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tv   Headline News  RT  July 19, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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a little more freedom for not only this russian opposition blogger it's released which travel restrictions before his appeal is heard as a day after being handcuffed in court. u.s. whistleblower bradley manning faces the very real prospect of a life behind bars after a judge refuses to drop the charge against him of aiding the enemy. israel reels over an imminent e.u. financial blockade effectively cutting off settlements built on palestinian land from any sort of your opinion funding. and of economic desperation wasn't enough for believe spain crowds have poured into the streets over the revelations of mass corruption at the top of the ruling party.
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thanks for joining me in this hour we've got news and analysis live from view for you from our moscow headquarters i'm lucy catherine of and of course you're watching our. corruption blogger alex and of only has been released at least for now this is after he's been handcuffed in court and taken to preliminary detention of only was sentenced to five years prison for embezzlement but prosecutors had insistent that he should not be kept locked up until his appeal was actually heard our reports from outside of the courthouse. well diversification has made an appeal to the court following yesterday's verdict guilty to both of ali and his codefendant put it sort of on charges of the best moments in the amount of roughly sixteen million rubles that's about half a million dollars they were often taken into custody in court right after the verdict was read and it took the judge around three hours to read the hundred page
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document of the prosecution has later filed an appeal saying that this measure of preliminary confinement was too strict in this particular case and has asked the violent and officer to be released from custody which is exactly what happened after a short court hearing again in the town of europe now both dividing up and sarah are not to leave the country both of them are on their way to moscow and that means that me is now essentially free to purchase debate in the moscow mayor elections as was initially planned but the problem with that is that though not buying these election campaign manager says that they will perceive this himself that he is not so certain about his electoral campaign nevertheless he is going to make the final announcement of up exactly what he's going to do what his future plans are after he rides in moscow on saturday morning. small groups of alex and of all his supporters
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continued their protest against his jail sentence in central moscow on friday but it pales in comparison with a rally that was held straight after his verdicts had been announced artes and farmer brings us the latest reaction from the ball a scam. they have asked his supporters not to carry out demonstrations that had been planned over the weekend in light of his release of course yesterday just hours after the new valley's conviction phantasms of his supporters did did turn out on to the streets of moscow to protest they said that the trial was politically motivated organizers claim that seven thousand people turned up police say the figure was nearer three thousand and they had originally intended to demonstrate at a square but they did not have official permission from the authorities had the police prevented them from doing said however crowds were allowed to gather on its perimeter very close close to the kremlin and also the state duma overall it did pass peacefully has to be said even though police made two hundred arrests they do
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say the bulk of those were made because people were obstructing the highway they were standing at a busy intersection during rush hour in moscow last night similar scenes were repeated incent kate is big but it is also fair to say this was not the picture across the whole of russia only does have very strong support on the internet and on social media networks that's where he made his name particularly as an anti corruption blogger two years ago during the mass protest after the parliamentary elections but a poll has come out to say that only ten percent of russians nationwide are actually following the case or perhaps that does put things in perspective but the news we have from the valleys camp is that they have asked his supporters not to demonstrate over the weekend in light of his release. political analyst told us that not only is political career is unlikely to reach great heights despite visible support on moscow's streets. i don't think that he stands
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a chance of winning in moscow not because of their authoritarian nature of the russian regime but because he's program is not very different from some balance problem differences that there can be you know and i think that when the western press depicts not only you know in roles because as a lever oh and a humanist and all these things it's a simplification because he has been expelled from the liberal party for nationalists deviations i think the secret of his success is that he's a very average young russian and. not squeaky clean maybe you know a little nationalistic. striving for economic freedom so i think that he has some support but of course it's not massive support it's not millions of people he's just an interesting young man just like many young interprete knows that you have in more school and in other russian cities washington is accusing moscow of
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suppressing dissent in civil society in the wake of the sentencing while the e.u. claims that it is very concerned over the rule of law in russia john loglan from the institute of democracy and cooperation in paris says that says release demonstrates the opposite. but i want to say about the release is that and it is surely the proof that the western idea that this trial is political is false because if the court were and the prosecutor were under the control of dhimmitude it as the western press caricatures this is trial then. then it is clear that he would not have been released on appeal because between now and his appeal he cannot run for moscow city mayor he can give as many interviews as he likes it's an absolute public city godsend for him it doesn't remove him from politics at all it's the absolute ideal solution for him in a sentence because it gives him maximum publicity and it enables him to carry on politics so this release if you like is the proof that the trial is not being it's
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not telephone justice. and of course if you missed any of our coverage you can catch up at r.t. dot com also there are a lot updates and the best pictures from the protests against the verdict also check out our correspondent on twitter they're keeping an eye out on all the latest news from around the globe. and u.s. judge has ruled bradley manning must face the charge of aiding the enemy at this isn't that could mean the whistleblower might spend the rest of his life behind bars and present the defense had argued that manning sent a trove of classified information to wiki leaks to spark reform and to bolt artie's was wall is following the case. it is the most serious charge of a private first class faces so that means he still faces the possibility of life without parole now the court took a look at the testimony and evidence we've heard so far throughout this case and found that there is enough evidence to move forward with this charge this charge of aiding the enemy prosecution has cited manning's job as an intelligence analyst
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they say that as an intelligence analysts he should have known that by leaking these documents to the empty secret secrecy website wiki leaks that al qaeda osama bin laden and al qaeda affiliates were going to see this information and now the defense has insisted and has maintained that bradley manning and no way intended to aid the enemy they say that he is a whistleblower and that he leaked these documents in an effort to expose wrongdoing and to basically to spark a public debate of what is going on in the wars abroad diplomatically really what the truth is. the u.s. government isn't only coming down hard on bradley manning it's also squarely targeted at another secret sleeker former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden now he blew the lid off america's secret surveillance activities and is currently stranded at a moscow airport transit zone the only one has the american public's sympathy as our washington correspondent explains. the u.s.
