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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  July 30, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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arbonne in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight the big picture today president obama took to the stage in tennessee to offer republicans a grand bargain for america's economy a grand bargain that includes lowering america's corporate tax rates so why republicans the great protectors of corporate america ball team at the president's proposal also america's fast food restaurant chains making millions of dollars in profits each year those c.e.o.'s are awarded with a million dollar bonus. sponsible for the success of these companies the workers they're reaping some of the rewards too and tar sands oil has been leaking into the alberta canada countryside for months now but the operators of the broken pipeline
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still have no idea where the oil is coming from or how to stop the leak should this disaster up north be a wake up call to all of us about the future america faces of the keystone x.l. pipeline is approved. you need to know this president obama is trying to pull a jack kennedy back in one thousand nine hundred sixty three the top income tax rate for millionaires was ninety one percent but as a millionaire himself j.f.k. knew there were so many loopholes that nobody was paying anything close to that some very wealthy people were paying slightly over fifty percent but even that was the exception rather than the rule so kennedy proposed dropping the top federal income tax rate from ninety one to sixty five percent and closing a bunch of loopholes so that rich people would actually pay their fair share in federal income taxes is one thousand nine hundred sixty three state of the union
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address president kennedy pitched his plan to the american people by reminding them that cutting taxes was meaningless without a lemonade in loopholes a inefficient subsidies and privileges. go down without. down. and more demand. but our growth. impacted. and. we can go to the. the idea of a tax cut was quite marketable to republicans in the general public loved the idea of closing loopholes and he didn't live to see his proposal put into law l.b.j. signed its final form the revenue act of one thousand nine hundred sixty four and a law year after his death and it worked leading to a booming economy one hundred sixty eight for example was the top year for minimum wage workers. income in modern history in part because the super rich weren't trying to skim more and more money out of their companies why because at a seventy percent top marginal tax rate why bother and most importantly kennedy's
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plan did what it was supposed to do and increased tax revenue as the heritage foundation yes that heritage foundation has pointed out tax revenues climbed from ninety four billion in one thousand nine hundred one to one hundred fifty three billion dollars in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight an increase of sixty two percent thirty three percent after adjusting for inflation heritage has conveniently left out any mention of all the loopholes kennedy's plan closed but the point still stands j.f.k.'s streamlining of the tax code was a big success now president obama is proposing to pull a similar bait and switch with today's republicans here in a speech at an amazon dot com shipping center in chattanooga tennessee earlier this afternoon the president offered congressional republicans a deal if they agree to support a new surge in infrastructure spending to rebuild our country's crumbling bridges and roads he'll ask congress to slice the corporate tax rate from thirty five percent down to twenty eight percent there's a kennedy like catch to obama's plan however that cut the corporate tax rate will
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be made by closing a number of taps tax loopholes the kind of loopholes that allow big corporations like apple and g.e. to cheat the system and use foreign tax havens to avoid paying their fair share of taxes because of loopholes and other subsidies so these that obama has repeatedly demanded that congressional republicans close the effective american corporate tax rate is only twelve point six percent of full twenty two percentage points lower than the official thirty five percent rate here's what the president had to say about this earlier today. right now everybody knows this our tax code is so riddled with loopholes and special interest tax breaks that a lot of companies who are doing the right thing in investing in america pay thirty five percent in their taxes. corporations who got fancy accountants and stashed their money overseas they paid little or nothing in texas. that's not fair as not
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good for the economy here. so i'm willing to simplify our tax code. closes those loopholes and incentives to ship jobs overseas lowers the rate for businesses that are creating jobs right here in america obama obama's plan may be brilliant by offering republicans the lower corporate tax rate they're always asking for a parent with cuts to loopholes the president is forcing republicans to choose between the popular policies they say they want and the big big business the g.o.p. backers who benefit from scamming the american taxpayer and it turned into law and properly enforced a twenty eight percent corporate tax rate would actually be more revenue efficient than the poorest thirty five percent rate we have now but wait there's more the president's plan also proposes giving manufacturers an even lower tax rate than normal businesses a buffer for our industrial base that is just the thing we need to start bringing good factory jobs back home to the u.s. protectionist trade policies that advantage american manufacturers were first put
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forward by the george washington and ministration and stood until the days of ronald reagan obama's proposing a small step in that direction is the kind of grand bargain i might be able to get behind and if republicans are actually serious about cleaning up the tax code and jump starting the economy they get behind it to. join me for tonight's big picture politics panels are marc harrold libertarian commentator and turning gay stagger managing editor of the last story here in news a member of the national advisory council for the project twenty one black leadership network the no thank you thank you for joining me so he why are congressional republicans so upset with obama's plan i don't think it's known boehner was trashed i don't think there are two problems that the republicans have it's a matter of trust and it's also a matter of politics so with what to write the laws you know trust through but the
