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tv   Headline News  RT  August 1, 2013 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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snooping on fresh revelations shed light on the u.s. intelligence is. endlessly mine your private e-mails. but. still no decision from the e.u. on the shipments to syria with mounting fears the lifting of the embargo was not such a good idea. in the water country fuels extremism on european soil. and an end to the wild piracy era for the russian internet a new laws in place allowing websites that break copyright to be blocked we look at its pros and comparing it to similar regulations in other countries.
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just after nine am in a blue sky of moscow this is r t with me over sushi let's go straight to your top world headlines right now a search engine for all of your private information that's what an n.s.a. program called x. keyscore is it's according to the latest revelations from edward snowden a freshly published documents detail what's described as the widest reaching intelligence gathering system used in the world let's get an explanation now. and has it. remember when edward snowden said he could wiretap anyone at any time be the president or a federal judge if he had their personal e-mail that he could see the content of everyone's communications without a warrant the n.s.a. came out and said snowden was lying nobody can do that without a warrant snowden's latest revelation shows yes they can and i say training materials that he had provided to the guardian show that the analysts use
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a program called x. keyscore to mine and norma's agency databases by filling in a simple onscreen form giving only a broad justification for the search no warrant needed just type in the e-mail address and click search same with your facebook it's another internet activity it can all be easily searched how convenient analysts can also search by name telephone number ip address key words the language in which the united to video was conducted or the type of browser used the presentation claims the program covers nearly everything a typical user does on the internet including the content of emails web sites visited and searches as well as their meditator x. keyscore boast global coverage it uses more than seven hundred servers at one hundred fifty sites around the world show me all the encrypted word documents from iran no problem or this part of the top secret training material shows that language is not a problem x. keyscore can do different languages obviously x.
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his core is not the only data mining program that the n.s.a. uses earlier we learned about the prism program which the agency uses to gain access to the private communications of users of nine popular internet services x. keyscore kind of like looks like their search engine it's their google of course as an ordinary non terrorist citizen you may be perfectly fine with the fact that some n.s.a. analyst may know more about you than your wife or your husband does but there are those who are genuinely concerned about the growing power of the n.s.a. . what if they don't want to certain person in office someone who would cut their funding or something this country has a history of wiretapping scandals after all president richard nixon resigned after a whistleblower whistleblower revealed that nixon's office had wiretapped his opposition what makes anyone think that or something like that can't happen today in washington and get it checked out and with mounting
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a public skepticism about u.s. security methods the director of national intelligence has declassified several top secret documents detailing data collection the discussion about surveillance tactics is meanwhile taking center stage on capitol hill with lawmakers questioning the efficiency of such wide scale operations of war on this now in washington with parties liz wahl. well the league fired word snowden have led to a renewed national debate on government spying and privacy rights the revelations of the leaks prompted the senate judiciary committee to hold a hearing on five the foreign intelligence surveillance act that allows the government program to happen now f.b.i. and n.s.a. officials are in damage control mode the living judges on the fars record are far from a rubber stamp instead they review all of our pleadings thoroughly question us and they don't approve an order until they are satisfied that we have met all statutory and constitutional requirements in an effort to appear more transparent director of national security james clapper has just released some documents from two thousand
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and nine to two thousand and eleven that were previously classified but many civil rights and privacy advocates remain troubled by how broad the government surveillance program is and worry about the ability of the government to track innocent citizens at the senate hearing government officials discuss the possibility of changing the face of process to make it more transparent another sign that the leaks are making waves is happening over in las vegas at the annual defcon hacker conference although it happened every year this year and i say security agency director keith alexander was the keynote speaker and we're hearing the participants of the event were to say the least not happy about alexander's presence there proving that there is tension between the government and the computer hacking community but it's clear for the obama administration cybersecurity is now a priority and washington liz wall are two. right now to the trial of a u.s.
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army whistleblower bradley manning it's no reaching its sentencing phase where he could get one hundred thirty six years behind bars for this for releasing secret documents to wiki leaks a former u.s. brigadier general was the first witness to testify and he said that money is revelations about what the military did in iraq and afghan. did endangered troops but then admitted that no deaths resulted from those leaks after a lengthy hearing manning was found guilty on twenty out of twenty two counts against him a large portion of them falling right under that of the espionage act however he was acquitted of the most serious charge that of aiding the enemy one of the most shocking things manning disclosed was a video showing the murder of civilians by u.s. soldiers in iraq with troops expressing nowhere more so about their actions norman solomon is a founder and executive director of the institute for public accuracy he says while manning's releases did not result in the loss of life the same cannot be said about
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u.s. officials starting wars overseas. when wiki leaks released a trobe interim ation giving insight to what u.s. policy for instance has been over the years in iraq and afghanistan we had the then share of the joint chiefs of staff mike mullen saying and i'm quoting here. had blood on their hands well it turns out that according to pentagon testimony on wednesday there is no blood even by their own account fishel account of testimony on the hands of wiki leaks or bradley manning but when leaders go to war there is a lot of blood on the hands of those leaders we need whistleblowers who speak out with truth for human rights. and those sentencing procedures are expected to last now until the end of the month and if you're looking for more details on how those witness testimonies are unfolding we've got them all for you right now at r.t.
