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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  July 22, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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and he went. on television in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture the republican alive campaign about detroit's bankruptcy is already in full swing but what really destroyed the motor city and who should have to pay to rebuild what was once and could still be a great american city more on that just a moment also in the wake of edward snowden's revelation about the n.s.a. surveillance program americans are as concerned as ever about keeping their data especially internet data private at the bottom the hour we'll talk with the c.e.o. of one web company who is fighting back against the security state and john boehner says he's proud that congress doesn't pass any bills speaker of the house and his
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do nothing congress is turning america into detroit in tonight's deal you take. you need to know this republicans are thrill that detroit has filed for bankruptcy that's because for the g.o.p. the fall of detroit is a talking point goldmine over the past year the american public has started to wake up about the total failure of austerity both here in the united states and across the atlantic in europe so the chance to blame the decline of a great american city on democrats on workers on african-americans and on big government is an opportunity that the right wingers don't want to miss paul krugman wrote a great column about this yesterday's new york times republicans you argued are trying to paint detroit as the new greece a place dune do you cannot make failure by greedy public sector workers a foolish deficit spending. goodman is right about the republican take on this just
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take a look at this clip of daily caller reporter neil munro from friday's show. detroit destroyed itself under democratic control feel free to say fifty years of democratic control gets you this destruction it's a terrible tragedy show me a damn major city to look at themselves and here's what the washington examiner sean begins had to say about detroit's bankruptcy it is sunday column for the paper what sets the troy it apart is that for five decades sadly only two hands were on detroit's detroit steering will those of big labor and the democratic party and they drove the city into the ditch conservatives like neil munro and sean hagan's hope that maybe just maybe if they can convince the american people the big bad unions and democrats are to blame for the death of the trite then they can get them to forget get americans to forget that conservatives are destroying this country with thirty plus years of reaganomics and who to economics union bashing is bad
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enough but there's an other even uglier dimension of the g.o.p. is detroit mean the motor city is after is eighty five percent african-american in fact it has the highest black population percentage wise of any major city in the united states so when republican pundits and politicians talk about mismanagement and bad governance what they're often actually saying is that black people aren't capable of running a city detroit native and far right talk show host ted nugent went so far as to compare the city government of detroit to robert mugabe's zimbabwe in an interview with t m z over the weekend he said liberal democrats took hold of the greatest most productive city on earth and turned into a blood suck sucker excuse making hell liberals seem to think that what mugabe did to destroy the breadbasket of africa and zimbabwe is somehow a desirable model of. blaming minorities for social problems problems is a tried and true republican tactic reagan had his wealth. queens and he went after
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labor the air traffic controllers the modern g.o.p. has detroit however it wasn't unions or black people who bankrupted detroit it was decades of pro corporate anti a middle class so-called free trade policies that gutted that city of its industrial core when i was growing up in michigan the motor city really was the motor city it was the fifth biggest metropolitan area in the country and its economy was booming as a result of the success of the big three automakers ford g.m. and chrysler car industries united work force to come good middle class salaries in turn bolstering the city's tax revenues but all that changed in the post reagan era when lawmakers in washington embraced a new form of free market extremism a trend that culminated in the one nine hundred ninety four north american free trade agreement or now after nafta and the other lax trade policies destroyed detroit's industrial infrastructure and most importantly its tax base has created the situation we have today
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a city with almost no revenue and cash strapped social services in other words a republican parents over the next few years you'll hear a lot of weeks you'll hear a lot of and reading from conservatives in the media about how detroit is a sign of things to come about how when this is this is what happens when you give democrats and workers and disorganized people right wing double speak for african-americans control of a big city but remember the republican solution for detroit is just more of the same gutting social services punishing workers and selling off the commons to the highest bidder while maintaining those so-called free trade policies so the city never gets reimbursed realized in the end the right the right wing could not be happier with what's happening in the motor city it's disaster capitalism an opportunity for wealthy white speculators to experiment with all of their austerity dreams and that comes with a chance to demonize poor pleat people black people and unionized workers well that's just icing on the cake. for more on the situation and try to i'm joined now
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by frank joyce lifelong labor activist and former director of public relations for the united auto workers frank welcome. welcome tom nice to talk with you thank you for joining us how big of a dog whistle is the republican narrative about detroit do you find these racial means as disturbing as i did. oh i completely find them disturbing and i think you exactly nailed it but i would add one other element to everything that you said and that is that the investment in detroit by whites in everything from the form of white flight to chrysler moving its headquarters to auburn hills to many many other examples has created a self-fulfilling prophecy in which resources were steadily removed from the city to the point where we find ourselves where we are today to a large extent why didn't that really begin with nixon was the first guy to really
