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that judge is essential. to children the streets. that women kidnapped and converted to islam by force will be another era motives for the culture christians of egypt to the cross to its future victims. the way of the cross. see. the world live. goodspeed.
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will. live. will be mislead good. luck. a little. welcome back rampant violence in iraq this week has claimed at least forty two lives bombings and shootings have put the number of those killed in july at over eight hundred people making it one of the deadliest months this year john resupply the activist in the stop the war coalition weighs in on what's behind the violence . in order to occupy iraq the western forces british and american
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adopted a policy of divide and rule. a major sectarian conflict where there wasn't one before they created. al-qaeda in iraq where there was no al qaida before so i think that the country is upright for the most enormous strains as a result of that war the truth of the matter is it's a terrifically weak government it's approximately bogged down in the middle between people who are sympathetic to iran's position in the region and those. feel dependent on washington it's a state that's been left in a catastrophic lead position by the occupation which the current developments in the in the middle east are a weakening still more well more than a decade after u.s. led forces invaded iraq there is a legacy of horrific birth defects scientists blame the weapons used by the us military flew to is the best known example that ember of affected there is fourteen
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times higher than her after an atomic bomb was dropped in the second world war when my team and i had a visit at the war torn country and were the first to take an in-depth look at the lesser known extent of the human suffering in the. one hundred sixty kilometers south of baghdad the sacred shiite city is known for its holy shrines and is surrounded by one of the largest cemeteries in the world some of the heaviest fighting of the iraq war took place amid these graves its legacy still haunts the residents it was born with severe birth defects he's only eight months old but the doctors don't expect him to live past us first birthday. i felt dizzy when i heard the news i ran out of the doctor's office and into a taxi. but for his mother there's no escaping the reality. her son has a nervous system disorder and his muscles are slowly wasting away. it's
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a recurring nightmare for leila and her husband three of their children were also born with congenital deformity as none of them survived and while they don't have proof they believe the radioactive ammunition used by american forces during the war is to blame the rule isn't over yet if the americans are goon if suffering from the consequence of. spiralling numbers of birth defects and high miscarriage rates have also been recorded in fallujah where american and british forces used heavy munitions at the start of the war but our visit to knowledge often revealed that the phenomenon may be far more widespread in the law than previously known dr sundin's and saif is one of the few scientists who's been documenting cancer and birth defects here and she says in the midst of a growing health catastrophe. after the iraq war rates of cancer leukemia and birth defects rose dramatically the areas affected by fighting so the biggest increases
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we believe it's because of the legal weapons like depleted uranium and hospitals here cancer is more common than the flu. depleted uranium or d u cuts through armor like a hot knife through butter more than four hundred tons of it is estimated to have been used in the two iraq wars the vast majority by u.s. forces the pentagon did not respond to our request for comment but the military generally denies any link between exposure and cancer or birth defects it also says deal weapons are only used to penetrate enemy tanks but a new report funded by the norwegian government found that deal was used against civilian targets in populated areas including not jobs in two thousand and three it notes a lack of transparency by coalition forces over the use of depleted uranium but describes one incident in najaf where a bradley armored fighting vehicle fired three hundred five d.-u. rounds in a single engagement. the heavy fighting may be over but in nearly every street we
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visited in this neighborhood multiple cases of cancer and children with deformities no one knows what's making people here sick the families want answers and they want help. of is old enough for school but have to be cared for as if he's a toddler he can't walk he can't speak he can't even go to the bathroom on his own use of brother is healthy but the family has buried two other children one severely deformed the other with a hole in her spine like many of the couples in this city are simply too afraid to have another baby and they're left feeling totally abandoned no one cares about what's happening to the other families in this area even our own government doesn't do anything to help what can we do with our fate it's a fate that many and suffer in silence. how it was the rockies lost their lives in the decade since the u.s. led invasion all across the country their memories are honored in cemeteries like
