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i. hack is a poison to gain full access to personal data hundreds of millions of. people to be cyber experts to take to the threat. report claims one in five victims of u.s. drone strikes in pakistan the civilians as the pentagon looks to expand operations in the country's tribal. dramatically widening wealth gap in britain future welfare reforms described just speeded up thatcherism top stories this hour on.
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live from a studio central moscow this is with you twenty four hours a day is just past ten pm here in the russian capital hackers have the ability to hijack one in every eight mobile phones worldwide with a single hidden text message that alert has come from a leading german cyber security expert and he claims the trick gives criminals instant control over mobile devices and can even provide them with access to personal banking data and explains how. turns out that as many as seven hundred fifty million cell phones around the world could be carrying flawed sim cards that could potentially leave their owners vulnerable to financial fraud and surveillance now sim cards hold key user data and have up until now been generally known to be one of the most secure parts of a mobile phone however the recently discovered bugs could allow hackers to access personal information and carry out illegal transactions and this was researched and
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announced by thirty one year old ethical hacker and are now in german codebreaker of course to know after repeated attempts to hack into sim cards over the last three years you know says a shocking number of them can be hacked within minutes no has discovered a way to essentially get complete control of an individual's phone by finding out the unique encryption key of each sim card with just one hidden text message allowing whoever breaks into the system to do whatever the user of the phone is able to do and what this means is if there is credit card information or pay-pal data on that given cell phone being broken into that information becomes acceptable and could easily be used often without the cellphone user realizing that this is being done before it's potentially too late artie's video agency abruptly spoke exclusively with cars to know who described in more detail the threats that this could all lead to. short term threat when criminals finally. take method is fraught they will abuse the cards to send
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a message for instance they could also steal banking tokens from them in countries where they're disused looking at the midterm surveillance questions because to do encrypt hold a voice communications originating from a phone as well as data communication so all of this could be intercepted and decoded by a well equipped surveillance team now are no less known for his activity in exploiting vulnerabilities of security systems and then providing companies with his findings so they. and fix these issues before criminal hackers lay their hands on these technical flaws and he estimates that roughly a quarter of the total three billion sim cards using the data encryption standard throughout the world could be impacted by this research that is now conducted it's important to note that there has been no pattern identifying exactly which sim card manufacturers are more more vulnerable than others but the security expert says it will take hackers about six months to figure out how to do what he has done and
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releasing this information now gives manufacturers and. fixing this problem at the u.n. international telecommunications union has dubbed these latest revelations quote highly significant and is now in the process of notifying agencies in almost two hundred countries. u.s. drone strikes have caused a lot of civilian death toll in pakistan that's according to leaked documents from officials in islam about the so-called precision strikes resulted in a total of seven hundred forty six deaths between two thousand and six and two thousand and nine and one fifth of those victims were civilians children made up a shocking twelve percent of casualties and washington is showing no signs of scaling back its drone warfare program there's always going to reports. u.s. intelligence services want to have the world covered on top of spying on the world communications washington is expanding its drone surveillance operations as you know under the umbrella of fighting terror the u.s.
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now operates a host of bases in the middle east and africa a lot of these operations seem to have little or nothing to do with u.s. national security like the work that u.s. spy drones do for the turkish military so u.s. camera equipped predator drones hover above the rugged border with iraq and stream high resolution imagery to the turkish armed forces helping them pursue fighters from the kurdistan workers party or p.k. kate here you see kurds who got hold of some pieces of a u.s. drone that either crashed by itself or was shot down not clear so there's this synergy between the u.s. and turkey where the turks host the u.s. drone base and the u.s. does surveillance for them the u.s. is making other trade offs in the region and thanks to such favor exchanges it gets to increase its presence there oftentimes against the will of the people in some of those countries for example the pew research center has just released a survey showing that eighty two percent of turks disapprove of the obama administration's international campaign of drone attacks but regardless of the
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backlash the march of drones continues an expense for beyond known combat zones the commander of u.s. forces in africa told congress in february that he needed a fifteen fold increase in surveillance reconnaissance and intelligence gathering on the continent fifteen fold that's in africa the pentagon says the u.s. is also committed to increasing its surveillance in asia and the pacific. which effectively means beware china at the other end of the world in south and central america u.s. military commanders say they need drones for counter-narcotics operations so in every region on every continent there is something to keep an eye on but everybody understands that it's not just an eye wherever there are the spy drones there will be the predators waiting right behind to go on a kill mission and washington's request and that's where america's world policing urges often clash with international law in washington i'm going to check them u.k.