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push free trade you know trying to open up china coming up with this whole idea of most favored nation status and then reagan with permanent normal trade relations actually i think i'm reversing the order of those but you can get us and then of course you know clinton and nafta and gatt and. did that not set the stage for that white flight and for the beginning of the honestly it didn't we really. just as in the case with trayvon martin people want don't want to talk about race people don't want to talk about race in terms of bankruptcy or emergency managers or whatever in detroit the fact of the matter is suburbanization freeways private automobiles the subsidy by government of suburbs combined with restrictive covenants and f.h.a. policies which allowed whites to leave detroit and prevented blacks from leaving detroit is really a major component of the foundation for. nation of the crisis that we're in i'll
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give you an example of that opening county is one of the counties that as a michigander you know adjoins and abuts and shares some borders with the droid is the fourth richest county in the united states of america with a population of more than a million but oakland county has been exposed to some of the very same macro trends that detroit has it has not had the same results regarding your comments about public sector workers you are completely spot on you know the single biggest budget item in the detroit city budget for several years now has been that service it's been wall street financiers who've come to detroit and who made incredibly sleazy deals very similar to those we saw in the bankruptcy of jefferson county alabama that have port detroit in a straight in
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a financial straitjacket reduced revenues increased costs for ford debt service and again here we are how do you think this is going to play out. well i think two things are going to happen was that what however the bankruptcy process itself turns out it's not going to solve any of the underlying problems of. jobs of manufacturing of income etc i think what's going to solve that by the way and i'd like to make two positive. in this scenario of gloom which is gloomy in many ways but one that residents of detroit don't get the credit they deserve for making a way out of no way and of creating what i call the fourth economy of detroit some of which is intentional for example there are one thousand four hundred urban.
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farms in detroit in an urban farming in detroit is not an economic powerhouse in and of itself but it's creating a new sense of community and a whopper ration and distribution and a new economy that's come binding with alternative schools with alternative ways to do manufacturing policing etc as capitalism has collapsed in detroit we have had the opportunity to create new ways of economically getting by and the foundation we laid for that i think is makes detroit one of the most exciting and interesting places in the world yeah high end that is so true the movie urban or yeah i think it's urban roots is that it's about the farming in detroit or the the these urban farms yes i'm concerned that detroit is going to become the model for republican disaster capitalism your thoughts on this. well here's why it might not
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and this is another positive about detroit in about michigan it's a matter of fact the reason that we're in bankruptcy is that governor snyder and the republican critics roll courts and the republican controlled legislature tried to use something that you know termed an emergency manager law a public act for one of the first things snyder did when he took office to manage so-called the crisis of detroit without going into bankruptcy and he was quite explicit about that he went to wall street he met with bondholders and creditors and he said detroit will not go into bankruptcy what that means is that he wanted an outcome for detroit that in some funny voodoo economics way balanced the books with our bondholders creditors and wall street
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ever having to lose a nickel but the voters of michigan rejected that law in november of last night but here he brought a back out to frank i'm sorry he had absolutely. no way that means that wall street is at the table in this process and that would not be the case if it weren't for the voters of michigan and eighty percent of the voters of detroit by the way rejecting the previous law the republicans do not want bankruptcy as a solution to this problem here because they don't want wall street to have to pay one hundred twenty and that's why watching how this bankruptcy process plays out is very interesting for us is frankly we're out of time but i am totally with you thanks so much for here for your very very insightful observation axon franchise can talk about kind of detroit used to be the maca end of industrialization in america times have changed jobs that were. in the motor city have been shipped
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overseas could bring in some of those jobs back to the united states and to detroit be one of the many secrets to the motor city's recovery. i would rather ask questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big
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picture. here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a dog and. i'm sorry i missed the guy who cares an awful lot about my country you sir are a fool you know what that is my terrorist cells in your neighborhood all want to see the usa to defeat terrorism be on lift all the christian colleges. to secure the beliefs of others because that is going to school for you to distract us from what you and i should care about because their profit driven industry that sells of sensationalistic garbage because that breaking news i'm having. and we're going to
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break that. in screw news for years lawmakers in washington and their buddies in the pundit class have been telling us that the secret to economic growth is low tariffs free trade lax regulation if only we opened up our economy to goods for over c. is it made our labor market more competitive they say we'd see long term growth that increase prosperity for the middle class ibama ministration is frankly no different right now they're negotiating the terms of the trans-pacific partnership in the trans-atlantic free trade agreement two of the largest so-called free trade deals in history but what if all we've been told about free trade is a lie what if what the united states needs to rebuild its economy is to protect domestic businesses instead of allowing them to ship their jobs overseas i'm joined
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now by j.r. martin international business expert and author of the book selling us out here welcome to the program thank you tom thanks for having me on a great book in the winter excellence but you've got a bunch of words out here so all these politicians both democrats or republicans telling us free trade is just a wonderful thing it's going to save us all it's going to you know you know the riff how do you respond well i'd say the numbers tell the story if you look back before so-called free trade policies were implemented the u.s. always ran a trade surplus and we had an economy that was the envy of the world we were the we we had the fifteen of the top twenty companies in one thousand nine hundred five or u.s. companies in the world now the number one company in the world is wal-mart is a half a trillion dollars in the other two companies that are us there are no top twenty per oil companies. no manufacturing companies that are u.s.
