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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  July 29, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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oh i'm tom foreman in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture california's prison hunger strike just entered a deadly new phase but inmates are standing strong demanding that the state stop using indefinite solitary confinement to punish prisoners more on the california prison strike and what it means for the future of the american criminal justice system in just a moment also edward snowden's revelations about the n.s.a. spying program haven't just reignited the public debate about civil liberties they've also sparked a new type of bipartisanship on capitol hill but in this alliance of libertarians and liberals last and if the republican party wants to start winning elections
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again it better take a page out of the vatican's playbook i'll tell you why in tonight's daily take. this one of california's prison hunger strikers has died billy cell was found lifeless in his cell at cork koren state prison earlier last week prison officials just confirmed his death this saturday. he was thirty two years old was being kept in solitary confinement at the time of his death which according to prison authorities at least was a suicide since july eighth over thirty thousand inmates in facilities across california participated in the biggest prison strike in that state's history to demand better living conditions and an end to indefinite solitary confinement around six hundred inmates are still refusing food. at eleven different prisons
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cells death is the first recorded fatality of any of the strikers and has sparked new protests at a number of prisons as well as a war of words between activists and prison authorities or the california department of corrections denies that cell was part of the hunger strike and insists that he killed himself cells fellow inmates say otherwise maintaining that a suicide would be completely out of character for him and no one believes he killed himself even more troubling some activists have said that cell asked for but riff but was refused medical treatment shortly before he passed away last week cells death should be a wake up call for anyone concerned with the situation in california prisons if as some inmates have suggested he was refused lifesaving care is death would mark a dangerous new escalation in a three week old protest movement that is already seen guards begin to retaliate against strikers but even if cell did in fact kill himself that doesn't discount
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the miserable conditions of the over forty five hundred california inmates currently held in extreme isolation if anything it confirms that under california law a solitary confinement can last as long as ten to twenty eight years a punishment that many human rights groups recognize as torture that's an experience that could drive anyone to suicide for more on cells death and the situation in california i'm joined now by mike farrell committee member and co-chair emeritus of human rights watch in california mike welcome back to the program thanks tom nice to be with you unfortunately the subject is not a pleasant one agreed so first off why what possible kind of societal rationalization could we come up with to keep any individual in solitary confinement isolation for twenty eight years. it's in a green juice position for. for the authoritarian forces in this country to take in
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the third tarion forces are being expressed mostly today through the california correctional system correctional so-called correctional system. if there is no there's no justifiable rationale for this the one mendez a former colleague at human rights watch is now the un special rapporteur tour for torture and one has said that after fifteen days it is had been scientifically understood that solitary confinement does harm we have people in california who have been on death row or forgive me on in solitary confinement in the shoe or in. the special convict conditions for death row prisoners for. twenty years plus. a great number of them we have a man two men still in and in louisiana the angola three two of the angola three who have been confinement for forty years this makes no sense at all fourteen
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years like with no no human contact is that how it works what one of these people experience when you say no human contact from from one's point of view one mendez point of view if you can if you hold somebody in a windowless room in solitary can confinement for twenty two hours a day with the only contact being with your jailers that is considered torture of solitary confinement after fifteen days so when you say no one one says no human contact there is literally no human contact in most instances but perhaps when somebody you sell is being when they're being moved from one cell to another a guard might touch that individual but to not see the outside to not have a window to not have. fair treatment to not be treated as human being is is it seems to me unacceptable to anybody any. thinking person in here in our society and
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if you look at these people in corcoran where billy cell died or in the in the pelican bay which is the seat of most of the shoe prisoners. you find that they are they are people who are expected at some point to be released now what kind of condition will human beings be in when the state decides they've been punished enough and releases them into the streets these are people that need attention they need care they need productive programs they need food proper food they need medical attention they need psychiatric attention. this is this is utterly utterly unbelievable to me that we are continuing to do this in this country yeah this is this is genuinely barbaric i mean it's right up there with the death penalty barbarism mike the billy cell is the fellow who died recently and the jailers are saying that he committed suicide in fact some are saying he hung himself the inmates are saying now he died of this hunger strike what are your