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dot com. for the meantime here on the program today's the day after which e.u. leaders pledged to themselves to start arming the syrian rebels now this unofficial deadline was set back in may when e.u. ministers led by britain and france agreed to end the arms in by. however since then they seem to have had a bit of a change of heart regarding weapons supplies to the syrian opposition this concerns over extremism they're also fears of a potential terror probe with more foreigners now fighting in syria with many coming in from e.u. states french official says this flow was unprecedented assuring the nine years of the afghan conflict only fifteen jihad it's were identified as going to the country while in syria in one year alone more than one hundred left fronts to fight against president. experts say most of the westerners are radicalized and join the
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terrorist ranks of al qaeda and the al nasra front so the total number of europeans fighting in syria is estimated to be at least six hundred or the actual number could be much much higher or france's interior minister recently called the threat quote a ticking time bomb tests are sillier now reports on why the e.u. could be wary of arming the rebels. while the u.k. on the syrian rebels would not that's a question that's been answered in a number of different places a conflict began to mostly in varying degrees of light but ultimately always sending signals of support for the opposition it will be new political progress unless the opposition is able to withstand the old school and put pressure on assad says he isn't a military victory so we will also increase our efforts to support and to shape the moderate opposition. to a man. we must ensure that these arms go to the syrian national coalition and to no one else to one half years on syria
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continues to pay the delicate complex picture a battleground constantly shifting as it is with western leaders rhetoric in american twelve hour meeting in may the need was agreed to disagree on syria and the u.k. and france successfully getting their way even though they were at odds with the twenty five other member states the european union has agreed to bring to an end their arms embargo on the syrian opposition this is the outcome of the united kingdom and wanted rhetoric in the middest sense of the need up to the libyan intervention also led by the same players it's remarkable that you could simply try and override the experience of libya because as a recent report said the. supermarket for the entirety of the of the middle east and and if they were to go into syria that would be true to a power of attorney on august first e.u. countries can reassess their positions on syria and those who wish to arm the
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rebels may do so but as that day drew closer hesitation grew louder when david cameron acknowledging that there are quote unquote a lot of bad guys amongst the rebels recent reports from syria show all kind of affiliated groups wanting to establish an islamic caliphate and dissolution rebels defecting back to the government side before the award got us out and before the attack on iraq there was no al qaida in iraq there was no al qaida in yemen there was no al-qaeda in somalia there was no al qaida in syria but there is now an idea that's not lost on the british prime minister there's too much extremism among some of the rebels but frankly we do need to do more to help promote those parts of the opposition that want a free pluralistic democratic syria and so we're not being the rebels this are cilia r t london. and jonathan steele the guardian columnist an international
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affairs author he believes it's not likely the u.k. government will proceed with arming the syrian rebels because of staunch political opposition to the measure and. i don't think the british government will arm the government at all because there just suffered a major political defeat in the british parliament because there was a backbench motion and a huge number of conservative backbenchers labor backbenchers and lib dems backbenchers voted to against the issue very actually voted for sorry to say that the government should bring the issue to parliament before sending any weapons to syria we'll never get that vote through parliament they will not agree to it so they feel that they were cheated over libya they feel that britain went in on a military intervention with france against libya against going to gadhafi without coming to parliament and they feel that it's not worked out very well in libya and they don't want the government to try and get this sort of decision through through
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without coming to parliament. so at the moment the western allies of the syrian opposition look rather reluctant to arm them and my colleague kevin irwin challenge to mastery of the free syrian army spokesman he said that despite calls for more weapons opposition fighters just don't know how to stop the arms from falling straight into the hands of extremists you say you want more arms them from the west but what would you say to the extremely worried politicians in both europe and the us that have raised concerns of extremist elements within the opposition could get hold of those sophisticated western arms what guarantee can you give them that that won't happen. we're talking about it's extremists or terrorists that have entered syria there's terrorist groups didn't parachute into syria they cross borders and we must find out how more than a thousand taliban fighters entered syria and how al qaeda members escaped from iraqi prisons and enter the country so there's international will to get all the islamists and terrorist elements into syria to change the military and political