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this one the dead may be the most visible reminder of the human cost of the war but if the living victims of that war's talks look like to see we're still paying the price. of our t.v. iraq. well time for a brief world update and we begin in libya where more than a thousand inmates have escaped prison. the massive jailbreak happened as the facility was attacked from the outside eighteen of the inmates who had escaped were later arrested. seven people were killed on friday in the state of florida by a gunman who had taken cost of just an apartment complex police say there may have been a row between the couple who ran the building and the armed man who may have been a tenant when the police had arrived on scene they found two dead bodies and heard more shots officers eventually killed the gunman. staying with the u.s. three passengers have died in a bus crash in the state of indiana the vehicle was carrying teenagers from
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a church camp the injured have been transported to a local hospital five people are reported to be in critical condition according to local media reports the bus driver said that the brakes failed causing the crash. demonstrators have been arrested in preuss capital lima for taking part in anti-government protests riot police used tear gas and the tongs to disperse the crowd now this was the first part of the fourth mass demonstration in a month there many peruvians are upset with the government policies and education. the u.k. government is stepping up its battle against illegal immigration a new initiative includes vans driving around city streets that carry posters urging immigrants to leave or face arrest but it's not the first measure like this earlier this year ministers have planned on an advertising campaign to show just how bad of an idea it is to visit britain highlighting the country's less than attractive side all in the hopes of scaring away on one to the rivals in another
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scheme ready to kick off within months seize those coming from black list of countries deposit three thousand pounds security to be returned on their departure now even if you do arrive in the u.k. legally there is the tough citizenship that even u.k. citizenship test but even u.k. nationals are struggling to answer artists are cilia takes a look at what's behind these initiatives with long term unemployment in the u.k. hitting a seventeen year high long lines of job centers have become a typical and while many britons are struggling to find a job a recent report by to finish academics says that immigrants from eastern europe are seven percent more likely to be employed this trend generally holds true in the agriculture business on this berry farm here in kent so workers spend about eight to nine hours a day picking berries in the sun in the heat it is physical work the seasonal agricultural workers scheme of the u.k. it's estimated that there are thousands of foreigners working on the u.k.
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forms. robert pascoe who runs this farm says there are between three hundred and three hundred fifty immigrant workers during the harvest season mostly coming from eastern europe remaining probably in the majority we need a supply of people who come in for the summer season and that's not so popular amongst the english people because they they want continuity it's not considered to be. a profession in the same time you've got a lot of keen enthusiastic and bright eastern europeans to come for six months and we see how bright they are they enjoy doing what they're doing and wish to stay longer and of course they're becoming more. like a volley or maybe he's been working on this farm for nine years do you mind doing all this physical hard work oh i think i'm doing that if i was moving during that i would move here both of. them back in my country the report comes on the one hand
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amid the government's goal of decreasing the net immigration to the tens of thousands and concerns that cheap migrant labor is decreasing local wages and on the other hand widely unpopular cuts to the u.k.'s welfare system which you work and pensions secretary says is in order to restructure the culture to discourage people from living off the dole and find work instead i think most british people are strongly hardworking and you know industrious we've also got an element it's true i think we've got an element of people don't want to work i'm not quite sure how big that he's but then you've got another problem which is the benefits trap and that's what we should be concentrating on how do we get our people back into work how do we motivate young motivated and you don't do that by bringing in wives and wives of cheap labor who's just been on them by the end of the year the e.u. is temporary work and travel restrictions a bull gary is a rumanians will be lifted giving them the same rights to work in the u.k. as other e.u.
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citizens farm owners spirit. this would lead to bulgarians and romanians leaving for jobs for hotels and offices and are calling for more temporary workers. others fear this will bring in an influx of immigrants accessing not only jobs but welfare benefits as well. just. can't. the back with more news in about fifteen minutes time but stay with us the truth seeker is up next. sigrid laboratory was able to build a most sophisticated robot fortunately. tim's mission to teach me the creation of why you should care about humans. this is why you should care only. wealthy british stock.
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feel good. nobody chooses to be homeless no one chooses to me and now sorrow. is the world for the show to. get in the six pm get out six p. six. they were at.