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thoughts on that what are you hearing and and in addition to that i'm curious if jerry brown i mean you've got a very progressive governor in that state jerry brown has weighed in on any of this . governor brown has been a huge disappointment to me personally and he's been a huge disappointment to those of us who want to have some kind of rational voice in sacramento telling us how we can and should have a humane system and not forget as many people have argued that there is there is still a core of humanity in the individuals even when they break the law and have to be incarcerated for a period of time. the c.d.c. are the california department of corrections and so-called rehabilitation has a task in front of it it's not an easy one but when you hear about the retaliation when you hear about the abuse on the part of guards when you hear about the the them dancing food in front of or pictures of food or. actual pieces of food in
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front of prisoners who are on a hunger strike. they will report what is for them. the story but to say billy sell wasn't part of the hunger strike is not true according to the people who were there to say billy sell killed himself is not true according to the people who were there now i'm not there so i can't tell you for sure but i do know that the classic response of the keeper over the inmate is as we know from the famous studies that have been done at stanford in other places it is usually an utterly inhumane one and for the humane voices who are involved in criminology and penology they need to step up and they did say we have to do something to resolve the incredible conditions under which these people are being dehumanized we have to instead of feeling that we have to retaliate we have to listen to rational demands and try to find
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a way to have a system that is that is responsible to the care of a human being who is being incarcerated these are these two facilities that we've discussed so far both state facilities are they not they're not private prisons is that is the rise of private prisons playing a role in this and anyone. will arise private prisons is a function of the deregulation that's going on all over the country the function of the right raising of the profit motive to the level of some sort of a sacrament. and some states have claimed that they are being sold this bill of goods about the. corrections corporation of america and a couple of other companies that will take over their job of dealing with people who are incarcerated and they'll save money while in fact they're not saving money at least one state i know has backed away from it and after having lost millions of dollars through this private prison process. but for
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a significant period of time now private prisons have become this sort of new idea that is being advanced for political purposes really rather than for the purposes of main humane main maintenance of prisoners. to get back to the issue that solitary confinement you know locking people in these these secure housing is is shoes. is this what is the remedy is this the sort of thing that is policy the governor's office makes or the penal you know office under the governor's office makes or is this legislative what what can the average citizen do to try to change this in the state of california and other states and how pervasive is this across the country. well it's it is pervasive aggressive going to there are over eighty thousand people in solitary confinement in the united states of america . yes and senator. senator from illinois his name escapes me right
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now that turban violations dick durbin thank you had hearings recently about the effects of solitary confinement and has expressed some real concerns about it so there are people in d.c. and there are people in the state capitals who i think are becoming aware of the horrors that have been being perpetrated on prisoners in their name in our name so i think for the average individual to contact the governor here in california and say governor you're you're failing us and you are failing the people who are in your care as people who are in your care are people who are your responsibility. me so i think contacting legislators is a perfectly good idea the c.d.c. are in too many instances operates as an autonomous body that can make determinations as to whether or not certain conditions prevail in you know in a prison system this is the are you going on. i'm sorry this is that you do.
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department corrections is that the acronym. california department of corrections and rehabilitation as they call it right now which is a joke there is no rehabilitation being done in our prison system so yes the c.d.c. are is a is a standalone organization that is responsive to the governor has to be is responsive to the state legislature but at this point as a. an institution where in the people are in effect royalty who can determine the situation of human beings under their care without anybody. reporting on it. we've long ago stopped allowing here in california news reporters to have access to prisoners and to have access to prisons to be able to report on the conditions that are amazing there's a kind of thing is happening in the dark and it can't be allowed agreed mike farrell thank you so much for the great work you're doing and for being with us tonight my pleasure tom nice to see you thank you. edward snowden may not have
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stopped the n.s.a. but he has gotten democrats and republicans in washington to start working with each other again more on the shocking development and what it means for the future of civil liberties after the break. its technology innovation. i would rather ask questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on
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r.t. question more. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images for world has been seeing from the streets and can it actually. trying to operations or all of that. in screw news it's been almost two months since we first learned about the n.s.a.'s expansive surveillance powers but despite public outcry that agency's snooping
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programs remain intact in fact just two weeks ago the n.s.a. announced that the foreign intelligence surveillance court had reauthorized its phone metadata collection program and last wednesday a bipartisan attempt to defund that same metadata collection program failed by a slim margin in the u.s. house of representatives that although the n.s.a. still has the power to track store and analyze the electronic information of virtually all americans edward snowden's revelations may have sparked a seismic shift in how democrats and republicans work together in washington for more on this i'm joined now by sam secs our chief political commentator and nathan white national spokesperson for restore the four gentlemen great to see you both. sam first on the political end of this we have just an amish or amash excuse me and john conyers a a tea party republican and an old line old time progressive liberal