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companies are in the top twenty principally manufacturing in china exactly and we took a trade surplus the last trade surplus we ran was in one nine hundred seventy five i believe since then we've done nothing but deficits the deficits now or the trade deficit is the largest in the world in fact out of one hundred ninety six countries our trade deficit is six hundred billion dollars it's ten times larger than the one hundred ninety fifth country which is turkey so we're taking the u.s. economy to a place that's worse than the turkish economy and detroit is a leading indicator what's going to happen it's a national disgrace and it's something that both republicans and democrats have caused and they should be ashamed of and embarrassed neither one should be gloating over the failure of detroit that's just the first of many cities it's going to be going bankrupt because we've destroyed our tax base in this country absolutely agree with you the in seventeen ninety one george washington you know when he was inaugurated he actually asked a friend of his. general for it is there any way to drive to connecticut to get
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a suit of clothes from daniel hinsdale who is the only tailor in america who is making a men's fine clothing because it had been outlawed by the british and it had to be imported right so you this was a rebel guy and so that he would be sworn in wearing a good american made suit and he asked hamilton would you come up with an industrial policy for a seven hundred one hamilton proposed that by seven hundred ninety three congress had passed most of it or washington put into place as eleven point plan which included tariffs subsidies for critical industries you know domestic government you know basically buy american x. all these kinds of things on his right there and we did that from seven hundred ninety one up until the late seventy's early eighty's and nixon it seems really started taking that apart but what's what has been the process how did we i mean for two hundred years we built the the greatest industrial economy on earth based on hamilton's plan what idiot came up with the idea to reject that well. i talk about this in the book what really started to happen as the train started to leave
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the tracks back in the late fifty's and early sixty's starting with japan japan came in with very aggressive predatory practices in the time we thought we were big enough to absorb it so we didn't give it much thought. and so instead of responding though to japan and then the other asian countries korea and taiwan and so forth that really did major damage to our economy it while they they took full advantage of the openness that we allowed them here and they closed off their markets to our manufacturers instead of responding to that with a more firm insistence that the trade with them be reciprocal truly reciprocal we instead decided that we needed to deregulate we need to regulate banking and so forth and we needed to go to we did all these other things that we thought were going to make us more competitive and instead we destroyed. policies and we brought ourselves backwards the banking system now is we put policies in place that have taken us back to the pre depression era in the same behaviors that caused the banks
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system to fail the financial system to fill and caused the great depression we cut we put those in place and this is because i believe the people in our congress unfortunately most of them are ignorant of history and they implement policies because they don't understand the reasons the policies are changing exist yeah well we should at least be able to look at recent history i mean greg you're probably i'm sure you're far more familiar with these numbers than i am but my recollection is that in one thousand nine hundred roughly in that period of time that manufacturing was around thirty five percent of our economy banking was around eight percent of our economy right now banking is almost forty percent of our economy and manufacturing is down eleven percent and conventional wisdom or historically i mean going back to adam smith has been the any country that has manufacturing before below fifteen percent of its g.d.p. is ultimately doom absolutely so you know what how did how did we made this huge transition in thirty two years i mean just in. one generation and people are
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looking around on what it what so what's the solution if those no you have a solution is we need to re build the production side of our economy and i talk about that in the final chapter of the book is the how to do that and you know right now we we don't we're not pragmatic we tend to think and have discussions on extreme basis either left or right what we need is practical solutions and one of the one of things i talk about in the book is we need smart trade policies not free trade policies and smart trade as we need to insist upon reciprocation in all of our trade deals and actually i say that these free trade really is nothing more than outsourcing offshoring it's a mechanism set up by corporations mainly the large corporations where you can make things other places and sell them here and make huge profits that's all it is and so we need to move away from that and we need to say we have a smart trade policy there are certain industries strategically we need a national economic strategy like we had at the beginning that says these are the