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think tank has warned that nationwide wealth inequality is set to skyrocket over the next few years unless the government really thinks its policy of slashing will for the fabian society predicts that david cameron's economic strategy will cause the gap between rich and poor to widen even more than it did during the 1980's and it holds the time that margaret thatcher was in power they brought of the situation a speeded up action replay of the tourism well earlier we spoke to the author of the report economist howard read the country's economic recovery is being pursued at the expense of the least well off in society. obviously the u.k. has pretty hard a deficit in the property finances and we've been told that the austerity measures that the coalition government has introduced are kind of necessary to get the public finances back on track about to happen pretty manage the day. so far but the
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point is that the why are you that tax rises and benefit costs of being introduced as the corporate course families holiday have been people long sort of maybe or harboring but next round the house it's going to bring mining the sort of social security benefits and tax credits which people in the lower incomes receive including we grow our incomes. you know outside people who we should be joining carriage and so we're seeing being hit hardest is going to mainly three families with children is specially and so the young younger on employed. and well britain's unemployed face the loss of those benefits they're also coming up against growing competition on the job market from foreign workers and according to a new study eastern european migrants actually stand a better chance of being given jobs in the u.k. than locals there are. now reports with long term unemployment in the u.k.
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hitting a seventeen year high long lines of job centers have become a typical and while many britons are struggling to find a job a recent report by to finish academics says that immigrants from eastern europe are seven percent more likely to be employed and this trend generally holds true in the agriculture business on this berry farm here in kent so workers spend about eight to nine hours a day picking berries in the sun in the heat it is physical work now under the seasonal agricultural workers scheme of the u.k. it's estimated that there are thousands of foreigners working on u.k. farms. robert pascoe who runs this farm says there are between three hundred and three hundred fifty immigrant workers during the harvest season mostly coming from eastern europe remaining probably in the majority we need supply of people who come in for the summer season and that's not so popular amongst the
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english people because they they want continuity it's not considered to be. a profession in the same time you've got a lot of keen enthusiastic and bright eastern europeans to come for six months and we see how bright they are they enjoy doing what they're doing and wish to stay longer and of course they're becoming more and like a volley or maybe a who's been working on this farm for nine years do you mind doing all this physical hard work and i think i'm doing that if i was moving during that i would look here both of. you back in my country the report comes on the one hand amid the government's goal of decreasing net immigration to the tens of thousands and concerns that cheap migrant labor is decreasing local wages and on the other hand widely unpopular cuts to the u.k.'s welfare system which the work and pensions secretary says is in order to restructure the culture to discourage people from
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living off the dole and find work instead i think most british people are strongly hardworking and you know industrious we've also got an element it's true i think we've got an element of people don't want to work i'm not quite sure how big that he's but then you've got another problem which is the benefits trap and that's what we should be concentrating on how do we get our people back into work how do we motivate young motivated and you don't do that by bringing wives and wives of cheap labor who just been on them by the end of the year the e.u.'s temporary work and travel restrictions a bull gary as a rumanians will be lifted giving them the same rights to work in the u.k. as other e.u. citizens farm owners spirit. this would lead to bulgarians and romanians leaving for jobs. and. jobs benefits.
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and while europe's unemployment problem continues to. head to. europe's economic challenges. of the program. politics the supporters of rival groups face off in cities across. the country. the lawyer representing edward snowden says he is ready to put in russia. all the details and that story much more after the break. speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world of interviews intriguing story.