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government's relentless crackdown on whistleblowers is sort of designed to scare the whistleblowers of the future but we see that bradley manning's fate has not scared edward snowden for example so despite the crackdown whistleblowers keep coming forward with revelations about the government's wrongdoings as they see them so the us government decided that punishment is perhaps not enough in the wake of bradley manning's leaks the government came up with the so-called insiders like program under which government employees with clearances are basically instructed to snitch on each other so employees have to judge their colleagues behavior and determine whether they might might become a whistleblower you can imagine how many baseless and discriminatory investigations the program could trigger critics argue that the obama administration is using mccarthy methods to go after whistleblowers on top of that you have journalists who sources in the government have dried up the justice department has shown that to track down an on off the rice source they can see quickly seized during this communications records as was the case with a.p.
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germany's so about this new era of with suppliers we spoke with them for nix who's been writing extensively on the bradley manning case take a listen you know virginia was brutally to undergo a procedure to walk out of the rand corporation with the hospital documents. seventy two hours and so this is a series of documents on a lot of bradley manning had to burn and not blow to hear. you know presumably something so we were just running scared of the documents and it was a bit of a person of secrecy and a person who. sources are bound to lie it's interesting poll show that the majority of americans think of edward snowden as a whistleblower not a traitor whereas the majority of americans think bradley manning is a traitor to a certain extent the public support for this or that whistleblower depends on the subject of their revelations bradley manning revealed the u.s.
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government's were crimes abroad. not surprisingly many generates more sympathy abroad than at home but one can argue that americans are more sympathetic to snowden because his revelations are about their rights their civil liberties so they care more when it's some iraqis rights they apparently care less. coming up for you striking support for the syrian rebels as the opposition gets caught between assad's forces and the growing threat of al qaeda extremists the u.s. president the options for military intervention laid out before them. and the threat of fresh clashes looming in northern ireland unionists leaders in belfast appeal for calm after the authorities decide to limit their traditional annual parade to avoid a repeat of the past week's wyatt's that's coming up for you straight ahead. syria and reversed momentum rebels are now killing one another in the alienating
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the people they claim they're fighting for the assad regime has regained lost ground and is on the offensive in the meantime western powers are showing we looked into to provide arms to the rebels is it now time to consider a process to stop the violence and talk peace. right to. first street. and i think the jury. on our reporters with their. instrument. to be in the mold.
