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during the fourth lap and then midway through the race it began to rain have really and the teams used good stops to change tires charles there is was leading for the most of the way but he's doing me more kamil andre closed the gap late on to win his second race at the moscow track actually was. raised today i had it was started by the thames was pulling away head and i'm really worried i'm one of the ryan he was a very consistent so a second in for me was no king good for the present as late add but unfortunately it was the race in the second tier supersport get agree that it was to hit the headlines for the worst of reasons it started in a tarantula war but all eyes turn to tale an underground a mallet was father was among the crowd as the twenty five year old lost control of his cover psyche and was heated by his compared to what answers i'm eighty between turns fourteen and fifteen over the first lap the race was stopped with a red flag and the right immediately airlifted to hospital but died from had
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injuries sadly the first fatality at the new track constantine bought out of r t. staying with motorbikes across the atlantic mark mark has extended his lead at the top of the motor g.p.s. standings after winning the us grand prix in california for the span is down a bit rossa and whole gaylor ends are both returned from call of over fractures we could only manage fifth and sixth respectively as markets overcame a slow start to finish ahead of pole sitter stephan bridle and valentino rossi a twenty markets became the youngest ever rider to win back to back races and leads the standings by sixteen points form for josiah with nine races to go. and in the cars russian t. daniel katz had his first taste of formula one in the young driver test at silverstone in the u.k. the nineteen year old completed twenty two laps for the toro rosso team after finishing runner up in the formula one i too serious last season but it was former
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d.v.m. driver susie wolff who stole the line want after making have full test debut for williams and the thirty year old britain calls for more female races to create f one history. see women being successful you know what i think we have many women off track very successful clear billions and billions to it sticks out but you have to be shared sober so off track it's already happening and i think it's only a time a matter of time till on track you'll see some success. well next year russia will host its first formula one race the black sea resort of sochi and last weekend some of the sport's elite were in the capital to showcase their skills around the walls of the kremlin robert spot on young brings us up to speed.
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best is there some work the must go see the ration show the russian get below for the sixth time with some of the world's driving elites the most advanced course of all categories and found coming together again over the weekend. this kind of heaven so i can use their for their people. joy for carson city because when i'm full i was there to drive. not pushing just to strong. team kids or ems hey keep going and has over one hundred four one races on he said be unclean quite a lot has changed since his first visit to moscow in two thousand and nine the circuit and the event looks bigger so looks like there are more people involved already yesterday quite
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a lot of fans and spectators were out there in the paddock to seeing our cars and our galaxy is so looks like they even ask around although they are. bigger and better than before. fans can hardly get any closer to the sport and events like this getting there are a world champ a very fine. some are all yes they're feeling like a formal one mechanic and being within arm's reach of the racing track. very close to the province. so i think nobody when the racing truck i think we have quite a few margin between circuits and france but here. you know i think it's very cross to defy. so i think. a lot of the former one very very into touch. speed drifts and amazing stunts by tara grant controlling the car like
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taking your dog for a walk in the park however it's still the highest class that draws the sport like. world so if they get sad it's great to watch each other in action exchange experiences actually i was looking forward to seeing formula one car so close and what they're made of there are some things we can really add up to our truck to make it even more efficient. but on top of all that the huge build up for the country that is looking to house its first ever formal one found in sochi in two thousand and fourteen shortly after the olympic games is really good for tracking people but we will never turn is he a wonderful or. i don't know is going to continue in the future i do hope you will so you will have is some of the shadow of the fall i was addressing so this year i think you have been talking to them so it's in russia very great for us and great
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news for all of you could. have it for an unknown r.t. moscow. and in two weeks time the german touring car series will also make its russian debut and this weekend local fans were given a taste of what's to come as nikolai chose explains first hand. in the year two thousand of the reform season break and by popular demand the german touring car series made a triumphant return in its native country and next month the expanding de t.m. talk will make its made an appearance in russia so to give local friends at taste of what to expect german car manufacturers our message id's and b.m.w. sent a group of high profile drivers to burn up the drizzling streets of central moscow . hopefully with the weather and everything i would love spectators we can use
