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tv   Headline News  RT  July 24, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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edward snowden's legal limbo could be drawing to an end but the about to get the papers he needs to leave a moscow airport transit zone and officially. anyone is willing to vote in advance to take. we're willing to accept. what he looks like a. challenger free syrian army representative groups accomplices as al qaeda linked militants holed around two hundred kurdish civilians. the u.s. will finally hold long deferred hearings for dozens of guantanamo detainees eighty six others cleared for release still unable to leave the prison.
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just after one pm here in the russian capital this is the life with me and welcome to the program today n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden could finally set foot on a russian territory today he's waiting for paperwork which would allow him to leave the transit zone of moscow's sheremetyevo airport and according to a lawyer who is helping snowden the man who leaked secret u.s. documents is here to stay. reports from the. it is a distinct possibility that edward studied could soon call the russian federation home and even be looking for a job here on russian soil but now the announcement came as quite a surprise to many people but the reasons for it are fairly straightforward according to one of his legal advisers here in russia leaving the country at to get
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to one of the other countries that has offered edward snowden asylum is just too dangerous and started could very easily end up in the hands of the united states now this is a direct reference to the incident on july third when the president of bolivia as plane was forced to land on suspicion of actually carrying snowden in the aircraft today snowden is hoping to get his hands on a very important document that will allow him to finally leave this temporary home here at sheremetyevo airport for the last month and move freely about the russian federation for the next three months if he received this form you like this formalized document today sitting at the federal migration services is processing his bid for temporary asylum now at the end of those three months word will will arrive to him whether or not that asylum bid has been approved or turned down now whether the news is favorable or not there is a plan in place let's listen your movies if the russian federal migration service
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denies mr snowden's request we still have the option of appealing against this decision in court i explained all the legal aspects to edward and he intends to use this right of appeal should there be your fusil mr snowden's planning to settle down here or find a job and just adapt to the circumstances that temporary asylum bid if granted would need to be renewed every year indefinitely to stay current so we're here at sheremetyevo airport waiting with bated breath to see whether or not he receives that fateful document with him which will allow him to leave the temporary home here at terminal f and. we start a brand new life here in russia. so snowden has become a wanted man after showing the world just how much us security services watch people all across the planet and the n.s.a. stranglehold on digital data communications seems to make privacy perhaps a thing of the past so wattis marina portnoy tried to see if she could actually
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avoid big brother while going about her daily business in new york. in a post prism usa anonymity has become a rare commodity some accept it others are outraged but at the end of the day there's no easy way of escaping the prying eye of the n.s.a. five years ago i would have a cell phone little snatch in your pocket dump it don't bring your cell phone with you all the time now it doesn't matter now you have automatic license plate readers to track where you are now you have metro passes and easy passes the city bike system and facial recognition like it or not every american armed with technology has been cast in their own twenty four hour reality show the national security agency is the uninvited proper razzi you never see or hear it makes me want more careful about what i speak about on the phone and the way i conduct my business and i think it creates
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a certain consciousness. that weighs on us i feel like at this point i'm just a number in all of their data everything these days is so it's so critical the use in that technology is just part of our lives now and it's kind of unavoidable if you want to keep up with what's going on this is what he and i do not have a cell phone out of a car not live in a city. the only solution for living and a safe free is to divorce from all things digital experts say using encrypted search engines or changing security settings on social networks isn't enough the truth is you have to maintain all to do some compartmentalize that you have to behave like an intelligence agent you have to constantly be thinking what tracks do i leave clearly retaining privacy under america's web of surveillance requires some sacrifice and here is where we're going to figure out how much so first things first i use a subway to go to work now if i use my credit card to find my metro card then i can
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be tracked so instead. but he used. the. p.c. . i usually check emails and voice mails during my five block walk to work but living in a safe three wires living without a cell phone fingers crossed i'm not missing any breaking news right now. so now. i need. to get. a security company. twitter i don't have. a problem i can't use the web to research. because all my activity can be tracked. this is about the.