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things that we americans want to make for ourselves and do for ourselves because this builds prosperity this builds wealth and these are the things that we're willing to not do for ourselves that will source from other countries we need have an overall plan and overall game plan overall strategy the other countries we're competing with have this and they're just they're beating the socks off of us because they have a plan and we don't have ideology and they have economic plan and they stole the plan from us i mean in one thousand nine hundred sixty three per capita income was a hundred dollars a year capita income and their major exports were fish and human hair for wigs and then general park comes in and says to hell with this we're going to we're going to take hamilton's plan we're going to take the american plan and put it into place here and they put protective tariffs on imports and started aggressively supporting exports and and you know government support for major and boom they were so and that's not an isolated example taiwan did the same thing japan did the same thing after world war two china's just been doing the same thing for the last twenty five years. what. what are these and by the way in fact let me just get off that
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for just a second coming most americans know this right i mean you have it or they don't and if they don't explicitly know it they intuitively know it and when you ask most americans you put out the surveys and you say should we have another free free trade agreement is free trade a good thing overwhelmingly well over seventy percent typically republicans and democrats say no we shouldn't be doing this this how do we bring into place these smart trade policies that you're talking about when you're fighting against the largest corporation the world wal-mart that is profiting off our so-called free trade policies in ice i talk about this too in the last part of the book nothing changes until we fix our politics in this country the reality is is both of these parties are being funded by major corporations on wall street who are profiting enormously out of selling out the country and it's really i call it economic treason it is but but but until we break that cycle and until the american people
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wake up and rise up and say enough is enough and we started electing independent candidates third party candidates that are really what i would call critical thinkers and have the best interests of the country at heart in their practical pragmatic thinkers and they're not and they put their country first and not their party first and actually i would love to see a no party system like george washington want and he warned us against the dangers of partisanship in his prophecies are being fulfilled yeah and so that's going to be a test not reality that put it but there you know what about infiltrating the democratic and republican party i mean trade actually used to be an issue that politicians regularly debated yes or whether it would mostly tariffs i mean we've been debating terrorists for one hundred fifty years there are two hundred years and you know i think oh i think you know i do agree i think the people that are. affiliated with either republican or democratic party this is really a nonpartisan issue i think which is the issue this is not because you're going to merican issue and this is one of the arguments i make when i present to people. actually it's interesting i say when i go present to people in person i start off
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with a roomful of democrats independents republicans in they all have their political views and agendas when it comes to these issues when i explain to them what's going on in the given the facts of the matter i end up at the end of the presentation with concerned american citizens partisanship pretty easily leaves the room and really these issues we're talking about these are nonpartisan this is what are we going to do as americans to rebuild our country to rebuild our economy and we really need to people that are in the democratic and republican party they need to start thinking about these beyond the next election and start they want to start for the country if they want to start winning elections i really believe that whichever party drops and anti free trade essentially protectionist strategy as a political strategy is going to start winning elections either one n.e.i. got we got to run ok martin great book thank you dropping by thank you for the time thank you.
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green report the operator of japan's crippled fukushima nuclear power plant admitted for the first time today that a radioactive contamination radioactive leak contaminated groundwater from the plant has leaked out into the ocean earlier this month tepco the operator of the daiichi nuclear power plant in fukushima said the groundwater samples taken at that crippled plant show very high levels of cesium one thirty four cancer causing radioactive element despite those reasons tepco had maintained that the toxic ground water was likely contained to the immediate area and had not spread in an effort to calm concerns tepco also said today that wall contaminated water had indeed flowed into the ocean seawater to have showed no abnormal rise in the levels of radioactivity this startling news comes just a day after the japanese people went to the polls and handed prime minister shinzo produce clear party. a large victory in japan's upper house but in light of this
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new information let's hope that the japanese government finally wakes up and realizes that their people and the world can't afford another nuclear disaster it's time to end nuclear power worldwide now. coming up while internet giants like google and facebook may be sharing users' information with the government as a least one internet company to say no to the invasion of our privacy rights like the c.e.o. of utah as x. mission after the birth.
