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tv   Headline News  RT  July 19, 2013 2:00pm-2:45pm EDT

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a little more freedom of. the russian opposition is released with travel restrictions before his appeal is heard all of this. e.u. financial blockade effective. to build. any sort of european union funding. thousands of supporters of the deposed president mohamed morsy square up to the egyptian army which shows no signs of backing down. on the simmering tension around george zimmerman with
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a possible civil rights probe. we hear from the daughter of martin luther king jr but her thoughts on the case and its ramifications. for the world. this is the with me. a pleasure to have you with us today. released at least for now after he's been handcuffed in court and taken to preliminary detention was sentenced to five years prison. but prosecutors insisted he shouldn't be locked up until after his appeal has been heard. reports from outside the courthouse. well diversification has made an appeal to the court following yesterday's verdict guilty to both of ali and his codefendant but if
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instead of on charges of the best moment in the amount of roughly sixteen million rubles that's about half a million dollars they were taken into custody in court right after the verdict was read and it took the judge around three hours to read the hundred page document but the prosecution has later filed an appeal saying that this measure of preliminary confinement was too strict in this particular case. and officers have to be released from custody which is exactly what happened after a short court hearing again in. europe now both dividing up and sarah are not to leave the country both of them are on their way to moscow and that means that me is now essentially free to paid in the mayoral elections was initially planned but the problem with that is that the. election campaign manager says that they will proceed to himself that he is not so certain about his electoral campaign
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nevertheless he's going to make the final announcement on the exactly what he's going to do what his future plans are after he rides in moscow on saturday morning . on the meantime washington's accusing moscow of suppressing dissent in civil society or in the wake of the sentencing while the e.u. says it's very concerned about the rule of law here in russia we're joined from the institute of democracy and cooperation in paris he actually believes that today's release clearly demonstrates the opposite. what i want to say about the release is that it is surely the proof that the western idea that this trial is political is false because if the court were and the prosecutor were under the control of it as the western press caricature as this this trial then. then it is clear that he would not have been released on appeal because between now and his appeal he cannot
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run for moscow city mayor he cannot give as many interviews as he likes it's an absolute public city godsend for him it doesn't remove him from politics at all it's the absolute ideal solution for him in a sentence because it gives him maximum public city and it enables him to carry on politics so this release if you like is the proof that the trial is not being is not telephone justice and the meantime president putin's spokesman says the judge's ruling and then of on the case should be respected and that here too more on the criminal reaction to r.t.c. corpuscle. according to the president is fully aware of the criminal case involving . but as leader of the country has no official right for an opinion about it in order not to apply any pressure on the judge except for respecting any decision made by the court was also asked whether there was a possibility that granted amnesty by the president. secretary said that
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according to the legal procedure the opposition blogger first has to admit his guilt and obviously hasn't been doing so throughout this entire time he has been pleading not guilty and claiming that this is a political case which has been fabricated because of corruption activities and criticism of the authorities. commented on the thursday's rally the unauthorized improvised a rally which took place in the center of moscow late on thursday and said that it was a violation of the russian law and he hoped that it would not reoccur in the future a small group supporters did gather in moscow again on friday but compared to the numbers of people who took to the streets thursday evening this is a very small amount that has been a reaction from the team to the fact that he was released on appeal. applauded the fact but at the same time on thursday the team and himself were calling for his
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supporters to take to the streets and protest now they're calling on everyone to follow the letter of the law and not take part in any unauthorized rallies and just to remind you on thursday from three to seven thousand people gathered in central moscow. few hours. not an authorized rally which did result in around two hundred. made by the police it is needed to say that throughout most of the rally the police was trying to just keep the protesters the streets in order not to block traffic and there were several attempts to do so. now if you missed any of our coverage you can always catch up to it. from the protests against the well check out our correspondents on twitter keeping an eye on all the latest news from around the world. are on to another well watched court case of