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only. as. you can. and you can also. use either.
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we go. al qaeda linked extremists are holding around two hundred kurdish civilians hostage that's according to the russian foreign ministry of the kurds in the area have long been trying to protect their homes amid heavy fighting between she hardest forces and syrian government troops details now to watch these polis live. more than two hundred civilians and let me stress that we're talking here about innocent men women and children all being held hostage by extremists in north eastern syria now we understand that the hostages are being used as human shields the russian foreign ministry saying that they're mostly from kurdish families whose
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members are fighting extremists in the region now fighting broke out a few days ago between syrian kurds and al qaeda linked militants in the towns of our and rice are along the syrian turkish border this is exactly where our no swear and other al qaeda affiliated groups have been operating it looks as if these extremist groups are now literally out of control there are attempts by the kurds to form some kind of interim government while the al qaeda affiliates one to form an islamic state what the fighting shows is that attempts by al qaida to secure kurdish support has failed although there are some kurdish jihadists of course there are still tensions between the kurdish groups themselves but it seems that at least for now they have found common ground against the extremists turkey of course is looking on with concern it's worried that if the kurds fight al qaida they will
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get support from the waist but on the other hand the kurds in cells are not keen on the syrian national council either and they have refused to join in the turkish backed syrian opposition that has not given them any assurances of promises as to a division of syria off to president bashar assad. some western states including the u.k. so far back tracked on the supply to the opposition voicing concerns about the threat of extremists in syria but the free syrian army has admitted it will accept help from anyone including al qaida and my colleague spoke to a rebel army spokesperson zakim a lot. the situation in syria with the out of position is pretty much are complicated if you hear on the other that there's a lot of the visions within the free syrian army there are divided let's say you say it's complicated there are divisions basically you've been hijacked by radical extremists by the likes of al qaeda no. so we've been hijacked by the logs of
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al-qaeda who. took the advantage yes and they will look if their own brothers are being killed by this tyrant and the world is doing nothing about it just sitting back on their backsides and doing nothing what will get us there being so. anyone who's willing to hold us in advance to take on this tyrant will we are willing to accept him whether he looks like bin laden when he looks like the u.k. prime minister he says there's too much extremism on the ground there in syria so if extremist groups fighting the government fell to ply do you actually fear losing support of your foreign ally because you know our prime minister of some western country says there's an extremism within the opposition i mean it's still not a justifiable reason not to have the moderates. meanwhile the syrian opposition figures are now lobbying paris for advanced weapons after paris and they'll do the same in washington the syrian national coalition has though undergone a series of shifts inside its leadership but ultimately it still lacks unity party
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support scott now has a look at who exactly it is that's fighting against president assad. while the opposition are united in their desire to overthrow president bashar al assad that seems to be where their similarity ends the syrian national coalition is the umbrella group recognized internationally as the legitimate representative of the syrian people but they don't represent all factions opposed to a sad one group operating out of their control for example is the al qaeda linked al nusra front the coalition say they've hijacked the revolution or they've been classed by many in the west as a terrorist organization elsewhere a separate syrian group affiliated to al qaida helped facilitate a jailbreak in iraq over the weekend freeing high ranking al qaeda operatives infiltrated by foreign fighters and this was agenda seems separate from lot of the coalition and it's even led to infighting one f.s.a. commander was killed by a rival group and the f.s.a.