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fourteen minutes past the hour here in moscow it's now one month since the n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden landed in moscow much turn out to be a very long he's followed the requests for temporary asylum in russia but there's been no official response on that just yet so they wouldn't go it says he's ready to remain here and even from the job. the federal migration service is slated to hand over a piece of paper to edward snowden stating whether or not it is willing to review his case that means that the government is then going to consider his bid now that process can take up to three months and in that time he will be allowed to walk around this city moving freely and within russia then the temporary asylum if it is accepted it can last will last one year and then must be renewed every year after that now his lawyer has made
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a statement about mr started wanting to make russia his home and this if the russian federal migration service denies mr snowden's request we still have the option of appealing against his decision in court i explained all the legal aspects to edward and he intends to use this right of appeal should there be your fusil mr snowden's planning to settle down here or find a job and just to the circumstances. now not only as the lawyer said does he plan to settle but he also plans to work here and possibly call russia home even in the very long future at something that many people may think comes as quite a surprise we will probably be knowing a much more tomorrow morning when he hopefully receives that piece of paperwork that the federal migration service says it plans to hand over to him now his lawyer also says that for his client at this point security is number one. reporting that in northeast syria al-qaeda linked extremists are holding about two
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hundred kurdish civilians hostage using them as human shields and that's according to the russian foreign ministry the kurds living in the area have long been trying to protect their homes amid heavy fighting between she had his forces and syrian government troops so let's discuss this now with auti contributor afshin rattansi he's in london afshan surely the kurdish civilians that just by stand by stand as in this syrian civil war and their lives are now in danger so who is ultimately responsible for this predicament the ultimate responsibility probably. store him to work out but in the immediate aftermath of what's been going on in syria of the past two years it would have to lie the door of the nato powers and of turkey the kurdish minority is there i mean i syrian your words and i don't really go to the northern parts of syria where the kurdish people are currently being held hostage partly because those areas were constantly. in question
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government father. there was a huge discrimination of goods in that region but now we have a situation where the united states saudi arabia britain actively supporting al-qaeda linked organizations that are ransacking murdering women and children certainly over the past forty eight hours and as you say two hundred men women and children now being held captive and hearing from london in washington and two weeks about no fly zones at all the very people that are killing the men women and children from turkey and the turkish right wing for these ideas of invading syria from the north to kill more could the people and of course western powers are making a distinction between the armed opposition and the extremist jihad forces is it really possible then to distinguish between the two. in my view it isn't the free syrian army desperately trying to get their propaganda over and say
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we want more arms now to fight al nusra front an al qaeda linked organizations that are also equally opposed to president assad. syria and now we have a conflagration and. certainly out of the control of anything with. one because we have a defacto kurdish state in north and syria and the turkish government is saying they don't want anything to do with it as to blame. mr admiral. mullen the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff was in the past twenty four hours saying it would cost a billion dollars a month for a no fly zone and somewhere in his congressional hearings he's talking about how perhaps it could empower those forces like al qaeda there's no question the americans the foreign office here under william hague they have been supporting the
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kinds of people that committed the atrocities committed up in two thousand and one but you would think option that the growing role of al qaeda that in syria they were allegedly trying to build their own state in the country's north effectively blocking any chance of the u.s. supplying arms to the syrian rebels surely that would be the ultimate result wouldn't it. that's right that policy hasn't been able to be sold to people in government seen washington. on the hill there. is in mr cameron's body here in london but then what do the european union do they immediately target has. the very movement that is saved christians jews shias and sunnis from the onslaught of al-qaeda linked lists that have been funded by american and western powers so we have a very strange situation that is continuing to spiral out of control because the european union having no there's no letup in their attempts at trying to create
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instability that has killed a hundred thousand people. what london or paris seems to want at all costs is and presumably when they go to sleep at night these leaders don't say they want all these people killed and to support so laugh is a death is the impact of their foreign policies that is the impact coming from saudi arabia and there is very little in these capitals where any policy is being figured out to support groups like and support groups like the syrian government that it just would be trying to. control of the country or even the kurdish minority is currently being slaughtered and killed by defacto american linked al-qaeda militants it's a terrible situation grabs russia and china should immediately try and bring this to the u.n. security council otherwise the prospects for those two hundred all stages is pretty grim action thank you very much indeed and this actually. in london. to egypt
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now and relentless battles between supporters and opponents of the alstad president mohamed morsi are raising the specter of civil war gun attacks have been reported in and around the situation has remained chaotic making casualty figures hard to verify the chances of several major roads and dozens of vehicles being smashed. and on monday the army intervene to prevent thousands of islamist demonstrators from storming his square which has been occupied by the sea crowds for weeks and now for more analysis on this i'm joined live from cairo by is professor of international law and political science so what was the army thinking then and expecting when it ignored the will of what millions of people who initially supported morsi when he's elected what were they expecting their response to be. the government has been under
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external pressures more of internal pressure. just only the people needs i mean the prove army allies or protesters need to request the army to intervene and to break in all these sorts of the. blood the public up of many civilians many employees even mean however the army actually is under an external foreign pressures three major ones the first one is four years four days ago the united nations human rights council in geneva requested the different thirty to send promptly and they immediately a fact finding mission to egypt composed of international. to actually investigate the human rights status in the aftermath of.
