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tv   Headline News  RT  July 20, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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i. see tonight britain's top police agency refuses to name the blue chip companies that ordered a frenzy of bugging and wire tapping for commercial gain. which the agency knew about. a one hundred city rallies underway in the united states now with crowds furious at the acquittal of george zimmerman had an unarmed black teenager. and as the sun sets in cairo thousands of supporters of ousted president morsi pressed on with protests at night after clashes left three people dead.
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this is r.t. international and our top story than tonight from moscow british leaders are demanding to know why one of the country's premier law enforcement bureaus ignored massive corruption of misconduct by private investigators the serious and organized crime agency allegedly knew about the illegal wiretap tapping and hacking and they did nothing about it now the agency is refusing to name which people or firms ordered the bugging for fear of damaging their reputation something investigative journalist tony gosling told me finds deplorable. it's quite clear that the hacking inquiry which lord leveson conducted is just the tip of the iceberg there's a massive industry there of criminals actually what they're doing is proposing as private investigators acking into lots of databases mostly government databases where people have given information to government agencies obviously in confidence and these are the this information is now coming out talking about the national health service the police tax authorities banks councils quite clearly this is
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criminal and so i wonder whether this serious organized crime agency isn't actually somehow part of organized crime itself if it's not doing anything about this the previous boss of serious organized crime agency syrian andrews has said the reason that they don't want to do this is that it could taint big companies names and the names of powerful people one file for some of these companies allegedly involved blue chip companies very important companies for the british economy i guess it's also not a good thing to be coming out at a time when the british economy is not great great health anyway is it well the british economy is going to be even worse health if this is allowed to continue if criminal companies are allowed to get away with it that means that legitimate companies honest firms are actually being overtaken by those companies if they're able to make profits and get an advantage over honest law abiding companies that's why this is so important kevin is because it really means that we start to go down
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the road of a criminal state that is to say the criminals win out while the honest people go down and we seriously do not want that to go any further here in britain otherwise britain is a joke if there's no rule of law in this country if these people can continue to get away with it creating a massive industry what they're doing is they're actually giving a green light to organized crime. unparalleled britain's addiction to violence is shattering records with estimates that there is no one for every eleven people were previously groups of furious saying george orwell's one to ninety four was never intended to be an instruction manual. if you ever feel like you're being watched perhaps even feel singled out no matter how huge the crowd. chances are it may not just be paranoia. the british security industry association estimates that there are between four point one and five point nine million a close circuit television or c.c.t.v. cameras in the u.k. one in every fifteen or one in every eleven people whether you're with
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a shopping mall or what are called sensitive locations like schools and hospitals they're likely to be electronic now in recent years much criticism has been thrown out what is seen as the u.k. government's growing surveillance state but in the most recent report it shows that in fact majority of c.c.t.v. cameras are not government funded but rather privately owned mostly used for security reasons another stressed the c.c.t.v. schemes are invaluable for crime detection and evidence for the police however one of the main problems highlighted by watchdogs is the fact that there are not still not enough regulations governing public c.c.t.v. surveillance much less those that are privately owned we discussed this issue with the big brother watching price of private c.c.t.v. cameras those installed by the police and local authorities so it does. it is the government that's acting as big brother doesn't it i think it's a hole in the u.k. at the moment i think the private sector seen the proliferation of. public sector
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and this kind of attention that c.c.t.v. prevents crime from happening and so it's only a matter of time in the private sector. private. technology appearing via the internet things to do with facial recognition and things cameras that can sense people from miles away so i think it's only correct that the law catches up with the technology and states how and when these cameras can be used at the end of the day the sophisticated they can form a very intricate picture of everybody all right thank you very much for that. information on the vast number of privately owned surveillance cameras out of the debate of the so-called surveillance society you know this is just coming on the back after one year of the protection of freedoms act was passed in the u.k. where the government was forced to trim down its database of d.n.a.