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feel they could soon be fighting on two fronts but we use the phrase opposition exactly who are we talking about well the coalition alone is made up of at least eleven different groups including the muslim brotherhood who have recently called on the u.s. and the e.u. to send arms in the battle with assad while only offering loose guarantees they won't fall into extremist hands there's also the coalition of secular and democratic syrians the syrian democratic people's party supreme council of the syrian revolution and so it goes on the disparate nature of the syrian opposition combined with the presence of islamic extremists means any nation looking to support the rebels are walking a continual tight rope with very few guarantees that any military support won't backfire and actually encourage the one thing that trying to fight elsewhere. right now red light green light the detainees in guantanamo bay to receive hearings after years behind bars the fate of others already cleared for release that remains
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unclear more on that and the rest of the world's top headlines after the break. nobody chooses to be homeless nobody chooses to me and my sorrow. is that was for the show to. get in the six pm get out six six. they were in. school. and to me the class people in the. days that were against were. it's hard to think. of them. and to know that many may not have only been the last two should never be me but there are also do
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different closures that never should and. it's a quarter past the hour moscow time this is on it's here with me rule research show the world update in just a second for now though after years of indefinite detention almost half of the guantanamo bay prisoners will finally see their cases refute now the news comes as the hunger strike at the notorious prison six month legal reviews were actually ordered by president obama more than two years ago but it's only now the actual preparations have begun let's bring up some numbers for you right here at ati so fall it's out of one hundred sixty six prisoners they're currently being held at
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guantanamo bay now seventy one will get paroled style. airings most haven't been charged with any crime because ultimately there isn't enough evidence to hold a trial but they were still considered too dangerous to be released now of the rest only nine have been charged six of which are awaiting death penalty trials and three have been convicted of war crimes while eighty six others are also in eligible for abuse because that's because they were cleared for release a long time ago now while all of this is a welcoming step towards shutting down guantanamo it's not enough to make intimate stop their hunger striking that's according to john eisenberg one of the prisoners lawyers in the case of these detainees to see when they're trying to make is stop our own definite detention units in human the brutal half of us have been cleared of cleared for release let us go the only way they can express is by hunger striking and it is very much getting the world's attention that's the purpose of it
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i believe international pressure i believe pressure from members of the senate in the tappan through letters written by senator feinstein to her. next i hope pressure from the senate committee i hope all of this together will continue to put pressure on the president to do something positive about the problem that guantanamo bay has become. and you can quite easily stay up to date with all of the stories on air and online as well is a peek of what's funny by a few of the website full this hour here on out for example the cost of a lot in siberia the russian remote region it's moving to the forefront of science with the world's biggest facility able to detect a mysterious a gamma rays all the way at the end of the universe. and just another click away if you would talk about killer style in new york find out why immigration offices
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decided these replica gun heels just won't fly and the full story of this fashion that's on the web site right now. right see. first street. and i think your. orders. are straight to egypt now to open up the world updated where there's been a bomb blast outside a security headquarters in the city of month just north of cairo one person said to have been killed nineteen in jude including thirteen policemen by security forces exchanged gunfire with unidentified men inside a nearby abandoned building shortly afterwards
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a clash also reported at the rallies in support of the ousted president morsy overnight at least two people killed during that. and to the ball garion capital of sofia the police have broken through barricades built around the parliament by protesters demanding the government's resignation of five people injured in clashes broke out as police tried to disperse the rally around one hundred officials and journalists were stuck inside the building i should say the people in the country being on the streets for weeks outraged by what they claim is in action over corruption and crime. a desperate search for survivors still underway in devastated hillsides after twenty of the quake struck northwest china as many as ninety seven now confirmed dead though the number could rise at the moment are thousands of soldiers and police officers they were drafted in to help with the rescue effort the deadly quake caused massive mudslides which trapped dozens of villagers and left almost forty thousand homeless. operational last chance has been