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equation in the country downplay the syrian revolution we asked the foreign fighters al qaeda and al nasra front to leave syria we wanted allowing the extremists or terrorists to dictate their agenda on the future of syria. are you certain that the f.s.a. really can control the extremist elements fighting alongside your movement we need help and that we need help to get rid of the syrian regime an extremist elements were against terrorism and massacres we don't want to kill people supporting the government because the syrians we want all extremists to get away from syria imposed asset of syria there is no place for islamists in the country. thanks for joining us here on our team today plenty of more stories just ahead for you including the greek bailout bunning a hole in the pockets of europeans and we gauge the mood of german taxpayers obliged to chip into the greek rescue package as it emerges athens is facing yet
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another billion euro financial that and the rest of the top world headlines just around the corner. there been only five cases in the history of the united states while military engagement has been formally endorsed by the congress five out of more than two hundred fifteen military engagements and brought the fact that democracy has spread since and the countries have been liberated from to i was a great deal to the resolve of the english speaking peoples and their readiness. on occasion to deploy a proportionate force in defensive. just
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after quarter past the hour here in the russian capital it's r t with me wrong. starting to go today i should say the russian websites that have content infringing on copyright laws could be shut down and you anti piracy law has put an end to years of uncontrolled piracy over critics claim it's opening the doors to censorship. of the new regulations and comparing them to those used by other governments around the world despite that statistic some piracy in russia has
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improved over the last decade dropping from ninety three percent in two thousand and one to a little more than sixty percent last year is still a huge problem and it is great it among top five countries in the world in terms of piracy let me demonstrate what you can do on the russian web for instance you want to watch a freshly released movie but you don't want to pay for it then you go to one of the famous social network websites in russia find the movie you want just always applauded by the users. and. there you have it credit to the owners of an administration of the website they're trying to fight this problem they're blocking the users uploading the illegal content but with fifty million users and even more than that registered for this website alone it is something the new legislation is about to mend from now on if any website is having illegal content on it then it will be reported to a special governing body a watchdog body called who will then tell the website owner to remove this content
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within seventy two hours if the person refuses to do that then his website will be shut down will be suspended until the trial in court it will be then decided whether the person is innocent whether his conduct is legal and he may relaunch the site or the site will be shut down for good now this law even before it became a reality even before the russian parliament caused the fury online and even some minor street protests with people believing that this will lead to censorship on the web this will lead to blocking of websites only on suspicion of having illegal content so some people believe that this new law will significantly suppress freedoms online and lead to online prosecution which is not quite the case if you read into this law but now let's compare how other countries worldwide are fighting the very same problem with piracy in two thousand and nine france passed the so-called dopey law which stipulates that anyone violating can't in distribution
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rules is given to warnings on e-mails before the internet service provider is forced to cut off the use the internet access if the culprit persists he risks a fine of up to three hundred thousand euros or prison time of up to three years the most liberal anti-piracy lloyd is believed to be in the netherlands torrent websites are technically outlawed but still downloading counted for noncommercial use is not illegal uploading it means breaking the law and possible prosecution japan adopted its anti-piracy law last year and it was immediately branded as draconian quite understandably some may say because. violating it would lend you a fine of one million yen that's roughly ten thousand dollars and a two year prison term often violators are punished with both it's worth mentioning that the none of the above mentioned countries have registered an increase in purchases of legal content since adopting these laws how the new legislation works in russia which stands in between not only geographically but in terms of the law strictness but has a far more serious piracy issue will become clear very soon for meanwhile just a click away at our two dot com four million bucks for the u.s.