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question them becomes ok fine why. is this infrastructure that we have remember we spit what over five hundred billion dollars as part of the stimulus on shovel ready projects so ready projects and then what happened nothing changed our crumbling roads and bridges so we you know we went from losing seven hundred thousand jobs a month to forty straight months of positive job growth i mean it's not great but it's not better as promised and i don't know if an eight hundred fifty billion dollars package should just get you seven but you know what was promised assumed you know fourteen republicans wouldn't meet at the caucus room restaurant the night the president was being inaugurated and swear a blood oath to each other to destroy his presidency and holidays this year. so they have always makes him call the two things that are totally different i don't know if the media actually is your thoughts. you know i think that obama's her isn't the right place and i think he's really trying to again like he said pull
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that bait and switch that in the long run will be good for america but i have to say i was really surprised that he was touting amazon warehouse jobs which are not great jobs actually. doing it was that it was at an amazon warehouse going to tennessee and you know he's he's showing this is a sign of real american job growth but i don't love in dollars an hour that's less than a living wage for a single mom and a child which would be more like eighteen dollars an hour. it's really tight turn around they have barely have thirty minutes for lunch and they're constantly constantly asked to speed up filling orders. the working conditions have been well documented and they're not great so i just have to wonder is this what obama sees as the future of her job growth in america when in fact he's been saying on the other hand that you know he wants more and more people to go to college but these are not college trade each obs and you know it's really unclear what he's actually
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putting forth to get out of what the american economy yeah we have to figure out a way to get him. doing these things that cosco. pay twenty dollars an hour mark well you know why don't the republicans like it the republicans don't like it because it's obama's plan or at least his name will be on it going in the midterm elections and obviously this is a legacy builder the most likely be his biggest legacy other than obamacare there's very few details about it yet it's very aspirational at this point it's not clear how deficit neutral it is how revenue neutral obviously i mean i saw some things later in the day but i'm not sure that you know when you have the executive touting what the law he wants it to be versus what congress actually comes up with but i think one of the things we can all agree on and i think this is just like a privacy in many ways is nonpartisan i think this idea of a simpler more transparent tax code i would get rid of the corporate tax altogether and use some sort of consumption tax but sticking with the idea that there's going to be one to me the thirty five percent twenty eight percent is less important in the transparency because what we need to know is what's the effective tax rate i mean we can take that down we can make it whatever number you want because if in
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the matter what we're seeing now is twelve percent absolutely because these are the loopholes of the tax it's almost passive tax what you pay has more to do with what you do duck than what you earn kennedy that was very hard to understand when going kennedy was president corporations were accounting for over thirty percent of the revenue into the federal government now it's now it's in the neighborhood of eleven percent so you want to hear is interesting one thing that came up was that you know you talk about the jobs the eleven dollars an hour versus the twenty dollars an hour and one thing that this that this bill talks about is the increasing of the strength of the middle class and you talked about costco let's talk about how do we know the free the free market allowed to do its job cost goes an interesting point how do we increase those jobs and how do we make sure that workers do have the ability to demand additional pay on their own as opposed of as opposed to their wages as opposed to four as opposed to the minimum wage which is part of what obama's pushing is part of this is the middle class so isn't making a strong argument for unions for democracy in the world also making an argument
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against the minimum wage increase we've got something that we should. consider strongly. if they're fully not increasing you want to you want to people to be able to work for two dollars an hour. people should be able to demand whatever they want based on the skills they need if you want to have a minimum wage increase what you should do is make sure that people have the skills and the education to demand additional pay their own to mediation system that's absurd though these companies need these workers were placed the ball and you know just fire workers and replace them with new ones and so you're talking about a class of workers that have virtually no bargaining power and. the only way they can counter that is through union united saying and we've seen the government weaken their workers ability to do that over and over again so i mean i i just think you know the only advantage these workers have is when they work together here's what president obama had to say about them. because nobody who works full
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time in america should have to live in poverty i'm going to keep on making the case and fighting for the fact that we need to raise our minimum wage because right now . ok you know minimum wage mark i don't think there should be a minimum wage i think of prices some of the most vulnerable people a lot of them or you know corporate taxes there should be no i mean there's go back to the market where the market would operate eighty nine hundred interesting cause that's really one of the ways the government got heavily involved in artificial market driven factors that they put in one thousand nine hundred when they really got in there you know for a little bit pre-industrial ization but yeah the minimum wage decidable growing out of this idea that first of all if companies could just pay minimum wage they would pay everybody minimum wage they would go exactly at that but you do have you have your place in the market and people demand higher wages we don't know make minimum wage we would if it was you know. it's a floor it does outside of florida it's just an artificial number as you know just like unions used to. talk about that was going to close up after the break more of
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tonight's big picture politics right. i would rather abstractions put people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question more. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that
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everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a donor. i'm sorry i missed the guy who cares an awful lot about my country you sir are a fool you know what that is my terrorist cells in your neighborhood all want to keep us safe to feature a sufi on the lip all the christian religions. to secure the beliefs of others because the islamist group are going to distract us from what you and i should care about because they're profit driven industry that sells a sensational stick garbage he calls it breaking news i'm having martin and we're