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this time in america about a u.s. whistleblower bradley manning facing the very real prospect of a life behind bars that offer a judge refuses to drop the charge against him aiding the enemy. desperation wasn't enough. poured into the streets over revelations of mass corruption at the very top of the ruling party. for the meantime here on the program are making good on decades of rhetoric the e.u. is cutting off funding to firms on social projects in israeli settlements built illegally on palestinian land and the move took israel by surprise officials describing the move as brutal and an earthquake that will have serious consequences on middle east correspondent paula reports from one of the affected areas these really prime
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minister benjamin netanyahu is furious with this new european union directive and a number of leading israeli officials have called it an earthquake what it states is that any feature between israel and the european union needs to. referring to settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem now i'm standing in the israeli settlement of behind me is the university that was founded thirty one years ago and which today has a student population of fourteen thousand degrees that awarded here are recognized by the israeli higher council for education but this latest move by the european union is bad news not only for settlements like this one but also for universities like the one you see behind me what it states is that the needs to be a prohibit on all grants scholarships prizes and money that is awarded and less there is this exclusion cause now it is estimated that this will affect some fifty percent of the israeli institutions including large corporations and banks that
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have direct ties with the settlements palestinians and their allies have congratulated and welcomed this move saying that it is an important political and cultural boycott on the settlement movement but these raids are angry particularly the right wing elements in the ten yahoos government who say that they're now going to step up their cause to end any kind of gestures for resumption of peace talks with the palestinians policy r.t. in the ariel settlement west bank now the e.u. and other international powers are pushing israel to accept a palestinian state or within the nine hundred sixty seven borders but over the decades more than half a million israeli settlers have made their homes in the occupied territories many of these settlements on the lands they're on are now claimed by israel and that's got some reaction often suffer cohen a middle east coordinator of the medical international humanitarian group joining us live here in our to you good to see you today do you think or is this is this you're making a stand or perhaps europe just running out of money. no i think this is
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a great day for european policy and it's very good news for everybody who wants peace between palestinians and israelis and it's a good day for people who believe in cohesive european policies in the middle east that being said the e.u. trade with illegal settlements that remains unaffected we're talking about settlers netting around three hundred million euros a year i mean isn't this grant cut perhaps a bit symbolic if you think. it is symbolic but it's very important to make the difference between israel proper and the occupied territories richard not part of israel and which which should become part of a future palestinian state if the european union doesn't do this today and if it doesn't make it very clear to the palestinians as well as to israelis that they want a two state solution and that they will stand behind it not only in words but also indeed then we will not have
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a two state solution and time is running out well as you're. making perhaps a good gesture here but all the while settlement construction is an all time high peace talks basically nonexistent is this really the time the right time to antagonize israel with grant cuts do you think. i think it's exactly the right time i think we what we see here is we have american foreign minister kerry running around between ramallah and jerusalem trying to get the parties together but we also see the europeans acting differently from you from america and saying we are going to do something about it we are not going to let the two state solution just disappear we want it to happen and it's not only symbolic by the way this means that a major part of the western world is saying to the world in general and to israelis listen you are going to have to pay the price for occupation it is going to be an economical price and it will cost you dearly because companies around the world
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will think twice before they invest in israel believing that the place is not really exactly stable looking at it from the regional point of view i mean the region is going to burn we have enormous enormous problems in syria we have extremism instability in egypt and the europeans have just understood that besides just around the corner on the other side of the mediterranean there is an enormous problem there and they have to deal with it and to do with it now because the israelis are building up the settlements more and more and they're coming to the point of no return when at the end of the day there will be no possibility neither for the europeans nor for the israelis themselves if they decide at some stage to leave the west bank and to have a two state solution to do this because there would be too many settlers living there or exactly certainly some people some analysts have committed to trying to negotiate over a big piece of cheese that is constantly being eaten away by the end of it what will be left indeed for the palestinians because we know that you've been