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this weekend to show what detail this part he would. just sounded to us and so on i think it's a great opportunity for us well for the fans to notice well to learn about a new race series for them a new race here is how attractive it can be road schumacher is the younger brother of seven time formula one world champion michael and himself and twenty seven f one podium finishes before driving for five seasons in the d t m and now manages the miss a d.c. and the thirty seven year old join markel rockefeller from audi and andy prio from b.m.w. is reading the crowds with high speed demonstration laps and even passenger runs. just sounded so you make slaves of the touring car series make they pay you rush i'm like you know just as you do you know what i don't say that every detail of travel is about two hundred sixty you know it's an hour and the odds are that
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behind the wheel is thirty one year old broken for the top of the overall standings by two points of the five races of the ten race series and he let me feel firsthand what it's like to drift. as i was pushed back in my seat with smoke inside and outside the car watching the crowd. watching me totally enthralled by here to be at the city race is a great opportunity to you know promote our serious to promote the race and to you know feel how the people are passionate about model sport and russia i didn't expect it like this to be honest and yeah it's a great you know opportunity to be with the race guy in the in the center of moscow i'm expecting a lot of people coming to race and hopefully i can be the first g.m. we know in russia this year would be great great also the most because it's a very swiss formula one driver vitaly petrov who took over from schumacher behind
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the wheel of his mercedes russia's first ever if one driver is currently without a contract and doesn't rule out the possibility of one day joining the d.t. him yet. more that. i think sooner or later every formula one drivers career comes to an end like could do for ralph and i can't rule out the possibility of joining the d.t. i'm serious myself but hopefully in the distant future it's a top notch serious with a great fast cars it's scenic championship and i'd like to take part in it at some point. and of the sampling a little of what makes d t m a unique championship france can experience the full effect from the second until the fourth of august at some more school raceway trick . or treat was. a one out at switch from the track to the pitch after a raft of big name football transfers hit this week's headlines in florence purple
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was the color as fans turned out in their numbers to greet new fear and in a play at mario gomez the twenty eight year old germany striker arrives from trouble winning by in munich in a reported twenty six million dollars move as the tuscan side aims to finish in the champions league places after coming forth last season. while in germany a new buy in munich coach pep guardiola was reunited with midfield that thiago alcantara the twenty two year old spaniard joins from the league of champions barcelona and is set to partner fellow new man mario ganser who became the most expensive german player in the history after joining from arch rivals but us here don't win on july the first. and over in spain star struck at the out was escorted to safety by security guards after fans invaded the pitch when the country's all time top scorer was unveiled as a new act let it go madrid player the thirty one year old has joined for a reported three of six point seven million dollars after failing to hold down a first team place as champions barcelona. and at the camp nou
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tito villanova quit as barcelona manager as the forty four year old continues his battle against cancer the former assistant coach took over from pep guardiola last season and guided the catalan giants to another league a triumph after also assisting guardiola to steer the club to fourteen titles in just four years. and you're right really going to chelsea got their pre-season tour of asia off to a winning start as the blues meet a tie all star team won in bangkok belgium strikeout remember lucaya struck from the penalty spot ten minutes before the interval to mark his return after a stellar season on west brom the twenty year old top scored with seventeen goals including three against manchester united and could prove instrumental as chelsea target to domestic success or to also winning the champions league in two thousand and twelve. quietly you know you want to go about business and not shout too loudly but yes it's obviously the beach boys was it like i said you don't really want your
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last three years so hopefully we can improve on a legacy. well that's over bought one but stay with us for a spectacular part to you as we say that's what got me a two khazan while life's a beach here in moscow go away. i've talked to many times about the absurd things going on all around us like kids being thrown out of school because they had a gun that shoots bubbles or various people getting punished for their tweets and facebook posts it's all really abstract it's hard to truly get angry over until you see the results or playing a stupid video game just carter sarcastically said to someone who called him crazy oh yeah i'm real messed up in the head i'm going to go shoot a bunch of kids at school l.o.l. j k. and for this bit of sarcasm he spent quite some time awaiting trial in a texas prison not only that according to his father he was being attacked brutally
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on many occasions leading to both to pull concussions and black eyes and in the end he had to be thrown into solitary confinement for his own good you see this is the ugly reality of those who fought the bad side of political correctness you know i don't talk about these stories just for fun the main thing that i'd like to say is that it wasn't for some anonymous coward in canada turning him into the authorities for doing absolutely nothing this young man would not have to live with the memory and possible injuries from numerous assaults to the anonymous canadian who turned him in i sarcastically wish you a horrible fate but you probably get me arrested for it so just say that it's people like you who allow tyranny to exist but that's just my opinion. right. first strike. and i think you're.