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going to break that. please. welcome back with me for tonight's big picture politics panel are marc harrold case tiger and. let's get back to it bradley manning is officially not a traitor and this is this is actually very important news that he said exactly that way because they officially said he's not a traitor he was found guilty of a number of lesser charges of violating the espionage act which by the way is what ed snowden has been charged with stealing government property and wanton publication of intelligence on the internet. i'm just curious reaction i think there's a an important conversation to have about this it is interesting that he was found
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innocent not guilty of aiding and abetting and at the same time this administration continues to be the most stringent in terms of prosecuting leakers or whistleblowers what have you depending on your point of view so we really do need to talk about the free flow of information here you know if if the prosecution failed to prove aiding and abetting the enemy then why is it that we had him in solitary manning in solitary confinement for ninety days without clothes and some of the other horrific stories that are being told in somebody's. elevated these are issues that i think if we had a republican in the white house right now progress is would be out in the streets i thought so yeah i mean it to mean this is the atechnical and it's somewhat political decision almost because he was found not guilty of the big charge but this small charges will likely still add up to more than a life sentence for and and so the ultimate message here is that it's still not ok
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to come forward with information that you may have about how. i think that if you think it's power when it comes to national security that's the that's the real message here out of this case then i find that really disturbing troubling troubling i mean this is the face now one hundred thirty four years the death penalty is off the table life in prison is off the table but one hundred thirty four years is kind of life in prison yeah i think i mean for as far as the turn effect it has very much the same different effect or a chilling effect towards these actions in the future you know the with the aiding and abetting why is that a good or bad thing well in a military court there was very little chance that he wasn't going to get because the dissemination of the information the position of trust he held it was very unlikely there's going to be to all these charges treason is always an interesting charge and aiding abetting the or aiding the enemy has a lot to do there's a causation element to it as to whether an actual american was put in danger or actually an enemy used that utilized it not just that you leaked it an espionage and these charges have a little bit of a different standard but in military courts a different way and i have no doubt about that shouldn't shouldn't we have some
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sort of mechanism in place that encourages people who see i mean this is the base of the nuremberg trial if you see something being done on lawful by your government you don't say yes or you do something about it or at the very least refuse to to act on it absolutely you know we there has to be transparency there is not a complete transparency you're never going to have in the military of course there's any operational concerns but this idea that we're in these endless wars and we don't we can't get the information side whether we want to stay on them because they're not declared wars there's not the same amount of representative government involved and so you know is there a net gain here of course there is a lot of the information that came out but i'm not surprised at the outcome of this trial at all the pfizer court speaking of this whole national security. thing that's going on we have a growing number of members of congress who are calling. who are calling for changes in the pfizer courts right now the pfizer courts are appointed by john roberts one guy appoints you know i think it's eleven judges in the pfizer court they are all now appointed officially by john roberts presumably they're all right
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wing wacko doodles no offense. it's. at least they've been characterized actually as yes men and that that concerns me whether it's right wing or left wing or if it was you know for the ruth bader ginsburg making the appointments do we really want one person to be the gate keeper to the fourth amendment of the united states and i have some serious problems with some of the proposals have included transferring the nomination powers from the chief justice to the president was sort of approval like appointments of federal judges these people are functionally federal judges after all making the court more adversarial by putting at least one citizen on whose you know a representative the american public and making the attorney general declassify some of the court's opinions anybody have thoughts opinions on this and i would love to see this be really debated and reformed but unfortunately right now i think that wyden and dick durbin all these guys are
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a sort of someone in the minority the. n.d.a. of the. defense authorization bill you know was close there was a really close amendment that would have sort of defund some of this that's happening but it wasn't close enough and i think you know activists who really care about this have a lot of work to do to convince the american public you know americans still are only about forty percent are really concerned with the emission of privacy over you know investigating every possible route for terrorism so i think that there is i think they make up their one day but i think we're not quite there yet i would love to see it but unfortunately i'm a little. skeptical that it will happen any time in the near future it seems mark that we're still suffering from the bush cheney reaction of nine eleven which was oh my god oh my god running around with your hair on fire we have to leave are the faces basically it's it's dated i think was passed in the late seventy's maybe around seventy eight never with the never with the conception of the type of
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dragnet data mining that can be the technology that can be. it ended it in the office absolutely i mean i was well there was a committee was looking they had no idea that's a basically a star chamber part of it is that the fourth amendment it really always at all everything will lag behind at least court decisions will always like a little bit on technology but searches and seizures the way the define the way they're invoked with either physical trespasser reasonable expectation of privacy a lot of the surveillance tactics don't fall into either of those categories and therefore they're not they're only collaterally protected by the fourth of them and i think we need to add the word surveillance to the text of the fourth amendment so that it imposes a reasonable to stand of on searches seizures and services it is implicit but i think we really need to put it in there because the tech the case decisions that will show that the implicit nature of it the test of applicability in other words whether the fourth amendment right now applies at all has basically to do with physical trespass a reasonable expectation of privacy even if it would have an implicit privacy that since that's that's entirely based on supreme court decision absolutely not it's not a strict reading of the fourth right and some of the surveillance would mean fall