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time of the new alert and. scared me a little. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears and so will i and a great things out there that has rendered it a court of law. and there's a story. playing out in real life. worst . light out of the day the radio guy and.
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i want. to give you never seen anything like this i'm telling. it possible to navigate the economy with all the detail statistics and misinformation and media hype will keep you up to date by decoding the mainstream status if in your right.
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about the big picture i'm tom hartman coming up in this half hour believe it or not there are some internet companies who actually care about your privacy i'll speak with the c.e.o. of one of those companies in just a moment also if you think all christian extremists are global warming deniers and think again in fact everything you know about rapture of culture and climate change may be wrong and give john boehner and the republicans a few more years in power in the united states will become a failed state i'll tell you why john boehner should be shedding tears about that incident sealy take. us to the rest of the news in the week since edward snowden's n.s.a. revelations came to light public anxiety has been growing over how internet service
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providers and internet search companies handle personal information fortunately there are still some internet companies out there that put civil liberties and privacy rights ahead of the interests of america's out of control national security state one of those companies is x. mission utah based independent internet service provider and while x. mission may be a little player in the i s p field it's making a big splash when it comes to protecting the rights of its users joining me to talk more about x. mission is its founder and c.e.o. pete ashdown pete welcome. thank you for having me tom thanks for joining us tell us about exploration how big is the company how many subscribers do you have what do you do we're actually in our twentieth year x. mission was one of the first internet service providers in the country i started it in one thousand nine hundred three when i saw the need for using the internet at home i was using it at work and at school but i had no access at home so i got a little bit of a loan for a little bit of
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a loan from my father and i started it then and never expected it to become as ubiquitous a ubiquitous as it is today we have over thirty thousand clients in utah and throughout the country in the world and about forty five employees it's great and one how have you dealt with the warrantless federal requests for information. well since this started i had read my constitution and i understood that the data people entrusted to me their e-mail their web pages and whatnot essentially became my papers and effects so i demanded to know a warrant from every law enforcement that came looking for information for me and some of them and say well we just need customer information so we can go and research this further but i'd say look that's still protected by the fourth the fourth amendment of the constitution those are my papers and effects please get a warrant i'd be happy to help you the irony there is usually they did not come back with a warrant and have they mean what it what would happen if you were to say no to
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them even with the war or is i i'm assuming i guess that actually in your response what you just said that if they came back with an appropriate warrant you would you would hand over the information i would have been happy to serve them and we have received valid warrants but i would say it's a vast minority i over the past since we started receiving them in about one thousand nine hundred seventy one nine hundred ninety eight we received over one hundred hundred requests for information i'd say less than five percent of them were actually valid warrants while so it's very rare. where that you're actually revealing that information this seems to me like it would be in the i.s.p. field which is a relatively competitive field a a an opportunity how do people who want to use your internet service provider capabilities and yet have some other cable system or something that seems to have them locked in do they have access to you to use your services they can use
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us over the internet if they don't have direct access to us unfortunately companies like centrelink and comcast have severely restricted our ability to provide internet to local customers throughout the state to utah there is a municipal system called utopia that runs fiber optic to the home and that's why i'm a very staunch advocate for municipal fiber i think that's something our country needs to embrace and take ahold of because it allows a level playing field between providers and allows small providers to get to their customers just like the big providers can. but if people can't get access to us what they can do is they can post their e-mail on us they can post their web pages on us and also use similar kind of privacy protections that we give to our access customers that's great and you talked about. the idea of fiber being a place where multiple people can host. or originate things because it's municipal
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fiber. in many countries i know in france and many of the european countries but francis quite proud of it if you have any kind of copper or fiber if your or cell towers if you own that copper that fiber the cell tower you still have to rent that space to anybody who wants to run it from you for cost when i used to live in vermont we had that law in vermont and we used to have sovereign debt as our phone company which is a little company based in montpelier virus was doing their best to put them out of business. they may well have in the years since we've moved do you see any legislative efforts to go back to that to go to that sort of a situation. sadly no i think we're going to see a lot more pain in this country at the mercy of the large cable companies the large cocoa companies before we see any action towards municipal fiber or breakup over those companies i think it's kind of ironic that we're headed for another monopoly