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and fingerprints records and it's just coming days after that code of regulation is imposed on public surveillance cameras and of course the debate created by the revelations of edward snowden already ongoing reporting from london. britain looks to. the washington. website through a secret court president obama with. the phone records of millions of americans. caught. some of the way across the united states a week after a florida court acquitted george zimmerman who was shot dead. expect more than one hundred cities to take part in the rallies now he's going to kind of was among the crowd the washington. you see hundreds of people here at a d.c. courthouse demanding justice for trayvon martin the young black man who was shot dead by a neighborhood watch volunteer last week the jury in florida found george zimmerman
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not guilty of murder and manslaughter all these people think that trayvon martin being white he would have been alive even president obama thinks to civil rights activist here is all that is that george zimmerman followed trayvon martin that night because he was black the seventeen year old trayvon martin was walking home in his own neighborhood with a pack of skittles candies in his pocket the jury apparently found that although it was a bad judgment on the part of george zimmerman to pursue the young man but went to the to confront each other zimmerman acted in self-defense the fact of the matter is that under florida's stand your ground law the defense doesn't even have to prove that their client is an angel it's enough to prove reasonable doubt that the defendant acted in self-defense and they're free to go so in this case you have a clash of different issues or a civil rights vigilantism guns and self-defense laws the u.s. has a history of racial disparities in the application of criminal laws a very recent example also in the state of florida a black woman a mother of three was sentenced to twenty years in jail because she fired
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a bullet at a wall to scare off her abusive husband nobody was injured and the woman is in jail for twenty years while george zimmerman walks free so you see the paces so you see the basis of these people's outrage there have been protests around the country throughout the week following the zimmerman verdict dozens of people were arrested most of the arrests were made on charges of unlawful assembly in some places like the san bernardino protests turned violent demonstrators threw rocks at passing cars the president america's first black president spoke from the heart on friday when he recalled some of the instances when he had been looked upon with suspicion put no apparent reason because he's black but the president also tried to put out the fire of protests throughout the country by basically saying as much. if you don't like the verdict don't blame the jury and judge blame the existing law in washington i'm going to check out. another court hearing resonating in the united
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states out of bradley manning in which witness accounts are now being heard including one of the whistleblowers for the ball she says she quote knew he was a spy because quote he smoked too much and drank strong coffee. also too coming up no knowledge orange order refused to take no for this test the police all the way to the national this time of voiding scare which is off. but next thousands of probe morsi supporters of turned out onto the streets again gathering outside of major mosque in the east of karo a sit in there has been held since the army shot dead more than fifty civilians protesting against the ousting of the former president more than two weeks ago thousands of promo see demonstrators broke off from outside the mosque where protesters are now before marching on the republican guard barracks but they are blocked by the army this comes less than a day after three people were killed in the north of cairo in clashes between opposing camps meanwhile the new interim president sort of a group of experts to start working on amending the country's constitution which is
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needed before new elections at the start of next year. spoke to a journalist in car who says the muslim brotherhood doesn't want to seek the middle ground. the real problem that we're facing right now is the time of president morsi taking over it's been some politics game it's all or none and that is mainly the reason he's been pushed out of power because he would not share it with anyone else who would not succumb to opposition and now that he's been pushed out of power at the same truth prevails they're not willing to compromise at all and i and the reason is because this organization is bent on dominating and pushing their way. of. politics and so it's actually quite difficult to see a way out of this without. any side to compromising at the moment it's up to the brotherhood who rejected most of the talks and negotiations so it's
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a standoff that continues unfortunately and of course you're very on the ground you sort of have a much better perspective of how high the emotions are running how do you see this playing out i mean could these tensions escalate into a civil war perhaps or do you think that some sort of political political solution is possible here right now the military has taken matters into their hands in a way from a security perspective at least so the idea of a civil war is far fetched because it's unlikely that the military will split over the muslim brotherhood because they face a lot of rejection from the people on the ground and from within the military institution due to the way they've handled things for political adversarial side told us of those pushing for more she's read statement feel they're being denied democracy. my family is just one family in that you know that many families in egypt who took to the streets to demand that the first really elect the president the first widget president of egypt be reinstated because what happened
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was a military coup i think now all the military know is that. there are millions and millions of people on the streets and do not want this army of people to come back again along with mubarak's their option right now what we see is pretty dark stakes come back bubbling to the surface and on the military will do just as it has done before whatever it can do to subdue and to you know qual these protests that are in the streets right now as they have people are. coming up in the program the children caught in the cross says israel's military in the teeth of perfidy trey's resorting to using wanted posters to intimidate palestinian youngsters who throw stones in protest of the settlements what world are coming up a business is buzzing here in moscow top financial ministers leading bankers agree to fight global unemployment and increase growth for the key thing at the g twenty summit here in russia this couple stories of this quick break.
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wealthy british style. time to plan for. the. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into a report on apple for example much of its manufacturing is done on in the united states so i don't see why the american sanitary would be so concerned. if paying or not paying taxes because ultimately it's not going to get any share of that and that's happening already and of course we're talking here about how do you share the taxes provided there are tax is
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a problem today there's nothing to share because we have grieved to this region where these companies don't pay tax. you know that all and thousands of british lawyers today staged a parade in support of an earlier rally stopped by authorities police intervention spot five nights of rioting further stoking sectarian emotions the. reports from today's gathering. into the great hunting of the. we need. you in the marching. to. flee. the great you see the line of. everything on the fleet salute we've given the food. to eat the fruit we
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want in the. way into the. sewer the think that thinks on us the finest thing you were your. words you were hungry. maybe you should be right did she. see. you do. you. like to. think i can teach you the links to these. yes it's still early in. the week it's a natural fit the not. the lucky tools in the country in which. the other people are going to be very pleased the way they relate. to. that will continue in. a sort of for the u.k.