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into the fourth amid the fourth amendment would apply so therefore the reasonableness analysis would never be done i think we need to add the surveillance to it to bring it up with the times and the idea that everything is not a search and seizure in a common law sense that surveillance is somehow different and it needs to be dealt with directly and it's clear that the way the five exists now there is no real oversight and since they keep approving in approving this request without even questioning you poor visibility you write in so that to me that's the biggest issue is the fact that this court is more or less acting in secret so. i go back to one of your points you were talking about the the hangover from the bush cheney bush cheney times and nine eleven i think that this is just a general apathy attitude of by the mere americans that predates nine eleven and it's just a matter of oh it doesn't affect me because i'm doing x.y.z. so it doesn't affect me but the problem with a secret court which is what defiles a court basically is the problem with you court is you don't have a chance to defend yourself against you know bad information or things that need
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more explanation that the court is collecting on you behind your back that you don't know so the. really there's a this is the violation for me of the fourth amendment with the with the status quo as it is today a curious your thoughts on the politics of this the the republicans who lined up with the democrats to as kate pointed out earlier nearly defund this this whole buys of the earth this whole n.s.a. stuff that relates to this pfizer court or that you know is in a related with this. it looked like it was libertarians and liberals you know basically libertarians liberals and all the middle democrats and middle republicans none of them will go with the status quo how long is that going to hold i think that's going to stay forever that's going to stay throughout this entire discussion what you'll find is that libertarian the libertarian the far the far right wing of that of the party is saying you know i'm sticking to my guns this is what i believe i don't think that the middle of the aisle democrats or republicans in terms of personal freedom so you know a more moderate or more politically driven republicans or democrats are saying that
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they have a strong feeling in this game so they are more inclined to vote along political lines support or go against the president and so you have a far left on the far right in terms of civil liberties concerns saying i'm going to stick to my guns i don't think those politics will change the convictions well if only change than it. will will i think you're right on friday the u.s. court of appeals of the third circuit held president obama or obama care's birth control mandate and that the birth control mandate that if you're offering health insurance you have to offer birth control as part of that it's just normal medical stuff in his opinion reagan appointed judge robert collins said that a privately owned business does not have individual religious liberties writing that the court simply cannot understand how a for profit secular corporation apart from its owners can exercise religion is opinion added we are not aware of any case precedent or preceding any of the
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commencement of litigation about the mandate in which. for profit secular corporation was itself found to have free exercise of religion rights such a total absence of case law takes on even greater significance when compared to the extensive list of supreme court cases addressing the free speech rights of corporations course there he's referring to citizens united so is this is this mark the first chip in citizens united the first time that we've seen a federal court say in a really substantial aggressive way what human rights for corporations what a crazy well it could be that i think this may end up with the supreme court it may take a circuit split another so a federal circuit court may have to rule on a first before there's a certain you know they're basically the for the first amendment the free exercise clause the establishment clause progeny cases in that way and the free and the expression and free speech has always been basically you know distinct there's hasn't been a lot of people who just decide first amendment rights it has to do more with which
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party either isn't all either if you're a person you either get all the rights you get another or that it definitely would go into a new conception of the per person hood argument in maybe a different way for there to be conceptual arguments from a different tack that that gives. the go ahead ok if it was important i was just going to you know at that point if you are giving religious rights the corporations are prioritizing those over the religious rights of the individual and i don't think about the next start to do this but this is going to continue to happen we'll continue to have these debates in terms of how do we not violate people's religions don't forget that you also have them but you have a corporation which you also have a management are in there where individual is making that decision and so what do we do but we are forced to have to make these decisions as we get as we as we cascade into demanding that corporations or bosses or management provides
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health care that includes includes birth control and hidden implementor very. quite honestly ninety nine percent of women use some form of contraception you know and this is pretty much all of america it's shocking to me that people are even trying to argue more about the and want to make a planet now i think this could be a way that the courts and judges judges and justices don't really like citizens united can go another way there is a supreme court opinion it's there and it would be very hard to deviate such recent precedent generally speaking at the federal circuit court level but earth federal appellate court level but if you did have views on that you may be able to use this alternate way of going at first amendment analysis mark thank you all for being with us and. coming up according to a new study doubling the salaries and benefits of all mcdonald's employees from frontline cooks to border executives because the price of a big mac to increase by just sixty eight cents so can't that company afford to pay higher wages to its workers so they can provide for their failings.