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with eighteen to you got broken up in the eighty's. unless this unless people embrace the idea of municipal fiber and it's something i'm trying to pose here in salt lake city and and it's starting to grow with ideas like google fiber but. google fiber system in provo unfortunately has one service provider on it meant google even though the. residents are paying for that system. so i don't know if it's going to move forward i'm i'm kind of disappointed i've been pushing for this since two thousand and three and it's not moving forward very rapidly at all maybe a simple way to explain it to people is that. is that communications our communications systems should be part of the commons and that the system and and that if anybody is locking down part of that by owning the wires you know and asserting ownership of the wires then the that has to be subordinate to the commons
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that they have to go to to give other people access to it or alternatively we the people who own the commons collectively should be owning those those those capabilities that the you know the wires in the fibers where you drive on minuscule fiber the key word is municipal it's owned by the city. make as much like the roads in the airports yeah exactly fedex and u.b.s. don't build their own roads but we as a taxpayer come together to build the roads so they can compete on a fair playing field a lot of people don't view internet infrastructure as something similar to roads unless. they have a deep understanding of it they just view it as internet access and anybody should be able to provide that anywhere so it's an idea that has some interest in across the intricacies too or that are lost on a lot of people but i think more people are growing aware of it and it's something that we need to follow in the footsteps of france and south korea and sweden and start doing on a more national basis so we can have this competition so people if they say i don't
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like the privacy policy of my existing internet service provider you can jump ship for one that does have a good privacy policy i think the i think that your metaphor of roads i have been looking i've been trying to get you know grab one and come up with one and i think it is marvelous it's marvelous pete i will steal it if that's all right with you absolutely thanks thanks for being with us pete pete ashdown thanks so much for joining us tonight. for tonight's politically corrected i bring you fox so-called news host eric bolling on fridays episode of the five ball and told fellow five or bob back all that food stamp use is out of control because the federal government has made it easy for anybody to participate in the program take a look. using the accessibility of food stamps that used to be for real people were in poverty and now it's just about anyone that says that they'd like to have well. actually eric snap or the supplemental nutrition assistance program is far from the
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goody bag giveaway you say it is the average family of four has to have a gross monthly income below twenty four hundred ninety eight dollars before they can apply for benefits that translates into a little under thirty thousand dollars hardly a rich man's budget and while the number of individuals on food stamps has ballooned during the obama administration and frankly ballooned under the bush administration before it that's because those two administrations have seen the worst economic crash since the great depression and that crash caused by our banks toure's have thrown millions of americans into poverty this is probably. obvious if you weren't so busy repeating republican talking points for roger ailes and company eric bolling you've been politically correct. crazier animal show down the internet has
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a new hero dig dog doc founder cobb and kevin rose late friday night rose who woke to the sound of a brutal fight outside the san francisco apartment when he got outside he discovered that his dog toaster was going toe to toe in a death match with a raccoon kevin acted quickly throwing the raccoon down a stairwell and away from toaster luckily for us the whole ordeal was captured on a security camera check it out. i know everyone is praising mr rose for his loyalty and courage good some serious questions about the incident you just saw i mean i think i think that raccoon had a right to stand his ground inquiring minds want to know.
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the good the bad and the very very good for asli ugly the good the national action network on saturday al sharpton civil rights group organized over one hundred rallies nationwide protest last weekend's not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman trial is in the phrase no justice no peace the organization gathered. other people from all walks of life to demand an end to racial profiling and an end to the stand your ground laws on martin's parents joined the miami crowd good work as action network the fight against racism in alec will be a difficult one but it begins with a committed people like you so bad the u.s. navy the obama administration specific strategy took an ugly turn this weekend when
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two a.v. eight b. harrier jets like the one seen here accidentally dropped four bombs just feet away from australia's great barrier reef now to be fair to the bombs were on armed and two are already diffused but let's be honest staging a live naval exercises anywhere near a fragile ecosystem in a world heritage site is just a terrible terrible. and a very very ugly geraldo rivera. was posted this picture to his twitter account over the weekend along with a tweet that said seventy is the new fifty there are some things you just can't. thanks for all that was very very quickly. coming up detroit's economy is in shambles its streets are filled with crime its infrastructure is literally falling apart its public education system is failing miserably given all of this why would speaker of the house john boehner want the rest of america to follow in detroit.
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the same story doesn't make it news. no puff piece this is the new tom clancy thank you. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything
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you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. i would rather as questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my fellow larry king now right here on r.t. question more. looking every day doc in the field that you won't find it here if you're looking for relevant stories unique perspective from top class scans in antarctica.