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campaigning for a palestinian state for years but is any change really possible do you think until washington changes its stance. i think i think america the us of a are very important for any policy change in the middle east but having said this i think the americans cannot do everything and they we need a good policeman maybe the u.s. standing on the side of of the security interests of israel and we need your europe which will also stand on the side of the security needs of israel but at the same time makes it very clear that as opposed to the u.s. we the europeans will be saying that they need somebody from the outside to help both sides to come to a solution the americans have been until now just saying we want the israelis and the palestinians to come together and then to decide by themselves on their own on the terms we've been doing this for twenty years ever since the oslo agreements in
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one thousand nine hundred three and it has not worked out the europeans have a different idea and the idea is that the terms are more or less clear and that we need to force both sides israelis as well as palestinians to the table and make it clear to them that they need for true to come to a solution and this illusion is there we all know what it is there is just the need for political will and the political will is not there in israel because israel has been you know eating the easy of the cake and saving at the same time because it wasn't paying any price for the occupation now it will start to understand that if there is a price to be paid and it's better now than later when you talk about this price to be paid as yourself me the story is that you use cutting funding to various israeli settlements on so-called palestinian land but netanyahu has now said that these new rules violate existing agreements very quickly and very very low on time here do you think israel could mount a successful challenge quickly. well i don't think it can because the europeans
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have found out that they have a reason for the policy is working and i think they will stand behind it because it is part of their own policy their own interest in the middle east where it's a koan for medical international thank you for joining us here a nazi. girl in egypt are supporters of the ousted president morsi protesting on mass across the country to demand his reinstatement in cairo the army has reportedly blocked thousands of demonstrators from marching on the presidential guard house and some more than fifty protesters were shot almost two weeks ago it's also started firing tear gas to break up crowds in the capital a journalist on the africa specialist lawrence freeman he told me earlier that there's a big chance both sides will dig in there by forcing the army's hand the situation now is that the muslim brotherhood has to make a decision whether they're going to be part of the process moving forward with this nine month agenda for a constitution parliamentarian elections presidential elections or is the muslim
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brotherhood going to be violent and disruptive in which case the situation will be very difficult in term president hu's there's a very in george and a number of other civilians have filled out the other positions of the cabinet they have a perspective that the door is open to the muslim brotherhood if the brotherhood continues to go in a via if it goes in a violent direction yes i think then the military and the government behind the military will move to keep security don't forget the muslim brotherhood has a large support in egypt is no question about it but it doesn't have the whole country supporting it there's a lot of people. live from moscow it's all it's he and our reporter how corruption in spain has driven thousands to the streets on the century of jail time facing bradley manning more offer a quick break. i
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doubt very seriously that obama is sincere when he says snowden should come home and stand trial. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule today. wealthy british style sun. times right.
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market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report. this is the f.b.i. and the u.s. justice department have told florida police not to give back the gun to george zimmerman he was acquitted last week after the shooting dead the unarmed black teenager trayvon martin and the court ruled as a moment acted in self-defense of the department of justice is holding on to his gun and other evidence some of the prospect of a federal civil rights investigation zimmerman's acquittal several days of outrage across america with thousands declaring it was racial discrimination earlier in the program i spoke to bernie's king daughter of one of the most prominent civil rights activists of the twentieth century martin luther king jr all about the role of the
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racial debate in the case that a lot of groups in america feel oppressed i think for those of us in the african-american community because we've had such a long history of oppression since we've been in this country it makes it a little bit more intense and when we look at the statistics in a lot of different categories in america whether we're talking about the criminal justice system education health care wealth there are great disparity still as it relates to the african-american community and so you know this particular case i think to me is a sign and a wake up call that we have to finish or continue the unfinished work of martin luther king jr i think perhaps that's why ironically we have the name trayvon martin not that he is martin luther king jr but i think it's kind of a sign that hey we've got to reconnect with and continue this i'm finished work of