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as a new alert and. scare me a little. there is breaking news tonight and they are continuing to follow the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears are still i. think. that there has to be added at the core of what the ground. is a story made for a movie is playing out in real life. a
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little worse if you're going through. the white house superman. radio guy for a minute. because you've never seen anything like this i'm told. is it possible to navigate economy with all the detail statistics and misinformation and media hype will keep you up to date by decoding the mainstream status if in your mind.
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about the big picture i'm tom hartman coming up in this half hour fast food workers across america are striking for better wages as the national debate over the minimum wage heats up what impact will you strikes have and will lawmakers in washington tackle the minimum wage any time soon and how would you like to have information on every place you have ever driven stored in a law enforcement database for the rest of your like someone foresman agencies across america are doing just that thanks to the license plate readers technology that's sweeping the country what can be done about this latest invasion of our privacy rights and don't be fooled despite what trans canada will tell you tar
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sands oil is not safe and neither is the keystone x.l. pipeline is no time for the. obama administration finally put in and to the so-called debate over this latest environment killer. in screw news while fast food restaurant chains like mcdonald's and burger king make millions in profits each year the median hourly wage for frontline workers at these and other fast food restaurants is only eight dollars sixty four cents an hour as a result thousands of fast food workers have gone on strike in cities across the country in the past two days protesting for better wages and benefits the fast food forward campaign is calling for fast food workers to receive a minimum of fifteen dollars an hour more than double the current federal minimum wage the movement first started in new york city but has spread nationally with walkouts planned yesterday and today in chicago detroit st louis and
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a number of other cities it is speech earlier today in tennessee president obama addressed the need to raise the minimum wage in america. nobody who works full time in america should have to live in poverty i'm going to keep on making the case and fighting for the fact that we need to raise our minimum wage because the law. so what effects will the food past food strikes and walk outs have on the national debate over the minimum wage and can we expect congress to act any time soon joining me now for more on this is sara jeff the labor reporter with in these times and terence weiss a striking fast food worker in kansas city sarah terence thanks for both of you for joining me tonight thank you thanks tom terrance can you tell us a little bit about your story your own story where you're working what are you making. well i'm thirty four years old and i work at burger king in pizza her.
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mini burger king for eight years and pizza heard for two years and i make now on dollars and thirty cents at burger king and seven forty five an hour keith. i haven't had a. year. i worked up to two jobs and i have three daughters and a young stay he works too low wage jobs as well and we're currently homeless so and we don't understand how how we work in these united states and we're working class people and we get up every day and are working. we can't keep a roof over my three daughters so it's this whole me is basically a crime for some workers all over the nation and i hope our president heard i do too very very well so. this movement has really gone national do you think that more americans are beginning to understand just how it hard it is for people
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working at minimum wage or close to it to survive and provide for families. i mean i definitely think tom that more people are feeling and more people are having these experiences right we start a study came out this last week that said four out of five americans are experiencing periods of joblessness are living on less than they can actually sustain. it's sort of funny of that president obama went to an amazon warehouse a notorious low wage workplace this week if he wanted to make a point about raising the minimum wage he could have done it from a picket line absolutely terence i'm curious the the argument that is made by conservatives and republicans for either not raising the minimum wage or even doing away with it altogether is that the minimum wage is supposed to be the rate at which people basically fresh out of high school enter the job market i'm curious what percentage of people in the fast food restaurants that you're familiar with that you've worked at or that you've seen through you know over the last decade or so what percentage of them are kids fresh out of high
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school will see that i'm thinking of it needs to be distilled it's the murders there are high school kids and they're just working these jobs to get the first call or. take a hot girl on a hot day but when i look around the shops were it's adults with thirty year olds who have families and kids in the room responsibilities like more a beach and car payments so. the nation and other people think that it's just school losing and it's unskilled jobs. they really don't deserve that's that's got to be laid to reduce they've got to know that it's room families out here to the work these jobs to support their families and and we deserve better. while absolutely sir you've been covering the walkouts and the strikes in new york city what's turnout been like and what's here. temperature taking of public support
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for the cause. so here in new york i mean we're a union town right it's interesting because we're in the middle of may or election we're going to have a new mayor for the first time in twelve years our mayor will not be a billionaire and it's really interesting because the fast food strikes among other low wage worker actions have really been a draw for some of these political candidates there was even a rumor yesterday that anthony weiner in the middle of all of his trouble was going to show up outside of mcdonald's we saw christine quinn at the barbecue last week that the workers held we've seen bill de blasio we've seen all sorts of city council members. it's a little ridiculous how much it's become a photo op the community support is really strong and the support from other unions is really strong so it's impressive here. it's worth noting that the state just passed a minimum wage increase the city just passed a paid sick days bill finally after three years and it's i think it's having an