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making good on decades of rhetoric the u.s. cutting off funding to firms funds and social projects in israeli settlements built illegally on palestinian lands the move had taken israel by surprise with officials describing it as brutal and an earthquake that will have serious consequences our middle east correspondent paula slayer reports from one of the affected areas the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is furious with this new european union directive and a number of leading israeli officials have called it an earthquake what it states is that in any future agreements between israel and the european union the needs to be an exclusion clause referring to settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem now i'm standing in the israeli settlement of aureole behind me is the university
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that was founded thirty one years ago and which today has a student population of fourteen thousand degrees that awarded here all recognized by the israeli higher council for education but this latest move by the european union is bad news not only for settlements like this one but also for universities like the one you see behind me what it states is that they need to be a pretty big on all grants scholarships prizes and money that is awarded and unless there is this exclusion cause now it is estimated that this will affect some fifty percent of israeli institutions including large corporations and banks that have in direct ties with the settlements palestinians and their allies have congratulated and welcomed this move saying that it is an important political and cultural boycott on the stairs on the movement but these raids are angry particularly the right wing elements in the town yahoos government who say that they're now going to step up their cause to end any kind of gestures for resumption of peace talks with
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the palestinians placea r.t. in the aerial settlement west bank. well let's get some palestinian perspective on the e.u.'s proposed financial blockade of settlements i'm joined now by mika cortes from the boycotts divestments and sanctions palestinian group sir welcome to the program are you satisfied now that the e.u. is finally taking action. not at the least i'm not satisfied and happy they took their taking action. it highlights industry that most of the world doesn't understand exists here and israel over time has over what is now sixty five years of controlling a civilian population from one hundred forty eight to sixty seven to the first intifada and a second intifada cast lead defensive shield wars with lebanon has become number one in the world in controlling
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a civilian population in essence urban warfare and it's our biggest export it's israel's success story. we trying to hold the beijing olympics five years ago and displaced a million and a half people they came to train with israeli police forces a bit on the gun stadium to learn how to do that. israeli vehicles patrol the favelas of rio de janeiro taking care of gang warfare israeli companies rafale and supervise the construction of the wall between mexico and the us we export the occupation all over the world the fact that the e.u. is finally living up to certain international obligations means aid that the grassroots movement the grassroots b.d.'s movement is doing better is becoming increasingly powerful that the world is beginning to wake up but i'm not satisfied you know well you're not satisfied what more do you want the european union could be doing specifically. well it would have i think
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what when it comes down to the local economies here under standing that what goes on here a lot of israelis fear that this is actually and the end leave they declare that this has something to do with anti-semitism but in fact in the economy in the in the settlements. is necessarily an israeli economy there's a multinational investment here g four s. is one of the largest private security companies in the world. i think invested in it's a danish company and a british company. and they have guards at checkpoints they have guards at the largest military prison in the occupied territories they hold. the whole. i do want to apologize for our viewers it looks like temporarily last time we go according to the scene right invention we have the audio let's get back to the interview i had star sorry about that. well ok let's let's let's move on your group
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focus is on what i was i was talking about the forests and i do apologize your focus is on getting international attention on boycotting israel has maintained that diplomacy needs to be focused through through you know essentially talking between the israelis and palestinians without outside pressure do you think your actions are is this outside pressure needed i mean is it is an internal solution somehow possible. i mean turn a solution as long as israel i mean internally the question is that israeli politicians have as it's very clear that israel is not working towards a two state solution our politicians especially after the last elections were running campaigns that were all about who is going to day in some areas socially areas see over sixty percent of the west bank this is our internal insight i wish more people around the world could could speak and read hebrew because israeli
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politicians are not planning on a two state solution it's the message they give to the world while in the meantime industry only grows. at the expense of palestinian land and palestinian rights i think it's time that we understood that and especially in this case the e.u. is talking about still talking about a two state solution internally the israeli government is not all right well that's one point of view of course we hear it or teach you like to give lots of different guests the opportunity to express themselves and make a purchase from the boycott divestment and sanctions palestinian group playing and with your opinion thank you sir. and fein thousands of people have clashed with police in thirty cities outraged over revelations of corruption within the ruling people's party they're demanding the prime minister quits after claims that he and other party members received over eight million euros worth of bribes right now spain is gripped by its worst economic crisis in decades madrid financial trader felix moreno believes that it will be tough for reform to survive these protests.
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well it goes very deep and very high to the top basically what people are really curious about is that we've seen austerity and cuts for the people but not for the politicians spain is one of the countries of the highest number of politicians per population ratio in europe we have got. till it's between one hundred thousand two hundred thousand politicians actually drawing a salary from the eight so people furious that government families businesses everyone has to cut back but the government has just raised taxes so i do believe he would have a chance to survive this if the economy was improving it's not unemployment is not going down the latest numbers to see two thousand and thirteen growth in spain negative one point three to one point five. there's still putting off recovery till two thousand and fourteen two thousand and fifteen so i don't think rally will survive this i think he will survive for now i do see any movement before the
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german elections a month from now. have a snatch through google glass ceiling there is a spectacular spectacles that put your eyes on line but cyber criminals have now given them the power to identify a person just by looking at them those details on our website r.t. dot com also for you there. motown stalls and bankruptcy for america's former symbol of manufacturing might as a trade buckles under more than eight hundred billion dollars of debt that's what our dot com. washington has plans ready for supporting syrian rebels with a military force and the president is considering whether to use them and they were revealed by barack obama's top military adviser as he spoke before the u.s. senate this is as the free syrian army raises the alarm over al qaeda alleged plans to create a terrorist state in the north of the country extremists reportedly plan to use land captured by the rebels pushing out. more moderate opposition and seizing its