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so sometimes you know what you know and sometimes you know what you don't know and sometimes as the firesign theater says everything you know is wrong and you know that you're wrong if you or your right. to say that your. money. you go is. four out of ten americans believe that jesus christ himself will return to earth by twenty fifty as a result many argue that these end time believers. more apathetic towards issues like climate change because they have no reason to preserve or protect the environment for future generations if they believe that jesus is coming back and studies have shown that belief in the second coming of jesus does reduce the level of importance that in time believers put on fighting climate change but there's also research that suggests otherwise it argues that climate change apathy and a belief in the second coming of jesus aren't all that closely related after all so
7:46 pm
you think that all members of the rapture culture don't care about climate change then everything you know is wrong joining me now for more on this is robin globe globule is. a ph d. candidate of the universe at the university of florida the religion department and coeditor of the upcoming book how the world's religions are responding to climate change and robert i mispronounced your name. it's quotes thank you for globes felt like you are studies that show a correlation between a belief in a second coming and a lack of caring about climate change wrong. well i want to say that they are entirely wrong in fact i just wanted to point out there's actually only one quantity to study that's been done so far. and i. my argument is really that this study has some problems with it i think it probably overstates the relationship but authors were around the woodwork or indeed little
7:47 pm
scientists the many were making a pretty strong case and time belief was one of the pivotal factors that's preventing one of republicans from supporting action on climate change. i think there are some problems with the senate and they're probably have like we have led them to overstate that we should. wouldn't it be the case that somebody who is intensely enough religious and christian to believe in the rapture of the times would also take seriously the of the it in order to be a good steward to. a of the of this planet and this is a goes back to genesis as a. yes indeed i mean everybody i did focus groups in georgia with evangelicals conservative christians of a bunch of different stripes and. ship was something that came up and you know almost everybody i talked to affirm that that was important. but it's kind of
7:48 pm
a matter of where you place emphasis i think. if you're you are focusing on the end times as something that you're excited about and it's imminent and that would be a very small number of people. and that might take precedence over the. sort of the kind of activities that you would promote as stewardship but for sure stewardship is a really important value for most of the consumer christians i talk to for all is there a. difference in political affiliation between people who are and time conservative christians and people who are not. i don't know if there's been any research on that. you know conservative christians or sort of a committed core who tend to be very ideologically uniform and also vote pretty uniformly for the republican party they are paying
7:49 pm
a lot of attention to the certain issues that they feel the bible speaks to that we're all familiar with like abortion and. you know seem to have life and marriage . and so those people that you know there's a correlation with them time believe and so they're probably. you know i would say neither. almost everybody i spoke to in my city was not you know nationally representative they were mostly republican so there's there's definitely a relationship there it's never her so yeah yeah because i remember during the reagan administration he put james watt in charge of the interior department and was immediately began selling off western lands to mining companies and oil developers at a fraction of what they had that landed historically been selling for. all the way i guess it turned out that a lot of those guys were buddies of watts but somebody asked him why are you doing this and he said because jesus is going to come again and make all things new so it doesn't matter. which you know it. is you are you're suggesting that that
7:50 pm
that's more the exception than the rule and in those republican fundamentalists. small actually one thing that's really interesting it's funny that you brought up james what that quote is actually apocryphal if you have a real who's really nice yeah there is he the quote that people usually pull up if i can remember exactly now someone asked him do you know do you care about. taking care of you know national resources news and people usually pull out the part where he said i don't know how many generations before the border turns but he went on to say but we need to order resources and so if you there was a study by susan power. and she analyzed all of his public statements and really found little evidence for time believe being the driving factor in his environmental views it actually had a lot more to do with. there was just a difference between his philosophy which was wise use and you know it is here for
7:51 pm
us to use and what a lot of environmentalists of the time were for wanting so you know it wasn't just him and robin globus feldman thank you so much for being with us and my pleasure. over the weekend c.b.s. as bob schieffer asked speaker of the house john boehner very bluntly about the current gridlock in congress its failure to pass any important legislation and its record low approval ratings among the american people and responded by saying this you are presided over what is perhaps the least productive and certainly one of the least popular congress is in history how do you feel about that well bob
7:52 pm
we should not be judged on how many new laws we create where i would be judged on how many laws we repeal. in other words laws are bad governments bad so who needs either instead of working to pass the legislation that this nation desperately needs to get back on its feet and to rebuild its economy painter would rather see our great nation end up like the now bankrupt detroit. boys painters wish coming true detroit used to be the industrial capital of america really the world starting with reagan our industrial trend trade policies began to change as a result our nation moved from a manufacturing based economy in one thousand nine hundred eighty to a banking and service big based economy today instead of making things we now say would you like fries with out or welcome to walmart or there's a five dollar fee for using your credit card the way we embraced free trade deals and jump head first into outsourcing policies that vastly increase corporate profits while shipping hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas as
7:53 pm
a result many of the jobs that were once done in factories in detroit are now done in factories in china and other nations in the same holds true for the rest of america when given a chance to stop the outsourcing of american jobs overseas speaker boehner and his republican colleagues baulked in september two thousand and ten republicans in congress killed a bill that would have eliminated tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs but outsourcing isn't the only problem that detroit in the rest of america have in common in detroit thanks to a severe lack of funding public education is failing that city's children only seven percent of detroit public school eighth graders are profession and reading just four percent are profession in math and in two thousand and eight detroit's high school graduation rate was just twenty four point nine percent in the rest of the united states public education is just as underfunded as it is in detroit as a result in two thousand and eight the u.s. has high school graduation rate was lower than the rates of the u.k.