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impact on the way the city thanks about low wage work so the site goes to is changing as it were. turns the i'm guessing that your customers occasionally. you. are familiar with the fact that many of you folks are out on strike or are protesting your wages have you gotten any feedback or you know if they are just you know in your daily life you know what kind of feedback are you getting what's your your measure of the room temperature is i'm i'm glad you asked this actually my burger king to. work and we went on strike yesterday and today was my first day back to work. and i interact with the coast was quite a bit but a lot of them were they were barry they were very good in their response they were like i saw you out there standing for some minutes and we and most are more like me and i didn't know you were homeless or because when they see me day to day i'm smiling i give great customer service and it's in our nature and customer service
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to be friendly and piri smiles for customers but when they heard my story and they knew that not only me but many in the city struggle and we leave our jobs and they they got to see that in the news in the purchase today they were like i'm glad to stand and they were they were buried and. welcoming back to work and i got a few half of the customers over the counter like a saw us made us saw a saw the movement in and they were really touched so there's very little negative keep in the customers. happy that we're in now the public because like i said they don't get to they don't get to hear that side of it we struggle when we leave our shops so i was pretty good with the from the customers the day it was it was our that's great that's great to hear sarah. in the last minute we have here i'm curious what your senses for the possibility of anything outside of
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a federal minimum wage raise to address this issue do you see any movement at all either new york city or anywhere else around the country. well it's interesting i just mentioned to recent bills that have passed in new york city in new york state getting a federal minimum wage increase through this congress though it's really really necessary i wonder if we're going to see anything coming out of this particular congress that's not of much use to working people. the thing that i find interesting is the ability of workers who don't have national labor relations board sanction union to still act like a union and in that case that's where i see. the most hope in this is that workers are solving their own their problems themselves through taking action in the workplace we saw recently workers in chicago and workers here in new york go on strike because their workplaces had no air conditioning so they were working in a dunkin donuts and a mcdonald's in ninety nine degree heat with no air conditioning and they went on
7:40 pm
strike and refused to work until it got fixed just awful it's unsafe and. jeffy terence wise thank you both for being with us. on the left are never. on when the obama said to the phones on what mr miller never it's always like. fertilizer politically correct we're talking back to fox so-called news host sean hannity on monday's broadcast of his nightly television show hannity tried to make his liberal guests look like a fool by asking her whether or not she'd be willing to pay double the price of the normal price of a cheeseburger so that fast food chains workers could earn a living wage take a look. you will pay twice the amount of money you pay for a wendy's quarter pounder with cheese or mcdonald's quarter pounder with cheese you think most americans yes you are i think. i think so got his guest to look silly and probably more importantly be he got that talking point out
7:41 pm
that if these people get their way it's going to double the cost of your job your burger no here's the problem according to a study conducted by graduate students at the university of kansas doubling the average wages of mcdonald's workers would only result in a sixty eight cent increase in your standard big mac and just a seventeen cent increase for every item on the dollar menu and hannity only asked about a quarter pounder with cheese but since that burger typically cost less than a big mac. the point still stands sean hannity pain mcdonald's workers a fair a living wage won't double the cost of its cheeseburgers and that's why you been politically correct. crazy a large market had better breakfast some people like to bring their dogs with
7:42 pm
a month vacation other people who like to live like their dogs while they're on vacation that's where the dog bark park in comes in located in cottonwood idaho the beagle shaped in offers a full range of amenities for its canine crazed guests including free dog biscuit pillow treats and a chance to stay outside inside the muzzles suite owned and operated by the husband and wife team of dun sullivan and francis cock when the b. and b. has two main guest houses the twelve foot tall toby house and the thirty foot high suite willie house also known as the world's biggest beagle as you can see in this video all rooms are outfitted with all of his handmade wooden dog art although sullivan is a fan of all kinds of dogs he said he chose to model his bed and breakfast after the beagle because it is the most politically correct breed around in his open april through october stressed out husband rejoice the next time your wife says to set a new dog house sit back and read. that may not be such a bad thing after all. coming out they said can't happen here but it is happening
7:43 pm
there what should an oil spill in alberta canada be telling us about the future of our own energy needs. talking about the same story doesn't make it news. no puff pieces to me tough question thank you. but. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
7:44 pm
else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture. i would rather as questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. pretty
7:45 pm
dumb in the you know the law you won't find it here if you're looking for relevant stories unique perspectives on top my skin's starts to. get the most of the rest of the news in the wake of the n.s.a. spying revelations increasing attention is being paid to the other way is that our government and law enforcement officials may be keeping tabs on us according to a new report by the a.c.l.u. automatic license plate readers the high tech machines responsible for handing out photo would force speeding tickets across america could be used for a lot more than just catching a speeding driver or a red light dodger joining me now to talk more about this latest invasion of our privacy is cave crockford director of the technology for liberty project with the a.c.l.u.
