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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 22, 2013 3:29pm-4:01pm EDT

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attacked brutally on many occasions leading to bowl to poor concussions and black eyes and in the end he had to be thrown into solitary confinement for his own good you see this is the ugly reality of those who fought the bad side of political correctness you know i don't talk about these stories just for fun the main thing i'd like to say is that it wasn't for some anonymous coward in canada turning him into the authorities for doing absolutely nothing this young man would not have to live with the memory and possible injuries from numerous assaults to the anonymous canadian who turned him in i sarcastically wish you a horrible fate but you probably get me arrested for it so i'll just say that it's people like you who allow tyranny to exist but that's just my opinion. it's.
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a little unwelcome across were considered on peter lavelle many americans still have the almost cult like believe but america is the greatest nation on earth but objective facts belies its exaggerated patriotism for the past thirty years the us has been in decline relative to other countries during this time washington continues to fight wars abroad and engages in nation building is america becoming a third world country. to cross-talk america in decline i'm joined by george samuel in new york he is a fellow of the global policy institute of london metropolitan university and in washington we cross to charles blair he is the senior fellow on state and non-state threats at the federation of american scientists all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i very much encourage it george the united states becoming
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a third world country the topic of this program. well the certain features of it the do resemble that of a third world country i mean obviously the united states is the giant global military superpower that. controls vast military alliances and if the tentacles of which extend into every continent but domestically it does indeed resemble that of a third world country. the income inequality is staggering and it continues to rise. the levels of poverty are also continue to rise around or over a staggering level. life expectancy in the united states is really very low compared to that of comparable industrialized states. and the legal and political system is such that your skin is skewered in such a way that those who are rich and powerful essentially walk free they have no culpability for any of their. deeds while the poor get locked up
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so the united states has the largest per capita prison population in the world and yet the worst criminals walk free so in those areas it does indeed resemble a third world country. detroit just declared bankruptcy what does that tell you about what's going on in the us economy right now. i think it's important that you you cannot disaggregate take the us out of the question i think overall the planet all you have to do is look at a population growth map a chart that shows population growth and you can see quite obviously where the world is headed i think the united states is in of relatively good position right now historically the us is is an archetype it's an archetype of renewal whether that's deserved or not currently it will remain that way it will continue to get in terms of demographics a young vibrant population of we perceive intelligent immigration policies and in
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terms of our legal see. them and our political system say you have said out of what you may but britain pardon me brazil china india. the bric other bric states are still doing a lot of foreign investment in the united states it's a safe place for other countries to invest and in terms of our legal and our educational system. it's the it favors the sort of innovation that is necessary if the world is going to get out of the crisis that it's in right now in terms of the environment so certainly the united states is facing some very serious problems but these are global issues and i think the conversation needs to look needs to address the global milieu as well as just the u.s. right now so i would say that right now the u.s. is not on the verge of becoming a third world power i think the globe the globally overall things are not looking good but the only hope really that the world has right now is in the u.s. and that means immigration of people from other countries and solving the problems
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that are facing us all globally scientifically. george it seems like a lot of the recent problems the world faces comes from the united states the financial crisis for example where yes the deregulated casino style capitalism was an american construction and it was exported explicitly by the united states and has led to a series of economic and financial crises now is a problem with the story about the innovation is that it's hard to see how any of this innovation has benefited. anyone in the united states i mean if one looks at these monthly jobs that is sticks it's clear that the rises in the in jobs are taking place in all of the very unskilled areas we have in the service sectors as a rising people working in retail rising people working in health services rising
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to be the rising numbers of waiters and waitresses and bartenders there is been a steady decline of people in the high tech and the industries and in the manufacturing industries so clearly that this is the area where people are getting jobs now i imagine that when the next financial collapse because unable it's obviously going to be quite soon even those people in those service sectors were at the moment holding on to their jobs they're going to be knocked out because i think the you know the manufacturing industry in and i'd say it's already been decimated so i think the next area will be the service sector they're the ones we're going to be kicked out after the next financial crisis chill so to speak of what about the middle class because i grew up believing the middle class was the the pillar of america but it's been poor word of the last thirty years. yeah let me first of all just briefly address this ties in your question is well what george was saying you