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classic liberal democrat coming together on the floor of the house of representatives and saying this is wrong this has to stop and jim sensenbrenner the guy who is the root of arguably the author of the patriot act although you know really goes back much before him but. coming out and saying problems here so what's the one of the politics it's writs real interest to you run down the roll call vote from your boss. try and find another roll call that looks like that you basically had progressive joining with tea partiers you had. members within their party breaking from leadership who would have thought when the tea party your tea partiers like just came to power in two thousand and ten with that whole tea party revolution that three years later we'd be dipping progressive's would be depending on them to help. legislation so that's that's kind of what's happening here and i think this is going to be an alliance that's going to stick together and it's not just on surveillance this is also when when brennan was being confirmed to head up the cia and the drone memo started coming out you stole all the outrage over that
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you sold these same sort of progressive democrats libertarian republicans joining together to do stuff about this will continue in just because this vote. went down it only went down by twelve votes and seven republicans or seven democrats which it would have passed so there's going to be momentum building off that there's going to be more legislation coming down the pipe to even the hard line defenders of this program like mike rogers who's the house chair of the intel committee they're going to have to what i'm guessing is some watered down legislation just to kind of put people at ease a little bit and i guess the odds are fairly high that they'll do that and they thought on the other hand the. program is still up and running on the walls if that's true but if we can put that vote into context this was a vote that nobody expected it was not expected to even get a vote and as soon as it was scheduled a vote the head of the n.s.a. came to the hill the very next day for four hours of classified briefings two hours
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with democrats two hours with republicans the white house had a full course lobbying on this republican leadership they actually did offer a watered down amendment to give members in a chance to express their anger without actually changing policy and leader pelosi whip democrats on this after all that they still only won by twelve votes seven members could have flipped this vote and what's really interesting is thirteen democrats flipped from two thousand and eleven leader pelosi specifically mention telephone metadata when she voted against the reauthorization of the patriot act in two thousand and five which all goes to show these programs have an expiration date they must change and they will change or they're going to get voted down or at the very least they won't get reauthorized in two thousand and fifteen which as you mentioned congressman sense and. who's credited with if not writing the patriot act at least shepherding it through the house has said he can't get this reauthorized the way the n.s.a. is listening to it which in and of itself is a little bit ironic that you've got the n.s.a. and the department of justice saying don't worry we have oversight congress has
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looked at this in the guy who wrote the bill says well that's not what i intended it for right there's there's a clear disconnect there's the other sort of oversight that keeps being references the visor court and we're seeing major action on that trying to make their opinions their legal opinions transparent so on all realms whether it's the telephone metadata whether it's. whether section two fifteen in the patriot act or the fires or quarter. opinions there's movements all across the board to do something about that and it's going to be hard for leadership to keep their members in line to to try to put this but this is really the politics of this right now basically is that the leadership of the republican party john boehner and company the official leadership the quote adults the official leadership of the democratic party nancy pelosi and company. and the white house are all opposed to rolling back this program they all want to well the n.s.a. go not go higher even after leader pelosi whip for votes pelosi and hoyer sent
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a letter the white house said even though we voted for this we still expect to see changes and we're not going to be able to hold the hold the tide the tide is turning on this on top of all that there is the legal argument that pfizer has issued its opinions that this is legal but it hasn't been challenged in the supreme court i'm here representing restore the fourth which is restore the fourth like it is restore the fourth amendment to the constitution which for big this kind of blanket surveillance of american citizens with while it might be their opinion that this is legal it hasn't been challenged in the supreme court and once it gets there there's a good chance it gets knocked down anyway ok so goes the supreme court and who is it who appoints all the judges to the pfizer court john roberts it is it he's made a habit of appointing government yes men and people who are hardliners on the war on terror one hundred percent of know exactly exactly in the electronic frontier foundation is also launching a suit saying that the collection of telephone metadata not only the fourth amendment but it violates your first amendment right to free association or