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things have been controlled quite smoothly bloody faces. clashes between. police. desperation the people of detroit. dead in a few minutes whether this could mean. a new beginning. witnesses are being called to testify against him. his former boss says she always suspected he was a spy among her arguments manning's heavy smoking in the fact that he drank strong coffee faces life in prison for leaking classified documents to wiki leaks after the judge confirmed the most serious charge of aiding the enemy in artie's breaking was set programming martin discusses developments with the producer of the show and to play. what happened was so you know this case is three and
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a half years at the making at this point almost and you know the government's long been saying ok manning you aided the enemy because you want to wiki leaks you gave them files those files got the internet and then osama bin ladin dialed up his modem and got those papers and because of that we can send you away to prison and you see it for the rest of life and you left because a lot people think that's kind of funny that by using the internet and sharing documentation that has actually been proven to cause any harm you know really aiding the enemy right so that was that was the defense's argument and they said you know this is a bit preposterous and when you know this trial has been going on actually only happening for a couple of weeks now when the prosecution actually had to present their case and they had to call witnesses and they actually had to try to make an effort to say bradley manning you waited the enemy afterwards the defense said we don't think so we don't think you even you we don't think you even gave enough evidence that the judge can actually make this decision so they filed a couple of motions a few weeks back and just today colonel denise lind the military judge presiding over the case she finally responded and said no there's enough evidence that i can
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actually go ahead and i can make a decision should not to make the decision now the court case is going to wrap up sometime next month most likely but she is not dismissing the charges by not dismissing the charge bradley manning will now face a maximum of life plus one hundred fifty four years in prison i believe life plus one hundred fifty four years and if you lose a hell of a guy you might live to and yeah you know that you know aiding the enemy or not your life span how is the prosecution going to prove this i mean i guess we don't know but based on what they've already said it seems pretty flimsy elder we already know that manning did all this stuff naturally the enemy but we know he's played with the likes of hundreds of thousands of classified documents that sets that's out there he admitted that the prosecution's tried saying that these documents caused harm to national security and they had people come in to testify about all of these documents separately released iraq war logs afghan war logs collateral murder video that went on will be a detainee assessment briefs all these information and that's what the last couple of weeks have been with this is being called by the prosecution and by the defense trying to say well either you know he did it knowing that this could happen or no
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he was a naive twenty something guy who wanted to help the world but that's going to be ultimately up to the judge to decide. and the full edition of breaking the set of our website where you want to catch the. boosting growth in combat in currency wars what kief announces the world's twenty leading economies have been talking about here in moscow they're gathering seen as a precursor to september the g twenty summit in russia more about that the martyrs within a coach you know. the leading economists have agreed that strengthening growth and creating jobs remain the top priorities for the g twenty member states as the recession in the euro area continues ways how to recover from this were largely discussed at this meeting the g twenty financial leaders vowed to prevent currency worse although the i.m.f. chief christine lagarde believes that the danger of currency manipulation is pretty
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much exaggerated now this meeting is also a part of some major preparations for the upcoming g. twenty summit that will take place in st petersburg this september boom really seems at the same time that it is increasingly being used as a bargaining chip in international politics now their worst some rumors is that the u.s. president barack obama will would not be able to meet with the president lies even if we can in moscow if russia grants asylum to the former anas a contract or adverse notion though early as such a meeting was announced to take place around the time of the anyon g twenty summit now white house press secretary jay carney he later outlined that the president in turn to travel to russia for the g twenty summit but refused to comment further and he also acknowledged that he was being deliberately vague on that issue but still it really seems that those economists who have gathered here are for this
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a g twenty finance ministers meeting not put politics aside and we're really discussing some challenging economic issues. relief pensions people disability in detroit who have the bankruptcy saying the benefits are safe at least for the next six months anyway the city wants the jewel of american industries go bust with all the eighteen billion dollars of debt. that merit david explains though it could be a chance for a new beginning rather than a painful ebb. it's something that i think a lot of people in detroit aren't incredibly surprised to hear the city has been in decline for many many years all of my life since i've been born at least but i think what you're seeing really is just this sort of vicious cycle that the city has not really been able to get out of you know you have high unemployment because you have high unemployment you have thousands of people that are just leaving the city in droves to find economic opportunities elsewhere when you have people
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leaving the city you're obviously producing less tax revenue you have to tighten the budget and not to mention that when you have more unemployment you have more issues like crime and then that's just one inevitability of having high unemployment so that puts a further strain on resources from the police department the fire department etc so it's not all that surprising that a system like that that's frankly unsustainable would would collapse aside from that i would say that the traders are pretty optimistic detroiters and metro detroit are pretty optimistic about this they're not looking at as hitting rock bottom they feel like we hit rock bottom a long long time ago this is the thing that had to happen to move forward to turn the page and really sort of you know kind of the beginning of the end of the pain. members of the far right english defense league clash violently with police in the city of burning in the middle of the u.k. it's left several people injured thirty three protesters were arrested after bottles and stones were hurled at offices and the deal said it was taking to the