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know if you look at the population of athens at its peak historically under apparently is in the fifth century b.c. that population is the net population growth of the world every day today the united states adds that population in less than thirty days so what it really is when you're looking at it it's a question of population growth and the challenges that we face so when you're looking at the unemployment or how the service sector is going to get hit during the next putative collapse it really has to say a lot about overpopulation the united states its population has tripled in the last century it's the third most populous country in the world and that's been one of the main challenges for the more well you know but you know there's a united states that want that while the united states is the one percent isn't and that's the real challenge. one percent in a lot of poor people you can make that argument and i think you can make that argument strongly if you're looking though for solutions to get out of the global
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problems that we have right now which are due to overpopulation and obviously the effects on the environment which is the number one threat we all face globally we're going to have to figure out a way to work with in the united states because it is the leader in terms of innovation it's not emulation in the u.s. it's innovation because we have an open educational system that allows for that sort of creative kind of work so you we need to somehow i'm not denying that there is a significant disparity between what is going on with the one percent and the rest of the country but we need to work with that one percent and we need to figure out a solution and that's the only way globally we can get out of this mess we're going to look at a georgia if they want to once resent interested in the lord with the innovation argument is that. you know is it the companies that do enjoy. assistance from the u.s. government then turn around and shed jobs in the united states and create jobs in.
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cheap labor countries such as china and in asia and create no jobs in the united states i mean for instance apple has benefited greatly from u.s. government assistance and subsidies to under turns around and creates manufacturing jobs in china and you go only jobs that it creates in the united states are very low level low paying telemarketing jobs so this is a way that this what we have technological innovation but the those benefits go to the one percent the one percent shareholders one of those companies then your share of says here in the united states and create jobs elsewhere so offshoring and outsourcing. go together for the night let me rising income going to the one percent ok reply charles please reply to it let me ask let me ask you george. and i
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agree with you almost wholly in what you're saying then if we accept that what you said is the reality of the situation and where the end globally is innovation going to come from what let me ask you where is change going to come from how are we going to solve the environmental issues that currently face the world where is that innovation coming from or going to come from well i don't see that it could come almost anywhere i don't i don't really see that it necessarily has to come from the united states i don't dispute that the united nations system where particularly coming from a university level is a very high. rate i think it would come from the brics countries i think it would come from europe i don't think that it is any reason what to expect that it has to come from the united states are u.s. products the best in the world i don't see it i mean i think if you look at many consumer products. as good as or better in other countries i
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mean look at the auto industry are you really going to say that the auto industry in the united states is superior to the auto industry in europe i don't think so so i see you know the innovations can come anywhere i don't at all see that the necessary has to come in the united states in terms i mean even in our age you're going our age of globalization does it really matter where it comes from you can have a good idea in argentina can't you and you can market it you can make an idea doesn't matter what i'm arguing is. sure but where do you where is that rewarded where are people investing china has its its ages out to you know its it has its huge demographic challenges in terms of the age of its population we know that russia and europe also have demographic problems the united states demographically is the only country especially with saying immigration policies that is going to be able to generate the sort of people that we need to come up with these ideas the idea
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that the notion that western europe or that or that once again till they come up with a solution is that they. like you well i don't mean that you know you share and go hey george jump in go ahead please do. yeah that cup is fine you know if you can say oh the united states innovation so again leave the profits will accrue to these smaller number of shareholders and as peter said you know ok so innovation can come in argentina and investment can take place in argentina as long as argentina has a sufficiently cheap labor falls all of the investment can take elsewhere it may well be that the u.s. companies that had to remain here then i would have to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on a very in decline stay with. the season.