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government shouldn't be knowing whom you're going to do this with they've been they've been photographing mail as well nobody's talking about that i mean the postal service has been photographing the outside of them which is made of data and they're aggregated that there we now have police departments all across the country not just capturing every single for the license plate that goes by but now doing facial recognition determine who's in the car where and when this is all going in a giant database as the n.s.a. is vacuuming this all up just to. the tip of the iceberg this is just the tip of the iceberg we've heard repeatedly that there's more information coming and while they may have been using some surveillance techniques the what you do online is so much more intrusive and the amount of information that they collect is so much more intrusive we've had senators in in the recent weeks it appears warning that they're also collecting geolocation which means that you're carrying a g.p.s. in your pocket at all times that the government if they turn the system on can track you anywhere you go anywhere in the country at any time they can turn on through malware they can turn on your your speakerphone so they can listen in they
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can take pictures and you know what people are ok with this the tide is turning the american people are against this restore the fourth is organizing a day we're calling it one nine hundred eighty four day august fourth grabbing people get out into the streets and talk to people to explain the systems and explain why they're so problematic and when people learn about it they overwhelmingly object to it it inherently feels to people this is un-american you don't have to be a legal expert to know this is not right here's what congressman peter king one of the you know i mean he's sort of falls into the john mccain category of the most dangerous place in washington d.c. is between peter king a camera but nonetheless he has taken seriously by the establishment republicans is that he had to say this. is absolutely disgraceful that so many republicans voted to defund the there's a program which is done so much to protect our country this is an isolationist streak that's in our party it's goes totally against the party of eisenhower and reagan bush when you were rand paul actually comparing snowden to martin luther
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king or henry david thoreau this is madness this is the anti-war left wing democrats of the one nine hundred sixty s. that nominated george mcgovern and destroyed their party for almost twenty years i don't want that so the question just very quickly is peter king obviously is expressing a sentiment that he's not uniquely holding is that a sentiment a genuine fear or is. being toady for the military industrial complex that's going to make a fortune off i think not a good service for my just being a total i think you can talk for hours on how the republican is not an eisenhower republican anymore as well but peter king represents that strand of conservatism that is being more and more tuned out it was people like justin amash in the tea party that brought the republican party back into power in congress not people like peter king but he's being a little bit tricky with the american people who don't understand the details of this the amendment did not defund the entire n.s.a.
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program it had nothing to do with espionage overseas it only said that if you're going to get metadata of an american citizen they have to be specifically targeted themselves you have to be related to something they're investigated which on the blanket surveillance of everybody so talking about isolationist is a little bit of a red herring so in these then there's something also dangerous about saying that overseas surveillance is find there needs to be research in the matter because we talk with people overseas and we're seeing that the way these programs have run is that it might be targeted toward someone overseas. but it's collecting lots of people here in the united states as well and who knows if we're collaborating with the british government or collaborating with the german government if those guys are allowed to spy on the u.s. citizens since they're not their own citizens maybe we're getting information that roundabout way too well and that's that's the easy way around it isn't it is you know you pass a law you say ok we're the n.s.a. is no longer right we'll just voters by the information from from the from the
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bread one dollar and they'll buy it from us for one pound them you know it's so that might work they've got a pretty good exchange rate and that might help the economy. change the balance of payments i doubt you know are we the is that what we really want to be known for you just came back from the green party meeting in iowa separate you know words the green you know we talked i guess a little bit about libertarians you know just the libertarians on this and that and we talked with democrats republicans where the greens well i had a i had a talk to a delegate from virginia who told me that edward snowden was the best thing to happen to the green party i talked to a local office holder a green in san francisco who basically said that this reveals i mean what edward snowden has down and what other news regarding drones and things like that is it's kind of remove the mask off the democratic party is as being something that's different than bush in these issues at least you know it's been exposed as committing the same sort of surveillance as as bush did committing the same sort of
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drone warfare around the world as bush did in these things will turn people away from the democratic party the greens traditionally have wanted to pull people who are disenfranchised with the with the democratic party who are left who have gone left of the democratic party and this helps that process and how or how was your time when i was cornfields the corn fields it was my first time in iowa. in the corn fields i did some playing around the corn fields on it. but. just in the last question sam has got to know about the green. you're pretty high with the libertarian party or you see them coming forward as well more and more we're seeing libertarians work with the progressive party in especially on this issue one in which the constitution is under threat we all have different opinions about the politics of the day we have different ideas about the how we should run the economy but the thing that holds us together when we do argue is the constitution and when that's under threat we can all work together to say we need
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to protect the constitution so on this issue politics are out the window this is about fighting for the constitution this is about america i'm with. sam like you both it was very it was. coming up a new study shows the republican policies have been disastrous for rural white america so is the g.o.p. ready to apologize to the people who've made up its base for the last forty years or find out after the birth.