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school. to me the class people in the. days the word against the word. it's tough to think about all of them comes to an. end to know that many may not have only been the last to choose should never be me but they are also due to from closures that never should have.
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and i thought your bushel caught on camera alleged provocations by western forces and shocking brutality by the allies coming up. on me my goal is to expose you as covert ops in syria. nine eleven and blowback. the un has branded as an instrument for war targeting future colonies. but also. building those groups of snipers through first peaceful protesters and police in syria triggering western intervention two groups of snipers for no apparent reason shoot both peaceful protesters and soldiers in egypt unexplained
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snipers of spokes on the wrist in thailand venezuela and many of the other nations on the washington's controlled surgeries to report on the recent blows shit in egypt thanks a lot for joining us to receive the same thing in syria that's correct and again if we examine the same situation in the early days of the syria conflict we have many reports from individuals on the ground talking about snipers station on the rooftops in cities that just iraq some of the early focal points of the protest movement remember that the conflict in syria emerged out of a protest movement that protest movement was not a regime change movement that was a protest movement and you know and for economic reasons fuel oil subsidies perhaps some increased political voice but it was certainly not. regime change scenario and it certainly was not a violent civil war from the outset however what drove the conflict which drove the
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file it's in the conflict were the presence of these snipers in the early days so when you saw women and children being shot in the head in iraq or in amman and they tried to immediately say that it was assad's forces who were doing that conveniently they never provided one piece of evidence to sit to actually demonstrate that and in fact even the arab league observers mission in early two thousand and twelve which was openly hostile to the assad regime which was clearly an anti assad mission even the arab league observer mission noted the fact that there was a quote unquote a third force a third element inside of syria that was not the protest movement nor the government of damascus and it was some other element and that element was driving the violence and of course as we see now two years later it was incredibly successful in fomenting civil war there wouldn't fool things within the country to do this it doesn't seem to make sense that either side would really have benefited
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from this kind of chaos we need to understand this in this broad narrative of those elements internationally used violence as a pretext for destabilization this is no longer the nineteenth century imperialism that we learn about it history books you can't just go around in fading countries and you know imposing your will by force and by violence rather it has to be done in a more overt way and one of the ways that you do that is by creating the necessary humanitarian over humanitarian culture is now official u.s. policy revealed in the leaked near us on the manual meant to be kept a secret told him of the destruction this reads destroyed by any method that will prevent disclosure of the only manual was. least in nov twenty ten just before slow it was began appearing in syria designed to get around international outrage at
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direct invasions like the rug the new us army manual instructs future country takeovers must be predominantly covert the book lays out how to infiltrate and religious minorities to provoke civil war using snipers against peaceful protesters is an example work with guerrilla groups to make them respectable al-qaeda and painting them as victims fits this category syria is being bombed as the report advised as an insider has told altie noto allies turkey and israel a bombing from across the border in fact the west been plotting this invasion of syria for years x. foreign minister two years before the violence started british officials told me they were planning the invasion of syria the syrian opposition deny these claims. and it is literally impossible for africa to get out of that rustles the kristoff layman. maybe fifteen called and they find
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a treaty pending earnings from their resources and their gold paris french bank has free to think on it then lend africa's own money back for things africa's money lend back to it says the west is shameless enough to create a. ball that african nations achieve by growing exports is to earn more for france. literally was written extensively on neo colonialism great to have you on the show was been the result of all this early a lot of the x. or. you know what it's a really good you know. because we need a. new reality. and. all its. products create humanitarian disaster in africa it's.