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student get the cops for get him in a jail cell for five days without food or water talk about a big payout. also the website we've got all the latest on the crane uprising where yet another activist has been arrested just a few clicks away r.t. dot com all the details for you like. the time being though here on our just days after paying another bailout loan to greece international lenders have found out that athens is going to need billions more the i.m.f. says the debt ridden greek economy is facing an additional financial shortfall of nearly eleven billion euros just over the next two years and that's bad news for german taxpayers he was part of the eurozone strongest member to bear a large chunk of the burden of the greek rescue this report to r.t. is peter out of. germany's politicians are being accused of keeping the country's taxpayers in the dark when it comes to just how much they going to be asked to fork
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out trying to get greece back on its feet financially the international monetary fund is highlighted in almost eleven billion euro black hole in the plan to try and get greece greece's economy back working it also highlighted the need for the writing off of many loans that have been given to the mediterranean country now all of this comes against the backdrop of the german finance minister being in athens talks there in amongst his charities they will be giving a one hundred million euro gift to the greece to greek people this is a one hundred million euro beef that supposed to help the development of. small businesses in the country and not near the news that they are well almost eleven billion euro short of what's going to be needed for fiscal renewal well that's not going to come is great news to the greek people or to the german people who are
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going to of course be voting in a general election in september they're going to be told that most of their taxes are going to be going to the neighbors in the south. is almost assured that she will get the money that it's required however the german people that will be giving it that money best pleased about having to do it i think. will still manage to convince people without any proper explanation they would just trust her i don't think that's a good thing because we forget about one of the paramount principle softer more prosy people controlling the budget but unfortunately i think this will happen i'm sick and tired of this you know my money that the taxes are paid to go to greece those guys they retired forty enough to pay for it i'm absolutely tired of it it shouldn't happen. this report from the i.m.f. also goes to show that some of the more positive signs regarding greece that we've seen in recent times like the leveling off of unemployment figures is really
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telling the whole story that there's still an awful lot of work that needs to be done before greece can be officially say that it's on the comeback trail when it comes to its finances and as a choking economies around the world are struggling to get back on track of a lesson to be learned is to get rid of big banks looting the world's financial system naturally that's according to max kaiser and states you heard before we get to the full kaiser report that's coming your way at seven thirty g.m.t. it's a quick preview. parasites tapeworms they burrow into the system and in the case of jamie diamond or lloyd blankfein or warren buffett they lead vital nutrients and they kill the host some parasites are vital in the gut as part of the ecosystem of one's intestines when these parasites grow to these enormous sizes whether it's a six inch long tapering when your brain that has to be pulled out through your
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nose as i believe the doctors in china did or they went in there with a surgical equipment or a sixty foot long anaconda tapeworms like jamie diamond who's lodged up the strange thing of america's financial system leeching out the vital nutrients or in this case can leave in the economy in places like detroit to die. or stick around for the concert for now opening up the world update with a libyan court that was sentenced to death here a minister to death. he was found guilty of inciting violence kidnapping and murder during the two thousand and eleven uprising he was caught while gathering supporters in the town of sirte to fight against the insurgency and just days ago another regime official was also sentenced to death of gadhafi son is due in court this month. and to egypt where police have been ordered to put an end to the protests in cairo by backers of the ousted president mohamed morsi additional authority say the sit ins are
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a national security threat and all necessary measures will be taken by the post-coup crackdown on morsy supporters has not deterred protesters the clashes on saturday in the capital left seventy people dead. and vote counting underway after zimbabwe's presidential and parliamentary polls yesterday the results should see your fate of eighty nine year old president robert mugabe after three decades in power he's declared he will step down if not reelected however in the meantime western observers have been barred from the polling offices. are just a moment although world apart that's just around the corner you will not see. remember we talked about clothing for regular folks like you and me that can make you invisible drones well freedom fashions as i like to call them are continuing to
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expand although the fact that our drones infrared eyes are very scary the more common street cameras are way more likely to want to average day violate your privacy and thus they invented the justice cap this hat blocks your face with the lights from face recognition software all the camera will see is an anonymous glowing ghost i personally haven't tested this thing out nor have i seen it with my own eyes and wearing a three aaa batteries on your head at all times does seem like a bit of a bother but hey if you really want to be left alone and you're willing to throw down a few dollars this looks like a pretty good fashion statement to me the sad thing is that this sort of invention shouldn't need to exist people shouldn't have to live with the constant fear of unlawful consent less observation but sadly they do so invaders keep the freedom fashions coming but that's just my opinion. choose your language. we can we know if you.
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choose to. choose to be great. but if you. choose. to. the welcome to worlds apart your skepticism is the popular mood in britain these days with critics of the european integration adamant about the need to preserve financial and political independence it all sometimes the very same critics the little problems with the u.k. essentially surrendering its entire foreign policy to the united states why keep
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your neighbor is that arm's length and the emigres the imperatives of a distant valley well to discuss that i'm now joined by. a member of the european parliament for britain mr han thank you very much for your time i understand that there are probably many points in my introduction that you would like to contest so let's take them one by one starting with the euro skepticism you have long been the strong opponent of the european integration what is so disagreeable to you about the european union well the difference between the united states and the european union is that the united states is trying to pass our domestic laws for us it isn't democracy it isn't intervening essentially home offense for us the european union sees virtually all aspects of policy as within its sphere of of jurisdiction why you know what's the problem with that well there's two arguments one is economic europe is the only continent in the world that is in economic decline the
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other one is a political one we want to be able to hire and fire the people. and here in the european parliament we've lost that right ok i'd let's focus on their economic side for a few moments it is true that significance for britain as a trading partner has been on the decline but obviously it's not maggie legible. the european union still remains the favorite destination for many of the u.k. aspirants and in particular for those products that are produced by small and medium sized businesses who cannot afford to dispatch their representatives still china india and other countries now since you are a very strong supporter of localism i wonder why would you advocate something that is actually against the interest of many of the local businesses it's really not it's not against which for businesses they have all of the compliance costs they have all of the regulation.


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