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launched in germany the campaign is offering the public a reward of up to twenty five thousand euros for any information about surviving former nazis suspected of war crimes in world war two a placards depicting the auschwitz concentration camp have been plastered across cities as authorities attempt to trap the remaining dregs of war criminals who have avoided justice to date. well the german a business community is are rather unhappy with how relations between bergen and moscow are developing and they're blaming chancellor merkel a group lobbying for the interests of germany's economy in eastern europe criticizing politicians and the media for their negative portrayal of russia artie's peter all of that takes up the story. over the last twenty years also russia and germany have become firm economic partners however in recent months there has been something of a cooling in the diplomatic relationship between the inn and moscow now to talk to
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me a little bit more about what that means and how it came down time joined by dr. lynn the director of an organization that takes the economic temperature of the relationship between the two countries now your organization of just published information about the relationship between germany and russia and it seems that there has been a deterioration in that relationship why is that happened and of course there are some cooling as you mentioned in the political relationship but as you know the economy still isn't a good shape we had a turnover of eight billion euros last year in two thousand and twelve and i think we keep on going in this road now is this down to the personal politics of some german politicians has this is merkel essentially got her policy wrong when it comes to dealing with russia i think she will make some clear statements also to the russian society that is what germany stands for what you know our business is
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really to to have the dominant to have the relationship very close and i cannot make ties we have a lot of energy ties we have thirty percent of our energy comes from russia that it true for germany and for the european union but also we want to export our machinery our cars you know to russia and we do so and have a lot of work in places created in russia one point five million working places in germany depends on the german russian trade. or is the u.k. now which is slashing spending to try and balance the budget and authorities in london are taking a bite out of the fire rescue services a proposed station closures and job cuts have sparked outrage among the workers and of course of now leading to concern over that of people safety auntie's tester are silly reports on how the firefighters are fighting the cost cutting dry. when
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there's a fire you may have to wait a little longer for help to arrive that's the fear of those campaigning against london mayor boris johnson proposed cuts to the london fire rescue services that could lead to the closure of their neighborhood station is a tragedy for for the borough of it is the. schools businesses and houses and if it cuts don't viable have to wait for brian jordan from other regions there's just craziness as a stand he continues to bite someone in firefighters question why such a move despite david cameron's pre-election pledge of not cutting frontline services london could see a total of twelve far stations closed eighteen engines axed and five hundred twenty jobs cut all to say forty five million pounds by two thousand and fifteen we think i was taught us would be dangerous we think wrong we think that reckless and if someone is trapped in a fog the difference between three minutes and i could be the difference probably
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will in many cases be the difference between life and death according to recently released figures a corking of all fire station right here is one of the busiest in london the ninth in fact according to reports but it may not be around much longer as this one of those earmarked for closure. for years all search for world was king's cross for seventy seven. students that we've attended grant edwards head of the save clark in well campaign has made it his mission to get the word out on the future of this station. one of these choices that is quite late as possible we can believe that they're drawn so a false. christ. before starts negative say that. fast fighter and now government advisor to streamline and fire in. rescue services
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across england to seize two hundred million pounds getting rid of so-called inefficiencies the reality is that we're in a very difficult period of austar austerity down fraud deaths are down four calls are down so is roy to look again at the services he doesn't need to be the same for service where we had high numbers of deaths high number of calls and should it be reengineered transformed in a different way so you confident that should your report all your recommendations be taken into consideration that it will not impact public safety but it comforted about that there were small victories though as the battle continues for firefighters hoping to change the fate of stations london fire chief just you turned on plans to close to stations initially earmarked clarkin well however is still on that list we continue following last night. we carry on to. test our sylvio r t one day. while we are approaching half past one of the
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afternoon here in moscow this is he thanks so much for joining us today if you can stick around for a bit of a fascinating story coming up next to optimistic about those who lost everything in the year two thousand and eight financial crisis including their homes and their livelihoods the special program it's in just a moment here what's. i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question more.
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i've seen the perception of the cross many times it doesn't matter if there's snow a heat wave ok i'll stone still people keep on going but i don't expect anything i just want i told myself i keep on going as long as my heart told me to that's all i wanted at the moment mickey i had send so mind she see i'm carrying these sayings on my shoulder. do you want me to put a bandage here no that's fine a lot of people were so exhausted they could barely walk their feet hurt and some of them fainted with the evacuee three to wanted to keep going i don't know what tomorrow will bring.
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