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bought a bag of the big picture i'm tom hartman coming up in this half hour thanks to the g.o.p. the wealth that was supposed to trip. down a little closet or reaganomics instead been added to the richest one percent of the rest of america is struggling to survive day to day it's not some of the right admitted their mistakes and started working to fight the epidemic of poverty in america also back in one nine hundred eighty the republican party swore it would become the party it would work to help promote the ideals and beliefs of christianity then things got really odd what's happened to christianity in the g.o.p. and why aren't they listening to pope francis' i'll explain in tonight's daily take and republican congressman steve king is arguably the most outspoken critic of immigration reform in the united states has recently made a string of highly inflammatory comments about immigrants are there any facts to
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back up king's outrageous remarks or is it just all hot air that into night it's politically correct. and the best of the rest of the news the american dream is starting to look more and more like. dream. according to an expansive associated press study published over the weekend four out of five u.s. adults struggle with joblessness near poverty or reliance on welfare for at least part of their lives a study also found the risks of poverty have been increasing in recent decades and warned that by twenty thirty based on the current trend of widening income inequality close to eighty five percent of all working age adults in the united states will experience bouts of in economic insecurity forty six point two million americans fifteen percent of the population now live in poverty an all time high as
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our economy continues to shed manufacturing jobs and low paying jobs to take their place that number will continue to rise especially for the rural and working class white americans who make up the bulk of our countries or it's been over thirty years since ronald reagan came to washington and ushered in an era of trickle down economics by now it should be clear to everyone that the free market extremism supported by the republican party is a complete and utter failure the wealth that was supposed to trickle down to the middle classes instead been handed to the richest one percent of our population you'd think republicans would want to apologize for turning america into a third world country. maybe not i'm joined now by carlos kerr bello g.o.p. strategist and republican candidate for congress for florida for florida's twenty sixth district carlos welcome to the show thanks for the elevate your middle initial so are you in the republican the republican party ready to apologize to america for thirty two years of reaganomics well tom lewis is incredible for years
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we've heard the left blame george w. bush for all of america's problems but now war now we're going back to the reagan years and i wasn't around but i've heard that the last few years of the carter administration were very difficult ones for this country interest rates through the roof of the world in turmoil and ronald reagan came under very difficult circumstances. worked with tip o'neill the democratic speaker of the house to bring the genius of bring revisionist history cuts to the american people knew was not enthusiastic about the tax code to say we're going to worked with tip o'neill you know it was it was the same it was the i was around during that time and it was the same sort of thing that you know that historically american politics has been what we have right now is an anomaly you know really it's it's been other than oh you know how it was our twentieth century lot of why your ship and why and how long because we've seen many presidents work with congresses of different parties over
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the years this president has failed ronald reagan didn't he gotten tip o'neill to go along ronald reagan and the democrats had a tax cut ronald reagan did not have a group of democrats who on the night that he was inaugurated got together in the caucus room restaurant and swore basically a blood oath to each other to destroy anything that he wanted to do to repair the economy not at all well i don't know and what we do look at the number of filibusters during the reagan during the eight years of reagan's presidency how many were there there was either one or two how many do we have now over four hundred this is the the the republicans are doing obstructionism now and during the bush era that was it was insane and during the bush years the democrats blocked many of the bush as well as to what's going on nothing close to what's go first hispanic that was going to serve on the d.c. apollos or it's going on which is a sound well organized campaign to destroy the american economy so that they can blame it on barack obama and the democrats that they brag about it i don't agree with you look at what's happening now with health care with with president obama's
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obamacare the affordable or the on affordable. for the price of health insurance fraud and add the president himself has recognized that it's a failure i can tell you almost all sorta of course that's why he postponed the employer mandate always the reactions of the republicans are refusing to to employ the pieces of this. he said ok i will take the law give you a concrete example in miami dade county public schools where i served. as a board member next year our chief financial officer already told us that he expects four million dollars in additional administrative costs because of the health care walk and yes you are the master of the action or milling no no that's just an administrative costs are going on other estimated increases but we're actually looking about eighteen million dollar you are you going to miss out on that money teachers and the rest of our employees not no insurance prices are going down but beyond that are you still not ok what's your alternative. to introduce the
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consumer into the health care equation right which is exactly what the president has to go back to what we have out savings accounts you know what people have said trolls leave their own president to say well you're sick you can pay your doctor's bills what a brilliant idea what do you do when you get cancer and some million dollars hospital bill that's why you have high high deductible plans right so we should all be all high deductible plans as all have one l. and plus plus now as we heard of our he just has a line that health savings account deductible back but i enjoyed it why are you guys still defending reaganomics we've i mean we're still operating in the reaganomics world i didn't buy it and i didn't i when reagan revolution i defend the free enterprise system i absolutely do and time after time we see that when government intervenes the housing bubble guess who created the housing bubble which has made so many people poor because they lost their home delivery invest well and during the clinton years and everyone was told that everyone should try to own a home and the government did everything possible to help people on homelessness