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on our reporters' twitter. welcome back to the sports show and let's raise you with a farewell said goodbye to the world student games where russia won almost three hundred medals in twelve days of competition which of on poor feet looks back at that university aid to remember. i was just recalled medal tally two hundred ninety two
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one hundred fifty five and gold captured the headlines yet there was so much more to these games the country's biggest sporting event has been mine here lympics twenty five thousand volunteers came from all over russia to help the tournament run smoothly and a wonderful new infrastructure has now helped turn ancient khazan into one of the most modern cities in the country but. i feel an immense amount of pride about what we've managed to do over the last four and a half years it was a lot of the project started from scratch and this will leave a great legacy for future generations. this was a place where the athletes could get away from the pressure of training or competing their run for thirteen and a half hours and sportsman and women living in the athletes' village and even for some of the most traveled the limbic rhythmic gymnastics champion of the sea blue knew it was a new and exciting experience. during the olympics wouldn't leave in their limbic village but in the hotel away from everyone else because our event was one of the
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last of the games we didn't want anything to put us off this time we were able to leave when the athletes' village and we really enjoyed it everyone was so warm and friendly towards us. the city really came alive during the games of all those taking part getting the opportunity to learn about different cultures and customs something which made these games an unforgettable experience but this is it was really beautiful and we had a great time in the village was also excellent and it was a really good comfortable place to leave then the university age is the first of a number of sporting events which will take place in russia over the next few years sanchez next year's winter olympics of two thousand and eighteen world cup this event was all about design and a vote all good things have to come to an end these games. well live long in the memory of those who came here. it's been a really memorable couple of weeks and it was great that our city could hold such
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a successful tournament which i really hope the winter olympics in sochi will be as good as these games. that were that was well managed to go to some of the events and we got so much pleasure from attending them it was amazing just to see the emotion on everyone's faces. the biggest sporting event and designs histories and i wove one be forgotten setting the benchmark for future top of bens set to take place in the city what a fitting closing ceremony to bring to an end a fantastic couple of weeks of sporting action of the city because i'm going to be very proud of event is put on the torch run by a possible side korean city of one jew i will have quite an effort on their hands produce that event as good as this one which a bumpy three don't see because i'm. staying on the track american sprinter justin gatlin won the men's one hundred meters at the diamond league meeting in monaco to confirm his status as one of the biggest rivals for you same bolt at next month's moscow world championships gatlin clocked nine point nine four seconds to pick up
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his fourth victory of the season it was exactly the same result that saw edge world record holder bolt by one hundredth of a second in rome last month the thirty one year old looks to repeat that fate in moscow but says he's not following the recent doping scandals despite having served a four year ban himself so i really haven't been reading the articles about what's happening with tyson or for you know i've just been trying to focus on getting the world championships and trying to get to top of the podium this one big man there and he's right now he's holding the top of the podium. well gatlin is one of a host of track and field stars preparing to travel to moscow next month for russia's first ever world athletics championships and despite a spate of big name withdrawals official still believes the event will make history as constantine put up with reports. brushes made in world of flags championship started moscow's losing to set him in just under three weeks and and dissipation is
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high despite the absence of many high profile athletes for a variety of reasons the biggest blow came last week when sprinters dyson again and asafa powell hit the headlines for failing drug tests but their revelations have convinced the fish they're winning the war on though being in a spot of atlantics is also enhanced when we discover each time cases because that means we are credible in the enormous program we have in place to fight against doping and that means all those also that athletes throughout the world have confidence and can look to participate in events where indeed it's the best of the best so injuries have accounted for the withdrawal of olympic eight hundred metre gold medal is david rudisha and reigning one hundred meter champion your home blake whose absence along with those of game powell mean six time olympic champion you saying bolt is the overwhelming favorite to clinch at least one sprint gold yet
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while full houses are expected at top disciplines like the man's one hundred and two hundred meters overall attendance remains the biggest issue but the organizers say ticket sales are high and interest in media access to the championships stretches worldwide we have already a record number of rights holders networks all over the world and more than two hundred well which will be broadcasting this event that should indicate to us that we are really well positioned to beat the five billion viewers mark that would that was that of twenty. at those last championships in south korea russia finished second overall behind the u.s. with nine gold medals equalling their best to have a result this time russia's head coach predicts and more this. igs gold yet the squad includes olympic champions like paul wall to you and they seem by a high jumper on the cheat sure and hammer thrower that hanoi sanker and so with