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weapons and oil smuggling routes world affairs journalist neil clark believes that the terrorist threats could be a pretext for the rebels to secure western internet and. it's interesting isn't it when president assad was warning about al-qaeda in syria from twenty eleven all of which he was dismissed by the west you scaremongering etc he was saying that al-qaeda was coming to her in syria and now we're hearing this from the f.s.a. it was interesting isn't it that those of those who didn't want this were were dismissed as the apologist for a sad ologist of the syrian government now the west has got to wake up to what's really going on and that i think having said that it's very important journalist on the f.s.a. strategy free syrian army is very keen to get western intervention i think they're now change their strategy and they're sending look al qaeda are going to take control unless we do need and help out the f.s.a. the law and i think now they're lost and say look you've got to help us out and to try to put the training so that the good guys the moderate rebels will not tolerate the just terrible crimes and terrible terrorist atrocities search i think it's
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a kind of faux division to say that there are bad rebels that his election to do in syria next year twenty fourteen there's no teacher anybody to be using violence now to achieve little change in syria democratic elections are available to people so i think the f.s.a. this is a desperate last chance that really. northern ireland irish unionists are lashing out at the authorities assertion to again that baron a new parade now this following street riots that have been sparked by a similar limitation last week the orange order planned to march along a street in belfast which separates the separates part of them literally rival loyalist and nationalist communities so artists are first looks into the current instability as well as its history. but first there's a city of flashpoints and interfaces still to a large extent very much divided along sectarian lines with loyalist and republican communities living right next door to each other and in times of tension it's all too easy for violence to break out as we've seen in recent days but away from that
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night i'm writing and it's a completely different story so we've come to gain a different perspective on what's happening in belfast. the titanic's and the odyssey arena and the waterfront welcome to moe's in belfast but as well as taking in the sights along the more glamorous was a front regeneration area because it is a rule say given a guided to through northern ireland's past troubles at the tool to avoid certain parts of the normal to reach bringing us sharply back to the here and now to the belfast that in the days following the twelfth of july or in july to unionise parade has once again been plagued by scenes of violence. these tourists they finesse the main unafraid i first came here in one thousand nine hundred one of the time it was a very difficult video to because i remember it was the time of the hunger strikers
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so we used to going to town and we were checked so now i just see that there is these peace process in you know the narrative there things have changed so much better times has become such an attractive place to be seen i think it is i mustn't be the elected you know it was the right thing might be highly likely late and the impact is far reaching it's estimated the last years rising a big issue is how many days the union flag can fly coast businesses in belfast millions in the trade this time around the riots sparked by a decision not to let loyalists grade past the nationalist area with the arrival of the former us government peace envoy richard haass to chair all policy talks it's take that a new route can be stated to keep the peace process progressing every year that we had this time of year we go and to crisis mode and that's what you know is very
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welcome development the dredger tosses agreed to share all party talks. some of the very thorny issues the league. the peace building here for a number of years saturday looks like belfast next week past nothing controversial ruling by the parades commission and the parade yet moves the potential for another outbreak the series riots a search on. time for a brief world date and we begin with egypt in cairo tens of thousands of supporters of the ousted president mohamed morsi are gathering and mass to demand his only in statements that the muslim brotherhood had called for fuge demonstrations across egypt after priding prayers horses opponents also planned for protests raising fears of violence between the two camps almost a hundred people have been killed since the president was forced out just over two
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weeks ago. the u.s. has to use security measures intended to protect nuclear weapons to safeguard sensitive data now this includes the so-called two man rule meaning it will take two people to enter a server room so that no one can gain access by themselves data will also be stored in facilities scattered across the u.s. and encryption will be overhauled this is all part of the government's drive to prevent leaks like the surveillance revelations of edward snowden. in colombia a landslide in a mountainous region has swept a number of vehicles and a bus off the road killing at least four people it's thought nearly a dozen people were injured in the accident that took place three hundred kilometers south of the capital bogota emergency crews and local residents dug through the mud to try and reach the survivors. purchases have set up camp in ukraine's capital demanding that the interior minister resigns that this is part of a wave of such rallies over the reported rape of
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a young woman by two police officers that will soon protesters say the investigation was deliberately hindered by the police and that it shows the endemic corruption in law enforcement agencies. to say what us here in our tease serious three sided conflicts between the regime the opposition and terrorists is discussed . you want is something truly baffling the u.s. supreme court has ruled that generic drug makers cannot be sued for bad reactions to their products only the original brand of creators of the drugs can the court's decision was five to four overturning a multimillion dollar award for a woman who was horribly wounded by taking a medication which gave her toxic epidermal necrosis which is basically the
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equivalent of getting third degree burns all over her body and of course after winning the case of mutual pharmaceutical company is demanding their millions of dollars back from the woman who they naturally blame for having side effects from the medicine they made themselves remember this is not just a ruling about one drug but ruling about all generic drugs which are eighty percent of the u.s. market all of them will not have any accountability i cannot wrap my head around the logic of only punishing the creator of a product and great a community to anyone that later reproduces said product i mean would any sane person say that if you shoot a person with a colt forty five pistol that is a crime but if you use a copycat call made in mexico to blow your neighbors off well that's ok because it's a generic copy no no sane person would allow generic drug producers to have no liability for their product but that's just my opinion.


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