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and look what happened there look what happened name a specific piece of legislation. and one thing that the democrats did the person you're talking about the president when. i am telling you not housing crises as his government had a role in yes producing hamming piece of legislation was passed in the last year the history behind it bill clinton but he was not he got ownership of that what it did again by the ramblings of wiley that by the way republicans are guilty to not saying democrats are the only ones that intervene in the economy republican some of you guys that's created a ton of pocketing to set aside debate for a moment just to clarify you still hold to the idea that wealth is not created by from the bottom up or the middle out as president obama says but rather for rich people spilling stuff off the edges of their table i don't think so i thought oh i think we got allow the middle class to grow and what does the middle grass grow when people create jobs when people start so as. in the jobs of the rich people so
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they don't know when i'm raising this i don't know the middle class the rich the donkey to raise their money over cent and sometimes low income people can create jobs too we have corporate hoarding at levels that we've never seen in the history of the united states you know why because because the corporate sector because you can't because they're scared of you because there is so much uncertainty in the a heart about the spirit because they have the area that we have to have a temper really in dollars in debt and no one who knows what's going to have been attacking to the wrong in her head before the stock market's higher than it's ever been before the rich are getting richer incredibly richer the middle has thirty two years he says we have to establish an environment in this country work companies want to invest well but i mean do they go back to that one nine hundred forty s. and one nine hundred eighty when we had four consecutive decades of three plus percent growth first time that ever happen in the history of america the strongest time in the history of america before reaganomics when we had a top tax rate of ninety one and seventy four percent respectively when
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corporations were paying thirty four percent of the total tax load in this country instead of the eleven percent is there now isn't that the type of system that europe has had for many years now and look where it's gotten them spain ok it's one in five percent unemployment problem has nothing to do with reaganomics spain's problem has to do with buying into the euro not having control over their own currency we control our own credit and it has nothing to do with their own system with their welfare state with their taxes a little know it all has you know i don't i don't fault with if you want to pick a european example works tried norway denmark sweden finland any other countries that still control their own growth about they're doing just fine thank you very much oh you blame all of europe's woes on the year oh not only most of you know is not on their own it's not in a mobile social where welfare program absolutely absolutely but that's a disagreement that people not every day ok paralysed. by. many on the left are. on the one. the obama's back to the phones all but mr miller it works always like.
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for tonight's politically correct that i'm taking on congressman steve king in a recent interview with newsmax king made some pretty outrageous claims about undocumented immigrants in america check it out. we have to do something about the eleven million and some of them are valedictorians all my answer to that is and then by the way their parents brought them in it wasn't their fault it's true in some cases but they aren't all valedictorians they were all brought in by their parents for everyone who's a valedictorian there's another hundred out there that they weigh one hundred thirty pounds and they've got calves the sides of cantaloupes because they're all and seventy five pounds of marijuana across the desert those comments are just highly inflammatory and ignorant they're flat out wrong while conservatives love to highlight cases of unauthorized or illegal immigrants committing crimes the fact show that those cases are the exceptions not the norm is the wall street journal
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points out of all people. owned by rupert murdoch study after study shows that foreign born individuals in the united states regardless of their legal status commit crimes at rates that are vastly disproportionately lower than those of native americans and people who are who were born in the united states and via the wall street journal the immigration policy center has noted that as immigration both legal and illegal has increased quote f.b.i. data indicates that the violent crime rate declined forty five percent and the property crime rate fell forty two percent decline in crime rates was not just national but also occurred in cities with large immigrant populations such as san diego el paso los angeles new york chicago and miami. end of quote as you can see from this chart the number of authorized immigrants in america has steadily increased since one thousand nine hundred eleven point two million authorized immigrants in the country as of twenty ten but as you can clearly see in this
10:42 pm
graphic as the number of unauthorized immigrants has been on the rise in america the violent crime rate in the united states has been steadily declining as the immigration debate continues to grind on in washington it's important that our lawmakers only consider the facts of the issue and not the onslaught of conservative back and misinformation campaigns congressman king's outrageous comments are not backed up by the facts and that's why he's been correct. coming up the republican party likes to call itself the party of christianity and its current policies and ideas represent anything to true christian values and tonight's daily take i'll tell you who can help republicans get back in touch with what it really means to be a christian. broken dreams in sobering reality says the u.s. gone from a country with a belief of ever greater prosperity and upward mobility to one where more and more
10:43 pm
get by on low wages and in jobs that will always be temporary so differently can employment now in the future be defined as an accomplice they should the u.s. economy. i would rather as questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my go larry king now right here on r.t. question more. a little more cheer for those. white house superman. radio guy and for minutes from
10:44 pm
a quick process i want. to give you never seen anything like this i'm told. in science green report in an interview with the new york times president obama dismissed claims repeatedly made by republicans that the keystone x.l. pipeline would add thousands of jobs and help to reduce unemployment in america.