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martin luther king jr particularly in the racial and economic areas. our turning our attention to spain now where thousands of people have clashed with police in thirty cities and they're outraged over revelations of corruption within the ruling people's party that a mining the prime minister quits after claims that he and other party members received over eight million euros of bribes right now spain's gripped by its worst economic crisis in decades and madrid financial trader felix marino he believes it will be tough for mariano rajoy to survive these demonstrations well it goes very deep and very high to the top basically what people are really furious about is that we've seen austerity and cuts for the people but not for the politicians spain is one of the countries of the highest number of politicians per population ratio in europe we have zero s. s. debates between one hundred thousand two hundred thousand politicians actually
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drawing a salary from this eight so people are furious that governments families businesses everyone has to cut back but the government has just raised taxes so i do believe he would have a chance to survive this if the economy was improving but unfortunately it's not unemployment is not going down the latest numbers still see two thousand and thirteen growth in spain negative one point three to one point five they still they're still putting off recovery till two thousand and fourteen two thousand and fifteen so i don't think raju will survive this i think he will survive for now i do see any movement before the german elections in a month from now and to america now where u.s. judge has ruled bradley manning must face the charge of aiding the enemy a decision that means the whistleblower could spend the rest of his life behind prison walls and the defense would argue that manning sent the trove of classified information to wiki leaks to spark reform and debate on these lives while reports.
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it is the most serious charge of a private first class for he says so that means he still faces the possibility of life without parole now the court took a look at the testimony and evidence we've heard so far throughout this case and found that there is enough evidence to move forward with this charge this charge of aiding the enemy prosecution has cited manning's job as an intelligence analyst they say that as an intelligence analysts he should have known that by leaking these documents to the n.c. secret secrecy website wiki leaks that al qaeda osama bin laden and al qaeda affiliates were going to see this information and now the defense has insisted and has maintained that bradley manning and no way intended to aid the enemy they say that he is a whistleblower and that he leaked these documents in an effort to expose wrongdoing and to basically to spark a public debate what is going on in the wars abroad diplomatically really what the
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truth is. now the u.s. government is into a new coming down hard on bradley manning it's also targeted at another secret about a former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden of course he blew the lid off american surveillance activities and is still stranded at a moscow airport but only one has the american public sympathy so i washington correspondent for port. the u.s. government's relentless crackdown on whistleblowers is sort of designed to scare the whistleblowers of the future but we see that bradley manning's fate has not scared edward snowden for example so despite the crackdown whistleblowers keep coming forward with revelations about the government's wrongdoings as they see them so the us government decided that punishment is perhaps not enough in the wake of bradley manning's lease the government came up with the so-called insiders like program under which government employees which clearances are basically instructed to snitch on each other so employees have to judge their colleagues each and behavior and determine whether they might might become
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a whistleblower you can imagine how many baseless and discriminatory investigations the program could trigger critics argue that the obama administration is using mccarthy methods to go on whistleblowers on top of that you have journalists who sources in the government have dried up the justice department has shown that to track down and on all the right source they can see quickly seized during this communications records as was the case with a.p. germany's so but this new era of with simple lowers we spoke with them for nix who's been writing extensively on the bradley manning case take a listen you know for forgetting to leave the pentagon had to walk out of the rand corporation with the hospital documents. seventy two hours and. hours of documents on a lot of bradley manning underground and not loading the computer. you know presumably did something similar just wanting to you believe documents it was a bit of a person and there's a secrecy and
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a person who just these two sources are bound to collide it's interesting poll show that the majority of americans think of edward snowden as a whistle blower not a traitor whereas the majority of americans think bradley manning is a traitor to a certain extent the public support for this or that whistleblower depends on the subject of their revelations bradley manning revealed the u.s. governments were crimes abroad. perhaps not surprisingly many generates more sympathy abroad than at home but one can argue that americans are more sympathetic to snowden because his revelations are about their rights their civil liberties so they care more when it's iraqis rights they apparently care less and on the web site right now for this hour the world's largest genetically modified seed corporation and now we're treating europe monsanto says it's given up trying to get approval for six new crop this over into ferocious block wide resistance to modified food you can get those details right now on the website.