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possible. there. are. you know you know. which created gold states by chopping kuwait off iraq and other all regions from the arab peninsula and handed control to the full force. shell b.p. and chevron ries big oil and their bankers in the persian gulf four horsemen eight families and their global intelligence and terror network the us literally to extend truck drivers and mechanics off the streets and install them to run the country they pay them from simply if they turn a blind boy well before horsemen strip the country the other ninety nine percent of kids to abject poverty despite the country's incredible riches no schools the dean
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henderson and us military protection has pushed the shakes beyond any decency that we had. misused or get corrupted with fifty billions are telling yes but i'll take that any time what i'm trying to tell you is so what prostitution rings drug trafficking was paedophilia six slavery tools just so widespread and flagrant among america's puppet arab rulers that fifty a slight simply list thousands of the cases leaked to the media you a royal. torturing a traitor he thought quote cheated him the billionaire abuses him with an electric cattle prod beats him with whips and a plank of wood with a nail in it and pulls into his wounds the print shells to the camera man gets close he can watch the tape back later and all was imported as a child to be the prince. and his possible confiscated
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in this photo on a night out in london the prince has already broken nose and damaged his lip and later at the top hotel he's cool beating his slave in the room that night he beat and kicked him to death saudi prince aleem caught on a seven to seven flights of friends with over two tons of cocaine. washington allows freedom from women on civil action by giving them diplomatic immunity retroactive diplomatic immunity or other protection is told to the also be a golden henderson great to have you on you wrote zero profit of pocketed by the four horsemen so all americans get a terrorist attacks from furious that their country is being rolled. and what.
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more do. we know they are. there ya go. tara cullen is and of war vicious circles writes washington's blog of the quickest way to destroy the aggressive economy leading a column is the planes that america's enormous military spendings a huge drain on growth and increases unemployment war takes the nation's brightest minds from productive industries and gets them to perfect killing which produces nothing this big so also over question in the war on terror though the kevin thanks a lot for coming on why do government figures like lawrence summers cool was a great job creator lots of people go along with this because it's in their personal self-interest look at how military spending really works what it does is it takes productive resources out of the real economy and puts those resources to
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work building things that serves no human purpose other than killing people and wasting resources and not only that you know there's a very very tight correlation negative relationships between military spending and economic growth so high military spending kills economies and kill societies and that's what's being imposed on the u.s. the question is why in whose interest is this where's the economic interest here well it's actually the military industrial complex that's colonizing the american people and draining it have its resources and stealing from it and looting it that's what sort of so i think that's a big part of the puzzle here is that these policies are being imposed by people who have a soft interest whether at steeple who are making money off the military industrial complex or whether it's some you know banks toure's the roster out on the rockefeller's and those guys trying to build a new world order global government global government in the shape of the un crystal flamen is currently working against countries next in line for quote
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humanitarian intervention this u.s. army report called string of polls singles out these resource rich new. clear free asian states as next targets in these countries the george soros funded u.n. team for preventive action international lawyer chris black is performing the very destabilization laid out in the u.s. army manual such as promoting divisions the u.n. works with the international crisis group also funded by george soros along with western governments the i c g's concept is quote preventing conflicts through military intervention in other words preventing war by waging it the world peace society and many others know most wars only make things worse dr lehmann was going on if united nations really are instead of being an instrument or. an instrument now hembree kissinger argues former colonies have no statehood rights
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as they were all to fish recreated first time round recall a noise in them for being victims notes and s n b c sounds like another press taking li immoral case of the worst double jeopardy this is the truth seeker. your government is still persisting and i mean despite. most people around the
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world would have absolutely no confidence and one argument also heard here. is that the reason the rebels have become jihadists and have accepted money from you in chad his forces have been associated with that is precisely because the west is not prepared to provide them with weapons. that judges assess on son. killed on the streets. that women are kidnapped and converted to islam by force will there be another layer of martyrs for the coax the christians of egypt to the cross to most of us future victims. the way of the cross.
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the fierce confrontation between the egyptian army and the muslim brotherhood it turns bloody more than seventy people are confirmed dead in cairo clashes with each camp blaming the other for inciting the violence. and other stories that shape the week here on our t.v. still transit limbo for edward snowden he's waiting for paperwork that mammone him to leave a moscow airport time and fresh threats from washington. and the daunting legacy of the war in iraq since the violence in the country a momentum which a law is now but deadliest month this year.


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