of a moscow airport transit zone where he has been stranded for over three weeks now the u.s. intelligence leaker has officially requested temporary asylum in russia with a view to seeking long term refuge in south america well our descenders farmer will be joining us later to tell us more about this but for now we'll move on to another story we're following for you here today so scotland is looking ahead to its september twenty fourth vote on whether to become an independent country but in london the government is taking steps to prevent this from happening artie's billy boy who has been investigating what the british authorities stand to lose if scotland's decides to go solo. it's just over a year until scots have to answer
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a simple yes or no question about whether or not they want to break with the united kingdom the scottish national party says there's absolutely no doubt that scotland has the potential to be a successful independent nation with a strong economy but the british government wants scotland to stay in the united kingdom. i believe that england scotland wales northern ireland we are stronger together and we would uphold. it is time to speak out whatever the consequences because something very special is. that sense of danger is one that the british government has recently been accused of playing on too heavily though in the run up to the referendum westminster has been busy publishing papers on how it believes independence will be bad for scotland the latest and most bizarre caution is about mobile phone bills a new government paper suggests that if scotland breaks away then scots visiting
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the u.k. and using their phones will need to pay extortionate raving charges the scottish government has already debunked that myth saying that all roaming charges in the european union will be abolished in twenty sixteen but according to whitehall scotland might have to reapply to join the european union as well the british government has also been keen to remind that the royal mail and the post office will no longer be for scotland should they choose independence nor will the two hundred or so public bodies that deal with bureaucratic procedures such as issuing driving licenses managing roads and even broadcasting such as the b.b.c. if all that hasn't put off any of those considering voting yes in the referendum next year well a recent think tank report has cautioned that an independent scottish army would struggle to defend itself and what about money well the scots say they'd like to keep the pound something the u.k. chancellor george osborne has been quick to dismiss so if the scots choose
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independence it could be no pound no easy you know army high phone bills and not even any royal mail to use as an alternative therapy said cautions have led to accusations that the anti independence campaign is engaging in scurrilous scaremongering what we're getting there is the kind of fear factor managing you can't be part of a single currency union a sterling union if you have independent you can't have this you can't have got no these are big. substantial debating point but should be used as a gun to the heads of score if you thought this is going to be a punishment scotland's first minister has already said that the british government's so-called project fear isn't going to work as we go through that to be every. month. how more horror film the release of cautions on obscure subjects has reportedly angered senior figures in the u.k.
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government by dwelling on petty issues such as these many say that only giving credence to the scottish nationalists partly boy care artsy london for it and now let's go back to ad word snowden and how what awaits him in the days to come as the u.s. intelligence leaker has a fish we request a temporary asylum in russia can now go back to andrew farmer who is outside trade made of airport and can bring us the latest hi there andrew well we know that the lawyer has volunteered to represent snowden has been talking to tell us more about this. while as you said after three weeks of being holed up here we do expect him to walk through the exit door and on to russian territory within the next few days and that is because he has finally applied for temporary asylum within russia and although that could take three months to process in the meantime he will be issued documents and we think probably within five days that will allow
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him to pass through passport control and walk out onto official russian territory we've also spoken to his lawyer exclusively here at the lawyer who has been helping him with this application and he said that the reason that he was applying for this primarily was because he feared for his own life if he returned to the u.s. . when asked migration service agent why he chose to file that efficiently russian and why he came here he replied that he fears his life and well being and also fears he could face torture or actually what he says sounds quite convincing most of us still are ministers both capital punishment and. therefore i believe that under such circumstances and considering his written petition he should be granted temporary asylum i think this would be a humane step and since russia's acting humanely but the u.s.
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government cannot view this as hostile behavior towards the united states. but even . his lawyer also added that mr snowden was prepared it seems not to release further to. the u.s. on the u.s. government while he is on russian territory in mr snowden's words that is attainable he said but it's very important that he does this because it's been a request that has been made by president place him and he made this because he said he wanted russia's role in this to be humanitarian and not to be seen as a hostile act towards the u.s. stressing again that relations between the two countries are very important. for andrew but what's interesting now is that what's going to happen to snowden next once he leaves are airport what can he expect. well we are told that he will try and find accommodation on his own. we do not know.