10:45 pm
republicans have said that this would be a big jobs. there is no evidence that that's true and. my hope would be that any reporter who's looking at the facts. would take the time to concerned that the most realistic estimates are this might create maybe two thousand jobs durned the construction the pipeline which might take a year and then after that we're talking about somewhere between fifty and one hundred jobs in a. economy of a hundred sixty million working people get their number. well look they might like to see two thousand jobs initially but that is a blip. relic says the president also fought back against the talking point that the pipeline will help lower retail gasoline prices in our country he said
10:46 pm
that most of the oil would be destined for refineries on the gulf coast and then export it and that the pipeline might actually increase the price of gas in the midwest is that region would be able to ship more of its oil to other parts of the world in fact according to tar sands action dot org investors in the keystone x.l. pipeline project were told flat out that gulf coast refiners plan to refine the cheap canadian crude supplied by the pipeline into diesel and other products for export to europe and latin america reducing demand for oil is the best way to create energy security in america and the keystone x.l. pipeline simply does not do that he said x.l. pipeline doesn't even make environmental sense and it doesn't make economic sense let's hope that the obama administration chooses what's best for america and the world and not for politics and says no to the keystone x.l. pipeline.
10:47 pm
it's the good the bad and the very very belled buescher absolutely oddly. christian homophobes in remarks made to the press of the weekend he said i would not worship a god who is homophobic and that is how deeply i feel about this i would refuse to go to a homophobic cabin no i mean sorry i mean i would much rather go to the other place . powerful words indeed if only more christian leaders here in the u.s. thought like archbishop tutu the bad. nina easton during an appearance
10:48 pm
on the special report with bret baier last week the fortune magazine claimed that voter id laws aren't discriminatory there's a lot. voter id laws the idea that these are discriminating i think is just a liberal ruse to again the. this is nonsense just look at the statistics the percentage of minorities without an official form of identification is weighed more than that of white americans any law requiring i.d.'s at the polls disproportionately affects minorities and is therefore on its face discriminatory but if you need even further proof about the real purpose of voter id laws take a look at what paul weyrich co-founder of the american legislative exchange council alec which promotes these laws in the states and the heritage foundation taylor what he said back in one thousand nine hundred. seventy of a quick have what i call them grown good government they want
10:49 pm
everybody to vote. i don't want everybody to vote elections are not won by a majority of people they never have been from the beginning of our country and they are not now. leverage in the elections why can't it like go up owning populist go down only roods here is the conservative talking point that voter fraud is a real problem it's not and the very very ugly warren green the spirited debate host is under fire today in the wake of the following exchange she had the filo genre log on friday during a discussion about his new book on the life of jesus. this is an interesting book now i want to make clear you're a muslim so why did you write a book. about the founder of christianity. well to be clear i am a scholar of religions with four degrees including one in the new testament and fluency in biblical greek who has been studying the origins of christianity for two
10:50 pm
decades but if i had been obsessed with jesus it still begs the question why would you be interested in the founder of christianity. because it's my job as an academic i am a perfect it's continued for the rest of the ten minute interview should be commended for holding his ground but let's be honest no reporter would ever ask a christian who wrote a book about obama the same kind of questions the green just ask. and that's just very very. back in one nine hundred eighty the reagan campaign and the republican party made a deal with the men who led the christian right movement in america public officials sat down with the group of people the likes of we're not sure exactly who
10:51 pm
it was for the likes of jerry falwell ralph reed and pat robertson and made a deal a deal was about mutual support the republican party would support the christian right its teachings and its messages and if they got control of government would transfer hundreds of millions of dollars taxpayer funds to christian efforts ranging from christian schools to outreach centers operating under the guise of sex education programs soup kitchens and shelters in exchange the christian right would support the economic and political goals of the republican party ever since said deal was done the republican party has positioned itself as the christian party and party of god and then things got really hot. ronald reagan the messiah of the republican party almost never went to church and launched a war called reaganomics on poor and working people while vastly enriching the already rich and george w.