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welcome back to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing whether the us is becoming a third world country. you know charles earlier in the program you mentioned ancient greece and it made me think about empires and it seems to me that the u.s. empire it has these bases all over the world but you have bridges collapsing you don't have good airports embarrassing airports i would say by international standards so you're setting the money on empire but not spending money at home it seems to be repeating other empires that have fallen. sure and at the beginning
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when you were talking about the the myth that the united states will always be at the top that really is very interesting because all great empires feel that way yeah that's what i would prefer to call the united states they all think they they never foresee the fact that they're going to eventually crumble and you look at great britain at the turn of the century that was the largest empire in world history and look where they are now so things can change very rapidly and i think that's one of the problems that the u.s. public has is it perceives an indefinite. had demonic state for the united states and doesn't really understand it other countries china iran that have large populations in our national geographically predisposed to be demonic for that area naturally want to exert their power in that area and that's an area where the united states has really had a rough time and i think george was alluding to that earlier and you were as well in terms of foreign bases in the far difficulties of extricating ourselves from
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areas of the world that we really should not be in and so real and so really good but you know if you know you know george i mean if the if the united states has left the rest of the world alone and focus on itself it could probably turn things around maybe that's the only maybe i can see. that's absolutely right. and we can see that this vase amount of resources that has been devoted towards the military and that we're not just talking about the amount that goes to the pentagon but the amount that goes on the vast intelligence operators homeland security and. all of the news all the wars of the united states have been waging all of which were basically financed off the books when you think of all of that money that has been devoted to this largely for the promotion of u.s. style capitalism at the same time there's been no improvement and in fact there's been a deterioration in the standard of living of most americans and i think this is really
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what we mean by the american empire this is an empire that benefits entirely the giant corporations so and it and even these corporations that. are that have done so well out of the present serve up pay no taxes if then they care here's a video ex-urban says that we can they can fail either exactly so there's always a bailout no taxes bail out and all of the benefits of all these wars accrue to them in the meantime the. ordinary people pay their taxes and you know through the very regressive system and they are the ones who have to pay for these ridiculous wars when which they benefit nothing if that you see that it changing ever in our lifetime or the american empire will just call ups and it would be disastrous for the entire world i'm very hard on american empire but i would want to see it collapse overnight. well it would be the thing is that globally the
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weather collapses or not isn't really everybody should be concerned a lot of people take sort of some pleasure out of seeing a perceived decline in america but that's a decline for the world it's symptomatic of what does go is going on globally. obviously there needs to be a radical paradigm shift. if we're going to proceed as a species at the level of population that we have right now any economy that is based on consumption is inherently flawed and we're beginning to see that in spades right now charles was living how is that really good but where is the change going to come from you know i'm sorry to keep bringing up the one percent but they're not interested in that they're disinterested in profits that's all they are they're not interested in the paradigm ok the paradigm shift. well i think sure i think there's a couple ways personally i think that history is changed by black swans by
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unforeseen events i think that's what drives history but i think that the united states in the world we're so interconnected now it's so fragile we have no redundancy in terms of our communication etc that even the slightest glitch you know as let's say a small radiological attack could pummel the stock market could plunge the entire global economy into a deep recession and you could see a very sharp drop off in global population if you could not ensure food distribution and this could happen within just a couple months then you would see then you could out of the rubbish of that you could begin to see. maybe new ideas coming in and humanity heading in the right direction away from consumerism and towards a more enlightened it's interesting because it is often and george you know china and russia other countries are trying to cut their ties as much as they can with the u.s. they don't want their contagion to anymore ok so this is something that's in play
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but you still have this huge american military that wants to enforce the status quo this is the crux of the progress of the problem yeah that's right i mean i do agree with something that said that i think the change will come about through some terrible crisis we had when we had four four five years ago when we had that gigantic financial collapse it looked like this would bring in change with a new president and we had people out on the street ready to hang the bankers on the capitalists but nothing very much changed but that doesn't mean that the next rises which may well be worse than the than the previous one that the next i says will not bring about a drastic change same with the iraq war the iraq war was a gigantic debacle on the other hand. again managed to overcome this but the next time it may not be the next time the american going to reckless