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he will then have a year in russia for years granted temporary political asylum way he can live freely as a russian citizen ofter that we do not know what will happen maybe he will decide that he likes him maybe he will decide he would like to apply for permanent asylum or maybe he will take up an opportunity in latin america because we do know that three countries that venezuela bolivia and nicaragua have in principle offered him asylum but at the time being at least mr snowden is looking for a new start and a needed life in russia. while looks like his new start has some options there are right thank you so much for bringing us this update that was our correspondent and . airport. ok now with been closely following the twists and turns in the snowden saga of course here in r.t. both on air and on the web you can go to r.t. dot com our website for the timeline of events there also there we can see the full
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interview with until the russian lawyer helping the former n.s.a. contractor with his asylum request. the u.s. government is facing domestic pressure over a controversial court ruling that sparked mass protests police officer george zimmerman faced second degree murder charges over the killing of unarmed black teenager trayvon martin last year was found not guilty professor of breath from the university of minnesota believes zimmerman man's acquittal reflects a deep racial bias within the u.s. legal system. all of the data shows the justice system in this country is racial right from the moment of impact police arrest more people older and white people. are convicted in greater numbers they serve sentences that are longer and there are greater numbers of people who are in prison and united states are given in terms of
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their population so we already have all that data and that this we see as a continuation of that trend this man has been acquitted so now is the time for our government to hear our voice that's why i live in minneapolis the state of minnesota we will have thousands of people in downtown minnesota in front of a court to share our concerns about these issues. and our our website our t. dot com we're asking whether you things are man's acquittal was justified let's take a look at the responses so far well as you can see on this chart almost half of our viewers agree with the court's decision seeing as there are man's actions as legitimate self-defense a slightly smaller number disagrees saying zimmer man of racially profiled the victim an instigator the violence and sixteen percent of this point aren't
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concerned by this particular case and the remainder are undecided and say not enough evidence was provided well you can let us know what you think on this issue by logging on to our website r t dot com and having your say there. you're watching r t and more news coming your way after a short break. some of these traditional chili lines they've been grid and developed and passed down from generation to. this is a total destruction of the culture of new mexico by telling them i mean this is not
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going to impact asylum in mexico whatever happens here we're going to have now we're eating out about it in the in the you know the you know all the ordinance or . genetically engineered crops why do you think this country is full of obese and sick people because we have a crappy food system. download the official publication if you so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television well it just doesn't matter how would your mobile device if you could watch your ti any time and you were.
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welcome and this is our t. coming to life from moscow authorities said one time a bay prison claimed a mass hunger strike there is relenting with some of the inmates now accepting meals the lawyers are playing down those claims though saying the hunger strikers only accepted a token amount of food to bread their first day of the ram it down fast meanwhile human rights lawyer clive stafford smith is on a hunger strike in solidarity with the detainees says the root causes of the protest are still being sidelined. it doesn't really matter how many people are right because the real principle here is that the fifty two percent. for release should just be released and present the president said themselves so they just need to do it now in terms of the ones who are on hunger strike the u.s. military. and they've done just the last thirty years and some of the prisoners are in the taking a little bit to eat because that sort of program does during ramadan to break
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through for us but i'm not giving up i think the military certainly continue to force i'm afraid but the other thing the military understands is trying to force people to bend to their will. then the united states won't start releasing prisoners and i think finally getting the message through to the worst house and hopefully some prisoners being released too late. now is a look at some other stories from around the world. interim president sworn in a new cabinet dominated by liberal and leftist politicians the current government doesn't include any members of the muslim brotherhood which propelled mohamed morsi to the presidency a year ago the cabinet will have to tread carefully as it starts work in a tan status fear of daily street protests and rioting by the ousted leader supporters. tensions remain high in belfast after riots of the
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have been raging for five consecutive nights members of the probe redish meeting its movement hurled petrol bombs at police with security forces responding with water cannon and rest follows an orange order parade that was banned from marching on a stretch in northern belfast that separates loyalist and nationalist community. french police have arrested a norwegian having musician on suspicion of plotting a mass terrorist attack kristian vigorous was previously convicted of murder in norway and reportedly has close ties to the neo nazi movement there the arrest came after his wife bought four rifles with illegal firearms permit. now the world student games are drawing to nan's in central russia with a final competition is due to be held ahead of closing ceremony russia's overwhelming victory has been somewhat marred by criticism of politicizing the