10:52 pm
bush's presidency assured in a second wave of republican religiosity in america and one said that he made the decision to commit my heart to jesus christ went on to kill hundreds of thousands in unnecessary wars in iraq and afghanistan this was the same george w. bush who also told palestinian leaders in two thousand and three that i'm driven with a message from god god would tell me george go and fight those terrorists in afghanistan and i did and then god would tell me george go and end the tyranny in iraq and i did. that's not christian behavior by pretty much any metric for example in matthew twenty five jesus was very specific about what it means to be a christian he said for i was hungry and you gave me something to eat i was thirsty and you gave me something to drink i was a stranger and you took me in i was naked and you quote me i was sick and you took care of me i was in prison and you visited me. by the criteria of matthew twenty five the republican party is not
10:53 pm
a party jesus would recognize earlier this month republicans voted to cut billions in spending from the snap food stamps program over the next ten years and nearly three million americans would have lost food assistance just in the next year as a result meanwhile republicans have repeatedly filibustered or blocked legislation to help homeless veterans have tried to cut programs like section eight housing which provides affordable housing to low income residents and have cut funding to homeless shelters nationwide just last year according to the department of housing and urban development congressman rand paul's republican austerity budget would have taken away housing assistance for nearly one million american households according to the center for budget and policy priorities the republican driven sequester has pushed as many as one hundred forty thousand american households into homelessness and while republicans refuse to address the epidemic of homelessness in america they also refuse to address the issue of health care in this country
10:54 pm
obamacare was passed so that more americans could have access to lifesaving health care at affordable costs the republicans have tried thirty nine times to repeal it without offering any alternatives at all they're also working to slash funding their social safety net programs like medicare and medicaid which keep millions of low income and elderly americans alive. the republican party says that it's pro-life but waging endless wars refusing to back background checks to keep violent people from buying guns and taking away health care for millions of americans at all shows that they live and then there's the absurd claim republicans make about being against abortion in reality republican backed policies are increasing the number of abortions in america republicans love to push abstinence only sex education is the only measurable thing that abstinence only education does is increase the number of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases the
10:55 pm
republican party also claims that it's pro-family but again throwing americans onto the street slashing unemployment benefits and devastating programs like snap and medicaid all prove otherwise in the sermon on the mount matthew six twenty four jesus said no one can serve two masters you cannot serve both god and money. it's pretty clear that republicans are doing very little to serve god and a whole lot to serve money from publicans want to go down the christian road as the listening to hustlers like ralph reed and pat robertson and should start by listening to pope francis pope francis the leader of the catholic church the largest sect of christianity has repeatedly denounce the very ideas that today's republican party promotes in may this pope of the poor lashed out against predatory capitalism saying that unbridled capitalism has taught the law the logic of profit
10:56 pm
at any cost of giving in order to receive of exploitation without looking at the purse in july he said that the global community must quote fight against wild capitalism and confront social injustice and quote pope francis is even concerned about the environment something republicans brag about trashing and exploiting his trip to brazil this past week pope francis called for respect and protection of the entire creation which god has entrusted to man not so that it can be indiscriminately exploited but rather made into a guard. he also preaches tolerance something the very intolerant republican party should learn just this morning the pope told reporters that if someone is gay and he searches for the lord and has goodwill why did judge so if republicans really want to keep calling themselves christians at the very least they should start listening to the pope and change their policies to reflect reflect the basic tenets
10:57 pm
of christianity and its founder jesus. and that's the way it is tonight monday july twenty ninth twenty there. and don't forget if you have a question or comment send us your video questions for our your take my takes a grab your phone wanted to you get hit record and don't forget democracy begins when you get out there get active ten.
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on larry king now the grammy nominated musician julian lennon opening up about his late father the iconic john lennon the there was a great deal of anger there but there's also you know of growing up look at those and there's been forgiveness since that plus my interview with another famous offspring author and activist katherine schwarzenegger i'm very focused on making not my own and not wanting to be the daughter i have that's all ahead on larry king now. welcome to larry king our special guest is julian lennon the musician filmmaker photographer humanitarian the son of the music icon and beatles legend john lennon and his first wife cynthia lennon.


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