7:46 pm
of massachusetts cade welcome thanks for having me thanks for joining us what exactly are automatic license plate readers how do they work so they're a little bit distinct from what you just described they're actually small cameras that are either affixed to the top of police cruisers or sometimes on posts or at intersections under bridges and essentially what they do is they take a picture of every single license plate that passes by them and they do two things they store a file of every single car that includes not just a picture of the car and the license plate but also at a time date and location stamp marking when that interaction took place and then they also convert the license plate number into machine readable text that is then automatically run against lists of stolen cars outstanding warrants expired registrations stuff like that so there are really two ways that the technology. the use one is to do what i just said automate a process that law enforcement has done for ages which is to look first on current
7:47 pm
such things we're on the problem of that our issue is that our report found which you can read it or plates our report found that law enforcement all over the country have wildly different standards about how long they retain this information on entirely innocent people ninety nine point nine percent we found often these files are on completely innocent people against whom the government has alleged no infraction no crime so what happens ultimately is that if it were important keep this data and they pool it in regional databases which is what we're finding all over the country essentially what it creates is a massive retroactive location tracking scheme and that's done completely warrantless so essentially a law enforcement official could put your license plate number into a computer and depending on the size of the database and data retention policies would pop a map showing everywhere you driven over a certain period of time where these license plate readers have captured your car so they would know where you shop who you visit if you've ever visited an abortion
7:48 pm
clinic if you've ever gone to a strip club with you've ever you know whatever it may be whatever whatever somebody might want to do anonymously or. actually it seems like a it's a he's a fairly large universe of possibilities isn't that a relatively gross violation of civil liberties we believe so yes in fact there are and it's not just the government that's doing that we found that there are private corporations that maintain huge databases there's a private company called vigilant solutions and it maintains a database that long for them and both employers information too and access is that is called the national vehicle location service that's sort of an orwellian name and and essentially that database has at this point over a billion discrete license plate reads in it and look the issue is that as these cameras proliferate and they're spreading like wildfire by law enforcement we're
7:49 pm
really going to be facing a situation where you know the government can be able to track every place we go in our cars without a warrant and clearly that raises for the man in question but it also raises a fundamental question about what kind of society we want to live in and you know it's really sort of an analog to the n.s.a.'s metadata collection team the n.s.a. is basically saying the public we're going to collect all of this information about your private conversations and their private associations and we're going to hold on to it just in case and that's essentially what various law enforcement officials all over the country are saying about our location data now i didn't say one thing which is that there are some police departments that are not keeping this data for a long time believe it immediately in some cases or delete it after forty eight hours and others and so clearly it's possible for law enforcement to obtain serious benefit from this technology to really make great use of it without violating our privacy and so what we're calling for is. data retention policies at local and
7:50 pm
state on force modernization of days or weeks instead of months or years in new jersey for example the a.g. there has issued guidelines mandating that law enforcement keep the. that for five years which is far too long ago so instead of that we want to short out a policy and in fact in some states we're trying to move legislation and there are only five states that have legislation dealing with it right now. kate we're out of time it perfect thank you very much cade crockford great work thanks for gent thanks for having me. it's good that out of the very very question where only ugly the good of all of america on thursday same sex couples can start legally married in minnesota to honor the occasion of all of america the largest mall in the united states will
7:51 pm
host a midnight wedding ceremony for holly bartlett and patrick the couple will be the first same sex parent tie the knot on the minnesota law good work ball of america and congratulations to the happy couple the bad business channel on monday the network interviews richard berman as an expert on the fast food industry during discussion of this week's fast food strike on barney and company check it out. first bowman from the employment institute joins us now rick perry down twenty may know if you get fifteen bucks an hour in comes the i pad to do it noon for nothing what fox business didn't bother to tell their viewers is the richard herman isn't really an objective source says a lobbyist with deep ties to the fast food industry and that employment policies institute that he works for it's funded almost entirely by big businesses receives a lot of money from the restaurant industry another day in the life of fox so called news in its spin on networks and the very very ugly goldstein in
7:52 pm
a recent appearance on the fox news show read the law fair project scholar offer her well interesting take on new york city mayoral candidate. anthony weiner's relationship with his wife. they were. the real question why is wiener so i'm attracted to who laugh again oh i write perhaps it's because she is connected to lawmakers here wanting to kill out for an app to speak of her family members hurt her part and parcel of the muslim brotherhood i mean i completely agree with andy mccarthy that she poses one of the greatest national security threats of this administration she has incredible goldstein's organization bill walker a project is a finleyville for islamophobia and it's disturbing frankly here its brand of hateful wise on a supposedly fair and balanced major cable news channel that's just very.