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games let's talk more about the image of the games we're now joined live by paul scott from the house city. well hi there paul so tell us about the legacy of the games what are they what will they will be remembered by. yes well marina for the last twelve days because it has played host to thirteen thousand student athletes from over one hundred sixty different countries competing in twenty seven different sports and sports minister of italy has declared the games a success saying that since the spectacular opening ceremony in the stadium you can see behind me over seven hundred thousand spectators descended on making it one of the most attended games in the history of the event last week the local government said that hoffa million tickets had been sold at that point both the committee that oversee the games say the figure is near one hundred thousand so you can see that
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there is some discretion in the exact figures in the house being some rumblings of discontent that some of the stadiums and arenas have not been completely full with people who have bought tickets not turning up but russia have never shied away from the fact that they see this as a dress rehearsal a dry run if you will ahead of the winter olympics and the hope is that any organizational issues. that need to be. will be done ahead of searching next year. well certainly as you have said this has been seen as a dress rehearsal none the last there has been a lot of criticism around the game and both preparation and athletes where does this come from. they're still in the house one of the main criticism being leveled at russia at the moment is that they've used professional athletes against amatus now for example i can tell you that of the nine russian tennis players four of them are ranked in the world's top one hundred now face you have vetted every competitor who is competing so clearly it's within the rules and the same rules apply to every
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country but russia salute the dominating the medals table at the moment it has to be said let me give you the facts they have one hundred thirty one gold medals as of yesterday the nearest rival to china with only twenty four i mean total russia have two hundred fifty five medals china who are in second place have only seventy one so that's one of the criticisms being leveled at russia the other one is simply the cost of the games at the beginning of the games officials estimated that they would cost four point five billion u.s. dollars but organizers are saying that that figure should not be taken in isolation because his can see in a complete overhaul of its infrastructure new hotels and you transport system and of course the sporting venues so there will be a legacy and a return on money one resident telling me that the city is simply recognizable from how it looks five years ago all attention turns to tonight's closing ceremony which will take place in the stadium behind me it will be attended by prime minister for
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dmitri medvedev and of course the official button will be handed over to south korea who were going to be hosting the games in two years time that will leave russia free to dust themselves down and focus on the next global sporting event to hit the shores which of the world athletics championships in moscow in just four weeks time. certainly a significant legacy there and a spectacular closing ceremony awaits you i thank you very much paul for this update from cars on. now an increasing number of palestinian children are being dragged into the conflict with israel several youngsters who have been protesting against israeli settlement expansion have ended up on the i.d.f. one of the lists are disposed to reports armed to the teeth that's one of the most sophisticated armies in the world state of the art weapons high tech defense and world class combat training but when it comes to dealing with an unconventional
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enemy children it results to this post is threatening to find them wherever they are like a sheriff in a small town with a bounty on outlaws hid every night nearly the drop bombs and sound bombs the words the houses before i've been bullet the children live in very bad so critical situation and it's working a suffers one of the children whose faces was plastered around village in the more than we spank the warning reads we are the army be careful we will catch you if we see you. we were very afraid when they put our pictures up there threatening us that they will arrest us and they will come and take us from our home. the posters went up one afternoon after another demonstration ended in tear gas and rubber coated bullets if we friday villages take to the streets to protest against the wall israel is building between them and a nearby city home and on the front line and in the line of fire children the idea
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to publish these posters was probably the initiative of a local army commander they were placed on the walls of a mosque and nearby houses. a sub says he wasn't throwing stones but the army and settlers have a different version but so is the head of a nearby city home and each day he drives on this road which connects his settlement and the thirty five thousand jews who live in the area with the rest of his well. what would usually happen is they would come and stand on the road pick up a brick or a large stone and throw it directly and from a short range because many of our residents were hurt three months ago a baby got hit and she's now in a vegetative state stones kill and that's why we expect the military to do what it takes in order for it to stop but the military is helpless and doesn't know what to do one soldiers are clearly prohibited from targeting noncombatants it becomes murky when they feel threatened you're so sure that there is
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a chain which begins with soldiers being afraid to act because they're not backed up by us it continues with the palestinians understanding that the soldiers will not act these really deterrence is weakening the terrorists growing israeli's get heard in israel is not protecting its citizens. it's really figures say rock throwing incidents are up by a hundred and ten percent in the last few months but the army's track record for dealing with palestinian children is dismal at best a recent un report found that the i.d.f. we teenie abuses and tortures youngsters in the occupied west bank the community has hit back by putting up posters of its own the message is that the. art of it is not the. as for south he has exams but khan concentrate way we have soldiers that are on the prowl looking for him and his classmates policy r.t. could do him spend. well you're up today for now and coming your way after
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a short break r.t. looks ad the role of the chili pepper in the world of genetically modified food. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. right to see. first street. and i think that you're. on our reporters twitter. and instagram.