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foreign policy will get will get the country involved in some very nasty war from which recovery will not be as easy so i do think that if we are going to get change it won't be through the normal workings of the american political system because whoever will be elected next time around will probably be just very similar to. george your brother if you resist one of these crises are you wearing out your mark willacy or some geopolitical graces that could well bring bring about the drastic change you know george you brought up democracy charles jimmy carter just recently said that the united states no longer has a functioning democracy how do you reflect upon that statement i don't want to get cold but it depends on how you define democracy and i think he's thinking about the mining of america with money and money in lobbying i think that's really what he's getting at you can buy elections pretty easily if you have enough money sure so what do you think about that in u. . yeah i think that the united states was founded on excellent principles that it
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can return to given enough of a paradigm shift we have the foundation for it but i certainly agree that people think only in terms of their own generation and that's the entire problem we're not thinking in terms of future generations of sustainability and we have a culture of consumption where that's rewarded so if you look at the even you know nonproliferation seemingly good industry makes a lot of money off of nonproliferation and the you know the u.s. is one of the if not the most it's one of the largest arms manufacturers and sellers in the world lot of people make money off of that but if you talk to people that are involved in sort of green technology use or are trying to reduce the negative impact the united states has and if you ask them about their four one k. plan because we no longer have pensions they're usually pretty blind as to the companies that they're invested in and most people are actually in the united states even people that would support i think what george and i are talking about
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here and you i would assume. are invested in companies like lockheed martin northrop grumman companies that make a lot of money off of selling war and that's part of the illusion the malays that america is under it's willfully an educated scientifically and in terms of words money is actually going you know what and what it's you know what you know george the one percent likes the fact that americans are not very educated ok you know it's really to their advantage ok really you know give them empire you know bread and circuses like the romans ok it really it's the really true head yeah. that's exactly right so every four years and now increasingly every two years we go through these highly contentious elections in which nothing whatsoever changes. so we have these endless food fights but everything remains. mentally the same there's no challenge to the. status quo in terms of the gun control by banks
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controlled by the political system so some minor changes on the symbolic issues in which politicians argue about whether it's a gun control or ga ga i think i think that you know about it's even worse think it's even worse it's about who which is where you know the because the control of the economy by the by the financial elite that just gets left alone georgia is even worse the candidates are likeability that's what's important is their likability yes. exactly i mean literally has a right to go ahead with presidents like obama and bush let me. you know becomes their personality and people go that well i like this guy so i just but i'll tell you anything let's let john banding that we're almost out of time trying to. think that we could agree on a number of these issues but innovation comes from countries if you look
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historically that are not under a tremendous amount of pressure then you emulate if you're going to innovate you have to have resource extraction capabilities and you have to have a large population and resources the united states right now is the only country if there is a paradigm shift if we can somehow restructure the way that we view the world in our relationship to it i am convinced and i think that it's been shown historically that the united states is where that change is going to take place and we need to invest in science in the united states and we need to realize that we need to focus on solutions and the best place for solutions is going to be the u.s. i agree with everything else and i think there is d.m. hope that we're going to get out of this crisis without a major drop in population globally but even after that point the world and the united states will still hold. the symbol of an archetype the archetype of renewal which the united states has had for hundreds and hundreds of years and it will maintain that archetype whether it's deserved or not we can debate but people will
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continue to look at the united states is a source of renewal of regeneration and potentially of hope all right let me jump in here to georgia me as a fraud you can see how you convinced yes or no you had five seconds five seconds go no i am not convinced i think that in history powell was all right if you are john sorry i was going to get one cheers answer more red run out of time gentlemen many thanks to my guests today in washington and in new york and thanks to our viewers for watching us here are to see you next time and remember. these.
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to be on your computer. coming up on r t the us has been pressuring foreign governments to not help n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden but how does the u.s. react to extradition requests from other countries we'll tell you the answer to that up ahead and years after the end of the u.s. invasion of iraq. the nation still carries scars from that time one of those scars is the increase in iraqi birth defects and cancer cases a report on the toxic legacy left behind and thanks to goldman sachs the cost of aluminum is on the rise the investment group was costing consumers by forging piles of aluminum we'll tell you how that works later in today show.


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