7:53 pm
they say it can't happen here. it's still happening there. right now highly toxic and environmentally devastating tar sands oil is leaking from underground wells at a tar sands oil extraction operation in cold lake alberta canada all that's bad enough here's the real starter tar sands oil has been leaking nonstop from these underground wells since may and officials still don't know exactly where the leaks are coming from how to stop them or how to clean up the damage that they have caused and the company that owns the tar sands operation in cold lake canadian natural resources ltd is suggested that the oil could have started leaking even earlier than may maybe as early as march as of july nineteenth twenty six thousand
7:54 pm
barrels of by two men the main ingredient in tar sands oil mixed with surface water had been cleaned up from the leak site but the actual amount that has leaked into the environment is almost certainly much much higher documents show that about sixty eight thousand pounds of oil contaminated vegetation has been removed from the latest of the four spill zones and the alberta environment ministry has already confirmed that the spills that killed a number of animals the officials in alberta will have to brace for more cleanup efforts because c r n l d not only doesn't know how to stop the leaks they don't have a clue where the leaks are coming from. meanwhile back here in the u.s. the obama administration is still deciding whether or not to give approval to the keystone x.l. tar sands pipeline across america which would transport the very same type of highly corrosive highly dangerous tar sands oil from alberta canada across the
7:55 pm
middle of our nation all the way down to the gulf coast region where it can be refined and exported the others the keystone x.l. pipeline trans canada have swarmed the pipeline will be completely safe and cause little to no environmental danger to any areas of the country that could run through trans canada is also made a point of saying that they've agreed to fifty seven safety conditions suggested by pipeline safety regulators which they say will make it safer than other oil pipelines although it sounds good for public relations of the reality is that those so-called safety conditions are the bare minimum standards that all pipeline operators must follow and as tar sands action or points out trans canada said that the keystone one pipeline the first phase of the greater ski stone x.l. project which went into effect in the summer of two thousand and ten would see one spill in seven years it had twelve spin spills in just its first year of operation . trans canada's miscalculation might have something to do with the fact that tar
7:56 pm
sands oil is much more difficult and dangerous to transport than conventional oil because it's much more corrosive to the pipelines through which it travels and when those pipelines break and the tar sands oil spills out it's damn near impossible to clean up unlike regular oil it floats on the top of water when it spills tar sands oil sinks to the bottom of it whether it's the ocean or the river or deep into the soil if it's on land and as a result it's far more destructive to the environment and far harder to clean up over the past decade tar sands pipelines have had hundreds of ruptures spilling more than a million gallons of tar sands oil that had. devastated rivers wetlands drinking water reservoirs and wildlife should the keystone x.l. pipeline be given the green light by the obama administration it will cross through america's heartland over the source of fresh water drinking water for two million americans tar sands oil is also one of the most carbon intensive forms of energy
7:57 pm
substituting tar sands oil for conventional oil increases global warming emissions by a staggering twenty percent despite what trans canada may say in their press releases and public relations campaigns the keystone x.l. pipeline is a disaster waiting to happen and when that disaster does happen it will make us long for the good old days of normal disasters like the b.p. gulf oil spill dr james hansen former director of nasa as goddard institute for space studies and one of america's top climate scientists as said that the extraction use of tar sands oil is essentially game over for the climate we need to be taking the actions necessary to save our planet now not further destroy it call your members of congress and tell them to urge the obama administration to just say no to the keystone x.l. pipeline and that's the way it is tonight tuesday july thirtieth two thousand and thirteen and don't forget democracy begins with you you know their get active tag you're it.
7:58 pm
is it possible to navigate the economy with all the details and specifics and misinformation and media hype so keep you up to date by decoding the mainstream status if in your mind.
7:59 pm
i would rather as questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. after
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eight weeks of testimony inside a military courtroom bradley manning is acquitted on the most serious charge of aiding the enemy however the army private won't be a free man any time soon. coming up next more on the guilty charges handed down today and his sentencing phase. and here's a mindbender scientists at mit have discovered a new way to control the minds of a lot of routes by using a beam of light we'll tell you how it's done and what it could potentially mean for humans. plus the government has given subsidies to the nation's farmers but what would you save taxpayer dollars were given to people who aren't even a lot of will tell you about the spending beyond the grave in tonight's show.


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