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the weights of the home crowd also behind them the host nation has the potential to repeat their edmonton success of two thousand and one where they edge the u.s. to finish top of the medal table athletes of this country will be at their peak and will indeed the lever deliver their best performances in front of the whole. you know non olympic yeah that is also without a big football tournament the world the political campaign ships are one of twenty thirteen is biggest advance and moscow is ready to do a cousin by showing it can successfully host a global sporting show bits consented by the above r t. on meanwhile the russian volleyball team became the world league champions for the third time after a straight sets victory of the top seeds brazil in argentina the match was a repeat of last year's olympic final and with four members of that russian squad still playing their experience help the second seeds take yet he said twenty five
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twenty three well that was as tough as it got as russia took the next two sets both twenty five nineteen to wrap up a three no victory rush out of the third country after brazil and italy to win at least in three worldly titles after previously triumph in two thousand and two and two thousand and eleven beating brazil most times. golf and american phil mickelson carded a stunning five under par final round of sixty six to come from five shots down and claimed his first british open title the forty three year old won by three strokes from sweden's henrik stenson to secure his fifth major crown and make up the finishing runner up at the us open their records think time last month mickelson now just needs to finally win his native open to complete a career grand slam before majors. and in paris chris froome became the second briton in as many years to win the tour
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de france but the team sky ride it was born in kenya and fellow cyclists there celebrated his victory they would rightly be capital city nairobi pre-race favorite fruit beats colombia is now iraq and found out by more than four minutes overall ask quacky rodriguez came third head to fellow spaniard and former champion alberto contador. now over to tennis of a different variety as brazil ended italy's reign as the undisputed world champions of beach tennis beating their rivals two rubbers to nil richard on court reports from the world team event on the sands in moscow. could be tennis be the next big thing a sport or seen an upsurge in popularity since it began thirteen years ago partly because it's so easy on me and also fairly action packed by a few years ago for the indoor official idea for calendar we have four twenty six tournaments by an hour one hundred seventy so this is
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really the real success of these things and sooner or later i think. we will for the lock the door for an impact program of history maybe some way away from coming to fruition it could easily be incorporated into the limbic program we have for detroit about letting the program. the same court the same size of the court the same stance it's also the moment i leave to be sure what it will have and finished we just got into the not so hot and then beach tennis list can contain substitutes for in four for organizers it's not to hurt the responses flocking to raise the profile of the event last year's prize fund was four hundred thousand dollars a figure which is only expected to increase with time beach tennis was only officially recognized in russia in two thousand and ten and their current leader around seven
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hundred men and women competing at a high level in the country has particularly easy to film a tennis player has to pick it up. that it is stuff as stephanie low points are not that long so the conditioning it's is a bit different i have a lot of rallies you have why i made it to the man in the men's side i don't have that lot of power but it was so it's quite different when you see is functional beanies he's known on the tool was a former tennis player but says he has no regrets about switching codes a real good friend of mine said ok mentor putting up in that way like someplace else does. and i wasn't invited i went there and she was there that was how i know her for a long time then i. started playing enjoyed. evolve the game for me is amazing it's been four years of fun in my life he changed my life going to the complainer to scoring system is the same as tennis but with out of bondage let's sort of second serve the ball isn't allowed to touch
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a sand which held suppose you have strong volley base styles the weather wasn't exactly kind of the players with a chilly breeze meaning both participants and spectators were searching for any extra items of clothing they could find how well of the action was certainly hotting up on the courts and repeats of last year's final it really took on brazil but this time a sign for american nation one in two rubbers to become board team champions for the first time richard m. boldly tanti moscow. and let's finish on the beach because kids and adults alike took to the water here in the capital to decide who is the best way boarding at the russian open championships the extreme sport was in the running for the rio lympics in twenty sixteen but was dropped from the list in may despite appealing to all ages and growing in popularity even in moscow where temperatures dropped to more than minus twenty degrees in winter. and that's it from sports team.
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i've seen the per session of the cross many times it doesn't matter if there's snow a heat wave or hail stones from people keep on going i don't expect anything just one i told myself i keep on going as long as my heart told me to function that's all i wanted at the moment. i can send so my cheese cd i'm carrying these sayings on my shoulder. do you want me to put a bandage here no that's fine a lot of people were so exhausted they could barely walk their feet hurt and some of them fainted with the evacuee three to wanted to keep going i don't know what tomorrow will bring.
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a secret partnership butlins reportedly been working closely with u.s. intelligence despite its public show of indignation over america's surveillance of pure. german chancellor angela merkel faces stiff questions over just how involved . in the n.s.a. prism program. the legacy of war the us invasion of iraq is accused of causing an epidemic of birth defects thanks to the use of uranium tipped weaponry. could be much worse than and originally thought. the son of egypt's ousted president tells me that the only way to change the country insisting his father's rule was truly democratic.


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