7:54 pm
switzerland norway south korea japan italy and most other developed countries and according to multiple reports li released in december of last. cheer fourth and eighth grade students in the u.s. leg behind students in many east asian and european nations when it comes to math and science and those same reports reveal that european and asian nations spend far more money and spend more wisely on education than we do here but speaker boehner and his republican colleagues must be content with these stats because they've done next to nothing to boost funding for public education in america meanwhile in detroit that city's infrastructure is literally crumbling streets are littered with potholes power outages have become the new normal and the buildings that once housed america's booming automobile industry now look like scenes out of a horror movie and in the rest of the united states things are much better every year the american society of civil engineers releases a report card for america's infrastructure and its two thousand and thirteen card
7:55 pm
the a a c e gave a d. to america's roads and highways a d. to america's transit system a d. to america's aviation system a d. plus to america's energy infrastructure and a c. plus to america's bridges but despite america's crumbling infrastructure speaker boehner and the rest of republicans in washington have repeatedly refused to provide the funding needed to bring america's infrastructure out of the eighteen hundreds and into the twenty first century back in detroit that city is also dealing with increases in violent crime and gun violence in two thousand and twelve there were three hundred eighty six homicides in the city were fifty four point six homicides for hundred thousand residents of detroit in two thousand and twelve a homicide the highest homicide rate that city has seen in nearly two decades nationwide there were nearly eighty six hundred homicides by firearms in two thousand and eleven which accounted for more than two thirds of all homicides in
7:56 pm
that year two thousand and eleven and as we know mass shootings like the ones in the rora and newtown have become the norm. but again speaker boehner republican lawmakers in washington a fail to pass any comprehensive legislation to address the gun violence epidemic in the united states or the inequality and poverty that are driving it republican in action in congress doesn't stop at refusing to address public education gun violence infrastructure and jobs in america since john boehner has been speaker of the house republicans have voted nearly forty times to repeal obamacare they've refused to address climate change they've refused to reel in the big banks on wall street they've refused to address the home foreclosure crisis instead paling now banks toure's so while speaker boehner may be content with being at the helm of the worst congress in history and he may be content with the fact that surveys show more americans prefer weiss and call and ask appease to their pre-election
7:57 pm
lawmakers in washington the results or lack thereof speak for themselves thanks to the record breaking in action and gridlock in washington our entire country is following the path of detroit and it's a very dangerous and devastating path to be on we the people deserve an economy that keeps jobs in america roads that don't crumble schools that our children can excel in and neighborhoods in which we can live safely call your elected officials and tell them to get to work and save our country. and that's the way it is tonight monday july twenty second two thousand and thirteen for more information check out our website so tom hartman dot com for speech dot org. and hulu dot com slash the picture and don't forget democracy begins when you get out there and get back to your seat.
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their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question more. wealthy british style. is no time. for. markets why not. gonna. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our.
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coming up on r t the u.s. has been pressuring foreign governments to not help n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden but how would the u.s. react to extradition requests from other countries we'll tell you the answer to that coming up. and years after the end of the iraq war the nation still carries scars from that time one of those wounds is the increase that is in iraq birth defects and cancer cases or reports on the toxic legacy left behind and thanks to goldman sachs the cost of aluminum is going up the investment group is warning piles of the more of the commodity we'll tell you how that works later in tonight's show.


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