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to be in the. controlling the seeds is not some abstraction whoever provides the world seeds
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controls the world's food supply are locked in steel vanity fair. for the first time corporations are patenting products that are self replicating uncontrollable and irretrievable. genetically engineered pollen carried by wind insects bacteria viruses and humans has inadvertently traveled the globe. scientists in laboratories and corporate spokespeople would have americans believe that pollen from flowering plants in the open environment can be controlled farmers hay fever sufferers and anyone who observes the chaotic natural world would disagree tonight a look into the world of genetically modified organisms through the lens of new mexico's iconic chili peppers. at the plant genetic engineering laboratory on the
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campus of new mexico state university in los crucis scientists are developing a genetically engineered chili pepper. genetically engineering the new mexico chili pepper has stirred controversy because it is a cultural heirloom and defines new mexican cuisine this is what the mexico is known for and this is what makes this unique i mean this is this is threatening this is very threatening to our stars there are. well. the seeds are sacred some of these traditional chili lines they've been bred and developed and passed down from generations here in new mexico or where we interface with nature we interface with traditional culture we have a different experience and a lot of it is reverence all of the social and economic and marketing ramifications impacts on the environment impacts on potential use of herbicides. impacts
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on the on farmers in the southern part of the state the organic farmers as well as farmers in the northern part of the state i think all those questions should be investigated before we embark on spending a lot of money developing this plant new mexican cuisine from internationally recognized restaurants to the lowliest taco truck is defined by chili the only important question one needs to ask is red ripen chili or the green unripened variety it is the state's idaho potato it is new mexicans wisconsin cheese originally developed in the rio grande valley the distinctive peppers applied liberally to new mexican burgers pizza salad fudge bagels french tarts. and even beer. but as a result of the north american free trade act and heightened border security new mexico's chili pepper harvest has been cut by two thirds half of the jobs in the industry have disappeared the labor shortage and other production problems are
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suffered almost exclusively by large industrial farming operations in the southern half of the state the commercial producers down here of said that they have had to leave fields fallow they simply haven't been able to find a hand labor to harvest them in the last couple of years in contrast during the same period organic farmers and traditional landry's farmers have enjoyed chili price increases. in the face of overwhelming evidence of pollen drift gene flow and crop migration persistent safety questions and never double weed resistance charges of cultural imperialism predatory practices of biotech corporations and increasing popular resistance to genetically modified organisms worldwide new mexico prepares its genetically engineered chile. in two thousand and seven state legislators signed a memorial calling for protection against genetic contamination of native seeds
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shortly thereafter legislators awarded n.m. su one million dollars aimed at research including developing a genetically engineered chili pepper they were the slap in the face to learn that our state had sponsored the genetic engineering of chile had after the year previous they had support or supported the farmers right to keep their seeds. on contaminated by genetic engineering the genetically engineered chili animists you is developing would reduce reliance on labor at least in the short term by was standing application of the herbicide glyphosate which is in products like been santo's round up and syngenta has touched down i q is. our intent is really to provide a benefit to the chili producers and if we can give them a crop that allows them to farm or sustainably.


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