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over there for you this our pockets of smash through the google glass ceiling spectacular spectacles that put your eyes online but cyber criminals have now given them the power to identify a person just by looking on. but for now here in moscow is hosting representatives from the world's most powerful economies for talks on market turbulence and tax avoidance the g. twenty meeting is a precursor to september's big summit between a question of. at today's g twenty finance ministers and central bank governors meeting has opened this friday in the russian capital now it is focusing on the ways how to attract more off new investments into the economic growth than taxation transparency and of course the international monetary fund reform now in particular the g. twenty back quite a fundamental rethink are the rules on taxing multinational companies to fight
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those loopholes that this company is are using to avoid at times the billions of dollars in taxes now in this moscow meeting is also part of some major proper a sense for the g twenty summit that will take place and that's the tambour ensign petersburg and russia is the current holder of the annual presidency of the g. twenty now g twenty an international platform that really took believing raul in the middle of two thousand and eight financial crisis here now faces some trial and all of the multi-speed global economy and some really hits it debates are expected to have rocked the september ensign peters burke and we will surely bring you the latest. for it up next year about c.e.o. edward snowden the focus of so for code in just a moment. you
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want is something truly baffling the u.s. supreme court has ruled that generic drug makers cannot be sued for bad reactions to their products only the original bridge creators of the drugs care the court's decision was five to four overturning a multimillion dollar award for a woman who was horribly wounded by taking a medication which gave her toxic. necrosis which is basically the equivalent of getting third degree burns all over her body and of course after winning the case mutual pharmaceutical company is demanding their millions of dollars back from the woman who they naturally blame for having side effects from the medicine they made themselves remember this is not just a ruling about one drug but ruling about all generic drugs which are eighty percent of the u.s. market all of them will not have any accountability i cannot wrap my head around
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the logic of only punishing the creator of a product and great a community to anyone that later reproduces said product i mean would any sane person say that if you shoot a person with a court forty five pistol that is a crime but if you use a copycat call made in mexico to blow your neighbors off well that's ok because it's a generic copy no no sane person would allow drug producers to have no liability for their product but that's just my opinion. alan welcome to sophie and co lance of the shevardnadze and even today we can't get past snowden edward snowden has intentionally or unintentionally but the
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relationship between russia and the united states on ice the fact is that whistleblower weighs on russian territory and is asking for an asylum while the united states is demanding his immediate arrest and extradition in the current lot of uncertainty and chilliness between the two states what is really at risk. a legacy of. u.s. ties are continuously tested never more so than. this squabble over snowden has fueled. as the crossfire well presidents seek to preserve partnership and promote peace one of the sore points in the relationship can the post cold war giants catch the same way. but does it state for russia and america and for the international community as a whole. so our guest is steven cohen professor of russian studies and history at new york university and princeton university steven it's really great to have you
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with us today i'm happy to be with you so right so at this point who is snowden more of a problem for the united states or russia. well in my perspective he's a problem for both if we put this in historical context since the end of the soviet union twenty two years ago we've lost several opportunities to create a meaningful cooperative relationship between washington and moscow it appeared a few weeks ago that we had another opportunity the opportunity began with the tragedy the bombings in boston when it was clear that we needed a lot of cooperation in counterterrorism between moscow and washington and then as the syrian civil war whatever it is spun out of control certainly the worst crisis in the middle east in many years it also appeared that washington and moscow were ready to try to do something about that and then came snowden not only snow but he clearly is a setback and i would say both for president putin and president obama but do you
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think that putin is handling the snowden situation but wisely where what makes this very interesting is that president putin is a man who likes to control the environment in which he makes international and i suppose domestic decisions he couldn't control this snowden came literally out of the blue and he had to decide what to do so he's caught and he was caught and he remains caught between two very strong countervailing factors on the one hand putin pursues in the world what i would call not and anti american foreign policy but and an american foreign policy that is say or a non american foreign policy that is a foreign policy rather different from the united states in many areas therefore he could not turn snowden a highly symbolic figure over to the united states on the other hand it's absolutely clear that putin wants some kind of cooperative relationship with the