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streets to call for the reintroduction of video cameras in the city center called crime a left wing counter protest was held not far from where those clashes erupt. in more world news a police station west of paris has come under attack more protesting against officers and forcing france's ban on islamic full face veils five people were injured six were detained in the assault the current wave of rage was sparked by the arrest of a man who tried to strangle a place of find his wife for wearing a veil. israel is truly several long term palestinian prisoners this part of a deal to start peace talks brokered by the u.s. secretary of state john kerry he said the two sides are ready for negotiations which will start in washington within two weeks kerry met the leaders of both states on the six visit to the region in as many rights. while the politicians try them to revive the peace process the outrage over israel's settlements refuses to die down among palestinians what's more the military crackdown on protesters
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missing children and up on the i.d.f. wanted list a middle east correspondent paula slayer has more on that. armed to the teeth that's one of the most sophisticated armies in the world state of the art weapons high tech defense and world class combat training but when it comes to dealing with an unconventional enemy children it resorts to those posters threatening to find them wherever they are like a sheriff in a small town with a bounty on outlaws hid every night only the drop bombs and sound bombs that was the houses before i've been bullet the children live in very bad so critical situation and it's working a sufis one of the children whose faces was plastered around village in the northern west bank the warning reads we are the army be careful we will catch you if we see you. we were very afraid when they put our pictures of their threatening us that they will arrest us and they will come and take us from our home. the
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posters went up one afternoon after another demonstration ended in tear gas and rubber coated bullets every friday villagers take to the streets to protest against the wall israel is building between them and a nearby city home and on the front line and in the line of fire children the idea to publish these posters was probably the initiative of a local army commander they were placed on the walls of a mosque and nearby houses. as of says he wasn't throwing stones but the army and settlers have a different version but so is the head of a nearby city home and each day he drives on this road which connects his settlement in the fifty five thousand jews who live in the area with the rest of israel. what would usually happen is they would come and stand on the road to pick up a brick or a large stone and throw it directly and from a short range of the cars many of our residents were hurt three months ago a baby got hit and she's now in
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a vegetative state the stones kill and that's why we expect the military to do what it takes in order for it to stop the israeli figures say rock throwing incidents are up by a hundred and ten percent in the last few months but the army's track record for dealing with palestinian children is dismal and based on recent u.n. report found that the i.d.f. we teenie abuses and tortures youngsters in the occupied west bank the community has hit back by putting up posters of its own the message that there are you know wanted. me. as far south he has exams but can't concentrate way we have soldiers that are on the prowl looking for him and his classmates policy r.t. . they spend. the fed's money printing tactic of why put investors into risk stacey take on america's financial policy after this quick break.
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or remember those old wacky communist countries who constantly boost their numbers to make themselves feel better or who cares if stores are empty and this piece of paper a one hundred thousand tons of potatoes debt is good enough for me well now we are in a new age of technology but the same lying to make yourself feel good is still going strong it just moved over to the capitol swirled the u.s. state department's bureau of international information programs and spent six hundred thirty thousand dollars on facebook advertising campaigns to get fans a sense of the government is out there to buy likes oh what a fantastic use tax dollars but wait maybe i'm being too pessimistic perhaps it worked and really helped spread the message of the us state department effectively when the specter general's report says that since the advertising campaign started
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twenty eleven there has been a dramatic increase in users liking state department sites but the problem is that only two percent of them actually use the sites so you get what you pay for a big bag of likes but if you hard core fans probably the most shocking example is a vision of america group in farsi made for a rainy and which has gotten over four hundred twenty thousand members but only one percent of them is actually in iran where facebook advertising doesn't even exist that's effective getting lots of likes doesn't mean you are actually reaching people instead of paying for them why not you know get them naturally bar by providing interesting honest content on a regular basis oh wait that takes effort and honesty yeah you know what just keep wasting our tax dollars but that's just my opinion. well. technology innovation all the developments
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around russia in the future are covered. welcome to the guys the report on m.x. kaiser w t f where is the fear fear is one of the most profitable emotions to stock market operators throughout history oh that fear and you have your own virtual printing press not explain all this is to max we have fear related headlines in the show today and the first one is vix e.t.f. continue downward spiral the vix is the volatility index of course and first let's actually look at the chart here this is over the past three years as you've seen the vix volatility.


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