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now not only one blotch one clash it's the second pleasure is that the decision by the united kingdom government to stop all sorts of what human to the egyptian authorities that could be or might be used in this month playing and fighting right demonstrations the third one which is the least when actually is the resolution by the african union. two weeks ago to suspend for the french by suspending egypt's members in the in the. in the african union excuse me in this reorganization and in the consequences as a result of. the allegation of the african union. let me
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quickly ask you all all these pressures on the army then how do you expect it to react to these demonstrations and what sort of crackdown will it be able to carry us what's going to do yes. yes i was transferred for you the official view and billfish a statement concerning the demonstrations over there by the spokesman of the military of the army he said that flows through it as though they are fighting us they are our brothers our friends they are egyptians we are to. restrain our anger to the end however we our patience would be worth in be endless that would be a decisive moment upon his saying that we cannot actually participate with them
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in jupiter that is saying the internet the national egyptian. interest security interests the whole point of this is for the army to create an environment where free elections should be taking place what by the new year but with the country in such a state of chaos and indeed the top echelons of the muslim brotherhood removed from the political scene do you think an election is really likely. yes i totally agree with you even the whole circumstances the domestic context actually is in three d. actually to carry our the road plan even the come a city issue in the declaration by the. president let me tell you one statement which is the decisive this is the guy the army is not being or such a concern for demonstrations in cairo you know all egypt unless seen i
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see an eye is the big challenge and the most crucial actually cluny the seas which is terrorists over there instead i and. not only the rich are not with forces all four forces wall and why cannot i'm sorry cannot uproot it or to get tourism just only overnight all right evan thank you very much indeed i don't think about him upon the army thank you very much indeed emon son of a professor of international law and political science joining us live here on. well worn news in about half an hour with me and the team in the meantime abby martin from washington will be breaking the set.
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i've talked to many times about the absurd things going on all around us like kids being thrown out of school because they had a gun that shoots bubbles or various people getting punished for their tweets and facebook posts it's all really abstract it's hard to truly get angry over until you see the results or playing a stupid video game just carter sarcastically said to someone who called him crazy oh yeah i'm real messed up in the head i'm going to go shoot a bunch of kids at school l.o.l. j k. and for this bit of sarcasm he spent quite some time awaiting trial in a texas prison not only that according to his father he was being attacked brutally on many occasions leading to both to pull concussions and black eyes and in the end he had to be thrown into solitary confinement for his own good you see this is the ugly reality of those who fought the bad side of political correctness you know i don't talk about these stories just for fun the main thing that i'd like to say is that it wasn't for some anonymous coward in canada turning him into the authorities for doing absolutely nothing this young man would not have to live with the memory
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and possible injuries from numerous assaults to the anonymous canadian who turned him in i sarcastically wish you a horrible fate but you probably get me arrested for it so just say that it's people like you who allow tyranny to exist but that's just my opinion. he used. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck i've got so
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many i mean ten pounds i know that i'm still really messed up. a little all over it so closely. a little more so to put a little light out superman to the radio guy and columbo minestrone could possibly want to blog quote for a positive review never seen anything like this i'm told. it . was on the break in and said i'm adding one more recent study on climate change reveals that the coral on australia's great barrier reef will start disintegrating within the next hundred years of temperatures continue to increase now in case you didn't know the great barrier reef is the world's biggest network of coral in the largest structure of living organisms on earth it's been labeled as one of the planet's southern natural one.


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