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united states i think he's probably done as good as he can do as i understand it the solution is to. allow snowden to remain in russia in some status of temporary asylum while he sorts out how he's going to go to a third country venezuela or someplace that's a legal issue that is to say he needs travel documents and probably he has to go to the embassy of that country in moscow but though it's legal it's profoundly political in a way the american russian relations at the moment hinge on that and as i said the other day to an american who asked me i think this test the leadership ability not only of putin but of obama to solve this problem and you brought up an interesting point saying that putting likes to control the situation do you think you would have acted differently if he wasn't confronted with a sheer fact. of snowden being in rochelle russian soil well i mean all
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leaders real leaders state leaders try to control the environment in which they make decisions but very often they can wars come to acts of terrorism and calm leaders change in other countries with whom they were doing business what we don't know about the snowden affair is whether or not the chinese when they allowed snowden to fly to moscow from phone call cleared it with the russian and whether the russians said ok sending the law if they if that happened and we don't know but i would guess it did because the chinese russian relationship is very important and very close at the moment i would assume that whoever in moscow made that decision in might not have been president putin he can't make every decision before it becomes crisis they may have assumed in moscow that in fact snowden was going to do as snowden thought he was going to do spend maybe ten hours in the transit section
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and shut him out of the airport in moscow and then get on a plane to vanna and on at that time he thought to ecuador and then a problem arose with ecuador and he's still in moscow so in that sense we don't know if putin said ok let him travel through moscow not knowing he was going to become a kind of resident in moscow given the things the way they are right now what does russia risk if it came snowden an official refugee status well there's a very very as you know strong anti kremlin anti putin anti russian lobby in washington and it's it's citadel as the united states congress that's why we get posterous legislation like the magnitsky act congress is prepared to do anything to strike at russia yesterday for example one of the senators proposed that the united states boycott the a winner. makes in russia in two thousand and fourteen that won't happen but the mere fact that a united states senator who's supposed to be
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a person of wisdom and dignity would propose such a preposterous thing shows you what kind of congress we're dealing with so i predict and i think any idiot could predict i don't claim great credit for this that when and i assume it's when. asylum in moscow that members of congress members of the various anti so any russian lobbies like freedom house in the united states and many others will denounce the kremlin and demand that obama do something very bad to russia and then obama will be tested we will see if he can withstand that or not and that's where i say by the way that i think this is a kind of test not only of the wisdom and leadership of putin but the wisdom and leadership of obama i mean mind you obama didn't ask for this snowden crisis putin asked for it they just got it. and the other thing with this story is that media right now it's more focused on snowden's future on what he eats what he wears where
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he lives where his girlfriend is than his revelations into leaks can we expect the attention turning back to actually n.s.a. in prison or is it the issue now buried under a snowden narrative. well you raised what for me is the fundamental question what we that is we americans should be doing now ever since snowden made these revelations is having a big open public debate about whether or not we approve of these massive intrusive surveillance programs by american intelligence agencies and of course europe and russia and other countries who have been survey old have to make that decision to put first and foremost this is a question for americans is it compatible with our concept of democracy of civil liberties of privacy or on the other hand do we need these kind of abuses of civil liberties to protect ourselves against terrorism there are two sides to this
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issue it's a complicated issue and snowden wanted to trigger a debate and he's failed because as you say the drama of the personal saga of edward snowden what's going to happen to him where is he going to go where is. girlfriend he looks so young all these personal dramas and i would guess that snowden who seems to be a very serious and purposeful man is themselves disappointed because his purpose he says and i believe him in making these revelations was to initiate a conversation in the united states about these practices the surveillance practices which because of his own drama hasn't happened yet and it may never happen and sophie let me add a matter that is absolutely never discussed in the united states but it's profound obama says the united states government says the senators say the media say snowden should come home and stand trial. well in some ways if he could get
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a fair trial if he could be out on bail the way say daniel ellsberg was thirty years ago when he took the pentagon papers if he could be out on bail snowden preparing his trial and he could tell his story and he could build a legal team and he could have an open court case with all the rights the defendants have that means that he could subpoena all sorts of officials of the united states government involved with this surveillance right up to the vice president in the present the united states i cannot imagine that the obama administration or in the u.s. administration would permit that therefore i doubt very seriously that obama is sincere when he says obama snowden should come home and stand trial but i would guess that of snowden were given those guarantees of being out of prison on bail and free to have an open trial he might come home but he's not going to get those guarantees i would guess because we live in a different era here in america to you know i want to talk
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a little bit more about how that has changed the whole n.s.a. leaks have changed american society because if you talk about me and people around me who are you know who have like a post so it hang or a soviet childhood i mean these revelations weren't life changing for us because whistle spec surveillance in some for or another like many our t.v. viewers are strongly against any form of surveillance our audience but still i know a lot of americans that are around there saying hey on this point we're done with the government for example larry king told me same thing that he's actually siding with the government on surveillance what do you see around you are the people still shocked or already digesting and accepting it's in the name of the war on terror. well i think it depends on i speak i mean i understand what you're saying about your russian colleagues. though surveillance is a problem in russia too and has been for decades and there's a debate in the russian media about whether the fed is bad the russian intelligence agency is doing too much or too the. no and rick let's be fair people in russia and
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in the united states are afraid of terrorism if you ask me what i allow the united states government to listen to my phone calls and read my e-mail if they're going to prevent my children from being killed in a terrorist explosion in new york city where i live undoubtedly i would say yes i just be a little more careful what i said on the problem and what i wrote on an email but this is a this is a major question in times of change i'm old enough to remember leo's book case when he took the pentagon papers which documented all the pentagon in the white house lying about the war in vietnam and then the new york times published it and then they were published very quickly as a book and ellsberg was on the radio in the television as it existed then and he was out on bail and famous lawyers came to defending and in the in the was he was exonerated in a way he won in the courts that america doesn't exist anymore partly because of
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what happened in nine eleven but because partly because we fought so many wars many americans are afraid and we've become more accustomed decade by decade to this kind of surveillance so the question that snowden raises is should we have become accustomed to it is this really a trade off between our fears and our privacy that we want to make but i agree with you the polls have shown that i don't remember the last number that the polls revealed but about half of americans maybe more were ok with what the government was doing but sophie you know as well as i do that when you take a public opinion poll you can get the answer you want by the way you ask the question you say in general to americans are you prepared to give up all the freedoms that americans have fought for for two hundred years. and allow the government to do this kind of possibly illegal surveillance a majority would say. no but if you ask people are you allowed are you prepared to
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permit this surveillance so that you and your children are safe the majority is going to say yes it's just in the how you asked the question and you can't ask the question until you've had the national discussion which we haven't had which the government doesn't want but what snowden wanted but again which entailed snowden personal drama is it's our least calms down it's off the front page we're not going to have a discussion in this country and even then we might not have it because the government doesn't want to do that trade of i'm afraid it's a question that's going to be an aspect for a while it's time for a short break coming up next does us treat russia as equal and the cold war aftershocks are they still here stay with us.
2:44 pm
syria and reversed momentum rebels are now killing one another in alienating the people they claim they're fighting for the assad regime has regained lost ground and is on the offensive in the meantime western powers are showing we looked into to provide arms to the rebels is it now time to consider a process to stop the violence and talk peace. we speak your language i mean some of the you will not advance. this program some documentary some spanish what matters to you. a little tune if angle is the story. of. the spanish find out more visit i too am a dud.


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